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									                Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter
                      Home of the Dodgers
       Messa ge from the Principal
Happy New Year! I hope that every-        There are a number of informative      
one had a wonderful holiday and a         guidance programs coming up over                 Volume 3, Issue 2
restful break with your families. As      the next two months that are very                January/February 2011
we prepare to enter the second half of    beneficial for parents (and students) to
the school year I would like to issue     attend. Below is a list of the upcom-
some important reminders regarding        ing programs, along with a brief sum-            Upcoming Events:
upcoming events and happenings at         mary of the topics that will be cov-             2/10: 7:00pm, Halfway Night,
MHS.                                      ered.                                            Media Center
            SCHEDULING                    11th Grade Parent Night - February               2/15: 7:30pm, BOE Meeting,
The scheduling process for next year      1st from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. in the MHS             Media Center
is underway. The 2011-2012 Curricu-       Auditorium.
                                                                                           2/18: Single Session –
lum Guide will soon be posted on the      This program will feature an overview
guidance website for parents and stu-     of the college application process. Due          dismissal 12:06pm
dents to view and print. I encourage      to new application processing proce-             2/21 - 2/22: Winter Recess -
all parents to review the course offer-   dures that will go into effect with the          Schools Closed
ings in the guide with their child in     class of 2012, I encourage all 11th
order to be well informed going into      grade parents to attend this event to            3/1: 7:00pm, 10th Gr.
your scheduling session with counsel-     learn about the new procedures.                  Parent Night, Auditorium
ors. Scheduling sessions will be held
throughout the months of February
                                          Halfway Night - February 10th from               3/2: 7:00pm, Meet the
and March. Teachers have made their
                                          7:00 - 8:15 p.m. in the MHS Media                Coaches, Gym
course recommendations for next year.                                                      3/9: 7:00pm, PTSO Meeting,
They put a great deal of time and         This program, led by MHS Guidance                Media Center
thought into making each recommen-        Counselor, Phyllis Levy, will provide
dation so that students are properly      parents with practical strategies, tips,         3/15: 7:30pm, BOE Meeting,
placed from the outset of the schedul-    and resources so they may help sup-              Media Center
ing process. Unless special circum-       port their child achieve academic suc-           3/17-3/20: Sweeney Todd
stances warrant a change from the         cess.
teacher's recommendation, it is not       10th Grade Parent Night - March 1st              Inside this issue:
advisable to seek an override into an-    from 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. in the MHS
other course level. Parents and stu-      Auditorium.                                      Message from the Principal   Pgs.1&2
dents can expect to receive a copy of                                                      Misc. Articles               Pgs.3-9
their schedule prior to the last day of   This program will feature an update
school. Necessary schedule changes        on news related to standardized test-            Message from the PTSO        Pg. 10

