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					                                                                                                                                      Schulich	Centres	of	Excellence
International Warehouse Logistics Association

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                                                The	Masters	Certificate	in                              keep	af
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                                                Supply Chain &
                                                Logistics Management

                                                Canada’s	first	comprehensive	modular	program	for	supply	
                                                chain	and	logistics	professionals,	endorsed	by	Supply	Chain	&	
                                                Logistics	Association	(SCL)	and	the	International	Warehouse	
                                                Logistics	Association	(IWLA)

                                                Upcoming Program Dates
                                                16	days	evenly	spaced	over	5	months
                                                Fall	2011:		 September	23,	2011	–	February	18,	2012
                                                Winter	2012:	 January	20	–	June	1,	2012
      TORONTO • 16 DAYS OVER 5 MONTHS                                                                     Endorsed	by

The	Masters	Certificate	in
Supply Chain &                                                                                                                   International Warehouse Logistics Association

Logistics Management                                                     UPCOMING PROGRAM SESSIONS*
                                                                         (16	days	over	5	months)	                        Fall	2011	              Winter	2012

Stay	ahead	of	regional	and	global	competition	                           Module	1	>	1	DAY
                                                                         Supply	Chain	Strategy                          Sep.	23,	2011	           Jan.	20,	2012
with	SEEC’s	comprehensive	SCLM	tool	set.
                                                                         Module	2	>	2	DAYS	
                                                                         Strategic	Sourcing                               Oct.	14-15	                  Feb.	3-4
The	new	Masters	Certificate	in	Supply	Chain	and	Logistics	
Management	program	from	the	Schulich	Executive	Education	                Module	3	>	2	DAYS	
Centre	(SEEC)	is	comprehensive,	integrated	and	uniquely	endorsed	        Service	Quality                                  Oct.	28-29	               Feb.	17-18
by	SCL	and	IWLA.	It	is	designed	to	allow	supply	chain	and	
                                                                         Module	4	>	2	DAYS	
logistics	professionals	to	enhance	their	leadership	skills,	broaden	
                                                                         Inventory	and	Materials	Management              Nov.	25-26	                   Mar.	2-3
their	knowledge	base,	and	link	supply	chain	strategy	to	their	
corporate	business	plan.	                                                Module	5	>	1	DAY
                                                                         Distribution	Centre	Operations                     Dec.	9	                     Mar.	30
The	program	employs	a	holistic	approach	to	developing	an	SCL	
professional	with	a	“big-picture”	mindset	and	updated	technology	        Module	6	>	1	DAY	
                                                                         International	and	Domestic	                       Dec.	10	                     Mar.	31
knowledge	that	drives	profitability.                                     Transportation	Operations

                                                                         Module	7	>	2	DAYS
Key Program Benefits                                                     Leadership	                                    Jan.	6-7,	2012	             Apr.	13-14

•	 Gain	in-depth	knowledge	of	what	drives	a	profitable	company
                                                                         Module	8	>	2	DAYS
•	 Add	power	to	your	logistics	expertise	and	a	financial	                Aligning	Results	With	Your	                     Jan.	20-21	                 Apr.	27-28
   perspective	to	decision-making                                        Business	Goals
•	 Sharpen	the	skills	necessary	to	project,	negotiate,	evaluate	
                                                                         Module	9	>	1	DAY	
   and	lead
                                                                         Supply	Chain	Integration                           Feb.	3	                     May	11
•	 Refine	capabilities	in	using	technology	and	business	tools
•	 Learn	a	holistic	skill-set	that	prepares	you	to	be	strategic,	        Module	10	>	1	DAY	
   tactical	and	operational                                              Project	Management                                Feb.	17	                     May	12

•	 Come	to	class	with	a	specific	challenge	chosen	by	you	and	
                                                                         Module	11	>	1	DAY	
   your	company;	take	away	ideas	and	possible	solutions                  Change	Management	                                Feb.	18	                      Jun.	1
                                                                         and	Program	Summary

