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									SRS Industrial was formed in 2002 to gain entrance into the market for
industrial construction services. From humble beginnings, core services
were centered around Specialty Rigging, Guyline Tensioning, Demolition,
and Heavy-lift Transportation. SRS has since grown to accommodate mar-
ket demand, offering a full range of services in Construction Management,
Plant Maintenance, Module Assembly, and Shop Fabrication.

SRS is managed by a team of experienced employees that have worked
together on some of the industry’s largest and most complex projects,
with an average industry experience level of 30+ years. With a common
drive to achieve, conservative financial practices, and a history of success,
SRS is poised to emerge as a major industry player. With strong industry
partnerships in key sectors, we have the ability to execute a wide array of
technically complex projects.

“Our modern approach to construction helps forge long-term relationships
with our valued clients” - Stan Siewiertoka, President & Founder

Our mission is to become an innovative industry player in the industrial
construction market, while retaining the creativity and integrity that made
us who we are today.

SRS was founded with that mission and the mentality that teamwork is
the catalyst for company success. Our most important resource is our
employees and the knowledge and experience that they bring to the table.
With continued training and education, SRS promotes a management cul-
ture that can adapt to change in the face of growing market adversity.

Communication is a cornerstone to success. Employees are encouraged
to be creative with their ideas, as vision and innovation are essential in
proactively meeting the challenges of today’s environment.

                 SRS Jobsite Employee Appreciation Days

Ethics also form part of the core values which embody SRS culture. We
conduct business in a manner that earns the respect and admiration of
those around us through fairness and ethical dealings in all matters. Many
company policies are designed to guide employees towards acceptable
corporate behavior.

Profitability is common culture among many organizations. At SRS, we
train employees in recognizing how teamwork, communication, ethical
practices, safety, and quality can lend themselves to creating a profitable
venture for all parties involved in a project.
Health, Safety, and Environment are of paramount importance to SRS.
We have a detailed Risk Management System that outlines safe work
practices and procedures, and all employees and subcontractors are
thoroughly trained in our safety policies and codes of practice.

Various meetings and audits are held on a daily, weekly, and monthly
basis to assure conformance to our policies, and participation of our
subcontractors in these meetings and audits is mandatory.

As seen in the graph below, our commitment to safety has led us to
consistently outperform the industry average for safety performance.
A declining trend in TRI frequency is evident as our program matured,
despite an increased number of exposure hours in recent years.

         SRS vs. Industry - OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (TRI)

Apart from safety, quality is the most important factor when building work
packages. A detailed Quality Assurance, Quality Control program has been
implemented, ensuring that all applicable codes, standards, and specific
client requirements are met or exceeded throughout the progression of
the construction process. All subcontractors and vendors of SRS are held
to the same standard of QA/QC performance.

With ABSA-certified procedures that address ASME B31.1 Boiler External
Piping, ASME B31.3 Process Piping, and CSA B51 Pressure Piping, SRS is
well equipped to manage all types of industry standard work. SRS is also
CWB-certified in CSA W47.1 division 3.

The emphasis on quality is reinforced at the field-level through programs
that ensure quality is in the mind of the worker, and periodic monitoring
by supervision. At SRS, we aim to build work once and build work right.
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” - an adage that is as
true today as it ever has been. The basis for any project is the quantity,
productivity, and time constraints which are inherent in executing work.

These constraints allow the quantity take-off and estimate to be developed
that form the basis for the scope of work. From here, all job planning and
scheduling is completed with Primavera P3/P5. This software is the indus-
try standard for project management and project scheduling. Combined
with our field engineering expertise, our planners and schedulers can:
    - Create realistic project execution plans
    - Develop resource-loaded schedules for each craft/equipment type
    - Update plans with realtime progress data collected from the field
    - Report on workforce efficiency by comparing planned vs. actual
    - Identify critical path activities before production is impacted
    - Develop recovery plans to realign the schedule as necessary
The client is given the most accurate project management information.

