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                           CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY


The Logistics Management Council was founded in 1983 by Lori S. Nickels and Dr. Robert
Lorin Cook to provide a vehicle for learning experiences in logistics management which will
result in: (1) students gaining a better understanding of the logistics process; and (2) an
increasing dialogue between professionals and students who are interested in improving
logistics theory and practice.


Membership is by invitation only. Prospective members must be at least a second term
sophomore at the time of initiation. Members are selected on the basis of academic
performance, previous work experience, demonstrated leadership and a willingness to
participate in LMC activities. Membership is not denied because of religion, race, color,
national origin, age, sex, marital status, veteran status, and/or handicap.


A faculty advisor and an executive board of officers direct the activities of the organization.
Most members are involved in multiple organizations, part-time employment and have full
academic schedules. LMC fully funds its activities through corporate donations.

Contact Information

The faculty advisors are: Dr. Robert L. Cook, Professor of Marketing & Logistics, Central
Michigan University, 110B Smith Hall, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859, (989) 772-5586,
Fax (989) 775-3144, and Dr. Zachary Williams, Assistant Professor
of Logistics, Central Michigan University, 110E Smith Hall, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859,
(989) 774-7142,

Corporate Projects
2008   Amway, Ada, MI. Central warehouse layout and design study.

2007   Penske Logistics/Whirlpool, Warren, MI. Appliance supply chain damage study.

2006   Bayer HealthCare, Mishawaka, IN. U.S. truck LTL consolidation strategy recommended.
Corporate Projects (continued)

2005   John Henry Company, Lansing, MI. Screened and selected WMS vendors for JHC.

2004   Jabil Circuit, Auburn Hills, MI. Recommended changes to packaging material flow into plant.

2004   Visteon Automotive Systems, Allen Park, MI. Conducted a strategic purchasing metrics survey.

2003   Delphi Automotive, Troy, MI. Performed a U.S. inbound LTL consolidation and crossdock study.

2002   Stryker Medical, Kalamazoo, MI. Performed an inbound material flow study for JIT operation.

2001   Meijer, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI. Performed a SE U.S. transport consolidation/crossdock study.

2000   Jabil Circuit, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI. Completed an inbound and outbound material flow study.

1999   Jabil Circuit, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI. Completed a circuit board production facility material flow study.

1998   DaimlerChrysler, Kokomo, IN. Performed a dock material flow study for a new transmission plant.

1998   Whiting Distribution Services, Inc., Detroit, MI. Completed DC barcode implementation project.

1997   Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI. Analyzed wood furniture DC material handling processes.

1996   Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills, MI. Performed a box production facility redesign project that
       focused on material flow, machinery layout and design, and production scrap removal.

1995   Kmart Corporation, Troy, MI. Performed a supply chain improvement project involving a Kmart
       supplier which focused on improving forecasting and order fulfillment processes.

1994   Foodland Distributors, Livonia, MI. Analyzed warehouse operations including: receiving, pick/pack,
       shipping, employee training, and warehouse safety.

1993   Autocam, Inc., Kentwood, MI. Analyzed the medical instrument and instrument parts supply chain.

1992   Columbian Distribution Services, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI. Analyzed current MIS of a public
       warehouse and suggested changes in data collection, data flow, computer software and hardware.

1990   Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI. Performed a U.S. transfer facility network design study for
       polyethylene and polystyrene products using Locate 3+ Software.

