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									                                  he ion’s
St. John’s International School     Alumni Magazine        Issue 33, January 2004

                                                      Her Highness,
                                                      Princess Margaretha
                                                      of Liechtenstein, visits
                                                      St. John’s to formally
                                                      open the new facilities.

                                                                                                                            Dreve Richelle 146
                                                                                                                          1410 Waterloo, Belgium
                                                                                                                            Tel. (02) 352-0610
                                                                                                                            Fax (02) 352-0620

                                                    Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends:

                                                    After years of anxious waiting, St. John’s finally has permission from the Commune of
             Dr. Joseph H. Doenges                  Waterloo to proceed with the construction of a Performing Arts Center (PAC). Acting
                     Director                       Mayor, Serge Van Overfelt, delivered the good news on September 5th when he made
                                                    the announcement during the grand opening ceremonies for the new science wing,
                                                    cafeteria, and sports arena. Immediately before Her Highness, Princess Margaretha of
                                                    Liechtenstein, cut the symbolic ribbon, the mayor spoke to the large crowd of 700
ASBL St. JOHN’S                                     and dramatically announced that approval had been granted just that morning. The
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL F.C.J.                         mayor’s comments were greeted with an enthusiastic round of applause.
Sr. Ruth CASEY, FCJ                                 With this green light, plans are proceeding to begin construction in December 2003.
                                                    In fact, as of the end of November, the area has been cleared of fences, shrubbery,
Dr Joseph DOENGES, Managing Director
                                                    trees, and other obstacles prior to actual groundbreaking. The next step will be
Mr. Alain FASTRE                                    removal of the four houses that occupy the site, two on Champ du Roussart just
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ, Vice President             west of the old cafeteria and two on Drève Richelle next to Delhaize.
Sr. Beatrice MOLYNEUX, FCJ
Sr. Patricia O’CONNELL, FCJ                         Where will the Performing Arts Center be located? It will attach to the High School-
Sr. Margaret QUIRKE, FCJ                            Middle School foyer with a walking bridge on its west side and to the old cafeteria on
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI, Secretary                         its east side.
Sr. Marie-Geneviève RENAUD, FCJ                     What will be included in the PAC? The focal point will be a 400-seat theatre and
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, President                        stage. There will also be classroom space for elementary and secondary music, a dance
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       studio, a video lab, a music lab, and two drama classrooms. The old cafeteria will be
                                                    an attachment that serves as costume shop, prop storage, and set preparation area.
Advisory Board to the ASBL                          When will the building be finished? The estimated construction time is 16 months,
2002-2003                                           which means that substantial completion could occur in April 2005. With the unpre-
                                                    dictability of the Belgian weather, a more realistic expectation is completion during the
Mrs. Branka COURT
                                                    summer of 2005 and full usage for the 2005-2006 School Year.
Dr. Joseph DOENGES, Director
Mrs. Torhild HAGEN, Ex-Officio PTA Representative   What else is included? The PAC includes a 50-car underground parking garage,
Sr. Barbara HUGHES, FCJ                             connection of Drève Richelle and Champ du Roussart with a one-way road, and a bus
Mr. Marc MEZNAR                                     loading area. There will also be significant landscaping to maximize the green space on
Mr. Rizwan RAWJI                                    both Drève Richelle and Champ du Roussart.
Mr. Thomas SNYDER, Chairman                         These are exciting times at St. John’s. The performing arts have a long legacy of excel-
Mr. Marian WALECKI, Treasurer                       lence despite unsuitable facilities. Now there truly is a “light at the end of the tunnel,”
                                                    and we can look ahead to the day when drama, music, and dance performances take
ASSOCIATE TRUSTEES                                  place in a state-of-the-art theatre with comfortable seating, excellent lighting, and
Br. Thomas GERROW FSC                               quality sound.
(President, St. John’s College, Washington, DC,
Representative of the Christian Brothers)

Mr. Jack J. DEVLIN                                  Joseph H. Doenges
                                                                             a.s.b.l. St. John’s International School F.C.J.
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                                                   Class News                                                                         2-9

                                                   Former Families / Former Staff                                                10-11

                                                   Around the Campus                                                             20-25

                                                   Alumni Update Form                                                  Back Cover


                                                                  PLUS 40 Campaign
                                                                 The new Performing Arts
                                                               Center, as it will appear on
                                                                     the campus in 2005.
                                                                              pages 15-16

St. John’s
Princess Margaretha, a former SJ parent
herself, graciously agreed to be the guest
of honor at the Grand Opening.
See pages 12-14 for the full story.                                                              International Cultural Festival
                                                                                                 Over two dozen nations celebrated their
PUBLISHED BY                                                                                     unique qualities at a fall festival.
St. John’s International School                                                                  page 21
Office of Development & Alumni Affairs
PO Box 742, Stratham, NH 03885-0742 USA
For St. John’s International School
Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo, Belgium
(322) 352-0610 Ph                                                   Around the Campus
(322) 352-0620 Fax                                   Fifth graders hone their art skills with
Editor: Jack Lyons
                                                         a visit to a famous site in Brussels.
(603) 356-2797                                                                      pages 22
Printed every four months in New Hampshire
by Squamscott Press, Inc. Deadlines for news are
April 15, Aug 15, and Dec 15. Send class notes
or any other alumni news to your class rep or to
the email/fax/regular mail addresses above.

SURFING THE WEB? Use the on-line
update form to let us know what’s                                                                 MISSION STATEMENT: St. John’s
happening in your life.                                                                           International School provides an
                                                                                                  English-speaking education that
                                                                                                  emphasizes Christian values, encourages
 www.stjohns.be                                                                                   academic excellence, and celebrates
                                                                                                  cultural diversity.

                                                                                                            The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 1

           lass    Ms. Cynthia Makush Becket
                                                              ews     Ms. Margaret Echols-Jones                              Ms. Jocelyne Koepke
                                8828 Blue Ball                                     5 Angela Dr                         416 Hinton Avenue South
                       Stewartstown, PA 17363                              Foxboro, MA 02035                           K1Y 1B3 Ottawa, Ontario
                               (717) 993-5432                                  (508) 698-0578                                              Canada
                                                                       famsrchmom78@aol.com                                        (613) 722-9404
                 In Fox Island, Washington,                                                                                       jkoepke@cctc.ca
                 Erik Jensen continues to                             Bob Devlin was in Europe                                                 or
work with those who need his help as a             this fall and managed to get to Brussels.                           Ms. Jenny Howson Willem
Guardian Ad Litem in Pierce County. Dirk           Associate Joanie Brooks-Lindsay resides in                           143 Lakewood Estates Dr
Roggeveen, who left in ’69, lives on an            Napa, Calif.; she has studied at Stanford and                         New Orleans, LA 70131
island as well, at the other end of the US—        the Monterey Institute. Jessica (Dölling)                                       (504) 397-5195
Nantucket. Thanks for getting back in              Gripberg, who left in ’71, recently got in       From London comes word that Ellen Dyvik
touch.                                             touch. She lives in Lidingö, Sweden.             Henke is alive and well, offering financial
ejensen@co.pierce.wa.us                            bob@devlin.net                                   advice to all those who may need that
dgn@nantucket.net                                  jbl42@msn.com                                    service (and can pay for it). Associate Dave
                                                   gripberg@telia.com                               Evans is living in Irving,TX. Tom Burke is
                     Ms. Kirsten Jensen Robinett                                                    also down there, in McKinney.
                         17012 150th Ave. East                                                      ellen.dyvik.henke@post.harvard.edu
                             Orting, WA 98360                     Ms. Cynthia Howson Weinmann
                                                                           15 Englewood Pkwy
                                (360) 893-5551
                           kirstenrob@aol.com                               Metairie, LA 70005
                                             Or                                 (504) 835-4765
                                                                                                                              Mr. Joseph Picard
                      Mr. Xavier Varela Rosales                    cindyweinmann@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                 44809 Saltz Rd
                                    PO Box 122
                                                                   From Nevada, Tim Green                                Canton, MI 48187-2982
                     Seabrook, TX 77586-0122
                                                   writes, saying he appreciates the enewsletter,                                (313) 844-7821
                                (281) 326-2635
                                                   From the Lion. Thanks for the feedback.                             Associate Debbie (Ostrowski)
Evansville, Indiana is now the home of Sue         tgreen@bnl.gov                                                      Setzke is a Flight Attendant
(Neergaard) Van der Werff.
                                                                                                    for Elite Express, and lives in Beaver Dam,
Sue VdW.: jwsue@insightbb.com                                                                       Wisconsin. Associate Nigel Griffiths and his
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. J. David Vance
                                                                              2610 Harrison St
                                                                                                    wife Anne visited the campus in mid-
                    Ms. Susan Miller McGlynn                          Evanston, IL 60201-1326       October, when they were hosted by Sister
                        1509 Brewster Gate Rd                                  (630) 782-1021       Barbara Hughes, fcJ. Chris Hollingsworth is
                  Crownsville, MD 21032-2224                             mosservances@aol.com       in London, where he is a website manager
                                (410) 451-0630                                                      for Mediatype Ltd. Associate Tim Jackson is
                                                                      Toronto is now home for       busy in Playa del Rey, Calif.
                   Associate Mary Von Lindern      Yvonne (Veenendaal) Boa and her family—
                   has moved to Chardon,           husband Sandy, along with Andrew, 11, and
Ohio. Allison Mitchell, who left in ’75, is a      Lauren, 9. This, following stints in Puerto
                                                   Rico, Mexico City, and Dallas. Yvonne is         chris@media-type.com
nurse in Austin, TX, at St. David’s Medical
Center, where she works with Dr. Wishnew,          still designing homes for a builder/developer    tmjackso@verizon.net
whose wife, Sharon, used to teach at SJIS.         in the US, while Sandy is CEO of
That wins the ‘small world’ award of the           Citicapital, Canada. Associate Mark
quarter. Steve Rinker, who left in ’76, has        Bannerman is on the coast at Halifax, Nova
re-established contact; he is in Ontario.          Scotia. Jeffrey Williams calls Sarasota home.
Mary VL.: mvljolibois@yahoo.com                    yvboa@yahoo.com
Allison M.: xinran6@earthlink.net                  camban@hfx.eastlink.ca
lsrinker@nexicom.net                               Jeffrey W.: sloanmoore@aol.com                    Let us know what’s happening in your life!

