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					Tyler Sussmann                                                              MR. Baril
11/21/10                                                                   Rough draft


                 Ghost’s and Devils; A history of N.C.’s haunted history

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                                    Tyler Sussmann

                                    November, 2010

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Tyler Sussmann                                                                                 MR. Baril
11/21/10                                                                                      Rough draft

                      Ghosts and Devils: a story of North Carolina’s haunted history.

                       A scary story usually starts out with a beginning like; “once upon a time a little

boy was killed and his spirit still roams.” (Those stories are told out of fiction and tall tales about

mysteries about to happen) In this Research paper I will tell you what North Carolina has stored

in its historical book of very true and haunted stories that have intimidated people of all ages.

Part-1; Haunted Wilmington

           The very historic town of Wilmington, NC has very active paranormal sites that come

from the most un-likely of places. The First place comes right off of the Wilmington Welcome

Center. (This Welcome Center has been believed to have one of the most haunted amounts of

spirits. Those spirits have very much angered the workers with footsteps and noises). In 1967 a

picture was captured/with video that has very much been the best evidence they have gotten.

Don’t let the spirits of the Wilmington welcome center hurt your visit!1

Haunted USS North Carolina Battleship

           10 men were lost during the battle during the civil war. It’s said that one or two still

remain with the ship. A young blond man has been seen in the passageways. A different spirit

peers out of portholes occasionally. One has even hitched a ride with an unsuspecting guest!

Hatches and doors open or close themselves, televisions and lights turn themselves off or on.

Things move by themselves in front of people. Also they are not afraid to make themselves

known by talking (or even yelling), and of course there are cold spots, footsteps and other eerie


1 this is the website for the Wilmington information I got.

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           It may go months or even years between experiences. Several experiences may happen in

a short amount of time. When the ghosts of this battleship become active they certainly appear to

make them heard very loud and clear.2

New Hanover county library

           Why look up a book about haunted NC when you are at a haunted site already. Yes a

haunted place in North Carolina is a library. In this very “educational” place a very factual story

comes out of this library. Not too long ago a man was taken out of his home to have a library

built there but what was interesting was that, the guy out of anger tried to burn the library down.

When the morning came he arrived in the library, he had a heart attack and his spirit is often seen

and heard by footsteps (also almost every day). Books are misplaced and are thrown. That is

some guy who doesn’t like books.3


           In this very historical theater in North Carolina there are spirits who still don’t realize that

they are dead. In this historical place there are two men and one woman dressed in 18th century

clothing (the funny thing is the hall wasn’t even built then). In the theater the spirits have their

own seats in which are chosen on the far balcony. So next time you go to Thailian Hall welcome

the eternal guests.4

           I’ve have always thought of North Carolina as a godly state with its vast church and wide

variety of religions. But when there is god there is a devil.

           In this state there are many Devilish places such as Devils tater patch (mountains)

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Devils Courthouse, Seven Devils (Mountains), Devils Garden (piedmont), Devils Den

(Piedmont), Devils Head (Piedmont), Hell’s Half Acre (Piedmont), Devils Trampling Ground

(Piedmont), Devils Gut, Devils Island (coastal plain/Manteo), Hell Swamp (near Wilmington),

Hell swamp#2 (Manteo), Kill Devil Hills (outer banks)

           Does this list represent a sinister past? Over the years in the past century’s North Carolina

and many other states have given us the idea that maybe our history wasn’t so godly after all.

These following places in North Carolina are also a part of what North Carolina’s history has to


Part 3-Other Haunted NC Places


           At the Havelock house where Balls of light and bloodstains can be seen, in which can’t

be washed away.

Elizabeth city

           The Cropsey family moved to N.C. in the 1890's from New York. They made their home

on the Pasqutank River. Not long after arriving, their daughter Nell went missing, last seen

talking to a male suitor on the family porch. When she turned up some days later, she was

floating in the river dead. It is said that she still can be seen in the house and walking on the

riverbank. Her mother has also been seen looking out the window for her Nell, who never made

home. You can buy a book about the history of the Nell Cropsey Murders at any large bookstore.

Cherry Point Naval Hospital

    The source I got this from was; the magazine “Our State North Carolina (October 2001) Page42-44

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        This place has many dark figures and manifestations of actual people. One in particular is

an old lady, which gives you very creepy voices, and strange vibes. A lot of people see things in

reflections, like people walking behind them when nobody is there.

