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        ELEcTIvEs &

        IN AFRIcA,
        AsIA & sOUTH
    THE wORLD.
    YOUR wAY.
    WHo                                                                                   Meet
    wE ARE                                                                                THE TEAM
    WorktheWorld was created in                online facility that provides                                                      What We Offer              03
    2005 with the aim of providing             comprehensive information about                                                    What the Universities say 05
    healthcare students with safe,             all elements of your time away.                                                    WhO QUaLifies              07
    affordable and hassle-free overseas        We also make sure any supporting
    elective experiences. Last year            material required by your university,                                              eLectives                  08
    more than 1,200 students put their         or for visa applications, is instantly                                             Medicine                   09
    placement hopes in our hands,              available for you to download.                                                     dentistry                  10
    quoting the diversity and flexibility      Of course an overseas trip is                                                      dentaL OUtreach            11
    we offer as well as our strong             about more than just your                                                          PhysiOtheraPy              12
    reputation and expertise in the field      placement. Our large, comfortable
    as the main reasons for their choice.                                                                                         nUrsing                    13
                                               WorktheWorld houses provide
                                                                                                                                  MidWifery                  14
    We believe that the secret to              safe, secure accommodation,
    our success is in the package we           delicious meals and friendly and                                                   radiOgraPhy                15
    offer. from the moment you sign            welcoming staff who are on
                                                                                                                                  destinatiOns               16
    up we work hard to understand              hand 24/7 to make sure you are
                                                                                                                                  argentna                   17
    your specific requirements before          fully supported throughout your
    utilising the strong partnerships          stay. there is also plenty of travel                                               ghana                      19
    we have developed with hospitals,          advice available because lets face                                                 nePaL                      21
    clinics and government authorities         it, these destinations were not                                                    sri Lanka                  23
    in each of the many destinations           chosen simply for their placement                                                  tanzania - arUsha          25
    we travel to, in order to tailor           opportunities! if you want the
                                                                                                                                  tanzania - dar es saLaaM   27
    a placement that fulfils your              security of a well-organised, well-
                                                                                                                                  tanzania - MWanza          29
    needs. We make sure you are                structured placement with none of
    fully prepared for your experience         the hassle, then get in touch. We’ll                                               add On PrOJects            31
    via My trip, our personalised              happily do the hard work for you.
                                                                                                                                  additiOnaL infOrMatiOn     33

    (Left - right) Omar Mohamed - director, dave Brown - director, chris Lloyd - administrator, abby Moreton - Project advisor,
    faye stickings - Operations director, alison cullen - Operations Manager, rob giddings - Operations Manager, ruth chapman
    - communications Manager, simon vaughan - Programme development Manager, Jason Mostert - itdeveloper, nicole Jones -
    Office Manager, amy sefton - Project advisor.

1   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk                                                                                                                   2
                                                  wE OFFER
                                                  eLectiVe                                 accoMMoDation                         Support
                                                  PLAcEMENT                                AND FOOD                              NETwORk

                                                  shortly after signing up for an          in each of our destinations we have   adjusting to living and working in
                                                  elective you will receive a call from    a large, secure WorktheWorld          a foreign country can sometimes
                                                  our head office to welcome you to        house which will be your home for     be difficult, so we make sure we

    ELEcTIvEs.                                    the programme and to determine
                                                  exactly what your interests and
                                                                                           the duration of your placement. as
                                                                                           well as providing a social hub for
                                                                                                                                 provide you with the highest
                                                                                                                                 level of support, both before and

                                                  requirements are. We then liaise         like-minded people, they include      during your placement. as well
                                                  with our permanent in-country            large comfortable bedrooms and        as having plenty of telephone
                                                  team to place you effectively. We        spacious communal areas in which      contact with our Uk staff in the

    sAFE HANDs.
                                                  have strong relationships with all       to relax during the evenings and      run-up to your trip, our online
                                                  the clinics and partner institutions     weekends. the accommodation is        system “My trip” gives you
                                                  we use and our team will meet            consistently deemed a highlight of    access to information about your
                                                  with the relevant departments to         many people’s trip.                   hospital and supervisor and allows
                                                  discuss each individual student,         each house has its own team           you to download supporting
                                                  ensuring you are matched to the          of staff employed from the            material and view the timeline of
                                                  most suitable placement and that         local community with an onsite        your elective.
                                                  everything is ready for your arrival.    housekeeper and caterer working       Upon arrival, our local staff
                                                  you will be assigned a clinical          together to keep everything clean,    takeover. they will be there to
                                                  supervisor who will act as your          tidy and well run. experiencing the   meet you at the airport, take you
                                                  main point of contact with the           local cuisine is a huge part of the   home to the WorktheWorld
                                                  hospital or clinic. they will provide    experience and we try to combine      house and give you a full
                                                  you with a structured elective that      local specialities with home          orientation in the local area. they
                                                  is suitable to your skills, experience   favourites to keep everyone happy     will also make sure you know how
                                                  and abilities. in addition to this       and well fed! specific dietary        to get to your placement and
                                                  your university will be provided         requests are always catered for       introduce you to your supervisor,
                                                  with any documentation or                and the kitchen is always open for    giving you 24/7 support
                                                  information they require.                snacks and fresh drinking water.      throughout your stay.