 2   The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                           CLASS NEWS

                Ms. Marsha McMahon-Jones                                    Ms. Barbara Davis
                         20519 NE 27th Pl                                11567 Tawny Ash Ct
                Sammamish, WA 98074-4351                                 St. Louis, MO 63146
                           (425) 836-0439                                      (314) 997-2076
                     marsha_mcmahonjones                               wumpus30@yahoo.com

Diego Rivadeneira has emerged in                  Chris Hazleton, his wife Krissy, and son
Budapest, Hungary, as a consultant, having        Charlie have a new email address, down
earned a law degree. Nice to hear from him        there in Ft. Lauderdale.
after a long period of silence. Associate Paul    hazletons@comcast.net
Neary lives with his family in Southlake,                                                        Lisa Pavlock and Ms. Mandy MacLeod in India. Lisa has
TX, where he is a Senior Account Rep with                                                        been an ESL teacher there for 3 years; Mandy was co-chair
3M. Also checking the ‘bottom line’ is                                       Mr. Paul Lawyer     of the accreditation team.
Bernard Le Duc in St. Lazare, Canada,                                   14252 214th Way NE
                                                                       Woodinville, WA 98072     school principal at SJIS, was on the accredi-
where he is VP of Finance with Bell Canada.
                                                                             (425) 558-9030      tation team visiting her school in Nov.
diego@freestart.hu                                                        plawyer@cisco.com
pcneary@hotmail.com                                                                              hochung@usc.edu
bernard.leduc@bell.ca                                             In Arlington, VA, Peter        jfvachon@cdic.ca
                                                  Howson now serves as Information Systems       lisapavlock@hotmail.com
                                                  Manager for Fahey/Davidson.
                             MAJ Ian Greene       phowson@mac.com                                                                    Mr. Louis Toth
                             46-111 Ipuka Pl                                                                                  1100 Remington Rd.
                          Kaneohe, HI 96744                                                                                  Wynnewood, PA 19096
                                                                     Mrs. Amy Lyons Driscoll
                              (808) 234-5584                                                                                        (610) 896-5890
                                                                            6 Gailey Farm Ln
                      ingreene@hq.pacom.mil                                                                                     ltoth@comcast.com
                                                                     Kittery Point, ME 03905
                  In Houston, Stephanie                                       (207) 439-2114
                                                                                                                    Siobhan McLaughlin-Klett
McCall, whom we’ve not heard from in a                             In Plymouth, Massa-           calls Hartsdale, NY home; she is now work-
while, has been appointed as the Manager                           chusetts, Assoc. Rosemarie    ing for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Associate
of Compensation for Duke Energy                   Cummings Posy is an Elementary Teacher.        Jody Salmon is in Thornbury, Australia.
International. Congratulations. She’d love to     For those living near Eastbourne, UK, and      Associate Nicole O'Connor is a Senior
hear from classmates and friends. Alma            who have dogs needing grooming,                Customs Officer in Australia, so if she gives
(Guiliano) Blair, who left SJIS in ’77 now        Christopher Warry is the man for the job.      you a hard time when you go down under,
calls Brooklyn, NY home. She’s been a                                                            tell her you are from St. John's. She has been
teacher but has taken this year off to help the                                                  doing that for 8 years, but is also studying
children (Patricia 11 and Anthony 9) adjust                                                      accounting, happily dating Jason, her
                                                                         Mr. James ‘Gil’ Lyons
to city life, along with help from her                                                           boyfriend, and looking for a house in
                                                                             769 Somerville St
husband, Tom. Class Rep Ian Greene, who                                                 Apt. 3   Sydney.
managed to visit his parents in Waterloo this                          Manchester, NH 03103      siobhan.b.mclaughlin@us.pwc.com
fall, has been extended for duty for another                                   (603) 232-1058    jody.salmon@dhs.vic.gov.au
year in Hawaii; tough break. He would like                             gilyons600@yahoo.com
                                                                                                 Nicole O: sharkynic@hotmail.com
to hear from classmates and associates
regarding ideas for a 20th reunion. Dr. Berta     Ho Suk Chung continues working on his
Alvarez-Miranda is in Madrid.                     PhD in Computer Science at the Univ. of                                        Ms. Elizabeth Drent
                                                  Southern Calif. Jeff Vachon, a ‘lost lion’                                        ldrent@yahoo.ca
                                                  until recently, works for the Canadian gov-
                                                  ernment in the realm of bank regulations.                      Jason Stanard, who left in
berta@ceacs.march.es                              He admits to living ‘in the boonies,’ and                      ’88, calls London home,
                                                  enjoying motorcycles, especially motorcross.                   where he lives with his wife
                                                  Nice to hear from him. Lisa Pavlock, who       Ellen. Last word was that he was a
                                                  teaches at the American International          Marketing Specialist with Egg.com. Heather
                                                  School in Chennai, India, was surprised to     Jenkins has an interesting story to tell: “After
                                                  discover that Ms. Mandy MacLeod, middle        building wigs for film and theatre, working
                                                                                                 many long days and nights on film sets in
                                                                                                 LA, I decided to change my career path!
                                                                                                 From the film and theatre industry, I went

                                                                                                                  The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 3

on to pursue another Masters in                                        Ms. Judy Schmitt Adams          wilson5725@hotmail.com
International Affairs, specifically Middle                                187 Prince George St         aforest27@yahoo.com
Eastern Studies. I attended the American                             Annapolis, MD 21401-1722
Univ. in Cairo in 2001 for intensive Arabic                                                            michele_koman@hotmail.com
classes. I am in the process of finishing my                                                           kferries@yahoo.com
Masters at American Univ. in DC. However,
I put my degree on hold to accept a position       Not far from the school, in Ohain, resides
in the U.S. State Dept; can’t turn down a          Gwen Sermon, who did a 13th year with us.                                          Ms. Laura Wood
good job! I am now living in Oakton VA.”           She is now a computer graphics expert, a                                          10 Liberty Avenue
Heather works in the Operations Center as a        webmaster, and recalls most fondly her time                                SW19 2QR Colliers Wood
Watch Officer. Congratulations. Associate          at SJIS. Associate Claire Telling still calls the                                           London
Lara Palfreyman is in Oakland, Calif, armed        Big Apple home, as she maps out strategy for                                       United Kingdom
                                                   British Airways in these turbulent times.                                        (44) 20 864-01798
with a Marketing degree from the Univ. of
                                                   Kimon Roufas has left Calif. (as has Milena                              laurajwood25@hotmail.com
Houston. Class Rep Liz Drent has completed
some law practice involving labor and              Krasteva) for Cambridge, Massachusetts,             Gonzalo Rueda, who left in ’92, now resides
administrative legal work, in Ottawa, and          where he is enrolled at MIT, working on             in Alcorcon, Spain. LT Alex Bergman, US
for six months will be in CapeTown, South          an MBA, his third Master’s degree.                  Coast Guard, normally finds himself
Africa. There she’s working for a non-             Congratulations. Sylvie Grégoire is at the          inspecting large ocean-going cargo vessels
governmental organization specializing in          World Bank in Washington, DC. Associate             seeking entry into the Jacksonville, FL
human rights and constitutional law. Keep          Rachel (Cooper) Gray was married in                 harbors. Lately though, he also has been
us posted.                                         August and now resides in Glen Burnie,              checking out grad schools, as a result of his
jason.stanard.wh94@wharton.upenn.edu               MD. Congratulations. Rachel is a research           acceptance into the Coast Guard’s Financial
heatheraj29@hotmail.com                            technician at Johns Hopkins. Elsa                   Management Post-Graduate Program. He
                                                   (Madrolle) Heitzig now has a Brussels               finds the school and gets accepted; they pay
                                                   address. Sigrid Lovise Svingen has moved to         the tuition. He’s also getting married next
                                                   Østerås Norway.                                     May, so he’s been busy. Congratulations on
                                                   gwendodo@swing.be                                   all counts; keep us posted. Maria Regina
                            Mr. Richard Jensrud
                                                   clairetelling@yahoo.com                             Tampieri and Agatha Degasperi ’93 got
                             richardfj@lycos.com   kimon@sloan.mit.edu                                 together this fall in Atlanta, while the latter
                                                   sgregoire@worldbank.org                             was in the states working for a while. It’s
                   Associate Matt Stanard,         rcoopera@jhmi.edu
                   who was doing some
                                                   Elsa H.: ehm@georgetown.edu
                   research in Belgium, has
returned to Indiana Univ. at Bloomington to
complete his dissertation. Associate Gail
(Jelley) Field lives in Little Chalfont,
Amersham, UK. Associate Kelly (Sammons)                                    Ms. Samantha Dennis
Stein, who left in ’86, lives in Bakersfield,                             Euchan Bridge Cottage
                                                                            DG4 6LA Sanquhar,
CA; she can help you out if you need a loan.
Frederica Saltre let us know she is a lawyer,                                   United Kingdom
but her location was not included in the                               samjodennis@hotmail.com         Agatha Degasperi & Maria Regina Tampieri send greetings
evidence.                                                                                              to their friends and alumni.
mstanard@indiana.edu                               In Montréal, Associate Mélanie Bergeron
gail@field-home.co.uk                              works for a firm called Relais Méthadone.
kstein@bak.rr.com                                  Robert Travers is living in London. Frank
frederica_saltre@hotmail.com                       Schmitt is in County Dublin, Ireland.
                                                   Associate Geoff Wilson has moved to
                                                   Gaithersburg, MD. Amy (Forest) Eastridge
                                                   lives in Smyrna, Georgia. Associate Gavin
                                                   Beaton is in Brussels; not far away in
                                                   Waterloo is Michèle Koman. Associate
                                                   Karen Ferries has settled in New York City.
                                                                                                         Sandra & Matthew Foutz

