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  &                The Senior Forum                                 November 2009

              B                         Out at The Inn
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   Don, Reno
   and Arnie
        Page 5                            In at The Inn

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   Bob and John

            Page       Yup, that’s Al and Bill waving goodbye at The Inn. They
Darla Shaw
              9        have chaired the Gourmets for lo these many years, done a
                       terrific job, introduced the club to most of the fine eating
Bill Toomey
             10        establishments in the area and have developed probably
                       one of our more active subgroups in our club.This soiree at
                       the Inn drew, I’m told,90 plus people. It’s a tough act to fol-
            Page       low but our erstwhile Wine Wizard, Ted McCormick has
              12       agreed to take a swing at it and he has recruited four other
                       RMC’ers to help him, Don Damoth, Al Guido, Bob DiNucci
                       and Rob McDonald. All formidable guys, but they will need
                       all of their formabilities, so we wish them the best and Good
                       Luck.             For more on this story please turn to page six.
Ridgefield Men’s Club                    November, 2009

                                                 The Prez Sez
The Ridgefield Men’s Club Newsletter is                                      little things we do for each
published ten times a year by the Ridgefield
Men’s Club.                                                                  other, and the kindnesses
                                                                             engendered in return, all
Ass’t Publisher              Ted McCormick
Editor                       Jim Connelly                                    add a special quality to
Ass’t Editor                 Nick Costantino                                 living in a town like
Co-ordinator                 Dar Yoran                                       Ridgefield, and partic-
Ass’t Co-ord’s               Jim Callahan
                             Jim Fagan                                       ipating in an association
Reporters                    Jim Connelly                                    like the Mens Club.
                             Jim Callahan
                             Jack Daniels
                                                                             Last month, we thought
                             Jerry Dineen                                    about what “Fellowship”
                             Jim Fagan                                       means, and how there are
                             George Hefferon
                             Pete Massagli
                                                                             opportunities for members to
                             Dick Paul           It is almost Thanksgiving   express their thanks by
                             Al Ryff             already?      You must be   stepping in to key roles being
                             Bud Swerz           kidding!! We are still raking
                                                                             vacated by others who have
Editorial Board                                  leaves and cutting the grass!
                                                                             long served the Club. I am
 Jim Callahan, Jim Connelly, Nick                It seemed that hot summer   delighted and thankful to
Costantino, Jerry Dineen, Jim Fagan, Pete
Massagli, Ted McCormick, Dick Paul, Al
                                                 weather would never come,   report that volunteers are
Ryff, Bud Swerz, Dar Yoran.                      and now, after a few        rising to the challenge. More
                                                 sparkling Indian Summer     are needed.
Direct correspondence to:
e-mail, jpc22126@aol.com
                                                 days, the leaves are nearly It isn’t Thanksgiving
Web Site: ridgefieldmensclub.org                 gone and the World Series   already, it is always like
                                                 faces raw November.         Thanksgiving, every day!
Ridgefield Men’s Club
54 Danbury Rd. , #216 Ridgefield, CT 06877
                                                 No Worries! Launched into
(A Non-Profit Social Recreation Club)            the end-of-year holiday rush
 (IRS #06-131978)
                                                 by a spectacular Hopkins Inn
( July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010)
                                                 Gourmet farewell by Ryff
                                                                            Stork Drops...
                                                 and Lutzius, we are entering
President........................Ron Steiger     the most family-centric November 2009
1stVice President............John Boehle         quarter of the year, with
2ndVicePresident............ Ed Van Den Ameele
                                                 candy-grabbing ghosts and      Bob Mead               2
Treasurer.........................Roger Scott
Ass’t Treasurer................Chuck Rich        goblins soon transformed       Jim Best               4
Recording Secretary........ Carl Scala
                                                       In This Issue
                                                 into Pilgrims and Indians,     Bob Salvestrini        5
Ass’t Recording Sec’y..... Jack Daniels
Press/Comm Officer........ Jim Connelly          sharing their harvest as well  Ed Seneveratna         5
                                                 as their hopes for health and  John Molyneux          9
3- year term expires June 30th year shown,       happiness.                     Bud Swerz             12
2012: Max Caldwell, Joe Rabideau, Bryn                                          Roger Beal (H)        13
Welton                                           As we turn back our clocks for
2011: Jack Alexander, Tom McKee, Ed Van                                         Ed VanDenAmeele       17
                                                 daylight savings, so might
Den Ameele                                                                      George Flynn(H)       18
2010: Jim Kelly, John Morris, Bob Payne          we turn our thoughts back to
                                                                                Jim Kelly             19
                                                 the things that make our lives
Trustees                                                                        Bob Leavitt           22
 Past Presidents:                                so special… the friends and
 Dar Yoran, Bob MacDonald, Bill Lutzius,
                                                                                Bill Lutzius          26
                                                 family who provide the day-
Bud Rigby, Al Ryff, Jack Malloy, Ted                                            Ray Goddard           28
McCormick, Peter Myers, William Schmitt,         to-day energy that ill-
Frank Kromer, George Hefferon and Mike
                                                                                Charlie Pankenier     30
                                                 uminates our existence. The