3   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk                                                                                                                        4
    wHAT THE
    our                                   MancHeSter                        uniVerSity oF
    AGREEMENTs                            UNIvERsITY                        EDINbURGH

    We have agreements in place           “i have had many students         “WorktheWorld continues
    with each of our partner hospitals     over the last 5 years             to support the nursing
    and clinics that guarantee             undertake their nursing           undergraduate students at
    supervision levels and support.
    We also follow guidelines laid
                                           and specialist practice
                                           placements through
                                                                             the University of edinburgh
                                                                             in developing their nursing             ELEcTIvEs.
                                                                                                                   REAL wORLD
    out by regulating bodies and
                                           WorktheWorld. the                 skills within different clinical
    professional associations such as
    the British Medical association        organisation is excellent,        learning environments

    (BMa), the nursing and Midwifery       with plenty of time spent         around the globe. as
    council (nMc), the British             discussing each persons           an academic institution
    dental association (Bda), the          needs. knowing my student’s       we believe the students
    society of radiographers (scor)        are placed with nursing           receive excellent learning
    and the chartered society of           staff that understand             experiences in supportive
    Physiotherapists (csP), to ensure      their skills and capabilities,    environments. We are also
    each placement is structured           as well as being able to          assured that the students are
    according to a student’s level
                                           get a message to each             well supervised and cared
    of skill.
                                           one easily and quickly, is        for during their placements.
    Many universities have specific        great. from the feedback          it is a once in a lifetime
    requirements regarding electives
                                           i receive from students,          opportunity that also
    and want a more formal
    agreement to guarantee standards.
                                           WorktheWorld provide              prepares students for working
    We have contracts and MOU’s            an excellent experience           overseas after they graduate
    in place with several institutions     – both educationally and          and register as nurses.”
    and are happy to provide audit         personally.”                     elaine haycock-stewart
    information and help complete         Julie apps                        University Of edinBUrgh
    risk assessments if your university   Manchester University
    needs them.

5   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk                                                                                   6
                                                                                OUR bEsPOkE
                                                                                Our placements run throughout        an overseas elective can be quite
    WHo                                                                         the year and are tailored to your    daunting. facilities, equipment
                                                                                interests and abilities. they can    and resources available are likely
    QUALIFIEs                                                                   be done at any stage of your         to be far more basic than you are
                                                                                training, not simply as part of a    used to back home and you will
    heaLthcare                             QUaLified                            designated “overseas elective”       experience many differences in
    stUdents:                              PrOfessiOnaLs:                       period, and can accommodate          your working day, some connected
    We accept anyone who has               due to an increased number           any course requirements you          to the diseases and conditions
    completed at least one year of         of applications we now accept        may need to consider.                which patients have, others that
    a healthcare university course         qualified doctors, dentists,                                              are more cultural.
                                                                                you get to choose when you
    and is a current student on that       physiotherapists, nurses, midwives
                                                                                start your placement and how         We will do our best to prepare
    course. students can make early        and radiographers.
                                                                                long you do it for, as well as       you for your experience, but it is
    applications for summer holiday
                                                                                your preferred specialism. We        important that you approach your
    placements at the end of their first
    year, with deferrals available for
                                           nOn-heaLthcare                       arrange placements in all sorts      elective experience with an open
    those who need to postpone for
                                           stUdents/Pre-Meds:                   of healthcare areas, so it’s a       mind, remembering that you are
                                           for students that are keen to go     good idea to take a look at our      not there to change things and
    any reason.
                                           on a healthcare placement, but do    website if there is something that   that treatment and processes
    as a general rule, placements in                                            particularly interests you.          can be very different in your
                                           not have the relevant experience
    each category are only available                                                                                 chosen country.
                                           or qualifications mentioned          you will be living with other
    to those studying that particular
                                           above, our sister company gap        healthcare students in one of our    We also ask you to appreciate that
    discipline, for example medical
                                           Medics offers work experience        WorktheWorld houses.                 in many ways, these placements
    placements are only for medical
                                           in developing country hospitals.     On the first day a member of our     are the same as your domestic
    students, dentistry placements
                                           further information is available     staff team will take you to your     ones; you cannot expect to
    for dental students etc. the
                                           from their website                   hospital or clinic and introduce     have more responsibility than
    exception to this is that we now
                                           www.gapmedics.com.                   you to all the people you need       is appropriate for your level of
    accept student nurses on to our
                                                                                to know, including your              training and your experiences will
    midwifery placements, provided
                                                                                supervisor, who will help you sort   be determined by the confidence
    they have had some experience of
                                                                                out your schedule and answer         your superiors have in your
    working in this area.
                                                                                any work related questions you       abilities, as well as the amount of
                                                                                may have.                            effort you are willing to put in.

7   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk                                                                                                            8

