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Cheerleading Handbook (DOC)



      School Board Members
     Sandra Robinson, Chairman
    Jeanne Morris, Vice chairman
            Diane Bauer
            Sylvia Pond
           Dede Schaffner

         Bill Vogel, Ed.D.
 Special thanks to the following administrators and staff who developed this

                 Ms. Jennifer Eisenmenger, Lake Howell High School
          Mrs. Mary Lane, Curriculum Specialist, Educational Support Center
           Mrs. Toni Norton, Assistant Principal, Lake Howell High School
                      Mrs. Jamie Taylor, Sanford Middle School

Revised 7/19/10                                                                2
                      Cheerleader Sponsor Handbook
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

   1.     District Philosophy

   2.     District Guidelines

   3.     Coaches Responsibilities/Duties

   4.     Tryouts

   5.     Events

   6.     Uniforms/Apparel

   7.     Safety Guidelines

   8.     Calendar/Timeline

   9.     Recruitment

   10.    Collaborative efforts

   11.    Parent/Guardian Involvement

   12.    Practices

   13.    Middle School Information

   14.    APPENDIX

          A. Cheerleading Emergency Plan
                                                E. Resources/Vendors
          B. Parent/Guardian
             Commitment Form

          C. Judges Packet (Tryouts)

          D. District Tryout Score Sheet

Revised 7/19/10                                                        3
1. District Cheerleading Philosophy:
"As cheerleaders and representatives of all students in Seminole County, Florida, and (insert
school's name), we dedicate our abilities and we pledge our efforts to generate unity, to
promote enthusiasm, to instill school spirit and to demonstrate good sportsmanship in (insert
school's name) community and among all institutions with whom we interact."

Seminole County Public Schools is committed to providing a cheerleading system that is
reflective of an inclusive cheerleading philosophy. Ongoing efforts ensure that a diverse
cheerleading program is available to all students.

Seminole County Public Schools provides fair and equitable access to cheerleading. To
accomplish this goal, administrators and cheerleader sponsors
   1. Ensure that students are not denied participation due to the lack of ability to pay;
   2. Recruit, encourage and select evaluation/judging committees that are racially and
      ethnically diverse;
   3. Encourage and recruit sponsors/coaches that are racially and ethnically diverse; and
   4. Strive to remove any perceived or existing barriers to cheerleading.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                            4
2. District Guidelines
A. School Administrator
Each school designates an administrator responsible for overseeing the school’s cheerleading

B. Cheerleading Sponsors/Coaches
Cheerleading sponsors must be employees of Seminole County Public Schools and abide by
the policies of the school district. The district policy on Relationships with Students must be
adhered to at all times. The District Policies are located on the website,
under Board/Policies.

C. Cheerleaders
Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege. Cheerleading is essential to the
overall positive climate at the school. Therefore, participation as a cheerleader requires a
high level of commitment, energy and maturity. All cheerleaders must abide by the Seminole
County Public Schools' Policy 4.6.2 on Extracurricular Activities. High School Cheerleaders
must also comply with the Florida High School Athletic Association’s (FHSAA) eligibility
requirements and standards. These requirements can be found at

Revised 7/19/10                                                                              5
3. Coaches Responsibilities/Duties
A. Certification
It is recommended that cheer coaches certify through the American Association of
Cheerleader Coaches and Advisors (AACCA). All head coaches and coaches of the
competitive squad are required to have this certification. Certification courses are available
through local cheerleading associations. All coaches of the high school competitive squads
must also comply with the requirements and trainings set forth by the FHSAA.

High school, non-faculty cheer coaches must also meet the requirements set forth by the
Florida Department of Education for the coaching endorsement.

B. District Cheerleader Committee
The District Cheerleader Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss pertinent issues,
policies, and procedures for high school and middle school cheerleader programs. Each
school should be represented at each meeting by the varsity coach and a school administrator.
Other coaches and sponsors are invited to attend. Members of the committee plan and
organize the cheerleader program and events for the year.

C. Cheer Squad Development/Team Building Skills
Objectives and goals for cheerleaders should be developed for each school/squad to facilitate
planning and implementation of school activities, performances, building school spirit and
pride, fundraising, and social activities for the cheerleaders. Rules and policies should be
developed to organize cheerleader practices, events, school conduct, dress code, and
representation of the school.

