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					                                                                      Dominion Asset Investment Recovery Services (DAIRS)
                                                                                    (Commodity Categories for Dominion Surplus)

                              Instructions: Thank you for your interest in being included in our prospective customer data base.
                              interest by placing a check mark in the box to the left of the Commodity Code.

                                                                                    New and Used Surplus Equipment and Material
                             Commodity Code                            Commodity Name
                            AIRCRAFT          Aircraft and Aircraft-related Equipment                              GEARS
                            AIRRECVR          Air Receivers                                                        GENSET
                            AIRSEPPT          Air Separation Plant                                                 HEATEXCH
                            ANTENNA           Antenna - Transmission Tower                                         HVAC
                            ARRESTER          Arresters - All types                                                HVYUTIL
                            AUTOPART          Automotive Parts                                                     I&C
                            AUTOSHOP          Automotive Shop Equipment                                            INDUSCLN
                            BALANCE           Balancing Machines (Non-automotive)                                  INDUSGAS
                            BALERS            Balers, Paper or Metal                                               INSULATN
                            BATTERY           Batteries and Related Equipment                                      INSULATR
                            BEARING           Bearings                                                             INVENTO
                            BENDERS           Bar, Pipe, and Tube Benders                                          LAB&TEST
                            BLDGS             Buildings and Structures                                             LABSUPP
                            BLKSMITH          Blacksmith Shop Equipment                                            LATHES
                            BLOWERS           Blowers and Fans                                                     LIGHTING
                            BOATS             Boats and Associated                                                 LOADMGMT
                            BOILERS           Boiler Equipment                                                     MACHSHOP
                            BOREMILL          Boring Mills                                                         MANHOLE
                            BORING            Boring Equipment                                                     MATLHAND
                            BREAKERS          Breakers, Circuit                                                    MCC
                            BURNER            Boiler Burners                                                       MECHTRAN
                            BUSDUCT           Bus Duct                                                             MILLER
                            CABLE             Cable and Wire - All Types (Excluding Telecom)                       MOTORS
                            CAP-EQUI          Capacitor-related                                                    OFFICE
                            CAPACIT           Capacitors                                                           OVENFURN
                            CASING            Downhole Well Casing                                                 PACKAGE
                            CASK              Dry Cask Storage                                                     PAINT
                            CENTRIFU          Centrifuge                                                           PALLETS
                            CHILLERS          Chillers / Coolers / Refrigeration                                   PHOTO
                            COALMILL          Coal Mill Equipment                                                  PIPEEQUP
                            COATINGS          Coatings - Excluding Paint                                           POWERGEN
                            COILHAND          Coil Handling Equipment                                              PRECIPIT
                            COMPRESS          Compressors                                                          PRESS
                            COMPUTER          Computer Equipment and Related Supplies                              PRINTSHP
                            CONCBTCH          Concrete Batch Plant                                                 PROGLOG
                            CONDUIT           Conduit - Fiberglass, Metal, Polyethelene                            PUMPS
                            CONSTEQP          Construction Equipment, General                                      RADIOS
                            CONSTMAT          Construction Materials and Supplies                                  RADMONIT

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                             Commodity Code                             Commodity Name
                            CONVBELT          Conveyor Belting - New and Used                                            RECLOSER
                            CONVEYOR          Conveyor Eqp (Excl. Belting)                                               RECYCLE
                            COOL-GLY          Coolant and Glycol                                                         REGULATO
                            COOLGTWR          Cooling Towers                                                             ROBOTIC
                            CORROSIO          Corrosion Equipment and Supplies                                           SANDBLST
                            CRANES            Cranes and Hoists                                                          SCANNERS
                            CYLINDER          Cylinders                                                                  SCRUBBER
                            DEHUMID           Dehumidifiers                                                              SEAVANS
                            DRIVES            Drives, AC and DC                                                          SECURITY
                            DRUMS             Drums                                                                      SHIPFEND
                            DRYERS            Dryers                                                                     SIMULATR
                            ELECCOMP          Electric / Electronic Components                                           SNUBBERS
                            ELECTEST          Electrical Test Equipment                                                  SOAPS
                            ELEMETER          Electric Current Meters                                                    SURVEY
                            ELEVATO           Elevators and Associated Equipment                                         SWITCH
                            EMERDGEN          Emergency Diesel Generators                                                TANKS
                            ENCLOSUR          Enclosures                                                                 TELECOM
                            ENGINES           Engines                                                                    TOOLING
                            ENVIRSAF          Environmental, Safety Eqp-Supplies                                         TOWER
                            EQATTACH          Equipment Attachments & Parts                                              TRAILERS
                            ETDEQPMT          Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment                           TRANSFOR
                            EVAPORAT          Evaporators                                                                TUBING
                            EXCITERS          Exciters / Excitation Equipment                                            UTILPOLE
                            FASTHANG          Fasteners and Hangers                                                      VALVES
                            FILTERS           Filters (Excluding Auto-Part filters)                                      VEHICLGT
                            FIREPROT          Fire Protection Equipment                                                  VOLTREGU
                            FLYASH            Flyash Handling Equipment                                                  WAREHOUS
                            FOODPROC          Food Processing Equipment                                                  WATERTRT
                            GAS-CYL           Gas Cylinders                                                              WELDING
                            GASMETER          Gas Meters and Related                                                     WELLPROD
                                                                                                   Scrap Material Only
                            SCR-BARR          Scrap / Recycle Only - Barrels                                             SCR-METR
                            SCR-BATT          Scrap / Recycle Only - Batteries                                           SCR-NFER
                            SCR-BCAN          Scrap Aluminum Beverage Cans                                               SCR-PALL
                            SCR-BRKR          Scrap / Recycle Only - Circuit Breakers                                    SCR-PAP
                            SCR-BUSH          Scrap / Recycle Only - Bushings, Drained and Tested                        SCR-PETR
                            SCR-CAPA          Scrap / Recycle Only - Capacitors                                          SCR-PIPE
                            SCR-CHEM          Scrap / Recycle Only - Chemicals, Coatings, Resins                         SCR-PLAS
                            SCR- CONC         Scrap / Recycle Only - Concrete                                            SCR-REAC
                            SCR-ELEC          Scrap / Recycle Only - Electronic Equipment                                SCR-RECL
                            SCR-ETD           Scrap Electric T and D Misc                                                SCR-REEL
                            SCR-FERR          Scrap / Recycle Only - Ferrous Metals - Scrap Iron and Steel               SCR-STLT
                            SCR-FNFR          Scrap / Recycle Only - Ferrous/Non-ferrous combined                        SCR-SWCH