can be made up to the last day of the     ing, course scheduling for 2011-2012,            Co-Presidents
school year on June 17, 2011.             enrichment programs, and college
                                                                                           Class Happenings             Pgs.10-13
                                          planning for parents of 10th grade stu-
      IMPORTANT UPCOMING                  dents.                                           HARLEM WIZARDS               Pg.13
                                                                                           Community Corner             Pg.14
                                                                   (Continued on page 2)
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Principal’s Messa ge (continued from pa ge 1)
Conversations with Counselors - March 16th at 5:00           HMC in the past have not only had an educationally re-
p.m. in the MHS Media Center.                                warding experience, but have also developed lasting
The topics covered will be Understanding the Family          friendships with their peers from high schools across the
Connections Program, Method Test Prep, and the Com-          country.
mon Application.                                                               SPRING MUSICAL
College Information Night for Students with Disabilities     Looking for some great entertainment to help you
- April 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the MHS Media Center.            through the doldrums of winter? The theatrical cast and
This program will feature an overview of the college ap-     crew at MHS have been working around the clock re-
plication process for students who have Individual Edu-      hearsing for their production of Sweeney Todd: The De-
cation Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans. Jane Ozga, Special         mon Barber of Fleet Street. This Tony Award winning
Needs Counselor, from Centenary College will be the          production, which first premiered on Broadway in 1979,
presenter.                                                   is beautifully written by Stephen Sondheim and takes
                                                             place in Victorian London, where the barber Benjamin
                      ATHLETICS                              Barker is happily married to his wife Lucy. They have a
The winter sports season is now in full swing. Thanks to     lovely child, Johanna. The beauty of Lucy attracts the
the success of our teams and marching band this past fall,   attention of the corrupt Judge Turpin, who falsely accuses
enthusiasm and spirit is at an all-time high. It would be    the barber of a crime that he did not commit and therefore
wonderful to see the same level of support continue for      the judge has him locked up. The judge then indirectly
our winter and spring teams. Please remember that good       causes the death of Benjamin’s wife and appoints himself
sportsmanship on the part of our student/athletes and        ward of their young daughter. After fifteen years in exile,
proper fan behavior are keys to making these events so       Benjamin returns to London under the new identity of
special. Go "Dodgers"!                                       Sweeney Todd, seeking revenge against Judge Turpin.
Spring Meet the Coaches Night - March 2nd at 7:00            He meets the widow Mrs. Lovett, who is the owner of a
                                                             meat pie shop on Fleet Street. He opens a barber shop
p.m. in the MHS gymnasium. This informative evening
                                                             above her store, initiating brutal revenge against those
provides parents with the opportunity to hear from the
Athletic Director, Mr. Sean Dowling, about important         who made him suffer and lose his beloved family.
information relating to the athletic program and to meet     Show times for this year's production of Sweeney Todd
with their son or daughter’s coach who will speak about      will be Thursday, March 17 at 6:30, Friday and Saturday,
the upcoming season. Parent participation in this pro-       March 18 & 19 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, March 20 at
gram is highly encouraged.                                   3:00 p.m. Look on our website for further information
            HARVARD MODEL CONGRESS                           about what promises to be an excellent showcase of tal-
On February 17-20, Mr. Mueller (History), Mr. Largo
                                                                       MADISON “STAY AT HOME NIGHT”
(Science), and I will be taking 28 students up to Boston
to participate in 26th annual gathering of Harvard Model     As parents of school-age children, we are all too familiar
Congress (HMC). Harvard Model Congress is the na-            with the daily demands of keeping up with our family's
tions leading government simulation program offered to       schedules. In an effort to recognize the importance of
high school students across the United States. HMC of-       spending quality time with loved ones, the Madison
fers a unique opportunity to educate students about the      School District has declared Tuesday, March 8, 2011,
most crucial domestic and international issues facing our    "Stay at Home Night". All five schools in the district
nation. Students participating in HMC will take on vari-     have agreed to facilitate this program by not issuing
ous roles of government officials, engage in meaningful      homework or scheduling any evening events on this day.
debate, and reach consensus with their peers over how to     Students who participate in athletics or extracurricular
respond to these issues. The program is organized and        programs may assemble after school, but all practices and
run by students attending Harvard University and oper-       meetings must conclude by 5:00 p.m. It is our hope that
ates as a not-for-profit organization. MHS students have     all Madison Families will take advantage of this wonder-
been meeting regularly throughout the school year pre-       ful opportunity to slow the pace of life down a little and
paring for this event. Students who have participated in     do something special with those who count the most!
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                                                 HOLIDAY SERVICE PROJECTS
The Holiday Season is always a busy time of year for the                    Annual Holiday Windows Painting Project:
Madison High School Service Learning Program, when teach-                   MHS Service Learning Coordinator Mark De Biasse and Art
ers and students come together to make the holiday season a                 teacher Kathryn Cimis-De Biasse partnered with the Madison
happy one for the entire community. Here is a sampling of                   Chamber of Commerce, MACA and students from Drew Uni-
some of the community service projects completed this year.                 versity to decorate storefront windows for the holiday season.
MHS School Store:                                                           40 MHS students participated, painting 21 windows in the
MHS students Natalie Duffy and Lauren Ruffo, working under                  commercial district. This is the third year for this popular ser-
the direction of Art teacher Kathryn Cimis-De Biasse, deco-                 vice project.
rated the MHS School Store cart in time for the holiday retail              Two Holiday Gift Drives:
season. The store, run by students in PGC and the Pathways                  The annual R.O.A.R. Holiday Gift Drive was a huge success.
program under the direction of Special Education Department                 Gifts were distributed to families in need throughout the com-
Chair Chris Kenny and Special Education teacher Leslie Gen-                 munity. In addition, the MHS Swim Team participated in a
tile, operates daily during lunch periods out of a mobile cart              “Toy Drive” sponsored by the New Jersey Community Devel-
that was built by MHS Industrial Arts teacher Martin Fennell.               opment Corporation. Students from several area schools col-
                                                                            lected unwrapped toys for disadvantaged children throughout
                                                                            the state. These projects ensured that needy families had some-
                                                                            thing special under the tree on Christmas Day.
                                                                            Two Holiday Food Drives:
                                                                            The Lady Dodgers Volleyball Team completed a Thanksgiving
                                                                            Food Drive which collected 83 pounds of food and 50 reusable
                                                                            shopping bags for the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown.
                                                                            Senior Lindsay Alexander
  Sophomore Lauren Ruffo, (left) and Senior Natalie Duffy                   is pictured below deliver-
         (right) painting the School Store Cart                             ing part of the donation.
                                                                            The MHS Student Coun-
PGC E-pals Program:                                                         cil also sponsored a food
20 PGC students will become "E-pals" with students at Hori-                 drive, which benefited the
zon High School for young people with Cerebral Palsy. The                   Morris County Food Pan-
students will exchange at least one email per week throughout               try. This was a class com-
the year and we are planning two face-to-face meetings so that              petition which raised a
the students can socialize collectively. The first emails that              sizeable donation that was
were exchanged included a holiday greeting.                                 delivered in time for the     Pictured Above: Senior Lindsay Alexander
                                                                            holiday season.                  delivers food to the Interfaith Pantry