D. Cheerleader Handbook
Each school creates and distributes a Cheerleader Handbook to all cheerleaders and
parents/guardians. The handbook provides information about the cheerleader’s role in the
school; includes the mission statement; district philosophy; all cheer policies, safety rules,
conduct expectations, and dress code requirements; commitment statements; and cheerleader
expectations. It is recommended that a “receipt and acknowledgement of information form”
be signed by cheerleaders and parents/guardians to document that each cheerleader and
parent(s)/guardian(s) has received and understands the information in the Cheerleader

E. Tryouts
During the school year, each school organizes and holds a tryout for selection of cheerleader
squads. Cheerleader tryout candidates receive a Cheerleading Packet that includes: the Cheer
Philosophy, Sport Physical Form, Statement of Expectations, Time Line and Tryout Details,
Deadline for Packet Submission, Equipment, Costs/Deferment Options, and Tryout Score
Sheet. Cheerleading packets are to be distributed and collected on designated dates that are
advertised throughout the school using multiple media. A master copy of the Cheerleader
Packet should be available to immediately reproduce additional copies if demand is greater
than available packets.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                             6
F. Activities
Coaches are responsible for support of sports, pep rallies, assemblies, competitions, and other
general performances. Coaches prepare calendars and schedules for each cheerleader to list
apparel, game responsibilities, and other general information. Coaches communicate with
cheerleaders and parents as often as necessary regarding cheerleader events.

G. Supervision
Coaches are responsible for supervising cheerleaders at all events. Coaches may not leave
cheerleaders unattended at any time. Parents should not be asked to supervise, monitor, or
direct any event or situation. Coaches should not leave cheerleaders unattended before,
during, or after activities.

H. Budget Preparation
An annual budget, which includes all possible expenditures and methods of income, is
created annually and revised as needed. Budget considerations are as follows: tryout costs;
uniform purchases/rental costs; camp costs; banquet costs; fundraising; yearbook picture
costs; competition related expenses; performance costs; and other costs. The school
bookkeeper is available for assistance in filling out required forms.

I. Parent Communication
Parent information should be provided as often as necessary. Parent contact includes
telephone calls, meetings, newsletters, emails and websites. Parents are not required to attend
meetings or participate in activities. Many parents are eager to be involved with the program
and may help organize activities, distribute uniforms, or organize fundraisers. The
cheerleader program is enhanced with appropriate, frequent parent communication.

J. Mascots
If your school sponsors a mascot, rules, guidelines, and procedures should be developed for
the mascot. Schools may hold tryouts to select a mascot.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                              7
4. Cheerleader Tryouts
The Seminole County cheerleader program will conduct at least two tryouts each year for
high school cheerleader squads. High school tryouts for Varsity and Junior Varsity squads
are held during the spring. Freshman squad tryouts are held in August. High schools with
football and basketball squads may hold additional tryouts during the school year if

Publicity and communication related to tryout details must be sent to all schools--public and
private, churches, and community centers to advertise the tryout date, location, and time. A
meeting with parents and prospective cheerleaders is held to communicate information
related to the tryout clinic and contained in the cheerleader information packet. It is
recommended, but not mandatory, for parents to attend this meeting. Cheerleader information
packets should include:

      Cheerleader policies and procedures
      Cheerleader Costs: uniform rental, accessories
      Fundraising Responsibilities
      Cheerleader forms, field trip forms, parental permission forms
      Physical Forms/Safety Guidelines
      Video Release Forms
      Commitment/Schedule Information
      Camp Information
      Judging Criteria
      Teacher Recommendations

Clear deadlines for packet receipt must be included in all communications. A clinic that
teaches all cheers, dances, jumps, stunting, and other relevant information for tryouts must be
held prior to the tryout date. Judges from professional organizations should be selected early
to ensure communication of district policy and judging criteria. Refer to the Appendix for all
tryout information and judges’ information.

