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christmas flyer 09

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					                          Need ideas on how to express appreciation to someone special
                          or an important client, a valued customer, or a co-worker
                           WE HAVE EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST COVERED!

                                                                     Chocolate, Chocolate
                                   MAKE GIFT                       Chocolate Belgian truffles
                                    GIVING                         Chocolate covered almonds
                                     EASY !!                       Chocolate drizzled pretzels
                                                                   Chocolate dipped jujubes
                                      With                         Chocolate flavored coffee
                                                                   Chocolate creamy fudge
                                   VENICE FLOWER                   Chocolate biscuits
                                       SHOP                         and of course decadent
                                                                        Hot Chocolate
                             PROUD TO BE THE NEW                     * $80 $90 $100 *
                                 HOME OF
                                                                      Happy Holidays
                              BASKET DELIGHTS AND                   Imported crackers
                                  FLOWERS                            European cheese
                                                                     Local gourmet Antipasto
                            101-1483 Douglas St.                    Flavored coffee
                             Victoria BC                            Gourmet specialty tea
                                                                     Scottish Shortbread
                 Call us: 250-592-1021 or 250-361-4132              Gourmet nut mix
                                                                     Butternut crunch
                          See us on line                             Belgian chocolates
                                 ** $ 60 $70 $80 **

 Grand Gourmet Basket            Christmas Spirit        Festive Fruit Medley             Simply Fruit
  European Cheese              Gourmet Fudge             A wonderful mix of local        Local fresh fruit
  Imported crackers            Chocolate Toffee pretzels fresh fruit, crackers,cheese for a little sweetness
  Local gourmet Antipasto      Belgian Truffles               & preserves               ***starting $50***
  Stuffed Olives               Gourmet coffee
  Flavored coffee              Hot Chocolate               ** $60 $70 $80 **
 Gourmet Pate’                 Scottish Shortbread
 Scottish Shortbread           Gourmet Nutcorn                         Season Greetings
 Decadent Hot Chocolate        Chocolate covered Almonds    Imported Crackers Festive Christmas Tea
 Chocolate Biscotti                                          European Cheese Berry Jam
 Mixed Nuts                     ** $60 $70 $80 **            Gourmet Pate’         Smoked Almonds
 Butter Nut Crunch                                           Local Antipasto       Stuffed Olives
                                                             Almond Roca           Gourmet Hot Chocolate
** $100 $125 $150 **                                         Belgian Chocolate Scottish Shortbread
                                                                  ** $85 $110 $135 **
                  Epicurean Delight
 Imported Crackers European Cheese Belgian Chocolates
 Pepper Jelly      Local Antipasto    Decadent Hot Chocolate ** $135            *taxes, delivery not included
 Stuffed Olives    Veggie Caviar      French Shortbread            $160          *substitutions may be
 Smoked Sockeye    Christmas Tea      Honey Mustard Pretzels       $200           necessary*
 Gourmet Pate’      Berry Jams         Butter Nut Crunch           $300**

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