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									                                                                                   King Farm
                                                    Chronicle      Your Source for Neighborhood News
       Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                           September/October 2001

       Village Center Prepares for Grand Opening Celebration
       By Sonya Burke
       Chronicle Editor                                                                                                                    The King Farm Merchants As-
            Hammers are pounding, drills                                                                                              sociation is sponsoring the event
       are whirring, and saws are buzzing                                                                                             and proceeds will be donated to a
       as workers rush to finish the inte-                                                                                            charity affiliated with increasing
       riors of several new King Farm                                                                                                 breast cancer awareness, accord-
       Village Center restaurants and                                                                                                 ing to merchant Carrie D’Antona of
       stores. Everywhere you look, a new                                                                                             the Fontina Grille.
       sign is going up, and businesses                                                                                                    If you just can’t wait for that,
       are opening their doors, all looking                                                                                           residents can get a sneak peek at
       forward to a grand opening cel-                                                                                                what these new businesses offer at
                                                                                                                                      a special “Meet the Retailers” night
       ebration set for Saturday, October
                                                                                                                                      on Tuesday, September 25th, from
       6, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the King Farm
            King Farm’s first resident, Mike                                                                                          Community Center.
       Mogil, can’t wait to enjoy more                                                                                                     Developers report the retail
       dining and shopping near his home.                                                                                             center is 80% leased out. In Au-
       “We are eagerly looking forward to                                                                                             gust, the following stores were open
       the opening of more stores,” said                                                                                              for business: Safeway, Chevy Chase
       Mogil, who adds that life was “won-                                                                                            Bank, Equitable Bank, Quizno’s,
       derful” when Safeway first opened                                                                                              State of the Art Dental Group, King
       its King Farm doors in January.                                                                                                Farm Cleaners, Elaj Aveda Day
            Merchants echo his enthusi-                                                                                               Spa, and the Hair Cuttery.
       asm. Jeannette Nicholson, of the                                                                                                    As the Chronicle goes to press,
       Elaj Aveda Day Spa, says she picked                                                                                            many more stores were preparing
       the Village Center for her second           King Farm resident John Vogt and his dog Charlie relax at the sidewalk café        to open their doors for the fall
       spa because she likes the location,     outside Safeway. Soon, residents will be able to enjoy to even more places like this
                                               in King Farm.                                                                          season: Lifestyles for Hair, Baja
       especially its access to the Metro.                                                                                            Fresh, Maggie Moos ice cream shop,
            Joe Hospital, of Baja Fresh,                                                                                              Nora’s Kabob café, Fontina Grill,
       says he is very excited about being
       part of “an incredible community.”      Developer Unveils New and                                                              The Flower Shop at King Farm,
                                                                                                                                      Eastern Carry Out, Symbiosis
       “It’s a quality community from top                                                                                             Wireless, and the King Farm Beer
       to bottom,” said Hospital, who          Improved Web Site for Community                                                        & Wine store.
                                                                                                                                           And, this month, the King Farm
       plans to open his Mexican restau-       By Sonya Burke
       rant in a few weeks.                        Oh, what a tangled web we               King Farm – without getting into           Visitor’s Center will relocate its
            Safeway Manager Dean Bare-         weave, when trying to figure out            the car. And the Chronicle will be         office to the Village Center, making
       foot says his store plans to be part    whom to call or what to do about a          on the site, too.                          the area, with its brick walkways
       of the grand opening festivities even   particular problem in King Farm.                “This site has all the informa-        and appealing architecture, truly
       though the grocery store has been       But those days may be over, thanks          tion you need if you live or work in       a centerpiece for the community.
       open for nine months. “We want to       to the hard work of a King Farm             the community,” says Tresp, who
       help the other merchants get off to     volunteer and expert on web sites.          volunteered his time and talents to         In The Chronicle
       a good start,” said Barefoot.               For weeks now, Grand Cham-              freshen up the the former site. He
            “Octoberfest” will be the motif    pion Drive resident Brian Tresp
                                                                                           Continued on Page 14
                                                                                                                                      What’s News
       for the grand opening, and it will      has     been      updating     the
       feature all kinds of family fun, in-                                                                                            All in the Family A family makes headlines in a
                                               community’s web site at                                                                 production of “Annie,” page 2.
       cluding a local disc jockey from The final re-
       radio station Mix 107, a                sults are impressive and informa-                                                       A Great Ride More people are riding the King
       moonbounce, clowns, face paint-         tive. For one, the home page has a                                                      Farm shuttle everyday, page 3.
       ing, pumpkin painting, raffles,         new look, with more polished
       goody bags, art exhibit, precision      graphics and better organized con-                                                      Manager’s Message Community Manager Ted
       jump rope team, food vendors and        tent. One eye-catcher is the “vir-                                                      Wessel explains who’s who in King Farm, page 5.
       much more.                              tual” tour you can take through
                                                                                                                                       Politics of King Farm Residents elect the first
                                                                                                                                       homeowner to the King Farm Citizens Assembly’s
                                                                                                                                       Board of Trustees this month, page 6.

                                                                                                                                       Civic-Minded The King Farm Civic Assocation
                                                                                                                                       helps shape the community, pages 8 and 9.

                                                                                                                                       I Feel Lucky A King Farm couple wins a new car
                                                                                                                                       at the local grocery, page 11.

                                                                                                                                       Screamin’ Geese The King Farm swim team
                                                                                           Brian Tresp                                 quiets down until next year, page 15.

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       2      The Chronicle                                              King Farm Chronicle                                                September/October, 2001

         In The King Farm Chronicle                                                                                                 King Farm Chronicle
         Who’s News                                                                                                                 Your Source for Neighborhood News

       By Sonya Burke
                                                                                                                                        Editor and
                                                                                                                                        Advertising Manager:
       Stork Report                                                                                                                     Sonya Burke
           Grand Champion Drive resi-                                                                                                   301.963.0678 (phone)
       dents Brian and Julie Tresp wel-                                                                                                 301.963.2491 (fax)
       comed their first child, Emilia Ruby,                                                                                  
       to the world on August 19, 2001 at                                                                                               Community Manager:
       5:16 in the evening.                                                                                                             Ted Wessel
           Emilia weighed in at 6 pounds                                                                                                301.987.0122
       and 3 ounces, and measured 19-                                                                                         
       1/4 inches. Congratulations!
                                               Molly Algeo                             Emilia Tresp                                     Publisher:
                                                                                                                                        King Farm Conservancy
       Running Around                                                                  is no telling what tomorrow will
           As if he doesn’t have enough to     All in the Family                                                                        Printing:
                                                                                       bring for this star studded family.              Silver Communications
       do with a new baby in the house,             In August, the Algeo family of
                                                                                       (see photos by Algeo)                            1.703.471.7339
       Brian Tresp is now organizing           Crooked Creek Drive was featured
       Montgomery County’s “Marathon           in a Rockville Gazette article after
       in the Parks.”                          eleven year old Molly was cast as the   Weather Watcher                                    The King Farm Chronicle is the
                                                                                                                                    bi-monthly means of communicating
           The event takes place on No-        red haired orphan in the Rockville          Mike Mogil of Creek Valley Lane          information of interest to King Farm
                                               Music Theater’s performance of          was also the subject of a recent             residents. The paper is published by
       vember 18, at 7 a.m., and Tresp                                                                                              the King Farm Conservancy, which is
       says volunteers are desperately         “Annie.” But the story doesn’t end      Rockville Gazette article after he           responsible for the form, content, and
       needed. The marathon begins on          there. Molly’s dad, District Court      published a book entitled Torna-             policies of the newspaper. The news-
                                               Judge Michael Algeo, and older          does . Mogil, the President of the           paper addresses items of legitmate in-
       Redland Road near the Shady                                                                                                  terest to the citizens of King Farm. It
                                               brother Shannon were in the pro-        King Farm Civic Association, retired
       Grove Metro, not far from King                                                  from the National Weather Service in         does not espouse any political belief or
       Farm. If you need more informa-         duction too. The talented trio shared                                                endorse any product or service. Ar-
                                               the stage, while Mom Susan and          1995, and now owns his own com-              ticles and letters submitted for publi-
       tion or to get involved, visit the                                              pany, “How the Weather Works.” He            cation must be signed and may not be
       race’s web site at, www.marathon        younger brother Patrick watched                                                      libelous. Articles and letters may be
                                               proudly from the audience. Molly        also has been called as an expert            edited for length and content. The dead-                                                                 witness in criminal and civil cases as
                                               rehearsed for the Annie part for over                                                line for submitting articles and adver-
           Tresp is active in the local run-                                           a forensic meteorologist.                    tisements for the November issue is
                                               six weeks this summer, which meant
       ning scene. For the last four year,                                                                                          October 30, 2001. Neither, the King
                                               no annual beach vacation for the                                                     Farm Chronicle, nor the King Farm
       he has been the “race announcer”        family. But Molly isn’t complaining.         Got News? Awards, Babies, barbecues,
                                                                                       birthdays, etc., we want to hear from you.   Conservancy endorse the products or
       for the Kentlands 5K, a                 She told the Gazette , “it was a once                                                services advertised therein, nor are
                                                                                       Share your neighborhood news with the
       Gaithersburg event that attracted       in the lifetime opportunity” and “the   King Farm Chronicle. Contact Sonyaburke      they responsible for any claims made
       over 1,000 runners this year.                                                                                                by advertisers.
                                               stage is my life.” Stay tuned. There

