QIP Quad Chart Template Description Issue Impact • Clearly describe the issue • Describe the

					    QIP Quad Chart Template - Description
Issue:                                                            Impact:
•   Clearly describe the issue                                    •   Describe the issue’s impact on the following:
•   Be concise and to the point                                        • Part number(s) or Processes impacted
•   Describe the issue such that someone not familiar with the         • Quantify impact to the customer, if applicable
    issue would understand the situation
•   If you’ve used 4 or more bullets, you may have put to much
    information here
•   Describe any Test or evaluation conclusions that help to
    describe the issue

Suspect Cause:                                                    Corrective Action:
•   Define the suspect cause(s) as it is currently known          •   Describe actions taken or to be taken to mitigate the issue
•   If cause analysis is still pending, state so                       • Action(s) taken to date
•   It is acceptable to define the symptom followed by a number        • Describe actions taken: Stock Purge, procedure review
    of suspect causes under investigation.                                / update, process changes etc.
•   Do no go into impact or corrective action in this section          • Describe any customer C/A taken
                                                                       • Describe any updates or reinforcement in training
                                                                          procedures if applicable
                                                                       • Define any changes in planning that may have been
                                                                       • Subtier supplier actions should be included if applicable
                                                                       • Corrective action should reflect those actions taken to
                                                                          address the cause(s) as well as the symptom(s)
                                                                       • Include dates on significant milestones, both completed
                                                                          and planned
                                                                       • A separate Quad chart should be generated for each
                                                                          issue and it’s related corrective actions

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