LTS Brochure 1st July by AttFarrell


									It is preferable to have your child assessed before being placed into a class. This excludes the Penguins level. All
our classes include survival skills. Bookings are essential and can be made by seeing one of our Reception Staff.

  WATER BABIES 6mths to 1 year / 30 minute Class / Class Size = 6
  1. Introduction to water. Improve confidence in water for both parent and child. 2. To learn
  how to hold your baby correctly on front and back. 3.Encourage water movement.
  4. Gradually submerge with jump off side. 5. Games and songs.

  PARENT & CHILD 1 to 2 years old / 30 minute class / Class Size = 6
  1. To improve water confidence for both of you. 2. To improve assisted water movement for
  both of you. 3. Entry into water for the child and return to the side and to hold on.
  4. Gradually submerging. 5. Prepare for Penguin Level.

  STARFISH—Entry via assessment only by LTS Manager
  2 years onwards / 30 minute class / Class Size = 5
  1. To improve water confidence for child. 2. Paddle and kick independently. 3. Dog paddle
  15m 4. Back float 15m 5. Submerge and blow bubbles.
  Transition class preparing for Penguin level.

  PENGUINS 2 years onwards / 30 minute class / Class Size = 5
  1. Jump into water and return to side. 2. Paddle and kick independently.
  3. Dog paddle 15m 4. Back float 15m 5. Submerge and blow bubbles.

  OTTERS 30 minute class / Class Size = 5
  1. Freestyle drill 2. Back Float without help. 3. Backstroke drill 4.Kicking on back
  12 metres, tummy up, toes up. 5.Children must Swim Without Aids.

  PLATYPUS 30 minute class / Class Size = 5
  1. Dive into water and return to side. 2. Kicking and bubbling. 3. Freestyle 15m, using
  correct stroke and breathing. 4. Backstroke 15m.

  DOLPHINS 45 minute class / Class Size = 8
  1. Freestyle 20m 2. Backstroke 20m 3. Introduce basic breaststroke and butterfly.
  4. Introduce dive starts and tumble turns.

  SEALS 45 minute class / Class Size = 8
  1.Freestyle 30m. 2. Backstroke 30m. 3. Basic breaststroke and butterfly skills.
  4. Introduction to tumble turns. 5. Improve dive starts.

  SHARKS 45 minute class / Class Size = 8
  1.50m freestyle and backstroke. 2. 50m breaststroke and butterfly.
  3. Ongoing stroke development readying students for Development Squad.
  4. Starts, turns, streamlining and diving.

  DEVELOPMENT SQUAD 60 minute class /Class Size = 10
  1. Continuing Stroke correction in all 4 strokes, as a preparation for Bronze Squad.
  2. Starts and turns. 3. Stroke drills.

  ADULT/TEEN LEARN TO SWIM CLASSES 45 minute class /Class Size = 6
  1.Improve water safety and confidence. 2. Enter and exit water safely. 3. Learn a
  recognisable swimming stroke. 4. Move independently through the water. 5. Develop
  skills to a desired level.
  Different Levels available. Cater to beginner in both shallow and deep water.
  Bookings on assessment only.
          LEARN TO SWIM                                      FAMILY DISCOUNTS
              Monday – Friday                           Discounts apply when lessons are booked at
            Morning & Afternoon                        the same time for children in the same family.
            Saturday & Sunday
           Mornings ½ hr Lessons                                Second Child               $54.00
   Includes entry for x 2 Adult Spectators
                                                                Third Child                $54.00
 10 Lessons x 2 per week $116.00 for 5 weeks                    Fourth Child               $30.00
 Or 5 Lessons x 1 per week $60.00 for 5 weeks                   Fifth Child                $54.00
            Casual Lesson $13.00                                Sixth Child                $54.00
         Private Lesson ½ hr $35.00

LEARNING TO SWIM - Learning to Swim can be a difficult skill and how long each child takes to
master these skills varies. Children cannot Learn to Swim in 5 weeks and if you wish to see “real”
improvement you must be prepared to be patient and keep rebooking your child until they can
swim competently. Even through Winter!
LEARN TO SWIM BLOCKS - Ripples Learn to Swim operates a 5 week programme of one or
two lessons per week. You MUST rebook for each 5 weekly block.
   WEEK 1                                      First week of lessons begin.

   WEEK2                                 Re-booking period for existing customers.
                           This is your chance to retain your existing class, time and instructor.

   WEEK 3             The second week of re-booking. Re-booking ends on the Saturday of this week.
                                           Swap Day is the Sunday of this week.
                              This is your chance to change levels, times, days or teachers.

WEEK 4 & 5                    The programme is opened up for new customers to book into.

LOYALTY PROGRAMME & RISK REVERSAL POLICY - To recognise the loyalty of our
customers, we offer a family discount on a block of Learn to Swim lessons after you have
completed 5 consecutive blocks. This discount applies to the first child only. We also have a
Risk Reversal Policy in place. If you are not completely satisfied with your lessons and inform us
by the end of Week 2 you will receive a full refund, otherwise a $5 cancellation fee is incurred.
SWAPPING CLASSES - If you wish to change instructor, day or time, you may do so on the third
Sunday of the block. It is simply a matter of contacting Reception who will advise you of positions
available and then swap you into the class you decide.
MAKE UP LESSONS - If you are unable to attend your class, you must inform the Centre by
9.30am on the day of the lesson for morning classes and 4.00pm for afternoon and evening
classes, otherwise the class will be forfeited.
Make-up Lessons are NOT GUARANTEED and a maximum of 2 will only be given in the event
of a prolonged illness. Make-up classes are available where illness prevents the child attending
their normal class. (Doctor’s Certificate must be provided)
Notification of absence must be received before the scheduled class. Make-up classes do not
replace your normal class or reduce your next block fees. Make-up lessons must be taken in the
current block or they will be forfeited. The only exception will be illness in the last week of lessons
in the block.
ASSESSMENTS - If your child is not a beginner, we recommend that you make use of our free
assessments so that one of our instructors can advise which would be the most appropriate class
for your child. For Assessment dates please contact Reception and register your name - this is a
free service.
SWIPE CARDS - The Centre uses Swipe Cards to gain entry for Learn to Swim classes. You
MUST have this card with you to enter a class. You will not be issued with this card until the
Centre has received full payment. Please be mindful that payments are due in the first week
of a block.

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