            Au t o R e p a i r
                                    • Maintenance •
                                        • Repair •
                                     • Body Shop •

                                55-D Frederick Road
                              Rockville, Maryland 20855

King Farm Chronicle 01-03       2                                                                     9/18/2001, 3:34 PM
       September/October, 2001                                            King Farm Chronicle                                                    The Chronicle    3

          In The Chronicle
          Pet of the Month                       King Farm Shuttle Bus
                                                 Exceeds Expectations
                                                 By Sonya Burke
                                                      Developers say the King Farm
                                                 shuttle bus is proving to be an even
                                                 more valuable service for the com-
                                                 munity than they first thought it
                                                 might be.
                                                      The proof is in the numbers.
                                                 The bus service started in Decem-
                                                 ber of last year, with about 700
                                                 passengers that month.
                                                      Just six months later, over
                                                 5000 people made the trip either to
                                                 and/or from the Shady Grove Metro
                                                 Station during the months of June
                                                 and July.
          Name: Virginia Fredrick                     Andrew Kapust of Creek Valley
          Breed: Terrier-Mutt, mixed breed       Lane has been riding the bus since
                                                 the service started and says the
          Age: 3-years-old                       service has saved him time and
          Residence: King Farm Boulevard         money.
          Favorite Hobbies: Virginia has lived        “I have been riding it everyday
                                                 and I am absolutely happy with it.
          in King Farm for three months and
                                                 It’s on time and the drivers are
          loves to go on walks.                  friendly and pleasant,” says
                                                 Kapust, who commutes to work in
           If you would like to see your pet     Washington, D. C., from his King
       featured in a future issue of the King    Farm home. He says his only sug-
       Farm Chronicle, please contact Sonya
       Burke at 301.963.0678 or Sonyaburke                                 Continued on Page 14                    The King Farm Shuttle Bus picks up passengers at the Irvington Centre.

King Farm Chronicle 01-03           3                                                             9/18/2001, 3:34 PM
       4      The Chronicle                                                King Farm Chronicle                                          September/October, 2001

       Builder’s Update as of August 27, 2001
             King Farm Associates, L.L.C
                                                                                                                               Nora’s Cafe, Fontina Grill, The
       Land Development / Roads                                                                                                Flower Shop at King Farm, East-
            Mass grading and utility con-                                                                                      ern Carry Out, Symbiosis Wireless
       struction is in process in Baileys                                                                                      and the King Farm Beer & Wine.
       Common for the next phase of resi-                                                                                      The King Farm Visitors Center will
       dential development. Paving of the                                                                                      also be relocating to the Village
       first roads in this section is planned                                                                                  Center in mid-September. More
       for November. It is anticipated                                                                                         tenants will be announced as on-
       that building lots will be available                                                                                    going lease negotiations are final-
       so that the builders can start home                                                                                     ized.
       construction in Baileys Common                                                                                              The Grand Opening Event for
       before the end of the year.                                                                                             the King Farm Village Center will
            It is still projected that the bal-                                                                                be held on Saturday, October 6
       ance of the planned infrastructure                                                                                      from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and
       construction work, which includes                                                                                       a “Meet the Retailers” night will be
       all roadwork for all of King Farm,                                                                                      held for the residents of King Farm
       will be completed by the fall of                                                                                        on Tuesday, September 25 from
       2003.                                                                                                                   6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the King
                                                                                                                               Farm Community Building. See
       Irvington Center                              Construction continues on the Three Irvington Centre                      complete story on page 1.
           Leasing activity in Irvington          on the second floor. With the exist-    mately 80% leased. The stores
       Centre remains strong. One and             ing and future buildings, Irvington     now open are Safeway, Chevy          King Farm Bus
       Two Irvington Centre are fully             Centre can accommodate tenants          Chase Bank, Equitable Bank,              The King Farm Shuttle Bus is
       leased and the first lease in Three        of all sizes. For information about     Quizno’s, State of the Art Dental    continuing to increase in the num-
       Irvington Centre was recently              office leasing opportunities, please    Group, King Farm Dry Cleaners,       ber of riders it accommodates each
       signed by its first tenant. The total      call 703.847.5270.                      Elaj Aveda Day Spa and the Hair      month. The new King Farm Shuttle
       building size of Three Irvington                                                   Cuttery. The following stores will   Bus is now in operation, and it trans-
       Centre is 217,000 square feet of                                                                                        ported over 5000 riders last month!
       which the first tenant will occupy
                                                  The Village Center                      be opening soon: Lifestyles for
                                                                                          Hair, Baja Fresh, Maggie Moo’s,      For more information, see page 3.
       approximately 25,000 square feet              The Village Center is approxi-

King Farm Chronicle 04-06       4                                                                       9/18/2001, 3:53 PM
       September/October, 2001                                             King Farm Chronicle                                                  The Chronicle    5

