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                                            SAS® for the High-Tech Industry

                                            Building success with The Power to Know®
                                        “With SAS® for the high-tech industry, filter through mountains

                                        of disparate data and transform it into usable knowledge.”

                                  Maxtor uses SAS® software to drive quality, get
                                  consistent answers and make confident decisions
                                  Maxtor Corp. of Milpitas, Calif., constantly strives to send the best quality prod-
                                  ucts out the door with the latest storage technologies, all the while meeting cus-
                                  tomer needs with on-time product delivery. What Maxtor wanted was to spend
                                  less time and money getting the job done. “There are many challenges we face in
                                  our industry, and price erosion is certainly one of them,” says Michael Renella,
                                  Ph.D., director of quality engineering at Maxtor. “To combat these challenges, we
                                  set out to look at measures to increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as
                                  other ways to make improvements to our internal processes and operations.
                                  Ultimately, we strive to continue to raise the bar in terms of quality products and
       Michael Renella, Ph.D      happy customers.”
Director of Quality Engineering
            Maxtor Corporation
                                  SAS has become a key facet of this initiative. With SAS, Dr. Renella found new,
                                  faster ways to examine and address manufacturing, quality and other issues early
                                  on in the product development process. “SAS has been important to us because
                                  it helps us to quickly identify areas of concern that might arise within Maxtor. The
                                  information from SAS has also enabled us to deepen our involvement with individ-
                                  ual suppliers, forging long-term relationships.”

                                  SAS provided Maxtor with an enterprise information delivery solution that could
                                  validate organizational and supplier information seamlessly, pinpoint potential
                                  issues more quickly, and update Maxtor employees faster. The real-time SAS solu-
                                  tion delivers answers that translate to faster time to market, improved yields and
                                  better products for Maxtor customers. Hundreds of Maxtor employees now use
                                  the same tools with SAS across all phases of the business, spanning product con-
                                  ception, manufacturing and final customer delivery. SAS helps Maxtor turn raw
                                  data into information that drives business decisions and keeps Maxtor one step
                                  ahead of the competition.

