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SPRING 2011                                                                                           SAKS EDUCATION MAGAZINE ISSUE 6

Ainsley Boal        Alison             Beth Scanlan   Carina Lowen    Carley Mayers   Carys      Casey          Chantelle       Charlotte   Charlotte
                    Carruthers                                                        Daniels    Blackwell      Adams           Dalton      Harris

Charlotte           Charlotte          Charlotte      Claire          Courtni         Danielle   Danielle       Dean            Donna       Elycia
Potter              Rose               Tofte          Edmondson       Maddison        Howes      Redman         Cunningham      Cameron     Simmons

Jack Lodge          Joanne Dunn        Jodie Brook    Josh Marks      Julia           Kirsty     Laura Foster   Laura Sollars   Lauren      Leah Fleming
                                                                      Rennison        Whiskin                                   Ratcliffe

Leanne              Megan              Natalie        Paige Gosling   Poppy Lear      Rebbecca   Regan Bistro   Tayla King      Vanessa     Vicky
Hughes              Harrison           Keogh                                          Cooper                                    Noble       Warner

                                                                           Saks Education officially recognised as an outstanding
                                                                                  training provider and awarded Beacon Status.
             Printed on paper
             sourced from recycled
                                                                      SAKS EDUCATION VALUES EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY AND STRIVES
             and sustainable sources                                     TO ENSURE THE SAFETY AND WELFARE OF ALL OUR LEARNERS
                                contents                                                          www.sakseducation.co.uk

A SUCCESS!                                                                               Foreword
                                                                                         Apprentice competition

Saks Education in conjunction with West Yorkshire Trading Services and                   winners 2010                            4
Barclays Bank held a Money Skills course at Saks Academies, Darlington                   Education team stories                 5
on the 9th February.                                                                     Hairdressing apprentice
                                                                                         competitions 2011                  6-7
Having an understanding of money management is a vital life skill. It will
                                                                                         Beauty therapy apprentice
give you the ability to deal with day to day issues such as checking
                                                                                         competitions 2011                       8
payslips, understanding bank statements and making and receiving
                                                                                         New additions to the Saks
payments etc.                                                                            Education team...                       9
The Money Skills course teaches learners about budgeting, banking                        Crowning glory...2011 bridal
terminology, affordable credit, credit reports and the process of credit                 collection                   10
scoring, avoiding scams and loan sharks etc. It is based on 6 fictional                  The Perfect bridal make-up             11
characters and learners work in groups following their character's                       Your stories & successes... 12-15
lifestyle, identifying good choices for them. The session culminated in a                Celebrations of
game which reinforces the learning from the session.                                     achievement...                   16-17
                                                                                         Articles for you...                    18
Poppy Lear from Saks Scotch Corner stated “I now know everything I
                                                                                         Budgeting and money
need to know about my                                                                    management...                          19
wages, I now know how
                                                                                         Your feedback...                       20
to handle my money
                                                                                         Health and safety                      21
better” and Louise
Bevan from Saks South                                                                    Competition time                       22
Shields thought “The                                                                     LIGHT MY FIRE                          23
teaching and enthusiasm                                                                  Dear Ed...                             24
of the course was

If you would be
                                                                                         Pictures are of all entrants’ models
interested in attending a                                                                from the apprentice and advanced
future Money Skills                                                                      apprentice competitions 2010. All
course please contact                                                                    entrants are undertaking an
                            Pictured L-R: Laura Nelson, Poppy Lear, Mallorie Davidson,   apprenticeship with Saks Education.
lisagraham@saks.co.uk       Savannah O’Neill, Danielle Devine & Louise Bevan

 For further financial advice or guidance on money matters, speak to your
 Saks educator or visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk or www.direct.gov.uk
                                                foreword                                                                                         3

How time fly’s, summers on its
way around again and we have                                            CONGRATULATIONS TO THE
a bumper issue of the
apprentice magazine for you.
                                                                        FOLLOWING ACHIEVERS...
In such a short space of time so much
                                                                        Congratulations to the following learners that have
has happened, we have a new                                             completed their qualification with Saks Education.
government and this has inadvertently                                   Apprenticeship            Laura Walsh                Naomi Walton
had an impact on educational providers                                  (Level 2)                 Saks - Speke               Saks - Chester Le Street
throughout the UK. Luckily                                              Emily Holmes              Natalie Keogh              Samantha Longley
                                                                        Saks - Barnard Castle     Saks - St Albans           Saks - Harrogate
apprenticeships are seen as a great way
                                                                        Amber Clarey              Charlotte May
to ensure employment for future                                         Saks - Bishop Auckland    Saks - St Neots            Luke Parker
generations, so not many changes have occurred. Make sure                                                                    Saks - Leeds City
                                                                        Lucy Watson               Joanne Dunn
you take full advantage of the training opportunities offered to        Saks - Bury               Saks - Warrington DL       Stephanie Benson
you. If you have completed your level 2 qualification then              Sophia Mc Donald          Claire Zwager              Saks - Leeds DL
continue onto level 3, if you have completed hairdressing               Saks - Cheam DL           Saks - Welwyn Garden       Rebekah Fletcher
consider doing barbering, if you have completed barbering look          Becky Spencer             City                       Saks - Leeds DL
                                                                        Saks - Derby HS           Georgina Lloyd
at completing African Caribbean. I can promise you in future                                                                 Naomi Linden
                                                                        Amie Vincent              Saks - Welwyn Garden       Saks - Lincoln
months funding will be limited, so whilst these opportunities           Saks - Epsom DL           City
are here take them. It will open up your career opportunities           Darren Hardy              Amy Robertson              Rachelle Wilson
and what you are able to offer in your salons.                          Saks - Gosforth DL        Saks - Wetherby            Saks - Milton Keynes DL
                                                                        Yasmin Williamson         Carly Mayers               Kelly Finlay
Enjoy this issue of the magazine and as always happy
                                                                        Saks - Halifax            Saks - Whitley Bay         Saks - Newcastle
                                                                        Heather Stainthorpe       Leigh-Ann Anderson         Sarah Louise Nicholson
Tina Rook, Head of Education                                            Saks - Hartlepool         Saks - Worthing HS         Saks - Northallerton
                                                                        Imogen Roach              Terri Leonah O'Donnell     Rebecca Lee
                                                                        Saks - Kings Hill         Saks - Worthing DL
                                                                                                                             Saks - Norwich
                                                                        Jade Sutcliffe            Sally Lamont
                                                                        Saks - Leeds HS           Saks - Yarm                Charlotte Brewster
  FINALISTS ANNOUNCED...                                                Stephanie Warner
                                                                        Saks - Lincoln            Advanced
                                                                                                                             Saks - Scotch Corner
                                                                                                                             Lucy Spall Saks -
  Over 1200 photographic entries were judged by the industries          Jade Melhuish             Apprenticeship             Southend HS
  leading hairdressers including Charles Worthington MBE, Chris         Saks - Milton Keynes DL   (Level 3)
                                                                                                                             Amy Saunders
  Williams, Trevor Sorbie MBE and Sally Brooks. Only 455                Jessica Brooks            Hannah Davenport
                                                                                                  Saks - Altrincham          Saks - Southend HS
  regional finalists were chosen to take their hairdressing skills to   Saks - Milton Keynes DL
  the seven regional finals. Congratulations to the following Saks                                Jenna Moss                 Yazmin Adams
                                                                        Lucy Potter
  salons and good luck for the finals.                                  Saks - Northallerton      Saks - Ashton              Saks - Sunderland
                                                                        Bethany Nattress          Stacey Louglin             Taylor Ann Green
  Colour Trophy Award                Men’s Image Award                  Saks - Northallerton      Saks - Birmingham HS       Saks - Sunderland
  Saks Hair and Beauty Bristol,      Saks Bishop Auckland               Danielle Howes            Fiona Barker               Cally Litchfield
  Clifton                            Saks Glasgow                       Saks - Norwich            Saks - Birmingham HS       Saks - West Bridgeford
  Saks Glasgow                       Saks Morpeth                       Amy Haywood               Dawn Campbell              DL
  Saks Great Yarmouth                Saks Norwich                       Saks - Nottingham DL      Saks - Birmingham HS
  Saks Hair and Beauty Kingshill     Saks Redcar                                                                             Samantha Niles
                                                                        Laura Sollars             Jade Maddison              Saks - Whitley Bay
  Saks Lytham                        Saks Skipton                       Saks - Saffron Walden     Saks - Bishop Auckland
  Saks Norwich                                                          Jack Lodge                Zoey Wenzler               Rachel Little
  Saks Redcar                                                           Saks - Sheffield          Saks - Chester Le Street   Saks - Workington
  Saks Skipton                                                                                                               Hollie Dennis
                                                                        Jodie Brook               Stacey Lawrence
                                                                        Saks - Skipton            Saks - Chester Le Street   Saks - Workington