 Madison High School Principal Gregory               day, including spending the day with an        The Guidance Department at Madison
 Robertson recently announced a new                  elementary school teacher, shadowing a         High School is actively seeking addi-
 initiative to encourage seniors to                  local plumber, or seeing the life of an        tional job sites that are willing to host
 broaden their career exposure. On Fri-              investment banker.                             Madison High School students for Sen-
 day, May 20th, 2011, seniors will partici-          The Madison High School community is           ior Career Exploration Day on May 20th.
 pate in a Senior Career Exploration Day.            anticipating this new program with great       If you are interested in hosting Madison
 On this day, instead of reporting to                enthusiasm. Senior Stephanie Litchfield        High School students for this event,
 school, seniors will go out into the “real          expressed her excitement about Senior          please sign up by going to the Madison
 world” and spend the day (a minimum                 Career Exploration Day, saying, “I think       High School Guidance website:
 of 4 hours) in a job setting shadowing a            it’s really beneficial for us to get expo-
 professional and, in some cases, com-               sure to the working world in a very                       MHSguidance
 pleting basic job-related tasks. Students           hands-on way.”
 will have many different options on this
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                            English Department Offers Opportunities in Poetry:
                                    Poetry Out Loud Builds Confidence
Presenting themselves in public to a        rooms and to the larger audience, and I       dents to pronounce unfamiliar words,
large audience was a unique opportunity     noticed a sense of ownership of the po-       find the tone of the poem through expli-
for some of the contestants in the Poetry   ems they chose as their confidence in-        cation, and present convincingly. Class-
Out Loud competition, but their inexpe-     creased.”                                     room winners included juniors, Rachel
rience did not diminish their success;      Organized by Ms. Kathleen Humphrey,           Alvey and Michelle Wong, sophomores
presentations offered the audience what     thirteen classes participated in the pro-     Sarah Bittner and Jesse Klein, and fresh-
the program promised: “powerful lan-        gram this year. Classes included 9th, 10th,   men Giselle Collazos, Patty Doyle, Julia
guage” and “provocative ideas.” Show-       and 11th grades taught by Mrs. Breheny,       Guiheen, Crosby Kapp, Ryan Lam,
ing signs of support for their peers, the   Mrs. Brzozowski, Mrs. DeRosa, Ms.             Kaitlin McCulloch, Michas Szacillo,
audience was comprised of students          Vilarino, and Ms. Wessel. Individual          Gregory Travers, and Daphne Yang.
from participating classes. The first       classroom winners demonstrated excel-         The Poetry Out Loud program, sup-
place winner, junior Rachel Alvey, will     lence in recitation, memorization, and        ported by The National Endowment for
move on to the regional competition in      explication. The English teachers pre-        the Arts and the Poetry Foundation,
Morristown, presenting her two poems        pared students to compete in classroom        “invites the dynamic aspects of slam
once again. Sophomore Jesse Klein,          recitations and later for the school-wide     poetry, spoken word, and theater into the
second place winner and alternate, will     competition which was held in the audi-       English class” in an effort to help stu-
also be on hand. According to Ms.           torium. Teachers included the Poetry          dents “master public speaking skills,
Humphrey, “Students felt empowered          Out Loud preparation as part of the cur-      build self-confidence, and learn about
presenting poems both in their class-       riculum, creating opportunities for stu-      their literary heritage.”

