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April 2008 - Georgia Baptist College of Nursing


									                                        Pi Gamma
   Spring 2008
   Volume 1, Issue 1

                              Honor Society a Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International
                              Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University

                             Message from the President
Individual Highlights:
                                                                                            Biennial Convention in
                              Dear Members,                   global nursing initiatives,   Baltimore, Md. I want to
                                                              collaborate with nurses       personally thank every
 Inductees           2
                              As we move into another         worldwide and connect         one that has contributed to
 Member News         3                                                                      the success of Pi Gamma
                              biennium, we are                with members on an
 Board Members       4        encouraged by our new           international level. I        chapter. Most importantly,
                              President Carol Huston          encourage each one of you     I would like to thank Dr.
 Convention Info     5                                                                      Susan Gunby, Dean, for
                              RN, MSN, DPA, FAAN              to visit the Sigma Theta
 Nominations       5, 6, 7    to help build on the Vision     Tau International website     her support of the chapter.
                              2020 goal of Sigma Theta                                      Many thanks are also
 Ballot              8                                        to learn more about
                              Tau International to                                          extended to the faculty
                                                              Vision 2020 and the           and staff of Georgia
                              become “intentionally           additional key themes         Baptist College of
                              global”. In its mission         that will drive our           Nursing of Mercer
                              to improve nursing care         organization. I want us all   University.
                              worldwide, Sigma Theta          to celebrate the
                              Tau continues to establish      accomplishments of Pi                  Sincerely,
                              alliances with                  Gamma. We earned our
                              international health care       FOURTH Chapter Key            Curlissa Mapp MSN, RN
                              organizations, support          award at the 39th

                             Convention Report – Mary Hudgins Vice President
                                Pi Gamma was well             Gamma attended the           member Diane E. White,
                                represented in November       conference.                  Ph.D., RN, CCRN, Chair of
                                when more than 2,000                                       the Department of Nursing,
                                nurses from around the        Innovations in Clinical      Georgia Perimeter College,
                                world met in Baltimore,       Excellence Evidence-Based received this award for her
                                Maryland to participate in    Practice Awards              research, Decreasing Sepsis
                                the honor society’s 39th      Honor society CEO Nancy      Mortality through
    We’re on the                biennial convention,          Dickenson-Hazard, President International Evidence-
      Web at                    which was themed Vision to    Carol Picard, RN, PhD, and   Based Practice
http://nursing.mercer.ed        Action: Global Health         Judith Mitiguy, Nursing      Collaboration
       u/pigamma/               Through                       Spectrum Editor in Chief,
                                Collaboration. During the     presented the Innovations in Bylaws changes
   Contact us at                convention, nurses from 33    Clinical Excellence          Dare Domico, RN, DSN and
                                countries gave 850 original   Evidence-Based Practice      Mary Hudgins, RN, MSN
   678-413-9117                                                                            served as delegates to the
                                presentations describing      Contest Awards, co-
                                research and projects                                      convention. There were
                                                              sponsored by the honor
                                designed to improve                                        several important changes to
                                                              society and Nursing
                                worldwide health care by                                   the bylaws of Sigma Theta
                                                              Spectrum. The award
                                advancing nursing science,    recognizes projects that     Tau International and they
                                practice, education,          integrate current best       will be presented at our
                                administration and policy                                  Spring Meeting in February.
                                                              evidence with clinical
                                development. Ten members      expertise to guide clinical
                                and two students from Pi      nursing practice. Pi Gamma
                          Pi Gamma Newsletter                                 Page 2 of 8

Inductees December 2007
The 2007 Induction Ceremony for the Pi Gamma Chapter was held on December 7, 2007.
The ceremony was attended by faculty members, community members, and friends and family of
the 46 inductees. Our speaker for the ceremony was Dr. Betty L. Siegel, President Emeritus of
Kennesaw State University. Her presentation was both inspiring and motivating to all those in
attendance. We look forward to active participation in the chapter by all of our new members!

