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					Improving Patient & Employee Satisfaction
      Allegiance’s Value Proposition

1. Improve your patient survey satisfaction scores
   (HCAHPS, Press Ganey, NRC Picker, etc.)

2. Instant-ready compliance for unscheduled
   audits/mitigate risks

3. See the critical connection with employee engagement,
   and how to reduce turnover and increase productivity
      Allegiance at a Glance

 Customer & employee engagement solutions company
 More than 27 years of feedback research & experience
 Over 1,900 customers in multiple industries
  •   Including healthcare, banking, retail, telecom and others

 4 consecutive years of triple digit growth
 95% customer retention

Industry Recognition
What We Do

We help companies manage their customer and
employee loyalty and engagement like an asset

We offer the professional services and best practices
consulting needed to support you every step of the way
Allegiance’s Healthcare Customers
          What is Engagement?

 Active                                                                    $$$$$
                       More than satisfied and more than loyal.
                           More than satisfied or loyal.
                  Engaged customers and employees go out of their
                   way to show employees go out of company &
                  Customers & their association with atheir way
                            act as an and promote the company.
                 to show associationinfluencer/promoter.
                   Repeated, satisfied interactions that strengthen
                       connection w/exponential business
          An emotionaltheir emotional connection with a brand. increase.

                         A predisposition for a favorably;
                       Responds repeatedly,customer to
                          respond favorably and consistently
                       maintains consistent business
                             toward the brand/company.

                                  A measure of how
                                 products & services
                               Products andservices
                                  meet by a company
                                supplied or surpass
                                    meet or surpass
                                 customer expectation.
                                  no guaranteed
                                 repeat business
Passive                                                                     $
Why Engagement Matters

                   Organizations with Engaged
                   Customers Enjoy:
                    •   Improved customer loyalty (80
                    •   Increased revenue (76%)
                    •   Increased profits (75%)
                    Source: Economist Intelligence Unit
Why Engagement Matters

                    Employee Engagement
                    •   Employees stay longer
                    •   More productive/customer
                    •   Reduced voluntary and
                        involuntary separations
                    •   Better morale/attitude
                    •   Reduced sick days
    Challenges Facing Hospitals Today

Increasing pressure to improve
their operations
•   Increased patient expectations/choices
•   Multiple departments within organization
•   Subject to unscheduled regulatory audits
•   Strong need to mitigate risks
•   Outdated reporting methods

Staffing shortages/Employee
•   Employees expect more
     •   Higher salaries
     •   Better benefits
•   Likelihood to leave is higher
•   Costs for training are higher
How Allegiance Helps You Measure,
  Manage & Predict Engagement
Allegiance – The Only Comprehensive Solution
Real-Time, Actionable Insights
Benefits – The Payoff
      Improve Your
Patient Satisfaction Scores

   HOW: Allegiance PatientVoice

    Helps uncover and resolve issues while patient is at
    facility & before they receive discharge survey
    Improves staff communication & confidence

    Easily enter data gathered through patient rounding by
    various departments/employees

    Perfectly complements established discharge survey
    practices, such as Press Ganey/HCAHPS

Rounding                                Discharge Call
 Allows you to keep all rounding logs   Survey
 and patient feedback/concerns
 across organization in one place        Increases patients’ perception of
                                         service and satisfaction
 Keeps staff more informed about
 patient needs/issues as well as         Proactively identify problems
 quickly sync up with others on          Increase staff accountability
 rounding                                Log calls post discharge
 Proactively provide excellent care
  Compliance Audit Ready/Instant
  Risk Mitigation

HOW: Allegiance PatientVoice

 Proactively identify and address patient care issues &
 minimize risk of litigation
 Facilitates and supports regulatory compliance in
 grievance resolution and process improvement areas

 Be instantly ready to present status on response plan
 effectiveness (for audits) & ensure the plan is being

Grievance Resolution               Process Improvement
Streamline patient complaint        Identify and prioritize
management processes                areas for process
Rapidly resolve patient concerns
and issues                          Develop the right
                                    response plans that
Enables quick, virtual team
                                    will make the biggest
meetings regarding response &
resolution vs. physical meetings
 Reduce Employee Turnover/
 Increase Productivity

HOW: Allegiance EmployeePulse & EmployeeVoice (and

 Hear & respond in near real-time to employee
 concerns and issues
 Understand the real drivers of employees by

 Reduce employee turnover and increase
 productivity, saving time and money

Employee Engagement
•   Identify and reward outstanding
    employee efforts by department or
•   Develop the types of programs that
    matter most to employees
•   Foster a culture of greater passion and

1. Improve your patient survey satisfaction scores
   (HCAHPS, Press Ganey, NRC Picker, etc.)

2. Instant-ready compliance for unscheduled
   audits/mitigate risks

3. See the critical connection with employee engagement,
   and how to reduce turnover and increase productivity
Get the Information You Need

Read this case study

Robert Wood Johnson
University Hospital

…Plus, other papers
on engagement

Get a personalized, no-obligation demo from Allegiance
Call 1.801.617.8000, or email
Thank You
    The Allegiance Advantage

Only comprehensive Enterprise Feedback Management
(EFM) solution

Ability to gather and respond to feedback in real-time

Provides you with actionable data

Aligns with your current patient discharge process

Can be used with or separate from patient satisfaction

Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering

Easy to use and implement
   Allegiance @ Work in Healthcare

                                                  Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
                                                  - Leading academic medical center
                                                  - 2004 Baldrige Presidential Award Winner
                                                  - Treats 15,000+ patients annually
                                                  - Increased patient satisfaction scores from
                                                   67% to 90% as a result of best practices
“We have industry leading                          and use of Allegiance
satisfaction scores as a result of
our best practices, and the                       - Vastly improved efficiencies and
Allegiance Engage solution is a                    streamlined processes
critical element of that success.”

-- Monica Olaff, Patient Relations Manager, RWJ
Hospital Hamilton
      Allegiance @ Work in Healthcare

“When any of our state regulatory
agencies walk in to investigate a
                                                Holy Cross Hospital
complaint, we have to have that                 - 600-bed hospital; treats 15,000 patients
information immediately. We can’t
be looking through binders.                      annually

Now, with Allegiance, I’m able to               - 90 departments; 33 medical offices
get all of the information that we              - Improved patient satisfaction scores
need and give resolution to my VPs
and senior administration team in               - Streamlined patient feedback
a matter of minutes.”
                                                 management/ grievance processes
-- Gina Seneca, Manager Guest Relations, Holy   - Reduced time required to gather/report on
Cross Hospital
                                                 grievances from hours & days to minutes
                                                - Now able to respond instantly to
                                                 unannounced regulatory audits

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