                                                                   DID YOU KNOW...
       Saks Education’s achievement rates are a fantastic 87% that is 13% above the
                                                 national average achievement rate.
      Apprentice competition
                winners 2010                                                            www.sakseducation.co.uk

Congratulations to all who entered the
Saks Education apprenticeship and
advanced apprenticeship heats that
                                          14-19 DIPLOMA TRADE
were held in Glasgow, Darlington,
Manchester and London at the end of       EXHIBITION A SUCCESS...
2010. We had a record number of           On Wednesday 2nd March 2011 three

                                                                                                         Sa O’N
entries and the standard was fantastic.

                                                                                                           va e
                                          young ladies solely organised a trade

                                                                                                             nn ill
Mandy Durkin, Quality &                   exhibition at Saks Academies, Darlington.
Responsiveness Manager for Saks           The aim of the day was to create an eye
Education said “This year the             catching stand and promote and sell
atmosphere was electric, every year       products and equipment.
the standard gets higher. You could see   Each student designed their own stand
the amount of planning, preparation       from start to finish including posters, materials and leaflets. External
and hard work that had gone into each     guests were invited to the promotional event along with Saks head
and every entry. The level of skill of    office staff. Guests were able to browse the equipment and products
entrants was outstanding; they all did    and were given information, advice and demonstrations from the
themselves and their salons proud”.       students.
                                                                       Simone Devine from Saks head office,
                                                                       who attended the event, said “The
                                                                       displays, materials and information
                                                                       leaflets were well presented. You could
                                                                       see the hard work that had gone into
                                                              id rie
                                                            av lo

                                                                       each student’s product and display. I
                                                           D al

                                                                       would buy a product from all of the girls”.
                                          Laura Nelson, Mallorie Davidson and Savannah O’Neill, who are all
Beth Scanlan – Saks Dundee                14 years old and from Carmel RC Technology College, have been
WINNER Apprentice Award
                                          with Saks Education since September 2010 working towards the 14-
                                          19 Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies. Lisa Emmerson who is the
                                          girls tutor said “The girls have done extremely well.The work they
                                          have produced and the confidence they

                                          have shown in such a short space of time

                                          is exceptional”.

                                          The promotional day was a huge success
                                          and the girls received some excellent
Laura Foster – Saks Scunthorpe            feedback from their guests.
WINNER Advanced Apprentice Award

 Details on how to enter the 2011 apprentice
 competitions can be found in this issue of ‘the
                                                              team stories                                             5

CONGRATU�TION'S ROY                         against the other finalists at the Scottish
                                            regional final on Wednesday 6th April
AND SAKS G�SGOW!                            2011 at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.
Congratulations go to Roy Rogers;           Roy will take to the competition floor to
Scottish Hairdressing Training              create the models look to reflect
Co-ordinator for Saks Education and the     Fall/Winter 11/12 definitive trends, which
team from Saks Glasgow, who have            will be judged by the industry’s most
achieved a place in both the L’Orèal        prolific hairdressers. Roy said “We are all
Colour Trophy and Men’s Image award.        busy researching fashion shows on the
Roy’s stunning photographic entry           internet, to get inspiration for our looks.
showcased creative talent and shook off     We are really looking forward to the
stiff competition from over 1,200 UK        regional final”. Good luck to Roy and
entrants. The team will now compete         Saks Glasgow.

 Mandy Durkin, Quality and Responsiveness                     but it was great fun and raised money for a fantastic
 Manager for Saks Education took part in a                    cause”
 charity hair cutting session recently.                       If you would like to raise funds for Marie Curie visit
 After a bet with his friends, Chris Libbey said he would     http://www.mariecurie.org.uk/en-gb/fundraising-
                                                              volunteering/ to get your fundraising toolkit.
 raise £250 for Marie Curie Cancer Care by having a
 crazy hair cut, which would be chosen by them.
 Marie Curie has 2,000 nurses in the UK and last year
 they worked for 1,200,000 hours caring for terminally ill
 patients, including half of all cancer patients who die at
 After getting the all clear from work and ensuring he
 wouldn’t be sacked for the crazy hairstyle Chris called
 in the services of Mandy Durkin to create the style.
 Mandy said “It’s not the best advertisement of my work,
                                                              Before                      After

                                              If you have any issues, you can always
                                                        contact your Saks Educator
      Apprentice Competitions 2011
 6                                                                            www.sakseducation.co.uk