                                  “SAS gave us a solution that could help us meet our objectives and improve effi-
                                  ciencies across the organization,” Dr. Renella says. The company rallied its main
                                  suppliers to collect the necessary data and used SAS to drill down and perform
                                  analysis. A clear methodology was established that makes it easy to assess the
                                  quality of each product and determine the exact causes of any quality audit fail-
                                  ures before manufacturing is slowed or products go out the door.
Industry Expertise
SAS provides high-tech companies           • Phillips Petroleum Norway uses SAS       These solutions, based on industry
the power to know their customers,           to drive and communicate corporate       best practices and more than 25
suppliers, organization and overall          goals throughout the organization.       years of award-winning technology,
enterprise. Our solutions enable organi-   • ST Microelectronics, the fourth-         are designed to integrate into your
zations to access vital information from     largest semiconductor company in         existing infrastructure. Moreover, you
their transactional systems, enrich it       the world, uses SAS to manage and        can tailor the applications specifically
with external content and deliver it         optimize the complex data gener-         for your business needs. This strategy
across the entire supply chain. From         ated during its integrated circuit       translates into shorter implementation
mainframe terminals, Windows clients,        manufacturing process.                   times and reduced development costs
Web browsers and wireless devices,                                                    without locking you into a “one-size-
                                           • Sun Microsystems solves a variety
SAS offers high-tech companies the                                                    fits-all” solution.
                                             of Enterprise wide business man-
ability to filter through mountains of
                                             agement, analytical and reporting
disparate data and transform that data                                                The SAS Manufacturing Practice
                                             needs with SAS.
into useful knowledge.                                                                consists of dedicated managers,
                                           • WL Gore and Associates, renowned         strategists and consultants who have
Here are just a few examples of              for its GORE-TEX fabrics, increases      worked in the manufacturing industry.
how SAS is delivering value to               one product’s already exceptional        This team is active in manufacturing
high-tech companies:                         reliability by 70 percent with SAS.      forums and associations, working to
• ABB relies on SAS for a comprehen-                                                  ensure that SAS solutions not only
                                           The information technology (IT) field is   meet but also anticipate the needs of
  sive, worldwide view of purchasing.
                                           filled with software that helps compa-     the high-tech industry. SAS solves a
• Altis Semiconductor improves             nies automate, track and execute their     range of business problems, whether
  performance, quality of service and      business transactions. SAS helps           they concern data and processes
  profitability with SAS technologies.     companies leverage their existing          driven by e-business or traditional
• Bayer CropScience US uses SAS            investments in infrastructure, opera-      plant-floor challenges of unlocking
  Supplier Relationship Management         tional databases and applications by       knowledge from disparate ERP and
  to enhance profitable supplier           providing a layer of business intelli-     supply chain management systems.
  relationships.                           gence. SAS solutions for high-tech
• Cessna Aircraft uses SAS to increase     manufacturing deliver the most impor-      But it’s not just about technology. At
  its competitive advantage through        tant commodity in today’s business         SAS, we sincerely believe in partnering
  activity-based management.               world— The Power to Know®.                 with our customers to provide success
• Hewlett-Packard boosts its data-                                                    at all levels. We offer training services,
                                           Whether you’re tracking the perform-       proven implementation methodologies
  analysis capability and saves time
                                           ance of your entire enterprise, or try-    and world-class technology solutions—
  with data quality solutions from SAS.
                                           ing to make sense of your supplier,        all coordinated in a way that delivers
• Klune Industries relies on SAS to        customer, warranty or quality data,        rapid ROI. From the boardroom to the
  guarantee on-time delivery of parts to   SAS offers a package of solutions          data center, SAS truly provides busi-
  commercial and military customers.       designed for your business needs.          nesses with the power to know.
SAS® Warranty Analysis                         focus on integrating enterprise quality    • Consolidate multi-plant strategies to
Accurate warranty analysis is essential        management principles significantly          maximize return on your investment.
in the manufacturing industry. And             outperform competitors.                    • Incorporate the lean and agile
whether your business collects its own                                                      production techniques that are
warranty data or receives it from multi-       SAS Process Intelligence for                 critical for competition on a world-
ple third-party sources, SAS Warranty          Manufacturing provides that edge by          class scale.
Analysis integrates that warranty data         combining the latest in data visualiza-
with key customer, production and              tion technology with powerful SAS          Customer Intelligence Solutions
geographic information in a manner             statistical capabilities, giving           SAS Customer Relationship
that allows organizations to achieve a         customers the ability to identify and      Management Solutions are designed
level of knowledge that translates into        understand process variability and         to give manufacturers the knowledge
significant value. This solution enables       product reliability.                       they need to develop and implement
companies to:                                                                             smarter customer strategies and maxi-
• Identify questionable warranty               Whether these processes reside on          mize customer profitability. Built on our
  claims to detect fraudulent activity.        the manufacturing floor, in the research   award-winning Intelligence
                                               laboratory or in the customer service      Architecture, SAS’ superior analytical
• Automatically detect emerging issues
                                               center, SAS provides tools for improv-     technologies and proven methodolo-
  before they make it to the top of the
                                               ing the quality of products, processes     gies and services allow you to better
  issue list.
                                               and services. SAS Process Intelligence     understand your customers.
• Determine root causes quickly to             for Manufacturing can help you:
  focus resources on the right issue in
                                               • Respond to process deviations with       Whether those customers are individu-
  the right place at the right time.
                                                 reliable analytics that solve            als or businesses, SAS analytic CRM
• Collaborate and implement best                 problems the first time.                 solutions deliver fast, measurable
