; ITE 115 Excel test Spring 2007.xls
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ITE 115 Excel test Spring 2007.xls


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									ITE 115
Excel Test

Pirates Cove Marina

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Do the following:
1. Center the headings in A5 and A6 across the spreadsheet and change font to 16.
2. Center and bold the column headings and Wrap text.
3. Format appropriate numbers to currency with 2 decimals.
4. Add a border around the column headings.
5. Calculate the following: Use the appropriate cells for Federal tax and State tax.
   a. Gross Pay = Hours x Par Rate
   b. Federal Withholding = Gross Pay x Federal tax rate
   c. State Withholding = Gross Pay x State tax rate.
   d. Total Deductions = Federal withholding + State witholding
   e. Net Pay = Gross Pay - Total Deductions
   f. Add totals for Gross Pay through Net Pay using a function.
6. Add two records to the workbook: (be sure they are included in the calculations)
     Carls 20 hours 10.50 pay rate
     Lopez 35 hours 11.50 pay rate
7. Add a thick line before the Total line.
8. Draw a chart representing the Net Pay for the employees.
   a. Explode the slice which represents the highest Net Pay.
   b. Add an appropriate title.
   c. Add category names and percentages.
   d. Place the chart on a separate worksheet.
9. Add a hyperlink to the Pirates Cove Marina on the Outer Banks N.C. to the main heading.
10. Print the workbook in portrait with your name and date as a header.
11. Print cell formulas (CTRL + tilde).
                                                         Oritz Marine Service Payroll

PiratesCove Marina
Week Ending 3/10/2007

Employee    Hours        Pay Rate Gross Pay                     State Withholding
                                              Federal Withholding                             Net
                                                                                Total Deductions Pay
Bramble             16         9.5
Cortez              30        10.5
DiOrio              25        12.5
Fulton              20         9.5
Juarez              25          12
Nelson              20         9.5
Smiken              10           9
Smith               30        13.5

                                                                                                                                      Jim Oritz

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