THERE IS A GUN
                       POINTED AT YOU
                         RIGHT NOW!

The worst part about it, is that you don‘t even know it.             THAT is the tragedy.

If you are like me, you like to get right to the heart of the matter. So let‘s start with
the bullets. The ―bullets‖ I‘m referring to are the 10 points I promised to make in
this free report. And just as a real bullet can kill, read each ―bullet‖ as powerful
information to combat what IS killing you, right now, as you read.

                                  BULLET NUMBER ONE

The Disastrous Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When It Comes To Understanding
What Makes Us Ill –

Yes, we already know about eating right, we already know about bacteria, viruses,
etc. But what the majority of us don’t realize, therefore, the mistake that we make,
simply because we don’t understand, is that there is something that is literally killing
us – from the inside out. The gun that is pointing at all of us, constantly, is INSIDE
of us! That gun is spewing out a constant and all too overpowering supply of toxins!!!
Yes, I know, we have all heard of toxins. The tragedy is that we are not aware of the
magnitude of the problems they are wreaking upon all of us. The majority of
our health maladies are caused by or exasperated by the overwhelming amount of
poisons, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. that we intake unknowingly on a continual
and constant basis. We eat, drink, and breathe them persistently, yet unknowingly.

Here are the facts –

In 2002, 24,379 U. S. facilities released 4.7 BILLION pounds of toxins into the
atmosphere. This bit of information is from the EPA – Environmental Protection
Agency. Personally, I don’t feel very protected by that fact. DO YOU?

Man's quest for bigger, better, faster, younger and more convenient comes at a significant price.
The automobiles that shuttle us, the products we clean with, the appliances that keep us cool and
the recreational vehicles that helps us relax, pollute the environment. And let's not forget the
toxins found in the air you breathe, the chemicals and fluoride found in the water you drink,
the pesticides detected in many of the fruits, vegetables and meats you serve your family
and the petroleum byproducts you apply to your skin.

It's not enough that you're subjected to toxins nearly everywhere you turn - the real issue is the
years of exposure you face - exposure that starts even before you're born.
According to a study commissioned by the Environmental Working Group on the umbilical cord
blood of newborns, 287 different industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides were
found including mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, pesticides, and
chemicals from flame retardants, PCBs, industrial lubricants, plastics, Teflon, Scotchgard,
industrial bleaches, electrical insulators, coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, and
wood preservatives. In fact, of the 287 chemicals detected, 180 are known to cause health
complications in humans or animals, 217 are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous
system, and 208 are known to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal

Every Breath You Take

Once you've entered the world and taken your first breath (the average person breathes about
5,000 gallons of air each day), you can be reasonably sure it includes some unhealthy trace
particles or air pollution. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S.
facilities released 4.7 billion pounds of toxins into the atmosphere in 2002. Further, the EPA
estimates fine-particle pollution causes an estimated 20,000 premature deaths in the U.S.
each year.

It's in the Water

The water you drink, clean and wash with doesn't fare much better. According to one study
conducted by the University of Michigan, one ton of oil is spilled for every million tons transported.
This same water is pumped back into our water supply, which experts like the Environmental
Working Group believe have contaminated the tap water in 42 states with more than 140
unregulated chemicals. Outbreaks of waterborne disease are on the increase. In fact, an
estimated 7 million people become sick and more than 1,000 die in the United States each
year from waterborne microbes.

The Food You Eat

And, as if concerns regarding drinking and breathing weren't enough, you also have to be careful
with the produce, meats and fish you eat. Herbicides and pesticides - used to keep bugs off
crops, inhibit weed growth, and protect your lawn - are taking their toll on your health. For
starters, environmental chemicals have a wide range of effects on immune system function,
ranging from a decrease in your body's ability to fight infections and tumors to increased allergies
and autoimmunity. These compounds can also cause dermatological, gastrointestinal,
genitourinary, respiratory, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems. Not to mention,
hormones like Zeranol, which has been used to fatten up cattle more quickly, have been shown to
exacerbate breast health concerns.

Home Sweet Home?

But the toxins you'll probably find most surprising are those found in your home - a place where
most of us think we're safe. For starters, many of the products that improve the look and scent of
your home like household-cleaning products have been linked to Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning and behavioral disorders. Even the new
carpet in your home might be making you sick because of the glue used to put it down. The
substance contains the harmful ingredient benzene and the neurotoxin, xylene - one of the
most unhealthy chemical combinations you can be exposed to. Faulty appliances can emit
ozone, which affects lung health, and carbon monoxide, which is lethal at high concentrations.
And, mold, bacteria and other biological contaminants can cause or exacerbate asthma, allergies
and infections.

The bottom line is we are surrounded by toxins, pollutants and synthetic chemicals. Many
are invisible - colorless, odorless and tasteless - and most have never been tested for their
effects on human health. And while there are ways to reduce the impact of some exposure, it's
just not reasonable to think you can avoid toxic exposure altogether. Take steps to minimize the
exposure, pay attention to the sources of fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and water you consume
and share with your family, and incorporate a regular, natural detoxification program into
your health regimen.

                    BULLETS NUMBER FOUR AND TEN ??

The One Thing You're Currently Doing That's Almost Guaranteed To Get You Hurt.
(Sadly, Almost Everyone Does This, Not Knowing Any Better)

Are Your Very Own Actions Contaminating Your Body? The Inside Story That The
World Has Been Trying To Keep From You... Until Now!

The answers to both of these are the same. The one thing that we do, the one thing that we don‘t
know any better about is that we simply continue to live our lives the same way, trying to just
IGNORE the facts, and hoping that WE won‘t be effected by the toxins. WE ALL HAVE TO BE
RESPONSIBLE for our own health. How will we be guaranteed to get hurt? By ignoring the
problem. It WILL effect YOU. It IS affecting you right now. There is a smoking gun inside of you.
If you haven‘t read some of the books lately that talk about the things ―they‖, or the world has
been trying to keep from us, you may want to. To ignore this report is to ignore your health,
whether you are an athlete, or not. If you are not doing something (and anti-oxidants are
no longer enough by themselves) you are heading towards reaping the rewards the toxins
are causing in your body this very minute.

For decades, scientists have been studying the effects of pollutants in our air, water, and soil.
Now they‘re studying the effects of these same pollutants in the human body. And the
findings are very, very troubling.

A partial list of symptoms of toxic overload –
Sensitivity to perfume/odors
Joint pain
Chronic infection
Memory loss
Sudden anger
Frequent colds

Because so many of these symptoms could stem from a multitude of other causes, toxicity is
often not suspected. – Very Good

       ―In my opinion, based on the evidence, every single chronic insidious disease
                        process is related to one word – toxicity.
        You cannot address the issues of aging unless you address detoxification.‖
                                  Rashid O. Buttar, D. O.

                       BULLET NUMBERS FIVE AND SIX

Why We Are Bombarded With More And More Health Maladies, Such As Little
Children With ADD, Autism, and Cancer

Are You Living With A Dangerous Hidden Condition Right Now? (The Odds Are 70 To
80% That You Are)

                               The Root Cause of Disease

In over 50 years of practice Dr. Henry Bieler proved that high levels of toxicity in the body
was the root cause of most common diseases and ailments. This includes conditions such as
the common cold, flus, hayfever allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food
allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, skin conditions, rhumatoid arthritis,
migraine headaches and others. This over abundance of toxins or "toxemia" helps create adrenal
fatigue, overloads the liver and kidneys (the body's primary toxic elimination organs) and
generally depresses the immune system, thus allowing a variety of harmful microorganisms and
viruses to proliferate. These organisms in turn put a tremendous burden on the body, drain it of
energy and create the disease conditions listed above.

   Healing Yourself By Eliminating Toxins - To bring the body back to permanent health it must
first be detoxified; for only then can the adrenals, liver, kidneys and other organs rebuild
themselves on a healthy foundation.

Quotes from doctors

Facts and statistics are good, but stories need to be included as well.