  practices to increase the efficiency                                                    value by enabling organizations to:
                                               • Develop quality practices that save
  and effectiveness of problem-solving
                                                 time, cut costs and allow you to         • Create reliable, high-value customer
                                                 respond quickly to your customers.         intelligence.
• Forecast warranty costs to protect
                                               • Distribute analysis tools so that        • Gain a panoramic customer view.
  against financial risk.
                                                 everyone in your organization can
                                                 contribute to overall process
SAS® Process Intelligence
Driving costs out of the manufacturing
process to improve bottom-line prof-           “With SAS, we’ve been able to discover previously undetected data
itability is crucial for survival in today’s
global competitive environment.                quality, aggregation and calculation issues in our existing sources
Delighting customers with world-class
                                               and reports. Resolving these issues has improved information quality
product quality and service leads to
customer retention and growth.                 dramatically.”
History proves that organizations that
                                                                                                                  Carol Peterman
                                                                                                           Usage Program Manager
                                                                                          Hewlett-Packard Image and Printing Group
• Maximize the return on your market-     indicators provide information about          causes of defects and track strat-
  ing campaigns.                          plant production, sales, engineering          egy and initiatives throughout the
• Improve customer acquisition and        design and financial performance              entire enterprise.
  retention rates.                        through a single, multi-level scorecard.    • Risk Management – Perform
                                          Using red-yellow-green indicators,            companywide risk management for
Supplier Relationship Management          managers gain a holistic view of per-         measuring and managing market
SAS Supplier Relationship Management      formance and can drill down to exam-          and credit risk in a manner that is
can help your organization implement      ine trend information on individual           the most appropriate for your orga-
sound supplier strategies, increasing     metrics or performance across objec-          nization’s unique needs.
competitive advantage through             tives to determine associated causes
                                                                                      • IT Management – Manage IT needs
enhanced supply chain management.         and effects.
                                                                                        at every level of the enterprise,
This comprehensive solution enables                                                     uncovering detailed data about daily
companies to collect, analyze and         And more . . .
                                                                                        systems operation, analyzing per-
leverage all aspects of their supplier    SAS Strategic Performance
                                                                                        formance data, implementing inter-
data and purchasing histories. Through    Management is the driving force
                                                                                        nal chargeback methodologies and
the power of SAS, you’ll gain vital       behind the only integrated suite of
                                                                                        tracking and analyzing Web traffic.
insight into your supply base and         intelligence solutions from a single
                                          vendor that facilitates both strategic      • Human Capital Management –
purchasing history—critical information
                                          and operational decision-making. It           Combine strategic information with
for optimizing your strategic sourcing
                                          lets businesses:                              workforce analytics to plan effective
and providing significant cost savings.
                                          • Track, measure and execute manu-            human capital strategies. Measure
                                             facturing strategies.                      and compare your company’s best
With SAS Supplier Relationship
                                                                                        practices in a Web-based, HR-spe-
Management, your business can:            • Share information across the organ-
                                                                                        cific decision-support environment.
• Create an accurate overview of your       ization for quick and efficient action.
                                                                                      • Financial Management Solutions –
  organization’s total spend.             • Create a single version of the truth
                                                                                        Plan, analyze and report on financial
• Select the ideal suppliers.               that can be shared with any level of
                                                                                        information, effectively implement
                                            the enterprise, wherever it is needed.
• Match business objectives with indi-                                                  activity-based management, and
  vidual supplier performance.                                                          utilize accurate and timely informa-
                                          SAS also offers a variety of other
• Identify cost-consolidation areas.                                                    tion to drive strategic decisions and
                                          solutions that can help any organiza-
                                                                                        manage financial risk— all through
                                          tion gain — and maintain — a real
Performance Management                                                                  SAS’ total approach to financial
                                          competitive advantage:
SAS Strategic Performance                                                               management.
                                          • Six Sigma – Improve your Six Sigma
Management captures a company’s                                                       • Service Analysis – Identify opportu-
                                            initiative by gaining the ability to
corporate strategy and helps integrate,                                                 nities to significantly improve serv-
                                            identify and analyze key issues, use
distribute and analyze information from                                                 ice-level agreements by increasing
                                            experimental design and analysis
across the enterprise that supports                                                     first-call completions. Provide
                                            techniques to determine root
strategy implementation. Clear, concise                                                 insight for predictive maintenance
                                          Industry Memberships
  to prevent unplanned down-times —       SAS maintains active memberships in         • International Statistical Institute (ISI)
  and, ultimately, increase customer      the following industry affiliations and
  satisfaction and reduce costs of        associations:                               • National Quality Institute (NQI)
  service.                                • American Society for Quality (ASQ)
