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									                                                                 May 27-28, 2009
                                                                 Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

                                                                 27-28 Mai 2009
                                                                 Sofitel München
                                                                 Bayerpost, München

6th Annual
Trade & Supply Chain
Finance Solutions Conference

6. Jahreskonferenz für Trade &
Supply Chain Finance Solutions
               English/German           Englisch/Deutsche
                  simultaneous             Simultanübersetzung

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             6th Annual Trade & Supply Chain Solutions Conference

Day One: Wednesday May 27, 2009
                                                                             12.15   Legislative panel: Pulling out all the stops to ensure ‘business
08.00   Registration
                                                                                     as usual’
08.50   Opening address from Day One chairman:                                       Moderator: Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development,
        Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development, Treasury                        Treasury Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon
        Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon                                   Karl Mayrl, Head, Documentary Credits and Guarantees, Erste
Economic Outlook for Global Trade                                                    Group Bank
                                                                                     Rudolf Putz, Head of the Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP), EBRD
09.00   Keynote speech: Economic outlook for global trade                            Allesandro Tappi, Head of Guarantees, European Investment Fund
        Norbert Walter, Chief Economist, DB Research, Deutsche Bank                  • Reviewing the new initiatives: working capital scheme/loan
        • Impact of global downturn on trade flows                                       guarantee
        • Restrictions on credit and higher cost of financing: how will              • Why do governments need to enter the primary lending
           manufacturers stay competitive?                                               space?
        • Sacrificing quantity for quality: what will this rationing mean            • Investigating EU-led policies to provide SME support to
           for the marketplace?                                                          unblock credit
        • Renewed calls for more regulation after the bail-out: is this              • How will DFI and IFI intervention affect the market’s appetite
           effective in the long run?                                                    for risk?
        • Threat of rising protectionism
                                                                             13.00   Networking lunch
09.30   Liquidity part I: Credit and funding in a contracting economy
        Moderator: Daniel Schmand, Head of Trade Finance EMEA,
        Deutsche Bank                                                        Credit & Transactional Risk Mitigation
        Nabil Abdul-Massih, Portfolio Manager, Ancile Fund, Inoks Capital    14.30   Overcoming the compromises of globalisation
        Uwe Falk, Group Cash Manager & Supplier Finance Project                      Daniel Corsten, Professor, IE Business School
        Manager, Knorr-Bremse Group                                                  • From Trade Finance to Collaborative Finance
        Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger, President, Fimbank                              • Encouraging suppliers and customers on-board
        Nils Rademacher, ED & Department Head, Liquidity and Funding                 • Setting the right financial incentives
        Management, LBBW                                                             • Overcoming fear of moral hazard and instilling trust
        • Impact of the credit crunch on supply chain finance (SCF):                 • Case studies supplier finance in Eastern Europe
            How have corporates managed to weather the storm?                15.00   The resurgence of ECAs: Everyone’s best friend in a crisis?
        • Market disruption and cost of funding for lenders                          Moderator: Matthias Krönung, Head of Global Trade
        • What is the best definition of working capital – and can we                Management, UniCredit Group
            agree on an optimum level within a recession?                            Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Department, Economic Research,