1991   Autocam, Grand Rapids, MI. Analyzed the medical instrument and instrument parts supply chain.

1988   Columbian Storage, Grand Rapids, MI. Completed warehouse operations/ truck routing study.

1986   Williams Distributing, Grand Rapids, MI. Completed a warehouse layout and design study.

1985   Amway, Ada, MI. Completed assessment of national catalog distribution system.

1984   Shamrock Forms, Utica, MI. Completed inventory storage location analysis for company warehouse.

1983   Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Co., Ludington, MI. Determined potential freight markets.
Professional Recognition: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  Students selected to attend the CSCMP National Annual Conference:
  2009 Chicago, IL          Jenna Bailey and Paul McKinney
  2008 Denver, CO           Steve Cullen, Caitlyn Helms, Laura Puvalowski, Ashton Shaw, Nick Zeeman
  2007 Philadelphia, PA     Michael D’Angelo, Holly Herlein, Tim Kipp, Andrea Nigbor, Sarah Valiquette
  2006 San Antonio, TX      Ben Barra, Sara Krosnicki
  2005 San Diego, CA        Justin Peter, Rachel Pittam
  2004 Philadelphia, PA     Sarah Giffin, Andrea Rudy, Troy Shults, Stephanie Spindler
  2003 Chicago, IL          Jill Jeffers, Andrea Lyons, Steve Muska, Matthew Reagan
  2002 San Francisco, CA    Nicole Debbs, Aaron Pawlak
  2001 Kansas City, MO      Kristy Everlove, Sara Smith, Cara Trierweiler
  2000 New Orleans, LA      Kim Brasseur, Jennifer Busch, Steve McDonald
  1999 Toronto, ONT         Christen Harrington, Stephanie Maybore, Andrea White
  1998 Anaheim, CA          Michelle Burton, Stacie Osantowski, Paula Saltsman
  1997 Chicago, IL-         Kurt MacDonald
  1996 Orlando, FL-         Amie Harrell, Kevin Mattera, Sarah Pearce
  1995 San Diego, CA-       Timothy Coleman, Renee Rieves
  1994 Cincinnati, OH-      Rachelle Pline, Matthew Parkinson
  1993 Washington, DC-      Kris Luhtanen, Nicole Mosher
  1992 San Antonio, TX-     Chris Brenner, Judy Konopka, John Rethman, Nick Waters
  1991 New Orleans, LA-     Kelly Kerbyson, Trudy McGeachy, Brian Ostrowski, Jeff Vanderwall
  1990 Anaheim, CA-         Ken Cherry, Kathy Renner
  1989 St. Louis, MO-       Jim Carney, Tim DeNeen
  1988 Boston, MA-          Sharon Bower, Evelyn Smith, Kelly Watson
  1987 Atlanta, GA-         Brad Ladner
  1986 Anaheim, CA-         Linda McMahon

Academic Recognition: Logistics Scholarships Awarded
  2008 Chrysler Logistics Scholarship               Jen Andree, Jenna Bailey, Kevin Benmark,
                                                    Tom Cronkright, Kim Edwards, Emily Feldpausch,
                                                    Nick Jandernoa, Jacob Kopins, Richard Krul,
                                                    Paul McKinney and Brian Norton
  2008 CBA Student of the Year                      Steve Cullen
  2008 Transportation Club of Detroit
  2008 Delta Nu Alpha Scholarship                   Jenna Bailey
  2007 Chrysler Logistics Scholarship               Steve Cullen, Caitlyn Helms, Mandy Marshall, Kati Ney,
                                                    Brian Norton, Kelsey Shantz, Stephanie Solverson,
                                                    Nick Zeeman
  2007 Delta Nu Alpha Scholarship                   Steve Cullen
  2007 Transportation Club of Detroit               Kelsey Shantz
  2006 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Mike D’Angelo, Holly Herlein, Tim Kipp, Lindsey Marx,
                                                    Kati Ney, Heidi Nicol, Monique Noble, Sarah Valiquette
  2006 Delta Nu Alpha Scholarship                   Michael D’Angelo
  2006 Transportation Club of Detroit               Megan Miller
  2005 Transportation Club of Detroit               Rachel Pittam
  2005 CBA Student of the Year                      Jennifer Smith
  2005 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Shayna Brumels, Jeremy Gibson,
                                                    Sara Huhn, Rachel Pittam
  2005 Delta Nu Alpha Scholarship                   Timothy Kipp
Academic Recognition: Logistics Scholarships Awarded (continued)
   2004 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Angela Baldwin, Moneesa Credle
                                                     Jennifer Smith, Stephanie Spindler
   2004 CBA Student of the Year                      Christina Bouchey
   2004 Ken Cherry Scholarship                       Sarah Klug
   2004 Transportation Club of Detroit               Moneesa Credle, Sarah Klug
   2003 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Moneesa Credle, Michelle Grewe,
                                                     Lacey Grice, Andrea Lyons
   2003 Transportation Club of Detroit               Christine Noeker
   2003 Menlo Logistics Scholarship                  Lacey Grice, Steve Muska
   2002 Transportation Club of Detroit               Nicole Debbs
   2002 Menlo Logistics Scholarship                  Christine Noeker
   2002 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Christine Noeker, Emily Schneider
   2001 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Christine Noeker
   2000 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Tamara Mosley
   1999 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Yolonda Manning
   1999 Transportation Club of Detroit               Jason Wilson
   1998 DaimlerChrysler Logistics Scholarship        Chesumar Seegars
   1998 Crowe Chizek Scholarships                    Michelle Burton, Paula Saltsman
   1995 Chrysler Corporation Scholarship-            Timothy Coleman

