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  where brands take shape
  where brands
   take shape
  so, what does this mean?            It means that we’re
  dedicated to helping our customers and customers’
  customers get their products to market faster, smarter
  and more efficiently. No, we don’t create the brands,
  but we provide over 50 years of insight, experience and
  service that help make them possible.

  DistriButor           We’re one of the top 10 blow molders in North
                        America. We also generate over $650 million
                        in sales, supplying the top consumer goods
                        manufacturers and distributors in North America.
•  Mold Available  
                          think of this toolbox as your assistant to
•  Distributor  
                          success. truly. as you browse, here’s a
   Stock Items
                          quick look at our capabilities:
•  Samples
                       •  We are entrenched in the personal care, food,
•  Specialty Items        household, healthcare and automotive industries.
•  Creative Design     •  We have 22 plants throughout the Midwest, the East
   Services               Coast and Canada.
•  Sustainability      •  Our Commercial Development Center near Atlanta
•  Resources              is always on the leading edge of new engineering
                          advancements and design ideas.
                       •  We have over 150 stock items available for
                          immediate shipment.
                       •  We work with most major resin types available.
                       •  We offer numerous decoration options for your
                       •  We have over 700 samples available for order.
                       •  We have over 1,300 mold available bottles.
 MolD aVailaBle Bottles

1,300 and counting
  Know what you want? Need them fast? Our mold available bottles are
  available to customers who normally purchase in quantities of 100,000
  or more. The lead times can vary (usually between 4-6 weeks) and the
  payment terms are net 30 days upon credit approval.

  MolD aVailaBle Bottle oPtions We offer
  Resin           Barex, Barrier, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PET, PETG, PP, PS, PVC, PCR
  Size            .5 oz – 288 oz
  Process         BDS*, Shuttle, Injection Blow Molding, Stretch Blow Molding,
                  Injection Molding, Vertical Wheel Extrusion
  Market          Automotive, Beverage/Food, Healthcare, Household/Industrial
                  Chemical, Liquor/Tobacco, Personal Care
  Shape           Round, Oval, Oblong, Square,
                  Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Tottle
  * Silgan’s proprietary Wheel Technology
                                                                       Mold available bottles
                                                                       and jars are a click
                                                                       away in our online
                                                                       catalog. Visit


    Decoration serVices
  What decoration do you have in mind? From bottle design
  to decoration – we’ll make sure your brand gets noticed. Differentiate
  your stock or custom bottle with high impact decoration.
  Our engineers are particularly adept at handling difficult
  to decorate containers as well as combining multiple
  types of decoration.
•  Shrink Sleeve Labeling           •  Heat Transfer Labeling
•  In-Mold Labeling                 •  Multi-Pass
•  Pressure Sensitive                  Silkscreen Printing
  Labeling                          •  Hot Stamping
•  Sleeve Labeling

                                      To place an order, please  
                                      contact your Account Manager, 
                                      CSR, Regional Sales Office  
                                      or call 800-274-5426
                                      Visit us online at  
 stock iteMs

Where big demand
meets big supply.
                                   We carry over 150 stock items at various Silgan
                                   locations throughout the country. These high-demand items
                                   are available from floor inventory for our Contract Distributors.

Currently available at various Silgan locations...

                 ligonier                   Houston               ottaWa                  Penn Yan
Kind             82 Choices                 8 Bettix Bottles      16 Items: Carafes,      45 Personal Care
                 60 Various Shapes                                Sprayers, Large Ware
Resin            HDPE, LDPE, PETG,          HDPE                  HDPE                    PET
Size             .5 oz – 64 oz              8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz,   16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz,    2 oz – 1L
                                            64 oz, 1L, 2L         64 oz, 1 gal
Process          BDS*, Injection Blow       Shuttle               Shuttle                 Stretch Blow
                 Molding, Shuttle                                                         Molding, Injection
                                                                                          Blow Molding
*Silgan’s proprietary Wheel Technology

        To place an order, please  
        contact your Account Manager, 
        CSR, Regional Sales Office  
        or call 800-274-5426
        Visit us online at 

               Our standards are high.
               Near 800, actually.
                       We have hundreds of samples
                       of our bottles available for you, created in
                       many materials, shapes and designs. You
757 standard           can choose from 757 standard items and
                       35 specialty items. Just let your Silgan
    + 35 specialty     representative know what you’d like. We
       items           supply up to 24 samples per bottle type.

