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In the Saddle


									                                  A Publication of the Waco Bicycle Club

                                In the Saddle

PO Box 21441, Waco, TX 76702                                                      March 2011
Newsletter Contents
President’s View
This Month’s Meeting
                                PRESIDENT’S VIEW by Scott Prugh
Last Month’s Minutes
Ride Schedule
New Members
                                Extended daylight hours are finally upon us after a lovely
Biking Events/Activities
                                winter. Hope most were able to keep some of the gains
                                made last year. April will be a busy month for cycling
    WBC Meeting                 related events. April 16th and 17th will see XTERRA South
   Monday, March 21             Central Championship coming to Cameron Park again this
    Uncle Dan’s on Lake Air     year. Earth Day at Colorado Bend State Park will be the
      6:30 p.m. For Supper
    7:00 p.m. Meeting Starts    following weekend on April 23rd. (Check out the
                                announcement on our website under News for details.)
        Club Officers:          April 30th is the Bicycle Rodeo hosted by the City of
      Scott Prugh – 896-2403    Beverly Hills.

           Vice President       Meeting Agenda:
            Rickey Taylor       1. Angel Flores from the City of Beverly Hills will be
                                giving a presentation on their Bicycle Rodeo.
            Secretary           2. Passing on info about upcoming rides/events via email
   Sherri Davidson – 749-4707        3. Jersey Orders
                                4. BCR Group training for Shiner Rides
    Rusty Hansgen – 772-2500    5. Schedule trail work days initially at Cameron Park for         XTERRA and then other locations such as the             trails at
         Newsletter Editor      Woodway, Lake Waco and Broken Oak
       Dawn Hill – 848-2270     6. WBC Picnic Planning / Activities Committee:
                                       a. plan date, location, activities, and food for picnic
            Webmaster                  b. plan club outings to out of town venues
            Tom Nelson
             644-1835                  c. Christmas Party
This newsletter may be your last if you haven’t renewed your membership for the year 2011! Family memberships are
only $20 per year. You can download the membership form from our web site at Checks can
be made out to WBC and mailed to our post office box or brought to one of our club meetings.

We meet at Uncle Dan’s on the third Monday of each month. Members can arrive at 6:30 pm or before to socialize and
eat. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Dues are $20 family per year starting each year in January. Anyone joining in October, November, or December can join
for a reduced rate of $10. Complete and sign a membership form and mail it with your check to Waco Bicycle Club, PO
Box 21441, Waco, TX 76702. A membership form can be downloaded at You can also
join at a bike club meeting or at Bicycles Outback.

The newsletter is BY WBC members FOR WBC members and has no specific writer(s). If you have gone on a biking
tour/trip/vacation, feel free to write up to a one-page report (including pictures) for the rest of the membership to enjoy
and be informed about. Your contributions will make the newsletter much better! The deadline for getting an article into
the newsletter is TWO Saturdays before the Monday meeting. (Meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month.)

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING by Sherri Davidson, Secretary
- Scott Prugh reviewed new facebook page with pics posted of Colorado Bend trailbuilding trip, Miracle Match waterstop
pics and also reviewed the website of Big Bend pictures.
- Nancy Goodnight presented a plaque to WBC for their help with the Miracle Match waterstop. She also presented Scott
with a jacket. Volunteers were invited to a Thank You party at Nancy’s house on Thursday, Feb 24th.
-Nancy Goodnight also presented a ride opportunity: A group will leave from the Hilton Saturday, Feb 26, 8am to ride
from Waco to Ft Worth – all are welcome. Some of these riders will be participating in Cowtown 50K on Sunday.
- Video from 2003 Broken Oak Challenge mountain bike race at Broken Oak Ranch in Valley Mills was presented.
- Volunteer Opportunities:
        March 18-20 Colorado Bend trail building
        April 16-17 X-terra
        April 30 Bike Rodeo in Beverly Hills 10 am
        Texas Equestrian work day at Reynolds Creek Park Sat 2/26
- Considered scheduling WBC picnic in Cameron park or in Valley Mills this spring.
- Tuesday ride from the dam is growing in number. Thursday ride starts at Hewitt park.
- “Two Broad Arrow” video was shown. This was a tribute to Sean Kelly.
- Discussed usefulness / accuracy of mobile apps Mapmyride and Motion X
- Volunteers may meet after the Tuesday Feb 22nd mountain bike ride at theRredwood Shelter to work on Colorado trail