                                                     KING FARM ASSOCIATES,
          In The Chroncle                       L.L.C. is the Developer. The Devel-
          Community                             oper produced the Community Plan
                                                and an initial set of Design Stan-
          Manager’s Corner                      dards and Guidelines, which were
                                                approved by the City of Rockville.
                                                All development work performed
            Hello,                              by the Developer will be in accor-
            My name is Ted Wessel and, as       dance with the approvals granted
       your Community Manager, my goal          by the City, such approvals are
       is to ensure that living at King Farm    modified from time to time by the
       is a pleasant experience. As part of     City. The Developer is responsible
       these efforts, I will periodically au-   for the installation of the infra-
       thor articles                            structure (streets, alleys, median
       for       the                            strips, small pocket parks, etc.),
       newsletter,                              utilities, roads and common open
       including                                space areas.
       of the rules                                 BUILDERS construct the living
       and regula-                              units and install landscape improve-
       tions found                              ments on the lots where the living
       in the Gov-                              unit is located. There are ten differ-
       e r n i n g                              ent Builders in King Farm. Any home
       D o c u -
       ments. I will
       also answer Ted Wessel
                                                construction issues should be ad-
                                                dressed to your Builder.                 News from the Visitor’s Center
       homeowner                                                                            • Construction Continues on        around the parkland.
                                                    KING FARM CITIZENS AS-               Phase 1 South of Redland Road.             • The builders are not allowed
       association questions that will pro-     SEMBLY (or Assembly) is the ho-             • When complete there will be      to market or sell homes in Phase II
       vide owners and citizens with a bet-     meowners association for all resi-       3200 homes in King Farm.              yet.
       ter understanding of community liv-      dential living units (single family,        • 140 acres in King Farm are            • The Visitor’s Center is re-
       ing. The homeowners association’s        townhouse, condominiums and              designated as green space or          locating to the King Farm Village
       goal is to govern the affairs of the     apartments). The Assembly is com-        parkland.                             Center in mid-September so that
       community in a method consistent         prised of all Titleholders and Citi-        • In September, Bozzuto Homes      Centex Homes can start building
       with the safety and interests of the     zens of King Farm. Titleholders are      was scheduled to hold a lottery for   at the Visitor’s Center previous
       residents and owners, and the pro-       owners of record. Citizens are any       homeowners interested in six re-      home.
       tection of their property. In keeping    natural person, age eighteen or          maining sites in King Farm.
       with these goals, let’s discuss the                                                                                                 FACT FILE
                                                older, who live in King Farm, and           • Reportedly, builders Mitchell
       several organizations active in King                                                                                     King Farm Groundbreaking 11-14-96.
                                                have given written notice of their       & Best and Michael Harris have
       Farm, which influence residents’                                                                                           Village Center Opening 10-10-97.
       daily life:                              Continued Page 12                        some Phase 1 homesites available          851 Home Sales as of 7-15-01.

King Farm Chronicle 04-06      5                                                                     9/18/2001, 3:53 PM
       6      The Chronicle                                            King Farm Chronicle                                          September/October, 2001

       Two Homeowners
       Declare Candidacy
       for King Farm Board                                                                   photo not available

                                              will be declared the winner. Wessel
       An Historic                            says citizens can cast their vote at
                                              the Board meeting or by proxy. The
       Election                               new Board of Trustee’s term will
                                              expire at the 2003 annual meeting
            It’s a historic time for King     of the Assembly.
       Farm. In just a few days, the
       community’s citizenry will elect the      Here’s a look at the candidates:
       first homeowner to the King Farm
       Citizens Assembly’s Board of Trust-        Name: Andrew Kapust                Andrew Kapust                         Arthur Litofsky, M.D.
       ees. The current Board is com-             Address: 509 Creek Valley
       prised of representatives from the                                                My primary concern is to          Neurosurg. Soc., Amer. Assoc. of
       developer of King Farm. The elec-                                             achieve a reasonable balance be-      Prof. Photog.
                                                  Resident: 3 years
       tion will be held at the King Farm                                            tween the residents’ needs and the
                                                  Occupation: Systems Analyst
       Board meeting scheduled for Sep-                                              community’s needs. I would like to    IN HIS OWN WORDS
                                                  Clubs/Memberships: Friends
       tember 20th, in the Community                                                 strengthen the feeling of commu-
                                              of Olney Theater                                                                 “I would like to ensure that
       Center, from 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.                                               nity in King Farm and help ensure     everyone who is a resident of King
            Residents are encouraged to                                              that our vision of King Farm is
                                              IN HIS OWN WORDS                                                             Farm is proud to live here. That it
       vote because the election is an                                               achieved.” —ANDREW KAPUST
                                                  “I want to represent the King                                            be noise free. That the ecological
       important one, as it signals the
                                              Farm residents and ensure their                                              environment be beautiful. That
       start of the transition process from                                             Name: Arthur Litofsky, M.D.
                                              concerns and wishes receive con-                                             people can be out at any hour
       developer control to homeowners’                                                 Address: 201 Creek Valley
                                              sideration by the Board.                                                     without fear. That traffic can be
       control.                                                                      Lane
                                                  I have been a member of the Ad                                           controlled so King Farm is safe for
            According to Community Man-                                                 Resident: Since July 2000
                                              Hoc Advisory Committee to the                                                children to be out and play. That
       ager Ted Wessel, two homeowners                                                  Occupation: Physician
                                              Board for the past two years, am a                                           people meet and relate to their
       have applied for the open Board                                                  Clubs/Memberships: Amer.
                                              neighborhood watch block captain,                                            neighbors. That the covenants cre-
       seat: Andrew Kapust and Arthur                                                Assoc. Neurol. Surgeons, Cong.
                                              and am a member of the Civic                                                 ated for King Farm are enforced.
       Litofsky. The candidate with the                                              Neurol. Surg., Viper Club of Amer.,
       most votes, on September 20th,         Association.                           AARP, MD. Alum. Assoc., MD.           Continued on Page 14

                                                                                                King Farm Presents,
                                                                                               The Ultimate in Dining!
                                                                                         Located Just Around The Corner...

                                                                                                             Wood Fired Pizza
                                                                                                              Gourmet Pizza
                                                                                                                 Fresh Fish
                                                                                                            Italian Specialties
                                                                                                           Homemade Desserts
                                                                                                            Gelato and Sorbet
                                                                                                         Cappuccino and Espresso
                                                                                                          Carry Out and Catering

                                                                                                                 801 Pleasant Drive
                                                                                             Across from Chevy Chase Bank Next to the park
                                                                                                       Your neighborhood restaurant

King Farm Chronicle 04-06     6                                                                  9/18/2001, 3:53 PM
       September/October, 2001                                            King Farm Chronicle                                                        The Chronicle     7

                                                   In The Chronicle
                                                   King Farm Briefs
                                                  singled out for excellence in the
                                                  category of “Best Condominium”
                                                  for its model “Cashell with Loft.”
                                                  The event is sponsored by the Mary-
                                                  land-National Capital Building In-
                                                  dustry Association (MNCBIA) and
                                                  focuses on new communities in
                                                  Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince
                                                  George’s counties. For a complete
                                                  list of winners, you can visit the
                                                  MNCBIA         web      site     at

                                                  Police Blotter
                                                      Rockville Police responded to a
                                                  theft complaint on August 20,
                                                  2001, at the 700 block of King
                                                  Farm Boulevard. According to a        Car Crash
       Back to School                             police report, sometime between            Emergency rescue workers rushed to the scene of a car accident on Gaither
           Two girls enjoy a beautiful August     2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., unknown        Road near Shady Grove on Tuesday, August 21, 2001, shortly after 5:30 p.m. Police
       day, riding their scooters along a King                                          officers waved oncoming traffic around the accident scene, and through the
                                                  suspect(s) entered the office and     adjacent area’s parking lots. A Montgomery County Police official says two people
       Farm sidewalk near the site of the new     removed wallets from two purses
       park. King Farm students, who attend                                             were transported to the hospital, but there was no word on the severity of their
       public school, headed back to the class-
                                                  while the complainants were at-       injuries or the cause of the accident.
       room on Tuesday, September 4, 2001.        tending a meeting.
                                                                                        restroom building that is handi-               Once the Park is seeded with
       By Sonya Burke                             Park Project                          capped accessible. Jerry Daus,             grass, Daus says residents can
       Award Winning                                   Many King Farm residents are     Parks and Facilities Development           expect to see some small signs
           King Farm Associates was hon-          watching City workers put the fin-    Manager, says the restroom build-          warning visitors to tread lightly.
       ored as one of the best communi-           ishing touches on the King Farm       ing is a state of the art facility         He says, that’s because the new
       ties in Montgomery County when             12-acre Park. When it is complete     inside and out. The pre-fabricated         grass will be “terribly tender” and
       it received an “Award of Merit”            the Park will have playgrounds,       facility was special ordered from          the less people walk on it this fall,
       during the Home Tour 2001, ear-            tennis and basketball courts, path-   Nevada at some expense, accord-
       lier this summer. The Bozzuto              ways, picnic areas, playground        ing to Daus, who describes it as
                                                  fields, an art sculpture, and a       quite “deluxe.”                            Continued on Page 10
       Group, a King Farm builder, was