                       Bottle VarietY

                       Resin               Barex, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PETG,
                                           PP, PS, PVC, PCR
                       Size                23cc to 2.25 gal
                       Color               White, Natural
                       Process             BDS*, Shuttle, Injection Blow,
                                           Stretch Blow, Multilayer, Post-
                                           Consumer Regrind, Co-Extrusion,
                                           Window Stripe, Vertical Stripe
                       Market              Automotive, Beverage/Food,
                                           Healthcare, Household/Industrial
                                           Chemical, Liquor/Tobacco,
                                           Personal Care
                       Shape               Round, Oval, Oblong, Square, Tottle

                       sPecialtY iteMs
                       Gloss, Co-Extrusion, Bilayer, Grip Tight, Soft Touch

                       Silkscreen, Pressure Sensitive, Shrink Sleeve,
                       In-Mold Label, Heat Transfer
                       *Silgan’s proprietary Wheel Technology

                                            To place an order, please  
                                            contact your Account Manager, 
                                            CSR, Regional Sales Office  
                                            or call 800-274-5426
                                            Visit us online at  
sPecialtY iteMs

Of course, we’re
       not just bottles.
Silgan has a diverse offering of related specialty items
that can help complete or complement your order.

closures & fitMents
We offer both single and multi-piece dispensing
and non-dispensing fitments for the food and spice
markets. We’re also quite proud of our ability
to manufacture custom, injection-molded plastic
closures and related components to the most
detailed, exacting standards and offer you
complete packaging options.

                      fooD Plastics
                      Silgan offers OMNI
                      Technology, multilayer
                      injection blow molding.
                      So, if your customers’
                      brands happen to include
                      shelf-to-table microwavable
                      products...well, check out
                      our menu.

From facial scrubs to tanning
products, you’ll see our tubes
everywhere. We’re one of
the nation’s top suppliers of
multilayer tube packaging in
the cosmetic, personal care and
pharmaceutical markets.

               To place an order, please  
               contact your Account Manager, 
               CSR, Regional Sales Office  
               or call 800-274-5426
               Visit us online at  
creatiVe Design

Where your
brands take shape
  global                           shaping fresh         capturing the                      engineering
  trends                           approaches            possibilities                      the details

great Design...                                           Once the selection of concepts is narrowed down
begins with thorough research.                            to one or two designs, Silgan designers will
                                                          further develop your product within Unigraphics, a
We research the top brands from a global database
                                                          sophisticated three-dimensional engineering software
of consumer packaging developed from agents in
                                                          program, that will detail your product’s neck finish,
55 major international markets.
                                                          final shape, ounce capacity and label area. We can
Best of all, Silgan researchers take this information     create photo-realistic renderings for your review. Files
and summarize it for you to quickly review and discuss    can be used for further downstream development.
the findings with your own team.
                                                          Hold it in your hand within hours.
Conceptualizing and sketching are key elements in
                                                          And now for the exciting part! From a dimensionally
the creative design process.
                                                          correct Unigraphics digital file, Silgan can create a
Our goal is to collaboratively create new customer-       FDM model within a matter of hours, using one of
inspired package designs so that you can rapidly move     three in-house model making machines.
into the next stage of development.
                                                          We can go even further by decorating your package
These sketches and concepts reflect current market        with a printed label to replicate silkcreen printing,
and innovative next generation trends that can be         heat transfer, in-mold or pressure sensitive labeling.
reviewed and evaluated by your team that same day.

                                                          To take advantage of  
                                                          Silgan’s award-winning  
                                                          Creative Design Services Team, 
                                                          please call 770-243-5280
                                                          or 800-274-5426.
                                                          Visit us online at  
Packaging solutions

                      Green is far more than
                      just a decorative bottle.
There’s a true balance between innovative packaging and environmental
protection. While some companies are just beginning to understand and
adapt to this, Silgan has been practicing it for quite some time. In short,
we’re proud to do whatever we can to support our planet – from developing
sustainable packaging to managing our operations in an environmentally
responsible manner. Here are just some of the ways we do it:

                      •  Using resins that can be recycled in today’s recycling streams
                      •  Producing bottles from 5% up to 100% PCR content in both PET and
                         HDPE resins
                      •  Processing HDPE tri-layer bottles allowing customers to sandwich PCR in
                         the middle layer while avoiding product contact and allowing for a pristine
                         outer layer and optimum shelf appeal
                      •  Continually evaluating bio-resin alternatives
                      •  Reducing secondary packaging through multiuse returnable corrugate
                         and pallet programs or eliminating cartons completely by utilizing trays
                         or tier sheets

                      •  Optimizing product designs for maximum lightweighting opportunities
                      •  Utilizing TOPS software for maximum cube utilization during transportation
                         and warehousing

                      •  Investing in new, energy efficient equipment which allows for better
                         lightweighting opportunities across all materials and processes while
                         decreasing energy usage
                      •  Up to five-pass screen printing allows for a package with a smaller carbon
                         footprint than labeled bottles due to reduced energy usage, less transportation
                         and elimination of label backing
                      •  Energy, pollution and waste reduction plans in place for all facilities

                        If you’d like to know more about how Silgan can help partner with  
                        you to meet your company’s sustainability goals, please call your  
                        Account Manager, CSR, Regional Sales Office or call 800-274-5426.