Less statistics and more stories

Article by Jeff Morris, speaking to doctors everywhere -
Are your patients toxic? The answer increasingly appears to be yes—and your job, in
order to maintain optimal health and reduce the incidence of the diseases of aging, is to
detoxify them. That conclusion is one being reached by more and more anti-aging practitioners,
and achieves particular resonance with Rashid O. Buttar, D.O. of Cornelius, NC, and Robert A.
Nash, M.D. of Virginia Beach, VA.

―I can now very comfortably and definitively state to you,‖ says Dr. Buttar, ―that, in my opinion,
based on the evidence, every single chronic insidious disease process is related to one word:
toxicity. You cannot address the issues of aging unless you address detoxification.‖ Dr. Buttar,
board certified and a diplomat in preventive medicine and clinical metal toxicology, and Vice-
Chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, contends that he only recently
arrived at this conclusion. ―Five years ago I wouldn‘t have said this, even a year ago I wouldn‘t
have said it. But the more success we‘ve had, the clearer it has become: All chronic disease
is toxicity. You get rid of the toxicity and you put out the fire. You may need to rebuild
afterward, but you must put the fire out. Conventional medicine is just covering your eyes
so you don‘t see the fire.‖

Dr. Nash, who is board certified in neurology, pain medicine, and chelation therapy and is
Chairman of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, concurs, though perhaps not 100
percent. ―Most of the diseases of aging—vascular, most cancers, arthritis and others—
have been shown to be associated with toxic metals and persistent organic pollutants.
Vascular diseases, stroke, heart attack, plus most of the cancers and macular
degeneration, have been directly linked to lead. That‘s just lead,‖ notes Dr. Nash.
And ―just lead‖ is but a minor fraction of the toxic soup in which we have all come to stew. As
Walter J. Crinnion, N.D., chairman of the department of environmental medicine at Southwest
College of Naturopathic Medicine, Phoenix, wrote six years ago, ―Chemical compounds
ubiquitous in our food, air, and water are now found in every person. The bioaccumulation of
these compounds in some individuals can lead to a variety of metabolic and systemic
dysfunctions, and in some cases outright disease states.‖ (Altern Med Rev 2000;5(1):52-63) Dr.
Crinnion wrote that some individuals appear to be less able to clear the daily chemical exposure
from the body than others, leading to a total load of toxins that exceeds the ability of the
body to adapt; at that point, damage to certain organ systems can occur. ―The systems
most affected by these xenobiotic compounds include the immune, neurological, and endocrine
systems.‖ Immunotoxicity, according to Dr. Crinnion, may be the major factor in the
increasing rates of asthma, allergies, cancers, and chronic viral infections. But the effects
are widespread: ―Neurological toxicity can affect cognition, mood, and cause chronic neurological
illnesses. Endocrine toxicity can affect reproduction, menses, libido, metabolism, stress-handling
ability, glucose regulation, and other important functions.‖

A 2003 U.S. study by the Centers for Disease Control revealed the presence of 116
chemicals—some of them banned for more than two decades because of toxicity—in
people of all ages. In July 2005, the CDC released the third National Report on Human
Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, which the organization stated was ―the most extensive
assessment ever made of the exposure of the U.S. population to chemicals in our environment.‖
CDC claims that its Environmental Health Laboratory at the National Center for Environmental
Health (NCEH), using ―advanced laboratory science and innovative techniques,‖ has been in the
forefront of efforts to assess people's exposure to environmental chemicals. ―CDC's highly trained
laboratory scientists have built on more than three decades of experience in measuring chemicals
directly in people's blood or urine, a process known as biomonitoring.‖ While presenting first-time
exposure information for 38 of the 148 chemicals included, the CDC makes clear that ―the
measurement of an environmental chemical in a person‘s blood or urine does not by itself mean
that the chemical causes disease … separate studies of varying exposure levels and health
effects are needed to determine which blood or urine levels result in disease.‖ However,
according to Dr. Buttar, ―the number one concern among scientists at CDC, which they
cannot say publicly, is mercury; number two is arsenic.‖

The CDC report also makes an important distinction: that the level of chemicals found within the
body is a result of the cumulative impact of many different types of exposure. ―Concentrations of
environmental chemicals in blood or urine are not the same as those in air, water, food, soil, or
dust. For example, a chemical concentration of 10 ìg/L in water does not produce a level of 10
ìg/L in blood or urine. Blood or urine levels may reflect exposure from one or more sources,
including air, water, food, soil, and dust. Levels of a chemical in blood and urine are determined
by how much of the chemical has entered the body through all routes of exposure, including
ingestion, inhalation, or dermal absorption, and how the chemical is distributed in body tissues,
transformed into metabolites, and eliminated from the body.‖ Not only does this reinforce the
concept that environmental pollutants are ubiquitous in our environment, it also makes
the findings more useful from a health standpoint: ―Biomonitoring measurements are the
most health-relevant assessments of exposure because they measure the amount of the
chemical that actually gets into people from all environmental sources combined. With a
few exceptions, it is the concentration of the chemical in people that provides the best exposure
information to evaluate the potential for adverse health effects,‖ notes the CDC.

The implications of multiple-source exposure are disturbing. Britain‘s Environmental
Toxins Foundation (ETF) states that ―more and more research [is] pointing towards
mounting evidence of structural and genetic damage, potentially caused to the human
morphology, through the huge influx of chemical agents found in the air, soil and water
today… As more and more people are made aware of the implications from the accumulation of
varying levels of different chemicals in our bodies, the need to monitor and curb the influx of
these agents permeating into our daily lives, becomes seemingly obvious. An influx of agents
absorbed, ingested and inhaled from the food we eat, the water we drink and from the air we
breath… this very crucial issue of: chronic sub-lethal poisoning to our bodies from the: inhalation,
ingestion and absorption of heavy metals, inorganic and organic chemical compounds which are
increasingly prevalent in our modern environment.‖

In a paper published in Alternative Therapies, July/August 2005, ―Metals in Medicine,‖ Dr. Nash
sums up recent developments in his specialty, metal toxicity: ―During the past five years, the
understanding of vascular disease has changed. Vulnerable plaque has replaced stenotic lesion
as the main cause of vascular problems. Questions about the long-term benefits of coronary
artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery have been raised. Metals have been implicated in many
of the diseases of aging as well as in neurodevelopmental diseases and autism spectrum
disorders. The American Board of Chelation Therapy (ABCT) has formally changed its name to
the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT) because of the new scientific
association of toxicant metals with multiple diseases.‖ Dr. Nash also explains that with the
advent of the industrial revolution, the presence of many metals, such as lead and mercury, in the
environment has increased. ―Tobacco, which tends to bio-concentrate cadmium, is a major
producer of metal. Arsenic has been used in the past in agriculture. Forest fires release metals,
especially mercury, from stable seleno-mercurial compounds that are extraordinary stable in the
tree during its life. Volcanoes also spew out copious amounts of mercury. One study done with
ice core drilling from a glacier in northwest Wyoming collated every major volcanic eruption with a
heavy level of mercury. Nature acts as our best filter, with plant life and trees trapping many
toxins, including toxicant metals. Between nature and man, we have polluted the planet.
Man‘s pollution is by far the most toxic. We are now paying a price for our environmental
neglect. That price appears to be the increasing diseases of aging, such as vascular
disease, congestive heart failure, and cancers.‖

