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					                                                                    South Elgin High School
                                                                                Storm Stories
                                                                         “Taking the future by STORM”
                                                                                                          Mrs. Melanie Meidel, Principal
                                                                                                760 E. Main Street, South Elgin, IL 60177
                                                                                                Phone# 847-289-3760 Fax# 847-888-7014
 Volume 6, Issue 1                                                                                                      August, 2010

    Walk-In Registration (Fee Payment)                                          Mail-In Registration Participants –
                 for Enrolled Students                                          Change in Schedule Pick-up Dates
    August 12      1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (9 graders only)                  Due to our conversion to a new scheduling system and, if you
    August 17       1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (10-12 graders)                  participated in Mail-in Registration, you may now pick-up your
    August 19        8:00 am – 12:00 noon (All grade levels)               student schedule, and your ID during walk-in registration hours on
Open registration (Walk-in) will be on Thursday, August 12                 Aug. 12, 17 and 19. Enter Door #5 at the Express Line and look
(Freshman), Tuesday, August 17 (10 – 12 grade), and Thursday,              for the table set up exclusively for mail-in registration participants.
August 9 (all levels) at the times listed above. Please enter Door #5,     Thanks, in advance, for your understanding of the delay.
the Auditorium entrance. Please bring the following with you:
          A completed physical form for each new freshman or
           student new to District U-46.
Fees may be paid by cash, check, or VISA / Mastercard /Discover
(Credit or debit). All fees must be paid at registration unless a           NEW STUDENT/PARENT ORIENTATION
2010-2011 free lunch approval letter is presented or a payment plan
option is signed by a parent/guardian. Students who do not register                          THURSDAY, AUG. 19
on one of these days will have to do so at the Treasurer’s office
                                                                             (CHECK–IN 5:00– 5:30              PM IN    COMMONS AREA)
on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 26, beginning
                                                                           5:30 – 6:00 pm - Joint Student & Parent Program (Gym)
at 7:00 a.m.   FYI: If you have an incoming 9th grader and
upperclassmen, you may register them all on the same day.                  6:00 – 6:30 pm - Student Small Group Meetings
                                                                                                    (Group # given at Check-in)
                                                                                              Parent Meeting - Auditorium
                                                                           6:35 – 7:00 pm – Parents to Commons; Students to Aud.
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                          7:00 – 7:30 pm – Students & Parents meet at locker
                                                                           7:30 – 8:00 pm – TARGET Mtg. for Fall Athletes (See Page 3)
 Page 2           Thoughts from Storm Central – Mrs. Meidel, Principal
                                                                                   ***STUDENTS – BRING YOUR SCHEDULE AND
 Page 3           Registration Information for Fall Sports                       GIVE YOUR PARENTS YOUR LOCKER NUMBER**
 Pages 4          Event Calendar & Student Picture Information             *Students NEED to register in Commons area (Use Gymnasium
                                                                           entrance) between 5 – 5:30 p.m. at which time they will be
 Page 5           Scattered STORM Stories                                  assigned a group number.

 Page 6           2010-2011 SEHS Telephone Directory
                                                                            2009-2010 Yearbooks will be available for pick-up
 Pages 7-10       Bus Route Information                                             during walk-in registration hours
 Page 10-11       Booster Foundation Information & Membership Form                 on Aug. 12, 17 & 19. Use Door # 5.
                                                                              2010-2011 Yearbooks – Orders may be placed
                                                                             during registration and through Sept. 17, 2010 at
                                                                            the treasurer’s office. After Sept. 17, all orders will
                                                                                  be taken at
                                                                    Thoughts from the “Eye of the Storm” - Mrs. Melanie Meidel, Principal

         This summer flew by as we worked diligently preparing a new student schedule system, measured for additional banks of
     lockers, and got our annual summer cleaning, painting and refreshing for a new year. Due to the time it took to convert our
     scheduling system, All SEHS students (even mail-in registration participants) will be receiving their schedules during walk-in
     registration hours. The primary focus of my comments is to explain to students and their families how to interpret our new bell
     system. The Daily Bell system has cut our student lunch enrollments per period in half. Our hallways will be less crowded and
     students will be assigned to study halls/tutoring/check-ins reflecting their individual academic needs. We would hope that
     everything will be in perfect order with the new system, but, as with anything new, we will assess the system daily to process,
     adjust, and tweak any items to insure smooth sailing. We are looking to avoid any STORMS! The alternate bell schedule does
     bring attention to the expectation that all students need to be in class on time. We will implement a new remote tardy scanner
     system that will encourage students to be on time…a valuable life skill.

         Below is a sample student schedule as it will appear on the student class schedule sheet. I will use the PERIODS on the left
     side of the schedule and transfer them into the “template” by shading/coloring in the boxes. Students will still have 8 periods in a
     day with additional study/tutoring time, possible early dismissal if they qualify (JR/SR only), or a possible ZERO hour start to
     their day. Passing periods are 4 minutes and we have eliminated the minute warning bell. Please review the sample below, the
     transfer to the template (we will have blank ones for you when students pick up their schedules) and the additional newsletter
     information prior to the start of the year.

     STUDENT CLASS SCHEDULE                            School Year: 2011

               ID# 1234567890                  Name               STORM                STRIKER            YIS: 10

     PERIODS            COURSE SECTION                 COURSE TITLE         ROOM TEACHER
     001     002               HE0000001               002                  HEALTH ED       F116                    ROBINSON
     003     004               SH0000001               001                  HONORS STUDY E204                       AZINGER
     005     006               EN0000800               003                  HON SOPH ENG    E204                    AZINGER
     007     008               BU0001200               002                  MARKETING 1-2 B105                      VUGLAR
     009     010               MA0000500               005                  HON ALGEBRA3-4 C222                     HAMMAR
     012     012               SL0000001               062                  LUNCH           CAFÉ                    STAFF
     013     014               SC0000400               007                  HON CHEMIST 1-2 B215                    KOTT
     015     016               FL0002500               015                  SPANISH 3-4     E218                    ROSALES
PERIODS         0      1            2    3       4     5      6         7        8        9        10         11         12     13     14     15      16
  Course                                                                                                                          Honors
                                                      Honors Soph                        Honors Algebra      Math
   Title                   Health        Study Hall                    Marketing 1-2                                    Lunch    Chemistry    Spanish 3-4
                                                        English                               3-4         study/tutor
Class Period
 Begins….      7:12   7:39     8:06     8:33   9:00   9:27   9:54     10:21    10:49    11:17    11:45      12:13       12:41   1:09   1:37   2:05   2:32
 Ends…..       7:35   8:02     8:29     8:56   9:23   9:50   10:17    10:45    11:13    11:41    12:09      12:37        1:05   1:33   2:01   2:28   2:55

     …Now that you have had a chance to review our new system, I would like to share great news about some additions to South
     Elgin High School. Yes, we are receiving additional lockers for this school year which will eliminate the need to “share” lockers.
     However, the installation of the lockers with their built in locks will be completed just as school starts, so we will need to “share”
     for a few days until the District signs off on the completion of the installation. If you are assigned a shared locker to begin the
     year, please be patient for a new locker assignment. We will keep you posted.