Featuring a focus on the “big-picture” of what                         This	program	is	held	on	Fridays	and	Saturdays,	fitting	with	your	busy		
drives a profitable company:                                           work	schedule. *Fall	2012	program	session	dates	will	be	available	online	at	
•	 Strategy	and	partnerships
•	 Inventory	management	and	operations	planning
•	 Transportation	management	and	ROI                                      Enrollment Bonus – Receive a Personal Tablet PC!
•	 International	and	domestic	sourcing
                                                                              Receive a complimentary tablet PC	to	use during
•	 Cross	border	trade	tactics
                                                                              the course – and keep afterwards!
•	 Supply	chain-finance	alignment
                                                                              •		‘Go	green’	as	you	receive	and	manage	your	learning	
•	 Customer	satisfaction                                                         materials	paperlessly,	while	enjoying	enhanced	
•	 Effective	leadership                                                          note-taking	convenience
•	 Integration	of	all	SCL	processes                                           •		Stay	connected	with	fellow	participants	and	interact	
                                                                                 in	our	online	community	forum,	featuring	news,	
                                                                                 insights	and	commentary	from	faculty,	industry	
                                                                                 experts,	and	former	students
Register	online	today	at
Top 5 Reasons Managers Choose Our Masters Certificate

Short convenient class modules that feature applied learning
between class sessions to current organizational challenges:
	     “Applying	the	principles	taught	during	the	Masters	Certificate	allowed	us	
      to	reduce	inventory	levels	by	16%,	resulting	in	a	one-time	savings	of	over	
      $4,000,000	in	working	capital.”		
	     	   -	S.	Will,	Vice	President	Operations,	Sleep	Country	LP

Integration of 11 key supply chain strategy areas to build your ‘total
	     “Excellent	course	organization!!	An	impressive	selection	of	Supply	Chain,	
      Logistics,	Customer	Service	and	Leadership	Skills	topics,	delivered	by	very	
      knowledgeable	and	competent	instructors.	A	great	way	to	validate	what	you	
      are	doing	right	and	where	you	can	do	better.”
	     	   -	Dr.	George	J.	Soleas,	Senior	VP,	Logistics/Quality	Assurance,	LCBO

A professional teaching team of real-world instructors:
	     “I	had	a	great	time	listening	to	real	comments	about	strategy	from	an	
      experienced	professional	with	“field”	experience,	not	just	theory.	It	was	a	
      great	learning	experience	because	the	instructors	are	all	first	rate.”		
	     	   -	E.	Chimilovski,	Director	of	Corporate	Procurement,	VCNA

Sharing of experiences with peers as an integral part of your learning:
	     “A	wonderful	experience	and	atmosphere	to	expand	my	knowledge,	contacts,	
      and	problem	solving	skills	with	a	wide	range	of	logistics	experts,	both	in	front	
      of	the	class,	as	well	as	beside	you	in	the	seats.”
	     	   -	J.	Grassie,	Director	SCI	Logistics

A new leading-edge technology aid to keep your notes and network
with classmates:
	     “Love	the	idea	of	getting	a	technology	tablet	to	use	and	keep.	Very	
      professional,	clear	and	well	thought-out	material;	a	very	engaging	
      management	learning	experience.”
	     	   -	P.	Hall,	V.P.	Operations,	Espar	Heating	Systems

 Take the first step towards a Masters Certificate today

    To register online, for more information, or to view a short
    video introduction by the program director:
    • Visit

    To ask a question about the program:
    •	 Contact	Program	Director	Mark	Thomas	at	416.736.5079,	toll	
       free	1.800.667.9380,	or	e-mail	
    •	 RSVP	for	a	free	information	session	(see	dates	inside)	

                                                                                          Power Up
    For a complimentary Executive Education Needs Analysis
    and Assessment:
    •	 We	invite	you	to	discuss	your	educational	needs	and	explore	
       learning	options	with	a	senior	executive	education	advisor.	
       Determine	the	best	educational	strategy	to	maximize	your	career	
       potential	and	the	ROI	for	you	and	your	organization.	Please	call	
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       toll	free	1.800.667.9380	or	416.736.5079	to	arrange	your	
       convenient	15	minute	telephone	meeting.

                                                             PROGRAM	MODULE	DESCRIPTIONS
                                                                                           MODULE	1	          Duration:	1	day
                 SEEC’s	certificate	program	covers		
                 all	areas	of	supply	chain	and	logistics	                                  Supply Chain Strategy
                 management.	This	program	is	unique	                                       Setting the stage with an overview of how Supply Chain
                 —	it	provides	comprehensive	content,	                                     strategy and operations fit together in leading companies.
                 a	wide-ranging	skill	set	and	practical	                                   n	 Survey	integrated	supply	chain	components
   real-world	solutions,	delivered	with	cutting-edge	                                      n	 Understand	the	role	of	the	supply	chain	and	its	impact
   program	design.	On	completion	of	the	course,	you	                                       n	 Develop	an	executable	supply	chain	strategy
   will	be	a	better-equipped,	more	effective	supply	
   chain	and	logistics	leader.

