July 10, 2009 Press Release The Carefree SkyRanch Airport, by AttFarrell


									July 10, 2009

*Press Release

The Carefree SkyRanch Airport, which actually pre-dates the town of Carefree by nearly twenty-five
years, will salute the town of Carefree on its 25th Anniversary by holding an open house on
October 3, 2009.

The Carefree SkyRanch airport, a privately owned and funded facility, has been an integral part of
the evolution of Carefree and the surrounding area since its inception. Not only is SkyRanch a
benefit to local area businesses and resorts by allowing those conducting business in town or
staying at a local resort to take advantage of the convenience of this local airport, but it has
attracted many who utilize general aviation to move to the area and contribute to the local
economy. While SkyRanch serves an important economic role in the local community, it has also
helped facilitate emergency aviation related medical and firefighting efforts by making its facilities
available and offering logistical assistance. The recent fires were a case in point where firefighters
staged out of SkyRanch airport which allowed them to much more efficiently conduct aviation
related operations. SkyRanch staff and some owner/members went above and beyond the call by
supporting the crews during this difficult effort. Everyone in Carefree and the surrounding area
benefit from this unique asset.

The entire valley has a rich aviation history dating back to World War II when many military pilots
trained at local airfields. Every conflict since has employed pilots that have trained at area airports.
In addition to military aviation, General Aviation thrives in the valley and is the source of
tremendous economic activity for all local communities. This can most easily be seen at the
Scottsdale Airpark which has attracted and generated a tremendous amount of business activity
and the ever important tax revenues for local coffers. Whether it's a large airport or a private
airport like SkyRanch that has become one of the country's premier fly-in communities, they all
have a rich history and purpose.

The SkyRanch open house will celebrate by welcoming local residents to its facility to enjoy a static
display of some amazing vintage and modern day aircraft, along with some of the personalities
associated with them. During the many festivities around town, a stop at SkyRanch should prove
to be an enjoyable one.

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