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									    Caramel CV


    Caramel was created by Sadia Siddiqui and Hajira Ahmad and is the first fully comprehensive
    modelling and catwalk production company in the UK that specializes in Asian Models. Caramel
    created a platform where young British Asian talent could be promoted on to the Asian and thus
    subsequently the mainstream fashion Industry. Since inception Caramel has successfully
    participated in and created fashion shows for numerous prominent Asian magazines, media
    networks and businesses. Its aim is to promote and identify Asian talent and to create a place in
    the mainstream market whereby British brands such as Marks & Spencer, feature an Asian face
    in their advertising campaign.

    Commercial Objectives

     Increase Asian penetration in the London Fashion Industry

     Identify/develop new Asian talent in the UK markets

     Develop mainstream acknowledgement of event management, choreography, modeling and
      show production skills

     Embed Asian fashion within the cultural infusion in the London market

    Fashion shows

·   May 2009, signed the contract to choreograph, produce & provide make-up team for „The Queen
    of Asia‟ Beauty Pageant for B4U TV, winner will participate in Miss England
·   January 2009, created and produced the catwalk production for the Asiana Bridal 2009 London

·   February 2009, created and produced the catwalk production for Asiana Bridal 2009

·   October 2008, provided models for the Dil Ball at the Royal Courts of Justice.

·   September 2008, choreographed, produced & provided a make up team for the Pharmaclinic
    Beauty Awards at the Portman Hotel London.

·   July 2008, created and produced a fashion show for D4M (as seen on Dragon’s Den)

·   April 2008, created and produced Maleeha Lodhi’s (Former Ambassador) farewell fashion
    show at the Pakistan High Commission.

·   March 2008, created and produced the Caramel Spring Ball in aid of the charity (Learning for
    Life) at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London.

·   February 2008 created and produced the Loom to Luxury fashion show for the Pakistan High
    Commission at the Kensington Town Hall, to promote Pakistan‟s trade and culture amongst

·    February 2008, provided models for the Zee Carnival

·   August 2008 provided models for the Cartier fashion show.

·   February 2007 provided models for the Asian Wedding Exhibition.

·   August 2007, provided models for Pakistan’s 60th anniversary show at the Trafalgar Square

·   October 2007, provided models for the Asian Bride Show

·   October 2007, created and produced the Pakistan Extravaganza at the Victoria Park Plaza
    Hotel London.

·   Nov 2007, provided models for the Asian Woman Awards show in London
·   2007, created and produced a complete catwalk production for Merrill Lynch, South Asian

·   September 2006, provided models for cultural show in honour of President Musharaf in
    Washington D.C

·   September 2006, provided models for Rohit Bal and Suneet Verma’s fashion show in London.

·   October 2006, created and produced the Caramel Eid/Diwali Ball in aid of the charity FTCF at
    the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London.

·   April 2006, created and produced the Caramel Launch Party at Cafe De Paris.

·   February 2006, provided models for the Asian Wedding Exhibition at Alexander Palace

·   August 2006, provided models for Warid Telecommunications fashion show in Pakistan

·   October 2005, created and produced a charity ball for breast cancer awareness month in aid of
    Cancer Research UK, held at Hilton Kensington

    Commercial Work

·   2009, provided models for Asiana Magazine’s Beauty shoot.

·   2008, model used for Ash Kumar editorial campaign

·   2008, models and make-up team for Pharmaclinic Skin Lightening TV commercial

·   2008, models used for SABO Bags editorial campaign

·   2008, make-up team for Pharmaclinic commercials for the Middle East Market

·   2008, models used for PVC direct television Commercial
·   2008, make-up team, stylists and models provided for a Middle Eastern TV advert

·   2008, model used for Sunvic herbal skincare TV commercial

·   2008, male model for Asiana Magazines mens wear fashion shoot.

·   2007-2008, provided talk show host, make up artist & stylist for talk show „Talking Divas‟,
    ARY Digital

·   2007, model used for a television commercial for Lycatalk phone card

·   2007, male and female models used for Pharmaclinic Mens Wear Cream

·   2007, male models for Asiana Magazine’s mens wear shoot for Mona Vora

·   2007, models used for Bangla TV rice adverts

·   2007, model used for Pharmaclinic Scar removal TV commercial

·   2007, female models for a catalogue photoshoot for Asiana Magazine

·   2007, models for a fashion shoot for Asiana Magazine, designer Century Emporium.

·   2007, photo shoot for Zee Magazine.

·   2006, models used for B4U music video

·   2006, models used for Joshiv editorial campaigns

·   2006, models for designer Nadia Khan‟s fashion campaign in Pakistan

·   2006, model provided to Asiana magazine for Charmi Creations mens wear shoot.

·   2006, models used for Charmi Creations, editorial campaign

·   2006, model used for Sky TV commercial

·   April 2009, will be featured on Sony TV, coverage of the Asiana Bridal Show

·   March 2009, will be interviewed in the Daily Mail

·   March 2009 Interviewed for feature article in Magazine „Start your Business‟

·   March 2009, interviewed for Sky Business channel

·   23rd January featured on BBC Radio morning News

·   23rd January 2009, featured on BBC lunch time news (Asian models aim High)

·   Nov 2008, featured in Libas Magazine

·   October 2008, featured on B4U TV, teaching catwalk and choreographing/Judging the
    Pharamaclinic beauty awards.

·   October 2008, Caramel Ball featured in the Paparazzi pages of Asiana Magazine.

·   June 2008, Interviewed by Nirali Magazine U.S.A

·   April 2008 featured on Prime TV, coverage of Maheen and Deepak Parvani‟s show at the
    Pakistan embassy.

·   March 2008 featured on ZTV for the Caramel Ball

·   March 2008, ARY Digital Europe and Middle Easy telecasted the Caramel Ball

·   February 2008, featured on Geo TV for the “Loom to Luxury” trade show by the Pakistan
    High Commission at Kensington Town Hall

·   October 2007, featured on ARY Digital, creating the Pakistan Extravaganza
·   December 2007, Caramel interviewed for Financial Times, UK

·   August 2006 featured on ITV London Tonight, „New Asian modelling agency‟

·   August 2006, interviewed by BBC radio

·   September 2006 Interview with Reuters, shown globally

·   September 2006, Interview with NDTV (New Delhi television)

·   August 2006, Interview with Qasim Tewana in the Daily Times Pakistan

·   October 2006, featured in the popular programme ‘Ready Steady Cook’ on BBC2

·   November 2006, Caramel Ball covered in the Paparazzi pages of Asiana Magazine

·   May 2006, interviewed as the new sensational modelling agency for Geo TV

·   April 2006, featured on ZEE TV covering the Caramel Launch Party.


    Caramel Management Ltd

    18 Hanover Square, London

    W1S 1HX

    07852958062- 07852958251

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