                             Madison Education Foundation and School District
                            Provide a Day with a Poet for Students and Teachers

Through a partial grant from the Madison Education
Foundation, on Monday, January 10th, students and
staff were educated and entertained by the spoken
word of artist and four-time national poetry slam win-
ner Taylor Mali. Mali performed some of his most
well-known poems, including “What Teachers Make,”
and spoke about his writing process to approximately
350 students and staff during an invitational high
school assembly. During lunch, Mali regaled students,
staff members of Glyphs, the student literary maga-
zine, with stories about his poems and experiences
teaching and working in schools. A number of English
classes wrote memory poems under Mali’s direction, and the High School and Junior School teachers at-
tended a poetry-teaching workshop at the end of the day. According to one freshman, “Taylor Mali was the
perfect person for an assembly. His poems are very unique, and best of all, very funny. He could relate to
high schoolers.” “Most kids do not like poetry. It is more enjoyable when we can see it in a different, active
way,” added another student. “I liked it and hope to see more poets in the future.”
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                                                             PHYSICS OLYMPICS
The Madison High Physics Olympics team won second                            Vincent spent much of his time working on the newspa-
place overall in a field of 22 schools (47 teams), in the                    per bridge which needed to have the highest strength to
New Jersey State Physics Olympics that took place on                         weight ratio. Vincent’s bridge held 65.5 times its own
Saturday January 15th at Monmouth Regional High                              mass.
School in Tinton Falls, NJ. Eleven Madison High stu-
dents, accompanied by Carole Rawding and Luis Largo,
participated in this annual competition. These MHS stu-
dents competed in six different events throughout the

                                                                             Zach Humayun focused on the file folder catapult which
                                                                             was designed to launch a tennis ball into a 1 foot diame-
                                                                             ter hoop located 15 feet from the launch site.
                                                                             Zach and Vincent also led the team to a very successful
                                                                             Fermi Question Event where the team earned 2nd place
                                                                             with their abilities to estimate order of magnitude ques-
                                                                             tions such as “how many golf balls will fit into an Olym-
  Left to right, Front row: Michas Szacillo, Emily Mak, Christian Santoro,
                                                                             pic size swimming pool?”
  Rachel Newburg Middle row: Taylor Picillo, Emily Rao, Daphne Yang,         Honors Physics 9 students, Emily Rao, Michas Szacillo,
  Nikki Bajaj, Vincent Wu Back row: Nick Santoro, Zack Humayun
                                                                             Daphne Yang and Emily Mak worked diligently after-
The team won 1st place in the egg throw event. In this                       school with their classmates Umang Kansara and Kyle
event, they devised a container to not only protect a raw                    Smith to develop the balloon powered car, the paper boo-
egg from breaking when the container is thrown against                       merang and the egg protection device. Umang and Kyle
the wall but also to rebound the maximum distance from                       were unable to attend the day of competition but they
the wall. Ninth grader, Michas Szacillo threw the egg                        were important contributors to the team’s success.
protection container with a raw egg inside it and the con-                   Seniors Taylor Picillo, Nick Santoro and sophomores
tainer bounced 4.86 m without the egg cracking. This                         Christian Santoro and Rachel Newburg and ninth grader
device had placed first in the school competition held in                    Nikki Bajaj also participated in the days events.