King Farm Chronicle 07-09       7                                                                    9/18/2001, 3:54 PM
       8      The Chronicle                                                 King Farm Chronicle                                              September/October, 2001

       H. Michael Mogil                                                                                                             I decided to act as the liaison to the                    King Farm Civic Association                                                      Association's Education Commit-
            The King Farm Civic Associa-
       tion has a Communications Com-
                                                   Communications in King Farm                                                           There are a number of issues
                                                                                                                                    which the Committee will need to
       mittee (see below for its latest re-                                                                                         follow and, if necessary, address
       port). They are busy, actually quite                                                                                         in the future. The construction of
       busy, addressing the myriad of                                                      the voting process. Hopefully the        the addition to the College Gar-
       communications matters that af-                                                     shuttle will be running that day for     dens Elementary School is in the
       fect us all. This includes dealing                                                  local transit. If not, it should be an   works. Moreover, a new facility is
       with companies like Verizon and                                                     easy walk for most folks.                planned to replace the present
       Comcast, and handling internal                                                                                               building in which Richard Mont-
       communications matters such as                                                      Who's Who in King Farm                   gomery High School is presently
       the internet e-mail list and King                                                                                            housed.
       Farm web page.
                                                                                           or Is that Really An
                                                                                                                                         A broader issue involving all of
            But I want to address personal                                                 Organizational Chart?                    King Farm is the present plan to
       communications this month. It's                                                          If you are confused about the       split King Farm in half for educa-
       summertime and many of us see                                                       organizational structure of the King     tion cluster purposes. Under the
       our neighbors as we walk around                                                     Farm Community, you aren't alone.        present plan, all residents of King
       the neighborhood. Soon, leaves                                                      There is the Conservancy, the vari-      Farm whose homes are located
       fall and we start the annual hiber-                                                 ous HOAs, the Civic Association,         south of Redland Road will be in
       nation ritual. Will we see our neigh-                                               Legum and Norman and other               the Richard Montgomery cluster.
       bors again in the spring or will they                                               property Managers, the Commu-            Those residents who live north of
       be buried other a snowdrift? What                                                   nity Architect, and the City Om-         Redland will be in the Gaithersburg
       about a neighbor who may be eld-                                                    budsman. It makes one think              High School cluster. Given the fact
       erly or infirm? Other than seeing                                                   about the Abbott and Costello rou-       that King Farm is within the City of
       them outside, how can you reach                                                     tine "Who's On First…"                   Rockville, the splitting of the com-
       them, short of going outside and          Mike Mogil                                     To help clear the air, the Civic    munity for education clustering
       knocking on their door or ringing                                                   Association is planning its Fall         purposes does not make much
                                                 from my Board, its committees and         Community-wide meeting around
       the doorbell?                                                                                                                sense. When you add to the mix
                                                 other volunteers, and from me!            this issue. Representatives from
            To foster such communications                                                                                           that the proposed elementary
       year-round, the Civic Association                                                   the various groups listed above          school site located in King Farm is
       took on the task of compiling a                                                     will be present to explain who and       located south of Redland and the
       community directory. The direc-           Fall Elections                            what they are and what they can or       site for the middle school is located
       tory involved voluntary listings and          Mark your calendar for Fall           can't do for you. It is your best        north of Redland, the dynamics
       the first issue was supported by a        City Elections the first Tuesday of       chance to get a clear picture of the     become even more muddied.
       City of Rockville Community Grant         November. This will be a hotly            organization chart governing this             While a majority of our resi-
       and some paid advertising. That           contested race and will set the           community.                               dents (nearly all south of Redland
       directory has now been distrib-           stage for some significant changes             Hope to see you at the meeting.     Road) that have children are pres-
       uted, but only to those households        in Rockville City Government.             It starts at 7:30 p.m. and should        ently focused on elementary school
       who are listed in it. Unfortunately,          To help residents better under-       officially end by 9: 00 p.m. Based       issues, I can tell you from personal
       there are some errors and omis-           stand the issues and the candi-           on past meetings, we would dis-          experience that children do, in fact,
       sions (some by editing, others by         dates, the King Farm Civic Asso-          courage bringing young children          get older each year and that people
       simply having the information sub-        ciation has partnered with its            or infants. They don't do well in 90     are starting to move into the "North-
       mitted). We apologize for these.          neighbors (College Gardens and            minute meetings.                         ern Sector." With this in mind, it is
            We are planning to update the        Woodley Gardens - just to the south                                                important to get an early start on
       directory by year's end and want to       of Gude Drive) on a Community                                                      the "splitting" issue. In addition,
                                                 Candidates Forum. That event is           Keeping Abreast
       increase the listings significantly.                                                                                         the splitting of King Farm for edu-
       We'd like folks who did not receive       tentatively scheduled for October         of our ABCs                              cation purposes could well have an
                                                 24th at Julius West Middle School.        Gerald I. Holtz                          impact on all residents whether or
       a directory to contact Maeir Burstyn
                                                 More information will be distrib-
                                                                                                                                    not they have or plan on having
       at 215 Creek Valley Lane                                                            Education Committee Liaison
                                                 uted as the event details are worked                                               children.
       ( and                                                            The King Farm Civic Associa-
                                                 out.                                                                                    Another issue that needs to be
       supply their name, address, e-mail            Also, the voting location for the     tion has recently re-formed its
       address, phone number by No-                                                        Standing Committees and assigned         monitored is the planned day care
                                                 Fall City Election (not future na-                                                 facility located in King Farm. The
       vember 1, 2001. If the spouses or         tional / state elections) is right        a committee liaison function to
       partners have different last names                                                  each Board member. Because my            preliminary plan is for a free-stand-
                                                 here in King Farm. The Commu-
       (legally or professionally), please                                                 wife is currently a teacher in the       ing building to built on Gaither
                                                 nity Center will serve as the voting
       make a note of that.                                                                Montgomery County Public School          Road near its intersection with King
                                                 site. This was done for enhancing
            Similarly, anyone who has re-                                                  (MCPS) system and my children            Farm Boulevard, in the area where
                                                 the community-focus, as well as
       ceived a directory and has discov-                                                  have been educated in the MCPS,          the office buildings are being con-
                                                 enabling people easier access to
       ered an error or omission, please                                                                                            structed. It is our understanding
       contact Maeir as well.                                                                                                       that the developer is in early nego-
                                                                                                                                    tiations with a potential user.
            The updated directory will likely
       NOT be distributed community-
       wide. Rather it will be distributed
                                                 National Night Out                                                                      I know that at least a couple of
                                                                                                                                    residents have been involved in
                                                                                                                                    the issues surrounding the con-
       under a yet-to-be defined cost re-
       covery policy. This may involve a
                                                 Manna Food Drive                                                                   struction of the addition to College
                                                    Carrie Klabunde                                                                 Gardens Elementary School. How-
       small fee for listing your informa-
       tion and receiving a copy or it may                                                                                          ever, the Education Committee, as
                                                     Just a quick note to thank everyone who participated in National Night
       be tied to a membership in the                                                                                               yet, does not have sufficient com-
                                                 Out (NNO)* at King Farm last month. Even though the weather was hot and
       Civic Association. Full informa-                                                                                             munity interest in serving on this
                                                 muggy, it was an enjoyable evening, with plenty of cold drinks, tasty desserts,
       tion about this procedure will be                                                                                            Committee. Without volunteers, I
                                                 and great company. We also gathered 7 boxes of nonperishable groceries and
       provided in the next Newsletter, at                                                                                          am afraid that the issues facing
                                                 delivered these to the Manna Food Center. I received a telephone call from
       our Community-wide Civic Asso-                                                                                               King Farm residents as it relates to
                                                 a Manna volunteer, thanking King Farm for its generous support.
       ciation meeting on October 16th,                                                                                             education will not be addressed by
                                                     So, a thank you again to everyone who helped to organize and participate
       and on the King Farm internet site.                                                                                          the Civic Association. We need
                                                 in King Farm's first official National Night Out! We look forward to holding
       Oh, and there will be a limited                                                                                              your help and support. Please
                                                 this event again next August.                                                      contact me at my e-mail address
       number of copies of the current               * NNO is a nationally sponsored event hosted by the King Farm Neighbor-
       directory available at the October                                                                                  and let me know
                                                 hood Watch Committee. Contact Carrie Klabunde for further information              that you would be willing to serve
       16th meeting.                             about the program and how you can participate as a block captain and in
            Until next issue, here's a "hello"                                                                                      on this important Committee.
                                                 other ways.                                                                             Thanks.