 4   The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                                   CLASS NEWS

only the 2nd time they’ve been able to be                                Ms. Francesca Catarinella            husband, Adam, on the birth last July of
reunited since graduation. Associate Sandra                                       Via S. Ruffino 23           their son, Josiah Benjamin. The grand-
(Ovlinger) Foutz and her husband Matthew                                               10090 Trana            parents, Rick and Patti, as well as aunts
were married in Brussels, and are now look-                                                    Italy          Anna and Esther, were all there for the
                                                                                (39) 011 935-5038
ing for a home in Scottsdale, AZ. Best                                                                        happy occasion. Good luck also, to Assoc.
wishes. Isabel (Huwart) White wants to be                                                                     Cristina Manfre, who has moved to London
certain everyone knows she and Greg have                                                                      to attend the London School of Economics,
a high-speed, internet line now, so you                                                                       having completed her undergraduate studies
can send them loads of pictures. Associate                                                                    at Goucher College in Baltimore. She plans
Marie-Eve Bergeron is a Traveling                                                                             on studying Development Management,
Counselor for Voyage Campus in Montréal.                                                                      while living in an international villa with
Nina Roman is living in London, working                                                                       other postgrad students. Associate Nick
for the World Cancer Research Fund. Amy                                                                       Davis is also in London, working for a
Greene is also there, as is Kim Lloyd.                                                                        market research company, involved with
                                               Chiko Kundi, at far right, with two of his colleagues, being   testing brand concepts and advertising ideas.
                                               interviewed for a newspaper article.                           He’s enjoying it all. Karen White survived
                                               Associate Jorge Camara is living in Brussels.                  the summer in Death Valley, Calif., working
                                               Niklas Wijkander is in London, as is Ellen                     for a parks and resorts firm. Stay cool. Rahel
                                               De Wachter. Associate Chris Pick lives in a                    Samuel Sultan dropped us a line, but it’s not
                                               suburb of Dallas with his wife Christina; he                   clear where she is living. Laura Welsh has
                                               manages the financial software for a company.                  become the General Manager of a firm
                                               Chiko Kundi was in the news this summer,                       called Tsunami Leisure Ltd in Southampton,
                                               being interviewed by a Flemish newspaper in                    UK. Sounds exciting. Viviane Seyrayani is
                                               conjunction with his work as a project                         part of the Adjunct Faculty at Calif. State
                                               manager for a company named Picanol,                           Univ. at Dominguez Hills. She has an MA in
                                               located in Ieper, Belgium, where he now                        Social Psychology, working towards her
          Amber Johnson Ferguson               lives.                                                         PhD. Well done.
                                               Jorge C.: siempretarres@hotmail.com                            bethanyrosenfeld@hotmail.com
Andrea Johnson-Ferguson is in Brussels,        nwijkander@mba2003.hbs.edu                                     c.f.manfre@lse.ac,uk
along with her lovely daughter Amber.          ellendewachter@hotmail.com                                     nick@directions.uk.com
Suzanne Lindstrom was spotted in the           cpick@vmenu.com                                                kawhite_2001@yahoo.com
Brussels airport this fall flying to Cairo,    ckundi@yahoo.com                                               Rahel S.: ryoseph@hotmail.com
Egypt, wedding dress in hand, for her ‘big
day.’ She still works for P&G in Mechelen in
finances, but looks forward to the day when
                                                                              Ms. Sarah G. Harding
she and her husband will be together in the
                                                                              5804 Merton Ct #183
same city. Congratulations; don’t forget a                                     Alexandria VA 22311
photo.                                                                                                                                   Ms. Guilia Prenna
                                                                                                                              1024 North Stanley Ave Apt 6
grueda@animatedpixel.com                                                    sarah.g.harding@att.net
                                                                                                                                West Hollywood, CA 90046
alexkine7@aol.com                                                                                                                          (323) 822-9812
reginatampieri@hotmail.com                                                                                                            jewelsia@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                               In London, a favorite hang-
                                                                                                              out for many alumni it seems, Lana Novak
                                                                                                              is following up her Bachelors degree in 3D
n.roman@wcrf.org                                                                                              Design with some graduate studies in
amy.greene@slaughterandmay.com                                                                                Advertising. Good luck. Over in the West
kim.lloyd@edftrading.com                                                                                      End, Hugo-Harold Harrison is starring in
andrea.ferguson@ibelgique.com                                                                                 the musical Fame. Some SJIS students and
lindstrom.s@pg.com                                                                                            staff were able to see him after a performance
                                                                                                              this fall, getting autographs and photos.
                                               Bethany and her husband Adam, with their son Josiah.
                                                                                                              Good luck. Associate Farai Mtetwa offered
Let us know what’s happening in your life!     Kudos to Sarah, the Class Rep, for providing                   some news. After leaving SJIS, she graduated
     Don’t have access to a computer?          some updates. Congratulations are in order                     from the American International School of

       snail mail it
                                               for Bethany (Ridings) Rosenfeld and her                        Johannesburg, South Africa. From there, she

              see back cover
                                                                                                                            The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 5

attended Morehouse College in Atlanta,                                                                Hotel; associate Chris Lavery is a supervisor
GA., earning a BS in Computer Science. She                                                            there, as he works on a degree in Hospitality
now works for Goldman Sachs in                                                                        Management. David Straud may be found
Manhattan, NY, in the Currency &                                                                      in San Antonio, Texas, where he is attending
Commodities Trading Systems. Congratu-                                                                the Univ. of TX to earn a Master’s degree in
lations. Associate Michelle Czirjak is in                                                             Hydro-geology. Alexander Kaun continues
Arlington, VA, working as a Consultant for                                                            as a teacher in Mozambique as part of the
American Management Systems. She earned                                                               Peace Corps.
dual degrees in Communications and               London mini-reunion, L to R: Marie Lagerwall, Kate
Business IT. Well done. Jeff Headrick is         Mahaffy, Nicky Stapells, Robert Laing '97, Dave De
living in Portland, Oregon. Associate Mara       Visscher, & Pascale Berthier.
Gaulzetti is in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Junko Kanda is in Singapore on a 2-year
Management Training program with JP              Design at Camberwell College of Arts. More
Morgan. Joanna Travers is in Rixensart,          recently she became Editorial Assistant for
near Brussels. Chris de la Vallee Poussin        the International Bibliography of the Social
stopped by the school to get some math           Sciences, based at the London School of
tutoring from Ms. Heinen. Yes, that’s right,     Economics and Political Science. She is still
a little refresher course before returning to    very good friends with Isabelle Ulfsdotter,
                                                                                                      Alexandra Kaun at her home.
the academic world. Starting in January, he      who is, at the moment, doing an internship
is attending the Colorado School of Mines        at Ogilvy in Paris and would love to hear            linda.bjellaas@lyse.net
                                                 from Nils Nordkvelle! David himself gradu-
in Boulder, to work on a Master’s degree in                                                           marie_lagerwall@hotmail.com
Business. Good luck.                             ated from UCL as an Architectural Engineer
                                                                                                      Isabelle U.: zaza_blue@hotmail.com
                                                 and by now may have started work in
lananovak@yahoo.co.uk                                                                                 Andrew T.: andrew77fc@hotmail.com
                                                 Brussels, with hopes of finding a job oppor-
hharold_harrison@hotmail.com                                                                          Stephen T.: em99sst@brunel.ac.uk
                                                 tunity elsewhere. Andrew Thiermann is
mtetwa@mindspring.com                            working part time for the American                   cotsakoss@aol.com
mczirjak@vt.edu                                  Embassy in Paris, doing web design, but              ericmobergman@yahoo.com
Jeff H.: garbnee@hotmail.com                     takes time to come up once in a while to go          inaba@u.washington.edu
junko.kanda@jpmorgan.com                         to concerts in Belgium with old                      Nikkie E.: simplerequest@hotmail.com
joanna.travers@gtech.com                         friends. Otherwise, he hangs out in central          lavvy018@lycos.co.uk
chris.v@eikmail.com                              Paris, enjoying the atmosphere. Andrew,              romandavid78@hotmail.com
                                                 David, Aaron Lasher ’01 and Stephen                  amkabroad@yahoo.com
                                                 Thorpe managed to go together to the
                          Mr. Jonathan Saylors   Pukkelpop music festival this summer.
                            655 W Irving Park    Associate Suzanne Cotsakos resides in San
                                     Apt 4104    Francisco. Also there is Eric Bergman, who
                            Chicago, IL 60613    is involved in a number of interesting proj-
                               (312) 498-9730
                                                 ects. ID Magazine recently honored him for
                                                 a design he created while still in college.           MOVING?
                                                 After graduation he started working for an
                                            or                                                           If you have moved this fall, or
                                                 extreme sports company—Fox Racing—
                        Mr. David De Visscher
                 unselected_dave@hotmail.com     designing protective gear and apparel. He               completed university, please try
                                                 and some friends have also formed a design              to remember to notify the
If you plan on visiting the village of           collective in San Francisco called LIFT
Algarheim, Norway, be sure to say hello to       (www.liftsite.com). He’s also found the time            Alumni office of your change of
Assoc. Linda Bjellaas. Class Rep David D.        to start a Surf apparel company called Slide            address. Often the magazine is
sent some news along. After serving as a         (www.slide4life.com) His partners are Alex              sent to your old address, only to
Library Assistant at the National Art Library,   ’94, his brother, and Mark Provost ’96A.
V&A, since graduating from UCL                   Congratulations. Down the coast in LA,                  be returned, at a considerable
(Université Catholique de Louvain) in 2002,      Derek Inaba is a graduate student at the                fee. Your timely notification of a
Marie Lagerwall started working for              Univ. of Southern Cal, studying Aerospace               new address would save us some
EMERGEANDSEE, the student short film             Engineering. Associate Nikkie Edwards is
organization Robert Laing ’97 set up with a      living in Overijse, Belgium. On your next               money.
couple of friends while studying Graphic         trip to London, check out the Royal Garden

