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Inclusion                            Money
Services                           Management
Yorkshire                           Courses
We can provide free workshops for your clients on all aspects of managing money.

      Our interactive sessions are easily tailored to suit your needs and time available.
Course Structure                                     2 Hour Mini Course
                                                     Bank Accounts                                All our courses
The courses are designed to be delivered to          Shopping Skills (including a taste test)
small groups of between 4 to 12 people and           Affordable Credit                                are FREE
are generally very interactive.                      Managing Debt
                                                     Budgeting Techniques
Our courses are suitable for people who have                                                    Booking a course
poor literacy and numeracy and don’t involve
participants having to reveal any of their           4 Week Course ( 1½ hour sessions)
personal financial details.                          Week 1                                     Courses are easy to book
                                                     Basic Bank Accounts                        and free. We will put you a
We are used to working with a variety of clients     Different Payment Methods
                                                                                                program together to fit the
including young people, families, people with        Saving
                                                     Week 2                                     time you have available and
mental health problems, learning disabilities
                                                     Shopping Skills                            the interests of your group
and substance misuse problems.
                                                     Insurance                                  and bring all materials
Here are two examples of course structures to        Utility Bills                              needed with us.
give you an idea of some of the possibilities:       Week 3
                                                     Affordable Credit
                                                     Managing Debt
                                                     Budgeting Techniques
                                                     Week 4                                     For more information
                                                     Recap quiz                                 or to book a course
                                                                                                please contact:
Topics Covered
                                                 Basic Bank Accounts What is a basic               Nicky Campbell Tel:
Affordable Credit How to compare
                                                 bank account, how to use and open a                  07530875429
different APRs and where to go for
                                                 basic bank account.                                       Or
affordable credit.
                                                                                                    Dianna Coupe Tel:
                                                 Utility Bills Saving money on different              07807494124
Managing Debt Priority and non priority
debts, meeting minimum payments, where           household utility bills.
                                                                                                   Financial l Capability
and when to access specialist advice.
                                                 Savings Why and how to start saving               Development Worker
Budgeting Techniques How to complete
                                                 Shopping Skills Comparing prices in            Financial Inclusion Services
a budget sheet and looking for ways to
                                                 the supermarket, branding and looking                   Yorkshire
save money on day to day expenses.
                                                 at other places to shop.                          Sheffield Credit Union
                                                                                                       6 The Gallery
Different Payment Methods Advantages
                                                 Insurance Different types of insurance,              Castle Market
and disadvantages of different payment
                                                 where to get it and deciding if you need it              Sheffield
                                                 or not.                                                   S1 2AJ
                                                                                                      0114 2760787
Pension Planning Where your income
comes from in retirement. State Pension,         Getting The Best From Your Bank
                                                 Watch your savings rate, why banks offer                 Email:
Benefits and different types of pension.
                                                 better deals to new customers and cross
Buying an annuity.
                                                 selling products.                     

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