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                          Training Session

                              May 3, 2007
                      Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass
                              In cooperation with the
             Eastern Kentucky University Small Business
                        Development Center
             Invite suppliers to attend a training session on
             “Quality Assurance-What You Need to Know”

What is Quality Assurance? Why is it important? What are the requirements for
the commodity lines your business sells? What are the elements of an acceptable
Quality Assurance Plan? The answers to these questions will be provided in this
session. In addition, we will provide an update on construction. Bechtel Parsons
procurement representatives will be available to answer your questions.

 Location:                      Eastern Kentucky University
                                Perkins Building
                                Kit Carson Drive
                                Richmond, Kentucky

 Session Time:                  9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Space for the training sessions is limited. Only 2 representatives per company may
attend. Sign-up by contacting, Diane Osbourne, e-mail:
Please submit the name of your company, the name of your representative(s) and
e-mail address.

Companies, who have not previously registered on the Bechtel Supplier and
Contractor Portal, may do so electronically at

         Project website:

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