        • How resilient are banks’ risk appetite in times of tight                   Euler Hermes
            liquidity?                                                               Gerhard Kinzelberger, Associate Director, OEKB
        • The effect of government initiatives on access to credit: has it           Ahmet Kiliçoğlu, General Manager, Turk Eximbank
            worked?                                                                  Miroslav Somol, Deputy Managing Director, Egap Export
        • Effect of Basel II on ratings and capacity of credit arbitrage             Guarantee and Insurance Corporation
        • Outlook for the short-to-medium term                                       Elisabeth Sutter-Becska, VP, Head of Global Export Finance,
10.15   Liquidity part II: Transparency through technology: Unlocking                Raiffeisen Zentralbank
        value from the supply chain                                                  Csaba Simon, Sales Director, Mehib Hungarian Export Credit
        Moderator: Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development,                      Insurance
        Treasury Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon                          • Alternative sources of debt and leverage in emerging markets
        Matthias Krönung, Head of Global Trade Management,                           • New mandates for guaranteeing trade
        UniCredit Group                                                              • Managing trade receivables risk
        Alexander Mutter, Head of Trade Finance & Supply Chain                       • Trade facilitation programmes
        Solutions, Deutsche Bank                                                     • Impact of the credit crunch on type of transactions and claims
         Hans-Jürgen Wagner, Head of Treasury, Thales Deutschland                        faced
        • Local vs foreign banks: which are better transaction partners      15.45   Networking break
           in a downturn?                                                    16.15   Mitigating risk from the supply chain: Evaluating the solutions
        • Who has control of the liquidity management matrix: how can                on offer
           it be best managed?
        • Emphasis on developing a holistic solution to TF: achievable               Moderator: Robert Nijhout, Executive Director, International
           goal or unattainable aims?                                                Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA)
        • Practical solutions for driving out risk to reduce costs to                Peter Ingenlath, Chief Risk Officer & Vice-Chairman of the
           improve WC ratios                                                         Management Board, Atradius
        • Converging documentary trade finance with open account                     David Maule, Director, Political, Projects and Credit Risk, Arthur J
           finance                                                                   Gallagher
        • Assessing the latest techniques to efficient order-to-cash cycle           Elmar Schieder, Head, Financial Risk, Trade Credit & Surety,
           management                                                                Munich Re
                                                                                     • How effective are current offerings in mitigating risk:
11.00   Networking break                                                                shipment/currency/operational/transactional risk?
                                                                                     • What is the present risk appetite like and how is it being
Collaborative Strategies for Growth                                                     shared between banks and other providers?
11.30   Corporate case study: Evolving SCF models – the ultimate                     • What risks should corporates be left with?
        weapon in a financial crisis                                                 • How are market innovations such as risk swap options and
        • Implementing supplier finance programmes to reduce costs                      CDS faring in the new environment?
           and increase loyalty                                                      • How will the market pan out in 2009 and beyond?
        • Working capital: What’s the right level?                           17.00      Chairman’s concluding remarks
        • Optimising an universal model of cash conversion cycle
                                                                             17.15      End of Day One and drinks reception hosted by The Bank of
        Diego de la Viña, Assistant Director of Corporate Finance,
                                                                                        New York Mellon
        May 27-28, 2009, Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Munich, Germany