     It is always great to see new faces and catch up with those returning. Seniors have been stopping in for their high school portrait
     photographs; we had over 800 students participate in camps and many students who completed their high school experience and
     graduated in July. The Band marched in two Fourth of July parades, students performed at community summer theatre, some
     traveled volunteering their time in Costa Rica and our student government officers met to prepare plans for the 2010-2011 school

     Each year South Elgin High School partners with organizations that help, support, and service individuals and families in our
     communities. This year our students selected the American Cancer Society and the students have been organizing a Relay for Life
     event. The American Cancer Society Relay for Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those
     who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated. Relay for Life brings together more than 3.5
     million people to Celebrate the Lives of those who have battled cancer. No matter who you are, there’s a place for you at the
     Relay. Please join us for the event on August 13 at 6:00pm at the track for the opening ceremony. If you would like to become a
     team member, donate, or walk that evening, please register on the website: or just come on
     August 13th. I hope to see many of you. Celebrate….. Remember….. Fight Back.

     Looking forward to a great year! Taking our future by STORM!
     Mrs. Melanie Meidel
Please do not send your athletic permission slip in ahead of registration dates. We will not be accepting them until the official
registration dates. Remember, you must have a current sport’s physical or incoming freshmen may bring in a COPY of their 9th
grade school physical, $150 fee, and the athletic permission slip in order to participate in any sport. (Physicals are only good for
one calendar year.) Forms may be downloaded from our website.

August 3 & 5, 9 & 10        Registration for all Fall Sports
                                      8:00 – 11:00 am and 1:00 – 3:00 pm
(Reminder: all interested managers must also register for the sport and meet all the above requirements. They do not, however,
pay the $150 athletic fee.)
August 11                   All Fall Sports start tryouts/practice.
August 19                   Fall Pre-Season Sports/Target Meeting at 7:30 pm in the Auditorium for all freshmen athletes and a
                            parent/guardian. All freshmen and a parent/guardian, including all 9th grade fall athletes, must attend
                            this meeting prior to participating in a sport. This meeting will last approximately 25 minutes. It
                            immediately follows the Freshman/New Student Orientation Program on Aug. 20.

                                                  PE Uniforms
PE will be offering shorts and t-shirts for $20 (for both) during registration. If you already have the SEHS
PE uniform or the U-46 PE uniform, you may wear it. All PE students are required to have a Heartrate
monitor strap. If you do not have one, it may be purchased for $5.00 at registration or from your PE
teacher during class one of the first few days of school.

      Be sure to check our website for updated athletic and activities information                @ www.athletics2000/sehs

              At least 36 new staff members will be at South Elgin High School for school year 2010-2011.
               We have added 700+ new freshmen and will have a student population of 2700+ students.
                                       There are still a few staff members TBA.
                                                 A big STORM welcome to:

                 Tony Allen, Social Studies                                            Maryann Kattezham, English
                     Jessie Anaya, PE                                                     Nichole Lyczak, Science
               Rachael Balcer, Foreign Lang.                                           Louise Martell, Foreign Lang
                   Jori Bartholomew, Art                                                 Anthony Meier, Spec. Ed..
                    Sylvia Bowen, CTE                                                Sarah Meyerholz, Foreign Lang.
                   Christy Craig, Science                                                Jason Misicka, Spec. Ed.
                    Paul Dahlquist, PE                                                Brenda Missele, Social Studies
                  Kendra Dicker, English                                                   Scott Nebel, Spec. Ed.
                    Donna Doherty, Art                                                   Dan Peacock, Ind. Tech.
                Matt Eklund, Social Studies                                              Laurel Puchek, Guidance
                  Susan Fortmann, Math                                                 Cesar Rosales, Foreign Lang.
              Lorie Fuller, Assistant Principal                                         Marta Ruiz, Foreign Lang.
                 Rachelle Gleason, Science                                                  Ed Russell, Science
            Cindy Gray, Deans’ Office Secretary                                      Steve Szpejnowski, Social Studies
                  Danielle Hammer, Math                                                 Barbara Thomas, Business
                 Hector Hernandez, Math                                                     Nicole Volkman, PE
                  Andy Holmes, Guidance                                                    Nina Vuglar, Business
                 Ellen Jacobson, Spec. Ed.                                               Anne Wilkinson, English

                                           We bid farewell to 49 SEHS staff members.
         Our best wishes and thanks go out to Christine Allen, Crissa Almughrabi, Dana Boehmer, Jean Boston, Helen Burkard,
          Chris Capps, Ryan Cartwright, Angelica Cordova, Bill Coughlin, Katie Dean, Tina Deloncker, Jill Heintz, Hilde Elg,
         Matt Esterino, Jill Fortney, Ashley Gambill, Jessie Hawley, Rebecca Hill, Michelle Holtorf, Katy Holzer, Kristin Howat,
           Stephen Kallaus, Cathy Keller, Lauren Lubas, Ashley Mazzola, Jamie Miquelon, Chris Neibch, Christine Neuberg,
          Charles Pall, David Pater, Lisa Perez, Sarah Pfeifer, Adam Plach, Brittany Pusavc, Pam Raine, Rebecca Robbennolt,
             Lisa Saia, Amanda Scafidi, Anne Schmidt, Michele Schoen, Israel Seiter, Donald Selsunik, Max Sennett, Lori Sorensen,
                                  George Sparks, Josh Stewart, Deb Swinford, Lori Wenzel and Rich Wince

       August 2010                                                                          Student Insurance
       3, 5, 9, 10 Fall Sports Registration (Athletic Office)                 Student Insurance information will be available
                 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.               during walk-in registration or when Mail-in
       11        IHSA Fall Sports Seasons begin (Tryouts/Practices begin)     registration participants pick up their packets.
       12,17,19 Schedule Pick-up for Mail-in Registration Participants
                                                                              Those who wish to purchase school insurance
                  (during Walk-in Registration hours – see below)
       12        Walk-In Registration 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm (9th grade only)      may do so by filling out the form and mailing it
       17        Walk-In Registration 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm (10-12 grades)        directly to the insurance company. The form
       19        Walk-In Registration 8:00 am – Noon (All grade levels)       should not be returned to South Elgin High
       19        Freshman / New Student Orientation – 5:30 PM                 School
       19        TARGET Mtg. for new Fall Athletes and Parent– 7:30 pm
                 Auditorium (Immediately following Orientation Program)                 YEARBOOK PICTURE DAY
       25        1st day of School                                                     for 9th, 10th, and 11th GRADERS
                                                                                        TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th
        September 2010
       6       Labor Day – No classes                                          Yearbook pictures for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will be
       14      Booster Foundation Mtg. 7:00 pm Rm. B100                                  taken on Tuesday, September 28th..
       15      Parent Back-to-School Night - 7:00 pm                          All 9, 10, & 11th grade students will have their picture
       20 - 25 Homecoming Week                                                           taken whether or not they choose
       22      Powder Puff Football – Millennium Field – 5:30 & 7 pm                          to purchase any pictures.
                                                                              Information regarding available packets for purchase and
       24      Homecoming Football
                                                                                 the cost will be distributed prior to September 17th.
       25      Homcecoming Dance 7:00 pm (SEHS)                                             This is a PRE-PAY program.
       28      9th, 10th & 11th grade Yearbook Picture Day                        Students must pay the photographer at the time the
                                                                                  photos are taken if they wish to buy any pictures.
       October 2010
       5     ECC College Fair – at ECC 6 pm – 8 pm                                RE-TAKE DAY – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND
       8     SIP Day - No Classes                                              If a student is absent on September 28 or wishes to have
       11    Columbus Day – No Classes                                         his/her picture re-taken, a make-up date is scheduled for
       12    Booster Foundation Mtg. 7:00 pm Rm. B100                           Tuesday, November 2nd. The student must bring in the
       22    End of 1st nine week period                                          original packet if he/she wants the picture re-taken.
                                                                                Otherwise, payment must be given to the photographer
                                                                                        if purchasing a packet for the first time.

