Son of the Mob

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					                        Son of the Mob Questions & Answers

Chapter 1, pages 1-12:

   1. What is some of the advice Vince receives from Alex about his date?

   2. What does Vince find in the trunk of his car? Explain in details.

   3. What is the “act of God” that saves Vince?

Skittish, vicariously, eloquence, suspicious, postmortem

Chapter 2, pages 13-27

   1. What does Vince’s mom tell him his dad does for a living?

   2. How many “uncles” does Vince have?

   3. What are some of the uncles’ names?

   4. How do you think Vince feels about his life? Why?

   5. What does Vince think about his parents?

Urgent, obsessed, profitable, coincidentally, legitimately

Chapter 3, pages 28-36

   1. What do Alex & Vince join?

   2. Why didn’t the linebacker on the other team tackle Vince?

   3. Who’s Kendra Bightly?
Grief, comatose, crimson

Chapter 4, pages 37-48

   1. How well does Vince do in school?

   2. What do you think about Alex?
   3. Who answers the door at Tommy’s apartment?

   3. Do you agree with Vince’s decision? Explain your answer.

Magnificent, irrelevant, retinas

Chapter 5, pages 49-63:

   1. What is Alex’s reaction to Vince’s story about Cece?

   2. Who does Vince run into at the college party? What does she call him and why?

   3. What does the father of Vince’s “girlfriend” do for a living?

   4. What do you think will happen between Vince and the mystery girl?

Reverently, tension, commodity, stalking, navigating

Chapter 6, pages 63-76:

   1. If Vince ever meets Kendra’s dad, what do you think will happen? Write a scene
      with dialogue.

   2. What topics do Vince and Alex choose for their websites?

    3. What does Alex thin Vince has on his head? What is it really?

   4. What did Vince get “cooties” (head lice)?

   5. What is the nickname Vince and his family has for Kendra’s dad?

   6. How does Vince’s dad react to Vince wearing an FBI sweatshirt?

Delusional, cranium, legitimate

Chapter 7, pages 77-87:

   1. What does Kendra call her karaoke tapes?

   2. At first, what do Vince & Kendra think set the smoke alarm off?

   3. What does Vince ask Ray for? What is his reasoning?
   4. Why do you think Vince makes a donation to the food bank? What would you
      have done?

   Incinerated, convictions, repulsive, retort

   Chapter 8, pages 88-98:

   1. How does Alex feel about Kendra? Why do you think he feels this way?

   2. What activities does Kendra do in her free time?

   3. Create a mobster. What does he/she look like? Draw or write your character.

   4. How do Vince and Tommy think similarly about school? How do the brothers
      think about school differently?

Chapter 9, pages 99-111:
  1. What is the conflict between Alex & Kendra?

   2. Who appears at Vince’s car? What does he want?

   3. How would you react if you witnessed the conversation between Jimmy and

   4. What incident occurs at the daycare where Kendra works?

Chapter 10, pages 112-123:
   1. Where does Vince take Kendra on their “surprise date”?

    2. What do you think Uncle Pamper’s job is?

    3. What do you think Vince should do about going to dinner at Kendra’s house?

Chapter 11, pages 124-142:
   1. What do you think Vince’s “uncles” think about him?

    2. Write Fluffy the Cat’s life story (the cat of the only hit Vince’s website received).

    3. Are the cat ads really for cats or are they for something else? Explain your

    4. What was in the trunk that was delivered to the school?
    5. What happens with Jimmy the Rat?


Chapter 12, pages 143-159:
    1. How does Alex help Vince take down the poster?

     2. How does Vince’s mom deal with the stress that her husband’s job creates?
     3. Who do you think is putting up the homecoming signs?

     4. Do you thin that Vince is getting “played” by Jimmy the Rat and Ed Mishkin?
        Explain your answer.


Chapter 13, pages 160-188:
    1. How is this chapter similar to the themes of Romeo & Juliet?

Chapter 14, pages 169-188:
     1. What do you think the code is? Who do you think is posting the messages?

     2. What do you think made Ray become a gangster?

Chapter 15, pages 189-202:
     1. What special treatment do Vince & Kendra receive at the restaurant?

      2. How does Vince describe Alex in this chapter?

      3. What do you think has overcome Alex? Why do you think he is being this

      4. How do you think Agent Bite Me found out about Vince & Kendra?

Chapter 16, pages 203-217:
     1. Why do you think Alex is happy that Vince and Kendra broke up?

      2. Who does Vince think owns The Platinum Coast?

      2. Why are Jimmy and Ed losing money?

Chapter 17, pages 218-232:
     1. Why did Alex put up the posters?
      2. What has Vince’s website been used for?

      3. What happened to Return to Sender, Java Grotto, and the Platinum Coast?

      4. What two things does Vince realize at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 18, pages 233-243:
     1. How long has Ray been spying on the family and their “business”?

      2. Who carried out the Calabrese hit?

      3. How was Kendra involved in the hit?

Chapter 19, pages 244-262:
     1. Answer the question: “How do you struggle with a tiny paycheque when you
         know that huge sums of money are out there, yours for the taking?”

      2. How does Vince rationalize using all the things that have come to him

      3. Who really burnt down The Platinum Club?

Chapter 20, pages 263-266:
     1. What do you think will happen to Vince and Kendra?

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