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									2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

  Chariots of Light Christian Bikers & Car Club

  JULY 2011

Special points of interest:

       COL Numbers …..       ALL Glory to God !!!                              page 1

       COL Ontario Canada Tour with Director Bill & Ginger Horn                page 2

       COL USA Chapters Reports / Comments / Testimonies                       pp. 3 - 12

       COL International Leaders Reports / Comments / Testimonies              pp. 13 - 17

COL Numbers #     1872 Decisions for Christ            This month (July)         Year-to-Date

Salvations                                                    122                     777

Re-Dedications                                                140                     1095

Healings                                                       1                       71

NEWS FLASH: The format of the Chariots Communicator has been changed in
order to bring you the latest Chariots of Light information in a more timely manner.
We hope you enjoy the new format while reading our “newsletter” of the most recent
events and happenings within this awesome outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries
International. It’s evident that there is fruit here and it’s abounding! Praise God!
Read on … (or is that Ride on? …) How about both?               Let us hear from you !!!
           JULY 2011                                                       Volume 5, ISSUE 16

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

NORTHERN ONTARIO Tour -                            (July 12 – 16) We began from Ottawa on Tuesday morning
riding to Barrie. After church service at Victory Faith that night, we rode the next day to Tobermory where we
stayed the night to catch the ferry. We then rode to Sudbury for church service at Restoration Ministries on
Thursday night, then on to Huntsville on Friday where we had a planned Chariots Meeting in the local library.
It was a great time of re-igniting the vision and sharing with each other our reason for being a part of Chariots.
Be sure and read the testimonies from those that joined us on pages 15 – 17 of this issue in the International
section. Much thanks to Shane Patriquin for his planning this ride as well as the Pastors Glenn Fyvie and Jeff
Edwards for hosting our tour. Our Ontario Chapter President, Adrian & Irene Weening, were along as well as
seven other COL Leaders. New friendships formed and old re-kindled. Great Tour! Blessings to all !

                                                                       COL Northern Ontario Tour 2011

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

                                             Upcoming COL Tours:
                             ALASKA - August 2 – 8
                           WYOMING - September 7 – 14
                     CAROLINAS OUTERBANKS - October 16 – 23
             We have dedicated and passionate people that believe in this ministry
            and do their part and we’re so proud to be associated with each other.
                         Thank you all, Chariots of Light, for shining
                 and for making us all brighter together for the glory of God!
              You can read in this issue, by COL Chapter, what Chariots of Light
                       are doing across the USA, Australia and Canada.
            The majority of these reports are just for the month of JULY! Go COL !

Joe & Connie Sabo – North Carolina                                                                   Eastern Chapter
Testimony – Praise Report: Joe and I partnered with Dr. Jerry Savelle when we became involved with the Chariots of
Light. Each month we look forward to his teachings, and I want to tell you our testimony about putting the prayer of
petition into action.
On June 12 , we were invited to go on a mission trip with our pastor, his wife, and another couple to Jamaica leaving July
30th. Joe and I have never been out of the country and we have never done anything like this before. We sought God,
and it was confirmed that we were to go. God confirmed this to me in His Word (John 15:16). We did not have passports,
and we had not saved or budgeted for such a trip. (Joe and I do not use credit cards. We believe in living debt free!). In
addition, we no longer have a motorcycle, but we knew God was leading us to purchase a vehicle that we could ride and
enjoy on the upcoming tour ride to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
Now in the natural, all this looks a little impossible (Joe works, but I don’t even have a job these days). I got up early one
morning (4am) searched the scriptures, prayed, and I wrote out a prayer of petition for these needs. Joe and I signed,
dated, prayed over the petition, and we sowed several seeds activating our faith!! We sowed a seed into another mission
trip at another church, we sowed seed into other ministries, and since I am not working I sowed seeds of my time and
cooking efforts!
Within one week, we had been given a check for $500. We applied for our passports on Friday, June 17 and had them
in our possession by Wednesday, Jun 29 . (Supposedly, it was going to take 6-8 weeks to get them.)
During this time, Joe found a 29 Ford Roadster for sale on eBay, and we began praying about this. In the natural, I could
not see this happening, but again, began opening doors, supplying funds, and even gave Joe a ministry opportunity as he
and a friend drove to Ohio to make this purchase. Again, God worked out all the details down to the purchase price and
supplying funds for traveling.
I had posted our petition on the refrigerator and every time I saw it I began to thank God for his provision. It had been over
two (2) weeks, and I was wondering how in the world God was going to take care of this need. This was a lot of money
for us! On June 30 , Joe sent me a text from work telling me that he received a bonus that was owed him from several
months prior as well as an additional $3500 bonus (total $5000). God met every need that we sought him for!
Since last August after leaving the PAL meeting in Texas, it was been a journey. The enemy has tried to shut us up and
shut us down, but we are proclaiming the goodness of God, the mercy of God, the patience of God, His Holiness, and His
Awesomeness!! Joe will be singing at the services while in Jamaica, and several of the songs he will be doing will be
some that Len Mink have sung on tour rides we have attended.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

I just want to thank you for teaching us about prayer – the prayer of petition, and now I am looking for more opportunities
to put that into practice and to be able to share with others the goodness – the Glory of our Father.
Looking forward to riding with the Chariots of Light in October – we’ll be in the back in the 29 Roadster!