   Leo G. Erickson Excellence in Marketing Scholarship Awarded:
   2009 Brian Norton, 2008 Kelsey Shantz, 2007 Andrea Nigbor, 2006 Sara Krosnicki, 2005 Sara Huhn, 2004
   Jennifer Smith, 2003 Lacey Grice, 2002 Nicole Debbs, 2001 Cara Trierweiler, 2000 Chesumar Seegars,
   1999 Stephanie Maybore, 1998 Craig Weiss, 1997 Michelle Burton, 1996 Amie Harrell, 1995 Timothy

Professional Seminars and Tours

   Regional Logistics Seminars Attended
   2006   CLM Chicago Roundtable Full Day Seminar, Chicago, IL.
   2005   CLM Chicago Roundtable Full Day Seminar, Chicago, IL.
   2004   DHL Automotive Seminar, Detroit, MI.
   2003   CLM Eastern MI Roundtable, Don Schneider, Detroit, MI.
   2000   CLM Chicago Roundtable Full Day Seminar, Chicago, IL.
   1999   Distribution/Computer EXPO 99, Chicago, IL.
   1998   CLM Chicago Roundtable Full Day Seminar, Chicago, IL.
          Indiana Transportation Conference at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
   1997   Distribution/Computer EXPO 97, Chicago, IL.
   1996   Ryder Dedicated Logistics Seminar, Georgetown, KY.
   1995   CLM Chicago Roundtable Full Day Logistics Strategy Seminar, Chicago, IL.
          Ryder Dedicated Logistics Seminar, Georgetown, KY.

   Regional Professional Meetings Attended
1993-09   Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals: Regional Michigan Roundtable meetings.
          American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) meetings.
Recent Tours
Whirlpool, Benton Harbor, MI - 2009
Bayer HealthCare, Mishawaka, IN – 2009
Target DC, Galesburg, MI – 2009
Alticor Headquarters, Ada, MI - 2008
Columbian Logistics Network DC, Grand Rapids, MI - 2008
Alticor Headquarters, Ada, MI – 2007
Gordon Food Service DC, Grand Rapids, MI - 2007
Target DC, Galesburg, MI - 2006
GM Hummer Plant, Mishawaka, IN - 2006
Bayer HealthCare Logistics, Mishawaka, IN - 2006
U.S. Foodservice DC, Wixom, MI - 2005
DCX Mopar DC, Warren, MI - 2005
DCX Warren Truck Assembly Plant, Warren, MI - 2005
DaimlerChrysler Engine Plant, Kokomo, IN - 2004.
Walmart DC, Coldwater, MI - 2004.
Autocam Production Facility, Kentwood, MI - 2003.
UPS Sorting Facility, Grand Rapids, MI - 2003.
JCI Visor Plant, Holland, MI - 2003.
H.S. Die Plant, Grand Rapids, MI - 2003.
Lear Corporation Production Facility, Grand Rapids, MI - 2003.
Total Logistic Control, Zeeland, MI - 2003.
Ashland Chemical, Lexington, KY - 2002.
Toyota Manufacturing Plant, Georgetown, KY - 1995, 1998, 1999, 2002.
Ryder Integrated Logistics Offices, Georgetown, KY - 1999, 2002.
Transfreight Crossdock, Georgetown, KY - 1999, 2002.
Meijer Warehouse, Tipp City, OH - 1996, 2002.
Stryker Instruments & Medical, Kalamazoo, MI - 2001.
UPS Sortation Facility, Chicago, IL - 2001
Santa Fe Rail Intermodal Facility, Chicago, IL - 2001
Home Depot DC, Bolingbrook, IL - 2001
Menlo Logistics - Dow Chemical DC, Columbus, OH - 2000.
Exel Logistics - Xerox DC, Columbus, OH - 2000.
Ross Laboratories DC, Columbus, OH - 2000.
Walmart DC, Coldwater, MI - 2000.
General Motors Production Facility, Flint, MI - 2000.
Lexmark Printer Production Facility, Lexington, KY - 1999.
DaimlerChrysler Transmission Plant, Kokomo, IN - 1999.
Emhart Automotive, Detroit, MI - 1999.
Stryker Instruments Headquarters, Kalamazoo, MI - 1997, 1998.
Chrysler Production Facility, Detroit, MI - 1998.
Jabil Circuit Headquarters, Auburn Hills, MI - 1998, 1999.
Dow Corning Production Facility, Midland, MI - 1993, 1997.
Airborne Express Terminal, Toledo, OH - 1996.
GAP Warehouse Facility, Erlanger, KY - 1996.
Steelcase Production Plant, Grand Rapids, MI - 1986, 1992, 1996, 1997.
Amway Distribution Center, Ada, MI - 1992, 1995.
Foodland Distributors Warehouses, Livonia, MI - 1994.
LMC Placement History
Since 1983, LMC members have acquired positions with the following firms (among others):

