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									 Who can receive mental health
       B   AC K   P A N EL H E A D I N G
                                               Ways to support a child or
 services?                                      youth who is witnessing
                                                  domestic violence:
 Children and youth and their
 families who have witnessed                ♦ Make sure the child/youth is safe
 domestic violence and live in San
                                            ♦ Listen without judgment
                                            ♦ Validate the young person’s feelings
 How do I get help for my child?
                                            ♦ Let the child know s/he is not
 Call LINC at (415) 885-7636 to
                                                responsible for the abuse
 speak with the clinical services
 coordinator.                               ♦ Talk about the right to personal safety
                                                and what the child can do to stay safe
 How do I refer a child to LINC?

 Inform the parent and make a
                                            ♦ Call LINC or another agency to get
                                                support for the child.
 confidential referral to get support                                                                 Living in a Nonviolent
 for a child and family, call LINC at       ♦ If the child or family is in immediate                    Community
 (415) 885-7636.                                crisis, call either

                                                     - WOMAN, Inc. (415) 864-472

                                                     - Child Crisis Comprehensive
LINC is a partnership between :                       Services (415) 970-3800                      LINC is a comprehensive and community-oriented
                                                                                                   program within the UCSF National Center of
♦ The UCSF National Center of Excellence
                                                                                                   Excellence in Women’s Health that aims to reduce
   in Women’s Health
                                                                                                   the incidence of domestic violence and its impact
♦ The UCSF Division of Infant, Child, and                                                          on children, youth and families.
                                            Living in a Nonviolent Community Program
   Adolescent Psychiatry at San Francisco
                                            UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health
   General Hospital.                        2356 Sutter Street, San Francisco CA 94143-1694
                                            Phone: 415-885-7636
                                            Fax: 415-885-7508

                                             Living in a Nonviolent Community (LINC)
Seeing or hearing parents                 LINC’S BELIEFS:                               Children rarely talk about
 fight can hurt as much as                                                               the violence they see at
         being hit...                                                                             home...
                                          ♦   Violence is preventable

                                          ♦   Cycles of family violence can be
♦ More than 3 million children
                                              broken                                         L I N C P ROVIDES:
    witness domestic violence
   (violence between adult intimate       ♦   Family violence is both a pediatric      Mental health services for child and
   partners) in the United States                                                      youth witnesses (birth to 18)
                                              issue and a public health problem
   per year.
                                          ♦   Combining education with clinical
                                                                                                  ♦ Individual Counseling
                                              service is crucial to reducing and
♦ Witnessing domestic violence can                                                                ♦ Family Counseling
    be as traumatic for children and          preventing harm to children
                                                                                                  ♦ Case Management
    youth as being the victim of
    physical or sexual abuse.

                                          L I N C ’ S G O AL S :
CHILDREN        WHO WITNESS                                                            Community Education and
D O M E S T I C V I O L E N C E M AY      ♦   Raise awareness of the                   Training for:
EXPERIENCE:                                   impact of witnessing                       ♦   Parents
                                              violence on children                       ♦   Middle and high school students
           ♦ School difficulties
                                          ♦   Teach adults how to talk to kids about     ♦   School professionals
           ♦ Heightened aggression
                                              family violence                                          ♦   Healthcare providers
           ♦ Physical complaints
                                          ♦   Increase feelings of safety,                             ♦   Law enforcement
           ♦ Fears and worries
                                              competence and well-being in child                       ♦   Childcare providers
           ♦ Sadness
                                              and adolescent witnesses of
                                                                                         ♦   Youth and family service
           ♦ Trouble eating or sleeping       domestic violence                              providers

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