DuWayne Petersen - Minnesota                                                   North Central Chapter
7-9-11 We rode to Anamosa, Iowa to go through the Motorcycle Museum and check out J & P Motorcycle
Supply. We spent the night in Anamosa and rode along the Mississippi River home. Great roads, warm
weather and good fellowship and OH MY the FOOD.
7-17-11 We had a ride and meeting. Preached at the Generation Church, MN. It was a great ride to Mora.
We had 5 guys ride who have never rode with us before. Two will be joining up with Chariots shortly

Jerry Lamping - Montana                                                             Northwest Chapter
Winter would not let go of us this year. Glacier Park didn’t open till July 13 . When the snow melted half the
state was under water. July 16th we rode to a youth camp and visited for awhile and then we went to a flea
market in Lincoln and witnessed. July 23rd we plan to attend Evil Kneivel Days in Butte, MT. I hope I will have
something good to report. We have many summer activities going on as we ride as much as we can.

Aaron Baker - California                                                         Pacific West Chapter
We had the Christian Unity Motorcycle Rally. We joined other Christian motorcycle clubs united to bring Jesus
Glory! We met many new friends and discussed a youth outreach for October 1, 2011. We had prayers for
various club as there were many Christian clubs united together to praise Jesus. There was a 50-50 raffle,
custom trophies (COL won 5), live music, and vendors. A great time with like minded believers.

Jay Frayser – Arkansas                                                               South Central Chapter
On July 1st we had our monthly meeting, 14 chariots, 5 guest, 4 kids = 23 total. We discussed the upcoming
events, had a bible study, and prayed over people. July 4th we went to a fireworks show and gathered with
another bike club Faith Riders, they are now excited about partnering with our chapter at events in the future.
July 8th we had a dinner run to Fayetteville; this was mainly to start the plowing of the soil process for BBB.
(Bikes, Blues & Barbeque) We are going to ride to Fayetteville (specifically Dixon Street, where BBB is held)

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

every Friday night between now and BBB, this will also allow us the opportunity to sow some seed into the
lives of people on Dixon Street. We had 11 Chariots including David and Terry Broyles from Kansas. We also
conducted a private COL meeting on 7/29 and 13 members attended, we discussed the finances of the
upcoming HD Birthday party, and BBB booth needs and the pastors dinner at our house on Aug 7th.

Randy Traffanstedt - Alabama                                                          Southeast Chapter

Above and Below … here are a few pictures from the Spring Bike Week at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle
Beach in May where COL members from the Southeast Chapter went to assist and be a part ! What a blessing!

May – I just want to inform you of my involvement at the Spring Bike Rally in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Even
though the COL Outreach is in the Eastern Chapter (South Carolina), members from our Southeast Chapter,
again, made the commitment to assist. We left Rainsville, Alabama on May 13th for what we call “Mission
America.” Me, Mark, Hammer and Pastor Mike and Sherrie went believing that souls were going to be won for
the kingdom of God! I believe that this event was more for my team and J.’s team than anything. Souls,
healings, and miracles were awesome and we were glad to be a part. Praise God !

July 4 - We set up the tent and handed out surveys and other items at the Potato Festival at our COL
Outreach over the 4th of July in Alabama. We handed out 364 surveys with 11 first time salvations, 125
decisions. We ministered and prayed and many were prayed with for physical needs as well as healings and
other things. We felt like that it was a very good outreach. Praise God! We enjoyed the fellowship.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

Mark Bradley – Alabama                                                                       Southeast Chapter
May – The most important thing I learned at the Myrtle Beach Outreach was to be Spirit-led in all things!
Making decisions or trying to do things on our own can only complicate or make things worse. If we pray and
wait on our answer and do as we feel we are being led to do. I learned to be stronger in faith; first you must be
willing to be humble. Trust God and don’t give up! Push through what comes at you and have enough faith
that God will shine. The devil makes it so easy for us to want to just give up or quit but in those times pull
closer to God and He will prevail! Then when all works out, give all the glory to the Father because without
Him we are nothing.

George Galdeen - Texas                                                                     Southwest Chapter
We plan to go to the local Bike Rally and talk to them (CMA is working the gate) about allowing us to just go in
for 30 minutes or so and see if it is something we might want to setup for next year as far as a club outreach.