 6   The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                               CLASS NEWS

                             Mr. Zafiris Vartis                                Mr. Andrew Bouda      paris_b@yahoo.com
                                   Varnali 14                                            Jankova 4   brussels_dave@yahoo.com
                              59200 Naoussa                                         160 00 Prague
                                        Greece                                     Czech Republic
                           (30) 233 2052501                                       420-732-633657     Alessandra M.: puffolina@hotmail.com
                            zv202@cam.ac.uk                               elentirion@yahoo.co.uk     laura.lee01@rcn.com
                                                                                                or   danica_robin@hotmail.com
Kimberly Cunningham and her sister,                                              Mr. Ryan Sigouin
Tennille ’01, continue their studies in                                       1217-160 Chapel St
Doncaster, Australia. Kimberly is working                                K1N8P5 Ottawa Ontario
on a BA in Primary Education. Their par-                                                   Canada                                        Ms. Sian Leech
                                                                                   (613) 562-0507                                10 Westholme Gardens
ents, Christine and Mike, and brother David
                                                                               trsigouin@aol.com                                  NE15 6QL Newcastle
‘04A have relocated to Dove Canyon, Calif.                                                                                                   Upon Tyne
David is doing the full IB at Santa Margarita     Paris Brimo has moved to Glebe, still in                                             United Kingdom
Catholic HS. Congratulations. Caitlyn             Australia. Dave Mills is working for FEDEX                                         (44) 191 256-8420
Stewart, who left in ’95, is living in Eden       in Chico, Calif. Stefan Lambert is in                                        leech_sian@hotmail.com
Prairie, MN, but has learned all about            Romsey, UK. Associate Alessandra Manfre                                                            or
cinema-television production at the Univ. of                                                                                       Ms. Courtney Dwyer
                                                  has one more semester at Goucher College
So. Calif. Tomris Gungordu is in Durham,                                                                                            947 Greenwood Ave
                                                  in Maryland, the last of the family to attend                                   Ann Arbor, MI 48109
NC, at the Univ. of NC, having earned her         that fine school. Associate Laura Lee is in                                        cdwyer@umich.edu
BA in Communications. Class Rep Zafiris           Chicago. Danica Meeuwis is now in
Vartis has completed with distinction an          Grenoble, France, snowboarding and study-
Mphil in Management Studies from the              ing, she assures us, as part of her year-abroad
Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge.         with Sussex University, focusing on
During the summer he was an analyst in the        Environmental Science/European Studies.
Investment Banking Division of Morgan             Right. Andrew Bouda, Class Rep, stopped
Stanley, London. He has accepted an offer         by the school in November to update us. He
from them, and will join the firm next            took a gap year to work on a farm deep in
summer. He plans on doing a bit of travel         the forest, living without the modern fea-
this year, probably to Australia and NZ,          tures, like heat, that we take for granted. He
where he is looking forward to visiting with      learned a lot about himself, ranching and
former friends and classmates. Congratu-          horses. Andrew has returned to ‘civilization’;
lations. Rebecca Grant is a student teacher       he is studying physics at Charles Univ. in              Angela Rudolph and Meghan McMurray
in IB theatre in the Springfield, Missouri        Prague, Czech Republic.                                 stopped by the school in Nov. while on a
school district, having studied drama and                                                                 break from their studies abroad at Cannes.
speech at Evangel Univ. there. David Boylan                                                               They attend the College of St. Benedict in St.
has earned a BSc Hons from Warwick in                                                                     Joseph, MN.
International Business, and is living in
Woking, UK, where he keeps encountering                                                              Associate Joon-Pyo Park continues his
SJIS alumni. Georgina Catt is in Reading,                                                            studies at the London School of Economics.
UK; at last report she was working on a BA                                                           Class Rep Sian Leech is working hard at
in Art History and Architecture at the                                                               the Univ. of Northumbria, learning about
university there.                                                                                    Business and Computing. Martin
Kimberly C.: kellenc81@hotmail.com                                                                   Hindemark is enthusiastically on an
Cunninghams: chris_euroaussie@hotmail.com                                                            exchange program, studying totally in
Caitlyn S.: cestewar@usc.edu                                                                         French at the Ecole Central Paris. Jemima
tomris2003@alumni.unc.edu                                                                            Hall is in Reading, UK, studying at Reed.
beccagrant524@hotmail.com                                                                            Associate Stephen Daunheimer is in Mount
davidaboylan@hotmail.com                                                                             Pleasant, Michigan. Associate Jonathan
gcatt81@yahoo.co.uk                                                                                  Deenik is in Waianae, Hawaii. Gemma
                                                                                                     Gratton is at St. Andrew’s in Fife, Scotland.
                                                                                                     Jenny Lindstrom returned to Gettysburg
                                                                                                     College after a year in Brussels at Vesalius.
                                                                                                     Nice update from Tine Aatangen. After
                                                                                                     studying tourism in Oslo for a bit, she has
                                                     Home on the range. Andrew Bouda checks on a     moved to Canada where she intends to study
                                                     new colt, with the mother watching closely.

                                                                                                                      The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 7

marketing at the Univ. of British Columbia.                 received a golf scholarship, so she is playing
Kristoffer, her boyfriend, along with about                 in tournaments and traveling, besides study-
10 other friends, are escorting her. Her                    ing. She was hoping to see Sita McInally at
parents have relocated to Paris, while her                  her vacation cottage in Michigan, and heard
brother Stig ’94 is working in Oslo. She                    that Phillip Petrie was not far away in Ohio.
would like to hear from friends.                            Erica Boyle is at the Univ. of TX in Austin;
j.p.park@lse.ac.uk                                          she saw Charlie Powell some months ago; he         The class of '03 turns out for the Grand Opening in Sept. L
hindemark@hotmail.com                                       is at SMU. Paavo Kotiaho also managed to           to R: Ovidiu Olea, Malin Holmlund, Claire Watson, Chris
stephen7392@hotmail.com                                     stop by Cincinnati earlier as well. Disa Horn      Warner, Cristiana Costas, & Sara Sundholm.
jdeenik@hawaii.edu                                          af Aminne is studying at Boston Univ.
gem_ma35@hotmail.com                                        Christian Karl is living in Germany, study-        under, to the Univ. of Sydney. Associate
                                                            ing Culinary Skills in Switzerland at DCT          Sanna Ahmad is studying Economics and
Jenny L.: smoochers33@hotmail.com
                                                            International Hotel and Business Manage-           Management at McGill Univ. in Montreal.
                                                            ment School. He stopped by SJIS this fall.         Alex Day spent the semester at Warwick
                                                            raylward@indiana.edu                               Univ.—no details. Likewise with Class Rep
                                                            Lindsay B.: kinz_75@yahoo.com                      Chris Warner. From Helsinki comes word
                                  Mr. Jason Touw            wagnerfamily@villawagner.com                       that Thomas Hutton is serving with the
                                  Lynn University           Marc T.: super_mato911@hotmail.com                 Finnish Army and would like to stay in
                               3601 No. Military            geoff7783@hotmail.com                              touch with friends. Joseph Lebon sends
                           Boca Raton, FL 33431                                                                greetings from the Univ. of Richmond. Yuki
                                  (561) 302-4599
                                                                                                               Morita has returned to Tokyo to attend the
                                 jtouw@lynn.edu             Paavo K.: paavs@yahoo.com
                                                                                                               International Christian Univ. Kristen Floyd
                                               or           disa@bu.ed
                                                                                                               arrived at the Univ. of San Diego with her
                              Ms. Antonia Strom             Christian K.: jimoga9@hotmail.com                  SJIS transcript, indicating some good work
                                               or                                                              on IB and AP courses. In turn, these credits
                              Ms. Bianca Hutton                                                                propelled her into her sophomore year. Not
                                 10 Campbell Dr                              Ms. Claire Anderson-Wheeler       only that, she can anticipate a year abroad in
                                Norse Hall 1304                              claireawheeler@hotmail.com        Europe as a junior.
                     Highland Heights KY 41076                                                         or
                     bianca_hutton@hotmail.com                                        Ms. Gretchen Kissel
                                                                                          Tyler, TX 75703      Megan D.: something_special18@hotmail.com
At Indiana Univ. in Bloomington, Ryan                                            gretchikita@hotmail.com       nick_wheelho@hotmail.com
Aylward is forecasting that he will major in                                                           or      erika_kuehnel@hotmail.com
Atmospheric Science. Associate Lindsay                                            Mr. Christopher Warner       gretchikita@hotmail.com
Botticello has settled in Washington, DC,                                      british_ladd@hotmail.com
where she is studying Business at American                                                                     lindawestburg@yahoo.com
                                                                                        Ms. Claire Watson
Univ. Not far away, Laura Wagner, at the                                         gapgirl_27@hotmail.com        sanna_a3@hotmail.com
Univ. of Virginia, has been accepted into the                                                                  dayjalex@hotmail.com
Curry School of Education’s five-year                       From the starting blocks on the track at
                                                                                                               Thomas H.: tododo84@hotmail.com
BA/MA program. She is majoring in                           Boston Univ., Nadia de Boissezon, watched
American Studies. Marc Topalian is in                       the Red Sox lose and the Patriots win, this
Ottawa, Canada. Geoffrey Mugliston is                       fall. Not far away at Simmons College,             yukim39@hotmail.com
studying Commerce at the Univ. of Sydney.                   Megan Damour is a pre-med student. Nick            Kristen F: trubble0@hotmail.com
Class Rep Bianca Hutton is at Northern                      Wheelhouse, who left in ’95, lives in
Kentucky Univ., near Cincinnati, having                     Nottingham, UK, and is working for a year
                                                            before starting university. Erika Kuehnel is                                                 Send info to
                                                            finding herself at the Univ. of Stirling, in the                                       jlyons@stjohns.be
                                                            UK, majoring in Psychology and Spanish.                                 Annica Weissenfelt is
                                                            Gretchen Kissel is studying at Vanderbilt                               following her IB studies at
                                                            Univ.; her parents have settled in Tyler, TX.                           Oulu, Finland.
                                                            Associate Sonal Bajaj is studying medicine at                           Annica01@hotmail.com
                                                            Grant Medical College in Mumbai, India;
                                                            she hopes to become a doctor within six
                                                            years. Associate Jennifer Grant has entered
L to R: Angela Cobb '03A, Alex de Boissezon, Louise Cobb    Pre-Nursing studies at Evangel Univ. in
'00, Katrina Cobb '99, Geoff Mugliston, & Sally Cobb '99.   Missouri. Linda Westberg went down

 8   The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                                  CLASS NEWS

                                     Send info to

                   Nick Matson now lives in             this just in…
                   Sacramento, Calif.
                   nikenick3@hotmail.com               Former staffer Dave Schaefer goes from
                                                       success to success in Myanmar (Burma).
                                                       You may recall he started an elementary
                                                       school in ’98, the Yangon International
                                     Send info to
                                                       Educare Centre. They’ve started to add a
                                jlyons@stjohns.be                                                      Zafiris Vartis, at right, at his graduation from Cambridge
                                                       high school, and have almost 700
                  Kristin De Palma is in               students, with the IGCSE in place and           with a MPhil. Dimitris '97, his brother, no stranger to that
                  Ashburn, VA and would                APs expected next year. The first graduat-      school, lends his support and congratulations.
                  love to hear from former             ing class is anticipated in 2005-2006,
                  classmates.                          when Dave expects to retire to his swim-
                                                                                                       and Courtney intend to catch up with
Krissiet123@aol.com                                    ming pool in Thailand. Before that,
                                                                                                       Nick Alexander during the New Year.
                                                       though, he has to have another building
                                                                                                       Congratulations and thanks for the
                                                       constructed on the campus. Dave plans
                                                       on visiting Chicago and Minneapolis/St.
A ST. JOHN’S                                           Paul in June and would love to see some         os328@stern.nyu.edu

                                                       former students. Anyone who would like
                                                       to set something up, please contact him at:     1995
                                                       yiec@mec.com.mm & yiec.ygn@mptmail.net.mm.      Tom Devlin, assoc of '95, is alive and well
                                                                                                       in NYC. He had dropped off the radar
                                                       2003                                            screen for a while.
                                                       Claire-Anderson Wheeler, Class Rep, has
                                                       settled into Trinity College Dublin.
                                                                                                       John Leahan, assoc. of ’85, is now resid-
                                                       2000                                            ing in Los Angeles.
Elementary students in art class sketching the human   Oscar Sundholm is studying for a year-
                                                       abroad in New York City at NYU (the
form in motion. It helps to have a model.                                                              1990
                                                       Stern School of Business). Hard to
                                                       imagine Oscar at a ‘stern’ school, especially   Natacha Debetencourt Pauwels and her
                                                       in the middle of Manhattan. He says his         husband Christopher are thrilled to
                                                       focus is International Business Admini-         announce that Kathleen Pauwels joined
                                                       stration and that he is ‘loving it,’ as they    their family on August 9, 2003 and is a
                                                       say at McDonald’s these days. He’ll return      sheer joy to her grandmother, Judith
                                                       to UMIST in Manchester, UK next year.           Hoskins (teacher and administrator at St.
                                                       Important meetings have occurred with           John’s). Kathleen’s godmother is Chantal
                                                       classmates Ana Kauffmann, Matt                  Blaas (class of 1990).
                                                       Czirjak, and associate Dan Teece. He also
                                                       saw a former teacher, Chris Mahoney. He

 From the Lion.
 A monthly enewsletter—between issues of The Lion’s Pride—goes
 out to those alumni for whom we have an email address. If you are
 not receiving it, go to our website at www.stjohns.be and then to the                                       Kathleen Pauwels is being well cared for.
 Alumni section and let us know your latest info. Or send me an
 address and any other news at jlyons@stjohns.be.