   District Food Service has announced
 Aug                                                                                          SENIOR PORTRAITS
           meal prices for 2010-2011                                            Seniors who have not yet had their Senior Portrait
Breakfast: 2010
 October                                                                        taken by HR Imaging should call 1.800.433.1766
 5                                     – 8 pm
       Student Paid Fair – at ECC 6 pm$1.25 (includes milk)
        ECC College Price                                                       to schedule an appointment. They will be in the
 8      SIP Day reduced price
       Students - No Classes             .30 (includes milk)                    building Oct. 25-28 beginning at 3pm each day.
 11    Columbus Day – No Classes
 12    Booster Foundation Mtg. 7:00 pm Rm. B100                                 Even if a family chooses not to purchase any
Lunch: End of 1st nine week period
 22                                                                             portraits from HR Imaging, each senior should have
        Student Paid Price                 $2.40 (includes milk)                his/her picture taken for inclusion in the yearbook.
        Students reduced price               .40 (includes milk)

                               Parent “Back to School Night” is scheduled for
                                               Wednesday, September 15th
                   The evening’s program will begin promptly at 7:00 pm.
             Parents will follow their student’s class schedule where they will
           get to meet the teachers and hear an overview of the class curriculum
                                     and expectations.
            (Be sure to have your student write down his/her schedule for your

                                 School Year Office Hours and Visitor Information
                                   All offices are open from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.
                                        (Exception: Treasurer’s office is closed on Wednesday.)
 Visitors must enter through the main entrance doors. All other outside doors are locked during the day for the protection of students
 and staff. Visitors must ring the bell to be admitted. They will be asked to show a picture ID and sign-in at the Receptionist’s desk.
                       We thank everyone for their cooperation in helping keep SEHS a safe environment for all.

   If a student will be taking any medications during the school day, a medication permission form must be filled out, signed by a
    physician and kept in the nurse’s office. If medication is to be carried in the student’s backpack (i.e. inhalers, epi-pens, etc.),
    a form must be signed by the parent/guardian. Please be sure that phone numbers (especially cell numbers) are current on the
  emergency information sheets. All medical information, as well as medications, is kept in strictest confidence. Please help us help
  your student by sharing important information with us. Call the nurse, Ms. Olsta, at 847-289-3760 ext. 3504 or Health Secretary,
                                          Ms. Scarola, ext. 3642, if you have any questions.

                   Bussing Information & Notice to Parents and Students who Drive to School
Most of our students will be bussed to school. With 36 school buses arriving and departing each day, no cars will be permitted to drop
students off on the north side (back) of the school. You may enter off Raymond Street but must turn right at the pond and go to the
parking lot at the front of the building. Parents who are dropping students off should do so at the Gymnasium Entrance (on the Main
Street/Kenyon Road side at the east end of the building). If you pick up your student at the end of the day, we ask that you park in the
lot, not at the curbs. We expect all students to be in the building about 10 minutes before their scheduled start time to ensure being to
class on time. Also, from every direction there are train tracks that must be crossed. Please take into consideration the delay time
caused by trains and traffic when planning your arrival time to school. Plan your travel time accordingly.
                              Tardiness will not be excused because of train delays and traffic congestion

                                                  SEHS “School Supply” List
  South Elgin High School DOES NOT have a school supply list. With over 150 teachers at the high school level and such a large
  variety of classes, we advise our students to come to school the first few days with a pencil, pen, and paper. Each teacher will tell
                                       his/her classes what they will need for that particular class.

                                              Parent/Student Handbook/Planner
The student handbook is part of the registration fee. The information in the handbook outlines all the policies for South Elgin High
School as well as the 2010-2011 activity calendar Our students will be receiving their handbooks when they register for school. If you
did mail-in registration, the handbook will be available when the schedule is picked up. Additionally, the back pages of the handbook
will be used in coordination with our new “hall pass” policies. There is a $5.00 fee to replace a lost handbook.

              Mandatory Physical Exams for 9th Graders & Students New to School District U46
State of Illinois law mandates that all incoming freshmen and students new to District U46 must have a valid and up-to-date record of
immunizations before they will be allowed to start school. U46 adheres strictly to this policy. If your 9th grader has not yet had a
physical, make the appointment now. He/she WILL NOT receive a schedule or be allowed to attend until it is completed. If you
plan to participate in a sport, make a copy of your physical to turn in at the sport’s registration. A copy of your 9th grade physical is
acceptable as a sport’s physical.
                                                     Deliveries For Students
SEHS cannot accept deliveries of flowers, balloons or lunches from fast food restaurants for students. Please do not order for
delivery or drop off flowers, balloons, etc. We want our students to be safe in the halls. Carrying around bouquets of flowers and
balloons creates unnecessary crowding and disruption in the hallways and classrooms.
Also, please limit items dropped off for students. With our new bell schedule this school year, we are not able to make
announcements to call students to the office to pick up items and we cannot deliver items to classrooms as that is disruptive to
the educational process. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                          Friday Forecast
SEHS sends out bi-weekly emails with current and upcoming information and news. It’s called our Friday Forecast. If you have not
yet signed up to receive it, go to our website today and sign up !! Due to budget restraints, we will not be mailing
out newsletters during the school year.
                                                        SOUTH ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL
                                                              760 E. Main Street
                                                            South Elgin, IL 60177
                                                       2010-2011 TELEPHONE DIRECTORY
                                                         Main Phone Number – 847-289-3760
                                                                 Fax – 847-888-7014

When prompted to enter an extension, use the four digits listed below.