                                                              Ridgefield Men’s Club        November,2009

                   Bulls & Bears
                           by Dick Paul
                                      work of parties all obligated      players assigned to fix this
                     At $3.2 bil-     one to the other through a se-     problem unfortunately are
                    lion Goldman      ries of private agreements, i.e.   the same ones that created it
                    Sach’s record     credit default swaps (CDS). A      in the first place. The only of-
                    profits for the   CDS is a swap contract in          ficial in the Obama adminis-
                    last quarter      which the buyer of the CDS         tration who has provided
                    made head-        makes a series of payments to      guidance that is counter to all
                    lines.            the seller and, in exchange, re-   others is Paul Volcker (he is
    These profits came with a 29%     ceives a payoff if a credit in-    the one person as head of the
     profit margin and 40% of rev-    strument (bond or loan) goes       Federal Reserve during the
    enues set aside for 2009 bo-      into default.                      1979-1987 period who had the
    nuses. Goldman plans to dis-      Current use of CDSs has be-        foresight and political cour-
    tribute $23B as bonuses for       come more concentrated due         age to get inflation under con-
    2009. Based on an employee        to fewer players remaining         trol). Unfortunately no one is
    count just north of 37,000, the   after elimination of many, due     paying any attention to him.
    average bonus per employee        to the credit crunch. Hedge        George Soros, the very suc-
    is about $670,000. Their de-      funds hold about 10% of CDS        cessful hedge fund manager
    cision to stay only in the in-    contracts while more than          and internationalist, has sug-
    vestment business with ac-        half of the remaining con-         gested that banks be prohib-
    cess to cheap short-term gov-     tracts worldwide are held by       ited from engaging in these
    ernment money ($21 billion)       just five large banks. Further     high risk activities and limit
    was a smart business decision.    increasing the inter-connec-       them to hedge funds. This
    Most people are upset by the      tivity and concentrating the       approach is somewhat self-
    payment of large bonuses at       risk these banks are buying        serving as this would mean
    this time. It is understandable   and selling among themselves       that all the smart people
    as it is highly visible and       CDS contracts on CDS con-          working for the banks would
    readily perceived. However        tracts. As long as this archi-     move over to work for the
    the real problem and the one      tecture remains in place there     hedge funds.
    that should be addressed is       will be systemic risk as both      What it all comes down to is
    the current business model for    Lehman Brothers and AIG            that those in a preferred po-
    large banks. The banks pay        amply demonstrated.                sition in the financial indus-
    large bonuses from the short-                                        try want to keep that pre-
    term gains from highly risky                                         ferred position or even im-
    activities and the taxpayers                                         prove on it. Those without
    take the long-term losses that                                       want change that enhances
    result from these high-risk                                          their position. If you keep all
    activities. How can a business                                       of this in mind you will fully
    lose following this model!                                           understand what is going on.
    This model is made possible       As my last B&B column indi-        Longer term do we have the
    by the systemic risk that re-     cated I see no immediate so-       political courage to change
    sults from a concentrated net-    lution forthcoming. The key        these dynamics?

