052 Batmobile Negotiation by hedongchenchen


                 THE "BATMOBILE"
                      Confidential Instructions

Your son has moved overseas and has asked you to sell his four-
door, 1978 Datsun car which he calls "The Batmobile." The car has
many rust spots and small dents in the body, but the engine is in
excellent condition. The car appears to have 46,231 miles on the
engine, but it may have gone past 100,000 miles once or even twice.

You have tried to establish a market value for the Batmobile, but
you found no such cars listed in newspaper ads. The 1978 Datsun is
neither old enough nor rare enough to have any appeal to collectors
of old cars.

A local salvage operator (junk yard) has offered you $300 for the
car for parts and scrap metal. Hoping to find a buyer, last week you
placed the following ad in the newspaper.

                 1978 Datsun. Original equipment.
                    Drives like new, best offer.
                        Phone: 571-3719

Three people came by to look at the car, but no one made an offer.
Today, you called all three people. You told them that you had an
offer for the car. If they wanted to car, they had to come and buy it
now. You said you intended to sell the car to the other buyer if they
were no longer interested. One person said he/she would come by
to see the car again later today.

Meet with and negotiate with this potential buyer.
                          THE "BATMOBILE"
                              Confidential Instructions

You enjoy repairing old cars. You own a four-door, 1978 Datsun, which used to
be your father's car. In the middle of the night about one week ago, both doors on
the driver's side were damaged beyond repair in a "hit and run" accident in your
parking garage.

You would like to repair or replace the doors. The lowest repair estimate was
$1,600 - more than the car is worth. You have spent many hours trying to locate
replacement doors, but you cannot find any replacement doors for this old car. For
sentimental purposes, and because buying a new or reliable used car would cost
far more, you are want to repair your car.

A couple of days ago, you went to see another 1978 four-door Datsun that was
listed for sale in the newspaper. The doors on that car were in good condition
although the car was rusty and had some dents in the body. The car was
nicknamed "The Batmobile" by the owner's son. You did not drive the car, but the
owner said that it runs well. The car appears to have 46,231 miles on the engine,
but it may have gone past 100,000 miles once or even twice.

You would like to purchase this car. You might be able to use other parts from
this car as spare parts for your car. In addition to the purchase price, it will cost
you $200 to remove the doors and repaint them to match your car's color.

You told the seller that you would have to think about it, but would contact the
seller soon. The seller agreed to let you know before selling the car to anyone

This afternoon, the seller called you and said another offer had been received on
the car. The seller said he/she was giving you one last chance to buy the car. You
are certain that you will not find another set of doors for your car if you do not buy
this car.

      Meet with and negotiate with the seller.
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