TREASURER’S REPORT by Rusty Hansgen, Treasurer
Balance as of Mar 1, 2011
Savings Account Balance – $1510
Account Activity:
$250 - Deposit
Checking Account Balance - $2112.29
Account Activity:
$29.83 - Dawn Hill, newsletter printing
$15    - Uncle Dan's, room rental
$19.36 - Educators Credit Union, Account close out
$44    - USPS, Stamps
$9.71 - Home Depot, trail building supplies
$16.23 - Keith's Hardware, trail building supplies
$280 - Deposit
If you have not paid your 2011 WBC membership, this is the last Newsletter you will receive. Family memberships are
only $20 per year. Please help support the WBC with your membership. We use the membership funds to cover
printing and mailing costs for the monthly newsletter, to support our trail building and maintenance efforts, WBC
liability insurance, bicycle safety rodeo expenses, and the support of club social events. Each year, we require new and
renewing members to complete and sign the membership and waiver form to keep our records updated. You can
download the membership form from our web site at Checks can be made out to WBC and
mailed to our post office box or brought to one of our club meetings.

The Club welcomes new members Scott Kirkland, Justin Sutton, James Hodges, Amy Russell, David Hunt, Carol Seng,
Heath Cuzzort, and Robin Mettern. We now have 88 family memberships.

    On February 26, about 20 volunteers from TETRA (Texas Equestrian Trail Riding Association) and WBC members
Rusty Hansgen, Alice and Don Svboda, Kirby and Wendy Ekwall, and Vince Carpenter participated in a work day
event at Lake Waco's Reynolds Creek Equestrian Campground. We are building a multi-use facility that can be used
by the public for group events. When completed, the facility will include a 200' x 200' parking area, 20 horse pens, ten
50amp electrical outlets for camper hook-ups, water at each site, a 30' by 60' pavilion, a wash station, compost bins,
trail kiosk, area signage, and a low water crossing at Reynolds Creek for access to the Lake Waco hiking, biking and
equestrian trails. A matching grant is being used to pay for the project. Volunteer help is being used to qualify for our
portion of the matching funds grant.
    On March 9, we got approval from the Army Corps of Engineers to install culvert pipes with a concrete cap at the
Reynolds Creek trail crossing. This will provide a dry crossing area for access to the trails on the east side of the creek.
We will communicate with WBC members when this access will be available.

             Oak cluster before work started                         The work crew after 3 hours of pruning and raking

Beginner Road Bikers: Meet in Downtown Lorena on Center Street between 5:30-5:45 and be ready to ride at 6:00.
This ride changes start locations on a regular basis, so get hold of Don Ickles if you plan to attend and don‟t know
where it is starting: or 366-9410.
Mountain Bikers - All Levels: Meet at the Redwood Shelter and be ready to ride at 5:30.

I have a pair of Shimano SL-M571 rapid fire shifters and the XTR rear derailleur RD-M952. They are both used but in great
condition. I took them off shortly after I bought the bike. $75 for everything. Jim Fau 254-715-0667
February 18-20 was another successful month of trail building at CBSP with a group of eleven.

Enough trail was built to just about ensure that this particular trail will be finished next month during the March trip.
There’s still about 10 miles of trail on the roster left to be built. It just has to be approved first! (below: before & after)
Charlie (Charlotte) Bow
   Two years ago Charlie decided she wanted to exercise more. What was her choice? Biking! Both road and
mountain! However, she is quick to point out that she does very casual riding. None of his hard core stuff! She rides
mostly on weekends, around her block (road bike) and on her farm gravel dirt/pasture roads (mountain bike). She‟s
been on one WBC road ride (Breakfast Ride) and one mountain bike ride and “jeepers, that was work and I learned to
stay away from anything called the Vortex!”
   Charlie is married to Tim who does not generally ride, but he came to the (no Vortex!) mountain bike ride. She and
Tim are farmers. Their „children‟ are “Dogs, Cats, Horse, Chickens, Peacocks and all of them control us as we do not
take vacations and really don't have a lot of free time.” On Charlie‟s parents‟ farm, Saffle Farm, they help them with
their baling hay and planting crops to sell at the farmers market at the coliseum. They have another farm where they
bale hay during the season and harvest pecans if the crop makes during the winter. As with Charlie & Tim‟s farm, “it's
impossible to get caught up.” Charlie does office work in an electronics shop; Tim works in ironworks & has vending
services. They also raise/breed Peafowl. Check out their website at
   Charlie is hoping to get in on some of the BCR & Impromptu rides in the near future! Maybe she‟ll even try
mountain biking again as long as the group stays away from Vortex!