Tracking both costs and quantities is necessary to evaluate progress. SRS
uses Digital Time Capture (DTC), a customized software package designed
to track all costs and quantities on a job.

Accurately tracking cost on a daily basis is important for both the client
and ourselves. All daily labor, equipment, and material is entered into DTC
and daily work tickets are automatically generated for approval and billing.

The basis for quantity tracking is the control budget, which is established
from the estimate and used by DTC as the baseline to determine the bid
quantities and manhours to measure progress against. As quantities are
installed in the field they are tracked by field engineers and input into DTC.
A measure of productivity is then obtained by comparing the actual versus
budgeted progress.

With the capability of DTC and the experience of our staff, SRS has the
ability to track and report progress accurately on a daily basis.

Controls are necessary to ensure that a project is being executed properly.
Purchasing on all job sites is regulated by an internal and client approval
matrix to ensure that the proper channels are followed when additional
material or equipment is requested for a job.

All data entry in DTC is verified by the project cost engineer on a regular
basis to ensure billable entries are as per contractual terms. Accounting at
head office is controlled with SAP enterprise software and the output from
DTC is reconciled against SAP to ensure accuracy of our billings.

All management personnel are trained in recognizing what controls are
necessary to ensure that job costs and quantities are reported correctly.
As the demand for module fabrication has been
increasing, so has our capacity for the same. We
own one module facility and manage another;
both are located in Nisku, AB.

Located at 1107 11th Ave, the largest of the two
module yards has a total size of 30 acres and was        10-Acre Facility
opened by EnCana in August 2008. This facility
is managed by SRS and has the capacity for up
to 66 modules to be completed concurrently, with
provisions for storage of 80 completed modules.

Our other facility, which opened in 2007, has
a total size of 10 acres and is located at 25th
Ave and 7th street. A range of company-owned
equipment is utilized at both yards, including           50t Mobile Gantry
a 50ton mobile gantry crane, loaders, forklifts,
manlifts, and all necessary support equipment.

The strength of these facilities comes mainly from
the experienced staff that we employ. With many
years experience in module fabrication, they have
the knowledge and skill to ensure that projects
are completed efficiently. We pride ourselves in
                                                         Typical Assembly
exceeding client expectations at all times.

Located on 2046 - 70 Avenue in Edmonton, AB,
the SRS fabrication facility was opened to handle
the increased demand for pipe spool fabrication.

At 14,000 square feet with a 26 foot ceiling,
simultaneous fabrication of multiple spools is
possible with peak capacity approaching 4000
                                                         Fabrication Shop
diameter inches per week. A variety of equipment
is utilized for fabrication, including eight welding
stations, three 10-ton gantry cranes, and various
material handling machinery. The facility also has
a complete office with on-site drafting, detailing
and plotting services using AutoCAD and Acorn.

Our fabrication facility also features a state-of-
the-art Vernon Cutting Table, which can handle             Cutting Table
pipe from 2” - 48” OD and weights up to 10 tons.
With the ability to cut with acetylene or plasma,
this table is ideal for mitering joints for multi-part
fabrication, cutting beveled penetrations, working
with exotic alloys or carbon steel, and fabrication
of saddled dummy legs.

With the right equipment and experience, the
SRS fabrication shop can meet all client needs.           Welding Station
Effective Construction Management
requires strategic planning, setting
objectives, allocating resources,
monitoring progress, and measuring
results to assess the strategy.

With management that have worked
together on some of the industry’s
largest and most complex projects,
SRS has the expertise to manage a
construction job of any size from the
beginning to the end.
                                          CNRL Horizon Oilsands Project
Our field engineering staff have the ability to track and schedule a project
from the estimate phase through to completion. The SRS Quality program
ensures that all turnover documentation meets all client and government
standards and most importantly, the SRS Safety program promotes a work
environment where everyone finishes the job safely.

In addition to our own resources, SRS has formed strategic partnerships
in the industry to bid on a greater variety of work. With key alliances that
include Engineering Design services, we have the ability to bid on larger
construction contracts, including those of the EPC variety.