Mrs. Melanie Meidel, Principal .............................. ext. 3801
Mr. Jim Szymczak, Assoc. Principal /AD............... ext. 3665
Mrs. Lorie Fuller, Asst. Principal ........................... ext. 3662
Mr. Darnell Gibson, Dean (ROD-Z) ....................... ext. 3604
                                                                                          Often students and parents do not know who
Mr. Jeff Livengood (ESD-LET) TBA.................... ext. 3606
Mrs. Michelle Poland (LEU-ROC) TBA ............. ext. 3661                                   to call or see for specific information.
Mrs. Annette Quiles, Dean (A-ESC)....................... ext. 3489                                 Here is a handy reference.
Mrs. Lisa Olsem, Instructional Chair ...................... ext. 3508
Mrs. Tracey Jakaitis, Instruct. Chair ....................... ext. 3505             Academic Problems ....................... Teacher/Counselor
Mrs. Lori Lopez, Instruct. Chair ............................. ext. 3344            Attendance Problems ......... Attendance/Deans’ Office
Athletic Office ....................................................... ext. 3691   Bus Pass/Transportation ....................... Deans’ Office
Athletic Office Fax .......................................... 847-888-5018         Change of Address/Telephone Number ........ Registrar
Attendance Office (Mrs. Stanko) ............................ ext. 3365              Homework Request .......................... Guidance Office
Business Education .................................................ext. 3508       Locker Problems ............... Main Office/Deans’ Office
Cafeteria (Colleen McKenzie, Director) ..................ext. 3641                  Medical Problems ................................ Nurse’s Office
Deans’ Office (Cindy Gray) .................................... ext. 3649           Night School/Summer School .......... Guidance Office
Driver Education Office (Instruct. Chair) .................. ext. 3505              Pay for Lost Books .......................................Treasurer
English (Lori Lopez, Instruct. Chair) .................... ext. 3344                Physicals/Medicals .............................. Nurse’s Office
Family & Consumer Science (Instruct. Chair) ........ ext. 3508                      Problems with School Fees ........................... Treasurer
Foreign Language (Lori Lopez, Instruct. Chair) ..... ext. 3344                      Refunds on School Fees ................. Treasurer’s Office
Guidance Office (Mrs. Panagiotopoulos) ............... ext. 3394                    Replacement of ID card .................. Attendance Office
Industrial Technology (Instructional Chair) .......... ext. 3508                    Sports Information ............................... Athletic Office
Library (Laura Colilla) ............................................ ext. 3448      Theft ..................................................... Deans’ Office
Mathematics (Lisa Olsem, Instruct. Chair) ............. ext. 3508                   Transcripts .................................... Guidance/Registrar
Nurse (Julia Olsta) .................................................. ext. 3504    Vehicle Registration ............................. Deans’ Office
Physical Education                                                                  Visitor’s Pass .............................. Main Entrance Desk
  (Tracey Jakaitis, Instruct. Chair) .......................... ext. 3665           Work Permit ..................................... Guidance Office
School Resource Officer (Jim Creighton) ............... ext. 3601
Science (Jim Szymczak, Instruct. Chair) ............... ext. 3665
SEHS Receptionist .............................. 847-289-3760 Press 0               GUIDANCE COUNSELOR CASELOADS:
Reading Center                                                                      A – CE    Arlene Engle ............................ ext. 3247
  (Lori Lopez, Instruct. Chair) ................................ ext. 3344          CF – F    Chris Boden ............................. ext. 3399
Registrar (Linda Orlik) ........................................... ext. 3690       G – JOH   Laurel Puchek .......................... ext. 3364
Social Studies                                                                      JOI – MEJ Farrah Silverberg ..................... ext. 3336
  (Tracey Jakaitis, Instructional Chair) ................... ext. 3505              MEK – QUA Mike Sakiewicz ...................... ext. 3325
Social Workers ........................................................ ext. 3394   QUB – SON Andrew Holmes....................... ext. 3477
Treasurer (Tammy Kovacs) .................................... ext. 3470             SOO – Z   Dominique Zewde ................... ext. 3460
Wellness/Health Office
  (Tracey Jakaitis, Instructional Chair) ................... ext. 3505
                                                                                         Attendance Information and Reporting an
                                                                                        Absence - ATTENDANCE #: 847-289-3760
                                                                                                        EXT. 3365
                                                                                    Regular and punctual attendance is vital to being successful in
                                                                                    school. Parents are responsible for notifying the Attendance
 Office of any absence on the date of the absence by calling                 make-up work will not be allowed.
 847-289-3760 ext. 3365. You will need to give your child’s
 name, ID number and reason for absence. Absences not
 reported within 48 hours will be considered unexcused and

