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					                        LUTHERAN NORTHWEST
Theme for School year is “Following in his footsteps” based on 1 Peter

 “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you
            an example that you should follow in his steps”.
                                      THE MISSION STATEMENT
       Lutheran High School Northwest is committed to equip students for a life
       of Christian service through a curriculum of academic excellence, encouraged
       through a caring Christ-centered environment where God’s word is shared daily.

                                   August 2011

The 2011-2012 School Year Begins August 29, 2011 –Half Day

Freshmen and New Student Orientation Night
On Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Lutheran Northwest will host an
informational orientation for all incoming freshmen and transfers. This is required for
all new students and is very important for parents. LHNW and Parent Network invite
all new students and their parents to stay for dinner at the orientation. Freshmen will
receive their schedules at this meeting.

Physicals/Emergency Forms/Medication Forms
Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students
All incoming freshmen and transfer students for the 2011-2012 school year must have
a physical done before the school year begins, but after April 15, 2011, as required
by state law. Included with this physical must be a listing of all immunizations your
student has received, signed by your health care professional.
Athletes or Students in P.E./Powder Puff
All students participating in sports, P. E. classes, or the homecoming powder puff
games must have physicals done between April 15, 2011 and the first practice of the
sport or event you are participating in, or the first day of school if you are taking a P.E.
class next school year.

Emergency Form
All students must have an emergency form filled out and turned into the school office by
the first day of school or the first day of sports practice, which ever comes first.

Medication Form
If your child requires medication during the school day, or if he/she might need a pain
reliever (e.g. Tylenol™), a signed medication form must be on file. If your child has
specific medication needs, then a signed medication form must be on file along with the
necessary medication.

Office Hours
Regular school office hours Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. will
begin August 15, 2011.

Dress Code for 2011-2012

   1. No yoga or exercise pants of any type will be allowed.
   2. Denim jeans of any color (shorts, skirts, overalls) are not permitted. Special days
      where jeans may be worn are announced at the beginning of the year; usually
   3. No flannel, nylon, pajama, mesh or sweat suit type pants may be worn.
   4. Pants must be the appropriate size and worn on the waist as intended with a
      neat and modest appearance.
   5. Pants should have not have holes, frays or rips in them.
   6. Modest cut dress shorts may be worn all year. No cut-offs, athletic or gym shorts
      are permitted. Shorts may be no shorter than “mid-thigh” and neat and modest.
   7. Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
  1. Straight cut shirts and blouses that are not too baggy or lengthy may be
     untucked. All other shirts and blouses must be worn as intended such as dress
     shirts with tails. Low cut blouses MUST have crew neck shirt or cami
     underneath that cover appropriately.
  2. Sweatshirts, jerseys, T-shirts, thermal underwear or tank tops are not permitted.
  3. Material that is sheer, clinging or immodest (e.g. cut to low) is not permitted.
     Bareback tops and bare midriffs are not permitted. Women: a tucked in t-shirt
     underneath to avoid this “midriff” problem is permitted.
  4. Clothing with logos, print or advertisements larger than 3” X 5” is not permitted.
  5. Clothing generally worn outdoors such as coats and jackets is not permitted.
  6. Men: Shirts must have a fold-over collar or have buttons, fasteners or mock
     turtleneck collar.
  7. Women: Sleeveless tops/dresses must cover the shoulder. Straps must be at
     least 3” wide.
  8. School apparel such as spirit wear featuring the school logo, name, etc. and
     approved by the administration will be permitted as announced. This does NOT
     include school issued uniforms.

   1. No extreme hair color or designs. Hair may not be hanging in eyes or cover the
   2. No visible tattoos or body piercing is permitted.
   3. No outdoor wear such as sunglasses, scarves, gloves, or hats are permitted.
   4. No chained jewelry or wallets are allowed.
   5. Men: No earrings. Must be clean-shaven. Hair should not reach below the top
      of a dress shirt collar, cover the entire ear or hang in the eyes. In general, hair
      must have a neat appearance.
   6. Women: Earrings allowed in ears only; no studs, no gauges, fillers, etc. are
      allowed. No excessive jewelry.
  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  2. Rubber sole, flip-flop type sandals with one strap and no back are not permitted
     e.g. soccer sandals/beach flip-flops.

PARENTS of Seniors
Now is the time to take care of your son or daughter’s senior portraits.
Prestige Portraits is the “official” photography studio for LHNW. What does that mean?
They provide LHNW with the class composites that hang in the hall; each senior
receives a copy as well. They provide a copy of each senior’s picture for use in our
yearbook. They also provide financial support for our yearbook when they return a
percentage of their sales to LHNW to help reduce the cost of our yearbook.
You should have received information from Prestige Portraits. If you wish to make an
appointment or if you have questions about locations and hours that they can best
answer, please call their Oakland Township studio at 248-377-2444 or their Royal Oak
studio at 248-548-7660.
Note that the last day to be photographed in order to appear in the yearbook is
Saturday, September 3, 2011. You must also remember to designate your yearbook
pose selection by Saturday, September 17. If you do not select your pose by this
deadline, Prestige will select a pose for you.
If you do not wish to have your graduation portrait taken by Prestige, please consider
going to Prestige for at least the yearbook and composite picture; in so doing, your
son’s or daughter’s yearbook picture will have the same background as the other
students, and your son’s or daughter’s picture will appear in the class composite. The
charge for approximately eight poses for the yearbook against the standard background
is $28, and the $10-OFF coupon is valid through September 10.