The coach will secure a safe, appropriate location and the required mats for the clinic and
tryout. Students must be monitored at all times during the clinic/tryout to ensure safety.
Coaches must communicate to the cheerleaders when and where squad selection will be

Revised 7/19/10                                                                              8
5. Events
A. Cheer camp
Cheer camp is usually held in the summer. There are different types of cheer camps to
choose from: county cheer camps, vendor cheer camps and private cheer camps are available.
The purpose of participating in cheer camp is to provide an opportunity for
    Expert instruction on specific skills and stunting techniques,
    Team building (squad moral, teamwork),
    Communication with other schools and squads,
    Learning tools to increase crowd involvement, and
    Recognizing your squads’ strengths and weaknesses.

The selected cheer camp must be local. Cheerleaders are not allowed to stay over-night at
the camp. Please see the cost containments requirements for camp.

B. Cheerleading Competitions
Each school is allowed to compete; per the approval of their school’s Principal. Middle
Schools are only allowed to participate in two competitions per year. Each competition must
be local, and at no cost to the participants. All costs for the event must be fundraised.
High school squads are allowed to participate in four competitions per year. All competitions
must be local and all costs for participating must be fundraised. District sponsored
competitions and other district exhibition events, such as Cheer Fest, do not count as one of
the four allowed competitions.
        *Exception: high schools that choose to participate in the FHSAA State
Championship will be allowed to travel and stay overnight if the distance to the venue is
prohibitive for daily travel to and from the event. Participation in the FHSAA Championship
Series will count as one of the four allowed competitions.
        *Students will not be responsible for the costs incurred for participation in and travel
to the State Championship. The funds to cover these expenses need to be secured through
fundraising efforts and/or booster club support.
        *District policy requires that overnight field trips have the approval of the Principal
and Executive Director. The request for overnight field trips must be submitted a minimum
of 30 days in advance.

Squads competing at the FHSAA State Competition must comply with FHSAA rules and

C. Games/Parades/Pep Rallies
Cheerleading squads are expected to support and participate in a variety of events in the
school and community. These include, but are not limited to, sporting events, school and
community parades, pep rallies and other events that foster and promote school spirit.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                               9
6. Uniforms/Apparel/Expenditures
To support the district’s commitment to ensuring that cheerleading is available to all
students, it is recommended that as much of the cost as possible be fundraised. In order to
support cost containment, cheerleader sponsors are encouraged to minimize non essential
items that add cost to the cheerleading program, such as monogramming cheerleader names
on items, additional practice uniforms, additional cheerleader accessories, etc.

High school maximum approved expenditures should not exceed $400 per cheerleader which
includes camp and related expenses. Middle school maximum approved expenditures should
not exceed $200. The goal is to maximize the amount of fundraising efforts to defer these
costs. Students cannot be asked to pay for the costs associated with cheerleading. Fund
raising efforts need to be in place to secure funds to cover the expenditures. Scholarships are
provided for any student that indicates a need.

Students should not be excluded from participating in activities for lack of money for dues,
materials, or uniforms. Provided however, this does not apply to charging admission for
students who are spectators of extracurricular activities.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                             10
7. Safety Guidelines
The Seminole County Cheerleading Safety Guidelines provide a safe environment for
cheerleaders and coaches.

A. General Guidelines

      Any student participating on your cheerleading squad must have a current physical on
       file. Coaches are responsible for keeping a Seminole County Public Schools
       Athletics Emergency Card (SCPS Form 1416) in their possession for each squad
      Cheer coaches must be aware of and understand the legal liability and responsibility
       involved with any physical activity. Becoming safety certified through organizations
       such as AACCA or NCSSE will provide coaches and sponsors with working
       knowledge of liability and proper stunting and spotting techniques.
      Anytime a cheerleader engages in physical activity the coach must be present.
       Cheerleaders are not allowed to practice on their own without a coach present.
      Prior to stunting, coaches and participants should be trained in various spotting
       techniques and safety measures.
      Coaches will need to use a Stunt Progression/Qualification Worksheet (provided in
       appendix) when performing stunts.
      Stunting should be performed on a dry, level surface. For additional safety you may
       utilize cheer mats or a suitable grassy area.
      A proper warm-up and stretch should precede any physical activity.
      Since cheerleading is an athletic activity involving coordination, muscular strength,
       muscular endurance, power, agility, and several other components of fitness, a
       strength and conditioning program should be implemented.
      Coaches should recognize their squad’s ability level and develop a program that
       provides for a safe challenge and success.
      To ensure your team is learning proper spotting and stunting techniques, scheduling a
       cheer camp is recommended.
      An Emergency Plan should be developed and practiced with your squad. This plan is
       for catastrophic injuries that require immediate medical response. A sample
       Emergency Plan is available in the Appendix.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                          11
B. Environment
Practices should be held in a safe, controlled area. This area should be well lighted, the
ground will need to be level, and free of any potential safety hazards. Practices should be
isolated from excessive noise and distractions.