Evidence of the role of environmental toxins in disease continues to pile up. A report
detailing new links between environmental toxicants and breast cancer, ―State of the Evidence
2004: What Is the Connection Between the Environment and Breast Cancer?‖ concluded that
exposure to synthetic chemicals and radiation has contributed more than previously thought to
the rising incidence of breast cancer. The report was jointly released October 7, 2004 by the
Breast Cancer Fund, a non-profit environmental health organization, and Breast Cancer Action, a
non-profit national education and advocacy organization. It contained new evidence from 21
research studies published since February 2003 adding to existing evidence linking toxicants
in the environment to breast cancer, and was peer-reviewed by six leading scientists, including
a noted scientist from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a division of the World
Health Organization. According to the report, in the past 50 years, a woman's lifetime risk of
breast cancer more than tripled in the United States, to one in seven today. This trend
parallels a staggering increase of chemicals in the environment: the report says that ―compelling
scientific evidence‖ points to some of the 85,000 synthetic chemicals in use today as contributing
to breast cancer by altering hormone function or gene expression. Fewer than one in 10 cases of
breast cancer occurs in women born with a genetic predisposition for the disease. As many as 50
percent of breast cancer cases remain unexplained by personal characteristics and other
traditionally accepted risk factors; epidemiologists and other scientists increasingly believe many
cases are linked to environmental factors. ―This [is] the clearest evidence yet that the rise in
breast cancer incidence is linked to exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals,‖ said
Nancy Evans, a health science consultant for the Breast Cancer Fund and the editor of the
report. ―Medical X-rays, pesticides, household cleaning products, personal care products
and some pharmaceuticals—these are just a few of the multiple and chronic exposures
contributing to this epidemic.‖

Other studies continue in an attempt to determine whether endometriosis, a source of chronic
pelvic pain in women, may be caused by environmental agents, including exposure to man-made
chemicals such as dioxin and PCBs. As far back as 1992, research showed that
endometriosis in monkeys could be caused by exposure to dioxin.

Lynn Tondat Carter, Ph.D., whose doctorate is in physiological psychology and is
Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, writes in The Celestine
Journal that toxins that directly affect the nervous system, called neurotoxins, also affect
our immune functions, since the nervous system is intricately connected to the immune
system. ―Thus, our very ability to think and feel normally can be drastically affected by
exposure to toxins. It does not take a giant leap of logic to realize that we could soon be in
such a state of toxic poisoning that we would be unable to ‗problem-solve‘ our way out.‖
Continues Dr. Carter: ―In 1989 alone, EPA estimates, in its Toxic Release Inventory National
Report, that 1.9 billion pounds of chemical were dumped into our nation's water systems. In that
same year, 2.4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the atmosphere; with the total
chemical attack on the environment estimated at 5.7 billion pounds. This is only in one year.
According to a recent report by the National Research Council, 70,000 of the chemicals in
commercial use today have not even been tested for neurotoxic effects.

Known neurotoxins that we are most commonly exposed to are lead, mercury, cadmium
and pesticides. Most of these toxins are colorless and odorless, making sensory detection
impossible. While sudden poisoning can result in immediate reactions that are traceable
to the source, the symptoms of poisoning from today's pollution may come on more
slowly due to a gradual build-up.

Here is just a partial list of common sub-clinical symptoms of toxicity: fatigue, lethargy,
depression, headaches, allergies, chronic infection, frequent colds, nervousness, sudden anger,
sensitivity to perfume/odors, memory loss and joint pains. Because so many of these symptoms
could stem from a multitude of other causes, often toxicity is not readily suspected. With
continued exposure, neurotoxins may trigger the expression of a disease for which one has a
genetic predisposition. In general, it is thought that toxins pose the most dangerous risk for
our children.‖

Dr. Buttar points to a July 2005 paper, released by the Environmental Working Group
(, that confirms the worst fear: that the average person does not need to
spend years being exposed to environmental pollutants to be affected—nor does the
average child. In ―Body Burden—The Pollution in Newborns,‖ EWG reports, ―Not long ago
scientists thought that the placenta shielded cord blood—and the developing baby—from
most chemicals and pollutants in the environment. But now we know that at this critical
time when organs, vessels, membranes and systems are knit together from single cells to
finished form in a span of weeks, the umbilical cord carries not only the building blocks of
life, but also a steady stream of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides that cross
the placenta as readily as residues from cigarettes and alcohol…‖ Specifically, says the
EWG: ―In a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group in collaboration with
Commonweal, researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial
chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in August and
September of 2004 in U.S. hospitals. Tests revealed a total of 287 chemicals in the group. The
umbilical cord blood of these 10 children, collected by Red Cross after the cord was cut, harbored
pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage.
Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in
humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects
or abnormal development in animal tests. The dangers of pre- or post-natal exposure to this
complex mixture of carcinogens, developmental toxins and neurotoxins have never been

EWG goes on to explain why the presence of these substances in umbilical cord blood
has such profound and long-lasting implications:
Chemical exposures in the womb or during infancy can be dramatically more harmful than
exposures later in life. Substantial scientific evidence demonstrates that children face amplified
risks from their body burden of pollution; the findings are particularly strong for many of the
chemicals found in this study, including mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Children's vulnerability
derives from both rapid development and incomplete defense systems:
A developing child's chemical exposures are greater pound-for-pound than those of adults.
An immature, porous blood-brain barrier allows greater chemical exposures to the developing
Children have lower levels of some chemical-binding proteins, allowing more of a chemical to
reach "target organs."
A baby's organs and systems are rapidly developing, and thus are often more vulnerable
to damage from chemical exposure.
Systems that detoxify and excrete industrial chemicals are not fully developed.
The longer future life span of a child compared to an adult allows more time for adverse effects to

Most disturbing about these findings to Dr. Buttar is that in every case, mercury was
found. The presence of mercury is attributed to pollution from coal-fired power plants, mercury-
containing products, and certain industrial processes. It accumulates in seafood. And, though you
might think the mercury problem has been abated, Dr. Nash cites a November 17, 2004 Wall
Street Journal article by Matt Pottinger, Steve Stecklow and John J. Fialka describing the high
levels of mercury that are now being spread, particularly by massive industrial development in
China. As the article states, ―Mercury and other pollutants from China's more than 2,000 coal-
fired power plants soar high into the atmosphere and around the globe on what has become a
transcontinental conveyor belt of bad air. North America and Europe add their own dirty loads to
the belt. But Asia, pulsating with the economic rebirth of China and India, is the largest
contributor.‖ It further explains:
Scientists long assumed mercury settled into the ground or water soon after it spewed forth as a
gas from smokestacks. But using satellites, airplanes and supercomputers, scientists are now
tracking air pollution with unprecedented precision, discovering plumes of soot, ozone, sulfates
and mercury that drift eastward across oceans and continents…The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency recently reported that a third of the country's lakes and nearly a quarter
of its rivers are now so polluted with mercury that children and pregnant women are
advised to limit or avoid eating fish caught there. Warnings about mercury, a highly toxic
metal used in things ranging from dental fillings to watch batteries, have been issued by
45 states and cover four of the five Great Lakes. Some scientists now say 30% or more of the
mercury settling into U.S. ground soil and waterways comes from other countries – in particular,
China…Mining, waste incineration and coal combustion emit the metal in the form of an invisible
gas. After it rains down and seeps into wetlands, rivers and lakes, microbes convert it into
methylmercury, a compound that works its way up the food chain into fish and eventually people.
The EWG report states, ―Methylmercury exposure in the womb causes measurable declines in
brain function in children exposed to levels corresponding to 58 parts per billion in maternal blood
(NAS 2000b). Researchers in the Netherlands found a doubling in the risk of heart attacks and
death from coronary heart disease at methylmercury hair levels of 2 mg/kg, which corresponds to
about one fifth the assumed safe maternal blood level (Salonen, et al. 1995). Increased diastolic
and systolic blood pressure and decreased heart rate variability in developmentally exposed
children have also been observed at doses below what the EPA considers a safe maternal blood
level (NAS 2000b, Sorensen et al. 1999).‖ The Wall Street Journal reinforces this: ―The dangers
of significant methylmercury exposure to the nervous system are well documented,
particularly in fetuses and children. Permanent harm to children can range from subtle
deficits in memory and attention span to mental retardation. In January [2004], EPA
scientists released research indicating that 630,000 U.S. babies born during a 12-month period in
1999-2000 had potentially unsafe levels of mercury in their blood – about twice as many babies
as previously estimated.‖ Among the possible implications of mercury and other toxins cited by

Major nervous system disorders. Several recent studies have determined that the reported
incidence of autism is increasing, and is now almost 10 times higher than in the mid-
1980's (Byrd 2002, Chakrabarti and Fombonne 2001). The number of children being
diagnosed and treated for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has also increased dramatically in the past decade
(Robison et al. 1999, Robison et al. 2002, Zito et al. 2000). The causes are largely
unexplained, but environmental factors, including chemical exposures, are considered a
likely contributor. Environmental factors have also been increasingly linked with
Parkinson's disease (Checkoway and Nelson 1999, Engel et al. 2001).