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                             Commodity Code                                 Commodity Name
                            SCR-FUEL                 Scrap / Recycle Only - Fuel                                             SCR-WIRE
                            SCR-GAS                  Scrap / Recycle Only - Industrial Gases                                 SCR-WOOD
                            SCR-GMET                 Scrap / Recycle Only - Gas Meters                                       SCR-XFOR
                            SCR-HTEX                 Scrap / Recycle Only - Heat Exchangers
                            SCR-MERC                 Scrap / Recycle Only - Mercury

                                                                                   If you are a service provider, please select from the following.
                            AUCTION                  Auctioneering Service Provider (Conventional)                           DEMOLIT
                            BARTER                   Bartering Service Provider                                              INTERNET
                            CABLREEL                 Cable Reel Processing Service Provider                                  Other :

                          Instructions: Your contact information is needed to ensure our records show current information. Please fill in all boxes below. Shoul
                          questions regarding this form, you can contact Daniel Gillespie at 804-775-5980.

                                                                         Contact Information
                                Company Name:

                                     First Name:

                                      Last Name


                                Mailing Address:





                                      Cell Phone:




                               Tax Exemption #:

                            Tax Exemption State:

                              Alt. Contact Name:

                            Alt. Contact Number:

                                 Billing Address:




                               Contact Number:

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minion Asset Investment Recovery Services (DAIRS)
          (Commodity Categories for Dominion Surplus)

t in being included in our prospective customer data base. Please indicate your specific commodities of

         New and Used Surplus Equipment and Material

                                                                              Commodity Name

                                                         Gears and Gear Machinery
                                                         Generator Sets / Motor Generators
                                                         Heat Exchanger
                                                         HVAC Equipment
                                                         Heavy Utility Equipment (typically requires CDL)
                                                         Instrumentation & Control
                                                         Industrial Cleaning Equipment
                                                         Industrial Gases
                                                         Insulation - Bldg, Eqp, and Pipe
                                                         Insulators for Electrical T&D
                                                         Inventory, Miscellaneous
                                                         Testing / Measuring / Lab Equipment
                                                         Lab Supplies
                                                         Lighting (includes Street Lights)
                                                         Load Management Euipment
                                                         Machine Shop Equipment
                                                         Manholes and Handholes
                                                         Material Handling Equipment
                                                         Motor Control Centers
                                                         Mechanical Transmissions
                                                         Milling Machines
                                                         Motors - All types and sizes
                                                         Office Furniture & Equipment
                                                         Ovens and Furnaces
                                                         Packaging Equipment
                                                         Paint and Paint Supplies
                                                         Photographic Equipment
                                                         Pipeline Equipment
                                                         Power Generation Equipment
                                                         Precipitators and Associated
                                                         Brake Press
                                                         Print Shop Equipment
                                                         Programmable Logic Controllers
                                                         Pumps (Excludes Vacuum Pumps)
                                                         Radios and Related
                                                         Radiation Monitoring Equipment

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                                                                Commodity Name

                                           Reclosers - Single and Three-phase
                                           Recycling Equipment
                                           Pressure Regulators
                                           Robotic Equipment
                                           Sand Blast Media
                                           Seavan / Conex Storage and Shipping Containers
                                           Security-related equipment
                                           Ship Fenders
                                           Soaps and Cleaning Compounds
                                           Survey Equipment
                                           Switchgear and Switches
                                           Tanks and Vessels
                                           Telecom Equipment
                                           Tooling and Accessories
                                           Transmission Tower
                                           Transformers, New / Used / Refurbishable
                                           Structural Tubing (excludes Boiler Tubing)
                                           Utility Poles & Related
                                           Light Vehicles (No CDL required)
                                           Voltage Regulators
                                           Warehouse Equipment
                                           Water Treatment Equipment
                                           Welding Supplies and Related
                                           Well Production Equipment
                                           Woodward Governor Inventory
                Scrap Material Only
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Meters
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Non-ferrous Metals
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Pallets
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Paper
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Petroleum Products
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Pipe
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Plastic
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Reactor, Drained & Tested
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Reclosers, Drained & Tested
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Cable Reels
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Street Lights
                                           Scrap / Recycle Only - Switchgear and Switches

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                                                                               Commodity Name

                                                            Scrap / Recycle Only - Wire & Cable
                                                            Scrap / Recycle Only - Wood
                                                            Scrap / Recycle Only - Transformers

If you are a service provider, please select from the following.
                                                            Demolition & Environmental Service Provider
                                                            Internet Auction Services Provider
                                          Other :

                                                         lease fill in all boxes below. Should you have

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