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					                           Choosing an Electric Supplier
Before choosing an electric supplier, first think about your energy needs. What is most important to you
when choosing an electric supplier?
 Lowering your electric bill?
 Choosing environmentally friendly energy?
 Joining a buying group to simplify your decision?

The next step is to ask electric suppliers for the information listed below.
To compare prices, ask the electric supplier for the Supply charge. The Supply charge includes Generation
and Transmission, and is known as Standard Offer Service if provided by Potomac Edison. Your electric
electric bill contains the Standard Offer Service charge to compare to offers from electric suppliers.

                 Electric Choice Alternative Supplier Worksheet
                                                           Supplier 1       Supplier 2      Supplier 3
What is the supplier's name & phone number?
Is the supplier licensed by the MD Commission?
What are the Supply charges?
Is the Supply price fixed?
Does the Supply price vary by amount used?
Does the Supply price vary by time of use?
How long is the Supply price guaranteed?
What is the length of contract?
Is there a switching fee if I leave?
Is there a start-up fee?
Any other fees?
Any built-in price increases or decreases?
What billing options do you offer?
Any additional services offered?
Any incentives offered?
What generation sources are used?
What are reported emissions levels?
Can you enroll me right away?

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