In ―Metals in Medicine,‖ Dr. Nash goes into more detail:
Mercury is known to affect the brain and has been associated with the causation or
exacerbation of degenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer‘s
disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson‘s disease... mercury is associated with autism,
the degenerative diseases of the brain mentioned above, neurodevelopmental diseases,
vascular diseases, nephrotoxicity, and cancer. [Clarkson TW, Magos L, Myers GJ. The
toxicology of mercury—current exposures and clinical manifestations.N Engl J Med.
2003;349(18):1731-1737] points out that ―the fetal brain is more susceptible than the adult brain
to mercury induced damage.‖ Specifically, methylmercury ―inhibits the division and migration of
neuronal cells‖ and ―disrupts the cytoarchitecture of the developing brain.‖ Recent studies have
correlated the explosive increase of autism with thimerosal, an additive to many vaccines
that contains 50% ethyl mercury.

This issue of a connection between thimerosal and autism has been of particular concern to both
Dr. Buttar and Dr. Nash. As we reported in the June 14, 2005 issue of the e-Journal, Dr. Buttar
testified in 2004 before a congressional subcommittee hearing sponsored by Rep. Dan Burton (R-
IN) about the connection between heavy metals—particularly mercury—and autism. Dr. Buttar
discussed the chelation therapy he had offered his own son, who had a profound developmental
delay and is now an example of how autism can be fully and permanently reversed in some
children. Dr. Nash was one of a number of experts who joined with Rep. Burton‘s House
Government Reform Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness to refute the findings
published in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Immunization Safety Review Committee's Vaccines
and Autism report of May 18, 2004. In that report, the eighth and final in a series designed to
examine the safety of vaccines that contain thimerosal, the IOM Committee concluded, "The body
of epidemiological evidence favors the rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-
containing vaccines and autism,‖ even though the Committee had in a 2001 report called such a
causal relationship, ―biologically plausible.‖ The Committee based its final conclusions on their
review of approximately 10 previously conducted epidemiological studies. Of those roughly 10
studies, 5 reported probable links between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism, yet those
5 were summarily dismissed because the Committee determined the manner in which they were
conducted was flawed. At that time, Rep. Burton stated, ―I believe the [IOM] findings are heavily
biased, and unrepresentative of all the available scientific and medical research. I think it is highly
irresponsible for the IOM Immunization Safety Review Committee to purport definitive findings to
the American public, which are based on selective scientific studies that are greatly flawed to
begin with.‖

The NIH describes chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind
molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so that they can be removed
from a system, such as the body. In medicine, says the NIH, chelation has been
scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals. For example, a person who
has lead poisoning may be given chelation therapy in order to bind and remove excess lead from
the body before it can cause damage. Chelation therapy has been a keystone of Dr. Buttar‘s
treatment program, with which he has reported great success in improving the prospects for
autistic children. His Advanced Concepts in Medicine clinic specializes in treating cancer, heart
disease and other chronic conditions in patients refractory to conventional treatments, with a
special emphasis on the interrelationship between metal toxicity and insidious disease processes.
With his newfound conviction that every chronic disease is related to toxicity, Dr. Buttar‘s
treatment philosophy is likely to take on even greater significance. As he puts it, ―These aren‘t my
theories, these things have been out there. What we have done is taken that hypothesis and
figured out how to remove those toxins. The problem is the simplicity of it makes most people say
it can‘t be—it‘s more complicated.‖ Dr. Buttar does not limit toxicity to only metal and chemical
pollutants, however. He categorizes toxins into five groups, of which the first three, he says, are
measurable, with the last two being ―more esoteric‖:

1. Metals – The CDC list of metal pollutants includes
2. Organic pollutants – benzines, hydrocarbons, etc.
3. Opportunistics – bacteria, virus, yeast; these need an opportunity to set up house, and find it in
immune systems damaged from toxicity groups 1 and 2.
4. Energy – electromagnetics cause a disruption in our resonance; microwaves are the most
5. Spiritual, psychological, emotional – someone who is not ―whole,‖ lacking something. Explains
Dr. Buttar, ―We‘ve gotten cancer patients to the point that everything is fine, but their ‗time is up‘;
patients who on autopsy show no evidence of cancer, but still died.‖
Dr. Nash noted in ―Metals in Medicine‖ that the effects of toxicant metals on human health have
been reported in peer-reviewed literature with increasing frequency; they are present in many
diseases of aging, especially vascular diseases. And though historical experience of toxicologists
who treated individuals poisoned by acutely toxicant metals is waning—very few of these cases
have been reported during the past 30 years in the U.S.—researchers with a special interest in
clinical metal toxicology have noticed a clinical correlation between metal detoxification
by chelation therapy and clinical improvement of vascular diseases.
In 2002, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and the
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), both components of the National Institutes of
Health (NIH), announced the Trial To Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT). TACT is the first large-
scale, multicenter study to determine the safety and efficacy of EDTA chelation therapy for
individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common form of heart disease. The
principal investigator for the trial is Gervasio A. Lamas, M.D., director of cardiovascular research
and academic affairs at Mount Sinai Medical Center-Miami Heart Institute, Miami Beach, a board-
certified cardiologist and an associate professor of medicine at University of Miami School of
Medicine. Dr. Nash is serving on the NIH Data and Safety Management Board of the study—―I
am one of seven on the panel to oversee this study, for safety reasons,‖ he says. Investigators
enrolled the first participants in September 2003. The study will take approximately five years to
Dr. Nash says he can only speak with authority on metal detoxification, but in his view, the ―big 4‖
metal toxins are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. ―All four are easily detected by provoked
urine testing,‖ says Dr. Nash. ―We‘re finding in excess of 95 percent of the population over
50 has large amounts of toxic metals in the body when provoked urine testing is
performed.‖ The treatment he recommends is to detoxify the body of these metals. Dr.
Nash hopes the group of professionals to which he belongs, called clinical metal toxicologists,
can provide better disease management by using a new standard of preventive care. ―Look at the
cost of treatment. Most of the cost—up to 60 percent of Medicare—goes to heroic efforts during
the last six months of life. Most of us feel that money should be spent on true diagnosis as well as
better disease management. We feel that we need to detoxify as best we can, and provide
patients with adequate micro and macro dietary intake to provide building blocks to build up their
own immune systems.‖

Of particular concern to those treating the diseases of aging is the possible connection between
mercury and Alzheimer‘s disease. Dr. Nash notes, ―Some of the [mercurous] vapors [from dental
amalgams] reach the brain via the ethmoid sinuses. Is it coincidental that Alzheimer‘s disease
has shown degenerative tracts often following the olfactory connections?…There is increasing
evidence of mercury associated with Alzheimer‘s disease. Dr. Boyd Haley, Chairman of the
Department of Biochemistry, University of Kentucky, has published multiple papers on his
research since the late 1980s. He has successfully reproduced the changes seen in Alzheimer‘s
disease in the brain homogenate of normal brains with the addition of mercury, in the form of both
mercury chloride and thimerosal.‖ Some people hypothesize that mercury may contribute to
autism on one end of the lifespan and Alzheimer‘s on the other end, Dr. Nash told us. ―I‘m not
convinced that mercury is the sole cause, but other factors may be involved. It could be a genetic
thing. It appears there is a third of the people who are genetically prone to not getting rid of the
metals, who may be most susceptible for Alzheimer‘s disease.‖ In his article, Dr. Nash goes on to
conclude, ―The work of Haley, Aposhian, Godfrey, and others makes a strong case that mercury
may cause or at the very least exacerbate Alzheimer‘s disease. Studies looking at toxic metals,
especially mercury, as a possible cause for Alzheimer‘s disease need to be conducted. The
clinical metal toxicologists have clinical experience that early metal detoxification will often
stabilize and even reverse early Alzheimer‘s disease. More research is needed.‖