Jessica Farrar
   Jessica just got started riding recently, but “I can already tell this is something I can really get into!” She‟s been
running for a few years and decided she wanted to explore other sports as well. She had a hybrid that she rode mostly
for transportation. Then she started going on weekend rides for fun. She finally upgraded to a road bike and so far is
having a blast with it! She‟s thinking about doing her first triathlon this spring/summer.
   Jessica has been doing most of her riding around Waco and went on her first club ride in February on the Saturday
Bend of the Bosque ride (a little over 42 miles). “It was great!” she says. She rides about twice per week right now,
but plans to do a lot more as the weather continues to get better. She rides both on her own and with others. She would
like to do the Shiner ride in May. “I definitely have some work to do before I‟m ready for it!”
   Jessica is engaged to Anthony and their wedding date is in June. “A fun fact about my bike: When we were talking
about getting engaged, I decided that I wasn‟t really interested in an engagement ring. (I don‟t wear a lot of jewelry.) I
had been really wanting a road bike, and he decided that he would get me one to mark our engagement! He proposed
with the bike this past Christmas Eve!” Anthony rides with Jessica sometimes, but his hobby is bass fishing. His
engagement gift was a rod/reel combo!
   Jessica is on the adjunct faculty for Tarleton State and teaches Intro to Sociology. She‟s also working on her
application for grad school in counseling psychology. She came to Waco to attend grad school at Baylor after
graduating from Tarleton. She finished last May, but is hanging around while Anthony finishes up his grad work at
Baylor in the clinical psych doctoral program.

              Charlie on their peacock farm.                          Jessica and her new bike on Christmas Eve
Ride Day      Ride Type      Pace         Ride Time     Ride Start Location    Contact             Phone
Sunday        Road           Moderate     Call for time 2nd & Franklin         Larry Lenamon       772-9041
Sunday        Mountain       All Levels   2:00 p.m.     Cameron Park           Group Ride
                                                        Redwood Shelter
Tuesday       Mountain       Experienced, 1:15 pm       Cameron Park,          Dawn Hill           848-2270
                             Moderate Pace              Redwood Shelter
Tuesday       Road           Moderate     5:30 pm.      Lake Waco Dam          Jesse Calvillo      855-7025
                                                        off Skeet Eason Rd
Wednesday     Road           Moderate     Call for time Indian Springs Park    Larry Lenamon       772-2453
Thursday      Road           Intermediate 5:30 p.m.     Hewitt Park            Rickey Taylor       366-2126
Thursday      Mountain       All Levels 5:30 pm         Cameron Park           Dawn Hill           848-2270
                                                        Redwood Shelter        Jesse Calvillo      855-7025
Thursday      Road           Beginner     5:30-5:45 pm Changes periodically    Don Ickles          366-9410 or
                                                        Call for meeting place                     857-3715
Saturday      Road -         Community 9:00 am          Olive Branch Restaurant Larry Lenamon      772-2453
              All Levels     Ride                       215 S. 2nd St, Waco
*Some of the ride times change regularly. Please contact the ride leader if this is your first time to join one!