                                                                                                                         The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 9

AustraliaYvette Taylor, & Julian have                                                      USA
Andrew Pipolo,
settled in Longueville.
                                                Connecticut                                      Pennsylvania
                                                Jeffrey & Jacqueline Salvatore, with             Patrick & Beth McLaughlin, with Meghan
Belgium                                         Katherine and Natalie, have moved to
                                                                                                 and Caroline, are heading for Kennett
Manfred and Annemarie Schmitt, parents of
Judy ’92 & Frank ’93, are leaving Waterloo
for Munich.                                     Florida                                          Rhode Island
                                                Jorge & Florence Marroig-Tagle head for          The McGonigle family managed to visit the
                                                Palm Beach this time of year; otherwise, they    campus in Waterloo in October, and were
Canada                                          are in NYC or traveling. Their most recent
                                                foray was into Europe. Last year they and
                                                                                                 shown around by Mary McGowan, a staff
                                                                                                 member. Joanna, a former student, was living
Harn & Helen Yawnghwe now call Pointe
Claire, Quebec, home.                           their son George ’87 had a chance to visit Las   in Providence.
                                                Vegas, where they reminisced with Tammi          joanna_McGonigle@hotmail.com
Gordon & Donna Doeler, who left SJIS 10
                                                Furce ’89A, who is the Chief Concierge at
years ago, have settled in Midhurst, Ontario.
                                                the Hotel Bellagio, and her husband. Gaby        Tennessee
                                                ’84, their daughter, is in Boston working for    The Burgin family—Steve, Rachel, Walker,
Claude & Danielle Bergeron are in               Towers Perrin, but she and her husband           Daniel, Laura, & Mark—are in Brentwood.
Drummondville, Quebec.                          James managed to get to Tuscany for holiday      sjburgin@excite.com
claude.bergeron@sympatico.ca                    this summer. Not immune to travel, George
                                                explored Buenos Aires last August. Thanks        Texas

Finland                                         for the update and staying in touch.
                                                                                                 Craig & Teresa Kissel have relocated to Tyler.
The Kohosalmi family—Jukka, Tina, Jutta,
                                                                                                 Nicole Goossens now calls Grand Prairie
& Tuomas—can be found in Kouvola.               Missouri                                         home.
jukka.kohosalmi@storaenso.com                   David and Beth Grant, who were at SJIS
                                                from ’92-’99, would love to hear from old
Germany                                         friends; they live in Springfield.
Andrew & Carina Alejandre, who left                                                              Let us know what’s happening in your life!
Waterloo in ’97, have returned to Europe for    North Carolina
an assignment in Munich.
                                                Fred & Margriet Charlton are enjoying
                                                Arden, and the chance to travel around the        www.stjohns.be
                                                US. He works for a Lutheran Church as
UnitedChristie Creswell have settled in         office manager for a nursing home. She is
                                                president of the Asheville French Club and is
Michael &
Woking, Surrey.                                 involved in fundraising for the symphony
ChristieC@pobox.com                             there.

10 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                    F O R M E R S TA F F

Belgium                                                                                       USA
                            Mrs.           Mina     Elly and Sheldon Rabin now call Aurora,         degree in psychology at New Mexico
                            O’Brien, former         Illinois home.                                  University. Her husband, David Glass, is
                            teacher of St. John’s   Erabin1313@aol.com                              completing his training in the Air Force
                            pre-school, died                                                        Special Forces. Shelly is in the Air Force
                            suddenly at her         Dr. John and Joanne Lepetit have moved          ROTC and will graduate as a first
                            home in Nivelles        from Colorado to La Crosse, Wisconsin           lieutenant. The Lepetits are planning to be
                            14 August 2003.         where John has assumed the position as          in Waterloo for Nicki’s 10-year reunion next
                            We offer our            President of the Coulee Catholic Schools.       year.
Mina O'Brien (RIP)         sympathies to Mr.        Joanne is teaching and serving as the Grant     user50666@aol.com
                           Terry O’Brien and to     Facilitator for the system, which consists of
the children Colin, Chantal & Michelle, also        8 schools and 1700 students. John is the        Sandy and Joe Zak have a new email
a former student of St. John’s. Mina joined         former middle school principal at St. John’s    address:
the staff in the fall of 1985 and worked at the     and also served as a staff developer from       josazakl@go.com
school until the summer of 2001.                    1994 - 96. Nicki, ’94 graduated from the
                                                    University of Northern Colorado in drama        Chris Mahoney is middle school principal
Austria                                             and is presently doing graduate work at
                                                    Colorado State University. Shelly, who
                                                                                                    at Buckley Country Day School in Great
                                                                                                    Neck, NY. He put on his ‘traveling shoes’
Clair and Rainer Ullmann were in Brussels           attended St. John’s for two years, was          this fall and was able to visit Brussels.
this fall, mixing a bit of business with            married this past May and is completing her     cfmahoney@aol.com
pleasure. They now reside in Muehlbach am
Hochkoenig, Austria.

                                                    The Poisonwood Bible Conference
                                                    The best-selling novel by Barbara Kingsolver was the focus of a half-day, stimulating
                                                    program in the high school this fall, coordinated by IB English teacher Mr. Richard
                                                    Savage. It brought together students, staff, and parents to share a variety of ideas and
                                                    perspectives on the work. An ‘African chorus’ started things off; individual students
                                                    presented background and commented on topics such as Cultural Imperialism,
                                                    Metaphysics, and Order and Movement, followed by a panel discussion. There were
                                                    dramatic monologues and character analyses. Dr. Blok, philosophy teacher, and her
                                                    husband, who had been a missionary, offered some comments, as did Dr. Tengan, a high
                                                    school religion teacher originally from Ghana. Mr. Baines, a high school science teacher,
                                                    provided a Christian perspective. Mr. Jonathan Jones, a high school English teacher, drew
Mr. Richard Savage welcomes participants to the     some literary connections. Ms. Victoire D’Agostino later in the day addressed the
Poisonwood Bible conference 13 Nov on C-level.      economic legacy. The conference concluded with a lunch organized by the National
                                                    Honor Society in aid of Chilonga M.B. School in Zambia. For those who participated,
                                                    or were fortunate to be in the audience, it was regarded as one of the most thought-
                                                    provoking and enlightening experiences of the year. Congratulations to all who were

                                                                                                                The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 11

             rand pening
On a lovely Friday evening, Her                             where the science labs used to be. That area
                                                            now has new student lockers, a design and
Royal Highness the Princess                                 technology lab and workshop, and all new
Margaretha of Liechtenstein cut                             classrooms.
the ribbon to the latest addition                           The day began with the first mass in the new
to our campus.                                              chapel, which was celebrated by Rev. George
                                                            Dyer, Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Parish,
Numerous other dignitaries and guests were                  and Rev. Lingueneza, the ‘doyen’ of
present, along with almost 700 parents,                     Waterloo. Following the mass, the priests
students, alumni, board members, and                        and some members of staff walked through
friends of the school.                                      all of the new facilities, during which time
                                                            the priests blessed each room and area.
It was one of those special moments in the
history of the school, particularly savored by              Takenaka, the firm that built the new
Dr. Doenges and Sister Barbara Hughes, fcJ,                 facilities, will also construct the Performing
current Director and former Superintendent                  Arts Center, which was approved and
respectively. Both have worked tirelessly for               announced, in dramatic fashion, that
this day, and their reward is in knowing that               evening also. See the section following for
students and families will be able to enjoy                 more details.
and to use the facilities for many years
ahead.                                                      St. John’s is grateful to all those who have
                                                            generously contributed to these efforts and
Volvo sponsored the champagne, which                        urges the continued support of the parent,
guests could sip while strolling through the                alumni, corporate, and diplomatic commu-
spacious cafeteria, modern science wing,                    nity. If you have not taken the time to make                  Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein cutting the
foyer and sports arena, fitness center, and                 a contribution, please consider doing so.                     ribbon and formally opening the new facilities.
chapel. Not included on the tour, but also                  Inscription forms and an envelope are in this
renovated was D-level of the high school,                   issue, for your convenience.

                                                                                                                    The architectural team of Takenaka checks out their
                                                                                                                    creation at the opening.

     Dr. Doenges greets the princess upon her arrival; Deputy Mayor Serge Von Overtveldt and the Director's
     secretary, Nadine Tyteca look on.

                                                                                                   Pledgers: please take note.
                                                                                                   For those who pledged a certain amount to the Plus 40
                                                                                                   Campaign last Nov or Dec, your next donation is now due.
                                                                                                   For a tax deductible gift, please send your check or make
12 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004                                                                 your on-line donation prior to 31 Dec. And thanks for your
                                                                                                   thoughtfulness and support.
                                                                                                                                               GRAND OPENING

                                                                                                   Part of the crowd of 700 waiting for the formal opening of the new facilities.

The Princess with the Deputy Mayor, and Madame Férier, Echevine de l’Etat Civil, and
Yves Vander Cruysen, the Echevin de la Culture et du Tourisme.

                                                                                                                 Gabor Krikovszky '98 at far right, & Ian Johnson-Ferguson '96 center,
                                                                                                                 visited with the alumni director during the opening.

Guests mingling in the new cafeteria.                           Lab technician Elaine Francke, happy with
                                                                her new preparation room in the science
                                                                wing. The room was provided through the
                                                                generosity of the Mohamed Taki Rawji
                                                                Trust Fund.

                                                                                                                 Parents visiting the new computer lab in the high school science wing.
                                                                                                                 The lab was provided through the generosity of Allia Insurance
                                                                                                                 Brokers, Mr. Joseph Lebon, Managing Director.

D-level of the high school, formerly the location
of the science labs & a few classrooms, was
renovated this summer.

                                                          Students using the new cafeteria (formerly the
                                                          small gym).