King Farm Chronicle 07-09      8                                                                        9/18/2001, 3:54 PM
       September/October, 2001                                            King Farm Chronicle                                                            The Chronicle      9

       Committee Rings In…
       Jim Campbell                             other, which signifies a within
       Chair - Communications Committee
                                                the house issue), Comcast will
           The KFCA Communications              come out the next day either in
       committee has formed and is ac-          the morning or afternoon. Pete
       tively making progress addressing        requests that you (and anyone
       issues facing our community. We          else with a Comcast outage) call
       have established a standing meet-        him and leave your last name,
       ing time for the second Tuesday of       account number and nature of
       every month at 7:30 PM in the            the problem and that he will chan-
       Community Center. All are wel-           nel it to the right person. If he is
       come to attend and help out. The         not responsive please let Stephen
       primary issues that we have been         Lebowitz (
       addressing in the last several meet-     know.
       ings pertain to communications               The Communications Com-
       within the King Farm community           mittee also needs someone who
       such as newsletters, web sites, and      is willing to champion the
       what has become known as the list            "Gaithersburg phone ex-
       serve or e-mail list. We also have       change" issue. This is the situa-
       discussed how to best work with          tion that puts King Farm in the
       Comcast, Verizon, and other com-         Gaithersburg, and not the
       panies providing communications          Rockville, phone exchange and
       and video services to King Farm.         makes calls to Washington and
           In fact, we just learned that        Northern Virginia long distance.
       Pedro “Pete” Valentin (301-309-          Unless someone volunteers to                                                                               Photo by Sonya Burke
       5594) is supposedly the “Comcast         help us on this issue, it will be
       Liaison with King Farm.” Pete was        forced to the back burner.             Dr. David Pinsky
       asked about service matters due to           Please feel free to e-mail me          Patients can check their email or watch a movie while visiting Dr. Pinsky’s office.
       some resident complaints. He             ( about any
       stated that the Comcast policy is
       that if an individual (only one needs
       to be affected) has a complete out-
                                                communications issues that you
                                                want the committee to consider.
                                                We give priority to people who
                                                                                       First Medical Office
       age (as opposed to getting service       bring an issue to us and then
       on one machine/TV but not an-            help the community solve it.
                                                                                       Opens its Doors in
                     Trash Matters!                                                    the Village Center
                                                                                       By Sonya Burke                               cialists to work in his office. He
            Star Duran                                                                 Chronicle Editor                             provides the orthodontist care,
                                                            Most people agree that going to         while the other specialists include
            Chair - Trash Committee                                                    the dentist is anything but fun.
                Residents of the King Farm Community continue to voice                                                              a maxillofacial oral surgery group,
                                                                                       How many times have you, or some-            and a periondontist, who works on
            concerns about trash and recycle collections in the development. As        one you know, put off that cleaning
            many of you know, the King Farm Civic Association's Refuse                                                              gum problems.
                                                                                       or root canal? Well there’s a new                 In essence, he says the office
            Committee has been working with the City of Rockville’s Director of        dentist in King Farm who wants to
            Public Works, Hal Cranor, to address this topic. Specifically, the                                                      can provide almost all the care a
                                                                                       change those perceptions so that             patient might need for their neck
            Committee has concentrated on the locations from which trash and           people don’t postpone or fear
            recyclable materials are to be picked up by the City’s trucks as well                                                   up, including cosmetic surgery.
                                                                                       needed dental work.                               Pinsky has practiced dentistry
            as the safety of the residents. There is nothing new to report since            In August, Dr. David Pinsky
            our last meeting with Mr. Cranor. However, additional meetings are                                                      for 18 years, and most recently
                                                                                       opened the State of the Art Dental           operated the Flower Hill Family
            planned, along with a study of alternative trash services (non-City        Group on Pleasant Drive in the
            provided).                                                                                                              Dentistry office in Gaithersburg.
                                                                                       Village Center. And like the ad-             He brings with him over 8,000
                For more information on the City of Rockville’s services, you can      dress, Dr. Pinsky says the goal of
            visit their web site at For specific informa-                                                   patients and says he re-located to
                                                                                       his office is to make visiting the           the “beautiful” King Farm area
            tion regarding the Refuse and Recycling Collection Services, select        dentist a pleasant, not painful,
            City Services, then Public Works (select Refuse Guide for informa-                                                      because “it distinguishes itself from
                                                                                       experience.                                  others.” His associate, Dr. John
            tion regarding the City’s collection services). If you would like to            One major difference is the size
            receive a printed copy of the booklet entitled “Refuse and Recycling                                                    Kim, joins him in the King Farm
                                                                                       of the office; there’s just a lot of         office, along with 15 other employ-
            Collection Services,” you may call the Refuse Division at 301-309-         room: a total of 3,700 square feet
            3094 to request one. You may also pick up a copy of the booklet at                                                      ees who speak a total of four lan-
                                                                                       in eight rooms.                              guages: English, Spanish, Portu-
            Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Avenue.                                       In the waiting room, where              guese, and Korean. The office is
                                                                                       there are toys and books in a                open six days a week, including
                                                                                       children’s play area. In treatment           some evenings, again for conve-
       Tree Replacement and Care Update                                                rooms, flat screen monitors and              nience.
                                                                                       headphones sit next to patient                    Dr. Pinsky works hard to make
            The developer of King Farm          street or alley trees.                 chairs so you can check your email           sure he has all the latest “tools of
       has announced that ongoing tree              According to the developer, dif-   or watch a DVD movie while your              the trade.” For example, he uses a
       replacement and planting project         ferent species have varying water      dental work is being done.                   computer to help him dispense
       for sections 1A and B will be com-       requirements, and in some cases             More importantly, if it turns           novocaine, takes “panoramic” x-
       plete by December of this year.          good intentions may lead to            out that you need additional medi-           rays which show more of the mouth,
            A contractor is working to iden-    overwatering. The contractor is        cal care, like gum surgery or braces,        and uses the latest tooth sealants
       tify those trees which need replace-     required to water trees on streets     you won’t be referred to another             and laser whitening processes.
       ment, and is planting new ones           and alleys, and monitors rainfall to   office. Dr. Pinsky wants his pa-                  Pinsky says simply, “we want
       according to thelandscaping plan.        make sure trees get the amount of      tients to “take advantage of one             to offer the best care that we can.”
       Residents are asked not to water         water they need.                       location,” and allows other spe-