Fast/Advanced Paced Road
The fast paced rides are for experienced riders. They are usually 30 to 50 mile rides and the average
speed is up to 22 miles per hour. Once the ride starts, you are on your own. These are “drop” rides.
Intermediate Road
The intermediate group typically rides 25-36 miles at an average speed of 15-17 mph.
Moderate Road
The moderate rides are for intermediate riders. They are usually 15 to 25 mile rides and the speeds
average below 15 miles per hour. The rides will be tailored to the experience of the group and no
riders will be left.
Beginning Road
The BCR (Beginning Cyclist Ride) rides are for beginners and novice cyclists. The rides average 15
to 25 miles and speeds are usually 10 to 14 miles per hour. All BCR rides are designed to be
instructive to new riders and offer social activities before and after rides. These rides are guaranteed
NO DROP meaning ride participants will not be left alone on the route during any part of the ride.
Experienced Mountain Bike
Intermediate to advanced rides take on harder trails and go at a faster pace, sometimes without
stopping.       Riders need to be experienced and in good shape for these rides.
Advanced-Beginner Mountain Bike
For those who are past being beginners, but aren‟t quite ready to ride with the experienced group.
This group rides all of the trails that the experienced group rides, but at a slower pace and with more
rest stops.
Beginning Mountain Bike
The pace is that of our slowest rider! This ride is all about getting new, out of shape, or inexperienced
people riding! DO NOT feel bad if you are the slowest one! If you are the slowest one, this ride is
ESPECIALLY for you!!!
        Solavaca Cat Claw Challenge – March 19-20, 2011 – Glen Rose, Texas
        GHORBA Big Ring Challenge – April 2-3, 2011 – Cold Spring, Texas
        Pace Bend Race – April 16-17, 2011 – Austin, Texas
        2011 Mellow Johnny’s Classic – April 30-May 1, 2011 – Dripping Springs, Texas
        Mad Duck Dash – May 13-14, 2011 – Cedar Hill, Texas
        Rocky Hill Roundup – May 21-22, 2011 – Smithville, Texas
B-geo Magnolia Miles – March 19, 2011 – Magnolia, Texas – 30, 41, 71 mile routes.                            For more information:
Steam-N-Wheels Bike Race & Fun Ride – March 26, 2011 – Abilene, Texas – 21, 32, 48 mile routes. For more information:
Beauty & the Beast – March 26, 2011 – Tyler, Texas – 12.4, 24, 34, 46, 53, 67 mile routes. For more information:
Riverside Ride – March 26, 2011 – Victoria, Texas – 10k, 20 & 40 miles, 100k routes. For more information:
Head for the Hills – March 26, 2011 – Chappell Hill, Texas – 26, 43, 62 mile routes. For more information:
LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour – March 26,2011 – LBJ Ranch – 10, 30 42, 62 mile routes.                                For more information:
Bluebonnet Express – March 27, 2011 – Waller, Texas – 30, 54, 68, 75 mile routes.                            For more information:
Smokin’ Spokes – April 2, 2011 – Salado, Texas – 15, 27, 57, 70, 85, 102 mile routes. For more information:
Tour of Navidad Valley – April 2, 2011 – Schulenburg, Texas – 10, 20, 40, 70 mile routes. For more information:
Tour Dallas – April 2, 2011 – Dallas, Texas – 8, 20, 30 mile routes. More info at:
Pedal Power Wildflower Ride – April 2, 2011 – Stonewall, Texas – 12, 23, 36, 60 mile routes. For more information:
The Great Escape Bike Ride – March 13, 2011 – Pearland, Texas – 16, 42, 55, 73 mile routes. For more information:
Tour de Vineyard – April 9, 2011 – Florence, Texas – 15, 35, 45, 65 mile routes.                            For more information:
Katy Ram Challenge – April 9, 2011 – Katy, Texas – 13, 36, 47, 62 mile routes.                              For more information:
Lancaster Country Ride – April 9, 2011 – Lancaster, Texas – 23, 46, 63 mile routes.                          For more information:
Space Race – April 10, 2011 – Houston, Texas – 20, 40, 62, 78, 101 mile routes. For more information:
Fiesta Wildflower – April 10, 2011 – San Antonio, Texas – 23, 40, 62, 100 mile routes. For more information:
Bloomin’ Temple Ride – April 16, 2011 – Temple, Texas – 10, 25, 50, 62.5 mile routes. For more information:
Tour de Cypress – April 16, 2011 – Mount Vernon, Texas – 10, 30, 45, 62 mile routes. For more information:
Ride for Heroes – April 16, 2011 – Aledo, Texas – 8, 22, 34, 44, 60, 82 mile routes.                          For more information:
A Ride on the Wild Side – April 16, 2011 – Kingsville, Texas – 16k, 40k, 83k, 99k routes. For more information:
Red Poppy Ride – April 16, 2011 – Georgetown, Texas – routes of 14 to 101 miles.                             For more information:
Ride 2 Recovery (fundraiser for injured vets) – March 28-April 2, 2011 – San Antonio to Arlington, Texas – For more
MS-150 Houston to Austin – April 16-17, 2011 –                             Houston, Texas – For   more information:
Easter Hill Country Tour – April 22-24, 2011 – Kerrville, Texas – More info:
The 2011 Spring Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA) Series is upon us!
Congratulations to the following WBC members who raced! (And please inform the newsletter editor
if anyone was missed!)
The Warda Race – February 26-27, 2011 – Warda, Texas
Fred Schmid – Cat 1 Men 60-99 – 6th
Spencer Jewell – Cat 1 Men 50-59 - DNF
Sergio Garcia – Cat 2 Men 50-99 – 3rd
Penny Ficker – Women Cat 1 – 4th
Jacob Mathis – Cat 2 Men 15-18 – 4th
Anna Mathis – Cat 3 Men (not a typo) 13-14 – 7th
Emily Mathis – Cat 3 Women 11-12 – 1st
Joshua Mathis – Cat 3 Men 10 & Under – 20th
Mineral Wells Stage Race Results
Justin McQuerry (age 15, race age 16) is the only road bike racer we have (please email the editor if there are
more) and he had quite a learning experience at Mineral Wells the weekend of February 26-27. He is racing
in a harder category this year than he did last year. Rather than just state his results, his report is so interesting
that you are going to hear about it in his own words:
“Well, I raced the Mineral Wells Stage Race this weekend in Category 4 Men and I must say it is MUCH
different from racing Juniors. My results were not very good. At least the only place to go from here is up!
On Saturday morning I placed 49th (of 49) in the Criterium, Saturday afternoon I placed 44th (of 48) in
the Time Trial, and Sunday morning I placed 44th (of 44) in the Road Race. I ended up 45th (of 51) in the
General Classification. Overall, this weekend was ok, but I now know what to improve on and will
hopefully go up from here!”
We‟re all rooting for you Justin!

Waco Bicycle Club
P. O. Box 21441
Waco, Texas 76702

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