Billy Sanders - Texas                                                                      Southwest Chapter
Since my last report; we ate, fellowshipped, rode and had meetings. The Route 66 Tour was great; both Areas’
Meetings that I was able to make was well attended & very organized; Monty’s biker Sunday celebrating his 1
year church anniversary was very good with a wonderful turnout with good food, biker games & an outstanding
raffle (I won one of the biker games & several of the raffle items, LOL) Prayed for Healings & Needs. 8
decisions for Christ while wearing COL Colors.

Steve Moore - Texas                                                                         Southwest Chapter
April 18 We ate and had our regular meeting, discussing the upcoming tours, asking for a Road Captain and
input for monthly rides. This is our first meeting since we moved to our new date (3rd Monday of each month)
to facilitate rides on the weekends. Lavera Williams accepted the position of Treasurer to keep the finances
gathered by the Area members. Thanks, Lavera!
We prayed for numerous family members and friends who are battling and overcoming illness. We lifted up
Spike and Karen Blevins for wisdom in their new business venture and continued manifestation of healing for
Karen recovering from cancer.
Our area continues to flourish and the members are branching out with food outreach by Charlie Ray, Dale and
Sylvia Moore, Charlie Schubert in Seguin reaching dozens of needy households. Praise God for expanding the
vision! This group is founded and grounded on front line witnessing at the local level. I am honored to be
associated with these folks.
 May 15 We held two services, one for the general population and one for the Medium Custody offenders.
During the Medium Custody service, we had 58 offenders, my wife Rose, me and 60 chairs in a small room.
After waiting 25 minutes into the service time for the men to arrive, we had a short praise and worship time led
by a trustee who played several original songs. The men were loud and disrespectful. I waited until he finished
and left the room before I spoke. I told the men I understand they only get one hour a day out of their cells, but
the room they were in now is God’s House. I told them how disrespectful they had been to a man of God, and
2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

they were free to leave if they hadn’t come for a church service. No one left. Men were scowling at me. In the
natural it should have been very scary to an old guy and his wife with 58 guys who were in prison for violent
offenses. But it wasn’t. I knew God wanted me to say what I said and I WASN’T MOVING AN INCH. After I got
their attention, I lightened the mood with a lot of humor and compassion in my message (Spirit led). No one
looked away or talked for the remainder of the message. When I finished, I looked them all in the eye and said
“Believe it or Don’t.” Then I asked them if they were ready to get right. They all stood up and as I asked them to
THAT DAY. What they do from now on is up to them. God’s divine providence and protection was on that
place. I’m excited to see what happens next time…Glory!
This was the most moving service we have had in the seven years we have been going to the Torres Unit. We
have had church before, but never a single move of God on every man in the place. What a victory for Jesus.
We will continue to go into that place with expectations for God to show Himself Great every time!
May 16 We ate and had our regular meeting following with the announcement of our Spring Fundraiser. After
many looks at the calendar, we chose 6/11 to be the date of our Iron Butt Run. Pledge sheets will be circulated
throughout the SW Chapter and all members are encouraged to sponsor the riders. Currently, 10 riders plan to
make the 1000 mi/24 hr ride. We prayed over the run and the safety of the riders.
As always we prayed and lifted up those in need, especially Hiram’s sister who is overcoming pneumonia in
the hospital.
Our folks continue to focus on outreach. We have a Day of Champions event on 6/4 at the Hays County
Juvenile Center. All of our members locally have pledged to be there! We have had several new attendees
who have expressed great interest in becoming Chariots.
June 4 Day of Champions – Juvenile Center – We had 40 salvations and 15 re-dedications with 90 youth in
attendance!! Praise God !
We had many opportunities to witness to these young people after the program in their dorms, as well as the
staff. The most heartfelt outreach was in the detainee unit. These youth are still awaiting trial and sentencing. I
believe many seeds were planted because we spoke into their lives about facing fear and the consequences of
their decisions.
June 11 Iron Butt Ride - We rode 1165 miles with no safety issues and a lot of heat from the pavement and
the big ole SUN! It was a glorious time of fellowship and bathed in prayer. Iron Butt riders who are COL
members were Steve Moore, Howard Forbes, Dale Moore, and John Norvell. We challenge other areas to get
out there and ride for Jesus - HARD CORE!
We talked to lots of folks along the way who were curious and prayed with several for various needs.
What a beautiful witness for Jesus, safe, blessed, sunburned…ready for bed! I was very proud of these guys,
never a cross word, or unsafe riding move. We were able to glide along the West Texas roads, loving the wide
open spaces and the 80 mph speed limit, yo!
June 20 We ate and had our regular meeting following discussing the results and the excitement during the
ride on the Spring Fundraiser. 5 riders braved the heat (112 degrees in El Paso ½ way through) making the
1000 mi/24 hr ride in 21 ½ hours. We collected $1175.00 with more to come from the pledges.
Again we prayed and lifted up those in need, especially Hiram’s sister who is battling mightily and overcoming
pneumonia, complicated with heart issues and Diabetes in the hospital. We will believe the report of the Lord!