Day Two: Thursday May 28, 2009
                                                                             12.00   SCF in action: A case study by Knorr Bremse
08.30    Registration
                                                                                     Uwe Falk, Group Cash Manager & Supplier Finance Project
09.00    Opening address from Day Two chairman:                                      Manager, Knorr-Bremse Group
         Axel-Peter Ohse, Head of Trade Finance Germany, Deutsche                    • Collaboration through open systems: tearing down
         Bank                                                                           departmental silos and integrating with liquidity providers
09.10    Emerging markets panel: How are the Bric economies coping                   • Challenges of initiating payment triggers: legal authorisation,
         with the global downturn?                                                      accounting issues
         Moderator: Alexander Malaket, President, OPUS Advisory                      • Implementing supplier finance programmes to reduce costs
         Services International                                                         and increase loyalty
         Michael Sobl, Structured Finance, Executive Director, West LB               • Outsourcing the low value processes to payment factories
         Richard Hainsworth, General Director, Rusrating                             • Building in a buffer, what is most appropriate and who will
         • Understanding the local financial infrastructure and credit                  fund it?
            environment in the emerging markets                              12.30      Networking lunch
         • The implications of global slowdown
         • Controlling the supply chain from importer to exporter and at
            all points in between                                            What’s Next for the Financial Supply Chain Model?
         • Regional trade facilitation reform and infrastructure
                                                                             14.00   Panel discussion: Swift TSU – where’s the money?
                                                                                     Moderator: David Hennah, Senior Product Manager, Supply Chain
                                                                                     Solutions, Markets Division, Swift
Cash & Treasury Management                                                           Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development, Treasury
10.00    Cash and trade convergence: Are we there yet?                               Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon
         Carmen Crutchfield, VP, Pre-Sales & Marketing, S1 Enterprise                Frank Bothe, Head of Trade Finance Product Management,
         International                                                               Deutsche Bank
         • Debunking the myth that the method of payment greatly                     Irene Desiree Baswanth, National Head Trade Services,
             affects the cash conversion cycle                                       Transactional Products and Services Corporate and Investment
         • Evaluating how can banks bridge the gap between operational               Banking, South Africa Standard Bank
             and financial data flows to complete the ‘procure – perform –           Wolfgang Friedinger, Head of Trade Product & Services,
             pay cycle’                                                              UniCredit Group
         • Improving the decision-making process around cashflow and                 • How relevant is the TSU in today’s uncertain market
             risk management, to increase overall revenue and retention                  conditions?
         • Real world case study to demonstrate best practice                        • How can the TSU help banks address the gaps in open
                                                                                         account financing?
10.30    Networking break                                                            • How valuable is the bank payment obligation?
11.00    Value of integrated treasury thinking                                       • How does the customer benefit?
         Michael Burkie, Head of Corporate Business Development,                     • Challenges and opportunities
         Treasury Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon                 14.45   Supplier finance: The next wave of cost improvement
         • The strategic role of treasurer: extending beyond cash                    Enrico Camerinelli, Consultant, Celent
            management                                                               • Also known as ‘working capital finance’
         • Simplifying system environments for efficient data collection/            • Supplier finance explained
            processing                                                               • Benefits of more articulated supplier finance programmes
         • Total treasury solutions: removing road-blocks                            • Innovations in trade finance, best practices in supplier
         • ERP integration                                                              payment terms, and invoice automation
         • Trend toward multi-bank connectivity for trade services                   • How to incorporate the core elements into your financial
         • Avoiding a reactive approach to operational and credit risk                  supply chain
         • Improved connectivity helping address financial and                       • Best practice examples
            operational risks
         • Holistic approach to settlement risk and currency hedging         15.15   Chairman’s closing remarks and end of conference