                                   taiLoreD                               caSe                                 taiLoreD                             caSe
                                   TO YOU                                 sTUDY                                TO YOU                               sTUDY
                                   Working in a developing country        NAME: andrew   Moriarty              for the majority of people in        NAME: Marie   sharkey
                                   is a challenge. tropical diseases      PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:                the developing world, oral and       PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:
                                   that don’t exist in the western        Before leaving, everything was       dental health is not considered      i was given the opportunity to
                                   world are commonplace and              made very easy. they send you        a priority. even though lifestyle,   be as involved as i wanted in
                                   patients delaying treatment            an info pack with all relevant       diet and location in many of our     the treatment of patients and
                                   until conditions have progressed       information included; everything     destinations play havoc with         provided routine restorations and
                                   significantly is a daily occurrence.   i would have needed to know          the teeth and gums, countless        extractions. numerous people
                                   you will undoubtedly use and           was answered in there. they even     people wait as long as possible      presented with mandibular
                                   develop skills but there is also       give you an advised timeline of      before seeking help. advanced        fractures on a daily basis - i was
                                   excellent experience to be gained      when you should have organised       pathologies, severe decay and        inexperienced in treating these
                                   in areas that you have previously      specific things such as visas        poor oral hygiene are inevitable.    cases and so i chose to observe
    “Mygoalsbeforeleaving      only read about in textbooks. you                                                                                                                      T
                                                                                                                                                                                         “ hedentalelective
                                                                          and flights. if you are unsure of    We have good relationships with      the treatment provided. i did
        formyelectivewere      can be quite specific about your       anything they are very happy to      our partner hospitals and clinics    not feel pressured to treat these
         to:havealotoffun,   department and area of medical         answer any specific questions and    in each destination, offering        patients at all. it was extremely     topovertyandmademe
     experiencemedicinein       specialty. Our most popular            are extremely amenable when          good opportunities for practical     interesting to compare the            realiseandappreciate
           Africa,andtravel.    placements are within paediatrics,     sorting out living arrangements,     work in scaling, extractions,        differences in the provision of       howluckywereallyare
         Duringmyelective,      obstetrics & gynaecology,              rooms and the village experience.    fillings and root canal treatment.   dental care in Mwanza and at          tohavesomuchmore
           Isawanumberof      emergency medicine and internal        i chose to do the split placement,   specialist placements in oral        home in newcastle.                    advancedequipment
        pathologiesthatyou      medicine, but we can arrange           so i spent time at both effia-       cancer, maxillofacial and surgery                                          andmedication
       don’tseeintheUK.”       placements in other areas such         nkwanta, the larger regional         are also available. for those                                              comparedtoless
                                   as tropical medicine, hiv/aids,        hospital and takoradi hospital,      interested in learning more about                                          developedcountries.”
               FAHAD YOUsIF        neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics,     the smaller district hospital.       dental healthcare overseas, split
                 (MEDIcINE) 2011
                                   surgery or family medicine. you                                             placements are an option, as                                              sAbIHA bHAIYAT
                                                                                                                                                                                         (DENTIsTRY) 2010
                                   can also split your placement or                                            well as joining a dental Outreach
                                   join one of our add-on projects if                                          Project to treat patients with
                                   your time allows it.                                                        limited access to care.

9   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/MEDIcINE                                                       wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/DENTIsTRY                                                                             10

                                             taiLoreD                             caSe                                 taiLoreD                              caSe
                                             TO YOU                               sTUDY                                TO YOU                                sTUDY
                                             in June, July and august we run a    NAME: richard   smirk                Physiotherapists often find           NAME:   Jenny rowe
                                             series of dental Outreach Projects   PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:                working overseas a way to             PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:
                                             in ghana and nepal. teams            We would head up to the school       get back to the basics of their       My supervisor developed a roster
                                             of students join professional        every morning at around 8:30         profession. specialised equipment     where i was distributed amongst
                                             in-country dentists to screen        where we would set up for the        is rare and manual treatment is       the staff and could therefore
                                             and treat rural villages that        day to come.  in a make-shift        required in most cases. One of the    experience many areas of the
                                             have little or no access to          marquee outside, patients waited     most common injuries is burns,        hospital. this included icU, burns
                                             dental healthcare. everything is     to be first screened in one          as most of our destinations rely      and plastics, trauma and elective
                                             provided free of charge and it is    classroom and then, if required,     on gas burners for cooking which      orthopaedic wards. after wards
                                             common for patients to travel for    treated in the one next door.        often explode. you also will come     i returned to the outpatient
                                             days to attend the clinics. Last     things ran extremely smoothly        across conditions such as leprosy     department to observe, treat or
      “Ourconfidenceandskills            year WorktheWorld students                                                and polio that may have been                                                 I
                                                                                                                                                                                                   “ foundmyselftaking
                                                                                  considering the limited supplies                                           assess with supervision, a mix
       forawiderangeofdental           screened and treated over 10,000     and equipment when compared          eradicated at home, but are regular   of patients. these included
       procedureshasimproved              children and adults, an amazing      to hospital dentistry.  treatment    occurrences overseas.                 orthopaedic, chronic back and          thanIanticipated.
       vastamounts.Forus,this           achievement.                         included simple scaling,             Physiotherapists have a more          neck pain, and neurological            Thevarietyofcases
     electivehelpedtoputmany             each group has a project leader      conservation and exodontia.          general role in the countries we      patients. On request my supervisor     isvast,including
         thingsintoperspective,           and a qualified dental supervisor.   everyone became extremely            operate and your workload may be      organised a week in the paediatric     strokepatients(old
          notjustwithregardsto          Participants are accommodated in     proficient at extractions over       spread across a number of areas,      department of the main hospital.       andnew),weightloss
          dentistry,butalsowith          the village and the price includes   the two weeks, tackling often        rather than working within one        here i was given the opportunity       regimes,arthritis,lower
           theworldasawhole.”            meals and transportation. Please     difficult retained roots and badly   dedicated area. for those keen to     to work with children with cerebral    backpain,scoliosis,
                                             note you must have completed         broken down teeth.  this was         focus on specific problems, some      palsy under the direction of a         paediatricsandburns.”
                          Grant & vishal                                          aided by the expertise of dr.        of our destinations have specialist   fantastic team of physios.
                    (DENTAL OUTREAcH) 2007   at least the penultimate year of
                                             your dental degree in order to be    anil, who never failed to remove     clinics and we can arrange split                                            sIAN bURGEss
                                                                                                                                                                                                   (PHYsIOTHERAPY) 2008
                                             accepted onto this programme.        buried roots when our experience     placements to cater for your needs.
                                                                                  reached its limits.