If your yearbook picture is not taken by Prestige, please make sure
that Mr. Prechel receives a copy of the senior portrait from your
photographer to be included in the yearbook. However, you will not
be included in the class composite.

Joy Hours

Summer is a great time to earn Joy Hours. Remember that each student must volunteer
twenty hours of community/church service each year as a requirement to be promoted
to the next grade. Please contact Mr. McDonald with any concerns.

Change of Contact Information
If you move to another residence, change your phone number (home or work), or e-mail
address, please notify the school office so that we can update our records and you can
continue to receive school correspondence.

School Directory
The information in the school directory is taken from your registration card. If you think
you may want to change something, or you do not want your information in the school
directory, please let the school office know by August 26.

Help Lutheran Northwest by Using the Internet!
Do you search for information online? Do you shop online? Well, by simply continuing to
do what you normally do, you can help raise money for the Lutheran Northwest Art

GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities
and schools designated by its users. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any
other search engine. With each search you make a penny is donated to your designated

GoodShop is a shopping portal that works in much the same way. Every time you click
over to one of the over 600 partner stores from the GoodShop site and then make a
purchase, your charity or school earns money – sometimes up to 30% of your purchase!

To have your searches/purchases credited to LHNW, just type in “Lutheran High School
Northwest” in the box under “Who Do You Goodsearch For?”

Please consider making Goodsearch your search engine of choice, and think about
doing your online shopping through GoodShop - and help LHNW in the process!

Paper Recycling
Please continue to drop off your recyclable paper at the paper bin in the school parking
lot. The bin will be emptied periodically throughout the summer.

Parking Tags Available in the Office Early August
All students must register their car with the school office and purchase a parking tag to
use the school student parking lot for the 2011-2012 school year. The price for parking
tags is $10.00 each. Parking tags are required for easy identification of cars in our

parking lot on a daily basis. Students interested in a parking tag can see Mrs. Baldwin
to purchase their tag. Tags are to be purchased no later than the 1st day of class on
August 29, 2011.

Student Parking
All students must park in the back parking lot behind the gymnasium or in the spaces
along the baseball field. This policy is in effect at any time a student is at school with
their vehicle. If students or parents have any questions, please speak with Mr. Looker
directly to make sure there is no misunderstanding concerning this policy.

Eastside Bus Schedule
Parents please call the school office to register for bus service
AM      Departs                              Arrives
        St. Peter, Eastpointe   6:45 am
        St. John, Fraser        7:05 am      Northwest               7:40 am

PM      Departs                              Arrives
        Northwest               3:25 pm      St. John, Fraser        4:05 pm
                                             St. Peter, Eastpointe   4:20 pm

Hot Lunch
Will again be a satellite program for St. John, Rochester. Lunch will be served every
day. Cost is $4.50 per meal. Hot lunch meal includes main entrée, choice of fresh or
canned fruit, salad or cooked vegetable, bread item and milk. Each of these items can
be purchased a la carte along with such items as chicken patties sandwich, bosco
sticks, sub sandwiches, cookies and milk.

                           G UID ANCE D EPAR TM ENT N EWS

2011 – 2012 ACT/SAT Tests
Juniors and seniors need to plan on taking the ACT and or the SAT Tests. The school
code is 231-408. You may apply online or wait until the school receives the new forms.
Check out these websites: or

PSAT Test Takers
Juniors who want to take the PSAT Exam must register at their local public schools in
order to take this test. LHNW does not offer this exam at this time.

NW will NOT offer the MME this year. The decision was made due to losing the
Michigan Promise Scholarship money and gaining three days of classroom instruction
back. Students if you would like to take the MME please call the school office for

Freshman and sophomores will take these exams this fall. More information will be
coming out once classes have begun.

Schedules for Returning Students
These schedules will be mailed.

                            Athletic Department News
                         Athletic Date Changes
We have decided this year to consolidate our fall meeting and fundraising dates. In the past we
have had 3 or 4 separate dates that parents are to be at the school at the beginning of August,
which is asking a lot. We are putting all of these things together into one weekend, centered
around the blue book fundraiser.

The blue book fundraiser raises $4500 dollars for us, almost 1/2 the money we need to raise for
the year. It is a very intense effort that has been streamlined over the past 2 years to a point
where all we really need is people. Here is what is going on...

Friday - August 12 - we will be stuffing the books into bags. We need about 100 people,
parents, kids, friends, relatives, anyone... We just need people to help us stuff. We will have the
north gym set up. All we need is people to come in and stuff the boxes. We will be going from
12:30pm to 4:30pm. Kids are great, before or after practices, but we need as many parents as
we can get as well.