As with other integrative practitioners, Dr. Nash sees the necessity for a fundamental change in
the way medicine approaches disease. ―We need to find out what is causative of diseases of
aging. This will take time, but we have not had an adequate prevention of diseases. Most patients
who see doctors do not have diseases, they have symptoms. Doctors know symptoms don‘t kill
folks, but they placate patients with medications to ease symptoms. The mechanism is
straightforward; in the clinical setting you can shift the physician‘s mindset from only treating the
symptoms of disease, to understand that these diseases have correlates that we have never
recognized.‖ Dr. Nash believes that recognition of causative factors of disease is a trend that is
spreading worldwide. In ―Metals in Medicine‖ he concludes,
―Toxicant metals are increasingly being associated with multiple disease states…The
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have authorized payment for in-office,
intravenous metals detoxification in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, and
Virginia, as well as the Indian Health Service. This is a great opportunity to collect meaningful
data directly from patients. It is known that dialysis can be delayed at least two or three
years by repeated in-office, intravenous metals detoxification; it is hoped that all prospective
dialysis patients would be tested for toxicant metals and treated appropriately. If detoxification
of toxicant metals can become the standard in time, our health may improve markedly.
Could toxicant metals be a diagnosable and treatable risk factor in many of the diseases affecting
this nation? The clinical metal toxicologists are the experts in low-dose, chronic accumulation of
toxicant metals and the symptomatic reversal observed with treatment. Many clinical metal
toxicologists are participating in the NIH‘s TACT study. More research is needed in the basic
science mechanisms of toxicant metals and common diseases. Additional clinical research,
besides the TACT study, is also needed.‖
―I believe toxicant metals and their detection and detoxification will be one of the exciting
new fields in medicine. I have great hope for the future of medicine,‖ adds Dr. Nash.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that I have over exaggerated the facts,
or made them to appear worse than they are. Unfortunately for all of us, I
couldn‘t even begin to tell you how bad it really is in just these pages. It is
much worse than just these few articles or doctors can express alone.
There are many other doctors, researchers and scientists with the same
views and many other reports, but I think you get the picture. If not,
consider this – can you say that our bodies are handling the overload of
toxins now when all around us are more and more cases of allergies,
rashes, cancer in little infants, autism, ADD, diabetes, heart attacks, etc.,
etc.? Have you noticed lately how the hospitals all around us are
continually adding on, building annexes, and going up and up? – Very

Talking about all the drug commercials and the push to sell drugs for every little ailment
would be good here

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According to the American Cancer Society – Approximately one out of every two men and
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And that doesn‘t include heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, ADD, autism,
allergies,……..the list literally goes on and on and on………………..

What happens next? Medicines, doctor and hospital bills, medical insurance, special
needs, and on and on and on again. You do the math.

When it’s too late, the cost of a life is far greater.

Okay, I know, I promised GOOD NEWS.

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The answer to all four ―how to questions‖ is the same answer.

I know I‘ve told you a lot, but I also realize that I can‘t tell you everything I know
either. I know you want more help. I know you are concerned about yourself
and your loved ones. I have discovered the answer to this tremendous problem!
But before I go on, I want you to know that if you are looking for some ―pie in the
sky‖, something for nothing, or to be able to have your cake and eat it both, you
have come to the wrong place. This isn‘t for you. On the other hand, if what you
want is something that truly rids our bodies of toxins, heavy metals and
pesticides like nothing you have ever witnesses before, at a comparatively low
price to what the world is currently doing….you‘ve come to the right place!

 You have just read about how the world now rids our bodies of heavy metals
and toxins – through IV chelation. Until now, this was the most effective method

Don‘t quote any more statistics at this point. Keep moving the reader
toward the sale

There is a Dr. Lyn Hanshew from Washington who is an expert in heavy metal chelation therapy.

She used to charge $200 for ONE treatment, using an IV.
She then would frequently need to give a SECOND IV the next day to replace the GOOD metals
that were taken away with the bad the previous day.

She now uses zeolites for her patients.

She says "Everyone is poisoned, everyone needs zeolites".

The zeolites DO NOT pull out the good metals, only the bad, and the toxins and pesticides.

Don’t introduce price until you’ve built value in what you’re offering – it’s ok to
make an apples to oranges comparison – “Most companies charge $350 for a single
treatment, but thankfully, you only invest a fraction of that amount.

You can get about 25 zeolite treatments for $40.
That's the difference in price-
$350 for ONE treatment.
$40 for 25 treatments,
and they are much more effective!

This is not ordinary, this is EXTRAORDINARY.
So what are they, these ZEOLITES?

They are a NATURAL MINERAL, one of the few in nature with a negative charge. They have a
cage-like structure. Toxins, pesticides, viral particles, etc. are positively charged. You guessed it!
They are drawn to each other like bees to honey. Actually, much more powerfully than that! The
zeolites go through your body, both through the digestive system AND the blood, in about 4 to 6
hours. And consequently, SO DO THE TOXINS! Powerfully, like NOTHING you have ever seen

They are completely safe, even for babies, pregnancy, lactating mothers, animals and the elderly.

They have been given a G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA (U.S. Food
and Drug Administration). They have been used in the orient (in a less pure and less effective
state) for 800 years, so have hundreds of years of a safety record.

What they do is –

1 – Remove heavy metals, toxins and other unsafe compounds from the body

2 – Balance the body‘s ph

3 – Support a healthy immune system

AT ALL. This is exclusive. There is NOTHING else that does the same things they do. They
don‘t heal anything, cure anything, or prevent anything. You know I have to put in the
disclaimer. But it IS amazing what your body can do itself when you get rid of the toxins
that are bombarding it and causing so many problems, now, and in the future.

Okay, so MY first question, when I first heard about zeolites, was – WHAT HAVE THEY
DONE FOR YOU? I would love to tell you what they have done for me, because it is

Your personal story and other testimonies are great. Your story needs to be told a little
earlier in the report – perhaps in place of some of those statistics.

Once you transfer into the sales mode – stay in that mode – continue offering benefit after
benefit. Make it a ―no-brainer‖ for them to get your product.

The more benefits you offer, the more they‘ll want it.

My life has totally changed since I have been on the zeolite drops. I was catching a cold when I
first started on the drops and I had two immediate and wonderful reactions. It zapped the
cold right out of me and I slept wonderfully the very first night and have slept wonderfully
ever since–and I wasn‘t doing that before.
Then I didn‘t notice anything for about two weeks. One night I woke up with a tummy ache and a
fever. My husband had a very bad flu at the time–he had chills and aches and pains and was
throwing up and had a very high fever–so I thought I had caught the flu along with him. I also
have epilepsy with grand mal seizures. I could feel the aura and knew a seizure was coming
on. I was just about to reach over and wake up my husband and let him know that I was having a
seizure when I felt like a miracle happened. The whole thing just started to reverse itself–the
buzzing that I get in my ears went away, the tingling in my hands and my head went away, the
very, very sick feeling that I get went away. Then the fever left, and my tummy felt better. I was
actually able to go back to sleep, and I was fine the next morning. I never got that flu and I
never had that seizure. I have had only one seizure since then, and it‘s been about four months
now, and it was a very mild one, so I am hoping that they will go away completely.

It is interesting that a week or two before I started the drops I had an iridology exam and they
had taken a picture of my eyes for iridology testing. About a month after I had been on the drops I
noticed that the spot I previously had in my right eye (which had been there for at least 30 years)
was greatly diminished. I was very surprised! The iridologist had told me that it was a spot that
showed toxins in the liver. Now I could hardly find it. It‘s still there, but there is definitely a
marked difference in the fact that it has almost completely disappeared!