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

The Day of Champions event on 6/4 at the Hays County Juvenile Center was a huge victory for Jesus and we
all shared personal experiences. It is so good to encourage and to be encouraged, Amen?
July 15 We had our monthly meeting and are laying the foundational plan for the October Outreach at the
Kyle Unit.

Tim Patterson - Texas                                                                   Southwest Chapter
We had our meeting and ride on July 9 . We did the Bible Study, ride & eat & fellowship. We had awesome

John Pelizzari - Texas                                                                     Southwest Chapter
Dear Chariots of Light,
Hey Guys! Thanks for your time. I just wanted to let you know about an event we have coming up that you
might want to prayerfully consider being a part of. On September 30th and October 1st we are having a
motorcycle rally that is geared towards getting the Word of God into the Texas prison system, starting in
Gatesville. There are around 12,000 inmates in the Gatesville prison alone. The Motorcycle rally will have
games, prizes, and a singer whom you will love, Eddy B. (who does prison ministry all over the US). In
addition, there will be several speakers which will pump you up. I think you'll love it. We'll have a great time. I
hope we will see you there. Thank you for your prayerful considerations. Bless you!

Monty Van Horn - Texas                                                                      Southwest Chapter
July 2 We got to bless Prospect Dennis and his new scooter. (Bike blessing)!
 After our prayer we mounted up for a short ride. We had 6 bikes and 2 cages with 7 Chariots, 5 Prospects
and 1 child on the ride. When we arrived at Tony’s place, I told Antonio that we had something special for him
and to put on his vest. He took off to find his vest and you could see the worried look on him as he returned.
Tony smiled as Antonio went to the cage and checked to see if it was there. Finally, I told him we would just

give him the present and he could put it on his vest when he finds it. The look on his face was priceless as Lil'
Light pulled Antonio's vest from out of the bag! "My vest!" He was in awe as he looked at his name tag and the
Chariots patch on the back. He slipped into it quickly and showed off his patch! Then we gathered around him
and prayed over him.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

 July 3 The Lord brought in just under 60 souls this morning for our Praise and Worship Rally! Before the
service got started I called Wally and Mike up to the front. We presented them their colors.

                COL Wally on the left smiling as I congratulate COL Mike / Praying and claiming the anointing on our new brothers.

                            Me presenting Carolynn her "colors" / Nine of our twelve Chariots present for the event!

Then that same evening the Lord brought in nearly 40 souls for our monthly Tunin' Spokes! The biggest turn
out we have ever had! We enjoyed great fellowship and food and then went into the sanctuary for some
music! Before we started, I called up Carolynn (told her she was going to sing the first song) and presented to
her the children's patch. She was surprised and had big smiles when she noticed the patch.
July 4 The Gatesville Chariots joined the Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church for their annual 4th of July Parade
Party! There were over 64 souls at the party! We had 10 of the 12 Chariots present for this event! After the
parade and the BBQ most of the Chariots along with a couple guests went for a ride! Imagine that! We went
out to the retreat center and lifted up prayer for God’s manefestation to take place. Amen!
July 5 The Gatesville Chariots had their monthly meeting and we had 11 of our 12 chariots present! God is so
good! We had five (5) prospects and two (2) guests as well! He just keeps bringing in the servants! We
discussed and voted to have the 2nd annual biker bash at Faunt Le Roy Park next year! We are already
excited at what God is going to do next year!
July 7 COL Russell and I headed down to the monthly TMRA2 meeting. We met COL Don from the
Copperas Cove Area there also. We let our lights shine and we asked to close the meeting in prayer. God is
July 9 We had a great showing for the fellowship ride to the Longhorn Caverns today! We left Gatesville at
0800 hours as planned and met another group waiting on us at the Exxon in Copperas Cove. We met some
more of COL Luis’ friends and we linked up with the Copperas Cove COL! We had enough folks that we broke
up into two groups for safety reasons (MSF recommends in groups of five) one group of 7 and the other had

