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					   BEauTy TipS 101
                                by emily m. harwood

brushing up
on makeup
If you use makeup at all, you have likely discovered a bewildering array      various uses intended for
of makeup brushes, with more hitting the market every day. There are          each makeup brush
different sizes, lengths, shapes, bristle cuts and bristle types along with   Whether natural or synthetic, makeup brushes come in a wide range of
a remarkable range in prices. Because not everyone is a professional          shapes and sizes, each with its own purpose. Because they are typically
makeup artist, it can be difficult to know the intended use for and the       lighter brushes, fan brushes are great for applying light applications of
difference between all of these brushes!                                      shimmer, bronzer, or blush to the cheek bones. On the other hand, kabuki
different types of bristles have different benefits                           brushes are very dense, which makes them good for applying mineral
Natural bristles are made from the hair of animals such as goat, pony,        foundations and other loose powders. The dense bristles of the kabuki
badger and even squirrel.                                                     brush create the best coverage when used with light, swirling motions.

Natural brushes are the best choice for applying loose powders because        As mentioned above, natural hair brushes work better with powders, so
they have cuticles that hold powder better than synthetic brushes. Natural    a natural eye shadow brush works best with powdery shadows, while a
hair bristles also tend to become softer with use. If you’re looking for a    synthetic brush may provide better coverage when used with a creamy eye
natural brush that will last a long time, sable hair brushes are the best     shadow.
choice. With proper care, sable brushes can last an extended period of
time.                                                                         A fine tipped brush or crease brush is used for applying darker colors
                                                                              to the crease of the eye and for blending. A liner brush is an even finer
Goat hair is a common bristle that distributes powder evenly and              tipped brush that is used to apply eye liner to the lash line. And finally,
smoothly and is perfect for buffing and blending. Goat hair can be            the smudge brush has very short, stubby bristles that smudge liner and
slightly coarser than pony hair, which is usually very fine and soft. Both    shadow for a smoky effect.
types are good for applying blush and bronzer. Squirrel hair bristles are
ideal for detailing and for using in the crease of the eye.                   makeup brush maintenance
                                                                              Once a month, mix warm water with shampoo for natural bristles or with
Synthetic bristles are man-made fibers - usually nylon or taklon. Although    dish soap for synthetics. Swish brushes in mixture for a few seconds, rinse
typically less expensive, these brushes can provide a smooth and even         well, blot with paper towels, and lay flat to dry.
application. They do have a harder time holding makeup because they
lack cuticles. Synthetic brushes are good for applying liquid foundation,
concealer, creamy shadows, creamy eyeliners and creamy blush. Their
downside - they are less durable and over time often become stiff.

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