                                                                                                                 A student confers with Mr. Van Heyningen in one of the new biology
Part of the new Design & Technology Lab on                The new trophy case in the foyer of the sports         labs.
D-level of the high school.                               arena.

                                                                                                                                                The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 13

Savoring the moment are L to R: Nadine Tyteca, Sr. Barbara Hughes, fcJ; Princess Margaretha;
Mr. Tom Snyder; Mr. Serge Van Overtveldt; Sr. Beatrice Molyneux, fcJ; & Dr. Joe Doenges.
                                                                                                New sports arena, with seating for 800.
     New Chapel

                                                                                               The new weight room provides more space and modern equipment for stu-
                                                                                               dents and staff to use.
     Fr. George Dyer of our Lady of Mercy Parish celebrates the opening mass
     in the new chapel.

                                                                                                School Calendar, 2004-2005
                                                                                               Aug 19 and 20                  Orientation of new teachers
                                                                                               Aug 23, 24, 25                 In Service for all staff
                                                                                               Aug 26                         First day of classes
     A view of the chapel from the rear. It is located on the site of the stage in
     the former, small gym.
                                                                                               Nov 1 to 5                     Fall Break
                                                                                               Nov 11                         Armistice Day Holiday
                                                                                               Dec 23 to Jan 7                Christmas Holidays
                                                                                               Feb 14 to 18                   Winter Break
                                                                                               Mar 25 to April 8              Easter Holidays
                                                                                               May 5 and 6                    Ascension Holidays
                                                                                               May 16                         Pentecost Holiday
                                                                                               June 23 and 24                 In Service for all staff
     Father Dyer and Father Lingueneza celebrating the first mass in the new

14 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                        PERFORMING ARTS CENTER

         erforming                                                                                rts enter
After years of disappointing                    the various venues into magical settings for
                                                that moment, for that performance. We are
delays and several redesigns, and               indebted to everyone who helped to create
following a change of architects,               this legacy of excellence, despite the
                                                challenges. Thanks to your selflessness and
the plans for the PAC that were                 dedication, a tradition was established that
submitted to the Waterloo com-                  is being honored; we can now look forward
mune authorities were finally                   to a first rate facility for our shows.
approved.                                       Features:
                                                • 400-seat theatre and stage
The dramatic announcement occurred on 5
                                                • Foyer
September at the Grand Opening of Phase I
                                                • Music and Drama classrooms
of the Building Program, just prior to the                                                                     Deputy Mayor Serge Von Overtveldt announcing the
                                                • Dance Studio
ceremonial ribbon-cutting. The Deputy                                                                          approval of the PAC construction and presenting the letter
                                                • Video Laboratory
Mayor, Serge Van Overtveldt, spoke to the                                                                      to Dr. Doenges.
                                                • Scene Storage
crowd of 700, proclaiming that the commu-
                                                • Scene Workshop
nal administration had endorsed the plans
                                                • Costume Shop
that morning. His comments were greeted
                                                • Make-up Room
with an enthusiastic round of applause.
                                                • Offices
Site preparation work and groundbreaking        • Underground Car Park for 50 vehicles.
were expected to take place in early            • Drive-through lane for school buses,
December. Estimated construction time is         with drop-off /loading area.
16 months, suggesting an April 2005             • Elevatedpedestrian bridge, connecting
completion. Given the possible weather           the PAC with the main building via the                        The front entrance of the PAC.
delays, the school anticipates final work to     middle school foyer.
occur that summer, with an opening for
the 2005-2006 school year. Those staff,
students, and parents—past and present—
who have been or are involved with the
performing arts program at St. John’s, are no
doubt rejoicing. For more years than one
wants to recall, the campus has lacked the
proper facilities to accommodate the fine
talents of generations of actors, singers,
dancers, and set designers.
Nonetheless, a lot of imagination and hard
work by volunteers, staff, parents, and
students, always successfully transformed

                                                The St. John's campus--by the summer of 2005. The PAC adjoins the former cafeteria (in lower right), which will be used
                                                for scene storage & construction. Note the repositioned soccer pitch next to the new sports arena. As much 'green' area
                                                as possible will be created once construction is complete. Note also bus parking adjacent to the middle school wing (white
                                                bldg in center with wavy roof).

                                                                                                                                 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 15


                                                     002              FOYER
                                                     005              THEATRE HALL
                                                     006              APRON
                                                     007              STAGE
                                                     008              BAR
                                                     009              STORAGE
                                                     010              DANCE CLASSROOM
                                                     011              SCENE WORKSHOP
                                                     012              STAGE PIECES
                                                     013              COSTUME SHOP
                                                     015              GREEN ROOM
                                                     018-19           LAVATORIES
                                                     023              DRAMA STORAGE
                                                     024-25           DRAMA CLASSROOMS
                                                     102              PRACTICE ROOM 1
                                                     103              INSTRUMENTS STORAGE
                                                     104              COMBINED MUSIC
                                                     108-09           LAVATORIES
                                                     111              MIDI MUSIC LAB
                                                     112              VIDEO LAB
                                                     114              OFFICE (TEACHERS’ ROOM)
                                       FIRST FLOOR   118              PAC OFFICE
                                                     119-20           LAVATORIES

                                                     The PAC, sitting on Dreve Richelle, will be to the left of the
                                                     main school buildings, as you look at the campus from the
                                                     front. Note the elevated pedestrian walkway connecting the
                                                     PAC with the rest of the buildings via the middle school foyer
                                                     (the middle school wing has a wavy roof).

                                                     The rear of the PAC, showing the entrance that will allow for
                                                     delivery of materials for construction of sets & scenery. Scene
                                                     storage is adjacent to that area. To the left are various class-
                                     GROUND FLOOR    rooms. An underground parking garage is also being

16 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                P L U S 4 0 C A M PA I G N

                     And now a word from                     Director’s Club ($5,000 & above)                    Alumni Club ($100 & above)
                     Mr. Patrick Tobin,                      Anonymous                                           Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gambello
                     English teacher at St. John’s           3M Foundation                                       Mr. & Mrs. Graham Lythgoe
                     since 1975.                             Mr. & Mrs. Craig Owens                              McKinney Family
                                                             Newell-Rubbermaid                                   Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Griffiths
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Rizwan Rawji                             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Innes
Greetings to all St. John’s fans throughout the world.       Hewlitt-Packard                                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paquette
Your loyalty and successes have certainly kept the St.       Allia Insurance                                     Mr. & Mrs. Harold Radday
John’s ‘act’ going for decades, and we always revel in       PTA                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Achorn
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Wray                               Anonymous
hearing from you. Now, how would you like a leading
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mars                               Mr. & Mrs. William Beatty
role right here in the new St. John’s theatre? You could     Eli Lilly                                           Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brinks
be a star, and your name will figure prominently for                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Davis
posterity. Besides, by choosing to do so, you                International Club ($1,000 & above)                 Ms. Lorrie Field
guarantee continued box office success at St. John’s for     ExxonMobil                                          Ms. Felice Green
many more decades.                                           Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hegnauer                           Mr. Dean Jacoby
The stage is all yours, so please give it a go.              Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schiller                            Mr. & Mrs. Mark Malkovich
                                                             Mr. Hubert Fabri                                    Ms. Elizabeth Meyer
Donating to the Performing Arts Centre                       Mr. & Mrs. Craig Kissel                             Mr. & Mrs. Bert O’Donoghue
Take a Seat and/or Be a Star                                 Mr. & Mrs. George Bustin                            Mr. & Mrs. Ed Rutan
                                                             Class of 2002                                       Mr. Pablo Sanz
“Buy A Seat” in the Theatre.                                 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Pepper                           Mr. David Schaefer
Buy one or more of the 400 theatre seats and have it         UPS Foundation                                      Mr. & Mrs. Werner Schuster
reserved in your name forever! An engraved seating           Mr. & Mrs. John Bambridge                           Mr. Brian Shriver
diagram in the foyer will reflect your participation.        Dr. & Mrs. Joe Doenges                              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swartele
Price per seat is $500. Follow Steps 1 or 2 below.           Mr. & Mrs. Tim Dunleavy                             Rev. William Traylor
                                                             Ms. Diane Mothander-Seltzer                         Mr. & Mrs. H. Verbruggen
Join the “Hall of Fame” in the PAC                           Mr. & Mrs. George Van Kula                          Ms. Marie McCarthy
If you or your children performed in one or more St.
John’s stage productions, honor that memory by cre-          Friends of St. John’s Club                          Lion’s Club ($50 & above)
ating an engraved star that will appear in the PAC.          ($500 & above)                                      Ms. Joanne Oakes-Brennan
Provide the person’s name, name of the show (if you          Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Lehne                             Mr. & Mrs. Fred Charlton
recall it; otherwise, indicate, eg, High School Play), and   Mr. & Mrs. Ali Alhomaidhi                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hilz
the year, for each star you wish to have. Each star is       Mr. & Mrs. W. Andebrhan                             Ms. Kristine Neate
$250. Follow Steps 1 or 2 below.                             Mr. & Mrs. Gorham Cowl                              Mr. & Mrs. John M. Rice
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Cummings                          Mr. & Mrs. William Ryall
Step 1 - Donation Form                                       Mr. & Mrs. John Dover                               Mr. & Mrs. David Saenz
To make a donation, please complete either or both           Mr. & Mrs. G. Hindemark                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilber
Donation Form(s) & mail it/them, along with your             Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McLane                             Mr. Aubrey Hayward
check in US dollars, to the address below. Check             Mr. Charles Setzfand
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Ido Terpstra                             College Club
payable to St. John’s International Foundation. If pay-
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenney                         Mr. Heinz Blennemann
ing by banque transfer in Euros, send it to                  Mr. & Mrs. Reiner de Bruine                         Br. Tim McNary FSC
St. John’s Int’l Foundation, Account Number                  Mr. Jack Lyons                                      Ms. Jannette Paulu
953-0242005-56, Citibank, 1410-Waterloo, and mail            Mr. Terry O’Brien                                   Mr. Bobby G. Wood
the Inscription Form in an envelope to the address           Mr. & Mrs. Peter MacGahan                           Sr. Patricia McKeown FCJ
below.                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Ron Gardiner                             Mr. & Mrs. D.B. Baldridge
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jack Devlin
Step 2 - Pay Online                                          Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Zelewski                           Total Donations: $577,614
If you want to pay by credit card online, go to
www.stjohns.be then Alumni, & click the Donate               1964 Club ($250 & above)
Now button. It will link you to a site where you can         Anonymous
provide the necessary information to make a secure           Ms. Marion W. Coffey
donation. Mail the Inscription Form in an envelope           Mr. J. Michael Fallin
to the address below.                                        Ms. Marianne Hulsey
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McManus
                                                                                                   The PAC will offer a 400-seat theatre, foyer, music & drama
Mail envelope to:                                            Mr. & Mrs. T. Zelewski
                                                                                                   classrooms, dance studio, video lab, scene storage and work-
St. John’s International Foundation
                                                                                                   shop, costume shop, make-up room, offices, & underground
P.O. Box 742, Stratham, NH 03885-0742
                                                                                                   car park.