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

ten bikes. That is right; we had 17 bikes and one cage with a total of 27 souls along for the ride! Wow! Sure
makes for a big circle when we pray.
                                                       We all rode to the McDonalds in Burnet for a short break
                                                       and some folks got a bite to eat as well as give us a
                                                       chance to link back up together for a few minutes. Then we
                                                       rode on to the Longhorn Caverns. The tour was one and a
                                                       half hours and the tour guide was very informative. We
                                                       stopped at the Burnet Feed Store BBQ in Burnet after the
                                                       tour and everyone had some good BBQ. Tammy, Ethan
                                                       and I had some tea and decided to stop on down the road
                                                       for something that Tammy could handle and fries for our
                                                       little man. From the Feed Store, everyone did their own
thing, going into different groups and taking different routes back to their homes. We stopped in at Storms and
ordered some food. COL Norm and his wife along with COL Don rode by. Then just a couple minutes went by
and we got to wave at COL Rex and COL Ladonna with their children as they rode by. In a few more minutes
COL Luis and two of his M109 buddies rode by. There was a long pause but finally we heard the rolling
thunder and I put Ethan on the table to wave at the next group. It was the remainder of the Gatesville COL with
Russell in the lead. We were just starting to eat when I got a call, "Where you at?" It was COL Russell. I told
him and he said they were coming back! The entire Gatesville Area came rolling into the Storms parking lot as
we were eating our meal! Ethan ran to COL Russell and lifted up his arms for a big hug! There was nothing to
really say except a weak, "Ya'll didn't have to do this." We chatted (small talk) for a few while we finished the
meal and then everyone mounted up and we headed home together.
This sounds really stupid doesn't it? Six bikes and a cage with 11 souls TURNED AROUND and came back
and WAITED on us to finish eating then we all mounted up and headed home. What can I say? There is no
way to say or explain what you just read! Some of you are nodding your heads up and down because you
understand it and others are just not getting it. Be blessed!
July 10 The Gatesville Chariots went over to McGregor to the Victory Chapel
and surprised Pastor Curtis and his church family this evening! I am not sure
who enjoyed the evening the most but I got to tag team preach with Curtis and
Jim! Needless to say I had fun, amen?
July 12 We had five (5) Chariots, 1 prospect and1 child for a ride heading to
the Moody French Quarter Bike Night. Before we left we did a bike blessing
on Meleah and her scooter! She was now legal and ready to ride with us!
Praise the Lord! We did get to let our light shine among another eight bikers
that was at the French Quarter too! God is good!
July 15 We had five (5) Chariots, one (1) prospect, one (1) guest and
two children for a ride to Harker Heights for the BBQ benefit and we arrived at
the Twisted Wrench Saloon about 7:30 ready to eat.
 We converged on the "registration" table and then lined up for some good pulled pork sandwiches! I got to
meet the president of Queens of Sheba, Kharma, and give her a hug. They are the ones hosting the benefit
for the young lady with a respiratory disease. I met a bunch of new bikers, mostly sport bike riders, and spent
time visiting with some old friends too! The Queens of Sheba and the Sons of Solomon are two of the clubs
2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

                                      that I got to talk with and show the love of Christ. To the left is a picture
                                      of the young lady Deana who will be going to Colorado for respiratory
                                      treatment. The family insurance is going to cover the treatment but the
                                      mother didn’t have the money for travel or lodging once in Denver.
                                      I have learned since this event took place that the Queens of Sheba
                                      raised $1,600! Now that is bikers coming together for a cause! Amen?
                                      That single mother can stay
                                      where she wants for quite
some time on that! Amen!
The highlight for all of us was getting to pray with the young lady
with the respiratory issues. We asked her if she believed in
healing and if we could pray for her and she just beamed! We
laid hands on her in the parking lot among our scooters and then
her and her mother joined us as we prayed for our own traveling
mercies to get us home safely.
July 16 The Lord brought in eight (8) Chariots, 1 guest and four (4) children for our ride today. We stopped in
Moffat to pick up Marc George and his wife Kerie. They ride with the Warriors of the Way (Christian
Motorcyclists Association) out of Killeen.
I hope to ride with Marc and Kerie some more before he leaves for a tour overseas but since we don't know
what is in God's plans it was heavy on my heart to lay hands on him right there and then! We gathered around
Marc and prayed over him for his trip across the pond and back.
We arrived in Temple and decided to go to the scheduled UCOW event. We arrived at the Long Branch Park
in Killeen at about noon which was an hour too early for the Fun Day with the Divine Jewels. I got to meet the
road captain to yet another motorcycle club that I hadn’t been around before! It seems like Killeen, Copperas
Cove and Harker Heights have a new club open up every month! Since the Divine Jewels were not set up yet
we decided to head on over to Hooters for the C.H.A.O.S (Collective Harmony Assembled on the Streets)
Car/Bike wash they were having. They were raising money to support the kids in the Communities and Schools
in the local area. We took up donations from the club members and then went over and met their president, Mr.

Crystal, our server in Hooters restaurant, was busy, busy, busy! After two hours on the highways and byways
in triple digit weather she was having trouble keeping up with our drinks on the first round!
I mean by the time she was getting the first round served, one person had already downed his drink! Then to
add insult to injury we had a full drink dumped over onto the floor. Crystal was on it quickly and cleaned up the
mess. Then she smiled as she asked if everyone was good on drinks. She took our orders and we really