The physics students have been meeting in the physics
lab after school regularly to create their projects for each
individual event. Senior AP physics students Vincent
Wu and Zach Humayun led the group with their dedica-
tion and persistence.
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                                                          MYSTERY TRUNK
In December 2010 Madison High School 10th graders partici-                 the students to draw upon
pated in an interdisciplinary activity that called upon their re-          the information they had
search, curatorial and creative writing skills. The activity was           collected to craft a story or
planned by History and Language Arts teachers and centered                 poem about the trunk and
on determining ownership of a "mystery" trunk recently found               the objects found inside.
in the collection of the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts.                This interdisciplinary team
The trunk, which appears to be from the colonial or revolution-            of MHS teachers collabo-
ary era, has the words ""For His Excellency Governor/Jersey/               rated with the staff of the
New England/Baggage" stenciled on the bottom. Little else is               Museum of Early Trades
known about this mysterious piece of luggage. Working with                 and Crafts to develop this
History Department members Hugh Singerline, Bob Grundfest,                 activity. We are grateful to
Richard Bradshaw and Department Chairperson Mark De Bi-                    the museum staff for their
asse, the students were armed with biographical information of             willingness to bring these
four likely owners and were asked to examine the trunk and an              objects to the school so
array of period artifacts placed inside.                                   that the students could do
The students analyzed the artifacts in an effort to link them to           some "hands on" work to
one of the four possible owners of the trunk. Once they com-               learn more about the his-
pleted the research portion of the activity, the students com-             tory of the
pleted a creative writing assignment in their Language Arts                colonial        Pictured Above: Sophomores Nicole Zara and Claire
class. Ms. Wessel-Dwyer, Ms. Harding and Ms. Nellins asked                 era.                Passalaqua examine artifacts from the trunk