C. Stunting Safety and Guidelines
For all Stunting and Safety Guidelines refer to the National Federation of State High School
Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Book and the FHSAA Competitive Cheerleading Rules
and Regulations. The Spirit Rules Book is available through Mary Lane, Curriculum
Department, Educational Support Center. The FHSAA Competitive Cheerleading Rules and
Regulations are available online at

Revised 7/19/10                                                                          12
8. Calendar/Timeline

A. Calendar and Timeline
Each season throughout the school year is dedicated to defined sports and activities. It is
important that the coach maintain a list of all scheduled events in which the cheerleaders are
expected/required to attend. Below is a general guideline for a calendar of events. (Please
reference your school’s calendar)

             Fall                          Winter                         Spring                          Summer
    Freshmen Tryouts                  Basketball Tryouts                  Banquet                      Cheer Camp
Tryouts should be held in                 (Optional)                                            See Events section for
                                                                   Banquets are held after
accordance with FHSAA                                                                           types of camps.
                                                                   basketball season, but
guidelines. Please see your
                                                                    before spring tryouts       Camp dates must be
school’s facilities director to
                                                                       (OPTIONAL).              determined prior to
schedule a place and time
                                                                                                tryouts. See your camp
                                                                                                provider for date and time

      Football games                  Basketball Games            Junior Varsity/Varsity              Physical Night
In accordance with FHSAA          See Principal for guidelines           Tryouts                Each school has a host
calendar                          on home and away games.                                       physician that performs
                                                                 Tryout packets must be
                                                                                                physicals for students prior
                                                                 available at least 1 month
Check with Athletic Director      Check with Athletic                                           to the start of school.
                                                                 before the tryout date.
to get schedule for the year      Director to get both girls’                                   Contact your athletic
and for scrimmage games.          and boys’ game schedules       Tryouts are usually held in    director and/or facilities
                                                                 Spring. Please see your        director for dates and
                                                                 school’s facilities director   information.
                                                                 to schedule a place and
          Pep Rallies                Competition Season                  Fundraising
See your Activities Asst.            (Principal’s approval       After tryouts is a good time
Principal to get calendar.                 required)             to begin for the next school
Pep rallies are usually during    See the Events section for     year.
school; reference assembly        guidelines
bell schedule.
  Homecoming Festivities                                             Football Jamboree
Parades, Powder Puff                                             Pre-season varsity game
Check with your school’s                                         See your athletic Director
leadership/SGA sponsors to                                       for date, place and time
get a listing of activities.
                                                                 Practice for jamboree
                                                                 game, and to work on basic
                                                                 skills to prepare for camp
                                                                 Physicals are valid for 365
                                                                 days from the date of the
                                                                 physical exam.
                                                                 (See FSHAA guidelines)

Revised 7/19/10                                                                                                  13
9. Recruitment

Seminole County Public Schools is committed to cheerleader programs which provide
opportunities for all students to become involved.            Recruitment should include
communication to all middle and high school students who may be interested in trying out
for the cheerleader program. Notification of tryouts with dates and locations should be sent
to public and private schools, churches, community leaders, and community centers. Letters,
posters, and other information should include persons to contact, telephone numbers,
application deadlines, as well as tryout dates, and locations of meetings. In addition,
communication about the tryouts should be sent to school newspapers, local newspapers,
posted on school web sites, and school broadcasting centers. High schools should provide
opportunities for middle school cheerleader squads to cheer at high school football and
basketball games, which is an effective recruitment tool.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                          14
10. Collaborative Efforts

The District Cheer Committee promotes cheerleader programs that build and solidify
effective relationships between the middle and high schools so that all cheerleaders will have
positive, successful experiences. Cheer coaches from each school in the high school feeder
pattern cluster should work together to plan collaborative events for their squads.