During the next two weeks I felt some unusual aches and pains in different areas of my body from
time to time. I knew the drops were cleaning out toxins, because I felt a slight discomfort in my
kidneys, but was never in very much pain. I actually enjoyed feeling it because I could tell the
zeolites were working for me. After one month of taking the zeolite drops I measured my
cholesterol–it had dropped by 33 points! It had done nothing but continue to go up and up
before that. Then a month later I measured it again, and it had dropped another 12 points and I
am sure that it is even lower than that now, putting me in the low risk category, which I am
extremely excited about!

I have brought my pH level from 4.5 (which is about as bad as it can be) to 6.5 and 7.0
(which is about as good as it can be). I had previously tried everything I could find–and I mean
everything–to change my pH. I knew it was bad, but nothing worked until these blessed drops! I
was literally jumping up and down with excitement over the pH results! I also have lots of energy
now, where I used to be tired out by early evening. I now have very few headaches, where I
used to have two to three a week BD (which is my phrase for "before drops"). For about two
months I would cough or sneeze, and I got rid of some phlegm, and I really feel good about
that, knowing that the drops are cleaning me out.

My body fat percentage has gone down and I have less of an appetite. I used to have lots of
hair in the bathtub after I washed my hair, and now there is none. I used to have blood in the
sink after brushing my teeth–and that is gone, too. I am amazed at what things the toxins
caused that I was totally unaware of until ridding myself of the toxins. I apologize because some
of these things are kind of personal, but maybe somebody needs to hear them. I have had
fibrous lumps in my breasts all of my life. A doctor once told me that half of all women do. I am
now in the OTHER half! Also, I have had a fungus in my ear for eleven years, and I can‘t tell you
how many things I have tried to get rid of that nuisance–and it is finally gone, and I am so happy
about that!

Where else could you find one single product that would take care of so many different difficulties
like this!? I am just so thrilled to have been introduced to zeolites and so happy to be able to have
the privilege and blessing of sharing them with others and hearing their wonderful stories of
healing, too!
There are literally thousands of people being helped by these blessed drops. Many lives
have already been saved. Maybe yours or someone you know will be next.

Chuck from Texas

For the past 30 years I have always been pretty much what some people would determine a
"health nut" just because I believe in taking vitamins and minerals and other things I have felt
would be good preventive measures. I did a lot of exercising through the years and I have been in
pretty good health most of my adult life.

All of a sudden in 2004 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. They told me they were going to
have to remove my left kidney and that the tumor was so large there was no way they could do
a microsurgery and it would have to be a full-blown open surgery at the M. P. Anderson Hospital
in Houston. So the left kidney was removed. They told my wife later in the waiting room that they
found I had a football-sized tumor that had totally encapsulated my left kidney. It intrigued me
that the tumor had all been somewhat encapsulated and had not metastasized as near as they
could tell at that point. However, they had to take out most of the lymph nodes and they
were pretty sure it probably would show up later some place in my brain, lungs, or that
sort of thing.

The tumor was composed of very rare cancer cells, and as a result they had informed me
that there were no protocols for that particular cancer cell. There was no radiation; there
was no chemotherapy, no vaccine for that type of cells. There was nothing, so basically
the last information was that it was a hospice case. However, before I left the hospital the
doctor said, "I feel like we need to do something, so let‘s see about putting you on the
chemotherapy pills that have been prescribed for lung cancer protocol. It has been somewhat
effective (I think about 10%) of lung cancer cases, but it doesn‘t seem to have any effect on
kidney cancer. We need to be doing something." It is disconcerting to think they are using
you as a Guinea pig in hopes that you might be the one that gets the results.

Why this type of cancer?

The doctors had no idea why I would have developed this type of cancer, but I honestly believe
that I had actually injured myself when I was working in the garage some time earlier. I remember
kneeling down to pick up something off the floor and when I came back up I caught the corner of
a metal stand right in my back left kidney area. I went down on the floor with the pain, but I just
rubbed it off and went on about my business. It was probably 12 weeks later that I went to bed
one night and about 1:00 o‘clock in the morning I got a pain kind of like a kidney stone which I
had had some 20 years earlier. I thought I could just wait it out, but about five minutes later the
pain began to recur and it did not move and I thought I had better go to the Emergency Room
because this was not good.

While at the hospital it turned out that I had bled two units of blood internally, and it was not a
kidney stone, even though the pain was very similar. It was a few months after that episode that
my friends kept telling me.."Chuck, are you sure you feel okay? You just don‘t look good. Have
you been to a doctor lately?" That happened to me three times in one week, and after the third
one I said, "That‘s it. I had better get to the doctor and see if there might be something wrong." So
I did, and it was beyond what my urologist could handle. They said it was way past anything they
were capable of doing at that hospital, so they referred me to M. P. Anderson, and I knew
instantly that it was something major.

Possible exposures to heavy chemicals
As a kid I probably had been exposed to heavy metals. I remember one weekend when I
picked up a lot of lawn chemicals and I mixed two of them together, then went out and
sprayed the yard. I did that for probably a couple of hours and that afternoon I was
bleeding from my nose–not a good sign. Years ago I used to immerse my hands in
chemicals (benzene and those types of things) while I was working on cars to clean the
parts that were dirty. I didn‘t wear gloves–most people didn‘t back then–but I know now
that those substances can penetrate the skin and get into your body, and it could be there
for years before the problems show up.

Chemotherapy pill and scan protocol

They placed me on the chemotherapy pills and over a year‘s time I immediately went on heavier
doses of other nutritional supplements that I knew about which did keep me strong and helped
restore my body from the surgery. They were always surprised at how healthy I looked when I
would go to the hospital. I wish you could look as good on the inside as you do on the outside!
That would be great!

Every 12 weeks they would give me scans and they would monitor everything. Finally, in August
of 2005 my oncologist told me that my lymph nodes had gotten so large and were growing so fast
that they were going to reduce the scans to eight weeks and if they weren‘t any better and they
didn‘t see a turn around they would have to put me on intravenous chemo.

About five days before that eight-week period was up when I was going to have to go back for
those scans where they would give me intravenous chemo, a friend called me here at Houston
and said, "There is a nutritional product that you really need to investigate immediately." He was
one of the few people who knew what the oncologist had told me and what he was planning to

He gave me the place where I could go to investigate the product, which was a micronized zeolite
formula in liquid drops. When I investigated it I found that it would put no stress on any of the
organs of the body. That was important to me because when you only have one kidney, the last
thing you want to do is stress out that kidney. I had done that before when I tried to detox with a
very effective product, and in trying to do that I really stressed out my kidney and I had to go off
the product. I had pains and everything else from trying to do that, so it made me very cautious
about anything I took after that.

When I saw that this particular product, the zeolite drops, would not put any stress on any organs
of the body, I thought, "Okay, that‘s safe. I‘m going to try this. I don‘t see anything in here that
would keep me from trying it. It was priced right. I was taking the chemotherapy pills that were
the size of an Ibuprofen–you take one a day–and each one of those pills cost $110! With this
particular product, the dosage I would probably take would be something like $40 for a week‘s

Chemotherapy pill side effects

The worst side effects of taking that particular chemotherapy pill related to the skin, but actually
because of the other nutritional products I took, it somewhat lessened them. Many people try to
go on the same chemotherapy pill I was taking, but they can‘t handle it. In very short order they
have bleeding sores on their face and their body that just bleed openly and they get diarrhea so
bad there‘s no way they can continue, and they will have to take them off the pill. With the help of
good nutritional products my side effects were lessened, but I got one of the worst acne cases–
like a 16 year-old kid–that you can imagine. It was not just on my face. It literally covered the
entire body from the waist up, from the trunk of my body up into my face and the back of my neck
and my scalp. That pill was causing that sort of reaction at the epithelial cellular level. After a year
of that, I was so embarrassed about my face I didn‘t want to go out. It also keeps your body kind
of torn up to where you never know where you might have some sort of problem as far as bowels
and that sort of thing are concerned. Even though there are much worse side effects from other
types of drugs out there, it‘s still not a pleasant thing to live with.