                       Vo-Tech Provides Students a Path Beyond High School
When Bryan Iza learned of an alternative path to achieving his career      other food service student, Lizzy Zara, reports that “I think all I’m
goals, he was all ears. This Madison High School student hopes to be       learning about cooking and baking will help me in the future. I really
a professional chef one day, and he was thrilled to hear about the “Vo-    love the food industry, and this will help me be successful.” Kenny
Tech” program in which he could start training immediately for his         Sych, is thrilled to be a part of Vo-Tech’s welding program, saying, “I
future career. He applied to and was accepted into the Food Services       love the welding because the teacher is really nice and what we make
program at the Morris County School of Technology.                         and fix make welding very interesting. The kids are nice and easy to
                                                                           along with.”
The Morris County School of Technology in Denville provides high
school juniors and seniors with an excellent opportunity to receive        Upon completion of their
daily career and technical training. Typically, students take their aca-   combination of high
demic subjects in the morning at the high school and then head to          school and career/
“Vo-Tech” in the afternoon. Some programs require participants to          technical programs, stu-
take infused math and/or science as part of their individual technology    dents are ready for either
programs.                                                                  entry into their respective
                                                                           chosen professions or, as
Requirements for acceptance into the School of Technology are that         Bryan hopes, further train-
students be enrolled as an eleventh or twelfth grader, have an accept-     ing in their field. With his
able record (academic, attendance, and behavior), file an application,     two years of valuable
have a sincere interest in the program, possess sufficient motivation to   hands-on cooking and
succeed in the chosen program, and have sufficient maturity to work        food preparation experi-
in a shop setting.                                                         ence, Bryan plans to at-
                                                                           tend culinary classes at a
Currently, fourteen Madison High School students attend the School         local community college.
of Technology. School programs include Auto Body/Collision Re-
pair, Automotive Service Technology, Building Construction, Build-         For additional information
ing and Grounds Maintenance Services, Carpentry, Computer Drafting         on the Morris County
and Graphics Studio, Cosmetology, Electrical Trades, Food Services,        School of Technology,
Plumbing, Retail/Supermarket Careers, and Welding Technology.              call 973-627-4600 or visit
                                                                           their website at http://
Students are enthusiastic about both the instructors and the course-                   Food Services student, senior, Lizzy
work. Robbie Ragold, who attends the food service program, com-                                             Zara is dressed and ready for class.
ments that “Chef is a funny, nice, very experienced guy. The skills
that he teaches us really help us make good sauces and food.” An-
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                                 GREAT WINTER TO BE A DODGER!
How does one follow up a great          many games in the next few            the Dodgers look to once again be
fall season for Madison? That dif-      weeks. Come on over to Mennen         competitive in the NJSIAA North
ficult task has been taken on by        Arena to see the boys skate. This     II Group II Sectionals.
our winter teams and let me tell        group always has a great student      The 9-2 boys Basketball team
you, that they are all up for the       following.                            have been road warriors for most
task. Here is our mid-winter sum-       Dodger Bowling is off to a great      of the season. They will be play-
mary of Dodger Athletics.               start this season. The team is cur-   ing many of their February games
Our co-ed Winter Track team has         rently 5-6. Coach Diamante has        at home and they are all looking
been working very hard out in the       many new faces to compete in the      forward to some home court ad-
cold and snow. The team has been        tough NJAC division. The boys         vantage. Coach Librera has the
very competitive in their meets at      bowl at Rockaway Lanes while          boys operating on all cylinders.
Drew University. The biggest            practicing at Madison Lanes.          The boys successfully defended
highlight was RJ Graddy winning         While most long for the days          their Oratory Prep Christmas
the Morris County Championship          when the league bowled all of the     Tournament title by beating MKA
in the High Jump. RJ cleared 6’2”       matches at Madison, it is worth       and our hosts. The boys are look-
to best the top competition in the      the trip to Rockaway to support       ing to be very competitive in both
county. The NJSIAA Group I Re-          our boys.                             the Morris and NJSIAA tourna-
lays and Championships are up           Our girls Varsity Swim program        ments coming up this month.
next for the Dodgers.                   started the year with a new coach,    So Dodger Fans, as one can see,
Your Lady Dodger Basketball             Emilie Rosalino. Coach Rosalino       the Dodgers are again having a
team started its year off in fine       has come in with a new enthusi-       very successful winter. Please
fashion as they successfully de-        asm and the girls have adjusted       come out to support all of our
fended their Lady Dodger Holiday        very well. Many girls have rou-       teams. Our parking lot is plowed
Tournament by defeating a very          tinely improved their times and       and our gyms are warm.
good Morris Knolls team for the         the Lady Dodgers are beginning
second year in a row. Coach             to be more competitive in the divi-
Finkelstein is doing a great job        sion. All home meets are up at
leading the girls in a very com-        Drew University. Get ready to
petitive division. The girls are cur-   cheer loudly, because it gets aw-
rently 5-7 and working towards          fully loud in the pool area.
the Morris County the NJSIAA            The wrestling team is off to an-
Tournaments.                            other fast start this year. After
The Ice Hockey team, coming off         successful individual matches in
a very successful 2010 campaign,        many large tournaments, the
has a longer bench with many new        Dodgers have started their dual
faces. The boys are currently 3-4-      matches and are currently 7-2.
2 with a few games snowed out.          The Dodgers are rebuilding this
With make-up games to be                year after losing many top seniors
played, our boys will be playing        to graduation. Rebuilding aside,
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                                 Marching Dodgers Shine in Debut Season
In its first competitive season, the Madi-    every Dodger home football game (and           Crew’ volunteers – Parents and friends
son High School Marching Dodger Band          most away games), the band took part in        who help with the ‘heavy lifting’, trans-
won second place at the Tournament of         the Halloween parades at the three ele-        portation and setup of some of the larger
Bands Atlantic Coast Championships            mentary schools, marched in the holiday        instruments and percussion equipment.
held at Hershey Stadium in Hershey, PA        parade through downtown Madison, and
on October 31. The ACC trophy came            helped to kick off the T. J. Martell Walk-     Fundraising goals of the MDBC include
on the heels of the Marching Dodgers’         athon on October 3. The band also ex-          helping to purchase lightweight portable
first place win at the TOB Chapter 10         pects to participate in the Memorial Day       percussion equipment, additional band
championship at West Essex High               observance on Monday, May 30.                  uniforms and flags. A pancake breakfast
School on October 24. Schools that                                                           was held on January 23 at the Madison
compete in the ACC are located any-           Ample opportunities exist to contribute        Elks Lodge to benefit the band. An on-
where from the northern Poconos to            to the success of the Marching Dodgers.        going fundraiser is the sale of stadium
North Carolina. The Marching Dodgers          The Marching Dodgers Booster Club              seat cushions, available for $10 for a flat
held their own ‘Fall Classic’ TOB band        (MDBC) was formed to assist with fund-         cushion and $25 for a seat with a back.
tournament in Ted Monica Stadium on           raising, publicity and general support for     Please contact Sue Koppenol at skoppe-
October 3, hosting seven bands in com-        the band. All parents, alumni and friends
petition.                                     of the Marching Dodgers are cordially
                                              invited to join the MDBC (membership           General correspondence and any mone-
The Marching Dodgers have not pre-            form on page 9) to stay in step with band      tary donations to the MDBC can be di-
sented a choreographed routine in more        events, opportunities to lend a hand with      rected to the Marching Dodgers Booster
than 15 years, making their success           fundraising, and participate in other band     Club, P.O. Box 34, Madison NJ, 07940.
against schools with years of experience      and alumni events. Also welcome are            Our email address is marchingdodg-
all the more remarkable. A high level of      ‘Pit                                 
musicianship and intensive practice are
essential elements of an award-winning
marching band. Equally important is
presenting a musically and visually daz-
zling show. Band Director Mr. Russ
Batsch and Assistant Director Mr. Leo
Sabatino are quick to credit the excellent
music programs in the Madison school
district with providing MHS a steady
supply of well-prepared music students.