King Farm Chronicle 07-09       9                                                                    9/18/2001, 3:54 PM
       10        The Chronicle                                             King Farm Chronicle                                              September/October, 2001

                                                                                             In the Chronicle

                                                                                             Rockville City News
                                                                                                                                   including Rockville, have provided
                                                                                           Rockville                               detailed information for homeown-
                                                                                                                                   ers desiring to design and build

                                                                                           Stacks the                              decks, Rockville staff is unaware of
                                                                                                                                   any other governmental entity that
                                                                                                                                   provides complete code-compliant

                                                                                           Decks for                               deck plans. Rockville already is
                                                                                                                                   among the most efficient issuers of
                                                                                                                                   permits for decks, usually giving
                                                                                           Residents,                              approval in about five to seven
                                                                                                                                   days after normal review of plans
                                                                                                                                   submitted. By using the plans
                                                                          Photo by Burke   Making Building                         Rockville had drawn by a design
       The Pool Closes                                                                     Permits Easier to Obtain                professional, an applicant saves
            The King Farm pool closed for the swim season on Labor Day. Community                                                  design costs and time. The plans
                                                                                               In August, Rockville may have
       Manager Ted Wessel says a contract for the next pool season has not been signed                                             provided include several stair and
       yet, but he was happy with U.S. Aquatics, the company that managed and guarded      become the most homeowner-
                                                                                                                                   rail options, as well as options for
       the pool this year.                                                                 friendly jurisdiction in suburban
                                                                                                                                   footing and ledger detail. When the
                                                                                           Washington when it comes to deck
                                                                                                                                   plans are submitted with a Resi-
                                                                                           building as the City implemented a
                                                                                                                                   dential Building Permit applica-
       Briefs                                                                              new program that enables home-
                                                                                                                                   tion, and a property survey, the
       Continued from Page 7
                                                                                           owners and contractors to gain
                                                                                                                                   applicants are eligible for immedi-
                                                                                           immediate approval for residential
                                                                                                                                   ate plan approval.
       the better it will grow in next spring.                                             deck permits
                                                                                                                                        "This truly is a great service for
       As the Chronicle goes to press                                                          City officials are now providing
                                                                                                                                   Rockville homeowners," said Art
       there was no formal grand opening                                                   composite plans for 10-foot x 12-
                                                                                                                                   Chambers, the City's Director of
       planned, but Daus predicted the                                                     foot and 12-foot x 16-foot wood
                                                                                                                                   Community Planning and Devel-
       Park would open sometime this                                                       decks. If homeowners or contrac-
                                                                                                                                   opment. "Homeowners know they
       fall. He says the construction                                                      tors building residential decks elect
                                                                                                                                   are getting a reliable set of plans,
       schedule was pushed back a few                                                      to use either of these plans, they
                                                                                                                                   and they know they can start work-
       days in August because of rainy                                                     will be able to immediately obtain
                                                                                                                                   ing on their projects immediately.
       weather that left the ground too                                                    permits "over-the-counter."
                                                    This sidewalk leads to the City’s
       wet to work.                              new 12 acre park in King Farm.                Although many jurisdictions,        Continued on Page 13

                                                                                                        Opening Soon at King Farm

King Farm Chronicle 10-13        10                                                                     9/18/2001, 3:55 PM
       September/October, 2001                                               King Farm Chronicle                                                          The Chronicle        11

                                                                                               King Farm Village Center News

                                                                                               The Shopping Scene

                                                                                             Fontina Grille Opens
                                                                                                 As the Chronicle goes to press, Fontina Grille owners Dominick and
                                                                                             Carrie D’Antona were preparing to launch their new restaurant on
                                                                                             Pleasant Drive in King Farm. They also own the critically acclaimed Café
                                                                                             Mileto in Germantown.
                                                                                                 Fontina Grille features wood fired pizzas, fresh fish and chops,
                                                                                             gourmet pastas, and salads and sandwiches. The granite bar will divide
                                                                                             the two dining areas. To the left, a full service carry out counter will serve
                                                                                             everything from pizza and gelato, to filet mignon and cappuccino. To the
                                                                                             right, the casual but elegant dining area can seat about 125 people, with
                                                                                             a back room for private parties and corporate events. Fontina Grille will
                                                                                             also offer private and corporate catering, with a variety of options to suit
                                                                                             your budgetary needs. The D’Antonas have been Montgomery County
                                                                                             residents for many years and feel King Farm is “just right” for their new

                                                                            Photo by Burke
             A customer enjoys a pedicure at the Elaj Aveda Day Spa.

       Elaj Aveda Day Spa
           In August, Elaj Aveda Day Spa          cialty services, the spa is custom-
       opened its King Farm doors on              ized with individual rooms, and, of
       Pleasant Drive. It’s the second spa        course, it features a terrific selec-
       for co-owner Jeannete Nicholson,           tion of Aveda products.
       who also operates the Mind and                 Nicholson says Elaj Aveda is
       Body Day Spa in Kentlands.                 the only full Aveda spa in the coun-
           Inside Elaj Aveda, King Farm           try. The name she says is Hindu:
       customers will find an array of            “elaj” for treatment, wellness and
       services from the traditional              cure; and “aveda” for the art and
       maniure, pedicure, facial, and             science of plant and flower es-
       massage, to laser hair removal and         sences.
       endermologie (celluite reduction),             And she is very excited to be
       among other services like Aveda’s          part of the King Farm community
       signature treatments. And if you           because of its location and con-
       are interested in a manicure or            cept. “I like the layout of the center                                                                     Photos Courtesy Safeway
       pedicure, Nicholson says the spa           with its town feeling and the fact
       features “state of the art steriliza-      that neighbors can walk to it,” said
                                                                                               And the Winner is…
                                                                                                   In June, a King Farm couple became the proud owners of a new Jeep Cherokee
       tion packs for the protection of the       Nicholson. The spa employs 16                thanks to the generosity of Safeway Grocers. David and Danielle Goldberg drove
       client and the staff.” For its spe-        people and is open 7 days a week.            away in the new car after their name was drawn in a raffle at the King Farm store.
                                                                                               Talk about having the luck of the draw.

King Farm Chronicle 10-13       11                                                                         9/18/2001, 3:55 PM
       12        The Chronicle                                            King Farm Chronicle                        September/October, 2001