11    Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/DENTALOUTREAcH                                                       wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/PHYsIOTHERAPY                                                                                   12

                                    taiLoreD                               caSe                                  taiLoreD                             caSe
                                    TO YOU                                 sTUDY                                 TO YOU                               sTUDY
                                    nursing can mean different             NAME: Jessica ackrill                 the maternity wards in our           NAME: Paula   charnley
                                    things in different countries, but     PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:                 destination countries are a          PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:
                                    each of our destinations offer         My whole placement was spent          world away from what you may         i was welcomed from the onset
                                    fantastic opportunities working        on the surgical wards. a few of the   find at home. Under-resourced,       and spent the majority of my
                                    with patients and doctors on busy      things that i encountered were; an    busy and employing unfamiliar        time there interacting with staff
                                    wards. the nature of developing        amputated leg massively infected,     techniques and customs, they will    members and assisting labouring
                                    countries means you generally          insect bites right down to the bone   no doubt challenge your abilities    women. due to the facilities within
                                    find pathologies in more advanced      and oozing with pus, elephant         and emotions. at its core though     the hospital it is not possible for
                                    stages than you are used to and        attacks where one guy had a clear     is a sense of familiarity. Women     a woman to have anyone with
                                    are likely to witness the effects of   hole from a tusk right through        have babies all over the world and   them during labour, so from
                                    tropical disease – something you       the top of his thigh and a lot of     for those that want experience;      admission - although midwives
            “Ihadanincredible   may have only read about to date.                                            midwifery skills can be translated   are available - the women are left
                                                                                                                                                                                            “ ainreliefinlabouris
                                                                           fractures! the baby burns unit was
         experience;Isawalot   Our most popular placements            so upsetting, lots of bad infected    and developed dramatically.          to progress alone and in silence       rareandonlyusedwhen
          ofillnessanddisease   are within paediatrics, obstetrics     wounds on numerous scales, pelvis     the role of a midwife overseas       until they request to bear down.       awomanbringsitto
           thatwedonotseein   & gynaecology and emergency            fractures, gangrene, spinal cord      tends to span many areas of          they are however monitored             hospitalwithher,itis
      England.Thehealthcare      medicine. for those with relevant      injuries - and nothing you can do     specialty. you are likely to find    regularly and observations charted     commonhoweverfor
           systemasawholeis    experience we can also arrange         to help them. the whole of the        yourself working in the delivery     on a partogram. Paperwork is           womantorelyonreligion
      completelydifferentand     placements in other specialities       surgical team are very warm and       room, neonatal intensive care,       kept to a high standard. i was         asafocusduringpain.”
         somethingIwillnever    such as anaesthetics or neonatal       welcoming, eager to teach, eager      obstetrics and gynaecology as        involved in many interesting
                                                                                                                                                                                            AMANDA GREEN
       forget.Thedoctorslove    intensive care.                        to learn about the Uk and our         well as with new mothers and         cases, including malaria and          (MIDwIFERY) 2011
     toteachstudentsandget     if you would like to work in both      health system. challenge yourself     fathers. for those interested in     tuberculosis in pregnancy, twin
                   youinvolved.”   large and smaller hospitals, or        and get involved.                     learning more about the diversity    births, breech births and numerous
                                    in two areas, we can split your                                              of care within each country,         emergency situations such as
           sTAcEY vALENTINE                                                                                      split placements are available       shoulder dystocia and neonatal
                  (NURsING) 2010    placement to give you opportunity
                                    to spend time in both.                                                       in most destinations.                resuscitation.

13   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/NURsING                                                         wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/MIDwIFERY                                                                              14
     RADIOGRAPHY                                                                                                      DEsTINATIONs

                                                                                                                      DeStinationS                                                                 HoSpitaL
                                                                                                                      OvERvIEw                                                                     GUIDE
                                                                                                                      Working overseas gives you the        to help you learn more about the         district
                                                                                                                      unique opportunity to experience      delivery of primary healthcare
                                                                                                                      life in another country. Our          overseas, we have also developed
                                                                                                                      WorktheWorld bases in                 village healthcare experiences in        Private
                                                                                                                      ghana, tanzania, nepal, sri Lanka     ghana, tanzania and nepal, as well       heaLthcare
                                                                                                                      and argentina provide a huge          an ayurvedic Medicine experience         rUraL
                                                                                                                      variety of flexible placement         in sri Lanka. these week long
                                                                                                                                                                                                     seMi Private
                                                                                                                      opportunities, as well as giving      placements are designed to
                                                                                                                      you access to miles of beautiful      complement your elective and will        natiOnaL
                                         taiLoreD                               caSe                                  beaches, stunning rainforests,        help you appreciate more about           ayUrvedic
                                         TO YOU                                 sTUDY                                 amazing wildlife, beautiful natural   the country you are living in, as        gOvernMent
                                                                                                                      wonders, rich cultures and warm,      well as the people you are treating.
                                         radiography and radiology              NAME: Jonathan   Mazal
                                                                                                                      friendly people.                      Whether you’re tempted by the
                                         students can learn an enormous         PLAcEMENT EXPERIENcE:
                                         amount from professionals in                                                 We understand that travelling         diversity, wildlife and tribes of
                                                                                although pleased to see that
                                         our destination countries. digital     the hospital managed to offer         to a developing country has an        africa; the mountains, spiritualism
                                         software and equipment exists in       magnetic resonance imaging,           element of risk associated with       and festivals of asia or the style,
                                         a dream world for most of them,        computed tomography,                  it. Our Uk team regularly monitor     activity and flavour of south
                                         so manual interpretation is the        ultrasound and radiotherapy           the foreign and commonwealth          america, this is your chance to
                                         only way to analyse the data. this     services, the equipment being         office guidelines of travel to make   experience a whole new world of
                                         is an excellent way to hone core       used was far from anything i          sure destinations are safe and        healthcare and travel opportunities
                                         skills and although difficult, is      would expect to see back home.        politically stable. We also ensure    in a safe, supported environment.
                                         incredibly rewarding.                  especially as that the hospital was   each student is provided with
      “Besidesthedifferences                                                 a primary healthcare resource for
                                         Our placements take in a variety                                             lots of travel tips, working with
        inequipmentandwork           of different elements of both          a large region of the country. the    companies like interhealth to
       environment,Ialsosaw          diagnostic and therapeutic             Mr system consisted of a 0.35         provide medical advice, supplies
        differenttypesofcases        radiography, working with              tesla magnet and was one of only      and a 24/7 emergency phone line.
      thanthoseIamusedto.          x-ray, ct, ultrasound, Mri and         two in the entire region. the ct
       Itwasrarethatimaging         fluoroscopy. We have placements        scanner was a single-slice model
          didnotpresentsome          in large regional hospitals, private   and did not have an automated
      formofgrosspathology,          clinics, teaching hospitals and        power injector for contrast
              indicatingchronic        specific radiography schools.  if      bolus studies. the room with
      conditionsthathadlong          you spend more than four weeks         fluoroscopic capabilities was out
            goneundiagnosed.”           away with us you may be able           of order, requiring esophogram
                                         to split your placement across         exams to be performed using
                   JONATHAN MAZAL        different hospitals or regions         a blinded “swallow and shoot”
                    (RADIOGRAPHY) 2011
                                         to give you a broader view of          method.
                                         healthcare in your chosen country.