Saks Education challenges         Hairdressing Heats                 • If you require your model to
you, the learner, to interpret                                         have any make-up, you may have
                                  Regional heats for each category
                                                                       someone to assist you with this
upcoming fashion trends           will be held at
                                                                     • Put the finishing touches to the
and create a high fashion         • North - Saks Academies             hair and pose your model ready
look. The overall style             Darlington – Monday 10th           for judging
should include not only the         October 2011                     • Time allowed: 1 hour and 15
all important hair, but also      • Central – L’Orèal Academy          minutes
clothes and make-up!                Manchester – Monday 21st
                                                                     Hairdressing Advanced
Showcase your hairdressing          November 2011                    Apprentice Award
skills, your ability to predict   • South - Saks Academies London    (Level Three)
upcoming fashion and make           – Sunday 2nd October 2011        To enter this category you will
                                  • Scotland - Saks Academies        need to:
sure the look created is
                                    Glasgow – Monday 7th             • Be working towards NVQ Level
bang on trend!
                                    November 2011                      3 with Saks Education
                                  Categories                         • Your models hair should be
                                                                       coloured prior to the
                                  Hairdressing Apprentice
                                                                       competition day – if required
                                  Award (Level Two)
                                                                     • On the day of the competition
                                  To enter this category you will
                                                                       you will display a mood board
                                  need to:
                                                                       showing the look you are aiming
                                  • Be working towards NVQ Level       for
                                    2 with Saks Education
                                                                     • You will cut, (removing more
                                  • Your models hair should be         than one inch) style, dress and
                                    coloured prior to the              finish your models hair
                                    competition day – if required    • Assist your model getting
                                  • On the competition day you will    dressed, if required
                                    be expected to style and dress   • If you require your model to
                                    your models hair (pin ups, blow-   have any make-up, you may have
                                    dry’s and setting is permitted)    someone to assist you with this
                                  • You will be required to assist   • Put the finishing touches to the
                                    your model getting dressed – if    hair and pose your model ready
                                    required                           for judging

 Why not enter the apprentice competitions,
 and show us your hairdressing skills?
         Apprentice Competitions 2011
  www.sakseducation.co.uk                                                                                      7

                                    • Select a good model                   sent to Simone Devine, Saks
                                    • Focus on upcoming trends              Education, 66 Duke Street,
                                                                            Darlington, Co Durham, DL3 7AN.
                                    • Do something different, but
                                        stunning                            The Winner
                                    • Create a mood board to put            Once all the heats have been
                                        together ideas for your total       judged, finalists will be selected and
                                        look                                announced from each heat.The
                                    • Read the major fashion and            highest scoring apprentice and the
                                        image magazines to keep ahead       highest scoring advanced
                                        of the trends                       apprentice across all heats will be
                                                                            selected as the winner.
                                    • Use the internet it is a great
                                        researching tool                    And finally – you need to be an
                                                                            apprentice with Saks Education.
                                    • Finally, for inspiration visit the
                                        Saks Education website for
• Time allowed: 1 hour and 30
                                        pictures from last year’s
• Time allowed: 1 hour and 30
   minutes                          You need to bring everything you
                                    need with you including any
How to Enter                        hairdressing tools, styling products,
You can call Simone Devine on       electrical appliances and anything
01325 341605 to request an official else you require to create your
entry form or download from         chosen look.
www.sakseduction.co.uk. Entries
                                    Anyone who arrives after the
will be on a first come first serve
basis due to limited space          specified start time will not be
availability in the Academies.      allowed into the competition area.
                                    The judge’s decision is final and no
There is no cost for this           correspondence will be entered
competition.                        into.
Hints and Tips for                    The deadline for entries is Friday
Competition Entrants                  23rd September 2011.Any late
• Know the brief                      entries will not be accepted. All
• Practice, practice, practice        completed entry forms need to be

                                                              WANT TO ENTER?
                 Just visit www.sakseducation.co.uk for your official entry
                             form and send to Simone Devine @ Saks HQ
                        Beauty Therapy
             Apprentice Competitions 2011                                        www.sakseducation.co.uk

                                                                        The deadline for entries is Friday
                                                                        25th November 2011. Any late
                                                                        entries will not be accepted. Your
                                                                        completed portfolio and entry
                                                                        form need to be sent to Simone
                                                                        Devine, Saks Education, 66 Duke
                                                                        Street, Darlington, Co Durham,
                                                                        DL3 7AN.
                                                                        Remember - To enter! You can
                                                                        be at any stage in your training
                                                                        programme, whether it’s working
                                                                        towards your level 2 or 3, it’s the
                                                                        content and quality of your entry
                                                                        that counts.
You will need to:                   • Produce 2 case studies of your    The Winner
• Write a 200 word statement          work include photographs of       Once all the entries have been
  about you, outlining why you        before and after, using 2         received and judged. The
  deserve to achieve this award,      different clients for each case   apprentice with the best judged
  include success stories,            study. The photos do not need     portfolio will be the winner.
  personal achievements, clients      to be professional; a snap shot
                                      of your work will be suffice.     And finally – you need to be an
  comments, newspaper cuttings                                          apprentice with Saks Education.
  etc. (don’t be afraid to blow       Each case study should fully
  your own trumpet!)                  explain the service/treatment
                                      that you have carried out, how
• A short statement about your        it benefited the client and
  role in the salon and how you       feedback from the client. The
  fit into the salon as an            case studies can be of the same
  apprentice, and how it has          treatment or of different
  benefited you.                      treatment, it’s your choice.
• A short statement from your       How to Enter
  manager/salon trainer outlining   You can call Simone Devine on
  why they think you deserve this   01325 341605 to request an
  award, and the particular         official entry form or download
  achievements they think you       from www.sakseducation.co.uk.
  have achieved.

Just visit www.sakseducation.co.uk for your official entry form
and send to Simone Devine @ Saks HO
             New additions to the
            Saks Education team...
  www.sakseducation.co.uk                                                                                   9

Catherine Lee                                            Craig Ray
Catherine has joined the Saks                            Craig has joined the Saks
Education team as a Beauty                               Education team as a Hairdressing
Therapy Training Co-ordinator.                           Training Co-ordinator for the
Her job role and responsibilities                        Southern region. His job role and
are to provide quality support and                       responsibilities are to provide
training to all learners and ensure                      quality support and training to all
the satisfactory delivery of the apprenticeship          learners and ensure the satisfactory delivery of the
programme to a national standard. Catherine can be       apprenticeship programme to a national standard.
contacted on 07715122204 or email                        Craig can be contacted on 07545438285 or email
catherinelee@saks.co.uk                                  craigray@saks.co.uk

Natalie                                                  Sarah Woods
Cunningham                                               Sarah, having previously worked
                                                         for Saks Education has rejoined
Natalie has joined the Saks
                                                         the team as a Hairdressing Training
Education team as a Hairdressing
                                                         Co-ordinator for the Southern
Training Co-ordinator for the
                                                         region. Her job role and
North East region. Her job role
                                                         responsibilities are to provide
and responsibilities are to provide
                                                         quality support and training to all learners and
quality support and training to all learners and
                                                         ensure the satisfactory delivery of the apprenticeship
ensure the satisfactory delivery of the apprenticeship
                                                         programme to a national standard. Sarah can be
programme to a national standard. Natalie can be
                                                         contacted on 07971965018 or email
contacted on 07715121796 or email

   A1 Qualification
   Saks Education are still offering the A1 qualification. This qualification will allow you to assess
   individuals to NVQ standard, and is a great career progression for stylists and therapists. To
   complete the qualification you will need to be in the position to carry out assessments and
   have at least 2 learners to assess. The cost for this is £400.
   If you are interested please contact Lorna Banks on 07540501071 or email

                To assess learner’s in your salon you need your A1 qualification
            Crowning glory...
  10                                                                                      www.sakseducation.co.uk

With the build up to the Royal
Wedding of Prince William and Kate
Middleton on the 29th April 2011
and also the wedding of the queen of
fashion Kate Moss, we are all
wondering what the bride’s hair will
be like...??
Roy Rogers, Scottish Hairdressing
Training Co-ordinator for Saks                                                  THE ROMANTIC...
Education presents his 2011 bridal                                              Soft tumbling curls dressed and
collection. These beautiful, versatile                                          pinned to the side for the soft and
bridal up dos pulled away from the      THE BOW...
                                                                                feminine bride.
face can give that extra sophistication Lady Ga Ga inspired, this high bow
and glamour.                            set to the side of the head is a must
                                        for the Avant-garde bride.