     Emily Battaglia       Laura Hudgens           Megan Wolfe
     Amy Carmichael        Ashley Jackson          Kimberly Roe
     Annie Cawthon         Julie Jones             Nicoya Rolle
     Kelly Chalmers        Dawn Keller             Robin Rozes
     Brittany Clark        Meredith Lanier         Shaleena Sajwani
     Christie Crawford     Holly Leblanc           Brianne Shanks
     Lauren Dean           Susanna Lee             Lindsey Smith
     James Diangelo        Bridget Lepley          Jennifer Swartley
     Charissa Faith        Pamela Loundy           Andrea Toth
     Cassaundra Faultry    James Manor             Amanda Wall
     Sara Fowler           Kathleen Masters        Ashley Welborn
     Yendi Gomes           Leena Mitchell          Natalie Whitworth
     Audrey Grizzle        Mary Glenn Moorhead     Claire Reeves
     Whitney Hardwick      Erin Powers             Rebecca Young
     Angela Hawthorne      Whitney Pozgar
     Deena Holloway        Tiffany Prowell

From the desk of Dr. Pattie Troyan
Chair of Scholarship & Research Committee
 ATTENTION Senior                 Undergraduate                        Students faculty and
 Leadership students: Pi          Community Health &                   Chapter members
 Gamma Chapter of Sigma           Leadership & Graduate                interested in further
 Theta Tau International has      students offers an award             information for any of
 limited funding to support       for students who                     the above
 the expenses related to          demonstrate outstanding              opportunities should
 your senior project.             writing ability.                     contact Dr. Pattie
                                                                       Troyan by email at
 ATTENTION: Graduate              ATTENTION: All members     
 students: Pi Gamma               of Pi Gamma Chapter of
 Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau       Sigma Theta Tau: The                 Check the easel by the
 International has limited        Chapter has limited                  student mailboxes for
 funding to support the           funding to support                   specific deadlines for
 expense related to your          research efforts for                 individual awards.
 thesis.                          qualified proposals.
Page 3 of 8                              Pi Gamma Newsletter

 Member News
  Amanda Goodwin RN is now a FNP working in Houston, Texas in a clinic for the homeless.

  Michelle Clark, RN, Assistant Manager of Nursing, Emergency Department, Children’s Healthcare of
  Atlanta recently was cited as a source in a published article in ED NURSING (January 2008). It was
  called “Knowing the Early Signs of Shock”. She can be contacted at phone: (404) 785-6788 or e-mail at

  "Dr. JoEllen Dattilo, Dr. Linda Streit, and Dr. M. Kathleen Brewer, now at KUMC, presented their
  research on faculty role perspectives and lessons learned. The presentation was entitled "Voices of
  Experience: Reflections of Nurse Educators." After the convention, the faculty were contacted by the
  Journal of Continuing Nursing Education about submission of an article. The article is now under review
  for publication."

  Susan S. Gunby has been invited to serve on the International Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta
  Tau, Chapter Leadership and Mentoring Task Force (CLMTF) for the 2007-2009 biennium. Dr. Fay
  Bower will chair this task force. The below bolded text is from the email from Dr. Carol Huston, STTI
          “ . . . the primary goals for this task force are to identify best practices in chapter mentoring
         programs and develop a template for both
         individual member and new officer mentoring programs at the chapter
         level. In addition, the task force will be asked to develop a position
         statement on the need for leadership development and mentoring at the
         chapter level, and to serve as consultants in contributing to and
         reviewing content developed for the International Leadership Institute.

         This task force reports directly to the Board of Directors of
         STTI. Membership on this task force will be limited to 10-15 members
         internationally so this is a select invitation”.

  Susan S. Gunby has been appointed to an American Nurses Association task force to revise the Scope and
  Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development document.

  Susan S. Gunby has been asked to serve as a judge for the NSNA’s Leader of Leaders Award for 2008.
  This will be the second year she has served as a judge.

  John G. Summerville RN MN, was featured in an article in the Pulse (November 2007). The article was an
  interview with the Nursing Instructor, where he explained his passion for teaching nursing and his calling
  as a teacher. This article was reprinted a second time in the Mercer University Newsletter.