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

confused her on that as we moved our seats since we had ordered and received our drinks. Instead of an
attitude she just smiled again and compensated by asking what we were drinking as she took the orders.
I couldn’t help but notice some of the clubs that was watching us close! There were six clubs represented in
Hooters and I could see members from each one of those clubs watching us. I had eye to eye contact with
several and I could see the intense studying they were doing, trying to analyze us. We were Christians! Blood
bought Saints of God in Hooters! I smiled and some of my own members I am sure wondered what was going
on in my head. I could almost hear audible voices as if from a bionic ear from different areas; “They can’t stay
long!” I thought to myself, I wondered if Jesus was smiling while in Matthew’s house because he knew what
they were all thinking and saying too. Then another voice “Why would they come in here?” Don’t you know
Jesus heard that many times didn’t he? Then another voice, “But they don’t belong in here. It just doesn’t
make sense that they would come in here where we are.”
I smiled as I looked at one of my brother’s patch on the left side of his vest and heard confirmation from God; in
the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world. Amen!
Our server was surprised and just a little bit uncomfortable when she was bringing some more food and we
were all holding hands and about to pray, she gave a timid smile “I’ll wait and be quiet.” I smiled and said the
prayer for our food and then everything went back to normal.
Or did it? All those people that never thought we would ever come inside to begin with now watched us thank
God for our food and carry on as if everything going on around us was an everyday occurrence for us. I can’t
help but smile as I type this just realizing how many lives were touched while we ate at Hooters!
The food was awesome. I asked Crystal if we could get a picture with her. She said sure and I asked her
when was the last time she had her picture posted on a church web site. The look on her face was priceless!
She said, “Well, Never.” I laughed and said, “Well you will be on one now.” She gave her million dollar smile
again and posed with us. COL Tammy (My wife) took the picture. Do you think the visit was worth it? You
can bet one salvation that is was!
We went outside and prayed for safe traveling mercies for everyone that was going in different directions from
there. Today was just another day of sowing seed for God's Glory! We got one last picture of the guys together
before we mounted up.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator


John & Mary Ann Pool                        AUSTRALIA                                    Bendigo Chapter

Hope everyone is in good health and managing to keep warm! For July’s ride we have decided to join with the
Central Vic Riders on the 23rd of July for a ride to Rochester where we will have a great time of fellowship and
of course…food! We will be meeting at the Exchange (used to be known as Wild Mint, near the Bendigo Bank,
in town) at 10:30 for an 11:00 departure! Please come tanked up and ready to ride!
Just a reminder, as we are guests of the Central Vic Riders to observe protocol, where the Presidents of each
club take lead, and others fall in behind! That doesn’t mean you can’t pull out for a quick squirt, having first
asked permission from Grumbles, CVR’s President before ride, then fall back in line, but please to do safely
being aware of all members and friends of each club!
Also, we have been invited to CVR to ride with them to the Vic Market on the 24th September…so mark that
date in ya diaries and girls.. get yaself a really large handbag to carry ya purchases home!! Lol! Details as we
get them!
Can’t wait to catch up with yas all again and continue to build each other up in the Lord and encourage each
other through the hardships that can come our way! Join with us in praying for fair weather and a dry road
ahead! Bless ya and till we see yas next week, Stay upright and ride on for Jesus!

Shaun Kenny                                 AUSTRALIA                                    Melbourne Chapter

Trust everyone is wonderfully blessed because I am, ha! Oh well that’s what you get when you’re in God’s
favor. Anyway, healed is the word of the day. It’s in the report. I feel wonderful; even got me a new leg as I
had lost so much weight the old one keep falling off. Anyway strength is getting to be almost like superman,
well not quite, can’t leap buildings yet, but hey.
We need prayer over here. We’re losing riders and need some with a bit of good old fashion guts, or I guess
you could say faith. Peter Broughton has sold his bike and has resigned from Chariots. Also David Essery
who has attended a number of funerals in the last couple of months (bikers) has decided not to ride again and
has also resigned. “There has been an exceptional number of motorcycle deaths in the Melbourne area of
late” and David is “rather spooked” to use his words. I must say that there does seem to be a spirit of fear
over the area, not on me I may add.
Please pray for Peter Barrie. His wife is saved; he is not. They have both been riding with us of late and come
around my home for coffee. Often I am sharing with Peter and believe he is very close.
The word to me about the cancer from the medical people is: in remission. The word from God is: healed...
cancer is gone! Remission says it’s just at a standstill. Healed means it’s not coming back...so all praise to a
living God!

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

Margaret Kalucevisius                                                                Cairns Chapter
Hope all is well with you. I have been up to the outer Islands of the Torres Straits off the shores of PNG. I
stayed with an ex prisoner and his family who is so on fire for the Lord. People came over from the villages on
the PNG coast who knew him when he rand drugs, etc. He is truly a transformed man. We had meetings
each night and Sunday mornings. Many came and gave and recommitted their lives to the Lord. It blesses my
heart to see a son in the Lord like this. It is what keeps me going. The bike expo committee has invited COL
to help out at the expo this year on the 1st of October. I am praying for Darren and Paul to come up again for
this. I am looking into customizing Joe’s bike for me to ride. My Lord supplies all my needs according to his
riches in Christ Jesus.