                                                                                THE SIDE CHIGNON...
                                                                                This classic chignon is dressed to the
HIGH CHIGNON...                         THE HIVE...                             side for the classic bride.
Classically inspired, yet freshly       This classic shape has more height
                                                                                 Hair by: Roy Rogers
approached the high chignon             and drama than seen in the past, this
                                                                                 Make up by: Fiona Henderson, Styling
presents a new view being placed        elongates the neck and adds interest     Strumpet in Edinburgh
higher on the top off the head.         sophistication and empowers the          Photography: Paul Marr,
                                        female form.                             www.marrzphoto.com

 Do you have any photos of your work? Then send them to
 education@saks.co.uk with a brief description of how you
 created the look and you could feature in the next issue of
 ‘the apprentice’
                          The perfect
                     Bridal make-up...
  www.sakseducation.co.uk                                                                                               11

When it comes to their special             Wedding day step by step:                 9. Apply eyeliner or pencil along the
day every bride wants to look                                                           lash line. For a softer look use eye
like a million dollars.                    1. Ensure the skin is clean by
                                                                                        shadow in a similar colour to the
                                              cleansing, toning and moisturising.
Here’s how to get that radiant,                                                         pencil.
                                              Blot the moisturiser with a tissue
soft romantic, dewy look.                                                            10. Apply mascara, be careful not to
                                              and leave to absorb for a few
Pre-wedding preparation                       minutes, otherwise this will affect      smudge or disrupt other make-up.
                                              the coverage of the foundation.          Apply false strip lashes if required.
The skin
                                                                                     11. To emphasise the brows and give a
Ensure the bride-to-be’s skin is in tip-   2. Use a skin primer to prepare the
top condition by recommending                                                          groomed appearance, apply brow
                                              skin and to ensure the foundation
monthly facials, as well as a skin care                                                pencil or for a softer look apply
                                              goes on evenly.
routine of cleansing, toning and                                                       eye shadow in a shade close to the
moisturising daily, as well as using a     3. Disguise any blemishes, high             client’s natural hair colour.
suitable exfoliator (use on lips too)         colouring, irregular pigmentation,
                                                                                     12. Use a shader and highlighter on
and mask twice a week.                        spots, broken capillaries with           the cheeks to emphasise cheek
The eyes                                      concealer.                               bones, using a highlighting or
Shape the brow and apply individual        4. Apply foundation, which is the           contour brush. To add colour
flared eye lashes a couple of days            perfect tone for your client’s skin,     apply blusher in either soft nude,
before the wedding.                           with a foundation brush to ensure        pink or peach shades, with a
                                              a flawless coverage.                     blusher brush.
The nails
                                           5. To set the foundation, lightly apply   13. To enhance
Advise the bride on nail care,
remembering to select a polish to             loose power with a large powder          the lips apply
compliment the colour scheme of the                                                    a lip liner in a
wedding.                                                                               shade that is
                                           6. Apply a light cream/ bone coloured       close to the
                                              eye shadow all over the eye area         client’s
                          It’s always
                                              up-to the brow area using a large        natural lip
                          important to
                         have a make-         eye shadow brush.                        colour. Apply
                         up trial prior                                                lipstick or lip
                                           7. Contour the socket line with a
                         to the                                                        gloss in a
                                              natural/earthy brown, pink or
                         wedding day,                                                  nude, pink
                                              peach eye shadow.
                         so you can                                                    or peachy
                         determine         8. When using more than one colour,         colour to
                        what colours          it is important to blend the colours     compliment the rest of
                        and the style         well, use a blend/contour brush.         the make-up.
                        of the make-
                                              Also remembering to protect the
                        up to use on
                        the special day.      facial skin with a tissue when
                                              applying the eye shadow.

  Have you taken part in any competitions or photo shoots? Then tell us
   your story. Send your photos and story to education@saks.co.uk and
                   you could feature in the next issue of ‘the apprentice’
                                Your stories &
                                    successes                                                www.sakseducation.co.uk

CHARITY SKYDIVE TO                                          would be a good
                                                            idea to do it to

CELEBRATE 25 YEARS                                          celebrate Saks Hair
                                                            and Beauty in

OF BUSINESS...                                              Hartlepool being
                                                            open for 25 years.
                                                            As well as doing it
To celebrate 25 years of business, Michaela                 to celebrate the
Paxton and Jess Hunt who are part of the team               salons achievement,
at Saks Hair and Beauty in Hartlepool, recently             we also decided to
took part in charity skydive.                               raise money for
Jumping out of a plane at 10000ft at Shotton airfield,      our local hospice.
Michaela and Jess raised £800 for Hartlepool and            We received amazing support from our family, friends,
District Hospice. The hospice is the only adult hospice     co workers but most importantly our valued clients.
in the Hartlepool and East Durham area, and exists to       For this we would like to say a big thank you for their
improve the lives of people affected by life limiting       help and support”.
illness and support those who have experienced the          Asking Michaela for her thoughts she said “We are
death of a loved one.                                       very proud of our achievement and we are really
                                       Jess said            pleased to raise so much money for a local charity. I
                                       “Michaela and        thoroughly enjoyed myself”
                                       myself have          If you would like to do a skydive for charity, all
                                       always wanted to
                                                            you need to do is research the airfields in your
                                       do a skydive, so
                                                            local area.
                                       we decided it

 Staff from Saks in Barnard Castle recently enjoyed a weekend away in
 Edinburgh, courtesy of the salons franchisee Simone Folkes.
 The trip was organised by Simon, as a reward to his staff for their hard
 work in the salon throughout 2010. As you can see from the picture, a         Pictured L-R: Claire Robinson,
                                                                               Lewis Burgess & Jade Mott
 good time was had by all.

 Would you like to do something for charity? Raise money for a worthy
 cause and have fun at the same time...then get researching there are 100’s
 of charities out there waiting for your help!
                                Your stories &
                                    successes                                                                  13

Nikki Hughes owner of Saks Chester planned a 1000
mile tour of the UK, visiting Saks salons, on her
motorbike and sidecar. Nikki said “I decided 12 months
ago that having worked for the salon 24/7, it was about
time the salon worked for me”.With this in mind Nikki
decided to combine everything in the world that was her
motorbikes, hairdressing, Saks and a worthwhile charity
and set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

It wasn’t an easy journey. She ran out of petrol twice,
crashed into a hedge, received 2 parking tickets (which
have now been quashed) and the drive belt snapped, so
she had to head off on her own for the rest of the
journey on the support vehicle – her normal bike. Saks
Chester stylist, Lee Wyatt, her sidecar buddy, had to go
home with the broken bike, with the help of the RAC.