                                                                                                                       The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 17
P L U S 4 0 C A M PA I G N

                      NAME           ________________________________________________________________

                      ADDRESS          ______________________________________________________________


                      Which campus project would you like to support? (Please check one)
                      ❐ Cafeteria ❐            Chapel     ❐   Gymnasium/Athletic Fields      ❐   High School Science Wing

                      Please note the level of your total gift (Pledges over several years are encouraged):
                      ❐      Director’s Club   ($/€5,000 & above)                ❐ 1964 Club ($/€250 & above)
                      ❐      International Club   ($/€1,000 & above)             ❐ Alumni Club ($/€100 & above)
                      ❐      Friends of St. John’s Club    ($/€500 & above)      ❐ Lion’s Club ($/€50 & above)
                      Amount of your total contribution ___________ Amount of this payment ___________

                      Balance due next year or over several years ______________

                      Method of payment (please check one):
                      ❐    US Check                 ❐   Banque Transfer             ❐     Credit card on line


                      NAME           ________________________________________________________________

                      ADDRESS          ______________________________________________________________


                      Number of seats you’re buying                    ______________________Total Due ____________

                      Amount of this payment ___________ Balance due next year __________________

                      Name(s) to be engraved (one/seat purchased): (If more space is needed, include on the
                      reverse of this sheet.) Indicate method of payment below.

                      If creating one or more stars, please provide the info requested under “Join the
                      Hall of Fame” above _______________________________________________________

                           PRODUCTION                                                                                  YEAR

                      Number of stars you’re buying                    ______________________Total Due ____________

                      Amount of this payment ___________ Balance due next year __________________

                      Method of payment for seats and/or stars (please check one):
                      ❐    US Check                 ❐   Banque Transfer             ❐     Credit card on line

18 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                                      F O U N D AT I O N

                                                                                                     The foundation was established in
          t. ohn’s nternational                                                                      1988 in the USA under the provi-
                                                                                                     sions of the Internal Revenue

               oundation, nc.                                                                        Service [paragraph 501(c)(3)] as a
                                                                                                     separate, nonprofit corporation,
                                                                                                     able to accept donations—tax
Foundation Board Members                                                                             deductible to the extent provided by
J. Michael Fallin graduated from St. John’s                                                          law—and to award grants for
in 1992 and attended American University                                                             approved projects.
in Washington, DC, graduating in 1996.
                                                                                                     During the past decade grants totaling
He presently works for Citigroup as VP of
                                                                                                     $225,000 have been awarded to St.
Global Markets Realty Corp. He resides in
                                                                                                     John’s International School for its tech-
New Jersey with his wife, Hope Benton.
                                                 Mary Ellen Smith-   Marc Schiller                   nology and building programs.
                                                 Schiller                                            Direct support to the foundation may be
Polly Maier attended St. John’s from 1980-       Marc and Mary Ellen Schiller, along with            in the form of one-time cash gifts,
1983, graduating with the class of 1983.         their children Bridget ’05, Peter ’07, and          pledges over several years, the transfer of
She attended the University of Notre Dame        Hannah ’09, lived in Brussels 1996 through          equities, and bequests in wills.
and the University of Minnesota Law              2001. The Schillers resided in Uccle, and
School. After living and practicing law in       were members of Our Lady of Mercy Parish.           Board of Directors of the Foundation
Minnesota, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, Polly          The children were active in sports, scouts          Mr. J. Michael Fallin ’92, Director
now lives in Connecticut. She works as an        and drama. Marc and Mary Ellen were                 Mr. John Lyons (Secretary/Treasurer)
intellectual property law consultant on          active in the St John’s Boosters Club, as well      Mr. George Marroig-Tagle ’87 Chairman
various USAID-funded international devel-        as the St John’s Health Committee sponsor-          Ms. Jane Podurgiel ’87A, Director
opment projects, most recently projects in       ing a number of Parenting workshops and             Mr. Bill Sakkab ’90, Director
Ukraine and West Bank/Gaza. She and her          guest speakers. Within the greater Brussels         Mr. Marc Schiller & Ms. Mary Ellen
husband Michael Wallace are the parents of       community, Marc volunteered and coached              Smith-Schiller, former parents,
six-year-old twins.                              at Brussels Sports Assoc. and Mary Ellen             Directors
pamaie@worldnet.att.net                          volunteered at Community Help Service               Mr. Charles Setzfand ’89, Director
                                                 (CHS).                                              Mr. Louis Toth ’89, President
Jane Podurgiel attended St. John’s from ’76-                                                         Ms. Polly (Maier) Wallace ’83, Director
’81; she is an associate of the class of 1987.   The Schillers now live in Atlanta GA where
She attended Georgetown University, earn-        Marc is VP Corporate Strategy at United
ing a Bachelors degree in Marketing. She         Parcel Service and Mary Ellen is a Business
also has a Masters degree in Elementary          Consultant. Bridget and Peter attend St Pius     George Marroig-Tagle graduated from St.
Education. She presently works for Morgan        X Catholic High School, and Hannah               John’s in 1987 and attended Brown
Stanley Dean Witter as Creative Associate/       attends the Atlanta International School.        University, earning a Bachelors degree in
Senior Marketing Writer, and lives in            They have fond memories of those forma-          Political Science. Upon graduation, he
Manhattan. Jane wrote an article for the         tive years at St John’s and send along their     began a career working in the financial
January 2002 issue of The Lion’s Pride about     greetings to all, as well as best wishes for a   district of NYC. He is currently employed
her experiences on 9/11, as she worked in        successful 40th year campaign.                   by Harris Nesbitt and lives in Manhattan.
the World Trade Center.                          smithschiller@earthlink.net                      George.MarroigTagle@Bmonb.com
                                                 Charles Setzfand graduated from St. John’s       Louis Toth graduated from St. John’s in
Bill Sakkab graduated from St. John’s in                                                          1989 and attended the University of
1990. He attended the University of              in 1989 and attended Cornell University,
                                                 earning a Bachelors degree in Finance. He        Pennsylvania, where he earned two Bachelor
Richmond in Virginia, where he earned a                                                           degrees, one in Economics, one in
BA in Leadership and Political Science. He       presently lives in Dunkirk, Maryland, with
                                                 his wife Jean and their daughter. Charles        Engineering. He later returned to Penn to
subsequently attended the Univ. of Virginia                                                       earn an MBA at the Wharton School of
Law School earning a JD. For several years       works for ESBA Capital Group, focusing on
                                                 corporations that are dealing with bankruptcy.   Business. He currently works for Comcast in
he worked for a law firm in London. He                                                            the area of venture capital, and resides
now lives in Manhattan, and is an associate      csetzfand@esba.com
                                                                                                  outside of Philadelphia.
in the firm Cadwalader, Wickersham, and                                                           ltoth@comcast.com
Taft. sakkab@yahoo.com

                                                                                                               The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 19

                                      round                                     he ampus
Election of
New General Superior
                                                                                                      A ST. JOHN’S
                                         After two days of prayer and discernment, the fcJ
                                         Congregation, meeting at their General Chapter in
                                         Calgary in October, announced the election of Sr.
                                         Katherine Mary O’Flynn fcJ as their General Superior for
                                         the next ten years. Since the 1998 General Chapter,
                                         Katherine Mary has served as an assistant to the General
                                         Superior, Sr. Paula Terroni, fcJ. She entered the Society
                                         from Ireland in September 1968 and made her vows in
                                         Limerick, Ireland in March 1971. Katherine Mary is
Sr. Katherine Mary O'Flynn, fcJ, General
                                         trained as an educator and counselor, ministering in both
Superior of the Congregation.
                                         Ireland and England. Previous to her election as general
assistant, Katherine was Provincial of the Irish Province. The St. John’s community extends
its profound congratulations to her, and wishes her God’s blessings as she guides the fcJ into
the future. The fcJ founded St. John’s in 1964; its members still serve on the school Advisory
Board and on the Board of the asbl., and are the legal owners of the school. Next year they
celebrate 100 years of being in Belgium, coincident with the school observing its 40th               Mr. Richard Baines, hard at work with his IB Physics
anniversary. www.fcjsisters.org                                                                      students, in the new Physics lab.

   this just in…              A Busy Weekend                                                         and won all four games. The girls’ varsity
                                                                                                     basketball team defeated SHAPE twice.
                                                                                                     Meanwhile, the boys’ varsity won one
  While many Americans were celebrating             teams. It’s a real credit to everyone’s          of the toughest high school tournaments
  Thanksgiving not long ago, the St. John’s         dedication to be able to experience such a       in Europe by defeating three of the
  high school students were busy that week-         fine production, and bodes well for the          best teams in Germany (Bitburg,
  end, in a variety of activities that illustrate   future, when they will have a theatre and        Kaiserslautern, and Ramstein) and the host
  the talent and level of commitment of             stage in the Performing Arts Center to           team, SHAPE. Congratulations to coaches
  both the students and the teachers respon-        showcase their talents.                          Dennis Davis and Eric Johnson.
  sible for the programs. The activities            On Saturday the entire choir performed as
  involved over 60% of the students working                                                          On Saturday the swimming team competed
                                                    invited guests at Les Femme d’Europe             against the British School of Brussels and
  at a high standard, representing the school       Christmas market. Teacher Cathy Swanson          the American School of Paris and once
  extremely well.                                   and the students represented St. John’s          again proved that the Sea Lions are a force
  With teacher Alan Hayes as director, The          before a very important audience in a very       to be reckoned with. Both varsity and JV
  Matchmaker was staged in the Performing           impressive setting. Their voices did more        individual and relay events found SJIS
  Arts Annex (previous cafeteria) to apprecia-      to bring the Christmas spirit to life than       doing      well.    Congratulations      to
  tive audiences. The caliber of the acting         any of the many vendors’ stalls.                 Coordinator Marc Vansteenbeeck and his
  was superb, with equally outstanding              On the sports scene, the boys and girls JV       assistants—Cameron Lumsden, Ludo
  support from the backstage and technical          basketball teams traveled to Luxembourg          Pollers, Jean Vanhoutte, and Cate Silcock.

20 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                             AROUND THE CAMPUS

        Cultural Festival
An annual event, the festival demonstrates the colorful and
varied character of the students and families who are part of St.
John’s. With 60 different countries represented in the student             A sign in the courtyard last fall announcing the cultural festival.
body of 911 this year, and with 27 nations participating in the
festival, it was day to enjoy each other’s culture, costumes, and
cuisine. National flags, ethnic dress, souvenirs, posters, and
music were to be seen and heard in the sports hall and
surrounding corridors throughout the day and into the evening.
Many thanks to Romy Svedhem and her team of organizers for
coordinating such a marvelous event.

