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									Dear Erasmus and other exchange students,

We are delighted that you have chosen to study at Brno University of
Technology (BUT).

This guide was prepared for all international students who are coming to Brno to
study at Brno University of Technology (BUT). We know that it is hard to get around
on your own, not knowing the city and the language. We would like to make life for
international students in Brno easier by putting together some valuable and helpful

Our aim is not to create a tour guide telling you about the history and culture of the
city and Czech people but rather we want it to be helpful telling you about our
university, study information and rules at college and in practical life. It will answer
nearly all questions that you may have during your stay at BUT.

Guide is updated every academic year by adding new information based on our
experience and feedback from those who have already used it, from you.

We wish you only the best during your stay at BUT.

Mobility Programme Department
Study Section of Rectorate
Brno University of Technology

Table of contents

      1.  Brno University of Technology                4 
      Academic Degrees                                 5 
      Education                                        5 
      Research                                          6 
      International Cooperation                         7 
      Academic Year                                     7 
      Information on all degree programme               8 
      Main University Regulations                       8 
      BUT Organisational Structure                      8 
      BUT Faculties                                    10 
      BUT Student Facilities                           23 
      Accommodation                                    23
      Meals                                            24
      Facilities for special needs students            25
      BUT Libraries                                    26
      BUT Computer Centres                             27
      BUT Sports Facilities                            27
      Czech Language Courses                           27
      ISC – International Students Club                29
      Excursions, Day Trips                            29

      2.  Introducing the Czech Republic and Brno      30 
      The Czech Republic                               30 
      Government                                       30
      Education                                        30
      Brno                                             31 
      Public Holidays                                  32

      3.  Practical Information                        33 
      Cost of living in Brno for an Erasmus student    33 
      Important Telephone Numbers                      33 
      ISIC - International Student Identity Card       35 
      Medical Care                                     35 
      Banking                                          36 
      Transportation                                   36 
      Public Transport in Brno                         36
      Transport Outside Brno                           37
      Air Travel                                       38
      Taxis                                            38
      Car Rentals                                      38
      Postal Services                                  39 
      Internet                                         39 
      Accommodation                                    40 
      Visiting Czechs in Their Homes                   40 
      Laundry                                          41 
      Computer Shops                                   41

        4.   Free, Leisure Time                            42
        Cultural Activities                                42 
        Information Centres                                42 
        Museums and galleries                              42 
        Theatres                                           43 
        Cinemas                                            43 
        Concert Halls – classical music                    43
        Concert – clubs, pop music, other music styles     43 
        Libraries                                          43
        Newsagents                                         46
        Other activities                                   46 
        Shopping, Eating out, Clubs                        47 
        Shopping                                           47
        Eating Out                                         48 
        Concerts – Clubs, Pop Music, Other Music Styles    49 
        Clubs with darts, pool or table football           50
        Other Places and Activities                        51 
        ZOO                                                51
        The Brno Dam                                       51
        The Masaryk Racing Circuit                         51
        Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV)                       51
        Planetarium                                        52
        Botanical Garden                                   52
        Horse Riding                                       52
        Paintball                                          52
        Gokarting                                          53
        Skating                                            53

Conversational Minimum                                     54

ISC Members Contacts                                       55 

1. Brno University of Technology

Brno University of Technology has status public higher-education institution,
university type. The Czech Technical University was founded in 1899. During over
than hundred years of its existence the number of study areas has increased and at
present the Brno University of Technology, as the only technical university in the
Czech Republic, covers the whole spectrum of technical disciplines.
With more than 23,000 students, the Brno University of Technology is one of the
largest universities in the Czech Republic.

Faculties are spread around the city, housed in well-renovated traditional buildings
and in modern university mini campuses. All equipped with a large number of
lecture halls, classrooms and modern laboratories. A sufficient number of
dormitories, cafeteria and sports facilities are available to students.

The students at Brno University of Technology can choose one of the following
study areas taught at the faculties:

mechanical engineering: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
· civil engineering: Faculty of Civil Engineering
· electrical engineering: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
· informatics: Faculty of Information Technology
· chemistry and chemical engineering: Faculty of Chemistry
· economics and management: Faculty of Business and Management
· architecture: Faculty of Architecture
· design and fine arts: Faculty of Fine Arts
· forensic engineering: Institute of Forensic Engineering

More information about BUT the following website:

Academic Degrees

The Brno University of Technology provides university education in the following
study programmes: Bachelor´s (3 or 4-year, academic title Bc. or BcA.), Master´s
(1,5 – 5-year, academic title Ing., Ing.arch. or MgA.), and Doctoral (3 - 4-year, title
Ph.D.) in both – full-time and part-time forms.


The essential way of education consist of lectures, seminaries, ateliers, projects,
training, tuition, practical experience, excursion and students´ autonomous
working. It is also possible to study some of the study programmes in English,
faculties also offer particular courses taught in English.

Students choose appropriate set of subjects which are required, selective, or
elective with necessary number of credits that represent study-load of particular
studied subjects.

Since the academic year 2004/2005 all graduates from the Bachelor and Master’s
study programmes at Brno University of Technology have been provided, free of
charge, with a Diploma Supplement.

In 2006, Brno University of Technology was awarded the prestige certificate of
European Commission Diploma Supplement Label.

In 2009, Brno University of Technology has received the ECTS Label and DS
Label prestigious awards for 2009 – 2013 in appreciation of its quality as
a higher-education institution.

BUT is one of the only two Czech universities to be awarded the ECTS Label. It is an
appreciation of its correct application of the credit system to all Bachelor's and
Master's programmes in line with the objectives of the Bologna process. The DS
Label received by BUT certifies that the diploma supplements received by the
graduates free of charge are correct. Both the labels certify that BUT meets the
strict higher-education criteria imposed by the European Union. They significantly
help extend student mobility opening the university to international students.

The ECTS Label is the most prestigious European award in tertiary education
certifying the fulfilment of the university's strategic goals in the European higher-

education space. It means that Brno University of Technology is prepared to meet
all the obligations following from the Bologna Declaration and subsequent
international agreements. Using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation
System (ECTS) makes the recognition of study at a university abroad more
transparent, which directly supports student mobility both within and outside
the European higher-education space.

The DS Label testifies that the English-Czech diploma supplement meets the
requirements recommended by the European Commission both in terms of its form
and content. The supplement has been designed to provide a diploma with
additional data enhancing its informative value to make the international academic
and professional recognition more just. The supplement includes a full list of the
courses a graduate has completed indicating the number of credits on the ECTS
scale. Included are also courses taken during study at a foreign university, data on
the final project, its presentation, state examination, and an overall study


One of the most important aims is to accumulate knowledge and apply it for
practical purposes. Research activities are focused on projects by the Ministry of
Education, grant agencies, international programmes (COST, COPERNICUS,
EUREKA, 6th and 7th Framework Programme, Czech-American and Czech-Austrian
cooperation) and many Czech as well as foreign industrial orders. Achievements are
appreciated by research institutions and industrial companies (Skoda Auto, Smeral,
IBM, ABB, Philips, Flextronics, CEZ, IMOS, end other).
Brno University of Technology is involved in activities of several research centres
and associations, e.g.:

•   Aerospace Research Centre
•   Centre for Mechanical Engineering and Technology
•   Research Centre of Applied Cybernetics
•   Brno University of Technology Association for Biomedical Engineering and

International Cooperation

Brno University of Technology co-operates with a number of other universities in
Europe and overseas. It has a huge experience in teaching foreign students within
EU educational programmes such as CEEPUS, ERASMUS, Leonardo, etc. The
information about offered courses are available in brochures at each faculty.
Lecturers at Brno University of Technology are ready to be taught in English for
those students who are not versed in the Czech language.

Academic Year

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

   •   Winter semester from late September to January
   •   Summer semester from February to September

The academic year 2010/2011 begins on 1. 9. 2010:

   •   Winter semester classes begin on 20. 9. 2010
   •   Summer semester classes begin on 7. 2. 2011

Each semester consists of 13 weeks of classes and is followed by an examination
period. The lessons start at 7 AM and then every hour. Duration of lesson is
50 minutes.