On February 1st around 2 am an overnight checkup was at the snack/drink machines in the

hospital when she saw a person dressed in all black run by the doorway, within seconds she was

at the door to see there was no one in the hall, nor had she heard anyone running down the hall

she was the only one there. 6

Halliburton Naval Hospital

        All over the hospital there were reports of ghosts the workers and patients have said of

feelings of being watched and also of not being alone. 7

Havelock - (marine base)

        It is said the ghost of Kissy Sikes haunts the flight line and the housing looking for her

children, she does not like men and the men who yell at kids are in big trouble. There is a story

of a young soldier on post was found the next morning huddled in a ball in the corner of the

guard shack crying “she wants her kids, she wants her kids”. In the house you can hear children

playing, and from personal experience, Kissy herself appears in children’s bedrooms after they

are put to bed. Also toys in the children’s rooms are moved when they aren't even there. 8

Kure Beach- (Fort fisher)

“the last stronghold of the south “

        It is reportedly haunted by Union and Confederate Soldiers. As well as the ghost of

General Whiting likes to stay here too. Gen. W.H.C. Whiting, the Confederate officer in charge

of the fort.
  “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel
  “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel
  “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel

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11/21/10                                                                        Rough draft

Years ago, a Kure Beach an on-duty police officer was driving toward the fort at night, and

noticed a man walking down the side of the road. The office pulled over to give the man a ride,

and he climbed in. The officer continued driving until the man motioned that he wanted to be

dropped off at a spot near the fort. When the man got out of the car, the police officer was able to

see that the man was dressed in a complete Confederate general's uniform. The officer swore he

would never go back there at night. The staff and visitors have reported hearing footsteps inside

the visitors’ center when no one else is there, and some people have felt a sensation that someone

just walked past. Every night at closing the staff says good night to Gen. Whiting. 9

Long Beach

        It is said that the gray man walks along Long beach right before a terrible storm is about

to come. Those who see him know that they should leave. 10

New Bern

1700's home in historic downtown New Bern is said to be inhabited by more than just

housekeepers and tourist. A young child and her father died in the attic while being quarantined

for small pox. She still can be heard playing with the toys in the attic. They eventually closed off

the area from tourist after certain encounters seen by a local tour guide, Elisabeth Ballenger,

assigned to the attic area, was said to have been pushed by the ghost's father. He is said to be

very protective and it is apparent that he wants no one near the attic. Many others have witnessed

the haunting as well.11

Ocean isle beach

        In one of the guest cottages, one street back from the beach, a man named Sam died of a

heart attack while on vacation there. Since then employees and guests alike have noticed strange
  “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel
   “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel
   “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel

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Tyler Sussmann                                                                    MR. Baril
11/21/10                                                                         Rough draft

happenings in the cottage, including cold spots and the shades opening by themselves. Some

other reports indicate actual manifestation of Sam. The hotel is reluctant to talk about Sam but

the Housekeeping staff will help you out if you’re nice to them. 12

Ocracoke Island

This Island near the Pamlico Sound, There is one ghost by the name of Edward Teach, also

known as Blackbeard the pirate. These types of activity are usually phantom and ghost lights.

His demeanor is very violent. So proceed with caution when going to the Ocracoke Islands. 13

Outer Banks

        Theodosia’s lost in a shipwreck off the coast here in 1812. Her ghost is still seen walking

the shores late at night near the lighthouse. The beaches are located on the Outer Banks at the

Cape Hatteras Light House. 14

Outer Banks

        Late at night (usually around 1 in the morning) you can hear terrified screams coming

from the ocean, the screamer always shouts, "Oh god that monster is swimming closer to me."

Then you hear one last agonized shout and the sound of someone being pulled underwater. The

screamer is supposed to be a man who disappeared and was thought to be killed by a shark. 15

-Pasquotank County

        You can stop by the side of the road after midnight, thru the winter time sometimes you

will see this dull ball of light going from one side of the road to the next, and then going thru

trees and back across the road. The light will look like it’s about 500ft away and is about middle

   “Most Haunted Places In NC” TV Show – The History Channel
   “Most haunted places in America” on the History channel
   “Most haunted places in America” on the History channel
   “Most haunted places in America” on the History channel

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11/21/10                                                                                       Rough draft

height of the trees. As soon as you think you are getting close enough to tell what it is, it will just


           In the many years I have been interested in the Ghosts around the world this project has

brought me to realize how important life is and how close you can come within experiencing

what happens when you die. Also that when life is represented by all life and what interacts it,

why not study this. My life and this world have been amazing to experience. Because no matter

what you are a historical interpreter or historian you can better understand this; the Haunted

History of North Carolina.

     All of the facts of the section are from “Most haunted places in America” on the History channel

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