Nikki’s tour took her to Saks Glasgow, Saks Leeds, Saks
Sheffield and the Saks London Academies in Covent
Garden. Nikki said “We had a fabulous welcome from the
salons making our journey very worthwhile.When
arriving at the Saks London Academy, I was surprised to
find that they had raised a huge £630 to go towards our
fundraising”                                             Nikki raised over £1700 for GOSH’s HAIRraising appeal
                                                         and won 2 HAIRraising awards. On her achievement
Nikki completed her trip with a visit to Great Ormond
                                                         Nikki said “All it took was a little bit of hard work and
Street Hospital to see how and who the money they had
raised would help. Nikki said “The hospital is a
magnificent place that needs every single penny to       To register your salon for HAIRraising 2011 visit
improve the equipment and service they can deliver to    https://www.gosh.org/gen/hair-raising/register-
the children and their families who visit the hospital”. your-salon/

      Saks Education values you, so get in contact and give us your
                            opinions...email education@saks.co.uk
                                   Your stories &
                                       successes                                              www.sakseducation.co.uk

FORMER APPRENTICE                          SAKS SAFFRON
JOINS L’ORÈAL                              WALDEN
                        Stacy Cook
                                           REPRESENT SAKS
                        started at         at a local careers event and show
                        Saks Dundee        what a fantastic brand we are!
                        nearly 6 years     The team at Saks Saffron Walden          They had a fantastic stall with
                        ago as an          recently attended a careers day at       promotional materials to show what
                        apprentice         Parklands Quendon Hall in Quendon,       an exclusive brand Saks are to work
                        with Saks          Essex to represent Saks Hair and         for and also promote the excellent
                        Education. She     Beauty. The team met some lovely         Apprenticeships and Education that is
                        progressed         people, who were really interested in    delivered by both Saks Education and
                        through her        their fantastic and dynamic business.    Saks Academies.
                        quickly, moving
                        on to being a
                                           THE SAKS A TEAM...                       We would like to congratulate the
                                                                                    following individuals, who have achieved
colour technician in the salon and is      Saks salon team members take             a place on the A Team.
now a fully qualified senior stylist and   charge of their career and get
                                           noticed...                               Jess Tregoning – Saks York
colour specialist, running a very busy
                                                                                    Jodie Brook – Saks Skipton
column.                                  The Saks A Team gives individuals the      Joshua Marks – Saks Bristol
Stacy has been very busy over the past opportunity to be part of a team of like     Naomi Linden – Saks Lincoln
year attending shows for the             minded creative people, who want to        Stephen Law – Saks Saffron Walden
Fellowship for British Hairdressing and improve their skills and explore the
                                         world of hairdressing. Being on the A      The above individuals have
being part of the Saks A Team but it
                                         team will truly open the door to your      previously or are currently
doesn’t stop there.
                                         inner originality and also gives you the   completing an Apprenticeship
She recently got through the first stage chance to work with the renowned           with Saks Education.
of auditions for the L’Orèal evolution   Saks Art Team to get those creative
team, with another 7 candidates. The     juices flowing.
next stage of auditions will see the
best 3 out of the 8 go through to win    A busy and fulfilling year has been
a trip to Amsterdam, where they will     planned by the Saks Art Team, that
take part in stage and seminar work      involves photographic work,
with L’Orèal, work with the likes of     hairdressing seminars, events, shows,
Vivienne Westwood’s session stylist      collection building, travelling, session
and in future get to go on international hair, researching, mentoring and loads
trips. Good luck Stacy!                  more to heighten your creativity.

 Saks Education is the only Hair and Beauty training provider to
 achieve all GRADE 1’s in ALI inspection
                                Your stories &
                                    successes                                                                               15

SAKS ILKLEY RE-�UNCH                                        Victoria and Nicola were
                                                            exhausted after all the
NEW SALON THROUGH                                           hard work, ranging from
                                                            setting out the tables and
A FASHION SHOW...                                           chairs for the event to
                                                            preparing and dressing the models before taking to the
Saks Hair and Beauty in Ilkley decided to hold a charity    catwalk. Victoria said “I was really pleased that the
fashion show to re-launch their brand new salon, in a       comedian went down well with the guests, it got
new location in Ilkley and also to raise funds for Help     everyone in a happy mood ready for the fashion show.
for Heroes, which supports the armed forces.                Guests were cheering and clapping, it was a really good
The event took place at Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash
Club and was organised by Victoria Hudson and Nicola        Asking Victoria if she would ever do anything like this
Chesson, who are currently completing an Advanced           again she said “Definitely. Not only was it great because
Apprenticeship with Saks Education. Victoria and            we raised money for a worthy cause, but Nicola and I
Nicola sourced all models, clothing, drinks and canapés     work so well together as a team, it was a huge
for the guests on arrival at the venue and also hired a     achievement for us both.
comedian to entertain the crowd before the show.            If you would like to do something special and raise
                                                            money for Help for Heroes visit
The guests had a great night, all receiving a Saks goody
                                                            http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk to register your
bag, which were put together by Lizzy Jackson from          details.
Saks Hair and Beauty in Harrogate, who also supported
and helped the girls with the event. Guests also
commented on the chap with the smart suit who
escorted the ladies down the catwalk, this was Lee
Millhouse, a level 2 apprentice from the salon. Lee said
“I was so nervous but once I was up there I loved all
the attention. I would just like to say that all the hard
work was going on behind the scenes by Nicola and
Victoria! who were styling the models hair, I just had a
laugh really”

The girls raised £1500 for Help for Heroes through
ticket sales, raffle prizes which were donated by local
                                                            Pictured L-R:
businesses including chocolate treats, spa treatments       Nicola Chesson, Joseph O’Hana,Victoria Hudson & Lee Millhouse
and gift vouchers.

                Saks Education values you, so get in contact and give us your
                                      opinions...email education@saks.co.uk
                                                 Celebration of
                                                achievements...                                                                  www.sakseducation.co.uk

AWARD WINNERS ENJOY A TRIP                                   where small teams followed a map,
                                                             solving clues, taking photos of sites and
OF A LIFETIME TO MARRAKESH!                                  bargaining for some specific objects.The
                                                             second activity was ‘The Moroccan
Over 50 Saks team members, including Saks head office staff
                                                             Olympics’ which included camel riding,
and various Saks salon members won a 4 day trip of a
                                                             spice tasting and recognition, donkey
                                    lifetime to Marrakesh in
                                                             polo and belly dancing.
                                    Morocco, to celebrate
                                    individuals’ and salons’ The award winners also got to sample
                                    success of Saks Awards   some traditional Moroccan food and
                                    2009.                    entertainment to include music and
                                                             dancing. Louisa Curtis, who is Quality
The trip winners stayed at the stunning five star Atlas
                                                                               and Responsiveness
Medina & Spa Hotel. A good time was had
                                                                               Manager for Saks
by all, enjoying a fun-packed schedule with a
                                                                               Education said “I truly believe that
lot of laughing and not all of it at Skee, who
                                                                               everyone who went on this trip thoroughly
provided us with plenty of entertainment
                                                                               enjoyed themselves.They will definitely
not only with his belly dancing skills but also
                                                                               have plenty of stories to tell and will always
with his donkey riding skills!
                                                                               remember this trip, as it was a trip of a
The 2 main activities during the trip were                                     lifetime. Thank you Skee in so many ways”
the ‘Games in the souks of the Medina’