                    Encana Foster Creek SAGD Project

With significant experience managing large projects with work in all trade
disciplines, our industry exposure has allowed us to be successful on a va-
riety of different projects. SRS has completed construction projects on the
following industrial facilities:
     - Cogeneration Plants
     - Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Plants
     - Bitumen Upgrader Facilities
     - Sulphur Recovery Plants
     - Tank Storage Facilities
     - Chemical Plants
“The dedication to accomplishing seemingly impossible objectives exhib-
ited by your group was a major factor in the minimization of schedule
extension and is greatly appreciated” - CNRL Horizon Management
Whether the task is preventative maintenance in
a live plant or completing work during a planned
shutdown, the field of maintenance presents a
set of unique challenges to executing work safely
and efficiently. These challenges are minimized
by a set of detailed work procedures that ensure
the safety hazards are eliminated, while quality
workmanship is maintained at the highest level.
                                                        Live Plant Work

Our superintendents have 30+ years experience working on shutdowns
for the oil and gas industry. Unique to shutdowns are the intensive sched-
uling constraints that require careful planning and monitoring to achieve.
SRS has a team of professionals that can execute a planned shutdown and
maintain the tightest of schedules.

We have experience in verifying and realigning mechanical equipment,
removing and replacing damaged equipment, hot-tapping energized lines,
procuring replacement materials and equipment, managing subcontracts,
or working on new construction projects in a live-plant environment.

                                  Our record speaks for itself, with safety
                                  performance that far exceeds the industry
                                  baseline, and a quality of workmanship
                                  that impresses every client. A dedication
                                  to excellence has made us who we are

                                  We have the ability to deal with any and
                                  all maintenance issues that may arise on
      Tight Work Areas            an industrial project.

True to our company name, we have
specialized in rigging from our first
day in business and pride ourselves
in being able to move and position
almost any sized item.

Our rigging consultants are able to
work with the client to develop lift
studies and critical lift plans. We are
licensed to practice by APEGGA and
have engineers on staff to certify lift
plans as required.

SRS has a wide array of company-
owned rigging equipment including
cranes, boom trucks, spreader bars,
jacking towers, gantries, slings,
shackles, and everything else that
may be necessary to get the job
                                           Rigging for a 60t Module Lift
done without incident.
                               With a process that is unique to the industry,
                               SRS has developed a system for tensioning
                               guylines that improves on the efficiency of all
                               other methods presently available.

                               Whether working with an incinerator stack,
                               flare stack, or communications tower, our
                               highly mobile equipment facilitates work in
                               any weather condition or remote location.

                               We can complete a new construction project
                               to the exact vendor specifications or realign
                               an existing structure to its original tolerance.
                               The skill and experience of our workforce
                               ensures that the job is completed within time
inceinerator stack’ Incin-     and budget constraints for any project.

The life of any facility is finite, and when it is time to recover or remove an
unused facility, SRS has the people and equipment to get the job done.

Working in the hazardous conditions that
often accompany demolition is our specialty.
As with all work, the safety of our employees
and protection of the environment is our
most important concern.

With key industry alliances in the hazardous
materials abatement and remediation sector,
we have the specialized knowledge for the
execution of any demolition work scope.              Exchanger Tube Dismantle

                                    When conventional crane-based methods
                                    for lifting have reached their limitations,
                                    SRS offers Jack & Roll services to get the
                                    job completed on time. Through use of the
                                    industry-standard Unified Jacking System,
                                    we have ability to move items weighing up
                                    to 400 tons by using custom load cells.

                                    This allows for flexibility in scheduling and a
   Unified Jacking System
                                    reduction in crane mobilization costs.

As a compliment to the Jack
& Roll technology, SRS is also
able to provide transportation
services for any sized load.

