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									                                              Go Cougars!!
                            Weston Ranch High School News
                         Renaissance “ROAR TO SUCCESS”
                                                Go Cougars!!
                                                                                                            October 2005
The first quarter   is almost over. It ends on October      and Colleges (WASC). I will also be having brown
14 . It’s been busy around WRHS these few months!!          bag lunches once a month for parents and interested
We have already had 10th and 11th grade students retest     community members to come together and discuss
the CAHSEE and many of our seniors are well into            issues that are important to them, our first Brown Bag
getting their college application materials together.       lunch will be on October 25th from 12:00am to 1:00pm.
                                                            On October 19th, we will be starting a Parent Institute
During this first quarter we have also had some staff       for Spanish speaking parents which will empower
                                                            parents by educating them about our school system. I
changes. As you should know Mr. Callas has taken a
                                                            think this year will be exciting and fulfilling, and I am
position at Manteca Unified District office, and we are
                                                            enjoying being a part of the Weston Ranch community.
lucky enough to have Mrs. Clara Schmiedt as our
new principal. Hopefully you were able to meet her at
our Back to School Night.
                                                            There have also been some changes in the counselor
                                                            caseloads. Mrs. Higginbotham is working with
Principal’s Note from Mrs. Clara Schmiedt                   students A-Dek; Mr. Sodhi has Del-Kd; Miss
Dear Weston Ranch Community,                                Quintana has Ke-Roc; and Miss Blinn has Rod-Z.
                                                            Mrs. George will be working with student in the
           I have appreciated the hospitality that I have
                                                            Career Center.        If you need to talk with your
received as the new interim principal for Weston
                                                            student’s counselor please call 982-5387 ext. 1020.
Ranch High School. As I have observed teachers,
walked around at lunch time, talked to students, and        Reminder: -- It is critical that you complete the
met with parents, I have been very impressed with           Emergency Card for your student. On the pink form
Weston Ranch High School. I have been very                  there is a place you can list any medical conditions
impressed with the students at Weston Ranch High            your student has. It is important that we are aware of
School; they are friendly, outgoing and energetic. We       all conditions that may affect them here at school.
have a great staff at Weston Ranch and I believe this
school has the potential to be an outstanding               Dress Code
organization.                                               It is always important to make sure your student is
          I would like to introduce myself to those who
                                                            dressing appropriately for school. The WRHS dress
I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet. I have
                                                            code is in the Student Handbook if you have questions
worked for Manteca Unified School District for the          about what is appropriate. Any items confiscated due to
past 13 years. I started in 1992 as a history teacher. I    violation to the dress code must be picked up by a
moved into administration seven years ago, as a Dean        parent from the student’s dean. If you have further
of Students at East Union High School. I was Director
                                                            questions about the dress code please talk with your
of Child Welfare and Attendance for five years before
                                                            students’ Dean; Mrs. Teresa Johnson N-Z, and Mrs.
accepting the interim principal position at Weston
                                                            Annette Roberts A-M.
Ranch High School for which I am very excited to be a
part of.                                                    Attendance
          Weston Ranch High School has several new
focus areas this year. We are starting a program called
                                                            Attendance in class is very important to our students’
Cougar Pride, where we will be taking students from         success. We want to encourage all students to be to
all different backgrounds and enlisting their help to       class on time so that they have get every minute of time
become leaders in their school community. We are            dedicated to learning. With this in mind we will be
also starting a Challenge Day Program, which will help      doing Tardy Sweeps this year, to reinforce the
raise understanding of differences among our staff and      importance of being in class on time.
students. I am looking forward to working with the
staff, students and community as we get ready for next      Yearbooks are on Sale! $70 with ASB and $75
year’s visit from the Western Association of School         without ASB. Personalization and add-on packages
available. Pick up order forms in the administration        Excellence, Renaissance, FFA, Asian, BSU, Fil-Am,
office or you may contact Ms. Riley in room 907.            Foods, Gamers, Japanimation, Somos Latinos, and Art
                                                            club. Please see the Dean of Activities, Ms. Jovita
Cougar Pride                                                Siqueiros for more information.
Cougar Pride is a new committee that we will be
starting this year. This is a student focus group that      Renaissance
will be discussing student and campus related issues.       WRHS has kicked off its second year with the
We want our students to demonstrate their spirit and        Renaissance program. We have great hopes for this
pride and help us to make our school the best that it can   year’s program. We encourage students, parents and
be. Students can get involved by be recommended by a        community members to get involved to help our
staff/teacher or other students. For more information       students. Some of the fundraiser events that we have
please contact Mr. Gonzales at ext. 1021                    planed to do this year include a Powder Puff Football
                                                            Game and our 2nd Student vs. Staff Basketball Game.