11.30    Harnessing the power of multi-banking in trade finance
         Arthur Vonchek, CEO, Bolero International
         • Solving complexity and administrative overheads
         • Benefits to corporate treasury and operations
         • The importance of bank participation
         • The risks and rewards for banks
         • Reaping the rewards of trade finance collaboration
        6. Jahreskonferenz für Trade & Supply Chain Finance Solutions

1. Tag: Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009                                                Zusammenarbeitsstrategien für Wachstum
08.00   Anmeldung                                                             11.30   Unternehmensfallstudie: Entwicklung von SCF-Modellen – die
                                                                                      ultimative Waffe in einer Finanzkrise
08.50   Eröffnungsrede des Vorsitzenden für den erstes Tages:                         Diego de la Viña, Assistant Director of Corporate Finance, Abengoa
        Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development, Treasury Services
        EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon                                     12.15   Legislative Podiumgruppe: Es werden alle Register gezogen, um
                                                                                      ‘business as usual’ zu gewährleisten.
                                                                                      Moderator: Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development, Treasury
Wirtschaftliche Aussichten für den globalen Handel                                    Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon
09.00   Grundsatzreferat: Wirtschaftliche Aussichten für den globalen                 Karl Mayrl, Head, Documentary Credits and Guarantees, Erste
        Handel                                                                        Group Bank
        Norbert Walter, führender Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, DB Forschung,           Rudolf Putz, Leiter des Handelsförderungsprogramms (TFP), EBRD
        Deutsche Bank                                                                 Allesandro Tappi, Head of Guarantees, European Investment Fund
        • Auswirkung des globalen Konjunkturabschwungs auf die                        Leitender Vertreter, KfW (Mittelstandsbank
           Handelsströme                                                              • Betrachtung der neuen Initiativen: Betriebskapitalprogramm /
        • Kreditbeschränkungen und höhere Finanzierungskosten: Wie wird                   Anleihegarantie
           es Herstellern gelingen, wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben?                      • Warum müssen Regierungen im Primärkreditsektor aktiv werden?
        • Qualität für Quantität opfern: Was werden diese                             • Untersuchung der von der EU instigierten Strategien, SME-
           Rationierungsmaßnahmen für den Markt bedeuten?                                 Unterstützung zu bieten, um Kredite freizusetzen
        • Erneute Forderungen für erhöhte Regulierung nach dem Bailout:               • Wie werden sich die DFI- und IFI-Interventionen auf die
           Wäre diese auf lange Sicht effektiv?                                           Risikobereitschaft des Marktes auswirken?
        • Gefahr von verstärktem Handelsprotektionismus                       13.00   Networking-Lunch
09.30   Liquidität - Teil I: Kredit und Finanzierung in einer schrumpfenden
        Wirtschaft                                                            Kredit- & Transaktionsrisikominderung
        Moderator: Daniel Schmand, Head of Trade Finance EMEA, Deutsche       14.30   Überwindung der Kompromisse der Globalisierung
        Bank                                                                          Daniel Corsten, Professor, IE Business School
        Nabil Abdul-Massih, Portfolio-Manager, Ancile Fund, Inoks Capital             • Ausrichtung der globalen Versorgungsketten mit der Marktdynamik
        Uwe Falk, Group Cash Manager & Supplier Finance Project Manager,              • Management von Sicherheitsrisiken durch effektiven Einsatz von
        Knorr-Bremse Group                                                               RFID
        Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger, Präsident, Fimbank                               • Erhaltbarkeit von Versorgungsketten: Aus Umwelt- und
        Nils Rademacher, Leiter des Liquiditäts- und Treasury-                           Gesellschaftsperspektive
        Refinanzierungsteams, LBBW                                            15.00   Erneute Beliebtheit von ECA: Die besten Freunde in einer Krise?
        • Auswirkung der Kreditverknappung auf Supply Chain Finance                   Moderator: Matthias Krönung, Head of Global Trade Management,
            (SCF): Wie ist es den Unternehmen gelungen, sie zu überstehen?            UniCredit Group
        • Störungen im Market und Finanzierungskosten für Kreditgeber                 Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Department, Economic Research, Euler
        • Was ist die beste Definition für Betriebskapital - und können wir           Gerhard Kinzelberger, Associate Director, OEKB
          übereinstimmend die optimale Höhe während einer Rezession                   Ahmet Kiliçoğlu, General Manager, Turk Eximbank
          ermitteln?                                                                  Miroslav Somol, Deputy Managing Director, Egap Export Guarantee
        • Wie robust ist die Risikobereitschaft der Banken zu Zeiten mit              and Insurance Corporation
          angespannten Liquiditätsbedingungen?                                        Elisabeth Sutter-Becska, VP, Head of Global Export Finance,
        • Die Auswirkung der Regierungsinitiativen auf Verfügbarkeit von              Raiffeisen Zentralbank
          Kredit: Waren sie erfolgreich?                                              Csaba Simon, Sales Director, Mehib Hungarian Export Credit
        • Die Auswirkungen von Basel II auf Kreditwürdigkeitslisten und die           Insurance
        • Kurz- und mittelfristige Aussichten                                         • Alternative Quellen von Schulden und Einfluss in Schwellenländern