                                                 mary function is to investigate and
       Manager’s Corner                          render judgments on alleged viola-
       Continued from Page 5                     tions of Community Codes and to
                                                 resolve disputes involving Com-
                                                 munity Codes.
            residency to the Assembly. The
       primary purpose of the Assembly
                                                     COMMUNITY MANAGER is
       is to own and operate the Commu-
                                                 appointed the Assembly President.
       nity Property owned or in the cus-
                                                 The Community Manages is re-
       tody of the Assembly, and provide
                                                 sponsible for administering and
       services for the benefit of the Citi-
                                                 supervising the day-to-day affairs                                            301-977-1514
       zens and Titleholders. The affairs
       of the Assembly are governed and
                                                 of the Assembly for which the As-                                            
                                                 sembly President has oversight
       administered through a governing
                                                 responsibilities. Legum & Norman,
       structure consisting of a Board of
                                                 Inc. is the Management Agent/
       Trustees (or Board), a President,
                                                 Community Manager and desig-
       an Architectural Design Trust and
                                                 nated me as the on-site liaison.
       a Board of Code Compliance.
            The Developer appointed the
                                                     CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIA-
       five-member Board. The Citizens
                                                 TIONS are the governing body for
       will elect one Citizen to replace a
                                                 the condominium living units. The
       Developer appointee when 900 liv-
                                                 primary purpose of the Condo-
       ing units are initially occupied (elec-
                                                 minium Association is to own and
       tion is scheduled for September
                                                 operate the Community Property
       20, 2001), will elect an additional
                                                 owned or in the custody of the
       Citizen to replace an additional
                                                 Condominium Association. The
       Developer appointee when 1,800
                                                 Condominium Associations have
       living units are initially occupied,
                                                 their own Governing Documents.
       and will elect a majority of the
                                                 Condominium Titleholders and
       Board members when 2,700 living
                                                 Citizens are members of, and pay
       units are initially occupied.
                                                 fees to, the their Condominium
            The Assembly President is
                                                 Association and to the King Farm
       charged with the responsibility of
                                                 Citizens Assembly and King Farm
       overseeing the day-to-day affairs
       of the Assembly. Until 2,700 living
       units are initially occupied the
                                                      KING FARM CONSERVANCY
       Developer has the right to appoint
                                                 (or Conservancy) is the governing
       the President. The President ap-
                                                 body for the common areas and
       points the Community Manager,
                                                 services, which benefit the resi-
       the Community Architect, the Com-
                                                 dential neighborhood, the commer-
       munity Attorney, members of the
                                                 cial (office) neighborhood and the
       Board of Code Compliance, mem-
                                                 retail neighborhood. The Titlehold-
       bers of the King Farm Architec-
                                                 ers in each of the neighborhoods
       tural Design Trust, and members
                                                 pay assessment fees to the Con-
       of special committees. The Board
                                                 servancy. The Titleholders and Citi-
       must concur in all appointments
                                                 zens of residential lots do not pay
                                                 fees for the maintenance and op-
                                                 eration of the retail and commer-
       TURAL DESIGN TRUST (or Archi-
                                                 cial lots, or for common areas which
       tectural Design Trust) is a four
                                                 benefit only the retail and com-
       member regulatory body appointed
                                                 mercial Titleholders.
       by the Assembly President. The
       purpose of the Architectural De-
                                                      KING FARM CIVIC ASSOCIA-
       sign Trust is aid the Community
                                                 TION (or Civic Association) is an
       Architect in maintaining the visual
                                                 organization formed by King Farm
       integrity of the Community and to
                                                 residents to serve as an interface
       consider certain applications by
                                                 with outside groups and to ad-
       Titleholders for making design or
                                                 dress community concerns. Such
       visual changes to exteriors of the
                                                 organizations include, but are not
       lots and upon the improvements
                                                 limited to, the United States Postal
       located thereon.
                                                 Service, Verizon, Comcast, and the
                                                 City of Rockville. Every resident of
                                                 King Farm is, by definition, a mem-
       appointed by the President. The
                                                 ber of the Civic Association; only
       Community Architect reviews all
                                                 dues-paying members are permit-
       applications for new construction
       of living units, and issues approval      ted to vote. Membership in the
       or disapproval. The Community             Civic Association is completely vol-
       Architect reviews all Titleholder         untary. The Civic Association com-
       applications to make visual               piles and publishes a resident di-
       changes to the exteriors of their         rectory. The Civic Association has
       lots or improvements thereon. De-         a variety of committees, staffed by
       pending onl the type of change            volunteers, which focus on issues
       requested, the Community Archi-           of interest to the residents of King
       tect would approve, approve with          Farm.
       modifications, disapprove or for-              The above is a brief summary;
       ward to the Architectural Design          the detailed descriptions are in the
       Trust.                                    Governing Documents you received
                                                 at settlement. If you want to know
           BOARD OF CODE COMPLI-                 more you can contact me at 301-
       ANCE is a six-member board ap-            987-0122 or by email at
       pointed by the President. Its pri-

King Farm Chronicle 10-13        12                                                             9/18/2001, 3:55 PM
       September/October, 2001                                             King Farm Chronicle                        The Chronicle   13

                                                ister, 301-309-3115.
       Continued from Page 10                   Mediation Training
                                                    The Rockville Community Me-
       In terms of code compliance, this is     diation Program, with the Rockville
       a significant help to our field in-      Human Rights Commission, will
       spectors because they will be very       sponsor a 40-hour mediation train-
       familiar with the plans. And the         ing from October 24 to 28 from 9
       program will help assure home-           a.m. to 5 p.m. This training, open
       owners that their deck construc-         to City of Rockville citizens only,
       tion is being done correctly, and        qualifies participants to act as vol-
       safely."                                 unteer mediators for the City. Dur-
            As with any project of this type,   ing this highly interactive, experi-
       the progress of the deck building        ential training, citizens will learn
       will be subject to incremental in-       reflective listening, ways to deal
       spections to ensure the plans are        with conflict, collaborative conflict
       being followed as designed.              resolution tools and other skills to
            Assistance on deck building is      enrich your professional and per-
       available at Rockville City Hall,        sonal life. For more information,
       Monday through Friday, from 8:30         call 301-309-3308.
       a.m. to 5 p.m., or by calling (301)
            (Editor’s Note: King Farm resi-
                                                2001 Election Reminder
       dents must gain prior approval from          The 2001 Rockville Mayor and
       the Community Architect before           Council election will take place on
       making exterior changes to their         Tuesday, November 6. Please take
       property as well.)                       note that some polling places have
                                                changed since the 1999 election.
                                                More information about these
                                                changes and the upcoming elec-
       F. Scott Fitzgerald                      tion will be available in future is-
       Literary Conference                      sues of Rockville Reports, on The
            Join the City of Rockville at the   Rockville Channel, and on the City's
       Sixth Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald         Web site at
       Literary Conference on Saturday,         Call 301-309-3310 for more infor-
       September 22. Ernest J. Gaines,          mation.
       author of The Autobiography of
       Miss Jane Pittman, A Lesson Be-          Glenview Mansion
       fore Dying, and A Gathering of Old
       Men, will receive the annual F.
                                                Needs You
       Scott Fitzgerald Literary Award.             Glenview Mansion opens its
       Other highlights include panel dis-      doors for all to see the holiday
       cussions, a screening of A Lesson        decorations beginning the first
       Before Dying and remarks by              Sunday in December and is look-
       Gaines. Other activities scheduled       ing for groups or organizations in-
       are a premiere screening of the          terested in decorating a space. Help
       2000 BBC documentary Midnight            celebrate the holiday season by
       at Manhattan and workshops on            helping out. The Glenview Man-
       fiction, children's literature, po-      sion also is looking for volunteers
       etry, playwriting, and screen-writ-      to act as greeters during the day,
       ing. For more information, call 301-     Monday through Friday. Hours
       309-9461.                                would vary depending on events
                                                scheduled. For more information,
                                                call 301-309-3001.
       "Bearly" Used
       Flea Market                              Rockville Residents Rate
            On Saturday, September 22,          Life in the City as Excellent
       2001, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., the
                                                     Almost a third of Rockville resi-
       Twinbrook Community Recreation
                                                dents surveyed felt their life in the
       Center will be conducting its
                                                city was "excellent" while 62 per-
       "Bearly" Used Sale-Children's Flea
                                                cent rated their quality of life as
       Market featuring gently used child-
                                                "good." That's just a portion of the
       related items. Admission is free,
                                                information gathered by Rockville's
       and the event will take place rain
                                                Citizen Survey and unveiled to the
       or shine. Sellers also are needed.
                                                Mayor and Council. "The City fared
       For a fee of $10, sellers receive an
                                                extremely well in the survey," said
       8' x 8' space with two chairs. Tables
                                                Mark Pentz, Rockville's City Man-
       are available for an additional $5
       and must be reserved at time of
                                                     "Not only were residents
       registration. The deadline for pre-
                                                pleased with the quality of life in
       registration is September 20. For
                                                Rockville, but overall they were
       more information, call 301-315-
                                                very satisfied with the quality of
                                                services that the City provides."
                                                The survey, which was created by
       Off-Leash Testing                        the National Research Center Inc.
           The City's Neighborhood Ser-         of Boulder, Colo., provided an op-
       vices Division of Animal Control         portunity for a representative
       will conduct its Off-Leash Testing       sample of residents to rate their
       on Saturday, September 22, 2001,         satisfaction with the quality of life
       at 10 a.m., in the Middle Lane           in the city, the community's ameni-
       parking lot. Call in advance to reg-     ties, and with local government.