                                            BUS ROUTE/PICK-UP INFORMATION 2010-2011
                     The Bus Route # is printed on the Student ID. You must choose a stop from your assigned number.
                                            All busses are scheduled to arrive at SEHS at 7:00 am.
                   Questions about busses should be directed to the Deans’ Office, 847-289-3760 ext. 3649, after August 13th.
                                      6:37    STEVENS RD @ RICHARD           6:45     UMBDENSTOCK RD @             6:46          ANNANDALE DR @
    Route:9301A SEHS 1                am               DR                     am        SPINNAKER ST               am             GLENEAGLE CI
             COLUMBINE DR @           6:38                                             UMBDENSTOCK RD &            6:48          ANNANDALE DR @
6:10 am                                        RICHARD DR @ LISA LN          6:47
            MOUNTAIN LAUREL CT        am                                                COTTONWOOD DR              am            MISSION HILLS DR
             COLUMBINE DR @           6:39                                                                         6:49     INDIAN WELLS CI @ ST
6:11 am                                          8N620 STEVENS RD            6:49      COTTONWOOD DR @
             SWEET CLOVER CT          am                                                                           am            ANDREWS CI
                                                                              am         SYCAMORE ST
6:11 am       787 RED BARN LN         Route:9302A SEHS 2 (cont’d)            6:51       KINGSPORT DR @
                                                                                                                      Route:9308A SEHS 8
                                                                              am           TIMBER LN
6:12 am       844 RED BARN LN                    38W161 HOPPS RD             6:52                                  6:45
                                      am                                                  70-98 IONE DR                         1210 SANDHURST LN
                                                                              am                                   am
                                      6:43    SHADY LN @ WILDWOOD
6:16 am      9N558 KOSHARE TR                                                6:53    IONE DR @ 31-55 CUL-DU-       6:46          SANDHURST LN @
                                      am               DR
                                                                              am              SAC                  am           LOWELL DR (SOUTH)
                                      6:45     HOPPS RD @ RUNNING
6:18 am      9N987 KOSHARE TR                                                                                      6:48           HOBART DR @
                                      am            DEER TR                 Route:9304A SEHS 4 (cont’d)
                                                                                                                   am             WOODLAND DR
           ARROWMAKER PASS @          6:47      UMBDENSTOCK RD @
6:23 am                                                                      6:53         16-32 IONE DR            6:49          HOBART DR @ N
              THUNDER GAP             am           ASHWOOD DR
                                                                              am          (CUL-DU-SAC)             am            BLACKHAWK CI
                                      6:48        DEERPATH DR @
6:26 am    BECKMAN TR @ TIPI LN                                                                                    6:52    ANGELINE DR@BURKE LN
                                      am          SWEETBRIAR LN                 Route:9305A SEHS 5                 am         (NORTHEAST END)
              WATER RD @              6:48       WALNUT CREEK &
6:30 am
            COPPERSPRINGS LN          am       KNOTTY PINE (NORTH)           6:42       COLLEGE GREEN              Route:9309A SEHS 9 (cont’d)
             SHADOW HILL DR @         6:49       KNOTTY PINE DR @             am       DR@LANCASTER CI
6:31 am                                                                                                            6:46
               COMSTOCK DR            am            AMBER LN                 6:45        MEDINAH CI @                      HOBART DR @ JENNA CT
                                                                              am         BALTUSROL DR              am
                                      6:51      WALNUT CREEK DR @
6:37 am    9N940/9N920 WATER RD                                                                                    6:47         FIELDCREST DR @
                                      am          SWEETBRIAR LN              6:46       ANNANDALE DR @
                                                                              am         WILLOW BAY RD             am           HOBART DR NORTH
           WATER RD @ BECKMAN
6:37 am
                                         Route:9303A SEHS 3                                                        6:49
                                                                             6:47    CHAMPAGNE LN @ RIDGE                  SUNDOWN RD @ JULI DR
                                                                              am             RD                    am
             CRANE POINTE @           6:38         HATFIELD LN @
6:42 am                                                                                                            6:51     SUNDOWN RD @ RENEE
               CULDESAC               am           DAYBREAK CT               6:49
                                                                                    RIDGE RD @ FAIRVIEW LN         am              DR
            RESERVE DR @ ANNA         6:38    HATFIELD LN @ HATFIELD
6:46 am                                                                                                            6:52     SUNDOWN RD @ DEAN
                  WAY                 am                CT                   6:50    BURKE LN @ SPINNAKER
                                                                              am              ST                   am              DR
                                      6:39         HATFIELD LN @
6:47 am     ANNA WA @ EMILY LN
                                      am           NEWBRIDGE CI                                                       Route:9310A SEHS 10
                                                                                Route:9306A SEHS 6
                                      6:40       NEWBRIDGE CI @
    Route:9302A SEHS 2                am        SOUTHEAST CORNER                                                   6:45
                                                                             6:41    BUSCHE TRAILER PARK                        RENEE DR@KANE ST
6:06                                  6:41        NEWBRIDGE CI @              am         @ MC LEAN
            37W256 HOPPS RD                                                                                        6:47            KANE ST @
am                                    am           MONTCLAIR DR
                                                                             6:41                                  am            MANCHESTER CT
6:06      BLUME DR @ BLUME DR         6:43        MONTCLAIR DR @                        909 S MCLEAN BD
am        (SOUTH INTERSECTION)        am           ROSEHALL LN                                                     6:49            JENNA DR @
                                                                             6:42       COLLEGE GREEN              am            MIDDLEFORD CT
6:11                                  6:45    ROSEHALL LN @ SEATON            am         DR@SPYGLASS
             9N343 NOLAN RD                                                                                        6:50
am                                     am              LN                                                                       JENNA DR & JULI DR
                                                                             6:42     COLLEGE GREEN DR @           am
6:12       SAVANNA LAKES DR @         6:46    ASHWOOD DR @ CUL DE             am        PEBBLE BEACH CI
am          SAVANNA LAKES CT          am             SAC                                                           6:51
                                                                             6:46     COLLEGE GREEN DR @                    JULI DR @ FENWICK LN
6:12       SAVANNA LAKES DR @         6:47        FOXMOOR LN @                am         BALTRUSOL DR
am           CROSS CREEK CT           am        WILDMINT TR (SOUTH)                                                6:52
                                                                             6:47       BALTUSROL DR @                     RENEE DR @ GERALD AV
6:19      TOURNAMENT DR @ IRON        6:49         FOXMOOR LN @               am         ARONOMINK CI
am             HORSE CT               am        WILDMINT TR (NORTH)                                                6:53
                                                                             6:49       ARONOMINK CI @                      DIVISION ST @ DEAN DR
6:23       CHAMPIONSHIP DR @          6:50       KINGSPORT DR @               am        CASTLE PINES CI
am             LINKS CT               am      PEMBROKE DR EASTSIDE                                                    Route:9311A SEHS 11
6:30                                  6:51       N PEMBROKE DR@                 Route:9307A SEHS 7
             8N835 HOPPS RD                                                                                        6:43
am                                    am             EXTER DR                                                              QUARRY ST@REGENT ST
                                                                             6:41                                  am
6:31                                                                                  BOWES RD@ASCOT DR
            38W641 HOPPS RD              Route:9304A SEHS 4                                                        6:45           MELROSE CT @
                                                                             6:42                                  am             SUNDOWN RD
6:31                                  6:43         UMBDENSTOCK                        FLORA DR @ IRWIN DR
            38W663 HOPPS RD                                                   am
am                                    am           RD@DELTA DR                                                     6:45
                                                                             6:43                                          N LA FOX ST @ MAVIS AV
                                                                                       35W705 CRISPIN DR            am
6:36        GINGERWOOD LN @           6:44         ANNANDALE                  am
am             KRISTEN DR             am       DR@UMBDENSTOCK RD                                                   6:46           N LA FOX ST @
                                                                                                                   am             JOSEPHINE AV
6:46    N LA FOX ST @ ARTHUR    6:52       HANCOCK AV @         6:52
am                AV            am          FRANKLIN AV          am
                                                                        RAYMOND ST @ BENT ST         Route:9321A SEHS 21
6:46                            6:54      FRANKLIN AV @ S                                         6:44      WESTRIDGE BD @
        N LA FOX ST @ BECK AV
                                am          COLLINS ST
                                                                   Route:9318A SEHS 18            am         NORWICH DR
6:47        N LA FOX ST @       6:55   HICKORY LN @ HICKORY     6:50                              6:45      WESTRIDGE BD @
                                                                        S LIBERTY ST & ELGIN AV
am          WOODROW AV          am          LN (SOUTH)           am                               am        GROVETOWN DR
6:50                            6:56   HICKORY LN @ HICKORY     6:51                              6:46      WESTRIDGE BD @
       KANE ST @ N WALNUT ST                                             ELGIN AV & LAVOIE AV
am                              am          LN (NORTH)           am                               am         FAIRCROFT RD
6:51    STONE ST @ N COLLINS                                    6:52                              6:47      WESTRIDGE BD @
am               ST
                                  Route:9315A SEHS 15            am
                                                                        LAVOIE AV @ DIXON AV
                                                                                                  am         MOREHEAD DR
6:53                            6:36                            6:53     S LIBERTY ST @ DIXON     6:48      WESTRIDGE BD @
am                              am                               am               AV              am         NORWICH DR
6:54       W SPRING ST @        6:37                            6:54    DIXON AV & ELIZABETH      6:48      WESTRIDGE BD @
                                       SOUTH ST @ FULTON ST
am         LINDEMANN CT         am                               am              ST               am        CEDARFIELD DR
6:55                            6:38      CRYSTAL AV @ S                                          6:49      CEDARFIELD DR @
         COLLINS @ W STATE
                                am         RIVERSIDE AV
                                                                   Route:9319A SEHS 19            am         RIDGEMORE RD
6:56   W MIDDLE ST @ S WATER    6:39   E SPRING AV @ FULTON     6:44         BLUE HERON           6:51      WOODHAVEN DR @
am               ST             am              ST               am        CI@ANGELICA LN         am         TROUTMAN DR
                                6:41                            6:45    KINGFISHER LN @ BLUE
   Route:9312A SEHS 12          am
                                        PARK AV @ HILLTOP LN
                                                                 am           HERON CI               Route:9322A SEHS 22
6:41                            6:44     CENTER & E MIDDLE      6:46      BLUE HERON WA @         6:34       TIMBERLINE DR &
          8N566 S MCLEAN BD
am                              am       BRIGHT BEGINNINGS       am          VERONICA CI          am       TAMARACK DR - WEST
6:42   S LONDON CT @ FAIRFAX    6:47                            6:47      BLUE HERON WA &         6:35
                                           200 BARRY RD                                                       648 PHILIP DR
am              LN              am                               am         PRIMROSE CT           am