10.15   Liquidität Teil II : Transparenz durch Technologie: Wertfreisetzung           •   Neue Mandate für Gewährleistung des Handels
        aus der Versorgungskette                                                      •   Management des Handelsforderungenrisikos
        Moderator: Dominic Broom, Head, Treasury Services EMEA, The Bank              •   Handelsförderungsprogramme
        of New York Mellon                                                            •   Auswirkung der Kreditverknappung auf die Art der anfallenden
        Matthias Krönung, Head of Global Trade Management, UniCredit                      Transaktionen und Forderungen
                                                                              15.45   Networking-Pause
        Alexander Mutter, Trade Finance & Supply Chain Solutions, Deutsche
        Bank                                                                  16.15   Minderung des Risikos von der Versorgungskette: Bewertung der
        Jesús Garcia Quilez, Direktor für Unternehmensfinanzen, Abengoa               angebotenen Lösungen
        Hans-Jürgen Wagner, Head of Treasury, Thales Deutschland                      Moderator: Robert Nijhout, Geschäftsführender Direktor, International
        • Inländische oder ausländische Banken: Welche sind in einem                  Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA)
            Konjunkturabschwung die besseren Transaktionspartner?                     Peter Ingenlath, Chief Risk Officer & Vizevorsitzender des Vorstands,
        • Wer hat die Kontrolle über die Liquiditätsmanagement-Matrix: Wie            Atradius
            wird sie am besten gemanagt?                                              David Maule, Direktor, Politische, Projekt- und Kreditrisiken, Arthur J
        • Schwerpunkt auf Entwicklung einer ganzheitlichen Lösung für TF:             Gallagher
            Erreichbares Ziel oder unmögliche Ziele?                                  Elmar Schieder, Head, Financial Risk, Trade Credit & Surety, Munich Re
        • Praktische Lösungen zur Minderung des Risikos zwecks                        • Wie effektiv sind die gegenwärtigen Angebote zur
            Kostenreduzierung zur Verbesserung der Vermögen/Verbrauch-                    Risikominderung: Versand-/Währungs-/Betriebs-/
            Verhältnisse (WC ratios)                                                      Transaktionsrisiken?
        • Konvergenz von dokumentiertem Trade Finance mit offenen                     • Wie groß ist die gegenwärtige Risikobereitschaft, und wie ist sie
            Buchkrediten                                                                  auf die Banken und anderen Anbieter verteilt?
        • Bewertung der neusten Methoden für effizientes Management des               • Welche Risiken sollten Unternehmen selbst übernehmen?
            Auftrag-Cash-Zyklus                                                       • Wie ergeht es den Marktinnovationen wie Risiko-Swapoptionen
                                                                                          und CDS, in der neuen Umgebung?
11.00   Networking-Pause
                                                                                      • Wie werden sich die Märkte 2009 und danach entwickeln?
                                                                              17.00       Abschließende Bemerkungen des Vorsitzenden
                                                                              17.15       Ende des erstes Tages, gefolgt von einem Drinks-Empfang auf
                                                                                          Einladung der Bank of New York Mellon
27.-28. Mai 2009, Sofitel München Bayerpost, München, Deutschland