Tutoring                                                    We have quarterly meetings for the Renaissance
Math Smart Tutoring is a FREE tutoring program              committee. The next meeting is on November 18th at
for 6th-12th grade students through the San Joaquin         2:45 pm. Our sub-committees meet on a monthly basis
County Office of Education. It occurs on Monday &           the meeting dates are: 10/20, 11/17, and 12/15 at 2:45
Thursday 5:00-7:00 pm and Tuesday & Wednesday               in the Career Center. Mrs. Soldate is the leader for the
4a;00-6a;00 pm at M.K. Troke Library located at 502         Student Achievement Committee; Mrs. Jacobs and
W. Benjamin Holt Dr. in Stockton.         For more          Mrs. McFadden are co-leaders for the Academic
information call 468-9021.                                  Activities Committee, and Ms. Angle and Chelsea
                                                            Bowman are co-leaders for the Community
Homework      Hotline is program to help students in        Involvement Committee. If you have any questions or
grades 4th-10th with Math homework. Call 943-7588.          would like to get involved please contact Mr. Gonzales
Telephone lines are open Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:00          at ext. 1021.
                                                            The WRHS Black Student Union, with newly elected
Athletics                                                   officers, has voted to start their year with service. On
Sports are a great way to get involved in the school.       October 23rd they will be hosting Gospel Legacy II, a
We already have several sports underway. For further        Hurricane Katrina benefit gospel concert at the high
information please contact the Dean of Athletics, Mr.       school's theater featuring students, local artists and
Mike Morenzone at 982-5387 ext. 1020. Make sure             choirs. The members have learned how strongly gospel
you join in supporting our teams!! Some of our up and       has impacted the history of African Americans. The
coming events are:                                          BSU is also planning a joint Hurricane Katrina benefit
●October 14 Homecoming football game vs. Buhach             with the BSU of East Union, to be held on November
at Weston Ranch                                             12th. Weston Ranch is also proud to have 4 regional
●October 21 football game vs. East Union                    officers in the United Black Student Unions of
                                                            California. They are busy planning a leadership
Conditioning  has started for basketball. Talk with a       conference for January, which we will host here at
                                                            Weston Ranch High, "the school where leaders are
basketball coach at WRHS for more information or
                                                            born." For more information about the BSU and their
contact Mr. Mike Morenzone at 982-5387 ext. 1020.
                                                            activities, contact their advisor, Mrs. Jacqueline
                                                            McFadden at 982-5387 ext. 2105 or
The   following are the prices for WRHS sporting
Varsity football prices are             $5.00 for adults
                        $3.00 for students with ID cards    WRHS’s FFA program has been busy so far this year.
                                     Free with ASB card     On August 2 -3rd, Weston Ranch’s Officer Team
                                                            invited East Union’s Officers to combine for the 2005
All other sports:                       $4.00 for Adults    Officer Retreat & Planning Session on the Hartnell
Freshman football                $3.00 for students with    College Campus in Salinas. The students have also
Basketball                          ID cards Free with      been meeting and planning this years events. The FFA
Volleyball                          Free with ASB card      club has begun selling steak sandwiches at the football
Wrestling                                                   games, which has proven to be very popular. Here are
                                                            some of the upcoming events for FFA:
School Activities                                           ●October 1: Chapter Officer Leadership Conference – 7
There are lots of ways to get involved in Weston            Officers will attend
Ranch High School!! Studies have shown that students        ●October 4: Opening /Closing Contest @ Lodi High
who are involved in school activities are more              ●October 14, October 28: Next Football Concessions @
successful. Students may choose to join one of the
several clubs on campus including Academic
●October 4: Opening/Closing Ceremonies Public Speaking       or out of state university it is strongly recommended
Contest                                                      that they contact that university to clarify their
●October 13: Greenhand Leadership Conference for             admission requirements. Most 4-year universities have
Freshmen 14 Weston Ranch High School students will attend    admission requirements regarding GPA and test scores.
●October 29: Livestock Symposium at san Joaquin County
Fairgrounds (18 Weston Ranch Ag Students will attend. This
                                                             The test scores that the universities are referring to are
is required for potential animal project students @ Weston   the SAT reasoning or the ACT. For UC campuses they
Ranch)                                                       require students to take the SAT reasoning or ACT
●November 10: Greenhand Ceremony @ 6:30 pm in the            with writing along with 2 SAT subject tests. For the
WRHS Theatre.                                                CSU campuses they only require the SAT reasoning
●November 16: Administrator’s Night.                         test. Also double check with the specific campus your
●November 18-19: Central Region Road Show 7 CATA             student is applying to, to find out if they have any
Meeting.                                                     additional requirements. For further information about
                                                             registering for these tests please visit:
The Junior class is planning many fundraisers this            www.collegeboard.com PSAT, SAT, Testing and other
year in order to raise enough money to plan a great          college bound information
prom. Parents and students are encouraged to support         www.act.org ACT testing
the class through their numerous fundraisers. The
junior class officers would also like to thank the junior    Financial   aid is also a huge concern for students.
class of 2007 for having so much spirit and dressing in      Students are encouraged to search for scholarships.
white, or class color at the 1st rally of the school year.   There are several websites that are helpful in this task.