High School Coaches should provide as many opportunities as possible for middle school
cheerleaders to participate in high school games and activities. Football games, basketball
games, and Homecoming activities are all opportunities to involve middle school
cheerleaders in cheerleading events. Many schools include middle school squads with
community/charity fundraising efforts, as well as performances for the general public.

Information about cheerleader programs should be included in elementary and middle school
orientation meetings. High school cheerleaders are encouraged to volunteer their services to
help with middle school practices and performances and to lend their expertise in developing
cheers and teaching skills.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                            15
11. Parent/Guardian Involvement
Parental support and involvement contributes to the success of cheerleading squads. Each
school may choose to develop policies and procedures outlining the role, responsibilities,
commitment and involvement of parents and/or guardians of their cheerleaders. The
following are suggestions on how to secure parental support and how to define parental
commitment and involvement.

   I.     Communication
          A. Parent/Guardian Information – name, phone numbers, etc.
          B. Letters, flyers, notes home, email, website
          C. Academic requirements and status - inform parents/guardians of academic
             requirements and status for participation in cheerleading
          D. Phone log – record of parent/guardian contacts and communications

   II.    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
          A. Parent/Guardian Consent and Acknowledgement Form
          B. Transportation:
             Parents/Guardians are responsible for picking up students following a
             cheerleading practice or event in a timely fashion. Failure to abide by this
             rule may result in a parent conference and an administrator/sponsor review.
          C. Uniforms/Proper Attire for practices and events:
             Parents/Guardians should be aware of what attire is required for practices and
             events and should assist the coach in ensuring their child abides by the
             uniform/attire requirements.
          D. Fundraising:
             Parents/Guardians will be notified of upcoming fundraising projects and
             procedures. Parents/Guardians willing and able to assist in fundraising
             projects should contact the coach/sponsor for additional information.

   III.   Parent/Guardian Participation and/or Attendance at Practices
          and Events:
          Each coach/sponsor/school should outline policies and procedures regarding
          parents/guardians’ attendance and participation at practices and events.

          A. Sportsmanship:
             Emphasize the need for modeling appropriate sportsmanship and conduct at
             practices and events in order to promote the philosophy of the school district
             and school’s squad and maintain a positive environment for all participants.

          B. Attendance:
                  1. Practices
                  2. Events
                  3. Tryouts

Revised 7/19/10                                                                         16
12. Practices

A. Getting Started After Tryouts – Planning Practices

              Understand the purpose of your squad. Is your team cheering for football,
               basketball, or volleyball? Will your team compete?
              Next, what components will you focus on? Cheers, sideline chants, line-ups,
               jumps, stunts, tumbling, pep rally routines, time-out, sideline routines, etc.
              Once you have outlined your squads’ purpose and what components will be
               practiced, set long term and short term goals with your team.
              From these goals develop a timeline incorporating goals, games, practices and
               events. You might find you are moving faster or slower in certain areas so
               modify your timeline accordingly.

B. Your First Practice

              Establish your rules and expectations during practice.
              Give cheerleaders a brief overview of the structure for practice.
              Fill out your Cheer Emergency Plan with your team. Practice this plan.
              Use teambuilding and ice breaker activities to acclimate the cheerleaders to a
               team environment.
              During practice explain the purpose of the activities so that the cheerleaders
               will buy into your program.
              Teach spotting techniques for stunting.
              Implement your stunt progression plan.

C. Keys to developing effective practices

Every coach has their own style and you may already have determined what you like to do at
practice. Listed below is a basic guideline for practice.

A basic practice may look like this:

           1. Warm-Up and Stretch (10 minutes-15 minutes)
                a. 3-5 minutes of cardiorespiratory activity will allow blood flow to
                   muscles; once the muscles are warm administer a comprehensive
                   stretch. Not only is the cardiorespiratory activity acting as a warm-up,
                   but it could also slightly improve cardiorespiratory and muscular
                   endurance. This stretch will work to prevent injuries and improve
                b. During your stretch you can outline the goals of today’s practice.

