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									Master Specification
Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection
Section 07311 –Shingles                                                                                                                 Page 1

                                                   Specifications for
                                    Supply and Install Fiberglass Reinforced Shingles

1.0        GENERAL
           1.1        Refer to Master Specification, Division 1 - General Requirements, Section 01110 -Summary of
           1.2        Related Work:

           1.3        References:

           1.4        Warranty/Guarantee:
                      1.4.1         A manufacturers material guarantee.
                                   a)            A five (5) year Roofing Contractors Association Of British Columbia (RCABC)
                                   b)             An alternate to the RCABC five (5) year guarantee in a form acceptable to the owner.
                                                  The alternate form shall include:
                                                 a)          A two (2) year surety for a Maintenance Bond with an option to renew for an
                                                           additional two (2) years.
                                                 b)          An inspection by an independent inspector, appointed by the owner, at the
                                                           end of a two (2) year period. The cost of the re-inspector will be born by the
                                                 c)          A two (2) year Surety for a Maintenance Bond to be issued at the expiry of
                                                           the original two (2) year Surety; and
                                                 d)               A five (5) year company guarantee.
                                                 e)               A ten (10) year material guarantee from the manufacturer.

           1.5        Submittals:

           1.6        Datum’s/Sketches/Layout:

           1.7        Site Conditions/Property Lines:

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\89e39e16-3636-46ba-b9eb-338793960b09.doc                                                     Thursday, 18 August 2011 (SPEC 03/02)
Master Specification
Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection
Section 07311 –Shingles                                                                                                        Page 2

2.0        PRODUCTS
           2.1        Roofing Products:
                      2.1.1         Fiberglass shingles which meet or exceed Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A123.5-
                                    M90. Coverage shall be not less than two (2) thicknesses of shingles over the entire roof,
                                    disregarding cut-outs.
                      2.1.2         Starter strips shall be not less than type M mineral-surface roll roofing, 300 mm wide, or
                                    shingles of the same weight and quality as those used as a roof covering. Starter strips may be
                                    omitted where eave protection of not less than type M mineral-surfaced roll roofing is
                      2.1.3         Colours to be selected by the owner from standard colours available.
                      2.1.4         Approved products:
                                    a)        Dakota - BP
                                    b)        Dura - seal 25 - Malarkey
                                    c)        Marathon 25, by IKO.
                                              Or equivalent.
                      2.1.5         Nails to be large head corrosion resistant roofing nails (electro-galvanized, hot-dipped
                                    galvanized, or aluminium). No staples permitted
                      2.1.6         Plastic Cement to CGSB 37-GP-5MA.
                      2.1.7         Lap Cement to CBSB 37-GP-4MA.
                      2.1.8          Roof Jacks shall be:
                                    a)        Lead.
                                    b)        Galvanized Metal.
                                    c)        Rubber.
                      2.1.9          The Contractor shall reuse or replace the following items as agreed by the Contract
                                    a)       reuse existing roof vents
                                    b)       replace existing roof vents with new
                                    c)       replace existing roof vents with approved turbines
                      2.1.10         The Contractor shall provide:
                                    a)        Aluminium starter strip
                                    b)        Zinc strip

3.0        EXECUTION
           3.1      Preparation:
                    3.1.1         Remove all existing materials (ie shingles, flashing, roof jacks, starter strips) from roof decks
                                  and legally dispose of same, as per Summary Of Work.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\89e39e16-3636-46ba-b9eb-338793960b09.doc                                            Thursday, 18 August 2011 (SPEC 03/02)
Master Specification
Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection
Section 07311 –Shingles                                                                                                       Page 3

                    3.1.2         Cover all splits and knot holes, replace any rotten sheathing by cutting back to nearest rafters
                                  and install new plywood to match existing thickness.
                    3.1.3         Re-nail all loose decking to roof framing.
                    3.1.4         Install "H" clips where applicable.
           3.2      Application:
                    3.2.1         One (1) layer of thirty (30) pound felt at eaves
                    3.2.2         One (1) layer of fifty (50) pound felt to the valleys
                    3.2.3         One (1) layer of fifteen (15) pound felt to the Mainfield
                    3.2.4         Install eave protection from the roof edge to a point not less than 300 mm beyond the inner face
                                  of the exterior wall.
                    3.2.5         Install self adhering membrane to a dust free wood deck surface at the eaves, valleys, ridges and
                                  at all transitions. Install roll width pieces of membrane at transitions of opposing slopes at step
                                  between roof levels (if applicable). Install 300 mm width pieces centered over all ridges. Side
                                  and end lap to be 150 mm minimum.
                    3.2.6         Install 26 gauge baked enamel, metal step and counter flashing.
                    3.2.7         Apply starter course along the lower edge of the roof with tabs up, using rectangular strip
                                  shingles. They must extend approximately 12 mm beyond the eaves and rake of the roof and
                                  fasten along the bottom edge of the roof with nails spaced not more than 300 mm on center or
                                  four (4) nails per shingle.
                    3.2.8         Mainfield shingles shall be applied with a minimum of four (4) nails and shall be embedded in a
                                  continuous band of approved adhesive, covering the entire headlap portion of the shingle. Each
                                  succeeding course shall be applied in a like manner with all vertical and horizontal lines running
                                  true, with a maximum exposure of 170 mm to the weather. Adhere shingles to all vent flanges
                                  set in mastic cement. Shingles are to be installed above and below all vent flanges. Shingles
                                  are to be cut close to vent riser. All vents are to be set in mastic cement and securely fastended.
                                    Shingles are to overhang eaves and gables a minimum of 19 mm.
                    3.2.9         Shingles on hips and ridges shall be applied so they extend not less than 100 mm under the
                                  center of each tab or by interlocking devices or self-sealing strips. Ridge capping to be of the
                                  same material as shingles applied to provide double coverage with unexposed fasteners. All
                                  capping to be cut in a chevron pattern.
                    3.2.10        Open valleys shall be flashed with not less than one layer of sheet metal 600mm wide or two
                                  (2) layers of roll roofing.
                    3.2.11        Install flashing up vertical and deck surfaces. Install new pipe flashing and roof jacks as work

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\89e39e16-3636-46ba-b9eb-338793960b09.doc                                           Thursday, 18 August 2011 (SPEC 03/02)

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