2. Tag: Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009                                           12.00   SCF in action: Eine Fallstudie von Knorr Bremse
                                                                                   Uwe Falk, Group Cash Manager & Supplier Finance Project
08.30   Erneute Anmeldung                                                          Manager, Knorr-Bremse Group
09.00   Eröffnungsrede des Vorsitzenden für den zweites Tag:                       • Zusammenarbeit durch offene Systeme: Abschaffung von
        Axel-Peter Ohse, Head of Trade Finance Deutschland, Deutsche                  Abteilungssilos und Integrierung mit Liquidity-Providern
        Bank                                                                       • Probleme bei der Initiierung von Zahlungsauslösung: Rechtliche
                                                                                      Befugnis, Buchungsfragen
09.10   Schwellenmärkte-Podiumgruppe: Wie ergeht es den BRIC-                      • Implementierung von Supplier Finance Programmen zur
        Wirtschaften während des globalen Abschwungs?                                 Minderung der Kosten und Erhöhung der Loyalität
        Moderator: Alexander Malaket, Präsident, OPUS Advisory Services            • Outsourcing der niedrigwertigen Prozesse an Payment Factories
        International                                                              • Einsatz eines Puffers - welcher ist am geeignetsten und wer wird
        Michael Sobl, Structured Finance, Executive Director, West LB                 ihn finanzieren?
        Richard Hainsworth, Generaldirektor, Rusrating
        • Verständnis der lokalen finanziellen Infrastruktur und           12.30      Networking-Lunch
            Kreditumgebung in den Schwellenmärkten
        • Die Folgen der globalen Konjunkturabschwächung
        • Steuerung der Versorgungskette vom Importeur zum Exporteur
            und an allen dazwischenliegenden Punkten.                      Wie geht es weiter mit dem Financial Supply
        • Regionale Handelsförderungsreform und                            Chain Model?
                                                                           14.00   Podiumdiskussion: Swift TSU – wo ist das Geld?
                                                                                   Moderator: David Hennah, Senior Product Manager, Supply Chain
Cash & Treasury-Management                                                         Solutions, Markets Division, Swift
10.00   Cash- und Handelskonvergenz: Ist es schon so weit?                         Dominic Broom, Head of Business Development, Treasury Services
        Carmen Crutchfield, VP, Pre-Sales & Marketing, S1 Enterprise               EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon
        International                                                              Frank Bothe, Head of Trade Finance Product Management,
        • Widerlegung der Legende, dass die Zahlungsmethode einen                  Deutsche Bank
            großen Einfluss auf den Cash-Konvertierungszyklus hat.                 Irene Desiree Baswanth, National Head Trade Services,
        • Erwägungen, wie Banken den Unterschied zwischen Betriebs-                Transactional Products and Services Corporate and Investment
            und Finanzdatenströmen überbrücken können, um den                      Banking, South Africa Standard Bank
            Beschaffung/Leistung/Zahlung-Kreis zu schließen.                       Wolfgang Friedinger, Head of Trade Product Services,
        • Verbesserung des Entscheidungsprozesses für das Cashflow-                UniCredit Group
            und Risiko-Management zur Erhöhung und Erhaltung des                   • Wie relevant ist das TSU unter den heutigen ungewissen
            Gesamtertrags                                                              Marktbedingungen?
        • Studien tatsächlicher Fälle, um beste Geschäftspraktiken zu              • Wie kann das TSU Banken helfen, die Lücken in offenen
            demonstrieren                                                              Buchkrediten zu beheben?
                                                                                   • Welchen Wert hat die Zahlungsverpflichtung der Banken?
10.30   Networking-Pause                                                           • Wie profitiert der Kunde?
11.00   Vorteile eines integrierten Treasury-Ansatzes                              • Probleme und Möglichkeiten
        Michael Burkie, Head of Corporate Business Development, Treasury   14.45   Lieferantenfinanzierung: Die nächste Welle von
        Services EMEA, The Bank of New York Mellon                                 Kostenverbesserungen
        • Die strategische Rolle des Treasurer: Über das Cash-                     Enrico Camerinelli, Berater, Celent
           Management hinausgehend                                                 • Auch ‘working capital finance’ (Betriebskapitalfinanzierung)
        • Vereinfachung der Systemumgebungen zur effizienten                           genannt
           Datenerfassung/-bearbeitung                                             • Erklärung der Lieferantenfinanzierung
        • Treasury-Gesamtlösungen: Beseitigung der Hindernisse                     • Vorteile von besser definierten
        • ERP-Integrierung                                                             Lieferantenfinanzierungsprogrammen
        • Trend zur Multibank-Konnektivität für Trade Services                     • Innovationen in Trade Finance, beste Geschäftspraxis
        • Vermeidung einer reaktiven Einstellung zu Betriebs- und                      für Lieferantenzahlungsbedingungen und
           Kreditrisiken                                                               Rechnungsautomatisierung
        • Verbesserte Konnektivität erleichtert den Umgang mit                     • Wie Sie die Kernelemente in Ihr Financial Supply Chain einbauen
           finanziellen und betrieblichen Risiken                                      können
        • Ganzheitlicher Ansatz im Hinblick auf Abrechnungsrisiken und             • Beispiele für beste Geschäftspraxis
                                                                           15.15   Abschließende Bemerkungen des Vorsitzenden und Ende der
11.30   Ausnutzung der Vorteile des Multibanking in Trade Finance                  Konferenz
        Arthur Vonchek, CEO, Bolero International
        • Reduzierung der Komplexität und Verwaltungsunkosten
        • Vorteile für Unternehmens-Treasury und Geschäfte
        • Bedeutung der Teilnahme der Banken
        • Risiken und Belohnungen für die Banken
        • Belohnungen der Zusammenarbeit in Trade Finance
  Why should I attend?                                                                      Event details at a glance
  European retailers and manufacturers are trying every trick in the                        Date:    May 27-28, 2009
  book to stem the impact of the worldwide recession on their global                        To book: Tel: +44 (0) 20 8673 9666
  operations and growth plans: drastic cost-cutting solutions just                                   Fax: +44 (0)20 8772 3528
  don’t seem to be working as credit lines and consumer demand                              Email:
  evaporate. We gather the industry’s brightest and best to ask where                       Website:
  their bail-out plan will come from.                                                       Venue: Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Germany

