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					                                                         Engineered Wood,
                                                           Floors, Interior
                                        Cured Concrete or Approved APA-Grade Plywood

                                           Engineered Wood Flooring

                                                                    1). Engineered Wood Flooring Adhesive

                                                                          Cured Concrete, or Approved APA grade Plywood Underlayment

                                                      2). Concrete Patching and Repair
                                                                                                                   Scale: N.T.S.

                                                   MAPEI Product Assembly

    1. Engineered Wood Flooring Adhesive Options:
          A. Ultrabond ECO 995 premium moisture-control, sound-reduction and wood-flooring adhesive
          B. Ultrabond ECO 990 premium urethane wood-flooring adhesive
          C. Ultrabond ECO 980 professional urethane wood-flooring adhesive
          D. Ultrabond ECO 975 professional urethane engineered-wood-flooring adhesive
          E. Ultrabond ECO 972 professional engineered-wood-flooring adhesive

    2. Concrete Patching and Repair
          A. Planiprep FF premium skimcoating and patching compound
          B. Planipatch fast-setting, polymer-modified, cement-based patching compound
          C. Ultra SkimCoat™ premium fast-drying, cement-based skimcoating compound

NOTE: When self-leveling is required, select any of MAPEI’s self-leveling underlayments and primer
systems. (Always refer to current Technical Data Sheets for specific requirements and limitations.)

Note: For concrete substrates with excessive MVER, use MAPEI’s Planiseal™ WFM one-component, ready-to-use moisture-
curing urethane membrane, designed to protect glue-down wood-flooring installations from subfloor moisture damage.
Planiseal WFM accommodates nonstructural in-plane cracks up to 1/8" (3 mm) and reduces sound transmissions in wood
installations in multi-story construction. Planiseal WFM must be used in conjunction with Ultrabond ECO 990, Ultrabond ECO
980 and Ultrabond ECO 975 for the installation of engineered wood flooring over concrete slabs with moisture conditions
between than 3-15 lbs. MVER and 75-85% RH. Ultrabond ECO 972 cannot be used over Planiseal WFM. Moisture remediation
for installations using Ultrabond ECO 972 must be based over Planiseal EMB finished with a MAPEI primer and self-leveling

Note: Ultrabond ECO 995 can be used in a single-step application using a special trowel (included in package) to control
subfloor moisture conditions up to 15 lbs. MVER or 85% RH.

Note: Concrete slabs with MVER and RH values greater than 15 lbs. and 85%, respectively, must be treated using MAPEI’s
Planiseal EMB prior to installation (up to a maximum of 20 lbs. MVER and 95% RH). All MAPEI urethane adhesives can be
directly bonded over Planiseal EMB.

Some installation methods and component materials are not referenced. Consult all approved resources to ensure a complete assembly.
Some installation methods and component materials are not referenced.
We encourage the user to consult all approved resources to ensure a complete assembly.
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