Ridgefield Men’s Club     November, 2009

In Defense Of                      ways buy high and sell low.
                                   They need a person to help
                                                                       stand this.
                                                                       I respect the members of the
.                                  them through the good times         RMC, but I will tell you that
by Christopher Crowl               as well as the bad. Balancing       in general the majority of men
(former Broker)                    a portfolio is something that       have little idea how to manage
Dick Paul made some com-           an individual very often can’t      their investments without
ments about brokers at our         do alone. I saw quite a few cli-    any help. Furthermore they
October 7th meeting and I          ents of mine overloaded with        also generally have no finan-
would like to respond to them.     one particular stock. We sat by     cial involvement with their
I spent 12 years in my busi-       the hour and I tried my best        wives. Sadly we often prede-
ness career as a full service      to get them to diversify. Quite     cease our wives and we gener-
broker for one of America’s        often my advice fell on deaf        ally leave them with too many
most respected firms, Edward       ears. There were always the         unanswered questions and a
Jones. I was extremely proud       same personal reasons. “A           jumbled financial mess. This
of my firm and everything I        family gift, acquired from my       is unfair and a perfect spot
did for my clients.                employer, and great company         where a good financial advi-
For some reason he seems to        and it will never go down.”         sor can be invaluable.
be disappointed that brokers       Today I point you to some of        Also for anyone over 40, I al-
get paid. I couldn’t agree less.   the stocks I saw most aggres-       ways wanted to know if they
Everyone needs to make a liv-      sively held and advice not          had done any estate planing.
ing. He stated brokers were        taken. IBM, F, HP, DELL, GM,        It makes no sense to give more
only in the business for the       GE, AOL, CSCO, MSFT,                money to the government
money. That is silly. Do engi-     INTC, C, I could go on for          than you are required to. I
neers only design bridges so       hours.                              generally found most people
they can get paid? Do doctors      Personally whenever some-           didn’t have a will, let alone a
only see patients so they can      one interviewed me I started        trust. I also wanted to know
get paid? Let’s be a bit more      with a serious discussion of        what arrangements they had
positive.                          their financial lives. It was not   made for long term care.
I was able during my time as       always easy for them give me        So I think there is certainly a
a broker to provide strong and     the their personal information      place in most peoples lives for
sensible advice to hundreds of     but I always asked them about       a financial advisor. I recall
people and I never did it for      their credit card balances and      that only 23% of Americans
the money. It was a profession     any other outstanding debt..        are financially prepared to
that my firm and I took very       I counseled them, that if you       retire. That tells you quite a
seriously and worked very          have outstanding debt that          bit about our ability to man-
hard for our clients. Together     you are paying in excess of         age our own finances without
we tried as hard to protect as-    15%+ on it will be hard to get      help. We just can’t do it. I will
sets as we did to grow assets.     ahead financially. The first        never forget a Business Week
We felt an obligation to our       thing before investing would        cover in June of 1999, it
clients offering them counsel      be to take care of that debt. You   showed a monkey reading the
in their lives.                    can’t make any progress aver-       stock pages and the headline,
I have seen that the average       aging 6-8% annual return in         “Who Needs A Broker Any-
person usually can’t make          the market when you are pay-        more?” Fast forward to today.
profitable decisions by them-      ing out 15%+ interest on            I rest my case!
selves. They will almost al-       credit cards. It surprised me       My best advice is to find your-
4                                  how few people could under-         self a strong financial advisor.
                                                        Ridgefield Men’s Club    November, 2009