• Activity-Based Management –                                    • Original Equipment Suppliers
  Focus on activities in the costing      • American Statistical Association            Association (OESA)
  process and transform that data into      (ASA)                      • Semiconductor Equipment
  strategic operational and tactical
                                          • Automotive Industry Action Group            Manufacturers International (SEMI)
  information that you can use for bet-
  ter decision-making.
                                          • American Production and Inventory         • Society for Industrial and Applied
• Value Chain Analyzer – Generate
                                            Control Society (APICS)                     Mathematics (SIAM)
  the improved financial intelligence
                                                               • Society of Automotive Analysts
  needed to make fact-based deci-
  sions for reducing costs and improv-    • Best Manufacturing Practices                (SAA)
  ing profitability, both within the        Center of Excellence (BMP)                • Society of Automotive Engineers
  organization and across the value                              (SAE)
  chain, integrating supply and           • Institute of Electrical and Electronics   • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  demand activities.                        Engineers (IEEE)               (SME)
• Operations Research – Address a         • Institute of Industrial Engineers
  wide variety of business manage-          (IIENET)
  ment and planning problems with         • Institute for Supply Management
  our versatile, integrated manage-         (ISM)
  ment science solutions.
                                          • International Organization for
• SAS® Enterprise Miner™ – Simplify         Standardization (ISO)
  and streamline the process of data
                                          • International Sematech (ISMT)
  mining with this solution. Gain last-
  ing competitive advantage through
  better business insights.               • International Society for
                                            Measurement and Control (ISA)
• SAS® Text Miner – Use this sophisti-
  cated set of text mining tools to
  uncover the underlying themes or
  concepts contained in large docu-
  ment collections.
                                               Customer success stories (headline-sidebar)
                                               Altis Semiconductor improves product quality with SAS
                                               This Semiconductor, formed ipsum in Corbeil-Essonnes, France, is now one of
                                               Altis is “body-sidebar” Lorem in 1999dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, the
                                               sed diam nonummy nibh euismod high-tech laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat
                                               most important copper productiontincidunt utcompanies in the world (0.18 µm and
                                               volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad created a powerful and reliable quality ullamcorper
                                               higher). The company hasminim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tationcontrol program
                                               suscipit lobortis nisl to improve ea electrical consequat. of its products.
                                               using SAS solutionsut aliquip exthe commodoperformance Duis autem vel eum iri-
                                               ure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu
                                               feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan Engineering dignissim qui blandit
                                               In the initial phase of implementation the Altis et iusto odio Department determined
                                               praesent luptatum zzril delenit systems. As explained by Pascal Chesneau, data
                                               a need for automatic reportingaugue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi. Lorem
                                               ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing SAS solutions from the very begin-
                                               analysis manager of the project: “We selectedelit, sed diam nonummy nibh euis-
                                               mod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore in managing the automatic and wisi enim creation
                                               ning because of their capability magna aliquam erat volutpat. Utinteractive ad
                                               minim veniam, quis automatic collection systems of suscipit lobortis nisl
                                               of menus based on nostrud exerci tation ullamcorperall production data.” ut aliquip
                                               ex ea commodo consequat.
                      Pascal Chesneau          For the second phase, the objective was to create a system that allowed users access
                  Data analysis manager
“This is a          Altis is a
             quote. ThisSemiconductor          to all technical and logistical databases while making available dedicated professional
                                               tools for quality control and statistical analysis.
quote.This is a quote.This is a
                                               The project with SAS has allowed Altis Semiconductor to create a technical platform
quote.This is a quote.”                        that is recognized by its users. For example, a SAS data mining solution allowed the
                                               validation of a model resulting in a 1.7 percent increase in performance, which repre-
                                   Cutline     sents considerable sums on high volumes.
          Cutline descriptive–person’s title
 and place of business or other description
                                               Chesneau concludes: “SAS responded to our industrial problems by providing scalable,
                                               solid solutions that were accepted by all. We were able to join users and developers
                                               through a series of techniques and analysis tools. And all this contributed to the goal of
                                               reaching our objectives for quality of service, performance, and profitability.”

About SAS
In today’s competitive marketplace,            Because all SAS solutions rely on the          the world. Customers include 90
organizations must focus scarce                same open, extensible framework—               percent of the Fortune 500. For more
resources on the strategies most likely        the Intelligence Architecture— it’s easy       than 25 years, SAS has been giving our
to yield success. SAS can help you             to link individual solutions and lever-        customers The Power to Know®. For
achieve this focus.                            age existing technology to produce             more general information, visit us at
                                               reliable information that decision-  
We leverage the investments you’ve             makers can act upon with confidence.
already made in operational systems                                                           For more specific information about
and applications by adding a layer of          Whether you’re focused on one facet            SAS’ solutions for the high-tech
intelligence you can’t get anywhere            of your business or committed to               industry, visit us at
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across every channel —into usable              and achieve competitive advantage.             Manufacturing Sales at (49) 6221-4160.
intelligence about customers, suppliers,
your organization and the overall per-         Solutions from SAS, the world’s largest
formance of your enterprise. We call it        privately held software company, are
SAS Intelligence, and we deliver it            used at more than 40,000 business,
through our industry-leading data man-         government and university sites around
agement and analytics.

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