I made the decision

Once I made my decision I decided to order the zeolite product immediately because I was going
to have to have those scans in four to five days and I thought, "No, I don‘t want to do that." I felt
like I needed to be on the product a longer period of time before I had these scans, so I could see
if I could attribute any change from the previous scans to the new ones, and I didn‘t expect that
five days would be long enough to do that, so I decided to call and delay the scans. I ended up
actually being on the product about three weeks before I went and got my scans.

During that period of time I didn‘t feel anything. There was no feeling that I was taking anything. I
had no real pain; I didn‘t feel a reduction in pain or anything else. The only thing I noticed was
within about five days of being on the zeolite drops my face cleared up significantly, about 99%. It
was absolutely amazing! I was definitely very pleased at just that alone, but as far as anything
else I had no idea when I went in for my scans if it had done anything at all. There was no way for
me to know.

Scan results

I got my scans three weeks later after starting on the product and the next day I got word
to see my oncologist to review the readings of the scans from the day before. My
oncologist came in and he was smiling a real wide smile. He said, "Well, Chuck, you have
some excellent scans. Every single one of the lymph nodes were smaller than they were
ten weeks before! In fact, most of your lymph nodes are less than half the size that they
were ten weeks ago, and many of your lymph nodes are so small now that my cursor will
not automatically measure the size of the lymph nodes that were there before." They were
almost one-third the size they were 10 weeks ago. He was pretty excited about that and he
said, "Wow! It looks like the chemotherapy pill has finally killed the cancer!"

I said, "No, doc. Actually, I started on an all-natural nutritional supplement about three
weeks ago and based on everything I read, this was the kind of results that it is designed
to achieve (at least as far as I can tell) in many people. That is exactly what we are seeing
here in these scans. In fact, I even brought you some information on the product and the
scientific basis in case you might think this product could be of some assistance to some of your
other patients." He literally hung his head and shook it and said, "No. I can‘t do that here. You
just keep doing exactly what you‘ve been doing."

Conversation with the zeolite drop creator

After I had been on the product 2½ weeks I had a chance to talk with the doctor who created the
zeolite drops. It was on a Saturday night and I was going to ask him about the scans that would
be updated the following Monday, two days later. I asked him, "Here‘s my situation. I have been
on the product almost three weeks–is that long enough for me to predict any changes in these
scans that are coming up on Monday?" And he just kind of smiled and said, "Chuck, don‘t
worry about that. Three weeks is more than enough time to see results on these next
Then I said, "I noticed on reading some scientific information on these drops that you can take it
with chemo-therapy type situations. Is there a chance it could possibly retard the positive effect
that you might be getting from the chemotherapy? Would it possibly enhance it?" He said, "Don‘t
even worry about that. You just keep taking your chemotherapy pills and the product will actually
enhance (if there are any positive effects from the chemotherapy) those positive effects. At your
next scan you will know exactly what to do." Then he went on to say, "You are going to be very,
very happy with your next scans." And obviously, he could not have spoken a greater truth!

Talk about happy!

You talk about happy! When you‘re faced with a situation where your oncologist knows that he is
going to have to put you on intravenous chemo and all of a sudden the thing is well and obviously
there is no need to do that, it‘s hard to express. The oncologist said, "In fact, let‘s go ahead and
put your scans back to 12-week periods. I‘m not worried about you anymore!" Those were great
words to hear! He went all the way from turning you over to hospice to saying, "I‘m not worried
about you anymore!"

When I went back after 12 weeks and he looked over my scans, he said, "Everything looks great!
You‘re still stable!" "Stable–does that mean I have a little bit of stray cancer left I need to be
worried about?" So I started asking some very in-depth questions trying to figure out why would I
just be "stable" after being on the product that I know gave me those great results in three
weeks? Why, 12 weeks later, would I just be "stable"?

It turns out the reason I was "stable" was because when I was there 12 weeks before, I was
basically "clean" in his opinion, and he told me the only way we‘d know if I had any stray cancer
cells in my lymph nodes is if we were to do a biopsy, and we were obviously not going to do that.
It turns out the reason I was "stable" was because I was clean 12 weeks earlier. The doctors
were very, very pleased with everything. They also had been shocked at my energy level and my
appearance with overall health in spite of the fact that I obviously had this cancer growing in my
lymph nodes.

Dosage used

I started out with 15 drops 3x/day, as that is what most people in my situation do, and I‘ve found
that most people in my situation with various types of cancer were taking 15 drops 4x/day and
sometimes more, depending on how serious it is and if it is working in their bodies and
everything‘s going okay. I began taking the drops the last part of September or around October 1
of 2005, and I just went in for another scan about three weeks ago.

The CT scans are given so the oncologist can see what‘s going on inside the body. They always
have you go in early and have a blood test in order to make sure that you do not have any
problems, especially with the kidneys. When you get CT scans they will give you a contrast
solution to make sure that they get a clear picture or visualization of what‘s going on inside your
body. It is designed to give a greater differentiation in the cell tissues, so if there‘s cancer it shows
up better. If there are any anomalies, apparently they show up better when they put a contrast
solution inside your body. However, the contrast solution can potentially be damaging to the
kidneys. One of the things they are looking for in the blood test is the creatinine level, because
the amount of the creatinine level in your body allows them to determine how well your kidneys
are functioning.

When I went in this last time they took the blood sample and three to four hours later when they
had had time to get the blood sample back, I was sitting down with the diagnostic technician that
checks you in and goes over everything before you go to the CT scan area, and she said,
"Chuck, your blood tests are remarkable! Your creatinine level is at the level I would
expect to see with a person that has two perfectly functioning kidneys, but the records
clearly show that you have had a kidney surgically removed." And that was absolutely

Then she said, "Let me show you something.." so she pulled up a graph on her computer that I
had never seen before and said, "This is a straight line graph of your creatinine level–and here‘s
where you were in October of 2005. Usually with one kidney, it is reasonably stressed out and
you barely qualified for even getting the CT scans. That has to be under control before you come
back in and get that CT scan. Here‘s where you were in October and here‘s where you are this
morning. It goes on a straight line down. This is the range where it is if someone has two perfectly
functioning kidneys!" She looked at me and said, "What are you doing?"

And I pulled out of my pocket a little bottle of micronized zeolite drops and I said, "I‘ve found this
all-natural supplement.." and I told her the story about when I started taking it and what happened
with the lymph nodes and the fact that I didn‘t need the chemo anymore and I said, "And now I
am sitting here and you are telling me that my one kidney is apparently functioning at the level of
what most peoples‘ two kidneys function at. They‘re working great!"

She said, "That‘s absolutely right! Can I get all the information about that product?" I told her if
she would give me her email address I would mail some information to her. She said, "Will you
promise?" In other words, she wouldn‘t let me out of that room unless I absolutely promised her I
would send some pertinent information of what that product was about. She couldn‘t believe what
she had seen!

In my opinion, it‘s an incredible coincidence that once I started on the drops and took
them for something that the medical community really could not control, and now it was
under total control. I assure you I will continue to take this micronized zeolite formula for a long
period of time, if not forever. I do not want this kind of a situation to get exacerbated and out of
control again. Just to be very clear, I did not change anything else about what I was doing except
I added that one thing to the protocol.

To read more testimonies, including those of doctors and health professionals, go to this website-


"I take Natural Cellular Defense, and I feel that everyone living in the
industrial world should be taking it on a regular basis. This product is
very different from supplements that add to well-being, but are not
essential. Natural Cellular Defense is simple, elegant, extraordinary, and
vital for healthy living in todays toxic world. I believe this most unique,
natural substance is an alchemical gift from God to help us face our
present-day health challenges due to ecological ignorance or, as they are
called in Ayurveda, prajna prathara or crimes against nature."

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D. (H), has been a holistic physician since 1973. A
diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and of Ayurveda, he is
the director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.
Natural Cellular Defense and zeolite - is it the
next big thing in nutritional therapies for
cancer and chronic disease?
Thursday, December 01, 2005 by Mike Adams – The Health Ranger – – Daily News Commentary on Natural Health, Wellness, Planetary
Health and Medicine

          ________    (Reprinted here with permission of the copyright holder)     _________

You may not believe what you're about to read. Early indications are that this could
be a significant breakthrough in nutritional medicine, cancer treatments and heavy
metals detoxification. If early reports are to be believed, it far surpasses even the
most miraculous cancer drugs from the world of conventional medicine, as you'll
see below.