15   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/RADIOGRAPHY                                                                                                                                                        16

                                                             about                                  your
                                                             ARGENTINA                              PLAcEMENT
                                                             PrOgraMMe Base: MendOza,               complementing this lively,
                                                             MendOza regiOn                         cosmopolitan city, the
                                                             city POPULatiOn: 1,741,610             WorktheWorld house is an
                                                             LangUage: sPanish (castiLian)          impressive, roomy three-storey
                                                             cUrrency: argentine PesO               property right next to the
                                                             hOUse size: 18 Beds                    beautiful san Martin Park. there
                                                             attractiOns: Wine, tangO, andes        are lovely communal areas,
                                                                                                    as well as big airy bedrooms.
                                                             transPOrt: BUs, taxi, raiL,
                                                             traM, MetrO
                                                                                                    the house can comfortably
                                                                                                    accommodate up to 18 people
                                                             Price Of Beer: £1
                                                                                                    at any one time. the gorgeous
                                                             hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                                    roof terrace provides the perfect
                                                             argentina offers a very different      setting for our regular asados         M
                                                                                                                                          “ yCastilianSpanish
                                                             experience to our african and          (barbeques), and caterer gabriela      andIwouldarriveevery
                                                             asian destinations and our             will do her best to ensure your        morningby8amfor
                                                             central base in Mendoza takes full     steak is cooked to perfection! Our
                                                             advantage of this. travel north and    argentinean staff take pride in
                                                             you could be trekking amongst the      their city and the housekeeper,
                                                                                                    caterer, spanish teacher and
                                                             towering cactus of the northern
                                                                                                    overall manager, natalia, will give    andfurious,beautiful
                                                             desert, head south and you’ll be
                                                                                                    you plenty of pointers about           andquiteItalian-
                                                             spotting penguins and paddling
                                                             alongside creaking glaciers. east      where to go, what to see and           soundingMendoza
                                                             will take you to the bright lights     which wine to enjoy afterwards!        Spanish-pepperedwith
                                                             and buzz of a distinctly european                                             lotsofhandgestures,
                                                                                                    to best prepare you for a
                                                             Buenos aires, West will find you       placement in argentina we offer
                                                             skiing the andes or crossing the       a unique, medically focussed           melodrama(although
                                                             border into chile to visit santiago    intensive spanish course as            thatpartmaynotbeall
                                                             and bohemian valparaiso. Of            an add-on to the elective              thatdifferenttoaUK
                                                             course you could travel nowhere.       programme. to read more about          surgeryward!)”
                                                             Our base in Mendoza is in the heart    this opportunity, turn to page 32.
                                                                                                                                          MARcUs sORENsEN
                                                             of wine country with hiking, rafting                                         (MEDIcINE) 2011
                                                             and skiing in abundance.

17   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/ARGENTINA                                                                                                             18

                                                         about                                 your
                                                         GHANA                                 PLAcEMENT
                                                         PrOgraMMe Base: takOradi,             WorktheWorld is based in
                                                         Western regiOn                        the city of takoradi, capital of
                                                         city POPULatiOn: 335,000              the Western region and located
                                                         LangUage:engLish, regiOnaL            on the countries beach strewn
                                                         diaLect Of tWi & fante                coastline. the WorktheWorld
                                                         cUrrency: ghanaian cedi               house is spacious and comfortable,
                                                         hOUse size: 28 Beds                   providing a home for up to 28
                                                         attractiOns: kakUM natiOnaL           students. caterer Ophelia cooks
                                                         Park, Beaches, trekking               up amazing weekly barbecues and
                                                         transPOrt: trO trO, drOP &            Programme Manager Joseph and
                                                         Private taxi, BUs, air                his team, housekeeper alhassan
                                                         Price Of Beer: £1
                                                                                               and Programme representative
                                                                                               Prince, will always get the dancing    I
                                                                                                                                     “ wenttoGhanawith
                                                         hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                               started afterwards! regular fante
                                                         from the moment you step off          classes are included and our
                                                         the plane in ghana you have the       language teacher Mr arthur will
                                                                                               give you the basics as well as
                                                         sense that you are entering the
                                                         africa of your imagination. One       help you with medically focussed       Everymomentwas
                                                         hundred ethnic groups call this       sentences that could be used in        breathtaking”
                                                         country their home and for good       your placement.
                                                                                                                                     MAT sIMPsON
                                                         reason. it is one of the safest and   Many ghanaians live in rural          (MEDIcINE) 2010
                                                         most stable of the african nations    villages where attitudes to
                                                         and the cities are a feast of         healthcare are very different to
                                                         colourful clothes, vibrancy, spices   those in the city. We offer a ghana
                                                         and laughter, while the rural         village experience as an add-on to
                                                         villages are steeped in fascinating   the elective programme. turn to
                                                         traditions, strong family bonds       page 32 for more information.
                                                         and happy faces. it does not take
                                                         long to spot the one thing that
                                                         unites them all - a spirit for life
                                                         that is contagious.