                                                   Apprentice Award                            WINNER Lauren Ratcliffe,             Northern BDM Award
                                                   WINNER Peter Fitton, Saks                   Saks Great Yarmouth                  WINNER Simon Folkes,
                                                   Leeds HS                                    WINNER,Vicki Williams,               Franchisee Saks Barnard Castle

                                                   Achievement Award                           Saks Guildford                       Central BDM Award
                                                   WINNER Roy Rogers, Saks                     Outstanding Salon Award              WINNER Nikki Hughes,
                                                   Glasgow                                     – David Lloyd Club                   Franchisee Saks Chester
                                                   Photographic Image                          WINNER Saks Leeds DL                 Southern BDM Award
                                                   Award                                       Outstanding Salon Award              WINNER Claire Denyer,
                                                   WINNER Emma England,                        – High Street                        Franchisee Saks Kingshill
                                                   Great Yarmouth                              WINNER Saks Northallerton

 Peter Fitton &          Lauren Ratcliffe &    Stephanie Benson &        Tina Rook, Mark           Gemma Printer, Saks   Lucy Potter, Georgina Fridd, Sarah Nicholson, Mel
 Charlotte Dalton from   Lindsey Yusuff from   Jane Fletcher from Saks   Grainger, Louisa Curtis   Academies & Vicky     Clark, Stacey Webster & Tracey Bowes from Saks
 Saks Leeds              Saks Great Yarmouth   Leeds                     & Roy Rogers, Saks        Williams, Saks        Northallerton
                                                                         Education team            Guildford

 the number of people completing apprenticeships has
 TREBLED since 1997.
                                         Celebration of
                                        achievements...                                                                                    17

Saks salons join forces to                   – David Lloyd said “It’s great to see
celebrate their team                         your team develop and grow and
                                             achieve awards”. Caroline Quarmby,
members achievements                         Franchisee of Saks Hair and Beauty
with glittering awards                       Milton Keynes said “I need my team to
ceremony...                                  be the best they can be, so it’s great to
                        On Saturday 4th      celebrate their achievement and
                        February 2011        recognise the fantastic work they do”
                        Saks Birmingham,                                                 Pictured L-R: Jo Law, David Law & Claire Denyer
                                             Winners of awards were:
                        Saks Hair and                                                    Laura Sollars – Special Achievement of
                        Beauty Kings Hill,   Saks Hair and Beauty Milton                 the Year
                        Saks Hair and        Keynes
                                                                                         Laura received this award in
                        Beauty Milton        Jessica Brooks – Apprentice of the Year
                                                                                         recognition for her hard work in the
                        Keynes and Saks      Louise Evans – Therapist of the Year        salon and for making it as a finalist in
                        Saffron Walden
                                             Rachelle Wilson – Stylist of the Year       the Saks Education Apprentice Awards.
                        joined forces to
Pictured L-R:           celebrate their      Sophie Furness – Newcomer of the Year       Saks Education Hairdressing
Chris Law & Alison Dace team’s                                                           Co-ordinators Lorna Banks and Debbie
                                             Saks Hair and Beauty Kings Hill
achievements at Tiger Tiger nightclub in                                                 Griffiths attended the event and spoke
                                             Nikala Hubbard – Stylist Achievement
London. The salons were joined by                                                        to some of the franchisees, asking why
Saks Art Team Creative Director Alison                                                   they used Saks Education for their
Dace, who presented the awards.              Nikala received this award in               training.
Alison said “It’s wonderful to celebrate     recognition for completing the L’Orèal
                                                                                         David Law & Joanne Law, Franchisees of
the best in the company”.                    Colour Specialist Diploma.
                                                                                         Saks Saffron Walden and winners of
The salons had a fantastic night, with a     Abi Cummings – Stylist Achievement          2010 Salon of the Year Award – High
number of awards being presented to          Award                                       Street said “Saks Education are the best
team members from all the salons                                                         and streaks ahead of all other training
                                             Abi received this award in recognition
present. Claire Denyer, Franchisee of                                                    providers. The educators are
                                             for her client retention and rebooking
Saks Hair and Beauty Kings Hill, and                                                     understanding, professional and work
                                             in the salon.
winner of 2010 Salon of the Year Award                                                   well with the salon. Saks Education are
                                             Christina Wibberly – Therapist              the way forward”
                                             Achievement Award                           Claire Denyer said “Saks Education
                                             Saks Saffron Walden                         have always been the best and have
                                                                                         helped me to develop my team and
                                             Chris Law – Special Achievement of the      achieve their best potential”
                                                                                         As you can see from the pictures a good
                                             Chris received this award in                night was had by all. Lorna said “It was a
                                             recognition for his commitment to the       great night, the atmosphere was electric
                                             Saks A Team and for reaching the final 5    and everyone had a fantastic time”
Pictured Laura Sollars                       on BBC’s Young Hairdresser of the Year.

                                 Join us on Facebook...just search
                         Saks Education Ltd and add us as a friend
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Working in the hair and beauty           but it can lead to other serious          the internet, and
industry is not only mentally tiring     illnesses like anorexia and bulimia.      taking it too far.
but physically tiring, so having a
healthy balanced diet is imperative to   Sufferers often take their eating      A good
get us through our busy days in the      habits to dangerous levels, cutting outrelationship with
salon and to keep us healthy. Most of    food groups and combining their        food and a healthy
us try to eat well, however a number     strict diet with too much exercise.    weight are central
                    of young people                                             to your physical
                    could be taking it   The National Centre for Eating         and emotional
                    to the extreme.      Disorders (NCFED) receives more        well-being. If you feel you are taking
                                         than 6,000 calls and emails a year     your dieting too far or you have
                  Orthorexia is an       from people suffering with orthorexia. noticed anyone else in the salon that
                  obsession with
                                         It's concerned that young people are   is of concern for further information,
                  eating only healthy
                                         most vulnerable and at risk of being   advice or guidance visit
                  foods. The disorder
                                         duped into "fad" healthy eating diets, http://www.eating-disorders.org.uk or
                  isn't well known,
                                         recommended in magazines and on        speak to your Saks Educator.