 Seeking Former Members
  If you know of any former member who was part of Pi Gamma, please let us know how to contact them.
  We want to keep our chapter alive and connected. Help us reconnect to our former members. Please call
  678-413-9117 or email if you have any contact information.
                              Pi Gamma Newsletter                                  Page 4 of 8
                     2007-2008 Pi Gamma Board
Office                        Name                     Telephone        Email Address
President                     Curlissa Mapp            678-413-9117
President-Elect               unfilled
Vice President                Mary Hudgins             678-547-6726
Treasurer                     Karen Rooks              404-255-3503
Secretary                     Elaine Smith             678-312-6444
Faculty Counselors            Elaine Grier             678-547-6743

                              Dr. Dare Domico          678-547-6741

Governance Committee          Dr. Dare Domico (chair) As above          As above
Leadership Succession &        Mary Beerman            678-547-6736
Committee Chair (Nominating
Committee Chair)
Publicity & Newsletter (Chair) John Summerville        678-547-6745
Membership Involvement        Dr. Linda Streit         678-547-6774

Fund Raising                  Jo Scott Petty (Chair)   770-929-1827
Scholarship and Research      Pattie Troyan (Chair)    678-547-6742
Heritage                      Jill Ray                 678-547-6768

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University will be hosting a visit by an evaluation
team from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) from October 6th - October
8th, 2008. The visit is part of the reaccredidation process for the College of Nursing.
Members of the public are invited to submit written, signed comments concerning the program’s
qualifications for accreditation status. CCNE shares third-party comments with members of the
evaluation team prior to the visit, but at no time during the review process are these comments
shared with the College of Nursing. Please direct any written and signed comments to the CCNE
at the following address:
Sarah Jameson, Accreditation Assistant, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One
Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036-1120
The written comments will be received by CCNE until 30 days before the scheduled visit. If you
have any questions, you may call Dr. Freida Fuller at 678-547-6742.
 Page 5 of 8                                  Pi Gamma Newsletter

 Report From Convention                           Submitted by Linda A. Streit, RN, DSN, CCRN

   Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University and the Pi Gamma Chapter of Sigma
   Theta Tau International hosted the Grand Exhibit Hall and dessert reception for the 39th Biennial
   Convention of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) held in Baltimore, MD November 2-9! More than
   2000 nurses were in attendance at the conference. The Chapter financially sponsored two GBCN
   students to attend the convention (Dawn Keller – MSN student and James DiAngelo BSN student and
   now RN!). A total of eleven additional Pi Gamma members attended the conference. Three of these
   members presented papers and one member presented a poster.

   The International election results were as follows:
   President Elect – Karen Morin
   Vice President – Gwen Sherwood
   Secretary – Beverly S. Reigle
   Treasurer – Richard Ricciardi
   Directors – Hester Klopper, Marion E. Broome, Beth Baldwin Tigges
   Leadership Succession Committee – Robin Barlett, Gerene S. Bauldoff, Mansour Jumaa, Carol Picard,
   Larry Plant, Mary A. Scoblic, Fu-Jin Shih
   Governance Committee – Pamela S. Autrey,. Suzanne k. Beltz, Linda Cooper, Geralyn M. Frandsen,
   Amy J. McClure, Carole Anne Pepa, Bonnie Lynn Wright
   Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee Chair – Tara Hulsey
   Regional Coordinator for Region 7 – Amelia M. Joseph

                Nominations: Candidates Biographical Information
Pi Gamma is in the process of selecting new officers. The following is information about the candidates.
President: Dr. Linda Streit, RN, DSN has been teaching in nursing since 1984. She began teaching at
GBCN in 1990 with the establishment of the BSN program. As an experienced educator and consultant, she
has maintained her affiliation in critical care groups and professional organizations. She currently oversees
the Master of Science in Nursing program, in addition to her responsibilities associated with teaching,
advisement of students, and assisting with strategic plans for the College. Dr. Streit is a consultant to
nursing faculty, nursing student groups, agencies, and in the review of health care. She has presented locally
and internationally on topics including nursing practice, ethics, nutritional needs of patients, and a variety of
nursing research topics. She serves as a reviewer for publishers and has made contributions to nursing
textbooks. Dr. Streit's most current research initiative focuses on the topic of osteoporosis, evidence-based
practice, innovative teaching/learning trends, technology, and ethical decision making.

