The IPod by pengxiuhui


									The IPod

IPods are currently the most popular music
playing device in the world. The first IPod was
released on October 23rd 2001 and was a huge
hit, since then IPods have been upgraded many,
many times. There is now an IPhone, An IPod
Touch & an IPod that can shoot videos. You can
put your own cds on your IPod or you can
purchase songs or Albums from the Apple store
called ITunes. On some makes of IPods you can
even put movies on. Unlike most music players
you can transport IPods around easily. There are
many accessories for IPods including speakers,
different types of headphones and different
cases and covers for them. IPods are not only
people’s favourite music playing devices, there
are different colour options and different sizes
and shapes to suit different peoples needs.

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