 Washing towels the sustainable way no longer means           A 90°C wash can rack up four times more electricity
 beating them with a rock down at the local creek.            than a 40°C wash. So always remember less is more!
                                                              Facts about washing at a lower temperature:
 Laundry is one of the most energy-intensive chores and
 unfortunately is one of the most common chores that          • A 60°C wash uses almost half as much energy as a
 needs to be done on a daily basis within the salon.            90°C wash, and a 40°C wash uses almost half as much
                                                                as a 60°C wash
 When it comes to washing laundry in the salon, less is       • According to the washing
 more. Modern detergents mean you can put the salon             powder manufacturer Ariel,
 wash on at a much lower heat setting and your salon            over the course of a year,
 laundry will still come up smelling of roses. Did you          washing at 30°C instead of
 know only 10% of the energy cost comes from the                60°C saves enough CO2 to fill
 machine operation, the rest of the cost comes from the         4 million double decker buses
 washing machine having to heat up the water to wash          • Washing only full loads rather
 the laundry. In fact, in your bid to save the environment      than half loads could save a
 you can also save the salon money.                             further 45kg of CO2 a year

 The recommended daily calorie intake for men is 2,500
 and 2,000 for women
            Budgeting and money
  www.sakseducation.co.uk                                                                                                                       19

Money is a big issue with the current climate, so we asked some of our apprentices
how they manage and budget their wages.
Leigh-Ann                                           Debbie                                            Danielle
Anderson                                            Marshall                                          Ogilvie
Saks Worthing HS                                    Saks Guisborough                                  Saks Scarborough
Do you save any                                     Do you save any                                   Do you save any
of your wages e.g.                                  of your wages e.g.                                of your wages e.g.
do you have a                                       do you have a                                     do you have a
savings account?                                    savings account?                                  savings account?
Yes, I put some                                     Yes, I have a standing                            Yes. I have a savings
money into my                                       order that comes                                  account that I put
savings account each month.                         out of my bank account each month and             money into each month.
                                                    transfers to my ISA account.
How do you manage your money on                                                                       How do you manage your money on
a weekly/monthly basis? Do you                      How do you manage your money on                   a weekly/monthly basis? Do you
budget for bus fares, lunch etc?                    a weekly/monthly basis? Do you                    budget for bus fares, lunch etc?
When I get paid I write down what I need            budget for bus fares, lunch etc?
                                                                                                      I set myself a weekly budget and stick to it.
to deduct from my wages to cover my rent,           I’m not really good at managing my money,
car, phone bill, cat bills, cat insurance and car   but try hard to budget where I can. I spend       How do you plan for a rainy day?
insurance, then I know what’s left is mine.         most my money on a weekend, I see myself          I will try and save some of my weekly
                                                    as a weekend millionaire.                         budget if I know I have a rainy day to save
How do you plan for a rainy day?0
I always have an umbrella in my bag.                How do you plan for a rainy day?
Truthfully I use money from my savings              I use money from my ISA account.                  Have you ever found yourself left
account.                                                                                              with no money and still have a week
                                                    Have you ever found yourself left with
                                                                                                      before you get paid? What would you
Have you ever found yourself left with              no money and still have a week
no money and still have a week before               before you get paid? What would you
you get paid? What would you do?                    do?                                               No. If I only have a small amount of money
I haven't found myself in this situation, but if    I have. I’ll ask my mum if she will kindly lend   left before I am due to get paid again I try
I did then I always know that I have my             me some money till I get paid.                    and budget that as much as I can.
savings to fall back on.

                          Francesca Walker                           How do you manage your                   Have you ever found yourself
                          Saks Cramlington                           money on a weekly/monthly                left with no money and still
                                                                     basis? Do you budget for bus             have a week before you get
                          Do you save any of your wages              fares, lunch etc?                        paid? What would you do?
                          e.g. do you have a savings                 I budget myself a certain amount of      No I always have savings so I can
                          account?                                   money to spend each week.                dip into them if needed.
                          Yes I have a savings account that I
                          use to save some of my wages.              How do you plan for a rainy day?
                                                                     I have savings which I can always
                                                                     rely on.

     If you feel at threat, or unsafe and want to speak to someone in confidence, call your
                                          Saks Education Designated Safeguarding Officer...
                                                            Head of Safeguarding –Tina Rook on 07968 869213
                                                                      North – Mandy Durkin on 07899 950872
                                                                        South – Lorna Banks on 07540 501071
                                                    feedback...                          www.sakseducation.co.uk

Employer and learner feedback is very important to          Questionnaires are completed by both employers
Saks Education. We ask you for your feedback to             and learners twice a year. Here are the results of the
ensure that you are happy with the training we              latest questionnaires.
provide, and to help us strive to maintain and              Employers and learners are asked to grade a number
continually improve our service to you.                     of questions from outstanding to unsatisfactory.

Employer questionnaire results

                                                                  Choice                   Total
                                                                  Outstanding              413   55.2%
                                                                  Good                     287     38.4%
                                                                  Satisfactory             45      6%
                                                                  Unsatisfactory           3       0.4%
                                                                  Total Responses          748     100%

John Goddard, Franchisee of Saks Skipton said “I like the flexibility of the training that Saks Education provide”

Learner questionnaire results
                                                                  Choice                   Total
                                                                  Outstanding              413   55.2%
                                                                  Good                     287     38.4%
                                                                  Satisfactory             45      6%
                                                                  Unsatisfactory           3       0.4%
                                                                  Total Responses          748     100%

Nicola Chesson, Apprentice at Saks Ilkley said “I love doing my apprenticeship with Saks Education and I am very
happy with the training I receive”

 We ask you for your feedback to ensure that you are happy with the training we
 provide, and to help us strive to maintain and continually improve our service to you
                                                                     Health and
                                                                        safety...                                               21

COLOUR CARE                                  • Wording on labels must include
                                               “This product is not intended for            NEAR MISS FOR
RESTRICTIONS                                   use on persons under the age of
                                                                                            SAKS BARNARD
FOR UNDER 16S                                It will be the manufacturer’s responsibility   CASTLE
                                             to ensure that products are the right          Thought hairdressing was a safe
Money is a big issue with the                concentration and have the correct             occupation, well think again. Look
current climate, so we asked                 labelling. Before mandatory                    what happened to Saks in Barnard
some of our apprentices how                  implementation from 1st November               Castle when a runaway car ploughed
they manage and budget their                 2011 Habia recommends salons review            through the salon window.Tragedy was
wages.                                       the products they use to identify where        only averted due to the quick thinking
                                             possible if any of them contain these          of salon manager Andrew Shaw, who
There has recently been a European
                                                                                            ushered the staff and clients to safety.
Union (EU) Directive on restrictions and     chemicals. If they do salons should stop
labelling of certain hair colours that are   using them on or providing them to
not intended for use on people under the     people under the age of 16.
age of 16 to help prevent the risk of
                                             Use of Hair Colour by People
allergic reactions.
                                             Under 16 Years Old
Habia have summarised the regulations
shown below which has been supported         • As the current restriction state
by major manufacturers including L’Orèal       “using chemicals such as quasi,
and Goldwell. Further advice will be         permanent hair colouring,
provided by individual manufactures            permanent waving, bleach,
where relevant.                                lighteners, relaxing and
Use of Hair Colour on People Under 16          chemical straightening products” is
Years Old                                      restricted on under 16’s

• It sets conditions on maximum              • Pre 16 learners should not be
  concentration limits on two                expected or risked carrying out
  chemicals (HC Orange No 2 and 2-           these services
                                             The amendments have been implemented
  used in hair colours, so they are
  specifically regulated                     to further protect pre-16s from coming
                                             into contact with hair colorants and
• Restrictions on how the product is
                                             causing an allergic reaction.
  used and stored and warnings that
  must appear on labels regarding            The above information was taken
  allergic reactions                         from HABIA NEWS Spring 2011.