           2. Review / Skill Warm-Up (5 minutes – 10 minutes)
                 a. During this section review what was learned at the last practice and
                    segway into your Skill Work for today’s practice.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                           17
          3. Skill work (15 minutes –30 minutes)
                 a. During this section you will work on the skill portion of cheerleading.
                    These components are cheers, sideline chants, line-ups, jumps, stunts,
                    tumbling, pep rally routines, time-out, sideline routines, or any other
                    activity that you may need to perform.

          4. Review your Skill Work (5 minutes – 10 minutes)
                a. Use this time to go over what was learned during this practice. For
                   example, if your team was working on a particular stunt, have each
                   group show the stunt to the team. This will allow for team support, a
                   performance setting for the group doing the stunt and a chance to
                   review the important points of practice.

          5. Strength and Conditioning (5 minutes – 10 minutes)
                 a. Use various exercises to improve your teams’ cardiorespiratory health,
                    muscular strength, muscular endurance, coordination and flexibility.
                    You may vary this program to cheerleading specific activities that
                    promotes the skill and health related components of fitness used in
                 b. Relays and games are a fun way of making this an effective part of
                 c. Contact your school’s P.E. coach for specifics. Coaches’ conferences
                    such as FACA and some cheer camps may provide some suggestions.

D. Suggestions

             Challenge your cheerleaders. Give them goals they will need to work to
              accomplish. This will give your squad a feeling of accomplishment and
             Find ways to make games and projects with your skills. For example, you
              could divide your team into their stunt groups and make each group
              responsible for developing a mini-routine including one of their cheers, a
              couple of stunts and a jump. Give them 10 minutes to do this and then have a
              show and tell session.
             Use your cheerleaders as a creative source of input for developing routines,
              cheers and timeouts. By giving the cheerleaders input you are giving them
              ownership of the program, which will help to instill pride in their roles as
             Parents can be a wonderful resource for cheerleader support that includes
              banquets, team dinners or special events.
             Make skills solid and clean so that when they are performed for an audience
              the cheerleaders are successful. Always look top notch!!!
             Have Fun!!!

Revised 7/19/10                                                                         18
13. Middle School Information

Middle School Cheerleading Tryout Protocol
Middle Schools have flexible tryout options. The goal of middle school cheerleading is to
allow as many students to participate as possible.

There are two different types of tryouts for Middle School Cheerleading Programs:

       1) Non-Selective Cheerleader Selection – if a school allows all students who tryout
          to participate in cheerleading then the coaches may use “judges” of their choice.
          This tryout process provides students with an experience that mirrors a selective
          high school tryout.

       2) Selective Cheerleader Selection – if some students are selected to be
          cheerleaders and others are not, then a school is REQUIRED to use the same
          tryout format as high schools. This includes but is not limited to selecting diverse
          judges and use of the District Cheerleading Tryout Score Sheet (SCPS form 1352)

Tryout Schedule

Option 1: SPRING tryout for current 6th and 7th graders

Option 2: FALL tryout for all squads

Note: Students who are current 5th graders will tryout in the FALL.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                            19
                                APPENDIX A
                        CHEERLEADING EMERGENCY PLAN

                            Cheerleading Emergency Plan
Team                            Name                              Year_________________

This plan is to be implemented when immediate medical response is needed (when an ambulance needs to
be called.) The coach and every member of your squad should have a copy of this form and, if possible,
posted in your practice area.


         Call 911

         ____________________________ & _____________________________

“Hello, my name is “ YOUR NAME”, I am located at ___________________ School and a cheerleader
has been hurt and we need medical assistance. We are located (Describe the location where the injured
cheerleading), we have cheerleaders in place to help direct the ambulance. (Describe the injury)

Get Athletic Trainer (If available)

         ________________________________ & ______________________________

Go to (describe closest access road to school where the ambulance would be arriving)

         ________________________________ & _______________________________

Hold Doors and Direct

         ________________________________ & ________________________________

Notify Administration

         _________________________________ & ________________________________

Take team members away from situation, remain in vicinity, and remain calm.

         _________________________________ & _________________________________

Date Developed____________________________ Date Practiced____________________

   Revised 7/19/10                                                                                  20
                                          APPENDIX B

                   (School Name) Parent/Guardian Commitment Form

My child, __________________________ has my permission to participate in cheerleading at
(School Name). I understand that he/she must abide by the rules and regulations. I further
understand that my child’s participation in all events is mandatory. As a parent/guardian, I am
responsible for my child’s transportation to and from practices, designated events, and
fundraising events. (Optional statement - I also understand that all practices are closed.) I
understand that the very nature of the activity carries the risk of physical injury.