Doug Klan - Edmonton                          CANADA                                         Alberta Chapter

What a great summer. I am leaving this afternoon heading to Kelowna then onto Vancouver Island to meet and
talk with COL members. I am excited what COL is doing this summer and the opportunities we have to share
about Jesus. I have our COL Hope for the Highway Bibles packed to give away for on the road. :)
We will be getting back on August 6. Then on August 7 I have been invited to go to Thorsby to join the Lone
Wolves Bike Club to do a memorial service and a bike blessing prayer for them. I consider it an honor and a
privilege to be asked by this club which has over 1,200 members in Alberta alone. I thank Jesus for the
opportunity to be able to share the good news to these people. I am inviting all of you COL members to join me
in Throsby on August 7. We are meeting at Word of Faith in Edmonton @ 8 Am and then riding out to a
pancake breakfast and then joining them to ride to Drayton Valley around noon after the memorial service.
This summer I felt like we sent 2 spies to go out and scout the land of opportunity. So out went Greg and Steve
to Merritt BC. I have included a Post he made for the COL members.
Stephen Sloane just posted a comment for Great Canadian Bike Rally. So I am including it in this email.
"The GCBR was great. I believe Merritt is a great location for a motorcycle rally because of all the best scenic
back roads located around it. I had only time to show Greg the Ashcroft- Spences Bridge loop, one of my
favorites! Moreover, there seemed to be an openness to the Gospel there and enjoyed a grace "the favor of
man." Had the opportunity to share our faith and promote our club to a number of people including being
interviewed on Biker TV. By my perspective, our best ride & outreach so far!"
So what have we got planned for next summer. I am telling you way in advance so you can plan and join us for
next year. July 12-15, 2012 I am encouraging all the COL riders in Alberta and in BC to start saving your
dollars for an awesome outreach at Great Bike Rally in Merritt BC. Greg & Steve told me this was their first
year and there were about 1,000 bikes. They never saw any Christian Bikers there, so let’s go out and shed
some light in Merritt BC. You will be on your own in booking hotels or for camping. Details will come as we put
this ride together this coming winter.
Then I just got an official notice that Dr. Jerry Savelle and COL will be doing an Alberta Tour next summer. It
will be July 25 to Aug 1, 2012. So all of COL Canada members and whomever else that rides a motorcycle or
drives a car please join us on this tour. It will be one of the greatest experiences you will ever encounter. I will
give you the details later.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

Dale Hoch – Kitchener / Waterloo                      CANADA                                 Ontario Chapter

                                        ALL BIKERS ARE WELCOME
                                        JULY 31
                                        FOR A MAP ONLINE:
                                        There will be a biker service with a guest speaker
                                        Following the service there will be a $5.00 lunch
                                        served then a pre-determined route for a
                                        Christian ride in the region. This will climax
                                        with a light supper on the route.
                                        DON’T MISS THIS DYNAMIC TIME
                                        WITH OTHER BIKERS

                                              CANADA                                         Ontario Chapter

                                      ONTARIO CANADA Tour Testimonies

Scott & Sally Garvock (Ottawa): Although this is Scott’s second tour, this is my first. It is so exciting to see
people of like faith united in one common goal – to love on people and reach the lost for the kingdom. The
love and camaraderie amongst everyone is overwhelming. We love this ministry and what it stands for.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

Adrian Weening (Bradford): This tour was dynamic and needful to bring together the Ontario Chariots from
across our large geographic area. Old friendships were built on and new ones made. All the members were
encouraged and built up in why they joined Chariots and the vision strongly placed before them again.
The highlight for me as Chapter President was to see the members challenged to increase the influence we
have as Chariots to reach a lost world. God consistently demonstrated this influence as the members led
several to a relationship with Jesus, as well as ministering healing to the sick and wounded. All the members
participated or closely witnessed the simplicity of this outreach and its fruitfulness.
We also held a much needed membership meeting allowing you both to speak into our lives. Thanks !

Irene Weening (Bradford): “Yeah. Got to ride!”

Henk Storteboom: (Everett): Having been on so many tours, I find it difficult to say what I liked about this one
in particular. I enjoyed new friendships / good to see excitement returning to Chariots in Canada. Glad to be a
part of what is going on here. Re-kindled the desire to see our chapter grow and move on in the vision of
Chariots. Always glad to spend time with you guys!

Cora Storteboom (Everett): … the love, the fellowship and just an encouragement to go out and witness. Just
get out there and do it! Go!

Jim Bruce (Belleville): This ride has been great. Church outside the box. The witnessing of each person (It’s
almost the senior’s tour) Why do I say this? So many times it’s the young getting saved, but this tour it was the
seniors looking for love and getting saved.
However, this week is what I believe the church should be doing every day. Living what we say we believe.
We call it .. Church outside the box. I’m telling you THIS IS THE CHURCH! What we have in our buildings I’m
not sure.

Martina Bruce: This evening in Huntsville has brought cohesiveness to the Ontario Chariots. The sharing of
ideas on various methods of communication, the vision of Chariots, along with what Chariots are doing
internationally have all been invaluable. This session has indeed re-kindled a greater desire and purpose (in
me) to being a part of Chariots of Light.