            If you have any health and safety issues you must report
                            them to the relevant person in the salon
       Competition time...                                                          www.sakseducation.co.uk

All you need to do is send us a      pedicure (can include nail art). It
picture of a fashion look that       will be judged on the overall
you have created or maybe even       look.
pictures from a photo shoot
                                How to enter
that you have done. The
                                Send your photos to Saks
competition will be judged in
                                Education HQ or email them to
two categories. Hairdressing
                                education@saks.co.uk. Please
category – could include
                                include your name and salon
colouring, cutting or style and
                                details. Closing date is 27th May
                                2011. Entrants’ photos may be
Beauty Therapy category – could published in the next addition of
include make-up, manicure or    the apprentice magazine.

 Fantastic training                   Date:Thursday 2nd June 2011          This is a full day of first aid
 opportunity! Saks are                Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm                training that leads to a recognised
 offering a First Aid course                                               certificate in first aid for the
                                      Location: Saks Darlington            workplace, therefore do not miss
 free of charge to our                Academies                            this fantastic opportunity.
 employers and learners.
                                      Date:Thursday 2nd June 2011          To book a place please
 Places are limited with one place                                         contact Simone Devine on
 per salon available, so book now     Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
                                                                           01325 341605 or email
 to avoid disappointment. Places      Location: Saks London                simonedevine@saks.co.uk
 will be allocated on a first come    Academies
 first served basis.

 enter the competition to win £50 worth of
 TOPSHOP vouchers
                                  Light My Fire                                                                                     23

Saks has been a familiar UK brand                                                            Q So, based on the research, what is the
since 1974 and has increased in that                                                           new Saks ethos?
time to a group of 156 franchisees.
                                                                                             A The one word that came out as the
The group’s growth has seen it establish                                                       heart of the business was ‘special’.
the Saks brand in high streets across the                                                      Many clients come in for a special
country, as well as concessions within                                                         occasion; they are made to feel
David Lloyd Leisure centres..
                                                                                               special; and they see their Saks salon
In 2010 Saks decided it was time to call in                                                    as a special place of sanctuary.
an independent agency to take an              Q What core truths emerged from the
unbiased, objective look at the group to        research?                                       This word will now be used to create
ensure it could continue to deliver                                                             a rallying call throughout Saks. At
                                              A The core truths were:
excellent client service and maintain its                                                       every meeting, at every level, staff will
                                                 • Salons are run by experts – well-            be asked:“what have you done that’s
loyal franchise network.
                                                   trained craftspeople.                        special today?”
Q So, what exactly is a brand
                                                 • Staff treat clients like individuals.     Q What brand imagery will be used?
                                                 • Saks is in the business of
A Companies can forget what makes                                                            A It will feature beautiful, natural-looking
                                                   transformation; it helps people feel
  them successful, especially when the                                                         women. It will be about celebrating
  focus may have been on more                      better and increases women’s self-
                                                   confidence.                                 womanhood.These images will
  commercial aspects of the business.                                                          appear in-salon, on the website, and
  Sometimes those elements, or brand             • Saks understands what it is to be a
                                                                                               in press campaigns from Easter.
  values, that made the business                   woman – not a girl or just a female,
  successful can be relegated in status.           but a woman.                              Q How will the new brand ethos be
                                              Q So, men won’t be a focus of the new            instilled into the company?
   Brand re-ignition involves
   rediscovering those brand values.            brand then.                                  A If you want a strong brand, you build it
Q What research was involved in the re-       A Of course, Saks does have male                 from the inside out.The first part of
  ignition process?                             clients, but they are not the most             bringing the brand values to life will be
                                                significant part of the business.              a series of roadshows where
A Our agency spoke to all Saks
                                                Women are at the heart of the brand.           franchisees can question the team on
  stakeholders, which included clients,
  franchisees, salon staff and head-          Q What do Saks’ clients want?                    how to bring the philosophy to life
  office staff. Whether it was a junior                                                        and how to translate it to the salon
                                              A One old-fashioned term that cropped
  stylist, a client or a salon owner, every                                                    floor.
                                                up in every client group we surveyed
  opinion carried equal weight.                 was ‘respectful’ also ‘incredibly helpful’
   It resulted in around 200 hours of           and ‘happy to listen’.
   conversations, gleaned from five              That was enormously important –
   weeks of focused debate and                   clients want to be listened to and
   discussion.                                   treated as a person, not an
   During this research, certain themes          appointment. Saks clients are women.
   began to emerge. It’s these common            They are not trying to follow fashion
   themes that we use to find the core           like teenagers’ they are interested in
   truths of the brand.                          how fashion can fit in around them.

                      SAKS - A SPECIAL BUSINESS
     “We are a special kind of organisation because we help transform the way our customers look and feel.
                                 We make them feel special. By looking better they feel better, more confident and
                                                                        inspired to be the very best they can be.”
Dear Ed...
“My battle with anorexia            Support line Advice:

                                                                            National Christian organisation
started when I was 16. My                                                   run by Christians for sufferers,
situation started when I was        If you have an eating disorder you
                                                                            families and carers. Support,
school and was bullied, people      have to really want to get better       advice, information and
used to say that I was fat and      and become a more healthy and           befriending to sufferers and
ugly.The pressure of being          positive person.                        families. Can put parents of
bullied on a daily basis was        This may mean finding help and          sufferers in contract with other
really getting to me. I had no      support to help you let go of the       parents of sufferers
self-confidence, and my body
                                    hurt and pain you may be             · beat – beating eating
became my focus of paranoia.
                                    experiencing which has led you to      disorders (formerly the
Thing’s became worse when           develop an eating disorder as a way    Eating Disorders
my parents told me they were        of coping.You need to be able to       Association)
going to divorce and we were        address the underlying cause of the
about to move house.                                                       beat Helpline: 0845 6341414
                                    eating disorder as well as deal with
Nothing in my life seemed to                                               or email help@b-eat.co.uk
                                    the eating disorder itself.You need
be going right. I started to        to be ready to face whatever it is     beat Youthline: 0845 634 7650
think that if I lost some weight    about yourself that you may not        or email fyp@b-eat.co.uk
and started exercising, things      like, it may be that something         www.b-eat.co.uk
would change for the better.        traumatic or difficult has happened
I thought that thin people had      which you feel unable to face and
fantastic lives and were liked      deal with so you focus on not
by everyone so I decided to go      eating or controlling your eating in
on a diet and restrict my           order that you don't have to deal
eating. I cut out fats, carbs and   with the underlying cause.
dairy, and lived on apples and
lettuce. My weight has gone         Organisations that can offer
from 9st to under 5st. My hair      you help are:                        If you have a problem and
has fallen out, my skin’s                                                need some advice please
cracked and bled, my bones          · Anorexia and Bulimia Care
                                                                         contact us on
ache and now my periods have          Sufferers Helpline:                education@saks.co.uk.Your
stopped.                              01934 710679                       letter may be published,
                                      Parents Helpline:                  however all details will be kept
I am so scared, I do want to get
                                      01934 710645                       fully confidential and will not
better but I don’t know what I
can do and if I can do it.”           www.anorexiabulimiacare.co.uk      be printed.

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