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									                                                                       Register today!
                   Th e W ith erspoon                                                              THE WITHERSPOON
              Children’s Ball                        You’ll have a ball at the Children’ Ball.      ON THE CHARLES
                   of M assach uset t s
                                                       Award winning!
        The Witherspoon Institute proudly pre-                                                   Children’s Ball
        sents the first annual Witherspoon
        Children’s Ball of Massachusetts.

        Children from 7– 18 years old are

        invited to participate in this celebratory

        dance. Social Engagement Classes

        offered include etiquette, ballroom

        dance and leadership forums with spe-

        cial guest motivational speakers. The

        10 week classes culminate with a

        Thanksgiving Ball where multicultural


                                    celebrate the                                                  Saturday, August 8, 2009
                                    children of                                                               at
                                                                                                        Charles River
                                                                                                      C & K Clubhouse,
                                                                                                         Boston, MA
                                                                     The Witherspoon Institute

                                                                               5 Thane Street
                                                                              Boston, MA 02124
                                                        Phone: 617-535-9704 x701
     The Witherspoon Children’s Ball                    Fax: 617-535-9704
Where every child is served with a silver spoon.        E-mail:

                                                     The Wither spoon on the Char les
                                                             Children’s Ball
                                                                       of Massac hu setts
                    Ball Registration

                                                           Price List             (10 week )

                                                           Etiquette class                                        10 hours                        Event Highlights
                                                           Interpersonal skills: Social introduc-
                                                           tions, table manners, posture, dinner                                             Crowning the Royal Court
                                                           conversation, public address, creating
                                                           personal presence, selecting flattering
                                                                                                                              A fundraising raffle initiative for ball couples who sell
                                                           formal attire, grooming, written social
                                                           correspondence.                                                   the most tickets for their designated community organi-

                                                                                                                              zation. With scepter and crowns, the Royal Court are
                                                           Ballroom Dance                                         10 hours
                                                           Featuring The Waltz                                               the reigning dignitaries of the Ball presenting awards and
                                                           Partners required throughout course and
                                                           Ball presentation. *The Witherspoon Insti-                                        prizes throughout the day!
                                                           tute will assist in identifying potential part-
      Registration begins February 7, 2009                 ners, if needed. Please note on application.                                             4 age categories
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                                                           Leadership Forum                                       10 hours                    King and Queen (16-18)
                                                           Personal development: leadership skill
                                                           building, goal setting, time management,                                        Prince and Princess (13-15)
Saturday Classes:                                          essay writing, daily journal, guest motiva-
                                                           tional speakers.                                                                 Duke and Duchess (10-12)
Boys & Girls Club of Boston                                                                                                                       Lord and Lady (7-9)
                                                           Total: Fee includes 30 hours of children’s  $150.00
                                                           social engagement courses in leadership, Payment Plan Available                             _________
At The Yawkey Club                                         etiquette, ballroom dance. Ball tickets for
of Roxbury                                                 child and adult purchased separately                                More fun… Game room,
115 Warren Street                                                                                                                   candy lane,
                                                           A $65.00 non-refundable registration fee
Roxbury, MA 02119                                          is applied to classes. Check are made                                 exhibitions, vendors,
                                                           payable to The Witherspoon Institute. A
617-427-6050                                               Payment Plan is available upon request.                                   performances
Call: Andrea Swain,                                        Child Ball Ticket                                       $50.00         Talent competition
Ball Advisor                                               Admits one
                                                                                                                             Ballroom Dance competition
                                                           Adult Ball Ticket                                       $50.00
Boys & Girls Saturday classes begin:                       Admits one                                                                  Essay Contest
June 6, 2008—July 25 3-6pm.                                Please note: Friends and family are welcome
                                                           to attend the ball to share and support partici-
Additional sites added weekly please call for additional   pating children. Additional tickets are re-
information                                                quired at the listed price. Please purchase
                                                           Ball tickets by November 15 via the                                   5 Thane Street
                                                           Witherspoon Institute Website, Ticket Master
                                                           or A Nubian Notions, Boston, MA.                                      Phone: 617-535-9704 x701
                                                                                                                                 Fax: 617-535-9704
                                                           Applications and guidelines for the Royal Court
                                                           Raffle; talent, dance and essay competitions are                      E-mail:
                                                           available at the Witherspoon Institute website or at
                                                           participating youth program sites listed.
                                                                                                                                    The Wit herspoon on the C harles
                                                                                                                                             Children ’s Ball

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