President-Elect: James DiAngelo, RN, BSN is a December 2007 graduate of Georgia Baptist College of
Nursing of Mercer University. He is currently employed as a Staff Nurse in the Critical Care Residency
program at Piedmont Hospital. He has served as President of the Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing
Students and Treasurer of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students. He also was selected as a
Leadership Intern for Pi Gamma chapter of STTI, and attended the STTI Biennial Convention in November,
2007. He is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, American Nurses Association, Georgia
Nurses Association, and
                                       Pi Gamma Newsletter                                    Page 6 of 8

                          Candidates Biographical Information
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. He is currently working towards publication of his senior
project on Nursing Assessment and Management of Gastrostomy Tubes.
Fran Kamp RN, MS is an instructor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University and
manages the Learning Resource Center. She has been teaching nursing for 18 years. She has taught in
fundamentals, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, and nutrition. She became a part-time faculty member of
the College in 2000. Prior to academic teaching, she specialized in neonatal intensive care nursing, where
she worked for 13 years. Fran is a certified CPR instructor, serves as a reviewer for nursing textbooks, and
holds certification in Home Health Care. She has worked in the community serving as an instructor for
"hospital land," helping at the Special Olympics, speaking at health fairs, and assisting with a variety of
other volunteer activities. She has been fundraising chair for North Springs High School Performing Arts
Department. She has done research on the use of Dimensional Analysis for medication calculation and is
currently involved in research on the integration of simulation into the curriculum
Jo Scott Petty, RN, BSN has been a nurse for 37 years. She has taught practical nursing for 30 years, and
has practiced in critical care, medical-surgical nursing, and research. She has served as Treasurer for the
Health Educator Association for the Georgia Technical Association for eight (8) years. She is an active
member of Pi Gamma Chapter of STTI, and is completing a two year term as Fund Raising Chair.

Counselor: Freida Fuller, RN, DSN, CFNP is a professor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer
University. She began teaching at GBCN in 1995. She is one of the course team members for both of the
adult health courses in the undergraduate program. She also teaches in the graduate program. She is
nationally certified and is recognized by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as a Family Nurse
Practitioner. Dr. Fuller has been a leader in the Georgia League for Nursing since 1994 and recently
completed her term as President of the organization. She serves as a program evaluator for the Commission
on Collegiate Nursing Education. Dr. Fuller has been a consultant for several schools in Georgia and across
the nation to prepare the program for the accreditation process. She has been involved for the past five
years in the University Quality Enhancement Plan which has evolved into a yearly series of activities
involving professional ethical decision-making. She is currently serving as chairperson of the planning
committee. Dr. Fuller has presented a variety of topics at programs on a local and national level including
teaching strategies and topics involving health care. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, Pi Gamma
Chapter, and served as counselor from 2005-2007. During 2007, she accompanied a group of nursing and
pharmacy students on a mission trip to Russia. Her current research is related to the reflection of students
on their experiences learning ethical decision-making in an interdisciplinary environment.

Ann Keeley, RN, CS, MN has been practicing nursing since 1971. She maintains membership in the
American Nurses Association and has served as a delegate to the Georgia Nurses Association. She has been
a certified clinical nursing specialist in adult psychiatric nursing since 1987 and is currently licensed in the
state of Georgia in her specialty as an advanced practice
nurse. She maintains an active license for marriage and family therapy in the state of Georgia and is a
member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She has published nursing
research, contributed to a nursing text and presented at local, state, regional, national, and international
 Page 7 of 8                                  Pi Gamma Newsletter

                           Candidates Biographical Information
nursing conferences. Her clinical, teaching and research focus is the integration of spirituality in the care of
clients across the spectrum of life and nursing.