Mike Welch (Ottawa): ~great tour ~great to have Bill & Ginger with us to hear the vision of Chariots and get to
know them. ~Great weather & good route ~Great combination of roads ~Loved to see the one-on-one
evangelism and souls being won ~when Bill mentioned about witnessing, we could see his passion and it
stirred mine ~It will be great to have a set date for an Ontario ride in advance ~the increased communication
will be great ~go on a mission trip with Chariots across Ontario.

Shane Patriquin (Ottawa): What I Like, Love, and Learned is that no matter where we went people looked at
what was going on then they saw the love that we have for them and then they learned that Jesus loves them
even more and wants them to know it. The whole ride was a new experience for me to see God at work
through me in what was need to be done and then also, seeing Bill open the door to witnessing.

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

John Dallard (North Bay): It’s always a blessing to fellowship, meet, and minister with fellow Chariot of Light
members. This tour, I experienced miracles of salvation and healing. My personal healing was one of those
healings on the tour! Praise God !

Jeff Edwards (Sudbury): Was great to see friends, build relationships, and remember the joy of just simply
seeing people excited about sharing Jesus. The impact in our city is immediate in salvations, fire in peoples’
lives and a joy to let everyone there see a vision that is bigger than one. Love you guys. Thanks for coming to
Canada and helping to refire COL here.

J.C. Denis (Sudbury): This tour has re-kindled the fire and love for souls in me. Thank you for being faithful to
the call on your lives.

Glenn Fyvie (Orillia): Pastor Glenn’s Chariots Northern Ontario Tour was fun. I had fun. It was a fun time. I
got to ride – VERY FAST – for long periods of time. This was a great release for me being a pastor. Seriously
now, it was a week of faith in action, fellowship with new and old friends (including some good belly laughs)
and of course fun and food. It was a week to worship God in a very unique way with some very unique people,
saved & unsaved, instant in season and out of season and a great ride.

Terry Fyvie (Orillia): It was exciting to see and be a part of people being brought into the kingdom. What a
blessing. I enjoyed the fellowship and just laughing and having a good time together.

Martin Weening: This tour has been an awesome opportunity for me to share the Chariots ministry with my 12-
year old son, Jordan. Jordan has enjoyed the riding, the camaraderie and the whole tour experience. He even
said the church service in Sudbury was more exciting than our home church (I guess he liked Bill’s preaching).
This has also provided me an opportunity to bond with Jordan as a Father and Son “guys” thing. I am
confident he will want to join me on future rides and Chariots events.

Jordan Weening : I have really enjoyed this trip but what I have loved is the scenery. I love riding through the
huge rocks on either side of the highway. Watching the trains and trees. I also liked stopping every hour or so
we can stretch and walk around and stopping at the Harley stores. I really enjoyed it and hope to do it again.

Chris Rouffer (Ottawa): I rode from Ottawa to join the ride in Huntsville. I got detoured 200 km after
witnessing a car vs. 3-motorcycle accident on the way to the meeting on Friday night. Walking into a room full
of Chariots was like a cool drink of water. The welcome I got was amazing and the pure love tangible!

2011 – JULY – Chariots Communicator

                                               CHARIOTS Communicator

                                              The Heritage

                                              *The Chariots of Light is an evangelistic outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries International located

                                              in Crowley, Texas.   www.jerrysavelle.org

          AN OUTREACH OF
                                              The Vision

                                              *To provide a means of fellowship among COL members of “like precious faith”.

  Chariots of Light                           *To bring together bikers and car enthusiasts with a passion for God and a passion for souls.

  P.O. Box 748                                *To provide a platform for evangelism.
  Crowley, TX 76036
                                              *To empower those called to biker and car ministry to reach out to their community.
  Phone: 817-297-3155
  E-mail: info@chariotsoflight.com            The Benefits

                                              *You will build friendships with other believers with a similar interest.

          www.chariots                        *You will be challenged in your passion for God and your passion for souls.

           oflight.com                        *You will have opportunities to participate in ministry to bikers and other people in your

                                     Chariots of Light …                                     Join us on the Journey ...

                                   2011 COL Outreaches:                                            TOURS in 2011
                                 April 27—May 1…….Laughlin, NV                                  May 13—18                    Route 66
                                 May 13—22…….Myrtle Beach, SC                                June 12—17                 South Dakota

                                 Sep. 28—Oct. 1….Fayetteville, AR                          o     July 12 – 16 Ontario
                                                                                                 (Dr. Savelle will not be on this tour)
                              Sep. 28—Oct. 2..Myrtle Beach, SC
                                                                                                  August 2—8                   Alaska
                                 Oct. 13—16…..Daytona Beach, FL
                                                                                            September 7—14                       Wyoming
                                  November 3—6…….Galveston
                                                                                         Oct. 16-23           Carolinas Outerbanks

           JULY 2011                                                                                        Volume 5, ISSUE 16


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