Route:9312A SEHS 12 (cont’d)    Route:9315A SEHS 15 (con’t)     Route:9319A SEHS 19 (cont’d)      Route:9322A SEHS 22 (cont’d)
6:44      N LANCASTER CI @      6:51   WYNDHAM DR @ PRAIRIE     6:48      BLUE HERON WA @         6:37        SPAULDING &
am            DUBLIN LN         am          POINT DR             am       FOUNTAIN GRASS CI       am       SMOKETREE (SOUTH)
6:46       W HARVARD CI @       6:52     PRAIRIE POINT DR @     6:48      BLUE HERON WA @                     HORIZON DR @
am           OXFORD LN          am          RICHMOND CI          am         PRIMROSE LN                     PEREGRINE PKWY
                                                                                                               (NORTH END)
6:47    OXFORD LN @ MAYFAIR     6:52       RICHMOND CI @        6:49      BLUE HERON WA @                 SPAULDING RD @ SNOW
am              LN              am         DEERPOINT DR          am      FOUNTAIN GRASS CT        6:46
                                                                                                          DRIFT CI @ SNOW DRIFT
6:48       MAYFAIR LN @ N       6:53                            6:51    BARTLETT POINTE DR @                        CT
                                         1680 DEERPOINT DR
am          HARVARD CI          am                               am        FIELDCREST DR
6:49      N HARVARD CI @ E      6:54   MOODY CT @ RIVERVIEW     6:51        FIELDCREST &
                                                                                                     Route:9323A SEHS 23
am           HARVARD CI         am              DR               am        PRESCOTT WEST
                                                                                                  6:27    SOUTHWICKE DR @ 200-
6:50    MEDFORD DR @ DUBLIN     6:56                            6:52       FIELDCREST DR @        am              228
                                          1244 RAYMOND ST
am              LN              am                               am           WESTON CT
                                                                                                  6:31    BLACK HILL DR @ KINGS
6:51                            6:56                            6:53                              am           CANYON DR
            300 PAINE ST                1260/1256 RAYMOND ST              250 FIELDCREST DR
am                              am                               am
                                                                                                  6:34       BELCOURT LN @
6:52                            6:57                            6:53     HEARTHSTONE DR @         am          BILTMORE DR
       PAINE ST @ FRANKLIN AV             1412 RAYMOND ST
am                              am                               am        PRESCOTT DR
                                6:57                                                                     BILTMORE DR @ ROSE LN
   Route:9313A SEHS 13                    1460 RAYMOND ST          Route:9320A SEHS 20            am
                                                                                                  6:37      EDINBURGH DR @
6:46      WEDGEWOOD DR @        6:57       RAYMOND ST @         6:41                              am          LAMBERT LN
                                                                        RUZICH DR@SILBURY DR
am          SUNBURY RD          am         HOLLYWOOD CT          am
                                                                                                  6:37      EDINBURGH DR @
6:47                            6:58                            6:42                              am         THORNBURY CT
           111 CONCORD AV                 1630 RAYMOND ST               LILLIAN PL @ ARIANA DR
am                              am                               am
                                                                                                  6:38      THORNBURY CT @
6:49       SUNBURY RD @         6:58    RAYMOND ST @ SOUTH      6:43    ARIANA DR AT THE BEND     am         THORNBURY RD
am         LEXINGTON AV         am           ELGIN BD            am      (225-1785 ARIANA DR)
6:51       CONCORD AV @                                         6:44      DYER DR@STANTON                  DR@VERSAILLES DR-
am          MEDFORD DR            Route:9316A SEHS 16            am         DR@ARIANA DR
6:52    CONCORD AV @ VALLEY     6:50                                        BARNETT LN @          6:41       BILTMORE DR @
                                        JAY ST @ ILLINOIS AV    6:45
am           FORGE AV           am                                         BENNINGTON LN &        am      VERSAILLES DR-SOUTH
                                                                             STANTON LN
6:53     VALLEY FORGE AV @             ST CHARLES ST @ JAY ST                                     6:44
                                6:50                            6:46       RUSHMORE DR @                   IVORY LN @ ROSE LN
am          MEDFORD DR                  MUST BE WESTBOUND                                         am
                                am                               am           DALLAS DR
                                               ON J
                                                                                                  6:45    ROSE LN @ SPAULDING
   Route:9314A SEHS 14          6:51    HASTINGS ST @ GRACE     6:47
                                                                         BURTON@RUSHMORE          am              RD
                                am               ST              am
                                                                                                          REAR OF SPRING LAKE
6:47                                                                                              6:51
           370 S LA FOX ST      6:53                            6:49                                         TRAILER PARK
am                                       GRACE ST @ MAY ST               BURTON DR @ CURVE        am
                                 am                              am                                           CLUBHOUSE
6:48       CONCORD AV @
                                                                6:50    BURTON DR @ BUTLER           Route:9324A SEHS 24
am       WINDSOR CT NORTH         Route:9317A SEHS 17            am             DR
6:50   S COLLINS ST @ LIBERTY                                                                     6:30       BELLINGHAM LN
                                6:50    WATCH ST & RAYMOND      6:50         BUTLER DR @
am               AV                                                                               am          @CHEVIOT DR
                                am              ST               am         EDGEWATER DR
6:51       HANCOCK AV @                                                                           6:33
                                6:51       YARWOOD ST &         6:52        BUTLER DR @                         502 RT 59
am          CONCORD AV                                                                            am
                                am          RAYMOND ST           am         WESTRIDGE BD
6:35                            6:33                            6:27                           6:44       W DEVON AV @ S
        1189 CHARTER OAKS DR                1462 ANVIL CT              NORRIS RD @ KAELIN RD
am                              am                               am                            am          WESTERN AV
6:36     CHARTER OAKS DR @      6:36       WINDGATE CT @        6:28                           6:45       W DEVON AV @ S
                                                                        KAELIN RD @ LIES RD
am       THOUSAND OAKS DR       am          FARMGATE RD          am                            am           HICKORY AV
6:37    THOUSAND OAKS DR @      6:37       FARMGATE RD @        6:29                           6:45
                                                                       LIES RD @ KENWOOD AV           W DEVON AV @ S OAK AV
am        ANCIENT OAKS DR       am           HUNTER DR           am                            am
6:37    ANCIENT OAKS DR @ W     6:39        SQUIRE LN @         6:31   LOCUST AV @ WHITNEY
am         STRUCKMAN BD         am         WHITEFENCE RD         am            RD
                                                                                                  Route:9331A SEHS 31
6:43       WALTHAM LN @         6:40      SADDLERIDGE PL @      6:32    WHITNEY RD @ AVARD     6:33
                                                                                                         130 HILLCREST LN
am         BREWSTER LN          am          EASTGATE LN          am             RD             am
6:44       BREWSTER LN @        6:41    SADDLERIDGE PL @ SE     6:34                           6:34      HILLCREST LN @ S
                                                                        SMITH RD & WAINT RD
am          FOXBORO LN          am            COURT              am                            am           BERTEAU AV
6:45                            6:43      OLD FORGE RD @        6:35                           6:35      E RAILROAD AV @
           7N247 SAYER RD                                                 31W155 SMITH RD
am                              am       HUNTING HOUND LN        am                            am         BROADMOOR LN
6:46    SAYER RD @ LITCHFIELD                                   6:36    LAKE ELEANOR DR @      6:36      WILMINGTON DR @
am         LN NORTHBOUND
                                   Route:9327A SEHS 27                                         am          NEWPORT LN
                                                                 am         PRAIRIE LN
6:47                            6:29                            6:39      WOODLAND TR @        6:37       NEWPORT LN @
        SAYER RD @ AUBURN LN            31W271 ARMY TRAIL RD
am                              am                               am         PRAIRIE LN         am         THORNTREE CT
6:47                            6:30      ARMY TRAIL RD @                   ARMY TRAIL         6:38        NEWPORT LN @
        SAYER RD @ ALDER LN                                     6:44
am                              am           GROVE PL                  RD@HERITAGE CT (MUST    am         CANDLERIDGE CT
                                                                          BE WEST BOUND
6:48                            6:31    ARMY TRAIL RD @ RIDGE                                  6:41       S HICKORY AV @
            520 SAYER RD
am                              am               LN             6:44                           am           SURREY RD
                                                                       30W570 ARMY TRAIL RD
6:48                            6:31      ARMY TRAIL RD @                                      6:43       S WESTERN AV @
            500 SAYER RD
am                              am           KAELIN RD                                         am            JERVEY LN
                                                                  Route:9329A SEHS 29
Route:9324A SEHS 24 (cont’d)    Route:9327A SEHS 27 (cont’d)                                   Route:9331A SEHS 31 (cont’d)
6:49    PRESERVE TR & SAYRE     6:34       MAGNOLIA LN @                    824 KENT CI        6:44       S BARTLETT RD @
am             RD               am         FORSYTHIA LN                                        am        AMHERST MEADOW
                                6:35       MAGNOLIA LN @                    858 KENT CI
   Route:9325A SEHS 25                                           am                               Route:9332A SEHS 32
                                am        HONEYSUCKLE LN
6:29    WOODLAND HILLS DR @     6:36    MAGNOLIA LN @ MAPLE               881 KINGSTON LN      6:28     PEBBLE BEACH LN @
am        STONEGATE CT          am           TREE LN                                           am          LACOSTA AV
                                                                6:36      KINGSTON LN @
6:30    WOODLAND HILLS DR @     6:38     MOUNTAIN ASH DR @       am         FAIRVIEW LN        6:30    BAYTREE DR @ TIMBER
am         CHURCHHILL           am        HONEYSUCKLE LN                                       am           RIDGE DR
                                                                6:37       FAIRVIEW LN @
6:31    WOODLAND HILLS DR @     6:39                             am         DUXBURY LN         6:31
                                       4N419 MOUNTAIN ASH DR                                             FORD LN @ LELA LN
am        NORTHGATE DR          am                                                             am
                                                                6:39       AUBURN LN @
6:33      NORTHGATE DR @        6:40                             am        BRAINTREE LN        6:34
                                           30W680 SMITH RD                                             FORD LN @ PATRICIA LN
am          PADDOCK PL          am                                                             am
6:34    POLO DR @ HUNTCLIFF     6:42       WARWICK WA @                  828 BRAINTREE LN      6:37
                                                                 am                                      9N337 OLD LAKE ST
am              RD              am         KINGSWOOD CT                                        am
                                                                           1025 HUDSON CT
6:35    POLO DR & CANTER LN     6:43                                   PICKUP/1024 HUDSON CT   6:37       OLD LAKE ST @
                                       30W745 BRADFORD PKWY      am
am            NORTH             am                                            DROPOFF          am         MERRYOAKS RD
6:37    POLO DR & CANTER LN     6:47      POWIS RD @ PRATT      6:45    NORFOLK AV @ SANTA     6:39      MERRYOAKS RD @
am            SOUTH             am           WOODS CT            am           FE ST            am          PHEASANT TR
6:38    WOODLAND HILLS DR @                                     6:48     PARKPLACE DR @        6:43       OLD LAKE ST @
am         DEERFIELD LN            Route:9328A SEHS 28           am       KNOLLWOOD LN         am         ELDERBERRY LN
6:39    WOODLAND HILLS DR @                                                                    6:44    RED OAK DR @ RED OAK
                                             4N234 RT 59          Route:9330A SEHS 30          am               CT
6:41    APPALOOSA WA @ FILLY                                                                   6:45       RED OAK DR @
                                6:17                            6:30
am              LN                           4N066 RT 59                    8N740 RT 59        am         HACKBERRY CT
                                am                               am
6:42    WOODLAND HILLS DR @                                                                    6:47     CRABTREE LN @ RED
am          ASCOT WA            6:18                            6:31                           am            OAK LN
                                             3N750 RT 59                    8N700 RT 59
                                am                               am
am          CUL-DE-SAC          6:18                            6:32
                                                                         951 W BARTLETT RD
                                                                                                  Route:9333A SEHS 33
                                             3N722 RT 59
                                am                               am
                                                                                               6:39       E ONEIDA AV @ S
   Route:9326A SEHS 26          6:18
                                             3N566 RT 59
                                                                        847 FOREST GLEN CT     am           BERTEAU AV
                                am                               am
6:28     SCHICK RD@QUINCY                                                                      6:40        E ONEIDA AV @
am           BRIDGE RD          6:19                            6:33   REGENCY DR @ SOUTH      am          ELIZABETH CT
                                             3N556 RT 59
                                am                               am           END
6:28   SOUTHGATE & OLD BARN                                                                    6:42     S HALE AV @ E NORTH
                                6:22       WOODLAND AV @        6:37      S WESTERN AV @
am           (NORTH)                                                                           am                AV
                                am          MULBERRY DR          am         PONDVIEW LN
6:30   SOUTHGATE & OLD BARN                                                                    6:43    N HALE AV @ E MORSE
am     (SOUTH) @ THE CORNER     6:23       MULBERRY DR @        6:38                           am               AV
                                                                        W DEVON & GILES CT
                                am          LAKEVIEW CT          am
6:31    OLD BARN RD @ DERBY                                                                    6:45   N MARION AV @ E NORTH
am               LN             6:26                            6:40      BAYBERRY DR @        am               AV
                                        WIANT RD @ LOCUST AV
                                am                               am        TERRACE DR
6:32     LONGMEADOW LN @
am       WOODLAND HILLS DR      6:26    WIANT RD @ KENWOOD      6:42    HOLLY DR @ TERRACE        Route:9334A SEHS 34
                                am               AV              am             DR
6:42    E NORTH AV @ N ELROY     6:47                             6:42      OAK LAWN FARM RD @
                                         33W878 ARMY TRAIL RD
am               AV              am                                am          COURCIVAL LN
6:44       E MORSE AV @ N        6:54                             6:45       ROCHEFORT LN @
                                              6N911 RT 25
am           EASTERN AV          am                                am         COURCIVAL LN
6:45       W MORSE ST @ N                                         6:49
am           HICKORY AV
                                    Route:9342A SEHS 42            am
                                                                           5N737 DUNHAM TRAIL RD