   Already	highly	successful,	the	program	has	been	                                        MODULE	2	          Duration:	2	days
   upgraded	to	16	days	with	key	content	additions	in	
   the	leadership,	service	quality,	project	management	                                    Strategic Sourcing
   and	change	management	modules.                                                          Getting the most for your money. Creating and
                                                                                           strengthening supply partnerships.
   Our	faculty	members	are	respected	leaders	in	their	                                     n	 Identify	strategic	sourcing	needs,	find	the	best	suppliers	
   fields.	The	instructors’	combined	experience,	knowl-                                       and	manage	supply	chain	disruption
   edge,	insight	and	passion	mean	your	interaction	                                        n	 Negotiate	contracts	and	agreements	and	measure	results
   with	them	and	with	other	supply	chain	professionals	                                    n	 Define	corporate	social	responsibility
   will	translate	into	new	strengths	and	capabilities	for	
   you	and	your	organization.

   This	program	was	developed	with	our	facilitators		                                      MODULE	3	          Duration:	2	days
   and	reviewed	by	the	education	committee	of		
   Supply	Chain	&	Logistics	Association.	SCL	is	Canada’s	                                  Service Quality
   leading	association	for	decision	makers	in	Logistics	                                   Meeting Customer expectations profitably.
   and	Supply	Chain	Management.                                                            n	 Develop	a	service	quality	mission	to	protect	margins	and	
                                                                                              grow	market	share
   Contact	me	for	more	information.	We	look	forward	to	                                    n	 Build	the	metrics	and	benchmarks	for	best-in-class	
   seeing	you	in	class.                                                                       performance
                                                                                           n	 Develop	strategies	for	customer	retention	in	a	dynamic	

   Mark Thomas, Program Director
                                                                                           MODULE	4	          	Duration:	2	days
   Centre	of	Excellence	in	Supply	Chain	&	Logistics	
   Management,	Schulich	Executive	Education	Centre	
                                                                                           Inventory and Materials Management
   Schulich	School	of	Business,	York	University
                                                                                           Harness Inventory Management as the core of
                                                                                           Supply Chain.
                                                                                           n	 Manage	distribution	inventory
 WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                                                        n	 Understand	manufacturing	supply	planning
                                                                                           n	 Define	supply	chain	network	optimization
 If you are a current or future leader in one of these

 •	 Manufacturing	          •	 Retail	
 •	 Distribution	           •	 Logistics	services	
 •	 Consulting
                                                                                           IN-COMPANY TRAINING: Please	note	that	any	of	The	Masters	
 …then	this	program	is	for	you.                                                            Certificate	in	Supply	Chain	and	Logistics	Management	modules	
                                                                                           can	be	delivered		in-company	for	groups	of	10	or	more.	For	
                                                                                           more	information,	contact	SEEC	at	416.360.8850	or	visit		
Register	online	today	at                       
MODULE	5	         	Duration:	1	day                               MODULE	9	         Duration:	1	day

Distribution Centre Operations                                   Supply Chain Integration
Applying modern and effective DC techniques you can              The fiber that threads your Supply Chain together.
use now.                                                         n	 Explore	the	design	and	optimization	of	global	networks
n	 Design	distribution	centre	operations	to	meet	the	demands	    n	 Learn	how	to	leverage	technology	to	address	business	
   of	your	customers	and	your	business
n	 Balance	space,	labour	and	equipment	for	higher	customer	      n	 Deliver	results	through	process	and	project	management
   service	and	efficiency
n	 Harness	important	Metrics	throughout	the	order	fulfillment	
                                                                 MODULE	10		       Duration:	1	day

                                                                 Project Management
MODULE	6		        Duration:	1	day
                                                                 Executing on-time, on-budget, in-scope while managing
                                                                 diverse stakeholders with competing objectives.
International and Domestic Transportation
                                                                  	 Understand	the	PMI	approach	from	a	Project	Management	

