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What is a GREEN Hotel?
 “Green” hotels are environmentally friendly properties
 that take the initiative and implement very important
 practices and programs to reduce energy, water, and
 waste. Green Hotels are participating in recycling
 programs, linen changing programs, installing energy
 efficient lighting, and getting their message out to
 their guests and how they are doing their part in
 protecting the planet.
       Why Should Hotels Be Green?

- Being green goes directly to your bottom line.
- Being green goes directly to your front doors which open wide
  to bring guests back again and again.
- Being green goes directly to keeping staff long- term because
  management clearly cares for their health and well-being.
The Major Players in Green Lodging
 Green Key Global
 Green Globe International
 Energy Star
 Green Seal
 Audubon Green Leaf
 Leadership in Energy And Environmental Design
 (LEED )
 Eco Rooms & Eco Suites
 Green Tourism Business Scheme
 Sustainable Tourism Eco- Certification Program (
  STEP )
 A Nationwide Certification Program In The United
 U.S Statewide Certification Programs
Eco- Labeling Program
   Japan's Eco Mark
   Nordic Swan Eco-label
   Korea's Environmental Labeling Association
   India's Ecomark Scheme
   Singapore's Green Label Scheme
   Sweden's Good Environmental Choice
   France's NF Environment
   Australia's Environmental Choice
   United States' Green Seal
   International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Some Criteria
ASEAN Tourism Standards
Major Criteria and Requirements
2.1 Green Hotel
2.2 Food & Beverage Services
2.3 Public Restroom
2.4 Home Stay
2.5 Eco Tourism
2.6 Tourism Heritage
What Is Green Hotel?
Green Hotel is a hotel which is
 environmentally friendly and
 adopts energy conservation
Connotation of ASEAN Tourism Standard Logo
ASEAN Tourism Standard Certification
ASEAN Tourism Standard Plaque
  Major Criteria                   Requirements - Hotels

1. Environmental         1.1 Promotion of environmental
   policy and actions        activities in order to encourage the
   for hotel operation       involvement of hotel staff, clients and
                             suppliers to participate in environmental
                             management practices.
                         1.2 Existence of plan for raising staff to be
                             aware of environment i.e. training.
                         1.3 Existence of environmental management
                             plan for hotel operation.
                         1.4 Existence of monitoring programme for
                             environmental management of hotels.
  Major Criteria                   Requirements - Hotels

2. Use of green          2.1 Encouragement for the use of local
   products                  products for hotel operation i.e. food and
                         2.2 Encouragement for the use of
                             environmentally friendly products.

3. Collaboration with    3.1 Existence of plans/ activities to help
   the community and         improve quality of life of the community.
   local organizations   3.2 Existence of awareness raising programmes
                             for local community on environmental
                         3.3 Creation of activities in promoting culture
                             and traditional performance and local ways
                             of life.
  Major Criteria              Requirements - Hotels

4. Human resource   4.1 Provision of training programmes for
   development          operation and management staff on
                        environmental management.
5. Solid waste      5.1 Introduction of waste management
   management           techniques e.g. waste reduction, reuse,
                        recycling, waste separation and composting
                    5.2 Encouragement of the invironment of hotel
                        staff in waste recuction, reuse, recycling,
                        waste separation and composting
  Major Criteria                 Requirements - Hotels

6. Energy efficiency   6.1 Introduction of energy saving technology
                           and equipment for hotel to reduce energy

                       6.2 Installation of meters / equipment to
                           monitor energy comsumption.

7. Water efficiency    7.1 Introduction of water saving techniques
                           and / or use of water saving technology
                            and equipment to reduce water

                       7.2 Regular maintenance for water
                           saving equipment.
  Major Criteria                  Requirements - Hotels
8. Air quality            8.1 Designation of smoking and non-
   management                 smoking area.
   ( indoor and outdoor ) 8.2 Regular monitoring and maintenance for
                               equipment and hotel facilities to ensure
                               the air quality i.e. air conditioning.

9. Noise pollution        9.1 Existence of noise control programme
   control                    from hotel operation.
 Major Criteria                 Requirements - Hotels
10. Waste water         10.1 The use of mechanisms to prevent water
    treatment and            contamination and reduce waste water
    management               generation.
                        10.2 Promotion of the use of recyclable grey
                             water in operation i.e. watering trees.
                        10.3 Encouragement for an appropriate use of
                             waste water treatment.

11. Toxic and chemical 11.1 Provision of clear signs for toxic
    substance disposal      substance.
    management         11.2 Appropriate hazardous waste disposal
                       11.3 Regular inspection, cleaning and
                            maintenance for storage in order to avoid
                            leakage of gas or toxic chemical substance.
    Myanmar Awardees of ASEAN Green Hotel Award
                   ( 2008-2009 )
 1. The Strand Hotel                     ( Yangon )
 2. The Governor’s Residence - Pansea   ( Yangon )
 3. Sandoway Resort                     ( Ngapali Beach )
 4. Amazing Ngapali Resort               ( Ngapali Beach )
 5. Bagan Hotel River View              ( Bagan/ Nyaung Oo )
 6. Thiripyitsaya Sakura                (Bagan/ Nyaung Oo )
 7. Sunny Paradise Resort               ( Ngwe Saung )
 8. Aureum Palace Hotel and Resort      ( Ngwe Saung )
 9. Hill Top Villa Resort Hotel         ( Kalaw )
 10. Kandawgyi Palace Hotel             ( Yangon )
The Strand Hotel
The Governor’s Residence- Pansea Hotel
Sandoway Resort
Amazing Ngapali Resort
Bagan Hotel River View
Thiripyitsaya Sakura Hotel
Sunny Paradise Resort
Aureum Palace Hotel and Resort
Hill Top Villa Resort Hotel
Kandawgyi Palace Hotel
  Myanmar Awardees of ASEAN Green Hotel Award
                (2010 – 2011 )
1. 1. Inya Lake Hotel                       ( Yangon )
2. 2. Mya Yeik Nyo – Royal Hotel            ( Yangon )
3. 3. Inlay Khaung Daing – Village Resort   ( Naung Shwe )
4. 4. Inlay Princess Resort                  ( Naung Shwe )
5. 5. Nan Myaing Hotel                       ( Pyin Oo Lwin )
6. 6. Aureum Palace                          ( Bagan )
7. 7. Amata Resort & Spa                      (Ngapali Beach)
   8. Bay of Bangal Resort                   (Ngwe Saung )
   9. Mingalar Garden Resort                  (Pyay)
8. 10.Riyal Kaytumadi Hotel                   (Taung Ngu)
Inya Lake Hotel
Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel
Inlay Khaung Daing Hotel
Inle Princess Resort
Nan Myaing Hotel
Aureum Palace Hotel
Amata Resort & Spa
Bay of Bengal Resort
Mingalar Garden Resort
Royal Kaytumadi Hotel


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