6:45       W MORSE ST @ N        6:21                             6:50
                                         ARMY TRAIL RD@KEIL ST             5N884 DUNHAM TRAIL RD
am          WESTERN AV           am                                am
6:46     N WESTERN AV @ W        6:22    POWIS RD @ CHURCHILL     6:51
                                                                            DUNHAM & BEHLES WA
am           NORTH AV            am               LN               am
                                               POWIS &
   Route:9335A SEHS 35           6:22
                                         PETERSON/5N175 POWIS
6:25      6N940 DUNHAM RD
                                 6:22   POWIS RD & PERCHERON
am         (Lamplight Stables)
                                 am               LN
6:28      33W364 BREWSTER
am            CREEK CI                      4N620 POWIS RD               BUS ROUTE / PICK-UP INFORMATION 2010-2011
6:29      33W512 BREWSTER
                                 6:24       NICHOLAS DR @
                                                                  The Bus Route # is printed on the Student ID. You must choose a stop
am            CREEK CI                                                                from your assigned number.
                                 am          ANTHONY CT
6:33        DUNHAM RD @                                                  All busses are scheduled to arrive at SEHS at 7:00 am.
am          SHAGBARK LN          Route:9342A SEHS 42 (cont’d)         Questions about busses should be directed to the Deans’ Office
                                                                              at 847-289-3760, ext. 3649 after August 13th.
am                               am
6:43        DUNHAM RD @          6:29
                                         32W242 ARMY TRAIL RD
am          FLETCHER RD          am
Route:9335A SEHS 35 (cont’d)     am
                                         32W336 ARMY TRAIL RD