Applying modern and effective Freight Management                 n	 Identify	and	apply	key	project	management	success	factors
techniques you can use now.
                                                                 n	 Explore	how	to	initiate,	plan,	execute,	monitor	and	control	
n	 Understand	how	to	maximize	domestic	and	international	
                                                                    and	close	a	project
   transportation	for	efficiency	and	cost	effectiveness
n	 Appreciate	the	workings	of	cross-border	security	and	risk	
   management	in	transit
 	 Harness	important	metrics	throughout	the	order	fulfillment	   MODULE	11		
                                                                                   Duration:	1	day

                                                                 Change Management and Program Summary
                                                                 Capturing the benefits of Change quickly and
                                                                 minimizing resistance.
                  Duration:	2	days
                                                                 n	 Lead	change	effectively
Leadership                                                       n	 Recognize	and	manage	resistance
Focusing your teams and motivating their actions effectively.    n	 Anticipate	and	minimize	trouble	spots
n	 Develop	a	leadership	style	for	effectively	handling	people
n	 Create	communication	strategies	appropriate	for	the	
   individuals	you	lead
n	 Maximize	your	understanding	of	how	people	think	and	the	      Find Out More at an Upcoming Information Session!
   causes	of	constructive,	aggressive	and	passive	behaviour

MODULE	8		        Duration:	2	days

Aligning Results With Your Business Goals
Making the Supply Chain your best business partner.
n	 Learn	to	apply	supply	chain	metrics	to	meet	the	needs	of	     Come to a complimentary breakfast information session:	
   the	CEO	and	CFO                                               Thursday,	June	16,	2011	(7:30	a.m.	-	9:30	a.m.)	
n	 Understand	how	supply	chain	initiatives	affect	your	          York	University,	The	Schulich	Executive	Learning	Centre,	
   company’s	finances                                            Private	Dining	Room	
n	 Discover	how	supply	chain	risk,	customer	profitability	and	   Or join us for a 1-hour online information session:
   other	issues	are	impacting	supply	chain	best	practices
                                                                 Wednesday,	May	18,	2011	(1	p.m.	-	2	p.m.)	or	
                                                                 Thursday,	July	21,	2011	(1	p.m.	-	2	p.m.)

                                                                 For	details	and	to	RSVP	please	visit:		