  Multinational companies are now trying to keep afloat by controlling
  the only weapon left in their arsenal: managing cashflow and                              Accommodation:
  working capital. By working closely with their stakeholders and
  establishing ‘know your bank/customer’ principles across all                              Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
  transactions, corporations are finally realising the tangible benefits                    Bayerstrasse 1
  of supply chain financing. Even traditional trade financing tools are                     Munich, 80335
  becoming popular again as the scramble for liquidity at accessible                        Germany
  spreads becomes the determining factor between staying afloat                             Tel :(+49)89/599480
  and bankruptcy.
                                                                                            Delegates are responsible for the arrangement and payment of
  Banks are being asked to reorganise their internal operations to                          their own travel and accommodation.
  mimic those of their key clients in an effort to streamline approvals.                    Upon registration Exporta will provide further accommodation
  Companies are being asked to redesign their decision- making                              details.
  processes – breaking down the silos between departments. This
  could be the biggest revolution to hit global trade since lowest
  country cost outsourcing.                                                                 Can’t make the conference?
  So many solutions are being offered to the marketplace: but how                           If you are unable to attend, you may purchase the programme,
  can you know which is the right one for your organisation?                                including copies of all available speaker presentations and speaker
                                                                                            biographies. To order copies, please complete and return the
  At this conference, meet our distinguished line up of specialists who                     attached registration form.
  have all helped shape the way trade is being serviced in the new
  millennium, as they gather to debate and discuss the instant wins
  on offer to those companies willing to adapt their trade financing                        Exhibition & sponsorship opportunities:
  to withstand the shocks thrown up by these unprecedented market
  conditions.                                                                               If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event please
                                                                                            contact Melanie Attwater on +44 (0)20 8673 9666.
  Key themes:
  • Economic outlook for global trade
  • Trade financing gap: how will protectionist policies help promote
  • Impact of government intervention: is it any good?
  • The verdict on supply chain finance strategy: the corporate view
  • Credit and risk distribution: how can you get yours?
  • Liquidity, cash and treasury management: how will in-sourcing
     AP minimise risk?
  • The role of third-party solution providers IFI trade finance
     programmesECA financing in Eastern European markets:
     implications for the marketplace
  • Supplier finance: the next wave of cost improvement

  Who you will meet there
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Importers/ exporters
  • Trade financiers
  • Treasurers
  • Financial officers
  • Logistics managers
  • Export credit agencies
  • Multilateral institutions
  • Alternative asset managers
  • Insurers