                        Visit us online at

  If you or your customers want to know more about the products
  and services we offer, we have a number of presentations and
  sell sheets to help. Browse the list and let us know what you
  need. We update these materials on a regular basis, so please
  check back.

 Presentations                  BrocHures BrocHures
 To learn more about         •  Silgan Holdings
 our capabilities, choose       Introduction of Silgan Holdings: Silgan Containers,
 from this selection of         Silgan Plastics, Silgan White Cap and Silgan
 presentations:                 Equipment
•  Silgan General Overview •  Silgan Plastics Overview
   Silgan Corporate overview, Overview of Silgan Plastics’ Products:
   Silgan Plastics overview,    Bottles and Jars, Tubes, Specialty Caps and Fitments,
   technologies deployed        Food Plastics, Creative Services and Decoration
   and value-added services •  Silgan Plastics Personal Care Products
•  Shrink Sleeve             •  Silgan Plastics Healthcare Products
   Presentation              •  Silgan Plastics Food Products
   Shrink sleeve decoration
                             •  Cousins–Currie Product Guide
   introduction, advantages,
                                Mainly large ware products and technical parts from
   markets served, materials
                                a division of Silgan Plastics Canada
   used and Silgan’s
   capabilities              •  Plastic Tube Guide
                                Introduction of standard sizes, standard capacities,
•  Sustainable Packaging
                                orifice size guide, conversion formulas and tube
   Overview and Silgan
                                head styles
•  Secondary packaging,
   advantages and               sell sHeets                      DVDs
   disadvantages of current •  Bettix Offering                •  Creative Design
   packaging methods         •  Cousins-Currie PLW Series        Services
                             •  Mouthwash Offering           •  Silgan Technical
•  Silgan Plastics                                              Services
                             •  Salad Dressing Offering
   Creative Design                                           •  Shrink Sleeve Labeling
   Services                  •  Silgan Large Ware Offering
•  Research, concept         •  Syrup & Honey Offering
                                                               WeB site
   sketches, design          •  Vinegar Offering
                                                               To see our complete
   refinement, computer-     •  Silgan Ligonier                catalog and learn more
   aided design and          •  Silgan Mississauga             about Silgan Plastics
   prototyping               •  Silgan Triadelphia             visit
                             •  HDPE PCR Sell Sheet
                             •  PET PCR Sell Sheet
                             •  Materials Sustainability
                             •  Packaging Brochure
                             •  Silgan BDS – Proprietary
                                Wheel Technology
sales offices
US                                   Tubes                        Penn Yan Customer Service
East Coast – Langhorne, PA           1005 Courtaulds Drive        40 Powell Lane
180A Wheeler Court                   Woodstock, IL 60098          Penn Yan Industrial Park
Langhorne, PA 19047                  815-334-5327                 Penn Yan, NY 14527
215-891-8160 ext. 1401                                            315-536-5690
                                     Specialty Caps & Fitments
Midwest – St. Louis, MO              475 Technology Drive         Canada
14515 North Outer Forty, Suite 210   Dallas Industrial Park       400 Rowntree Dairy Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017               Triadelphia, WV 26059        Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 8H2
314-469-4679                         800-334-9862 ext. 4114       Canada
Midwest – Cincinnati, OH             Food Plastics
9310 LeSaint Drive                   1191 Lake Avenue
Fairfield, OH 45014                  Woodstock, IL 60098
513-874-2333 ext. 1                  815-338-7300 ext. 332

Manufacturing locations
US                                   Monroe, Georgia              Canada
Allentown, Pennsylvania              Ottawa, Ohio                 Lachine, Quebec
Cape Girardeau, Missouri             Penn Yan, New York           Mississauga, Ontario
Deep River, Connecticut              Plainfield, Indiana          Scarborough, Ontario
Flora, Illinois                      Port Clinton, Ohio           Woodbridge, Ontario
Franklin, Kentucky                   Seymour, Indiana
Houston, Texas                       Triadelphia, West Virginia
Langhorne, Pennsylvania              Woodstock, Illinois
Ligonier, Indiana

HeaDQuarters                         For information call  
14515 North Outer Forty              800-274-5426.
Suite 210                            Visit us online at  
Chesterfield, MO 63017     

tecHnologY center
Commercial Development Center
& Creative Design Services
1858 Meca Way
Norcross, GA 30093

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