                                                                                                The	Masters	Certificate	in
                                                                                                Supply Chain &
You	may	also	download and print a Registration Form	from	                                       Logistics Management,	complete	and	fax	to	The	Schulich	
Executive	Education	Centre	at	416.736.5689
MAIL	                                                                                            PAST	ATTENDEES	(Partial	list)
Mail	your	downloaded	Registration	Form	to	The	Schulich	Executive	
Education	Centre,	The	Executive	Learning	Centre,	Schulich	School	of	                               We	integrate	leading	practices	of	leading	companies	across	
Business,	York	University,	4700	Keele	Street,	Toronto,	Ontario,	M3J	1P3                            many	industries	for	a	great	classroom	experience.
Telephone	416.736.5079	(1.800.667.9380	toll	free)
                                                                                                Consumer Packaged Goods              SMTC	Corp.
                                                                                                Newell	Rubbermaid                    TRW	Canada	Ltd.
Fall	2011	Program:	September	23,	2011	–	February	18,	2012
Winter	2012	Program:	January	20	–	June	1,	2012                                                  Shell	Lubricants	                    Wradi	Corporation
•	 Unless	otherwise	announced,	each	day	starts	at	8:30	a.m.	and	                                Cargo	Cosmetics
   concludes	at	4:00	p.m.                                                                                                            Third Party Logistics
                                                                                                Conair	Consumer	Products
•	 Enrollment	for	each	session	is	limited,	please	register	early.                                                                    Exel	Canada,	Regional	Office	
                                                                                                Virgin	Mobile	Canada
PROGRAM	LOCATION                                                                                                                     Progistix	Solutions	(SCI	Group)
Schulich	Executive	Learning	Centre,	Schulich	School	of	Business,		                              Food                                 Purolator	Courier	
York	University,	4700	Keele	Street,	Toronto,	Ontario	M3J	1P3                                    Cadbury	Adams	Canada                 SCI	Group	Inc.	
Tel:	416.736.5079	Fax:	416.736.5689,	Toll	Free:	1.800.667.9380
                                                                                                Dole	Packaged	Foods	Company		        Sylvite	Transportation	Group	Ltd.	
                                                                                                Effem	Inc.		                         Wheels	Group	
                                                                                                Agropur	Div	Natrel	                  Logisti-Solve	Inc.
You	will	receive	reading	material	and/or	references,	a	timetable	and	
general	information	prior	to	the	program’s	start	date.                                          Marcatus	QED	Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Building Materials
FRAMED	CERTIFICATE	OF	PROGRAM	COMPLETION                                                        Campbell	Company	of	Canada
                                                                                                                                     Granite	Services	International	Inc.
You will receive a handsomely framed Certificate of Completion
                                                                                                Healthcare                           Holcim	Canada
from SEEC. Participants	must	attend	all	days	of	all	program	modules	in	
order	to	receive	the	certificate.                                                               CIBA	Vision	                         VCNA
                                                                                                Patheon	Inc.	
PROGRAM	FEE                                                                                                                          Chemical
                                                                                                Pharmaceutical	Partners	of	Canada
SCL	Canada	members:	$10,550	CDN	+	applicable	taxes	
                                                                                                GlaxoSmithKline	Inc.                 Chemtrade	Logistics	Inc.
IWLA	members:	$10,550	CDN	+	applicable	taxes
                                                                                                AstraZeneca	Canada	Inc.              Brenntag	Canada	Inc.
Non-members:	$10,950	CDN	+	applicable	taxes
•	 Program	fee	includes	program	tuition,	teaching	materials,	lunches	                                                                Recochem	Inc.
   and	refreshments.                                                                            Manufacturing
•	 It	also	includes	a	six-month	membership	in	Canada’s	leading	supply	chain	                                                         Aerospace
                                                                                                Flexo	Products	Limited	
   &	logistics	association	–	SCL	–	for	non-members	who	register.                                                                     Bombardier	Aerospace	
                                                                                                American	Standard	
•	 Schulich	Executive	Education	Centre’s	liability	is	limited	to		
                                                                                                SimplexGrinnell,	Division	of	Tyco	   COM	DEV	Ltd.	
   reimbursement	of	paid	tuition	fee.
                                                                                                S.A.	Armstrong	Limited               Messier-Dowty
•	 Multiple	registration	discounts	for	attendees	from	one	organization	
   and	payment	options	to	suit	your	company	are	available.	Please	                              Summo	Steel	Corporation
   contact	Manager,	Open	Enrollment	Programs	at	416.736.5079.                                                                        Utilities, Energy & Resources
                                                                                                Van-Rob	Inc.
•	 Convenient	tuition	payment	plans	are	available.	Call	416.736.5079	                                                                Bell	Canada	
   for	details.                                                                                 Retail                               Cogeco	Cable	Inc.	
DEPOSITS,	CANCELLATIONS,	REPLACEMENTS	AND	TRANSFERS                                             LCBO	                                Hydro	One	Networks	Inc.	
IMPORTANT:	A	deposit	of	$1,000	is	required	to	secure	your	place	in	                             AirMiles                             Ontario	Power	Generation	
the	program.	Please	include	your	credit	card	information	on	faxed	                              Sleep	Country	Canada	                PowerStream	Inc.	
or	online	registrations,	or	mail	a	cheque	along	with	your	completed	                                                                 Kinross	Gold	Corporation
                                                                                                The	Shopping	Channel	
program	registration.	                                                                                                               Nexen	Inc.
                                                                                                Wal-Mart	Canada	
•	 If	you	are	unable	to	attend	the	program	you	may	transfer	to	the	
   next	session,	subject	to	the	21-day	written	notification	requirement	                        Longo	Brothers	Fruit	Market	Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Other Services
   or	your	organization	may	name	a	replacement	candidate.                                       Simcoe	Parts	Service	Inc.
•	 Only	one	module	transfer	to	another	session	will	be	permitted	                                                                    Brinks	Inc.
   (subject	to	space	availability)	without	penalty.	Each	subsequent	                            Technology                           Belledune	Port	Authority
   transfer	request	has	a	$200	administration	fee.                                                                                   Emergency	Management	Ontario
                                                                                                Dell	Canada	Inc.	
•	 A	full	refund	will	be	issued	for	written	cancellations	received		                                                                 Unisync	Group
                                                                                                IBM	Canada	Ltd.	
   a	minimum	of	21	days	before	the	program	start	date.	Written	
   cancellations	received	after	this	date	will	incur	an	administration	
   charge	of	$1,000.	Non-attendance	or	withdrawal	after	program	start	
   date	will	incur	a	full	program	fee.

                                                                                                   Register	online	today	at
Modules,	speakers,	topics,	dates,	fees,	locations	and	applicable	taxes	are	subject	to	change.

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