Information on all degree programme

More information the following website:

Allocation of credits

Primary allocation of credits depends on contributions of individual courses to
a week’s study workload of 40 hours covering lectures, exercises, seminars,
projects, training, self-study and examinations.

The total number of credits for one semester is 30 (60 credits per year). Initial
numbers of credits are corrected every year on the basis of the actual study
workload of students in individual courses. Credits are awarded to individual
students after completion of the course and the successful assessment of the
achieved learning outcomes.

Main University Regulations

Constitution of BUT:

Study and Examination Regulation of BUT:

Scholarship rules of BUT:

BUT Organisational Structure

BUT Centre
Antonínská 548/1, CZ 601 90 Brno
Phone: +420 541 141 111 (switchboard)

Prof. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA
Tel: +420 541 145 200

Vice-Rector for Strategic Development:
prof. RNDr. Ing. Petr Štěpánek, CSc.
Tel: +420 541 145 222

Vice-rector for education and student affairs:
Doc. RNDr. Miloslav Švec, CSc.
Tel: +420 541 145 207

Vice-rector for external relations:
doc. MgA. Petr Kvíčala
Tel: +420 541 145 114

Vice-rector for research and creative activities:
prof. RNDr. Michal Kotoul, DrSc.
Tel: +420 541 145 206

Vice-rector for informations and communication technology:
prof. Ing. Pavel Jura, CSc.
Tel: +420 541 145 232

BUT Erasmus coordinator
Ing. Michaela Fojtová
Head of the Study department - Rectorate
Phone: +420 541 145 243

Mobility programme department – Study department of Rectorate:

Erasmus officer – student mobility
Ing. Martina Matyášová
Phone: +420 541 145 116

Erasmus officer – student mobility
Renata Sátorová
Phone: +420 541 145 145

Erasmus officer – staff mobility
Bc. Magdaléna Káňová
Phone: +420 541 145 123

International Students Club (ISC)
Veronika Dvorníková
Head coordinator of ISC
Phone: +420 733 690 488

BUT Faculties

           Faculty of Civil Engineering
              Veveří 331/95, 662 37 Brno

Vice-dean for external affairs
Doc. Ing. Jiří Hirš, CSc.
Tel: +420 541 147 920

International department officer
Ms Ludmila Zelinková
Tel: +420 541 147 160

Faculty of Civil Engineering is the founding Faculty of Czech Technical University
dating back to 1899. The Faculty is situated in the centre of Brno and with an
enrolment of over 6 000 students, it is the largest faculty of the Brno University of

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and its individual members are actively engaged in
programmes of research with colleagues, educational institutions and companies
within the Czech Republic and abroad. In recent years a large number of
collaborative efforts have been initiated with universities in various countries all
over the world. Many faculty members are actively involved in several European
research projects sponsored through, for example, Cooperation in Science and
Technology (COST), COPERNICUS and other similar programmes. Departments and
individual faculty members also do research on projects funded by the Grant
Agency of the Czech Republic.

Fields of Study
Architecture of Building Structures; Building Material Engineering, Building
Constructions; Structures and Traffic Constructions; Civil Engineering Management;
Water Management and Water Structures; Geodesy and Cartography

                  Faculty of Mechanical
                      Technická 2896/2,
                         616 69 Brno

Vice-dean for foreign relations
doc. Ing. Radek Knoflíček, Dr.
Tel: +420 541 142 474

International department officer
Ms Miroslava Gonová
Tel: +420 541 142 134

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the second largest faculty of the Brno
University of Technology with almost 4 600 students and 15 specialized institutes.
Studies in Mechanical Engineering go back to 1899. The Faculty was established as
a school in 1958.

Study is strictly structured in three follow-up levels of education - Bachelor's,
Master's, and doctoral study programmes. All study programmes are accredited in
Czech and in English, and there are joint degree and double degree programmes
organized as international study programmes in cooperation with institutions of
higher education abroad (ENSAM Cluny and TU Chemnitz). Various projects from
practice, involvement in research activities carried out at the institutes, and possible
study or stays abroad are integral parts of the study. Each year, approximately 750
students graduate from the faculty having good career prospects with no difficulty
in finding jobs.

The Faculty has had dozens of contacts with the universities and companies in
Europe, U.S.A. and Asia. It is actively engaged in projects within the 6th framework
programme, as well as other EU projects, more than 120 projects granted by the
Ministry of Industry and Trade, grant agencies, 5 research centres, and others.

Fields of Study
In addition to traditional engineering fields such as construction or technology,
there is a growing emphasis on applied disciplines such as applied mechanics,
biomechanics, mechatronics, precision mechanics and optics, quality management,
engineering informatics, materials engineering, mathematical engineering, industrial
design etc.

                   Faculty of Electrical
                    Engineering and
                       Údolní 244/53,
                        602 00 Brno

Vice-dean for external relations
prof. Ing. Radimír Vrba, CSc.
Tel: +420 541 146 161

International department officer
JUDr. Jarmila Pončová
Tel: +420 541 146 328

Studies in electrical engineers at BUT go back to 1905. The Faculty was established
as a school in 1959. The credit system is compatible with the ECTS. There are
numerous exchange programmes for students and academic staff including Erasmus
programmes. The language of instruction is Czech and English.

The Faculty presently consists of 12 departments with about 190 teachers, 360 PhD
students, and over 4000 students in basic and advanced programs.
The quality of teaching is guaranteed by accreditation procedures, one at the
national level by the Ministry of Education, another at the European level by the
European Association for Education FEANI.
The setting of the Faculty is rather suburban than downtown, concentrated into
three localities, which are interconnected by optical data networks and connected to
the rest of the world by Internet.

Fields of Study
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication specializes in automation,
biomedical engineering, power engineering, electronics, electronics manufacturing,
microelectronics, robotics, heavy current and telecommunication technology.

               Faculty of Architecture
                Poříčí 273/5, 639 00 Brno

Vice-dean for internal and international relations
Ing. arch. Jiri Palacky, Ph.D.
Tel: +420 541 146 673

Study department officer
Mrs. Anna Horáková
Tel: +420 541 146 621

Studies in Architecture started at BUT in 1919. The Faculty was formed in 1976.
Presently if offers accredited Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programmes of
architecture and urban planning with over 800 students. The Master’s programme is
also offered in English an includes courses of contemporary architecture; building
reconstruction; planning of town and region development; building realization,
enterprise and finance; building techniques and technology; graphic and drawing
techniques etc.

Students and teachers of the Faculty participate in various creative and research
activities such as some domestic and international competitions and exhibitions
(France, Sweden), research projects “Czech Architecture and Urban Planning in the
New Situation” and “Building Housing for Seniors”, exhibitions of diploma projects
at the Faculty and abroad, international workshops and conferences about
renovation of industrial heritage and revitalization, exhibition Figurama,
architectural structures.

Fields of Study
The programmes are also offered in English and include following courses:
contemporary architecture; building reconstruction; planning of town and region
development; building realization, enterprise and finance; building techniques and
technology, graphic and drawing techniques; module workshop – building design;
module specialized studio; diploma project.

                 Faculty of Business and
                 Kolejní 2906/4, 612 00 Brno

Vice-dean for foreign relations
Ing. Zdeňka Videcká, Ph.D.
Tel: +420 541 142 792
E-mail: prodě

International department officer
Ing. Gabriela Kořanová
Tel: +420 541 142 508

The Faculty of Business and Management was established in 1992. However,
studies of Business and Management had been a part of programs of Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering for several decades. Today FBM is a modern-established
faculty with over 3 000 students.

Fields of Study
The courses are enriched by providing the students with knowledge and skills
necessary for managers of industrial enterprises or businessmen, especially in the
field of marketing, accountancy, finance, management, strategic management,
enterprise logistics, information technologies, statistics, sociology, psychology and
law. The Faculty also offers MBA studies in cooperation with Nottingham Trent
University and Dominican University of Illinois, and a broad spectrum of courses of
lifelong learning.