Read this article carefully, and remember that as the author of this article, I am in no way financially
involved in this company or its products. My level of interest in this product is due solely to its
apparent potential for ending suffering, not from any financial reward on my part -- because, again, I
have absolutely no financial ties to this product or its manufacturer.

What is this product? Let me put this into perspective for you. Recently, the conventional medical
community went positively nuts over the latest anti-cancer drug, Herceptin. This drug, which was
clinically shown to reduce the rate of recurring breast cancer by 43%, has been deemed a "cure for
cancer" by physicians and oncologists who live in the realm of pharmaceuticals. This is the most
amazing drug they've ever seen -- 43% reduction -- and they're calling for it to be widely prescribed,
even to those women who don't have breast cancer.

Here's a question for you: what if there were a non-prescription substance, made from natural
ingredients, which had been correlated with cancer remissions in 78% of stage 4 cancer patients in a
preliminary trial? (This was a small-scale prelim trial, so don't draw erroneous conclusions based on
this single study...)

If you know anything about cancer, you're probably already thinking this can't be true. It's simply too
good to be true. But actually, I'm not done explaining it yet...

What if this substance was virtually tasteless, odorless and easily consumed in water? That way,
cancer patients (who have a very difficult time handling anything that tastes funny) could stomach

What if this substance also functioned as a potent detoxification supplement that binds with heavy
metals, PCBs, pesticides and other cancer-causing chemicals and pulls them right out of the body?

What if it could bind with nitrosamines in the digestive tract, protecting people from the cancer-
causing effects of processed meat preservatives?
What if this were backed by an approved U.S. patent, supported by convincing scientific research,
and already on the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list for food ingredients?

And what if it were available right now, as a new breakthrough in nutritional medicine, that's
shipping to customers as we speak?

Natural Cellular Defense and zeolite
The news is that there is such a nutritional product. It's called Natural Cellular
Defense (NCD), and it's based on research conducted by reputable (and pioneering)
scientists from the world of -- believe it or not -- pharmaceutical medicine.

There's a lot of excitement (some say it's just hype) over NCD right now, especially online. Critics,
however, point out that NCD is not safety approved by the FDA for any specific disease. Then again,
neither is zinc, pomegranates or green tea, and we all know those are proven disease fighters.
Besides, FDA safety approval doesn't mean much to anybody who knows how the FDA really
operates, since the agency routinely approves deadly drugs like Vioxx that have killed hundreds of
thousands of Americans already (and continue to do so each year). Recently, too, an FDA safety
panel gave near-unanimous approval to a diabetes drug that doubled the risk of heart attacks and
strokes -- another Vioxx disaster just waiting to happen. But that's a different article.

The relevant question here is this: is NCD safe? And is it really a breakthrough supplement that could
save lives and help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases?

Let's take a closer look at the function claims emerging from the research on this substance
conducted by Rik Deitsch , biochemist. According to his research document NCD exhibits the
following actions:

Here’s your list of benefits. Make sure they’re explained in easy-to-understand

1. Reduces cancer risk. Although only one small human trial has been conducted,
the results were intriguing: 78% full remission for stage 4 cancer patients (with
various types of cancer). The study was an open-label trial conducted by the
researchers at LifeLink Pharmaceuticals in Ohio. Although one small study is not
grounds for leaping to solid conclusions about cancer, this result is promising
enough to warrant additional investigation. Any anti-cancer effect is probably due to
NCD's ability to induce tumor suppressor genes that cause the body to not only halt
the growth of tumor cells, but actually destroy such tumors.

2. Acts as an antioxidant. Thus, it counters free radicals and helps the body defend
itself against free radical / DNA damage.

3. Traps and nullifies nitrosamines in the digestive tract. This is of monumental importance. If you've
read much on this site, you already know I've been sounding alarm bells about sodium nitrite and
nitrosamines found in processed meats. (I've covered the issue in depth in my book Grocery
Warning.) These nitrosamines are potent cancer-causing agents that appear responsible for the
dramatic increase in cancer risk that follows the consumption of processed meat products (bacon,
sausage, pepperoni, etc.) Pancreatic cancer rates shoot up 68%, and colon cancer rates are similarly
heightened. Leukemia and brain cancers are also strongly correlated with processed meats

Additionally, we've also learned just recently that nitrosamines are a causative factor in type-II
diabetes. Yet consumers are eating nitrosamines almost every day in their sandwich meats, pizzas,
canned soups and other manufactured food products. NCD captures and isolates those nitrosamine
compounds from the body, preventing them from reacting with the body's biochemistry. This single
effect of this product could, in my estimation, potentially save the lives of millions of children and
adults every year, all around the world. More detailed studies need to be conducted, of course, to
determine the precise protective effect, but the initial information is very intriguing.

4. Chelates and removes heavy metals from the body. This is substantial. It is
known to remove mercury, cadmium, and lead, all of which are strongly correlated
with various neurological disorders such as autism, Alzheimer's disease, dementia,
etc. The heavy metals research that I've seen, however, was conducted outside the
body (not in human subjects), so there remains a lot of research that needs to be
done in humans to further support this function claim.

5. Provides immunomodulatory action. This means it supports healthy immune system function
which, of course, helps protect the body from a number of diseases and health threats.

6. Acts as a broad spectrum antiviral agent. After a few weeks of use, NCD reportedly begins to
exhibit antiviral effects. This benefit is obviously very important for defense against infectious
disease and even potential pandemic threats like the bird flu. It doesn't mean NCD treats bird flu or
any particular disease, but it could potentially help reduce the viral load in conjunction with other,
more direct treatments.

7. Balances pH levels. This is also hugely important for maintaining overall health. Most people exist
in a state of excessive acidity, largely caused by poor dietary choices. NCD helps balance that state
so that the body can function at its greatest biochemical efficiency.

8. Improves nutrient absorption. Malnutrition is common in the populations of the
western world, even for those eating excessive quantities of food. One of the main
reasons is, of course, malabsorption of nutrients, and it is these nutritional
deficiencies that so often lead to the onset of chronic disease, especially in the
elderly. NCD reportedly improves nutrient absorption, thereby reducing the risk of
malnutrition, even without dietary changes.

Doctors statements about NCD zeolites-

Dr. Ross Taylor, practicing Gastroenterologist at the Cancer Treatment
Centers of America in Tulsa, OK. –
―Recently, I was introduced to a product that focuses on cancer prevention. This
product is based on a natural mineral that has such unique properties that it
safely and harmlessly can remove many of these dangerous cancer-causing
toxins from the body. It‘s a product that I am using and that my family is using as
well. I believe that everyone should use it.‖

Dr. Stephen Trobianie, Yale trained, Board certified Neurologist with 29 years
of clinical experience. –

―Nothing that I have dealt with has a greater emotional impact than cancer. The
very nature of the treatment is disturbing. Essentially, we in the medical
profession, attempt to poison the cancer before the poison we are administering
kills our patient. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, we are unsuccessful.
Despite our efforts the cancer advances over the course of months, leading to
prolonged and often painful death, with our treatment only adding to the misery.
So the old adage, ―An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure‖ takes on a
new meaning with cancer, since most cancers are caused by toxins, either
ingested or inhaled. Prevention means ridding our bodies of these toxins. I will
be using the NCD zeolite drops and I will be recommending this to every member
of my family and every patient that I see.

Dr. Steve Ellio, medical doctor and Board cerified Internist and Geriatrician in
the Philadelphia area –

In my practice the most universal response about cancer from my patients is
―What can I do to protect myself?‖ Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) gives them
this opportunity. It is a 100% natural, safe and non-toxic oral detoxification and
treatment agent with no side effects and no drug interaction. I take it, my family
takes it, and I am recommending it to all my patients.

Please contact me to start taking back your health and your life.


Toni Smith    Meridian, Idaho    (208) 887-1157

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