6:44                             6:32    5N029/5N032 HONEY HILL
          4N782 DUNHAM RD
am                               am                DR
6:46                             6:42    OAK LAWN FARM RD @
       5N473/5N 473 DUNHAM RD
am                               am        CHAMBELLAN LN

   THE SEHS BOOSTER FOUNDATION WANTS YOU!                                2010-2011 SEHS Booster Foundation
 The South Elgin High School Booster Foundation is the
 only parent organization at SEHS. The Booster                             President – Karen Weedman
 Foundation supports all student activity groups                           Vice-President –Mike Bersani
 including academics, arts, and athletics. Please speak        Co-Secretaries – Michelle Johansen & Janeen Dylo
 with your student’s coach or teacher about joining your                    Treasurer – Annette Padron
 Booster activity group and reaping the many benefits                        Past President – Ed Stade
 that the Booster Foundation has to offer. Parent
 involvement is critical to the success of all programs at
 If you have questions about the Booster Foundation, visit our website at On the website you will
 find contact information for our Executive Board members, so just give them a call or drop them an e-mail. The Booster
 Foundation can only continue to grow and support the needs of the students with your input, help and participation!
 The Booster Foundation Executive Board and Activity Directors meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
 in Room B-100. Please mark your calendars for the meetings dates:
                                                                                           Schedule of
                                                                                  Booster Foundation Meetings
                                                                                          for 2010-2011
                                                                                      (7:00 pm in Library)

                                                                             Tuesday, August 10, 2010
                                                                             Tuesday, September 14, 2010
                                                                             Tuesday, October 12, 2010
                                                                             Tuesday, November 9, 2010
                                                                             Tuesday, December 14, 2010
                                                                             Tuesday, January 11, 2011
                                                                             Tuesday, February 8, 2011
                                                                             Tuesday, March 8, 2011
                                                                             Tuesday, April 12, 2011
   South Elgin High School BOOSTER FOUNDATION
                                                  Who Are The “STORM Chasers”?
The S.E.H.S. Booster Foundation is an organization of parents, coaches, teachers, administrators, and community members who serve as a support organization for all
individual activity groups encompassing Academic, Athletic, Fine Arts and all other extracurricular activities at South Elgin High School.
The purpose of the South Elgin High School Foundation is to support and promote ALL educational activity groups at South Elgin High School by uniting students, coaches,
faculty, and community in a way that enhances the sharing of school spirit as well as good sportsmanship while providing moral and financial support. To assure the
ongoing improvement for all South Elgin High School athletic and activity group programs, the club shall recognize and work in conjunction with individual educational
activity booster groups.

The South Elgin High School Booster Foundation will operate under an established set of By-Laws, which describe how the organization
conducts business. Open elections are held annually to elect Officers. A Board of Directors, which represents each Individual Activity
Group, governs the foundation.

                      Become a South Elgin High School Booster Foundation Member
             “STORM Chaser” $25.00 Family Membership Become a 1 Year
              Member by paying $25.00 annually

             “4 YEAR STORM GEAR” $100.00 MEMBERSHIP Become a 4 Year
              Member by paying $100.00 now and receive a $15.00 coupon towards
              your next purchase of “STORM Gear”

            Contribute more and any part over the $25.00 or $100.00 can be
                 designated directly to the activity/club of your choice.

                                                 2010-2011 Booster Foundation Officers
           President: Karen Weedman                                            Treasurer: Annette Padron
           Vice Presidents: Mike Bersani                                       Co-Secretary’s: Janeen Dylo & Michele Johansen
           Past President: Ed Stade
Please include all information below.                                         2010-2011 Membership Application

Parent(s) first name(s):

Family last name:

Student(s) first & last name:

Address:                                                                                                                    City:

Phone:                                                                                        Email:

$25.00 Annual Membership                                                                       $100.00 4 Year Membership

Club(s) to Receive Additional Funds:
Make-Check payable to: S.E.H.S. Boosters Please mail completed applications to:
S.E.H.S Booster Foundation c/o South Elgin High School 760 E. Main Street South Elgin, Illinois 60177

                                                                    SEHS Treasurer money received ________

 South Elgin High School                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE PAID

 School District U-46                                                                                      PALATINE, IL

 355 E. Chicago Street                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 183

 Elgin, IL 60120-6543

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                                   Please refer to it for the most current general information
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