Abbott Laboratories                   H & H Distributors                     Towne Air Freight
Accenture Consulting                  Hallmark, Inc.                         Toyota
Airborne Express                      Haworth                                Toy's R Us
American Airlines                     Henry Ford Hospital                    Transcentric
American Honda                        Hewlett Packard                        Transfreight
Amway Global                          Home Depot                             Union Pacific Railroad
Auto Logistics Services               IBM                                    Universal Am-Can Ltd.
Bayer HealthCare                      Inacomp Computers                      Unisys
Bergquist Co.                         Ingersoll Rand                         UPS
Best Buy                              Insight Network Logistics              Urban Brands
Bristol Myers                         INTEL Corporation                      USCO Distribution Services
Brooks Beverage                       IOgistics                              US Gypsum
Burlington Air Express                Jabil Circuit, Inc.                    US House of Representatives
Caliber Logistics                     J.B. Hunt                              Valassis
Capistar Corp.                        John Deere                             Visteon
Cardinal Logistics                    Johnson & Johnson                      Volkswagen
Cargill                               Keebler                                Walmart
Carnation, Inc.                       Kellogg’s                              Warner Lambert
Central Transport                     Kimberly-Clark                         Weyerhaeuser
CEVA Logistics                        Kleen Corp.                            Whirlpool
Chrysler                              Kmart Corp.                            Yamaha Music Systems
Ciba Vision Corp.                     Leaseway Transportation                YRC Logistics
Consolidated Freightways              Lyte Group                             3M Corporation
Conway Central Express                Magnetek Controls
Coors Brewery                         MarchFirst
Coughlin                              Marathon Petroleum
Crane WW Logistics                    Masland Industries
Crowe Chizek                          Menlo Logistics
Customized Trans, Inc.                Merck, Sharp & Dohme
Danaher                               Meijer, Inc.
Dayton Hudson Corp.                   Michigan Shippers Supply
Delphi Automotive                     Michigan Sugar Co.
Digital Commerce                      Missouri Pacific Railroads
Distribution Solutions Intl           Nutrilite Products
Dow Chemical, USA                     Petland Corporation
Dow Corning Corp.                     Philip Morris
DSC Logistics                         Prince
Eagle Global Logistics                Protrans Intl.
EDS                                   Roadway Express
E. J. Gallo                           Roadway Logistics Services
Ernst & Young                         Rockwell International
Exel                                  Ryder Integrated Logistics
Exxon-Mobil                           Schneider Logistics
Fastenal Company                      Schreiber Foods
Federal Mogul Corp.                   Seven-Up
FedEx Logistics                       Steelcase
Ford Motor Co.                        Stone Container Corp.
Frito Lay, Inc.                       Stryker Instruments
General Electric                      SupplySolution.Com
General Motors                        TNT Logistics
Glidden Co.                           Target
Gordon Food Service                   Total Logistics Control

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