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									Seat No.: _____                                   Enrolment No.______

                      Diploma Sem-I [Common] examination January 2009
Subject code:310015                           Subject Name: Communication Skill
Date: 06 / 01/ 2009                                                Time: 11:00am-1:30pm

                                                                           Total Marks: 70
       1. Attempt all questions.
       2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
       3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.                             14
 (i) What is a sensor camera? What can it do?
 (ii) What advantages do robots have over men and women?
 (iii) Why do most college students have difficulty in reading their textbooks?
 (iv) After initial disappointment how did Pele manage to calm himself down?
 (v) What equipment did the astrologer carry with him?
 (vi) Why do some of the routine factory accidents take place?
 (vii) Why do entrepreneurs avoid low-risk and high-risk situation?

Q.2 (a) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.                              07
 (i) How did Rip Van Winkle amuse himself in his hotel room?
 (ii) Who are effective leaders?
 (iii) What was so special about the match between Pele’s team and Vasco da Gama?
 (iv) Why were steam locomotives denounced by the Church?
 (v) Why are repetitive jobs ideally suited to a robot?
 (vi) What is holography? Who invented it?
 (vii) What was Denis accused of?

Q.2 (b)Write a short note on any one of the following.                                       07
 (i) Character – sketch of Behrman.
 (ii) Sound wave photography.
 (iii) The trial of Denis.

Q.3 (a) Write a conversation between two friends about the plan of the picnic.                07

Q.3 (b) Fill in the blanks by choosing the proper verb given in the brackets.               07
 (i) The Manager accompanied by the workers ________ coming here. (is, are)
 (ii) Bread and butter ________ a good morning breakfast. (is, are)
 (iii) Romio and Juliet ________ published in 1603. (was, were)
 (iv) Every man, woman and child ________ this new movie. (like, likes)
 (v) Neither the engineer nor the overseers ________ the duties honestly. (discharge, discharges)
 (vi) Some of the pipes ________ stolen from the office. (was, were)
 (vii) Those scissors ________ to me. (belong, belongs)


Q.3 (a) Develop a dialogue between two friends discussing about the preparation of their     07
        University Examination.

Q.3 (b) Fill in the blanks by using proper forms of verbs given in the brackets.            07
 (i) Rubber ________ in the cold climate. (not grow)
 (ii) My father ________ seventy years old last April. (be)
 (iii) We ________ much about Mars yet. (not learn)
 (iv) He ________ as a technician for the last seven years. (work)
 (v) By the year end, the contractor ________ your house. (construct)
 (vi) He ate three sandwiches while you ________ to him. (talk)
 (vii) They ________ the foundation of the building when I visited the side. (lay).

Q.4 (a) Fill in the blanks by using correct modal auxiliaries to bring out the meaning as   05
       suggested in the brackets.
 (i) ________ you teach my sister Account, please? (Request)
 (ii) Do not criticize him. He ________ come any moment. (Possibility)
 (iii) ________ we go to the canteen for a cup of tea? (Suggestion)
 (iv) Gandhiji ________ speak English fluently. (Ability)
 (v) ________ I type this letter for you? (Offer)

Q.4 (b) Insert suitable determiners.                                                        05
 (i) ________ Mahabharata is a sacred book for the Hindus.
 (ii) ________ knowledge is a dangerous thing.
 (iii) How ________ work can be finished today?
 (iv) Not ________ people have telephones in their houses.
 (v) ________ one day match is always interesting.

Q.4 (c) Give one word for the following.                                                     04
 (i) A period of ten years.
 (ii) A person or thing believed to bring bad luck.
 (iii) An artificial object put into orbit.
 (iv) A vessel that can travel under the surface of the sea as well as on the top of it.


Q.4 (a) Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive Voice.                                05
 (i) They invited me to give a talk on pollution.
 (ii) People are criticizing the collector for corrupt practices.
 (iii) The Government has given up the project to build the road.
 (iv) The scientists believe that there is some water on the Mars.
 (v) They will construct the bridge next year.

Q.4 (b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.                                    05
 (i) What’s the time ________ your watch?
 (ii) He was standing ________ the tree to avoid the hot sun.
 (iii) Nowadays, his son is ________ America.
 (iv) The President will arrive here ________ a special plane.
 (v) She met with an accident while going ________ her college.

Q.4 (c) Fill in the blanks with correct form of the following words.                        04
       perform, effect, aware, consider
 (i) We have to think about ________ ways of reducing pollution.
 (ii) It is ________ colder this evening.
 (iii) General ________ of the present generation about pollution is good.
 (iv) Her ________ in the final examination was excellent.

Q.5 (a) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it.                     07

             Doctors are the custodians of human health. To patients, they are like angels who give
   them the message of hope and life. On the other hand, engineers are concerned with the
   inanimate things like machines which have no hopes and no fears. Doctors are, therefore, more
   human than engineers. A doctor has to work with the missionary zeal and his profession calls for
   self-sacrifice. He cannot ignore a patient suffering from pain. Even at the cost of his own health,
   comfort and convenience he treats the patients. On wintry nights when all the people sleep in
   their cozy beds he stands by the side of a patient. On the other hand, an engineer’s profession
   does not require so much self-sacrifice. Doctors have greater social responsibility than engineers.
   They are directly responsible for the health of the people, while engineers’ responsibility is
   indirect. If there are no industries, no machines, no equipment, no electricity and no means of
   communication, life will become very miserable. But it will become still more miserable if there
   are no doctors to look after the human health. A doctor’s duties are harder in comparison to those
   of an engineer. An engineer has to handle an iron machine, whereas a doctor has to handle a
   human machine which is very complex and complicated. It has been observed that the medical
   profession has produced a greater number of public spirited men then the engineering profession.

  1. Why are doctors considered more human than engineers?
  2. How is a doctor called upon to sacrifice?
  3. Why is an engineer’s responsibility called indirect?
  4. Compare the duties of a doctor with those of an engineer.
  5. Doctors are compared with ________ (Fill in the blank from the text of the passage).
  6. Find antonyms of the following from the passage:
      (i) animate (ii) directly
  7. Find synonyms of the following from the passage:
      (i) care for (ii) demand

Q.5 (b) Summarize the above passage to one third of its length and give a suitable title to it. 07


Q.5 (a) Use the following words or phrases in your own sentences.                                 07
       (i)    Instead of           (ii)   Give off      (iii) In order to
       (iv)   Leap out             (v)    Practice      (vi)  Devise
       (vii) Bottom

Q.5 (b) Do as directed.                                                                        07
 (i) If he does not work hard, he will fail. (use ‘Unless’)
 (ii) The teacher is lazy but the principal likes her. (use ‘Though’)
 (iii) It was a very cold night. People could not move out of their houses. (connect the sentences
       using ‘such that’)
 (iv) My father gave me money to buy books. (use ‘so that’)
 (v) He could not leave the country because all the flights were cancelled. (use ‘as’)
 (vi) The carpenter is an old man. He worked for us last year. (connect the sentences using ‘who’)
 (vii) They will not do it themselves. They will not allow others to do it either. (connect the
         sentences using ‘nor’)


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