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					                                     Supplier Ship Schedule
              All shipping locations NOT included in any Consolidation Programs

               VENDOR                      Implemented                   Ship Schedule
ADVANCE COMPONENTS INC                        8/27/2009   Monday
ALCOA FASTENING SYSTEMS (FAIRC                 9/1/2009   Monday - Navistar, Wednesday - PACCAR
ALLSTAR FASTENERS, INC.                        9/1/2009   Monday
ANDRE CORP                                     8/1/2009   Thursday
ANIXTER FASTENERS MFG                        10/20/2009   Thursday
AZTECH LOCKNUT COMPANY                       10/20/2009   Wednesday
BEACON FASTENERS & COMPONENTS                 10/2/2009   Monday
BIG BOLT CORPORATION                           9/1/2009   Tuesday
BOSSARD INTERNATIONAL, INC.                  10/20/2009   Monday
BREEZE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS                     8/1/2009   Friday
BRIGHTON BEST INTERNATIONAL                    9/3/2009   Thursday
BRYNOLF MANUFACTURING                          8/1/2009   Thursday
CAMCAR LLC                                     7/1/2007   Thursday
CHICAGO NUT AND BOLT                         10/20/2009   Tuesday
COMPONENT TECHNOLOGIES INTL                    7/1/2009   Tuesday
CONTINENTAL AERO STOP NUT                      8/1/2009   Monday and Tuesday - Split by location
DRIV LOK                                     10/20/2009   Thursday
FERRY CAP & SET SCREW CO.                     10/7/2009   Wednesday
FONTANA DISTRIBUTION INC                     10/20/2009   Tuesday
GATEWAY SCREW & RIVET INC.                   10/20/2009   Monday
HEADS & THREADS INTERNATIONAL                  7/1/2009   Tuesday
HEXAGON INDUSTRIES, INC.                       9/1/2009   Wednesday
HILL FASTENER CORP.                          10/20/2009   Thursday
IFASTGROUPE DISTRIBUTION                     10/15/2009   Monday
INFASCO                                       10/1/2009   Marieville QC - Monday
INNOVATIVE COMPONENTS, INC.                  10/20/2009   Monday
ITW BEE LEITZKE                              10/20/2009   Thursday
ITW DELTAR TEKFAST                           10/20/2009   Wednesday
ITW DELTAR-ENGINEERED FASTENER               10/20/2009   Wednesday
KMC                                          10/20/2009   Thursday
KAMAX, LP                                      9/1/2009   Monday
KANEBRIDGE CORPORATION                       10/20/2009   Tuesday
KREIDER CORPORATION                            8/1/2009   Friday
MANTEN CORP                                    7/1/2007   Monday
MATENAER CORPORATION                           8/1/2009   Thursday
METFORM LLC                                   10/6/2009   Friday
MUBEA INC                                      9/1/2009   Thursday
NUCOR FASTENER                                 7/1/2009   Wednesday
NYLOK FASTENER CORPORATION                   10/20/2009   Monday
PORTEOUS FASTENER COMPANY                      9/1/2009   Tuesday
PREMIER HYDRAULICS                            10/6/2009   Monday
R G RAY CORPORATION                           10/6/2009   Monday
RAMCO SPECIALTIES, INC.                       10/6/2009   Friday
ROCKFORD FASTENERS                           10/20/2009   Thursday
S & D PRODUCTS                               10/20/2009   Wednesday
SAFETY SOCKET LLC                            10/20/2009   Tuesday
SEMBLEX CORPORATION                            7/1/2007   Wednesday
SEMS AND SPECIALS INC.                         8/1/2009   Thursday
TUTTLE MANUFACTURING CO.                     10/20/2009   Tuesday
VERTEX FASTENERS                               9/1/2009   Wednesday
WILLIE WASHER MFG CO                           7/1/2007   Chicagoland - Tuesday
WROUGHT WASHER MFG INC                         9/1/2009   Thursday

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