For English speaking students the Faculty of Business and Management offers some
Master’s and Doctoral study programmes and a special program for Erasmus
students “Company Management and Economics”, which is based on current offer of
courses in master programme.

Research activities of the Faculty are in the fields of business, management and
sustainable development. The Faculty participated on EU projects of the 5th and the
6th Framework Programmes. Several research projects have been financed by
European Social Fund. The Faculty also organizes several international conferences
every year.

                 Faculty of Chemistry
                  Purkyňova 464/118,
                      612 00 Brno

Vice-dean for education (including mobility LLP/ERASMUS)
Ing. Martin Zmrzlý, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 541 149 344

International department officer
Mgr. Alena Sýkorová
Tel: +420 541 149 346

Study in Chemistry has been offered since 1919. The present Faculty was
established in 1992. The faculty is situated in the Czech Technology Park, an area of
120 hectares integrating education, research, business, industry and even leisure
still being close to the city centre connected to it by many direct routes of public
transport. Thus it provides its students, researchers and scientists with maximum
comfort. Its laboratories are well furnished. Research of the Faculty uses
extensively computer technology.

The Faculty of Chemistry offers a broad spectrum of study fields that reflect social
demand for graduates in Chemistry. Today the faculty has the staff of 155
employees. About 1000 students are enrolled in various bachelor, master and
doctoral degree study programmes focused on both chemical and food branches.
The alumni of the above branch oriented programmes are prepared to work in
research, industry and for the positions of industrial and business management staff
especially in chemical, pharmaceutical, building, consumer and food industries as
well as in public administration.

Fields of Study
Material Chemistry; Material Engineering; Physical Chemistry; Macromolecular
Chemistry; Technical Chemistry; Crisis Management and Population Protection;
Bioengineering; Consumer Chemistry; Food Chemistry and Biotechnology;
Environmental Chemistry; etc.

                Faculty of Fine Arts
                 Rybářská 125/13/15,
                     603 00 Brno

Vice-dean for student affairs and external relations
PhDr. Pavel Ondračka
Tel: +420 541 146 829

International department officer
PhDr. Hedvika Šimíčková
Phone: 541 146 804

The tradition of art education at Brno University of Technology dates back to 1899
when the Institute of Drawing was established at the Faculty of Construction of the
University. The early 1990s have offered new perspectives to the school, and the
Institute of Fine Arts was settled. The establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts was
approved by the Ministry of Education, and the Faculty was opened in January

The Faculty of Fine Arts, with almost 300 students, is one of only several academic
institutions in the Czech Republic where young people can be educated in fine arts.
The Faculty began to build its profile, linking up the rather traditional teaching in
conventional studios with adequate forms of teaching in modern artistic disciplines.
The academic staff consists of artists from Brno, Prague and Bratislava. Students,
graduates and teachers organize or participate in more than 100 exhibitions every
year, both at home and abroad. The faculty has its own gallery and audio Atelier.

Faculty of Fine Arts emphasizes linkage between fine arts and engineering,
connection between the Faculty and other Faculties of BUT in design and modern
technologies. It offers a mixture of classical disciplines, design and new media. The
Faculty is relatively small and the teaching is mainly individual; every student is
being trained as an individual in a different way.

Fields of Study
Sculpture; Painting; Graphics; Graphic Design; Industrial Design; Conceptual
Trends; Video-Multimedia-Performance.

               Faculty of Information
                    Božetěchova 1/2,
                      612 66 Brno

Vice-dean for external relations
Doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Zemčík
Phone: +420 541 141 217

International department officer
Mrs. Michaela Studená
Phone: +420 541 141 265

The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at Brno University of Technology was
established in January 2002. It was developed from the former Department of
Computer Science and Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science. The Department was established in 1964 and has had a long
tradition in teaching computer science and informatics in the framework of the
former Faculty.

At present, the Faculty of Information Technology, with almost 3000 students,
offers a three-year Bachelor study programme Information Technology (Bc.), a two-
year follow-up Master study programme Information Technology (Ing.), and Ph.D.
study programme in the scientific branch Information Technology. These study
programmes respect the principles of the Bologna Declaration for the development
of tertiary education in Europe. The structures of both study programmes are fully
compatible with the European space for higher education.

The second-level students and postgraduate doctoral students are involved in
research projects, which form an important part of the Faculty activities.
A considerable part of teaching and research activities is centralized in the
Computer Centre. The Faculty’s biggest achievement has been the development of

Language Identification System for speech recognition that is in the forefront in the
technology in the world.

Fields of Study
Information Technology; Computer Science and Engineering; Bioinformatics and
Biocomputing; Computer and Embedded Systems; Computer Graphics and
Multimedia; Computer Systems and Networks; Information Systems; Information
Technology Security; Intelligent Systems; Management and Information
Technologies; Mathematical Methods in Information Technology.

                 Institute of Forensic
                          Údolní 53,
                         602 00 Brno

Head for education, science and research
doc. Ing. Robert Kledus, Ph.D
Phone: +420 541 146 010

International department officer
Ing. Bc. Marek Semela, PhD.
Phone: +420 541 146 010

Institute of Forensic Engineering educates future experts in traffic, economy,
building industry and engineering.

Master study:
• Real Estate Engineering (properties, legislative relations to properties, valuation
   of real estate, real properties…)
• Expert Engineering in Traffic (road traffic and transport, traffic law, international
   contracts, transport company direction, traffic accidents analysis…)
Whole university following master study programme:
• Risk Engineering (identification, analysis and reducing or eliminating risks in
   engineering areas…)
• with fields of study:
Risk management of building constructions (cooperation with FCE)
Risk management of engine plants (with FME)
Risk management of electronics devices (with FEEC)
Risk management in information systems (with FIT)
Risk management of chemical technologies (with FCH)
Risk management in companies a institutions (with FBM)

Doctoral study:
Forensic Engineering

BUT Student Facilities

Brno University of Technology
Halls of Residence and Dining Services of BUT
Kolejní 2
612 00 Brno
Phone: +420 541 142 931-3
Phone: +420 541 142 903
Fax: +420 541 242 935

BUT provides good-class accommodation - mostly in double rooms. Half of the
bedrooms are equipped with their own bathroom and toilet, another half has
a common bathroom unit for a certain number of rooms. Most of the rooms are
two-bed and three-bed rooms, a small number are single rooms.
Students have a study room, TV room, bicycle room, music room with a piano, and
a darkroom at their disposal. All halls are equipped with laundries and dryers as
well as public phones.
The premises offer various sports facilities like multipurpose fields, quality body
building gyms, gymnasiums, pool tables, table tennis equipment and other sports
facilities of the Center for Sports Activities.

Halls of Residence offers:
• 100 % high speed internet connection
• wide range of dining services (cafeterias, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, bars and
snack bars)
• modern catering system (cashless, no pre-ordering, no limit, online menus)
• halls of residence provide quality sports facilities
• student advising centre:

There are 6 797 beds available in four BUT dormitories:
Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall, Kolejní 2, Brno
Purkyně Residence Hall, Purkyňova 93, Brno
List Residence Hall, Kounicova 46/48, Brno
Mánesovy Residence Hall, Mánesova 12, Brno
Starý pivovar boarding house, Božetěchova 1, Brno
It is necessary to reserve a room by a student before his arrival through internet:

The monthly price for 1 person varies from 2000 CZK to 2600 CZK per month.