Terms & conditions:
1. Bookings can be submitted at any stage prior to the event, subject to availability.         • For cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the event, the full
                                                                                                 delegate rate must be paid and no refunds will be available.
2. Payment must be received in full prior to the conference.
                                                                                            5. All bookings submitted by e-mail, fax, post or over the telephone are subject to
3. All speakers are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to variation without
                                                                                               these booking conditions.
                                                                                            6. All cancellations must be received in writing.
4. If the delegate cancels after the booking has been accepted, the delegate will be
   liable for the following charges:                                                        7. Exporta Publishing & Events Ltd will not be held liable for circumstances beyond
                                                                                               its control which lead to the cancellation or variation of the programme.
    • Cancellations notified over 14 days prior to the event will incur only an
      administration fee of €60
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more than 100 countries worldwide. We have a long tradition of           ideas from banks around the world.
collaborating with clients to deliver innovative solutions through our   Built on an open, flexible and scalable J2EE platform providing
core competencies of transaction processing, and working capital         banks an unparalleled, single view of customer data, S1
management. Our solutions and approach to service delivery, are          Enterprise solutions are the industry’s first truly integrated multi-
recognised as being market-leading. We are committed to working          channel solutions. Further, our global perspective on application
in partnership with our clients to understand their needs, apply         development has enabled the company to build solutions to
our expertise, tailor our products, and deliver a cost-effective and     accommodate multi-lingual and multi-national environments.
flexible service.                                                        Applications have been localized to more than 37 countries, in 24
To support our regional trade centres in Europe, Asia and the            languages.
Americas, we have a network of representatives and affiliates in         Find out more at:
34 countries, including Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Brussels, Cairo, Dubai,
Frankfurt, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Johannesburg, London, Madrid,
Milan, Moscow and Paris, within the EMEA region. With their
knowledge of local markets and customs, we are able to unlock
efficiencies for our clients that help expedite turnaround times and
save them money.
For more information, visit:
                                                                         Bolero was founded in 1998 as a joint venture with Swift to deliver
                                                                         a neutral platform and legal infrastructure to enable paperless
                                                                         trade between corporates and their banks and logistics service
                                                                         Bolero is now the dominant multi-bank platform facilitating trade
                                                                         finance automation between corporates and their banks on a global
Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong          basis. Of particularly importance for the Middle East and other key
and profitable private client franchise. With roughly 78,000             global markets, Bolero’s trade finance solutions for automation of
employees in 76 countries, Deutsche Bank offers unparalleled             letters of credit and guarantees provide consolidation, visibility,
financial services throughout the world, competing to be the leading     predictability and standardisation of the trade finance process
global provider of financial solutions for demanding clients and         across multiple banking partners.
creating exceptional value for its shareholders and people. A leader     A rapidly growing number of banks and corporates are live on the
in Germany and Europe, the bank is continuously growing in North         Bolero platform.
America, Asia and key emerging markets. Deutsche Bank ranks
among the global leaders in corporate banking and securities,
transaction banking, asset management, and private wealth
management, and has a significant private and business banking
franchise in Germany and other selected countries in Continental
Europe.                                                                  Exporta Publishing & Events Ltd provides a complete
                                                                         information service for the global trade, commodity and export
                                                                         finance community – through our bi-monthly journal, Global
                                                                         Trade Review (GTR), via our regular news email service, our
                                                                         annual directory The GTR Directory, and with many focused and
                                                                         specialised conferences and workshops each year.
                                                                         Exporta also publishes emeafinance, the new journal on corporate
UniCredit Group is the leading transaction bank in continental           finance in the EMEA region.
Europe with an international network that spans more than 50             Exporta approaches the market from an objective and fresh
countries and employs around 180,000 people throughout the               perspective. We are an independent publishing house that
Group.                                                                   understands the needs and issues facing practitioners in our
UniCredit’s global transaction banking division (GTB) offers             market – the corporates, bankers, lawyers, insurers, brokers and
products, services and solutions in cash management and                  others.
eBanking, trade finance and supply chain management as well as in        Our experience and contact base within this market is unrivalled.
structured trade and export finance, servicing both corporates and       We believe that focus and experience are the keys for delivering
international financial institutions with more than 2,300 dedicated      quality events and publications.
transaction banking specialists across different regions and also        For information or to receive your free copy of GTR email
leveraging on a network of more than 4,000 correspondent banks.
Around 3.5 billion transactions are carried out every year in Europe or visit
and more than 100,000 letters of credit are processed annually.
UniCredit Group’s strong commitment has also been recognized
by the awards achieved by international magazines such as Global
Finance, Global Trade Review and Trade Finance Magazine amongst
6th Annual Trade & Supply                                                         6. Jahreskonferenz für Trade &
Chain Solutions Conference                                                        Supply Chain Finance Solutions
May 27-28, 2009, Sofitel Munich, Bayerpost, Munich, Germany,                      27.-28. Mai 2009, Sofitel München Bayerpost, Bayerstraße 12,
Tel +46 89 599480                                                                 München, Deutschland, Tel +46 89 599480

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Express credit cards)                    Kreditkarten können nicht               booked at the same time)                      Gesellschaft und demselben Büro, die
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                                         akzeptiert werden)
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                                                                                                                               Konferenzdelegierten-Paket, enthält alle
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                                                                                 speaker presentations and bios in both hard   Vorträge der Sprecher und Bios sowohl als
                                                                                 copy and online formats                       Druckkopie als auch in Online-Formation

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