_______________________________             ___/___/___
     Parent/Guardian (print)                   Date


Revised 7/19/10                                                                                   21
                                 APPENDIX C
                         JUDGES ORIENTATION PACKET

The head sponsor and activity administrator will orient the judges prior to the cheerleading
tryouts. Each cheerleading judge will sign a commitment statement indicating he/she will abide
by Seminole County Public Schools procedures for tryouts and for using the District
Cheerleading Tryout Score Sheet.

The following information will be included in the orientation packet:

Seminole County Public Schools Mission Statement
      The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all students acquire
      the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in adult life.

District Cheerleading Philosophy
        “As cheerleaders and representatives of all students in Seminole County, Florida, and
        (insert your school’s name), we dedicate our abilities and we pledge our efforts to
        generate unity, to promote enthusiasm, to instill school spirit, and to demonstrate good
        sportsmanship in (insert your school’s name) community and among all institutions with
        whom we interact.”

District Cheerleading Tryout Score Sheet

       Appropriate Use
       Seminole County Public Schools recognizes the value of providing the opportunity for all
       students to participate in cheerleading, regardless of previous cheerleading experiences.
       The Seminole County Public Schools Cheerleader Tryout Score Sheet has been designed
       to eliminate barriers for candidates who have not had a gymnastic background. Each
       candidate will be judged on showmanship, dance, chant, and cheer. Each candidate will
       select a final category worth 20 points, either Jump or Tumbling.

       Selection of Jumps or Tumbling
       Each candidate will indicate his/her choice of “jump or tumbling” immediately before
       performing that skill during the tryout process.

Signature page for commitment statement

Revised 7/19/10                                                                               22

As indicated by the signature below, I _________________________________ (print name)
confirm that prior to cheerleading tryouts, the Activity Administrator reviewed the Seminole
County Public Schools Cheerleading Judges’ Orientation Packet with me. This packet includes
the Seminole County Public Schools mission statement, the District Cheerleading Philosophy,
and the District Cheerleading Score Sheet.

Seminole County Public Schools recognizes the value of providing the opportunity for all
students to participate in cheerleading, regardless of previous cheerleading experiences. The
Seminole County Public Schools Cheerleader Tryout Score Sheet has been designed to eliminate
barriers for candidates who have not had a gymnastic background. Each candidate will be judged
on showmanship, dance, chant, and cheer. Each candidate will select a final category worth 10
points, either Jump or Tumbling. I understand the cheerleader tryout candidates may elect to
jump or tumble, and that each student will indicate his/her choice prior to performing the skill
during tryouts.

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Revised 7/19/10                                                                              23
                      CHEER JUDGES AND SUPERVISION

   Human Resources has indicated that cheer judges do not have to be finger
   printed because the cheer administrator will be with the judges at all times.
    However, the district protocol should be followed when using volunteers,
             dividends or outside consultants with the cheerleaders.

Revised 7/19/10                                                            24
                           Seminole County Public Schools


                                     Judge’s Initials: ______

        PERFORMANCE               Possible          Tryout      Tryout     Tryout     Tryout
        REQUIREMENTS              Points            #           #          #          #
Confidence/Poise                        10
Spirit/Enthusiasm                       10
Presentation/Athleticism                10
Knowledge of Material                   10
Enthusiasm                              10
Motion Technique                        10
Voice Projection                        10
Overall Presentation                    10
Knowledge of Material                   10
Enthusiasm                              10
Motion Technique                        10
Voice Projection                        10
Overall Presentation                    10
Rhythm/Coordination/Timing              10
Enthusiasm/Showmanship                  10
Knowledge of Material                   10
Jump/Tumble – Best of 2
Execution                               10
Height                                  10
Landing                                 10
Technique                               10

Total Points:                         200

                           Distribution: White copy – Coach              Yellow copy - File

Revised 7/19/10                                                                               25
                               APPENDIX D

Seminole County Public Schools does not endorse or recommend any vendors, cheer gyms,
instructional programs, cheer camps, or cheer clinics.

Revised 7/19/10                                                                   26

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