Foreign students are mainly accommodated in complex named “Pod Palackého
vrchem” at Kolejní Street near the Faculty of Business and Management or at dorms
named “Manesovy koleje” at Manesova Street. Near dormhouses, there are many
facilities available for students such as: fitness centre, gym, boulder centre, cinema,
student club, snack bar, copy centre.
Grocery store, newspapers drugstore all in one:
Monday - Wednesday 7:00 – 20:00
Thursday            7:00 – 19:30
Friday              7:00 – 13:00
Saturday            8:00 – 12:30
Sunday             15:00 – 19:30

If you have any problems with accommodation or people in dorms or other related
problems feel free to visit Counselling Centre:
Counselling Centre Over blocks
Kolejní 2, block A4
Contact person: Ms Jana Kalousková
Tel: 549 257 301, 541 142 903

Accommodation scholarship:
Every Erasmus student is eligible to be given an accommodation scholarship from
BUT. As a first step it is necessary to contact Erasmus office on a particular faculty
and fill in an application form for the scholarship. It takes a few days to work up the
application and after this process a student obtains an e-mail with the information
about the day of withdrawing his (her) money.


              16 dining facilities in the premises of halls of residence and BUT
              faculties offer rich and varied menus. Broad choice of hot and cold
              meals, made-to-order meals, vegetarian meals and desserts in
cafeterias and restaurants. vegetable and fruit salads with main courses, fruits,
variety of alcoholic and soft drinks. Pleasant cafés and bars are ideal for taking
a rest and meeting friends.
Students can take their meals in a number of student cafeterias (in Czech it is
called “menza”). You can find actual menu for lunches and dinners at while cafeterias are opened. You can actually make
your choice, before you go to eat.

Dining services in halls of residence:
• Pizzeria Mozzarella (self-service cafeteria), Kolejní 2, Brno
• Kolejní cafeteria, Kolejní 2, Brno
• Caffé Bar Piccolo, Kolejní 2, Brno
• Purkyně cafeteria, Purkyňova 93, Brno
• Purkyně snack bar, Purkyňova 93, Brno

• Restaurant (with full service), Božetěchova 1, Brno
• Cafeteria, Božetěchova 1, Brno
• Café, Božetěchova 1, Brno

Dining services in BUT faculties:
Integrated building of the Faculty of Business and Management and the Faculty of
Electrical Engineering and Communication, Kolejní 4, Brno
• Mini cafeteria

Faculty of Chemistry, Purkyňova 118, Brno
• Student cafeteria
• Snack bar

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technická 2, Brno
• "Q" Restaurant

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Veveří 95, Brno
• "V" Restaurant
• Pizzeria Presto (serviced restaurant)

BUT Rectorate, Antonínská 1, Brno
• BUT Center café

How you get your meals? All you need is to use your student card (ISIC). First, you
will have to top up it by cash at any cafeteria’s cashier. Then you can purchase
chosen meal with your card. Credit on your card will be decreased by a price of
each meal you purchase. You can buy as much food as you like while you have
credit on your ISIC. You will receive your student card from your faculty Erasmus
contact person. Price of one student lunch is around 30 CZK for a main dish and
5 CZK for a soup. Exception is pizza Mozarella, which is little bit more expensive.

Facilities for special needs students
            All the faculties make efforts in order to enable the study of disabled
            students. Only at the Faculty of Chemistry, the study of disabled
            students is more difficult as work in chemical laboratory necessitates
            good health.

Computer rooms are barrier free. Barrier free access is also ensured at all other
faculties except the Faculty of Fine Arts. The study conditions are adapted to the
individual needs of students. Faculties set up individual timetables offering
cooperation with the tutor as needed in a particular course. Electronic textbooks
and other aids of a multimedia nature are available at most of the faculties; at
FEEC, students may follow a laboratory lesson from virtual laboratories, FIT
students are offered on-line lectures, students at FME were offered improved
connection to their home computers to the academic network.

BUT Libraries

BUT Central Library: Antonínská 1
Monday-Thursday: 09:00 – 20:00
 Friday:         09:00 – 15:00

Faculty library FA: Poříčí 5
 Monday, Wednesday:
                  9:00 – 20:00
 Tuesday, Thursday:
                  9:00 – 17:00
 Friday:          9:00 – 14:00

Faculty library FCE: Veveří 95
 Monday-Friday: 8:00 – 20:00
 Saturday:        9:00 – 15:00

Faculty library FFA:
 Rybářská 13/15
 Monday:             13:00 – 15:00
 Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00 - 11:00
                     13:00 - 15:00
  Wednesday:         13:00 - 17:00

Area library FME: Technická 2
 Monday-Thursday: 9:00 – 18:00
 Friday:             9:00 – 13:00

Faculty library FBM: IO Kolejní 4
 Monday-Thursday:     9:00 – 17:30
 Friday:              9:00 – 13:00

Area library BUT:
Purkyňova 464/118

Monday, Wednesday:    9:00 – 18:00
Tuesday, Thursday:    8:00 – 19:00
Friday:               8:00 – 14:00

Area library FEEC: IO Kolejní 4
Monday-Thursday:      9:00 – 17:00
Friday:               9:00 – 13:00

Faculty library FIT: Božetěchova 2
Monday-Thursday:       8:00 – 17:00
Friday:                8:00 – 15:00

Libraries don’t provide a lot of English literature, but you can find some books,
journals and magazines in English, if you are interested.

BUT Computer Centres

Each faculty has its own computer centre. Besides that you can use
two computer rooms in the BUT Centre, Antonínská 1 (part of the
central library).

BUT Sports Facilities
Centre of sport activities of BUT (CESA)
Technická 2, 616 69 Brno
Director: RNDr. Hana Lepková
Tel: + 420 541 142 270

Brno University of Technology has own sports facilities and
sport centres, which offers wide range of sports for
students. For BUT students are mainly all of the classes
free of charge or with a small contribution.

Example of sports at CESA: aerobic, badminton, basketball, bowling, indoor cycling,
football, mountain bikes, swimming, horse riding, skiing, squash, tennis, and much

City Sports Facilities
Besides that Brno offers a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities.
The city of Brno also provides dozens of sporting facilities, including three indoor
swimming pools, four open-air swimming pools and two winter stadiums. The
enormous Boby Centre, the largest of these facilities, boasts squash courts,
a bowling alley, and some of the best workout facilities in the Czech Republic, not to
mention the country’s largest discotheque. Information about specific sporting and
athletics facilities in Brno can be found on the City of Brno WebPages:

Czech Language Courses

Every international student coming to BUT has an opportunity to
take part in an intensive Czech language course (5 days), which is
prepared as a part of the invitation week.

For those who might be interested in further study there are several possibilities.
On the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Communication and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering their language institutes
provide one semestral courses of Czech, always according to interest of foreign

students. For more information about these Czech Language courses, contact
a study department of a particular faculty.

Some other possibilities where to study Czech Language:

      Brno University of Technology
      Lifelong Learning Institute
      Kounicova 966/67a
      602 00 Brno
      managing director: PhDr. Petra Navrátilová
      Tel: +420 541 148 810

      Lifelong Learning Institute at BUT offers Intensive course of Czech language
      for foreigners .They are designed for everybody who needs and wants to
      speak Czech. Individual preparation for entrance examination to Brno
      University of Technology is also offered. There are usually 9 – 13 students in
      the class. The classes last two semesters, 35 weeks, 4 hours per day

      Brno University of Technology
      Faculty of Civil Engineering
      Institute of Social Sciences
      Žižkova 17, 602 00 Brno
      Contact person: PhDr. Zuzana Wotkeová, CSc.

      Masaryk University
      Department of Czech for Foreigners
      Faculty of Arts
      Arne Nováka 1, 660 88 Brno
      Tel: 549 496 492, 549 494 631
      Contact person: PhDr. Eva Rusínová

      Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry
      Language department
      Zemědělská 3, 613 00 Brno
      Tel: 545 132 061
      Contact person: PhDr. Jitka Brešová, CSc.

      Brno English Centre
      Starobrněnská 16/18, 602 00 Brno
      Tel: 542 211 435


BUT also offers international students services through its International Student
Club a non-profit organization that consists of voluntary university students,
especially in the form of help for students before and after their arrival in Brno
(picking them up at the airport or train or coach station, providing information,
helping them to settle in at the residence, arranging for the necessary documents
such as student cards, public transport passes, etc.), the organization of leisure-
time activities (day-trips and excursions, country, city and university presentations,
sports activities, tram party, boat party, carnival, etc.), help with everyday
problems faced by international students such as accompanying them to a doctor,
dealing with official bodies, etc.
BUT also organizes a welcome week for international
students before the beginning of each semester, which
includes an intensive Czech course, Welcome weekend
and a tour of Brno.