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                                                         about                                   your
                                                         NEPAL                                   PLAcEMENT
                                                         PLaceMent Base: POkhara,                WorktheWorld is based in
                                                         kaski district                          Pokhara, a city that sits on the
                                                         city POPULatiOn: 2,500,000              shores of Phewa tal, a beautiful
                                                         LangUage: nePaLese                      lake overlooked by the mighty
                                                         cUrrency: rUPee                         himalayas. it has a lively
                                                         hOUse size: 17 Beds                     lakeside area with popular bars,
                                                         attractiOns: hiMaLayas,                 restaurants and tour agencies,
                                                         eLePhants safari, tiBetan Market        as well as an old town that is
                                                         transPOrt: air, BUs, taxi
                                                                                                 quieter and more traditional. the
                                                                                                 WorktheWorld house is based
                                                         Price Of a Beer: £1
                                                                                                 in the old town and has spacious
                                                                                                 communal areas, comfortable
                                                         nepal is something of an enigma.        bedrooms and a large balcony           W
                                                                                                                                       “ hydidIchoseNepal?
                                                         awe inspiring mountains, intricate      that provides a great setting for
                                                         temples, lively festivals, coloured     the regular barbeques cooked
                                                         robes and prayer flags make it          up by our caterer, krishna. free
                                                                                                 nepali lessons are included and
                                                         one of the most spiritual and
                                                                                                 our housekeeper Padma, as well as      rangeeverymorning
                                                         uplifting places to travel and
                                                                                                 Manager sunil, will do their best      wasabsolutelybreath
                                                         wind down. at the same time
                                                         climbing or paragliding in the          to help you learn the language.        taking.Pokharais
                                                         world’s biggest mountains, rafting                                             thesecondlargest
                                                                                                 Many nepalese communities
                                                         down crashing rivers or tracking        live high up in the mountains in
                                                         tigers in their natural habitat         villages that can only be reached      instarkcontrastto
                                                         make it a prime destination for         by foot. We offer a nepal village      thecolourfulchaos
                                                         thrill seekers and wildlife lovers      experience as an add-on to             whichcharacterises
                                                         all over the world. it is a true land   the elective programme for             Kathmandu”
                                                         of contrasts and offers some            students interested in the delivery
                                                         amazing travel opportunities, not                                             NINA HJELDE
                                                                                                 of healthcare among these             (MEDIcINE) 2011
                                                         least the chance to reach everest       mountain communities. for more
                                                         base camp or to visit the mini          information please turn to page 32.
                                                         kingdoms of kathmandu, Patan
                                                         and Bhaktapur.

21   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/NEPAL                                                                                                             22
                                                            sRI LANkA

                                                            about                                   your
                                                            sRI LANkA                               PLAcEMENT
                                                            PLaceMent Base: kandy,                  With stunning views over the city,
                                                            centraL PrOvince                        the WorktheWorld kandy
                                                            city POPULatiOn: 1,415,000              house is close to the temple of the
                                                            LangUage: sinhaLese                     tooth, the focus of many Buddhist
                                                            cUrrency: rUPee                         pilgrimages. it is modern, bright
                                                            hOUse size: 32 Beds                     and airy, with spacious communal
                                                            attractiOns: teMPLes, Beaches &         areas and bedrooms that house
                                                            sUrfing                                 up to 21 students. Manager
                                                            transPOrt: raiLWay, tUk tUk, BUs, air
                                                                                                    kavinda, along with Prasanga
                                                                                                    and champika, the caterer and
                                                            Price Of a Beer: £1.50
                                                                                                    housekeeper, make sure each
                                                            hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                                    student enjoys true sri Lankan
                                                            although known colloquially as          hospitality and an amazing array       N
                                                                                                                                          “ eedlesstosayIhad
                                                            “the teardrop of india”, sri Lanka      of traditional and western food
                                                            could not be more different to its      is served daily. sinhalese lessons
                                                            northern neighbour. the countries       are provided and plenty of advice
                                                                                                    is available for weekend trips or
                                                            historical importance as a major
                                                                                                    for those who time their trip to       wholethingwasthe
                                                            trade route has left it with a
                                                                                                    coincide with the world famous         perfectmixofmedicine
                                                            heady mix of cultural influences
                                                            and delicious spice-laden cuisine,      esala Perahera festival, an amazing    andfun.”
                                                            whilst its geographical location        spectacle involving several days of   LINZIE LONG
                                                            offers miles of unspoilt coastline      dancing, drumming, fire-displays      (MEDIcINE) 2011
                                                            and world-class surf. if that wasn’t    and elephant parades.
                                                            enough, deep in the heart of the        for many sri Lankans medical
                                                            country is the famous cultural          care comes secondary to holistic
                                                            triangle where ancient civilisations    medicine. to help you understand
                                                            and UnescO World heritage               more about the approach, and
                                                            sites lay amongst cashew and tea        how it can complement your work
                                                            plantations. the highlands also         in sri Lanka, we run an ayurvedic
                                                            home one of the biggest elephant        Medicine experience as an add-on
                                                            orphanages and breeding sites in        to your elective programme. see
                                                            the world.                              page 32 for more details.

