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         First Semester
          EMSP 1438
          EMSP 1456
          EMSP 1355
          EMSP 2348

        Second Semester
          EMSP 2444
          EMSP 2330
          EMSP 2338                      Main Campus
          EMSP 2434                     3200 W. 7th Ave.
          EMSP 2668                   Corsicana, TX 75110
                                        (903) 875-7640
         Third Semester
          EMSP 2143
                                      Waxahachie Campus
          EMSP 2269                   1900 John Arden Dr.
                                     Waxahachie, TX 75165
The Paramedic program takes 12
months to complete.
                                        (972) 923-6447
                                       Midlothian Campus
The classes meet Tuesday through       899 Mt. Zion Road
Thursday from 9a.m. – 5p.m.           Midlothian, TX 76065
                                        (972) 775-7200

                                         Mexia Campus
                                   901 N Martin Luther King Jr.
                                       Mexia, TX 76667
                                        (254) 562-3848            For more information visit our web site:


                                                                                 Vicki Goff
                                                  Registration MUST BE done through the EMS
                Benefits                          office in the CEPS Bldg. on the Waxahachie
                                                                                                       • Stethoscope
                                                  Campus. Students are encouraged to contact
Flexibility – Daytime programs begin every                                                             • Medical shears
                                                  this office as soon as possible for full registra-
fall and spring semester.                                                                              • Pen light
                                                  tion requirements. (972)923-6447
                                                                                                       • Safety glasses
Expertise – Navarro College uses instructors
                                                  Procedures for Admission:
who are experts in their field. Instructors are                                                        Uniforms:
                                                  • Fill out application for admission to
members of the Navarro College family and                                                              Students are required to wear the Navarro
                                                      Navarro College:
include full-time and adjunct faculty. All are                                                         College Fire/EMS uniform daily. Uniforms
experienced paramedics either currently em-                                                            consist of: blue polo shirt (available in the
ployed or retired. Each instructor is inter-      • Submit High School Diploma or GED to
                                                                                                       bookstore), dark blue pants, black belt, and
viewed and chosen based on their knowledge            Registrar’s Office.
                                                                                                       black boots.
and command of subject matter.                    • Schedule and complete assessment tests
                                                      (unless exempt) Accuplacer Test: $29.00
                                                                                                       Drug Screen:
Resources – Navarro College has the ability           fee
                                                                                                       Students will be given a 10 panel drug
to provide all the necessary resources to help    • Submit Medical Release provided by the             screen and a background check in this
make a class successful. New computers,               Fire/EMS Dept.) completed by student and         class. Cost for drug/background check is
textbooks, curriculum, and other instructional        physician t the Fire/EMS Dept.                   included in tuition.
equipment are available to help ensure the        • Submit shot records to the Fire/EMS Dept.
highest quality of instruction.                   • Register for classes in the Fire/EMS Dept.         Additional Fees
                                                      in the CEPS building; Waxahachie.                • TDSHS application fee – $96.00
COLLEGE CREDIT – Most importantly, the                                                                 • National Registry Written and Skills,
Navarro College Paramedic program offers          Tuition:                                                 see for current fee sched-
college academic CREDIT! All Paramedic            $3071.00 (approximately) – Tuition is based on           ule.
classes are academic classes and students         out-of-district rates.   If you live in-district
finish with 33 credit hours. Credit hours can     (Navarro County) tuition may be less. Malprac-       Financial Aid:
give graduates an advantage when searching        tice insurance included.                             Please visit the Financial Aid office on any
for employment.                                                                                        Navarro College campus for information on
                                                  Books: Costs are Approximate                         how to apply and what types of aid are
Pre-Requisite: Must have current EMT              • Pathophysiology Paramedic, Authors—                available to you.
Basic Certification                                   Elling,Elling, Rothenburg,
Current Immunizations:                            • Anatomy & Physiology Paramedic,
• Hepatitis B (Complete series of three).             Authors—Elling, Elling, Rothenburg,
• Tuberculosis Test (current to one year)                  $64.00                                      Contacts:
• Measles, Mumps, Rubella (Series of two          • Arrhythmia Recognition, Authors—
    shots needed).                                   Garcia,Miller,                                    Kenneth Harris-EMS Program Coordinator
• Chicken Pox (Vaccine or written state-                   $93.00                              
    ment verifying exposure).                     • Emergency Care in Streets, Author—
• Tetanus shot must be current within 10              Caroline,                                            Vicki Goff-Administrative Assistant
    years.                                                 $176.00                                 
Shot records must be complete and verified        • Emergency Care in the Streets,
before registration.                                  Workbook,                                                     (972)923-6447
                                                           $100.00                                             1-800-NAVARRO ext. 6447
                                                  Books are available at the Navarro College
                                                  Bookstore in Waxahachie.

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