Excursions, Day Trips
In recent years ISC has prepared a number of day trips and excursions to
interesting places in the region such as the place of the battlefield of Austerlitz, the
site of Napoleon’s most famous military victory, Moravian Carst, the karstic caves
with little river in national reservation, château Lednice, part of UNESCO heritage
site, town Znojmo, the local wine centre, Černá Hora, moravian brewery and much
more. ISC tries to arrange inexpensive transport and entrance fees, so the
participation fees are not too high.

You can find all information about excursions, trips and other events and the club
itself at the web page of International Student Club:

Introducing the Czech Republic and Brno

The Czech Republic
              The Czech Republic or Česká
              Republika has an area of 78.864
              square    kilometres  and    it   is
              a landlocked country in central
Europe. Czech Republic borders its former
federal partner, Slovakia, in the east, Austria in
the south, Germany in the southwest and
northwest and Poland in the north. The nation’s
capital is Praha (Prague).

The Czech Republic was created in 1993 after
dissolution of Czechoslovakia. It consists of the historic lands of Bohemia and
Moravia (commonly called the Czech Lands) and the south western portion of
Silesia. Czechoslovakia was formed by Czechs and Slovaks of the former Austro-
Hungarian Empire at the end of the World War I in 1918. In 1948 Communist Party
of Czechoslovakia took over the country and brought it under the domination of the
Soviet Union for over forty years. The liberalization attempt of 1968 was crushed by
Warsaw Pact troops. The country finally gained its independence and freedom in
1989 and started to build a democratic society.

The Czech Republic climate is complex, but generally moderate oceanic climate
prevails, with hasher continental influences increasing toward to east. The Elbe,
Vltava, and Morava are well known Czech rivers. With the exception of some
highland areas, which receive more than 1.500 mm of precipitation a year, annual
averages are between 500 and 760 mm throughout most of the country. Winter
temperatures are mild. In January in Prague average temperature is -3°C. Summer
temperatures are warmer, in July and August average is about 18°C.

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy. President is the head of the
state. The Government is led by Prime Minister. The Parliamant has two chambers –
Chamber of Deputies and Senate. The two dominating political parties are Civic
Democrats and Social Democrats.

There is a nine year compulsory public education
system. Most of institutions of higher education
have completed the Bologna Process. For studies
in Czech there is no charge; tuition is charged for
studies in English language. The biggest
concentration of universities is in Prague and

More information about the Czech Republic:


            Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, with a population
            nearly 400,000 and it is the centre of Southern Moravia Region. The city
            is located in the middle of Moravia, 120 kilometres to the North of
            Vienna, 200 kilometres to the East of Prague. Easily accessible by most
            transportation means, it has rail and bus connections to all major
European cities. It is surrounded by a romantic countryside, forest and many
attractive tourist sites and natural landmarks.

In the nineteenth century it became one of the most prominent industrial centres in
the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Brno was the first city in Europe to use Edison’s
electric light bulb to illuminate the theatre. Gregor
Mendel formulated his theory of heredity right
here, in Brno. Victor Kaplan designed the first
water turbine here too, and Leoš Janáček lived
and composed his musical works in Brno as well.
Bohuslav Fuchs, Mies van der Rohe, Arnošt
Wiesner and other have built examples of modern
architecture in the city and this is also the place
where Milan Kundera wrote his first novels.

Brno is a home to an opera, a ballet, repertory and musical theatres, Brno
Philharmonic Orchestra and many museums. Annually it holds several music and
theatrical festivals.

Brno has beautiful scenery and has excellent leisure and sport facilities. Brno Dam
offers possibility of going round on boat, and in summer you can play beach
volleyball there.

New modern motorcycle and auto racing track was built 15
years ago and hold Grand Prix racing tournament every year.
Several sports clubs and sports groups provide opportunities
for various field sports. List of available sports facilities
complete two ice-hockey stadiums, one cycling stadium and a
shooting range. In the vicinity of Brno, you can find several tourist attractions and
historic sites: Macocha abyss and stalactite caves, the Napoleon Austerlitz (Slavkov)
battlefield, Pernštejn castle, the chateau and park at Lednice, the Pálava hill range
nature reserve.

                     One of Brno’s most prominent features is its intellectual potential
                     resulting from rich research and educational facilities. There are six
                     higher education institutions in Brno offering degrees in science,
                     engineering, humanities, medicine, law, agriculture, arts and other
                     areas: Brno University of Technology, Masaryk University, Mendel
                     University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brbno, University of
                     Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Janáček Academy of
                     Music and Performing Arts, The University of Defence.

                     For more information see:
Petrov - Cathedral
Public Holidays

•   1 January - New Year’s Eve
•   Easter Monday - Moveable, The Monday after Easter Sunday
•   1 May – Labour Day
•   8 May - Liberation Day from Nazism (End of World War II.)
•   5 July - Slavonic Apostles St Cyril and Methodius
•   6 July - Remembrance of the death of Jan Hus (burnt at stake in 1415)
•   28 September - St. Václav Day (day of Czech statehood)
•   28 October - Day of commemorating the foundation of Czechoslovakia (1918)
•   17 November – Day of struggle for freedom and democracy (1989),
    International Students Day (1941)
•   24 – 26 November - Christmas holidays

This booklet is not meant to be a Brno tourist guide. However, we would encourage you to buy one –
they are available in several languages in most bookstores in the downtown. You can learn from them
more about history of the city as well as about its major sights.

3. Practical Information

Cost of living in Brno for an Erasmus student
Renting a single bed in 2-3 bedroom flat
    • CZK 3,000
    • €115
Renting an older one bedroom flat
    • CZK 9,000
    • €245
A monthly bus & tram pass
    • CZK 265
    • €10
A beer or a glass of wine in a pub
    • CZK 25
    • €0.95
A lunch in a cheap restaurant
    • CZK 70
    • €2.70
A ticket for a concet or party
    • CZK 100-300
    • €3.80-€11.50
Food for one person for one day
    • CZK 50-100
    • €1.95-€3.90
Usual fine for disorderliness :)
    • CZK 500
    • €19.20
Total amount of money needed for a month of frugal life
    • CZK 7,500 €290
Total amount of money needed for a month of king-like life
    • CZK 18,000 €690

Important Telephone Numbers

Quick medical help
545 113 113

Emergency call          112

Ambulance                155

Police                   158

Firemen                  150

Brno City police          156

Czech foreign police
974 620 251
(Kopečná 3)

Pharmacy with continuous service (24/7)
Kobližná 7       542 212 110
Koliště 47       545 424 811

Information about phone
numbers in CZ                    1180

Information about phone
numbers abroad                   1181

Accurate time                   14112

24-hour emergency road
service              1230 or 1240

Continuous Post Office
Nádražní 418/7          542 151 111
(close to main railway station)

Information about travelling by:
Public transport in Brno              543 174 317

Non-Stop info about transportation             900 144 444

Railway transport         972 624 125
                          972 624 403

Coach and bus transport:
national lines        543 217 733-5
international lines      543 212 651
                         543 211 484

Air transport              545 521 312
Czech airlines branch in Brno
(Nádražní 4)       542 211 414
                   542 210 739

ISIC - International Student Identity Card

This card is used in BUT’s cafeterias and it will allow you to benefit
from student reductions for such things as the public transport pass,
most museum and theatre tickets, and many coaches, rail and air
fares. If for some reason you are unable to get your card from you
home country of university it is also possible to apply for the ISIC in
Brno at GTS International, Vachova 4,

Medical Care

General practitioner: Students with health insurance are entitled to visit any
general practitioner. The Student Health Centre, situated in the student halls of
residence at Kolejní Street, provides medical care for BUT students.
In case of health problems it will probably be most convenient for you to go to
MUDr. Eva Zezulová, general practitioner who has had a great deal of experience
treating international students and speaks basic medical English. Her surgery is
situated at A03/A06 buiding at “Pod Palackého vrchem” dorms, Kolejní 2, Brno
(tel: +420 541 213 689).
Before going to the GP, please contact your international coordinator to
make an appointment for you!