Saturday - August 13 - we will be delivering the blue books. There are currently 27 routes that
we fill. Bare minimum, we need 27 adults to drive with 2 kids in each car. We would love to
have 54 cars going out. All you have to do on this date is be at the school at 8am, pick up a
route, and deliver the books. The books are delivered to the mailbox area, or on the driveway.
We will start this at 8:00am, and plan on being done with it at noon.

At noon lunch will be provided, hot dogs, chips, and pop, or water. From noon to 1pm, the
coaches from all the sports will be here. It will give us an opportunity to meet our coaches and
talk with them if you would like. This is not mandatory, but an opportunity to meet others, and
the coaches here at LHNW.

At 1pm is the MANDATORY Fall sports meeting. Parents of athletes must be here to go over
important information pertaining to the sport that your son or daughter is involved in. There
are many needs to make each season run smoothly. This is the ONLY opportunity coaches have
to meet all at once with parents. If your son or daughter is in a fall sport, you need to be here
for this meeting.

The meetings are important, and the blue book has proven to be an fun time to get together

and kick off the fall season. Please contact either Don Justice -, or Paula
Weinmann -- and let us know which day(s) you will be here and how many
you can bring with you.

Short Version
August 7 Meet the Coaches - Cancelled
August 15 Fall Team Night - Cancelled

August 12 Stuff Blue Books from 12:30pm to 4:30pm need LOTS of help!
August 13 Deliver Blue Books from 8am to noon
         Meet the Coaches from noon to 1pm
         MANDATORY fall team night for anyone participating in a fall sport 2pm to 3pm
Please contact either Don Justice -, or Paula Weinmann -- and let us know which day(s) you will be here and how many you can
bring with you.

Thank you!

If you are planning on playing a sport during the 2011-2012 school year, please get your
physicals and emergency forms done before the first practices in August. Athletes
CAN NOT participate without one. That includes try-outs. By August 8, anyone
participating in any athletics MUST have a physical. As long as the physical is dated
after April 15, 2011, it will apply for the 2011-2012 school year.

Fall Sports Schedules
To have the most up to date schedule of practices, games, and start dates and times,
please check You can get to this web site by going to the
Lutheran High Northwest web site,, and by clicking on “Athletics”
tab on the front page. When at this site you can register for any sport that you are
interested in, and when changes are made to that schedule, the web site will e-mail you
letting you know of the change. This has proven to be an excellent tool!

Official Start Dates for Fall Sports:
~Football – Monday August 8 at 3p.m.
~Volleyball, Girls Golf, Soccer, Cheerleading – Wednesday, August 10.
~Cross country August 15
See times listed below.

Volleyball 5:30p.m.
Girl’s Golf 2:30p.m at the Hampton Golf Course
Soccer 4:30p.m.
Cheer Leading 9:00 a.m.
Cross Country August 15 at 3:30 p.m. on Track at LHNW

Attendance at summer workouts cannot be used to determine cuts, or what team an
athlete is on; however, missing practices after the official start date can be.

Athletic Contacts
If you have questions or concerns about athletics, you can contact:
Don Justice – at: for any general questions, or if you are not sure
who to talk to.
Rose Chila – girls dance team, at: or
Danielle Katner – cheerleading, at:
Heather Lower –volleyball, at:
Mike Miller – soccer, at:
Randy Tyler –girl’s golf, at:
Karl Weber – cross country, at:

Crusader Booster Club Meetings (CBC Mtgs)
Monday, August 29, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Crusader Booster Club Meeting (All Parents)
The Booster Club usually meets the last Monday of every month.

School Calendar
A full school year calendar is accessible on the website,, and on A hard copy will be available upon request.

                Fall 2011 Dates to Remember
      Date                      Event                    Time
      August 24 Freshman and New Student Orientation              5 p.m.
      August 29 First Day of School—Half Day                      7:55-12:03
      Sep. 2- 5    No School—Labor Day Weekend
      Sep. 12      Meet the Teacher Night                        6 p.m.
      Sep. 20      School Pictures
      Sep. 26      Progress Report Handout-Parent/Teacher Conf. 3:00-6:30 p.m.
      Oct. 3-7     Homecoming Spirit Week
      October 6 Open House for Prospective Students                7 p.m.
      October 7 Powder Puff Games/Festivities                      1 p.m.
      October 7 Homecoming Game (Festivities preceding)            7 p.m.
      October 8 Homecoming Dance                                   7-10 p.m.
      Oct. 14      Testing Day –Half Day, No school for seniors.
      Oct. 21-22 Rummage Sale                                      7 p.m.
      Oct. 26      NHS Induction
      Oct. 28      Last Day 1st Quarter
      Nov. 3,4, 5 Drama Production                                  7 p.m.

August Newsletter
The school year Newsletters will be available on the school website,, and there will also be copies in the school office.

                        PARENT N ETWORK N EWSLETTER
                                     Summer 2011

Rummage Sale
October 21 & 22, 2011 have been reserved for the rummage sale. Begin saving your
treasures now.
Freshman Orientation Dinner
John & Nancy Alanskas are the chair people for this dinner and are looking forward to
working with the sophomore parents who are hosting the Freshman Orientation dinner
on August 24, 2011.


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