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                                                          about                                  your
                                                          ARUsHA                                 PLAcEMENT
                                                          PrOgraMMe Base: arUsha,                the WorktheWorld arusha
                                                          arUsha regiOn                          house looks out onto Mount
                                                          city POPULatiOn: 1,288,088             Meru, smaller than kilimanjaro
                                                          LangUage: sWahiLi & engLish            but no less impressive. it is home
                                                          cUrrency: tanzanian shiLLing           to up to 32 students during
                                                          hOUse size: 32 Beds                    the busiest periods and has a
                                                          attractiOns: kiLiManJarO,              large lounge, a gazebo and a
                                                          Maasai, safari                         garden. free swahili classes take
                                                          transPOrt: daLadaLa, BUs, taxi, air
                                                                                                 place each week as well as the
                                                                                                 renowned WorktheWorld
                                                          Price Of a Beer: £1 - £1.50
                                                                                                 barbecue, the jewel in our
                                                          hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                                 caterer Witness’ crown. Manager
                                                          the city of arusha is one of           freddy and his assistant Brian        I
                                                                                                                                      “ tisn’tuntilyoulook
                                                          northern tanzania’s most popular       do their utmost to ensure each
                                                          destinations and a hub for             student feels welcome and
                                                          travellers. known as the gateway       at home, offering a wealth of
                                                                                                 information about the local area
                                                          to the northern safari circuit, its
                                                                                                 and making sure each placement        largemansionyouwill
                                                          main draw is undoubtedly the
                                                                                                 runs smoothly. if you are keen        bestayinginforyour
                                                          ngorongoro crater. an immense
                                                          volcanic caldera formed around         to volunteer in your spare time,      durationofyourtimein
                                                          3 million years ago, the crater is     they will also put you in touch       Arusha.Andyouknow
                                                          home to a huge concentration of        with a local orphanage where our      thatitallstartshere.”
                                                          wildlife and is the perfect place to   students regularly get involved.
                                                                                                                                      JEssIcA AckRILL
                                                          spot the elusive big 5. the city is    to help students understand          (NURsING) 2010
                                                          also a great jumping-off point for     more about healthcare delivery
                                                          Mount kilimanjaro, with travellers     in tanzania, we offer a unique
                                                          stopping to enjoy the Maasai           opportunity to live with a
                                                          markets and traveller hangouts         Maasai tribe as an add-on to the
                                                          before embarking on the tough,         elective programme. for more
                                                          but immensely rewarding trek to        information about our arusha
                                                          africa’s highest point.                village experience, please turn to
                                                                                                 page 32.

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                                                               DAR Es sALAAM

                                                               about                                 your
                                                               DAR Es sALAAM                         PLAcEMENT
                                                               PrOgraMMe Base: dar es saLaaM,        the WorktheWorld house is
                                                               dar es saLaaM regiOn                  located in the north of dar, on
                                                               city POPULatiOn: 2,698,652            the affluent northern sea cliff
                                                               LangUage: sWahiLi & engLish           Peninsula. there are a number of
                                                               cUrrency: tanzanian shiLLing          local bars and restaurants here,
                                                               hOUse size: 33 Beds                   and the house itself also provides
                                                               attractiOns: zanziBar, natiOnaL       plenty of opportunities for you
                                                               Park, snOrkeLLing                     to enjoy your evenings with a
                                                               transPOrt: daLadaLa, BUs, taxi, air
                                                                                                     large garden and swimming pool.
                                                                                                     Big bedrooms accommodate
                                                               Price Of a Beer: £0.75
                                                                                                     up to 33 students, and weekly
                                                               hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                                     swahili lessons are given on the
                                                               dar es salaam remains one of our      large porch. Our local staff team
                                                                                                     includes alpha, Mark, rashid
                                                                                                                                           “ hehousechefis
                                                               most popular destinations,
                                                               providing the perfect mix of          and our caterer, rehema (who
                                                               opportunities that come from          previously worked in a 5 star          absolutelegend.She
                                                               living in a cosmopolitan city, with   restaurant on zanzibar island, so      willcookanything
                                                               the ultimate traveller’s paradise     expect something special!).            youlike,everything
                                                               beckoning from across the water.                                             ishome-madeand
                                                                                                     for many tanzanians, medical
                                                               Just an hour from the mainland,       care is not easily accessible.
                                                               zanzibar’s white sands and            as an add-on to our elective
                                                               turquoise waters are a mecca for      programme, we run a village           GEOFF wELLs
                                                               divers, backpackers and party-        experience in a community             (MEDIcINE) 201O
                                                               goers. the highlights do not end      hospital in zanzibar as well as one
                                                               there. travel inland and you will     in the heart of Mikumi national
                                                               find amazing safari options at        Park. see page 32 for more details.
                                                               Mikumi national Park and selous
                                                               game reserve, or you can take
                                                               advantage of the cheap flights and
                                                               buses to visit northern tanzania.
                                                               kilimanjaro, ngorongoro crater,
                                                               the serengeti and Lake victoria can
                                                               all be visited over weekend trips.

27   Start your experience at wORkTHEwORLD.cO.Uk/DAREssALAAM                                                                                                           28