Emergency cases: In case of an urgent need of medical attention at a time when
doctors’ offices are not open, and you are confined to bed, call the first-aid service
at CZ +420 545113113 Call, a doctor will come to examine you within a very short
time. In other cases you should go in person to the emergency service at
nám.28.října 23, which is open Monday – Friday from 19:00 till 6:30 and non-stop
on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Emergency dental care is also available at the
same address and telephone number. For cases you got injured go to Úrazová
Ponávka 6, Brno, tel: +420 545 538 111

Central extension for high emergency calls is 112 (international, communication in
foreign languages) and 155 (local, communication in Czech language only). In
case you have to pay for the health care in cash, you have to ask for
reimbursement your home insurance company.

Pharmacies: Most of the medicines available elsewhere can be obtained here,
though not necessarily in every pharmacy. In case of need of some kind of medicine
in the evening, at night or over the weekend, when shops are normally closed,
there is a non-stop pharmacy located conveniently in the centre of the city,
Kobližná 7, Koliště 47 or Štefánikova 23.


Debit cards are generally the easiest and cheapest how way to
manage money here. It is usual to make a payment with your card
even it was issued outside of Czech Republic. Brno city centre
provides many conveniently located cash dispensers capable of
handling transactions with other financial institutions.

Foreign currency can be exchanged at any bank or in special currency exchange
offices. Banks are usually more expensive in exchanging money so we recommend
exchange offices and advise you to check around to see which one gives the best
rate, since these can vary considerably. The small exchange offices along
Masarykova and Česká Street are said to offer the best exchange rates in the Czech

Some of you may wish to open an account in crowns or a foreign currency at a local
bank, especially if you are going to be in Brno for more than one semester. This can
be done relatively easily at any bank, though you will probably find that banks in
the city centre, especially branches of the larger banks, offer the best range of
The Office for International Studies can advice you, which bank will serve you best.

Credit and electronic debit cards (Master-Card, Maestro, Visa Card) can be used in
most restaurants, as well as in larger shops. In smaller shops credit cards are less
likely to be welcomed, there you will probably have to pay in cash.


Public Transport in Brno
Dopravní podnik města Brna (DPMB)
(Novobranská 18) tel.: 543 174 317

Searchable timetables of trains, coaches, Brno public transport, and Prague airport:

Brno transport network map:

In the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region (abbr. IDS
JMK) means that all existing means of transport in the region of the South Moravia
and City of Brno are connected together. Under the same conditions you can travel
in local trains, regional busses, public city transport of Brno (trams, busses, trolley-
busses) and city transport in the City of Blansko (buses). In all of these lines you
can use the same tickets and pay the same prices and the very similar regulations
are used.

The IDS JMK tickets you cannot use in speed trains and in Ex, IC, EC and SC trains
as well as in busses which are not marked with the three digits numbers.

There is a variable tariff system used to determine IDS JMK fares. The fare is
determined by the expected length (time) of your travel and the number of fare
zones. In case you do not travel more than the time and number of zones you have
paid for, you can transfer as many times as you like, even from train or trams to
buses and back again. You cannot change with two tickets - the 2 zones / 10
minutes ticket and the four-station ticket.

 To use the transport you need a validated ticket (stamped in
a yellow machine immediately after getting on the vehicle) or
a travel card. To get the student travel card you need
1 photograph and a certificate proving that you are a student of
BUT (if you want this travel card, contact your international
advisor). Individual PT tickets can be purchased at newsstands
and in some shops, if you buy tickets directly from the tram/bus/trolley-bus driver,
it will cost you more.

Transport Outside Brno
The bus and train connections from Brno to Prague are very convenient. You can
either take a bus from the main bus station Zvonařka or use one of the three
private transport companies Čebus, Tourbus or Student Agency whose stops are
located by the main train station in the area opposite to the Hotel Grand (Benešova
1820). One-way ticket costs 150 CZK (120 – 130 CZK with the student discount)
and the journey takes 2 and half hour.
These buses go approximately once in an hour, from 5 am till 8.30 pm. You should
get your tickets ahead at their ticket office. Taking a bus is usually faster than train.

tel: 542 218 455,
tel: 543 163 493,
Student Agency
tel: 542 424 242,

The train connections are very good as well, especially if you take an InterCity,
EuroCity train or even SuperCity, which is the fastest way how to get to Prague. It
takes about 2 hours 20 minutes by SuperCity and around 3 hours by other trains.
The prices for the trains are slightly higher than those for the buses. Information on
bus and train schedules:

The homepage of Czech Rail, the national railway system:

Buses for outside the Czech Republic

Air Travel
International Prague Airport Ruzyně is the closest international
airport to get there you can take a Czech Airlines bus or Student
Agency buses. Their buses leave from the opposite the Hotel
Grand (as well as the buses to Prague), platform number 1. If you
purchase your bus ticket together with a flight ticket with Czech Airlines, the bus
ticket is free of charge. For schedules and further information please contact Czech
Nádražní 4
Tel: 542 211 414, 542 210 739

When using a taxi, ask in advance the approximate price of the
service and make sure that the taximeter has been set to zero at
the beginning and it is running during your ride. You should pay
about 20-30 CZK per km.

Here are some of the most reputable taxi firms in Brno:

•   AA & Ave taxi
    Brno, Česká 11,
    Tel.: 542 222 222, 606 620 620
    Green line: 800 100 779
•   City taxi
    Brno, Solniční 4, Tel.: 542 321 321
•   Impuls taxi
    Brno, Starobrněnská 19
    Tel.: 542 216 666, 724 006 660
•   Lido taxi
    Brno, Joštova 3,
    Internet page in Czech and
    Tel.: 542 214 221,608 422 142

Car rentals
•   Alimex CR
    Heršpická 6, Brno, Tel: 543 248 755, 800 150 170 (free of charge call)
•   Europcar
    Holiday Inn Brno, Křížkovského 20, Brno, Tel: 543 122 026

Km distances from Brno to:
  • České Budějovice 186 km
  • Hradec Králové   147 km
  • Jihlava          87 km
  • Karlovy Vary     52 km
  • Olomouc          77 km
  • Ostrava          268 km
  • Pardubice        144 km
  • Plzeň            292 km
  • Praha            226 km
  • Zlín                   98 km

Postal Services

Postal services are provided by Česká pošta ( The post office with
24 hours service is right next to the train station.

Pošta Brno 2 (Nádražní 3)
tel.: 542 151 111

Czech postal codes consist of five digits written in front of the city name in a group
of 3 plus 2 digits (e.g. 110 00)


Internet is widely used in the Czech Republic. Internet cafés are quite common in
bigger cities. Almost all libraries have Internet connection and most of them provide
the public access to Internet as well. Do not forget when looking at Czech web
sites, that most of them also have their English version so first look for a note
saying English, or for a British/American flag symbol or something else, which could
switch you to the English version. They are usually located in corners or sides of the

Useful web sites:

   •   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
   •   Multilingual dictionary
   •   Czech info Centrum
   •   Info on South Moravia
   •   Maps Czech Republic

Brno City info server


Brno has wide range of hotels and nice little hostels to stay for you
or you family and you will not have a problem to find a cheap and
decent accommodation. To safe some money you can first try
student dormitories or adjoining hotels.