Membership Involvement Chair:

Dare Domico, RN, DSN is a professor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University and
teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Domico's areas of clinical specialization are
neuroscience and orthopedics. She is involved in gerontology and health promotion in the older adult. Her
research is in the areas of osteoporosis and the quality of life of Alzheimer's caregivers. She serves as a
member of the Georgia Osteoporosis Initiative and is a member of the Executive Committee of the
Peachtree Chapter of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. She is a member of Sigma Theta
Tau International, American Nurses Association and the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses.
She is currently completing her term as counselor from 2005-2007.
Susan Garcia, RN, BSN is an active member of Pi Gamma who has served on the fundraising committee
over the past two years since being inducted as a senior at GBCN. She served as vice president of the
student nursing association and was very active in promoting membership involvement in the National
Student Nursing Association. She currently works in the Emergency department at Northside Forsyth
Hospital. She is an active member of the Education committee for the Emergency Department for nursing
Fund Raising Chair: Joan Marie, RN, M is an Instructor at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer
University. She has previously worked as an ICU nurse and management for health-related companies. She
has served in multiple fund raising capacities as follows:Fund -Raiser for Relay for Life 1999-2002, Fund-
Raiser for Habitat for Humanity 1997, Fund-Raiser for No Kill Shelters in DeKalb County 2000, Block
Chair for American Cancer Society 1995. Her current research and scholarly work is related to the Use of
Simulation in the BSN Curriculum, Improving Teaching Strategies in the large classroom setting, and
Effective Clinical Evaluation in the BSN Curriculum, co-author with Dr. Tanya Sudia-Robinson (in
Publisher/Newsletter Chair: Laura Hudgens, RN, BSN, is a cum laude December 2007 graduate of
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University. She also earned a B.A. in Journalism from the
University of Georgia in August 1991. Her previous career was in advertising, marketing, editing, business
management: newsletter experience, print, web and event production management. During her enrollment
at GBCN, she served as Editor of Imprint, the magazine for the National Student Nurses Association
(NSNA) with a circulation of 45,000. She also served as a Member of the Executive Board for NSNA,
2006-2007. She is currently employed as an RN in the Emergency Department at Piedmont Hospital.

Online Voting Now Available
Please vote online at . Simply click the link to the left or go to this site.
On the right of the page toward the bottom it says “Take a Survey”. Type in this number 59295 and click the
Go button. You will see each office listed separately with the names to select and a spot to write in a
candidate who must agree to run prior to adding their name. That’s it. Voting Ends March 7, 2008 at 6pm.
                                Pi Gamma Newsletter                          Page 8 of 8

Pi Gamma Chapter Officers Ballot 2008-2009
Please Vote online using the instructions on the prior newsletter page. If you can not vote
online, do the following. Indicate your vote by marking an (X) by the candidate’s name.
Write-in candidates are permitted after receiving consent to serve. Vote for ONE person for
each of the offices listed. (see mailing info below)

PRESIDENT                             ( ) Linda Streit
                                      ( ) ______________

PRESIDENT-ELECT                       ( ) James DiAngelo
                                      ( ) ______________

TREASURER                             ( ) Jo Scott Petty
                                      ( ) Fran Kamp
                                      ( ) _______________

FUND RAISING CHAIR                    ( ) Joan Marie
                                      ( ) ____________________

COUNSELOR                             ( ) Ann Keeley
                                      ( ) Freida Fuller
                                      ( ) _______________

MEMBERSHIP INVOLVEMENT                ( ) Dare Domico
CHAIR                                 ( ) Susan Garcia
                                      ( ) _______________

PUBLICITY/NEWSLETTER CHAIR            ( ) Laura Hudgens
                                      ( ) _______________

Please have your vote post marked by March 7, 2008.
Please mail Written only ballots to:

Mary Beerman, RN, MN, CCRN,
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University,
3001 Mercer University Dr, Atlanta, GA 30341

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