                                                          about                                   your
                                                          MwANZA                                  PLAcEMENT
                                                          PrOgraMMe Base: MWanza,                 the Lake victoria house
                                                          MWanza regiOn                           has arguably the most
                                                          city POPULatiOn: 436, 811               impressive setting of all our
                                                          LangUage: sWahiLi & engLish             WorktheWorld houses.
                                                          cUrrency: tanzanian shiLLing            Perched on a hill overlooking the
                                                          hOUse size: 27 Beds                     lake, the house accommodates
                                                          attractiOns: sUkUMa triBe,              27 and is built around the huge
                                                          safari, Lake victOria                   boulders that are dotted around
                                                          transPOrt: daLadaLa, BUs, taxi, air
                                                                                                  the city. the terrace is a fantastic
                                                                                                  spot for our caterer diana’s
                                                          Price Of a Beer: £0.70
                                                                                                  weekly tilapia fish barbecues, and
                                                          hOsPitaL tyPe:
                                                                                                  our manager Barny, a member
                                                          Mwanza sits on the shores of Lake       of the sukuma, and housekeeper          L
                                                                                                                                         “ ivinginthehouse
                                                          victoria, the world’s second largest    Bosco will happily show you
                                                          freshwater lake. although just a        traditional dances or join you
                                                          short flight from arusha in the         at the local spot bar. swahili
                                                                                                  lessons are included and it won’t
                                                          north West corner, the contrast
                                                                                                  be long before you can have a           amazingpeopleand
                                                          between the two cities could not
                                                                                                  basic conversation and return           evenworkalongside
                                                          be more pronounced. Mwanza,
                                                          whilst closer to the serengeti,         the welcome greetings that are a        theminhospitalasa
                                                          remains largely off the tourist trail   regular occurrence in Mwanza.           professional.Itwasnice
                                                          and has a far more traditional feel,    as an add-on to your elective,
                                                          rich in sukuma tribe culture. and       we offer a village experience           endofthedaywhere
                                                          whilst the local airport has regular    living and working with a               everyonewasback
                                                          flights to zanzibar, kilimanjaro        healthcare practitioner in a            fromworkandweall
                                                          or dar es salaam, it is the boat        small sukuma tribe. this is an          discussedhowourday
                                                          trip across the lake to rubondo         amazing opportunity to live in          wentandwhatwehad
                                                          national Park or Ukerewe, known         a rural village and learn more          allseen.”
                                                          locally as “Little zanzibar”, which     about the delivery of primary
                                                          provides that indescribable feeling     healthcare. Please see page 32 for     RObYN JONEs
                                                                                                                                         (NURsING) 2009
                                                          of discovering a true “travel gem”.     information.

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                                                   ADD ON
                                                   ayurVeDic                              ViLLaGe                              intenSiVe
                                                   MEDIcINE                               EXPERIENcE                           sPANIsH

                                                   Whilst the Western world may           the village experience is an         Language is a challenge wherever
                                                   see ayurvedic medicine as a            amazing opportunity to broaden       you travel but with argentina
                                                   “complementary therapy”, for sri       your healthcare elective or          we recognise that students

     ELEcTIvEs.                                    Lankans it is integral part of their
                                                   healthcare system. this week
                                                                                          placement experience. in a
                                                                                          group of up to 4 people you
                                                                                                                               need a reasonable standard of
                                                                                                                               spanish to make the most of their

                                                   long placement is a fantastic way      will spend a week living with a      placement. to take advantage of
                                                   to increase your understanding         local family, working alongside a    the great placements on offer, we
                                                   of the history and theory of           healthcare practitioner and, with    have developed a unique course

                                                   this ancient practice, and how it      the help of your personal guide,     specialising in the medical spanish
                                                   complements modern medicine.           getting involved in all aspects      our students need to give them
                                                   the ayurvedic Medicine                 of community life. from tribal       the confidence and knowledge to
                                                   experience is available in sri Lanka   dances and visiting local healers    get involved. along with the fun
                                                   only. the course cost includes         to treating children with malaria    and frolics of learning in-country
                                                   all meals, accommodation and           or administering vaccinations,       with market visits, tango classes
                                                   transfers, as well as a local guide    your week will give you a            and empanada baking, the
                                                   who will organise a programme of       unique insight into the cultures,    structure essentially allows you
                                                   cultural activities that take place    traditions and delivery of primary   to progress from basic spanish to
                                                   outside of your hospital work.         healthcare in rural communities.     medical spanish in just a week.
                                                                                                                               the intensive spanish course is
                                                                                                                               available in argentina only.

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     WorktheWorld elective placements include placement organisation, accommodation and meals, airport pick
     up, local orientation and an introduction to the hospital and your supervisor. to help your communication skills
     we also offer free weekly language lessons at the WorktheWorld house. this gives you a chance to practice the
     basics, as well as learn some of the phrases you may hear on your placement.
     it is important to us that the people working with our students benefit from the placement fees that we pay each          ELEcTIvEs.
                                                                                                                              THE wORLD
     hospital. We make regular donations to individual wards and departments and sponsor english language lessons
     for hospital staff. although this is the bulk of your trip, there are a few extra costs that we have chosen not to
     include in our price so that you can take advantage of the deals available at the time of purchase. it is worth
     keeping these in mind when you plan your trip.

     ViSaS, FLiGHtS                          LocaL traVeL
                                                                                                                               YOUR wAY.
     & INsURANcE                             & sOcIALIsING
     you will need to arrange your own       We do our best to locate
     flights, insurance and visas. “My       WorktheWorld houses in close
     trip” will provide information on       proximity to our placements, but
     the arrival airport, as well as links   it may be necessary, or preferable
     to recommended travel agencies          to use local transport options. the
     who can book your flights for           cost of commuting is usually less
     you. We will also ensure you            than £1 a day.
     have comprehensive information          Many students want to make the
     about any visa you might need,          most of the their destination and
     as well as how to apply for it. it is   travel at weekends. We can give
     essential that every student obtain     you a rough idea of travel costs to
     comprehensive travel insurance.         help you plan your budget before
     We have developed a bespoke             you leave, from the price of a
     insurance policy, designed for          beer to the current cost of a safari
     elective students, which can be         or trek.
     purchased directly through “My
                                             Whilst you are away the
     trip”.it is also mandatory that
                                             WorktheWorld staff can provide
     students on clinical electives have
                                             all sorts of advice on where to go,
     indemnity protection. Many will
                                             which companies to travel with
     have free coverage through their
                                             and what things should cost.
     university course or as members
     of a professional body.

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          AUs 1-800-601-365 (TOLL FREE NUMbER)
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