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									Fly Fishing Vests

One of the most important pieces of   apparel you can have when you take up
fly fishing is a quality vest. You    have a lot of choices when looking at
fly fishing vests, so you will want   to choose carefully. It’s important
that your vest meets your needs, so   consider your options before settling
on one.

All fly fishing vests come with a variety of pockets in different shapes
and sizes. You will want a vest that comes with enough pockets to hold
your fishing gear, but not too many lest you are tempted to overload the
vest. You will not want to carry too many things or you will be
uncomfortable and it will hinder your movement.

The vest should fit comfortably and you should have plenty of room to
move around. The pockets should close with Velcro so you can have easy
access to your supplies. When you choose your vest, make sure that you
are able to wear layers underneath it and can still move around easily.

Vests come in a variety of colors. Many fly fishers choose a neutral
brown, but you can also pick vests in colors like blue and orange.
Because you will be out in the wilderness, blending in is important as is
safety. You will want to be visible to other fishers and hunters without
scaring away the fish in the process.

The vest should have a short waist mainly because you will be wading in
water. Ideally, you won’t want it to get wet, so if it falls just above
your waist, you will stay dry and comfortable.

Consider what weather conditions will be like when you are fly fishing.
If you will be fishing mostly in the summertime, you may want to consider
a mesh vest that will be well ventilated and keep you cool in the summer
heat. Cold water fishing will require you to wear layers underneath, so
pick one with enough room to allow you to move about easily.

Some vests come with a built-in life preserver. This can be a great help
if you will be fishing rough waters with strong currents. You never know
when an accident will happen, and with these built-in floatation devices,
you will have easy rescue right at hand.

Fly fishing vests come in various price ranges. You can buy a very basic
vest for as little as $30. The pricier vests can run as high as $200.
In general, expect to pay around $70 for a good quality fly fishing vest.

Fly fishing vests can be an important part of your fly fishing equipment.
When you do a little research and keep in mind the conditions you will be
fishing in, choosing a vest can be quite easy. Just explore your options
and pick one that works for your particular situation.

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