King Farm Chronicle 10-13      13                                                                9/18/2001, 3:55 PM
       14        The Chronicle                                         King Farm Chronicle                                            September/October, 2001

                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Burke
                                                                                                                                 Bus driver Charlie Hewitt works the
                                                                                                                             12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. shuttle shift.

                                                                                                                             Shuttle Bus
                                                                                                                             Continued from Page 3

                                                                                                                             gestion for improving the shuttle
                                                                                                                             would be to extend the hours so
                                                                                                                             that the service is available earlier
                                                                                                                             in the day and later at night.
                                                                                                                                 The bus provides continuous
                                                                                     web sites, it’s his business. Now       loop service through King Farm
       Web Site                                   Other improvements include
                                              individual areas for the Commu-        his company, Sprintbare, is pre-        from the Shady Grove Metro Sta-
       Continued from Page 1                  nity Manager, Village Center, and      paring      to     revamp         the   tion, five days a week, to make
                                              Transit Services. There are also site to better         getting to your destination more
       says he wanted to make                 links to local government resources    market the King Farm community          convenient. Service is Monday-Fri- a more valuable       such as the City of Rockville, Mont-   and its builders.                       day. The first shuttle bus leaves
       resource for residents because he      gomery County, and State of Mary-          “You can get in trouble if you      the Metro at 6:30 a.m. and the last
       was frustrated as a new home-          land.                                  think of web sites as just electronic   bus ends at the Shady Grove Metro
       owner trying to find answers to his        “It is an important tool for all   documents” says Tresp, “ it is im-      at 7:30 p.m. Service breaks occur
       questions.                             the homeowners because this is a       portant to keep them living, or         from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and
           A key change is providing in-      complicated community; the web                                                 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily.
                                                                                     updated, with information.”
       formation about the King Farm          site needs to explain the services                                             With the bus that leaves the
       Citizen’s Assembly and the King        and what King Farm is all about,”                                              Irvington Centre at 3:00 p.m., the
                                                                                        (Editors Note: You can find out      driver reverses the route through
       Farm Civic Association in one place,   said Developer Ole Kollevol, who
                                              supervised the web site’s transfor-    more about Brian Tresp’s company        King Farm until closing.
       with detailed explanations fo what
                                              mation.                                by visiting his web site at                 Residents can download a copy
       each group does for the
                                                  Tresp is no novice at designing                    of the bus route by visiting the
                                                                                                                             King     Farm      web    site     at
                                                                                                                   , click on the
                                                                                                                             queue for “transit services.”

               ADVERTISE WITH US!                                                                                            Candidates
                                                                                                                             Continued from Page 6
                 Reach thousands of King Farm resi-                   from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a special
              dents by advertising in the Chronicle’s                 evening with our Village Center retail-                    That single family owners,
              Business and Professional Services Di-                  ers.                                                   townhouse owners, condo owners,
                                                                                                                             and apt. dwellers feel equal as resi-
              rectory. For more information, contact                                                                         dents of King Farm.
              Sonya Burke at 301.963.0678.                            KING FARM                                                  I have served as an officer and
                                                                      ELECTION                                               member of the Board of the
              THE CHRONICLE                                              Don’t forget to vote on Thursday,                   Internat. Soc. Of Aquatic Medicine
                The deadline for contributing articles                                                                       and President of the Athletic Com-
                                                                      September 20th at the King Farm                        mittee of the J.C.C., am currently
              and photos for our November issue is                    Citizen’s Assembly Board of Trustees                   Chief of Neurosurg. at Doctors
              Tuesday, October 30th.                                  meeting.                                               Hospital in Lanham, Maryland.
                                                                                                                                 I have widespread interests in
              MEET KING FARM’S                                        WE’RE ON THE WEB                                       photography, athletics (running,
                                                                                                                             tennis, swimming), music, and lit-
              MERCHANTS!                                                  Visit and find out                erature.
                 Residents are invited to the Commu-                  everything you wanted to know about                        I think I have much to contrib-
              nity Center on Tuesday, September 25th,                 life in King Farm.                                     ute to the Board of Trustees.”—
                                                                                                                             ARTHUR LITOFSKY

King Farm Chronicle 14-16        14                                                               9/18/2001, 3:56 PM
       September/October, 2001                                           King Farm Chronicle                                               The Chronicle   15

       Swim Team Finishes
       Second Season in Style
       By Deann O’Brien                       Farm’s swim team is going to be
       Chronicle Writer                       unbeatable.
            What do you think of when you          The past two seasons have been
       hear of the “Screamin’ Geese?” The     action-packed for the swimmers
       King Farm Swim Team!                   because of their devoted parents
            The team just finished its sec-   who helped coordinate some of the
       ond swim season as part of the         following activities: bowling, Fri-
       Montgomery County Swim League          day breakfasts, McDonalds after
       (MCSL) mentoring program, which        Wednesday night meets, movies,
       helps new teams get started. Within    raft nights, putt-putt, spirit activi-
       a year, the Screamin’ Geese has        ties, bike riding, banquet night,
       almost doubled in size, and next       and culminating with a day at Kings
       season the team hopes to have          Dominion.
       enough swimmers to be part of the           The team wants to extend an
       regular MCSL. For those keeping        invitation to the entire pool mem-
       track, the Screamin’ Geese started                                                                           Screamin’ Geese 2001
                                              bership to come by next summer
       it’s 2000 season with 18 swim-         and cheer for our kids at our home
       mers. In 2001, there were 35 kids      swim meets. For the first time, we
       on the team.                           will have the equipment needed to
            The coaches and swimmers          host swim meets at the King Farm
       have worked hard, with the help of     pool.On behalf of the “Screamin’
       the parents, to make the last two      Geese” and swim team parents, we
       seasons fun and successful. The        wish to express our sincere grati-
       team was lead by head coach Philip     tude to Ole Kollevoll and Mark
       Steblin, and because it doubled in     Gregg for their generosity. Without
       size this year, assistant coach,       their support, the swim team would
       Jaime Bigio was a great addition. A    not have been possible.
       Pre-Team was added this year, and           If you want more information
       now we have some promising up          about joining the swim team or
       and comers. With them and our          volunteering, contact Deann
       already talented swimmers, King        O’Brien at 301.977.9679.

                                                                                                                    Screamin’ Geese 2000

                                                                                       Need Swim Team information? Call 301.977.9679

King Farm Chronicle 14-16    15                                                                9/18/2001, 3:56 PM
       16        The Chronicle        King Farm Chronicle                         September/October, 2001

                                                            Meet the
                                                         September 25th
                                                             6-8 pm
                                                           King Farm
                                                        Community Center

King Farm Chronicle 14-16        16                          9/18/2001, 3:56 PM

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