With a full array of trailers for
custom applications, we have
the ability to haul loads to any
location in Western Canada.            Heavy-Lift ‘Jack & Roll’ Transportation
The table below highlights a brief sample of our industry experience:

      Client                      Description                    Value

  Emerson Process     Fabrication of pipe, hydrotesting, skid    $1M+
                      assembly, and managing subcontracts
                         for skid fabrication and painting

     Berry Y&V           Managed mechanical completion           $65M
      Industrial        work for CNRL Horizon Secondary
     Contracting      Upgrading, including spool fabrication,
                      installation, QA/QC, and hydrotesting.

     Cascades          Completed work on the CNRL Horizon         $7M
    Engineering        Co-Generation facility for mechanical
                      completion and hydrotesting activities.

 Enbridge Pipelines   Completed civil, mechanical, structural     $3M
                      and pipe fabrication for the Edmonton
                      Terminal - Access Diluent Return Line.

   Gulf Chemical        Prime contractor for Phase 1 of the      $25M
                         Calciner Expansion Project. Work
                       involved civil, mechanical, electrical,
                          structural, and pipe fabrication.

       EnCana           Prime contractor for Foster Creek        $30M
                      SAGD project, Phase D and E; all me-
                       chanical fabrication and installation.

   Kiewit Energy        Installation of two flare stacks and       $3M
   Canada Corp.       one incinerator stack at CNRL Horizon
                      Sulphur. Erection of various remain-
                      ing structural steel & punching of the
                        remaining mechanical deficiencies.

       EnCana           Prime contractor for Foster Creek        $90M
                       SAGD project, Phase C. Completed
                       all civil, mechanical, and structural
                              fabrication and erection.

        Ipsco         Dismantled piping works and prepared        $2M
                            for shipment overseas.

  Lafarge Canada       Fabrication of surge tanks including      $1M+
                      mechanical, civil, and commissioning.

  Celanese Canada      Recovery of equipment and process          $3M
                       towers for demolition and removal.
“Do it better.”      Our approach to Recruitment and Retention is the
same as our approach to executing work. SRS employment practices and
ideals reflect the progressive approach that governs our success and is
evident in our growing nationwide contingent of staff.

We know that our employees define our strength as a company and we
place much emphasis in recruiting the best and brightest for our projects
by constantly developing new recruiting strategies. From conventinal job
and career fairs across Canada, to employment agencies, to employee
referrals and other modern techniques, we strive to keep abreast of the
changing labor market and pool of available employees.

Our recruitment strategy goes further than knowing the market, by staying
receptive and candid with clients regarding the application of incentives,
strategies for retention, and consequences of labor market shortages.

We have created a progressive
corporate environment that aims
to foster concern for the issues
and problems that our employees
face on a daily basis.

This environment empowers our
employees and the loyalty that
is gained has helped us with our
most important goal of retaining
our skilled workforce.                      Ontario Career Fair 2008

Since 2002, SRS has been pairing some of the industry’s seasoned and
experienced work force with the young and innovative minds of tomorrow.
The apprenticeship program is of great value and we spend considerable
time ensuring that apprentices are kept involved with technical training
relevant to their trade.

The committment to lifelong learning from SRS goes even further than our
apprentices. We place great value in the progression of skills throughout
our entire workforce, with training and mentoring programs that have
been designed to keep our staff challenged and involved. Tradesmen are
given training that is relevant to their technical field and our administrative
staff have access to Educational Assistance Programs that allow them to
tailor their learning towards their career path of choice.

We offer a compensation and benefit package that is quite competitive in
the industry since we feel that the investment we make in our employees
should help them attain an increased quality of life.

With extensive training and education, many opportunities for advancment
internally, and progressive compensation and benefit packages, SRS has
been able to recruit and retain a skilled workforce that of great value in an
industry where knowledge is power.
Specialized Rigging Services Ltd.

      2333 - 91st Avenue

    Edmonton, AB T6P 1L1

     Phone: 780.467.1882

      Fax: 780.449.1377

 “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high
intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful ex-
ecution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

                      - William A. Foster

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