•   Penzion Palacký (next to the Palacký dormitory)
    Kolejní 2, Tel: 541 641 418

•   Penzion Venia
    Riegrova 27, Tel: 541 213 290
•   Hotel Akord
    Palackého 118, Tel: 549 211 555
•   Hotel SLAVIA
    Solniční 15, Tel: 542 321 249
•   Hotel SLOVAN
    Lidická 23, Tel: 533 422 111
•   Hotel AMPHONE
    třída kpt. Jaroše 29, Tel: 545 428 310
•   Hotel AVANTI
    Střední 61, Tel: 541 510 111

Useful websites for finding accommodation in Czech Republic

Visiting Czechs in Their Homes

The almost universal custom in Czech households is to wear
slippers inside the house or flat. This means that if you are visiting
friends at their home, you will probably be expected to shed your
shoes too. However, most households are normally prepared for
this: there is a selection of slippers for guests waiting at
the entrance to the home or flat.
If you are invited to someone’s place for a meal, it is the custom to take a small gift
– often something to consume, such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Or a
small bouquet of flowers might be appropriate.

Laundromats and dry-cleaner’s:

•    Americká prádelna pod balony – Petr Olšer
    (American Laundromats)
     Hybešova 291/45, 602 00 Brno
     Tel: 775 602 167

•   Clubwash
    Stará 27, 602 00 Brno

Computer Shops

•   GNT
    Purkyňova 93, 612 00 Brno

Free, Leisure Time

Cultural Activities

Brno has a number of cinemas, several theatres,
clubs, and dancing and concert halls. There are
many festivals and similar events held in the
city regularly every year. Every month a
thorough list of upcoming cultural events in
Brno can be found in the ”Kam v Brně” brochure
available in Kulturní a informační centrum KIC
(Radnická 8, tel.: 542 211 090) and in a
number of bookstores and newspaper stands. You can also pick up a free weekly
information leaflet Downtown in KIC or elsewhere in cinemas, restaurants,
department store, etc.

Information Centres:
Radnická 8 - 542 214 379, 606 738 098 (offers all kind of information, arrange
accomodation, sells tickets), email:
Nádražní 6 - 542 221 450
Mendlovo nám. 16 - 543 242 236

Museums and galleries
The four main institutions here are the Moravian Museum, The Moravian Gallery,
the Museum of the City of Brno and the House of Art (Dům umění), each of which
has facilities at more than one location. Besides their permanent collections, which
are described below, they also mount many temporary exhibitions each year. All
museums and galleries are closed on Mondays; in addition, the Moravian Museum is
closed on Sundays and the Moravian Gallery on Tuesdays.
In addition to the above institutions, of course, there are many galleries, both
public and private, with continually changing exhibitions of paintings, sculpture,
graphic works, and photographs and media art. One of these, the Design Centre of
the Czech Republic (Radnická 2), specializes in publicizing the latest in all aspects of
Czech design.

The theatres in Brno offer a wide range of stage productions – dramas, operas,
ballets, operettas, musicals and puppet plays.

Here we list only the main theatres:
The Janáček Theatre (Rooseveltova 17, booking office– Dvořákova 11) tel.: 542 210
218, 542 212 131
The Mahen Theatre (Malinovského nám. 1, booking office – Dvořákova 11) tel.: 542
210 218, 542 212 131
The Brno Municipal Theatre (Lidická 16) tel.: 545 212 024
The Goose on a String Theatre (Zelný trh 9) tel.: 542 210 099
HaDivadlo (Sukova 4/6) tel.: 542 212 761
The Bolek Polívka Theatre (Jakubské nám. 5) tel.: 542 214 903
Studio Marta (Bayerova 5) tel.: 541 212 308
Radost Puppet Theatre (Bratislavská 32) tel.: 545 321 273

There are plenty of cinemas in Brno, and the city now has two multiplex cinemas,
one in the centre of the city at the recently opened Velký Špalíček shopping centre
(Mečová street) the other at the Olympia hyper-store on the city’s outskirts
(reachable by free shuttle-bus from the stop alongside the Tesco department store
behind the main railway station).
For those with a deeper interest in film, there are three other possibilities. The Kino
Art cinema (Cihlářská 19, tel.: 541 213 542) offers a good selection of less
commercial films and film classics, films not targeted at the general public, films
from unusual countries and so on.

Concert Halls – classical music
The State Philharmonic Orchestra in Brno (Besední dům, Komenského nám. 8, tel.:
542 214 255)
 Faculty of Music at the Janáček Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Brno
(Komenského nám. 6, tel.: 542 321 307)

Moravská zemská knihovna
Kounicova 65a, tel.: 541 646 111
It is the biggest general Brno library and is open to public, the library card for one-
year costs 100 CZK (50 CZK for students). In order to obtain this card, you have to
go to the ”Čtenářské průkazy” (Library Cards) section of the library, show your
passport and pay the fee.
If you do not intend to use the library regularly, you can get a ”one-time use card”
for a 10 CZK fee after presenting a valid form of your identification.
Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to take any book out of the library (even
though if you are holder of Library Cards).
Jiří Mahen Library
Kobližná 4, tel.: 542 532 111

          Dietrichstein Palace

           Pražák Palace

The Moravian Gallery - Main building

      Brno´s castle ”Špilberk”

                     Tugendhat Villa

                House of the Lords of Kunštát

"BESEDNÍ DŮM" the home of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

                 Moravská zemská knihovna

If you are looking for foreign newspapers and magazines, the
best places to find them are at the Main Train Station or in
any of the major hotels (International, Continental, and
Grand). A limited selection of foreign newspapers in English,
French, German and Russian can be also purchased in most
newspaper stands around the town.

Other activities:

• Minigolf club 90
  Jiráskova 52, Brno
• Sokol Brno I.
  Kounicova 20/22, Brno
  Tel: 541 212 805

• Sportovní hala Rosnička
   Horákova 7, 616 00 Brno
• Free sport
   Kounicova 28, 602 00 Brno
   Tel: 541 243 294
• Playing field park Lužánky
• Pétanque Areál
   Street Černozemní, Brno

                                 Aeroclub Medlanky
Rent a bike:
Úvoz 61
Tel: 541241291

Shopping, Eating out, Clubs

Brno attractive city centre features hundreds of shops offering
everything from latest fashion, books in various languages to
beautiful antiques.

Most grocery stores in Brno sell basic everyday food, they open at
around seven and usually close at six (if you are looking for more
variety and longer opening hours, visit Tesco store, or other
supermarkets). For miscellaneous daily needs, students often find
the Tesco store, located near the main railway station, and other supermarket a
useful resource. For bigger shopping try Hyper Tesco and Ikea Super Mall. You can
get there using free shuttle buses departing from Vaňkovka Mall. At the shopping
centres within the city you can shop seven days a week.

You can get to nearest Tesco store by bus number 67 from Skácelova bus stop. You
get off at fifth stop, just in front of Tesco store, which is inside of a smaller mall.
You will get back with the same bus running opposite direction.

Department stores and shops:
• Indies (CD, MC, Concert tickets)
  Kobližná 16, Tel: 542 218 382

•   Vágner (stationary, toys, music, photographic equipment, sport equipment)
    Česká 16/18, Tel: 542 212 922

•   TESCO (food, clothing, footwear, sport equipment, stationary, chemists, house
    hold goods, electrical suppliers)
    Dornych 4, Tel: 543 543 111

•   Baťa (footwear)
    Česká 4, Tel: 542 321 218

Art shops and stationers:
• Artspektrum
   Starobrněnská 16/18
• Courtyard studios
   Dominikánské nám. 6/7,
   Tel: 542 212 508

you can find branches of these supermarkets all over town
• Delvita, Billa, Albert, Julius Meinl

Hypermarkets: free shuttle bus
• Shopping Park
  Brno – Dolní Heršpice, Skandinávská 2
  IKEA – household goods

    TESCO store
•   Olympia Centre
    Brno – Modřice, U Dálnice 777
    Palace cinemas
    Planet bowling
•   Tesco store
    Brno-Přízřenice, Moravanské lány
•   Galerie Vaňkovka
    Ve Vaňkovce 1

Gift stores:
There are many things you can buy as a nice gift from Czech Republic. Very famous
around the world is Bohemian Crystal or Czech garnet.
• Sklo crystal office
   Vídeňská 103, Brno; Orlí 27, Brno
   Tel: 543 215 162
• Český porcelán (Bohemia Crystal)
   Jánská 8, Brno
   Tel: 542 210 209
• Cimrman
   Masarykova 7, Brno
   Tel: 542 210 036
• Onte crystal
   Orlí 27, Brno
   Tel: 542 221 920
• Exklusiv
   Zelný trh 10, Brno
   Tel: 542 217 874

Eating Out
Restaurants, pubs, cafés – eating and drinking of all kinds – play
a important role in Czechs’ lives. For many and perhaps for most
Czechs, these are the general places to meet yeach other, to relax, to
chat and of course to gossip each other. As a result, there is a whole
range of different kinds of places where you can get a meal and/or
a drink and a whole range of prices as well.