The Marching Dodgers are comprised of
more than just instruments and percus-
sion. Two drum majors ‘stage manage’
the performance, set the tempo and con-
duct the musical performance. Color
guard performs their own choreographed
                                              Jack Anzul           Dre' Dobson             Michael Lebwohl       Simon Pajaro
flag routine in time with the music, com-
                                              Andrew Benton        Mary Errico             Janice Lee            Lucy Patke
pleting the visual effects inspired by the
                                              Roz Blake            Connor Forde            Jessica Linnet        Alex Post
music. The band and color guard are
                                              Katie Brundage       Neil Forde              Russ Lopez            Meghan Riley
expected to grow in number next season,
                                              James Campbell       Colin Gooby             Mary Meyer            Jessica Rose
and Mr. Batsch indicates there is a role in
                                              Holly Claytor        Patrick Hanley          Brendan Ng            Lainie Rowland
the Marching Dodgers for any student
                                              Meredith Claytor     Tyler Haupt             Shawn Noetzli         Aaron Shinn
who wishes to participate. Dates for
                                              Kasey Colligan       Caroline Kelly          Kristen O'Dougherty   Matt Sweeney
spring activities and summer band camp
                                              Mac Corte            Justin Kemp             Megan O'Dougherty     Julie VanHook
will be announced in the near future.         Tommy Cullen         Billy Kennedy           Jay Oh
                                              Jack D'Addario       Spencer Koppenol        Delia Ottomanelli
School and community participation is
                                              Rob D'Addario        Brian Lang              Michael Pacheco
an important part of the Marching Dodg-
ers’ role. In addition to performing at
                                                                                                 2010 Marching Dodgers
Page 9                                                           Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter

         Marching Dodgers Booster Club
          MEMBERSHIP FORM 2011
  The Marching Dodgers Booster Club is organized exclu-
   sively for the purpose of promoting and supporting the
  Madison High School marching band, their students and
  instructional staff. The Marching Dodgers Booster Club
 [MDBC] is responsible for the promotion of band activities
 within the school and throughout the community as well as
conducting fundraising activities to provide financial support
                        for the program.

The Marching Dodgers Booster Club invites and encourages
 all families, parents, staff and supporters of the Madison
Marching Dodgers Band Program to join. The members of
          the band will benefit from your support.

Name(s): ___________________________________




E-mail: ___________________________

If Parent of Band Member Student’s Name(s) &


If Band Alumni, school name and years:

                Membership Levels
    *Concert Club $10 *Bass & Treble Club $25*
    *Percussion Club $ 50*Director’s Club $100*
               *Patron’s Club $250*
         *Benefactor’s Club $500 or more*

     Please make your check payable to the:
    Marching Dodgers Booster Club or MDBC
                Please mail to:
         PO Box 34, Madison NJ 07940
Page 10                                                                                                Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter

Messa ge from the PTSO Co-Pr esidents
The PTSO has been busy working with          vided from a student’s perspective has         scheduled several meetings that you are
the administration on some initiatives we    proven to be a valuable source of infor-       encouraged to attend to get answers and
would like to complete this year. In or-     mation. We thank these students for            to help us get the message out to your
der to fund these projects we are plan-      taking time out of their already busy          friends and neighbors, especially those
ning to run two fundraisers as well as       schedules to team up with us on our            who may not have children in the
encourage any families who are not yet       goals.                                         schools. Their first meeting is on Mon-
members of the PTSO to join us! It is                                                       day January 31st at the High School in
never too late! Information is available     The PTSO in conjunction with the Madi-         the Special Education conference room
on our Website at                            son Elks have funded an additional radio       beginning at 7:30pm, all are welcome to                for the High School. These portable            attend.
                                             radios are carried by several staff mem-
Plans are underway for a gourmet apple       bers and are used as a means of commu-         The next PTSO meeting is on Wednes-
sale as well as a night out for adults.      nication to the front office in the event of   day, March 9th at 7:00pm in the Library
Additional information will be sent via      an emergency. The PTSO also funded a           Media Center. We hope to see you there!
our website as well as in an email as        DVD player to be used with the monitor
soon as the details are finalized.           in the front hallway as an additional          Cathy Penney-Hadewycz, Co-President
                                             means of providing information to our
This year, the PTSO has invited the          students and staff.                                         (973-975-6696/
Class officers of each grade as well as                                                  
the Student council president to be part     This year more than ever we need our
of our PTSO meetings. The involvement        school budget to pass! To help prepare                Carol Livesey, Co-President
of the students in the decision making of    and educate Madison residents on what
the PTSO is one of the goals of our bi       this budget means to our schools and to        (973-377-1383/
laws. However, the information pro-          our town, a group “Education First” has

            MHS Class of 2011 Graduation Lawn Signs
Name as appears on sign ___________________
Full Name_______________________
Phone number_____________                                                                           FIRST NAME
         (sample of sign)
Your signature_______________________________
                                   (authorizes the Class of 2014 to place the sign on your lawn)

   Mail or drop off the forms along with a check for $25.00 made out to the Class of 2014 to:
                                                         Diane Wallace
                                                  8 Marshall Lane, Madison
                                                     The sign is waterproof!
                          Celebrate your senior’s graduation with Madison High School Spirit!!
Page 11   Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter
Page 12                                                                                   Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter

                              Please support the Class of 2013...

                                                                    Lucky ‘13 T-Shirt
                                                                S / M / L / XL
                                                              White or Grey $10.00 each

                              Dodgers Practice Pinny
                                                M        /     XL
               Maroon reversible to White $20.00 each
                       (cut off and return to Andrea Waresk, 29 Woodland Road, Madison, NJ 07940)
                                        Name: _______________________________________
                                        Email: _______________________________________
                                                    Please circle size(s) and or color
T– Shirt:   White or Grey     S   /     M   /   L    /   XL
Quantity: _____ x $10.00 = __________
Practice Pinny: M   / XL
Quantity: _____ x $20.00 = __________
Order Total: ________________ Check No.: ____________
Please make checks payable to: “MHS CLASS OF 2013”

 The Class of 2012 has maroon fleece scarves with “Madison” embroidered on 
 it, and maroon and white golf umbrellas with “Madison” on them.  The scarves 
 are $12 each and the golf umbrellas are $25 each or 2 for $40.  Please send a 
 check made out to the” MHS Class of 2012” for the amount of the items and 
 mail it along with your address to Linda Gilbert,  
 2 Brannick Dr, Madison, 07940, and they 
 will be delivered to you.
Page 13   Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter
                MHS Principal’s & PTSO Newsletter
  The Madison School District will inspire and                         SWEENEY TODD:
challenge all students to be lifelong learners, em-
powered with the knowledge, skills, and charac-       THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET
 ter to shape their futures, realize their dreams,
     and contribute positively to the world

 Send Articles for the MHS Newsletter, to Lisa
Ellis at Questions, please call:
            973-966-1174 or 201-400-2349

                                                                 MADISON HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                     MARCH 17-20, 2011

                                     Volunteers Needed
                                           SPECIAL OLYMPICS
                               New Jersey Area 3 Bocce Event
                            Madison High School, March 27th, 2011
                                     9:00am – 12:00pm
 Volunteers must register with NJ Special Olympics before 3/1/11; applications can be obtained from Mr.
  Kenny The event will begin at 9:00 a.m. on the Madison Football
       Field (weather permitting) or indoors MHS gym. The day will conclude around 12:00 noon
                                                 with the awards ceremony.

Parents and Professionals for Exceptional Children Workshop Schedule 2010-2011

            Supporting Your Child's Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Sensory Needs at Home
                             Presenters: Megan Peterson, Occupational Therapist
                                      Theresa Feron, Occupational Therapist
                                      Thursday, February 10, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
                                        Madison Junior School Media Center

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