Thanks!                                                      www.collegeboard.com has a free scholarship search,
                                                             college search, and career search web site.
Get Involved in Your School                                  www.fastweb.com. is a website sponsored by the
Parents are also encouraged to get involved in the           National Association of Student Financial Aid
school. You may want to join our active Booster club.        Administrator. FastWEB lets Internet users search,
The Booster club will be meeting on October 4th at           without cost, a database of more than 180,000 private
6:00 pm here in the Weston Ranch Staff Lounge. The           sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans.
Booster club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month.           Students/ Parents need to complete the FAFSA (Free
                                                             Application     for     Federal    Student    Aid)     at
We also have an active School Site Council. Mr.              www.fafsa.ed.gov.        In December, WRHS will be
Steven Jackson is our new School Site coordinator.           hosting a financial aid meeting for parents.
He can be reached at stjackson@sjcoe.net.
                                                             The   PSAT will be admininistered here at WRHS on
 Weston Ranch’s ELAC (English Language Advisory              Saturday October 15th. Tenth and 11th grade students
Committee) meets on a quarterly basis. The first             are encouraged to take this test. The PSAT is the
meeting will be on October 19th at 6:00 pm. Parents are      Preliminary SAT, which gives students practice testing
strongly encouraged to participate.       The Parent         before they take the SAT which is a required test for all
Institute will be meeting the same night at 7:00 pm          UC/CSU campus admissions. There is a $12 fee for
following the ELAC meeting. For more information             the test. There are a limited number of tests, so see Ms.
contact Mr. Gonzales at ext. 1021.                           Bloom in the Counseling office to sign up to take the
All meeting dates for the ELAC and School Site               exam.
Council meetings will be posted on the bulletin board        SENIORS
outside the Administration building.
                                                             The WRHS Seniors are going to be busy this year, so
Career Planning                                              we felt it would be helpful to have a monthly reminder
There have been several questions about College              of activities they should be doing to get ready for
admission requirements. All students need to be aware        college. Seniors also need to make sure that they meet
of what classes they have completed and what grades          the graduation requirement of successfully completing
they have received in those classes. Universities            Algebra 1 or equivalent, and pass the CAHSEE.
generally will not accept any grades below a C. If your      Seniors will also be required to complete a Senior
student is planning to attend a UC or CSU university         Project. The details of the Senior Project will be
following high school graduation they need to be             reviewed in English classes. The Senior Project
familiar with the classes that are required for admission    Handbook was passed out to students in their English
to these campuses. Students can visit the following          class during the week of 9/26. For further information
websites for guidance:                                       you may contact Ms. Siqueiros who is the Coordinator
www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions                    of the Senior Projects.               Her email is
www.csumentor.edu                                            jsiqueiros@sjcoe.net.
These websites are also where students need to go to
complete admission applications for either the UC or         October
CSU systems. If your student plans to attend a private       ●Take the SAT reasoning or ACT with writing. and
                                                             SAT subject test, if necessary.
●Work on Admissions application essays                                          IMPORTANT DATES:
●Contact your top college choices. If possible visit the
campus.                                                    August-October       CELDT testing for EL students
●Find out which financial aid applications your college
choices require and when the forms are due.
                                                           October 4th          Booster Club meeting at 6:00 pm in the WRHS
●Start working on your college applications. They are                           staff lounge
due next month. The deadline for the UC and CSU
applications is November 30th.                             October 5th, 12th,   Collaborative Days
●Ask for letter of recommendations. Ask teachers,          19th, 26th           Students dismissed at 1:30 pm
counselors, coaches, and employers that know your          October 14th         End of 1st Quarter
“excellent work and know you as a good student and
                                                                                Home Coming Football Game vs. Buhach HS
●Athletes planning to go to college need to register       October 15th         PSAT (only 150 spots) 7:30-12 pm in the WRHS
with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse at                              cafeteria
www.ncaaclearinghouse.net or www.ncaa.org                  October 16th         ELAC meeting at 6:00pm in the Counselor
                                                                                Parent Institute at 7:00pm
                                                           October 20th         Renaissance meeting at 2:45 in the WRHS
                                                                                Career Center
                                                           October 25th         1st quarter Report Cards mailed home

                                                           November 11th        Veteran’s Day—NO SCHOOL

                                                           November 23rd -      Thanksgiving Holiday—NO SCHOOL
                                                           December 21st        End of 1st Semester

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