• Moravská chalupa
  Křížkovského 47, Tel: 543 143 101
• Restaurace Dávné časy
  Starobrněnská 20, Tel: 542 215 292
• Restaurace Jarmark
  Mečová 2 – Velký Špalíček, Tel: 543 237 320
• Restaurace Kanas
  Kolejní 15, Tel: 541 238 503

•   Restaurace Sport (video projection-football, ice-hockey, and so on)
    Nádražní 365, Tel: 547 234 448
•   Restaurace U Lucerny
    Veveří 20, Tel: 549 252 042
•   Restaurant U Růžového Pantera
    Pionýrská 7, Tel: 541 236 079
•   Starobrněnská pivnice
    Mendlovo náměstí

                                   Café-bar Vyhlídka

Vegetarian Restaurants:
• Restaurace Aura
  Kabátníkova 2, Tel: 541 213 273
• Oáza – a bistro and a health-food store
  Slovákova 2, Tel: 541 241 962

For Beer-lovers:
If you are looking for good beer, check out this web site: - unfortunately there is not
English version, but it is very well arranged. It is a very thorough guide of pubs not
only in Brno. You can choose the beer you like and find a list of pubs where it is

Concerts – Clubs, Pop Music, Other Music Styles
Brno has many clubs designed to cater to such a wide range of tastes.
They tend to appear and disappear with more frequency then
theatres, cinemas and even restaurants. Unfortunately there is no
convenient way to find out about everything that is going on at the
city’s clubs. Many clubs advertise their programs through posters.

    Štefánikova 24, Brno

•   Livingstone
    Dominikánské náměstí, Brno
•   Caribic Music Club
    Běhounská 22, Brno
•   Perpetum – Music club
    Rooseveltova 9, Brno
•   Podobrazy – Jazz club
    Moravské nám. 1a, Brno
•   Jazz club Barborka
    Veveří 21, Brno
•   Alterna
    Kounicova 48, Brno
•   Klub Leitnerova
    Leitnerova 2, Brno
•   Skleněná louka
    Kounicova 23, Brno
•   Absolut bar
    Jánská 21, Brno
•   Mersey
    Minská 15, Brno
•   Mandarin
    Jakubské náměstí 6, Brno
                                                         Gaia Mesiah in music-club Fléda

Clubs with darts, pool or table football

•   Bernard V-klub
    Gorkého 44, Brno
    Tel: 603 432 386
•   Restaurace Červený drak
    Štefánikova 1, Brno
    Tel.: 541 236 047
•   Delta Billiard Brno
    Lidická 23, passageway of hotel Slovan, Tel: 541 218 989
•   14ka
    Jánská 14, Brno

Other Places and Activities

Zoologická zahrada Brno
Tel: 546 432 311

The Brno ZOO was established in 1953 and is situated in the nature reserve Mniší
hora at Bystrc. About 150 species of animals are currently housed and bred here.
Viewing routes are over 7 km long and cover an area of 65 hectares. The ZOO
offers a number of other complementary events and is the ideal place for leisure
and education.
Open daily November – February 8 am to 5 pm, October and March 8 am to 6 pm,
April to September 8 am to 7 pm.

The Brno Dam
The dam is officially known as Kníničská přehrada after the former village that was
once situated there. The dam had been built between years 1936-1940.

Though its wall is only 120 meters long, it holds a lake with an area of 252 hectares
and 10 km long. The dam is a popular recreational spot for swimming, beach
volleyball and fishing in the summer and ice-skating and cross-country skiing during
the winter. Surroundings of the dam are beautiful forests and magnificent castle of
Veveří. Landscape around also offers a large number of paths and trails for hikers
and bikers. A very popular Boat trips are also available between May and

The Masaryk Racing Circuit
The Masaryk racing circuit is situated between the villages
Ostrovačice and Žebětín and has an area of 127 hectares. The
racetrack is world class and is 5,394 metres long and 15 metres
wide. The current modern circuit replaced the classic natural road
circuit in 1987. The new Masaryk Circuit not only host a wide variety of racing
events all year long but it is also used for recreational activities. It has a 9-hole golf
course. One of the most well known events held here is the World Motorcycle
Championship called Grand Prix ČR, held every year in the second half of August.

Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV)
Brno Trade fairs and Exhibitions Co. Ltd
Výstavište 1, Brno
Tel: 541 151 111
One of the most famous European exhibition
complexes is originated at the beginning of the
20th century in the Pisárky basin. The current
number of pavilions is 17, the total covered area is
8,671 m2, open area 77,394 m2. About
50 international fairs and shows are held here

List of well known exhibitions:
• Autotec – International Motor Show
• Go - International Travel Trade Fair
• Intercanis - International Dog Show
• Styl & Kabo - International Fashion Fair, Footwear and Leatherwear
• Salima, Vinex, Pivex - International Food Fair, Wine Fair, Beer Fair
• Christmas markets

The Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and
Kraví hora 2, Brno
Tel: 541 321 287

For German/English/French speaking visitors
is prepared an audiovisual performance
called “People and Stars”. More information

Botanical Garden
Veveří, Brno
(Tram stop Konečného náměstí)

Opening hours of the garden:
April – September
Monday – Friday         9:00 – 17:00
Saturday - Sunday       9:00 – 16:00
October – March
Monday – Sunday          9:00 – 15:00
Opening hours of the glass-case:
All the week
October – March          9:00 – 15:00
April – September        9:00 – 16:00

Horse Riding
There are not many possibilities in Brno to do horse riding. It is better to go outside
Brno to specialized places.

•   TJ Pegas, Moravany 22
    Tel: 547 244 333
•   Jednota Moravan
    Veveří 109, Brno
    Tel: 549 254 142

Brněnská 72, Hustopeče u Brna
Tel: 777 302 306 - Aleš Pospíšil

Fax: 0626 / 411 099

There are several places in Brno to go gokarting,
both indoor and outdoor.

• Kart & bike arena
   Heršpická 5a, 639 00 Brno
   Tel: 543 107 888

• Kart outdoor Modřice (outside)

All public skating places are open-air

•   Vodova Skating Stadium
    Vodova Street (near tram stop Cervinkova – line 12)
    Tue – Fri:
    3 – 5.30 p.m., 6.30 – 9 p.m.
    Sat, Sun, holidays:
    9 a.m. – 12, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
    5 – 8 p.m.
    Entrance Fee: 40 CZK

•   Olympia Ice Arena (RENTING SKATES)
    Olympia centre, U dálnice 777, Brno-Modřice, (free-busses from Galerie
    Mon – Fri:
    1 – 3 p.m., 4 – 6 p.m.
    7 – 10 p.m.
    Sat – Sun:
    9 – 12 a.m., 1 – 3 p.m.
    4 – 6 p.m., 7 – 10 p.m.

    Entrance Fee: 50,- CZK, Skates rental fee: 30 CZK
    (1000CZK return deposit + ID)

Conversational Minimum

Hi. Hello.

See you.
Na shledanou.

How are you?
Jak se máš?

What’s your name?
Jak se jmenuješ?

My name is...
Jmenuji se...

I can’t understand.




Thank you.

I’m sorry.
Promiňte. (Pardon).

Could you give me your telephone number please?
Můžeš mi dát své telefonní číslo?

Will you help me please?
Můžete mi prosím pomoct?

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IT issues
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ISC mountain lover
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ISC designer

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Our IT garden
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