                                                                                              Students of Swedish background make up over 7% of the school's
                                                                                              population, with 66 students.

          Canada is reflected in almost 3% of the SJ student population,
          with 27 students.

                                                                                              Japan has 11 students in the school.

         Americans make up almost 31% of the student body this year--
         281 kids--down from six years ago, when it was 42%.
                                                                                              There are 29 students from the Republic of Korea attending SJ this

                                                                                                                           The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 21

5th Grade Visits
                                                                ‘Grand Place’
                                                                                                            Mr. André Turner assisting students in the Grand Place.

                                                             What better location to prepare young, aspiring artists to get the proper perspective on
                                                             things than from the center—in this case, the old marketplace of Brussels, with its historic
                                                             town hall, guildhouses, cafés, and restaurants. This fall Mr. André Turner, elementary school
                                                             art teacher, arranged for his 5th grade classes to have an outing there, to practice what they
                                                             had been talking about in the studio. Accompanied by some of his colleagues and some
                                                             parents as well, André guided the entourage to a suitable vantage point and got them sketch-
                                                             ing. The results graced the corridors of c-level in subsequent days, reflecting a variety of
Fifth graders study the lines and architecture of the town
                                                             impressions that emeged

                                                             Senior Continues his                              Winning Ways
                                                             Jerome D’Ambrosio’s October victory in Formula Renault in Zolder, Belgium, near Genk,
                                                             means he has successfully made the transition from being the World Champion go-kart
                                                             racer to being the Belgian champion at the Formula One level. In fact, he so impressed the
                                                             Renault officials that some further testing was scheduled, with the possibility of a contract,
                                                             with all the support and sponsorship that
                                                             implies. He already is being managed by a
                                                             former Formula One driver, Thierry
                                                             Boutsen. As Jerome zips around the race
                                                             track at 240 kph (144 mph) in his single-
Jerome's clenched fist signifies he's won!.                  seater, we wish him safe driving and many
                                                             more trophies.

                                                                                                                    Jerome on the top deck, as the winner at Zolder.

                                          Tom O’Donnell
                                                             Tournament scheduled
                                                             This annual 5-a-side indoor football (soccer) competition is set for 19-20 March 2004 in
                                                             the new facilities (Sports Arena, foyer, and cafeteria). It is named after a former student of
                                                             SJIS who died of cancer in 1997. Since then, students and staff have organized this friendly,
                                                             often intense, but always fun, way to get some exercise, see old friends and classmates, and
                                                             generate thousands of euros in donations. The concession stand will serve up lots of food
                                                             and liquid refreshments to keep you going throughout the day. The proceeds go toward
                                                             childhood cancer research. All alumni—guys and girls—living in Europe, are encouraged
                                                             to consider putting together a team and participating. For more info, check out:
                                         Tom O'Donnell       http://home.tiscali.be/chris.humphreys/ or write to the staff coordinator at SJIS, Mrs. Angela Slann, at:

22 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                            AROUND THE CAMPUS

Sports Wrap-up
Results of the fall International Schools’ Sports Tournament (ISSTs)
for SJIS:
                                                                                   Varsity Soccer Team.
     Boys Soccer at American School London/7th Place
     Mauro Mangraviti; Chris Varin/All-Tournament

     Girls Soccer (Division 2) at Bonn International School/6th Place
     Sara Massey; Ana Kittl/All-Tournament

     Boys Volleyball at American Community School, Cobham/4th Place
     Dapo Abioye; Phil Sifferman/All-Tournament

     Girls Volleyball at ACS Hillingdon/3rd Place
     (Trophy & Bronze Medal)
     Lindsay Augustine; Dionna Shear/All-Tournament                                Varsity Girls' Soccer Team.
     Cross Country at TASIS-England/Boys Varsity 9th Place
       (this is the only “team” we had at the ISST)
     Stella Kuhn von Burgsdorff/3rd Place Varsity Girls
     Saskia Hicks/5th Place Junior Girls
     Matt Barns/8th Place Junior Boys
SJIS will be co-hosting the Boys & Girls Basketball ISSTs with ISB from
March 10-13, 2004. Both the Boys & Girls Championship Games will be
played in the SJIS Arena on Saturday, March 13th.

                                                                                   JV & Varsity Volleyball teams.

                                       Cross-Country Medal Winners, L to R:
                                       Matt Barns, Stella Kuhn von Burgsdorff,
                                       Stuart Griffin; front row: Saskia Hicks &
                                       Joanna Lehne. They raced at a base in
                                       the Netherlands in Sept and placed well.    Varsity Girl's Volleyball Team.

                                                                                                                     The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004 23

Alistair Thorpe
       Basketball Tournament scheduled
 In honor of Alistair Thorpe ’02, who died in a motorcycle accident this summer, a basket-
 ball tournament will take place on Sunday, 21 December, starting at midday in the Sports
 Hall and/or Arena. This is the same day as the alumni reunion, which begins in the
 cafeteria at 5 pm, so those planning on attending the reunion are especially encouraged to
 participate. The tournament is open to high school students and older, with 7-player teams,
 max of 5 on a court at a time. Cost is €10/player, with all proceeds going to a memorial fund
 in his name, to be used for causes related to drivers with disabilities and toward safety issues.
 Participants are asked to sign up by 12 Dec. For more info, contact Christian Hagen ’04 at
 lilleaker_gutt00@hotmail.com                                                                            Alistair Thorpe [RIP]

                      Reunion                     The annual alumni Christmas reunion is
                                                                                                            Hewlitt-Packard donates 5
                                                                                                            projectors to St. John’s
                                                  scheduled for Sunday, 21 December, 5-7pm, in              Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Richard de
                                                  the new cafeteria. All alumni, members of the             Boissezon, former parent and Director of
                                                  class of 2004 and their parents, and all staff, past      Marketing Worldwide for the Indigo
                                                  and present, are cordially invited. For those who         Division, St. John’s now has five high-
                                                  have not had a chance to visit the campus recently,       tech projectors. These devices are
                                                  we’ll be offering a tour of the new facilities that       especially useful for students and teachers
The lion in winter. Join us for the annual        were opened in September. Please plan on joining          who are making presentations from
Christmas reunion.                                us for some holiday cheer and light food; it’s also       computers, and need to have the image
                                                  a great opportunity to catch up with recent grads         on their computer screen projected onto
                                                  returning from university on holiday.                     a large screen or wall. The projectors
                                                                                                            found ‘homes’ in the middle school; in
                                                                                                            the art studios; the high school Design &
 DHL supports                                                                                               Technology Lab; the new computer lab
                                                                                                            in the high school science wing; and for

Community Service Project                                                                                   general use in the video program. We
                                                                                                            thank HP for this gift, as it provides
                                                                                                            another step forward for the school in
                                                  Spearheaded by middle school students, St. John’s         the kind of educational experience we
                                                  continues to provide funds and used textbooks—            can offer all students, and integrates
                                                  thanks to free shipments by DHL Brussels—to               technology with the curricula.
                                                  several primary schools in Kwazulu-Natal, South
                                                  Africa. Without its generous assistance, the educa-
                                                  tional materials, which are so valued by the staff
                                                  and students there, would never have arrived, as
                                                  the transport costs are prohibitively high. The goal
                                                  this year and into the future is to provide more
                                                  funding and supplies with the aim of eradicating
                                                  poverty in that area. For more information,
                                                  contact Ms. Stephanie Wintjes, middle school
A teacher in Kwazulu-Natal takes the class out-   teacher.
doors, and uses some material provided by SJIS    swintjes@stjohns.be
and DHL.                                                                                                   One of the new HP projectors at use in the Design and
                                                                                                           Technology Lab.
24 The Lion’s Pride • JANUARY 2004
                                                                                                AROUND THE CAMPUS

     December 5th - 19th:                             Art of Disability
St. John’s International School is honored to be hosting an exhibition
of photographs by Steve Bloch, His outstanding achievement and
professionalism are evident throughout his work and career, which has
been dedicated to changing perceptions of people with disability
through the use of photography.
The humanity and insight we share through the
eye of the camera derive from individual and
personal experience. Disability to a greater or
                                                                                          by Steve Bloch
lesser degree, directly or indirectly, impacts us
all, ‘able’ and ‘disabled’ alike. Issues of percep-    I have been involved with disability groups or disabled individuals for over
tion, of how we think about, see and represent         20 years following two severe head injuries, soon after witnessing the death
each other in images are of universal interest and     of my brother due to extremely severe head injuries. These experiences have
relevance in art and design and society. An            led me to gain a greater awareness of disability and to use my knowledge of
image can be a symbol that unlocks an under-           photography to promote the general understanding of disability.
standing that can liberate our minds and
potential. This exhibition will challenge those        So, when I embarked on a degree course in photography at the West Surrey
pre-conceptions about disability, which are            Institute of Art & Design, it seemed natural for me to concentrate on
perhaps the greatest obstacle to realizing our full    trying to highlight the achievements and struggles of disabled people.
potential as human beings
                                                       As a professional photographer I have continued to draw public attention
At St John’s students have both the opportunity
                                                       to the issues of disabled people. I believe that the attitude of a society that
to study photography along with other methods
of image making and are encouraged to think
                                                       stereotypes and labels ‘people with a disability’ prevents disabled people
critically about the meaning and function of           from playing their role as part of that very society and hinders their full
images in different contexts. A number of our          integration.
students have also worked with disabled and
handicapped children as part of CAS (commu-            I attempt to create images that are as positive as possible and show the
nity, action, service) in the International            possibilities for a person with a disability to ‘do’ rather than ‘be’. I concen-
Baccalaureate (IB) program, on a volunteer basis       trate on photographing the ordinary person on the street in order to
at le Grain de Vie, a Waterloo-based association       highlight that you do not have to accomplish great feats in order to attempt
for the social integration of handicapped              to achieve fulfillment in life.
persons. It is particularly appropriate that we are
hosting this exhibition during the European            It is, most importantly, the participation and not the relative grade of
year of disabled people. This year IB art students     success that should be the goal. I do not try to encourage people to feel
raised money through an auction of their work          sympathy for the physical or mental condition of disabled people, or on the
to support this project combining art and social
                                                       other hand to put them on pedestals, but to highlight successes and to
Alan Mitchell, High School Art
                                                       encourage others. I try, also, to show some of the challenges that people
Department                                             with a disability have to overcome to put emphasis on their additional
                                                       strengths. My own objective is to try to change the perception of the
                                                       public towards disabled people.
                                                       Steve Bloch.

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