                              Three Great Losses

       Arnie Abrahamson                 Reno Severini
            Arnie                           Reno                              Don
          1918-2009                       1919-2009                         1925-2009
 October has turned out to be a month of sadness for the RMC. We have lost three of our long
time members; Reno Severini on October 12, Don Stevens on October 23, and Arnie Abrahamson
on October 30. All had been made Honorary members because of various and sundry health
While active, they were seen frequently at our biweekly meetings and Men’s Club functions.
Arnie became famous for the wonderful Strudel he and Ruth provided us with for our spring
and fall picnics. Reno was a golf enthusiast, beginning his career as a caddy at Silver Spring.
He loved to play with The Ridgefield Men’s Senior Golf Club and particularly with his buddy
Bud Rigby. He was always puzzled by the fact that he couldn’t hit the ball as far, when he was in
his late 80’s as he did when he was 40. Don loved woodworking and was very proficient at it, he
was also a chair caner ala Ferd Bedini, another RMC’er of many years ago. Earl Myers was his
buddy and they always enjoyed having lunch together after our meetings.
All of theses men were active in our Ridgefield Community, giving of their free time to various
local organizations.
Reno’s funeral service was held on October 16, Arnie’s was held on November 4 and a service
will be held for Don on November 7th.
Our Club members will remember these guys as humble, talented ,low key and warm hearted.
Their Fellowship will be missed.
We send heartfelt sympathies to their wives, Ruth, Tee and Helen ,their chidren and all of
their family members.
Suitable donations in their memories will be made to charities of the family’s choice

       Arnie                           R. I. P.                                 Don

Ridgefield Men’s Club   November,2009

                              Luncheon At The Inn
                                 What’s Better than This?
                                  Thanks for the Memories!

      October 22, 2009

                                              Photos courtesy of Roger Scott and Frank Kromer

This was the last luncheon they would put together and it was glorious, a perfect day with
appetizers and cocktails on the porch and patio, better to observe the autumnal splendor of
Lake Waramaug. During their tenure this group have had libations and manna at a wide
range of sites, including Le Chateau, Two Steps, Nino’s, L’Europe, Bernard’s and Jim Barbarie’s.
As mentioned on page one, The Gourmets are one of the most widely attended activities in the
RMC. Al and Bill have graciously offered to stay on in an advisory capacity during the
transition period. TheHopkins Inn has already been reserved for Wednesday, October 27,
The new leader, Mr. McCormick,will be ably assisted by Don Damoth, Al Guido, Bob DiNuzzi
and Rob McDonald. As a couple of these are “snow birds”, Ted does need a couple of more
volunteers who can help during January, February, March and April. Hopefully your response
will be swift and gratifying.

Thank you again Al and Bill for a great ride!!!
                                                             Jim Connelly and Ted McCormick
                                                             were contributors to this article
                                                           Ridgefield Men’s Club      November, 2009

                                 The Biography Page
               I was born in Amarillo, Texas on     world, and celebrated its 100th anniversary in
               September 28, 1934, but soon         2009. You will no doubt note that as I get older,
               moved to Plainview. Graduating       the Morgans get younger.
               from the University of Texas in
               August 1956 with a BS in Chemi-
               cal Engineering, I skipped the
               graduation ceremony on August
               31 and hurried to Plainview,                       As told to Jim Callahan
where Gayle and I were married on Septem-
ber 4. After a short honeymoon in Colorado,
we drove to Victoria, Texas to join Union Car-
bide Corporation.
 Gayle was a sophomore when I was a senior
                                                    John Rosa is a Connecticut native, actually a
in high school, and lived five blocks from me.
                                                    Fairfield County native! John was born and
We were engaged when I was at UT and she
                                                    raised in Stamford and moved to Ridgefield in
was at TSCW in Denton, Texas. She recalls a
                                                    1966. He graduated from Stamford High School
high school date, that some how slipped my
                                                    and studied Engineering at both Norwalk Com-
mind. This came to light after we had been
                                                    munity College and the Stamford Branch of
married about six months. She was not happy!
                                                    UCONN. He spent 42 years at Dorr-Oliver, Inc.
The next 37 years with Carbide were spent in
                                                    in Stamford and Milford in various positions in
Victoria, Texas; Charleston, West Virginia; St.
                                                    Engineering and also as Manager of Estimat-
Charles Parish, Louisiana; Toronto, Canada;
                                                    ing, Purchasing and Order Management. Be-
commuting to New York; and finally Danbury.
                                                    fore retiring in 2003, he spent three years with
Gayle and I moved to Ridgefield in 1976. She
                                                    Tek-Air Systems, Inc. in Danbury as Manager
says I picked the earlier spots, but she is pick-
                                                    of Purchasing.
ing the last, so we are not likely to leave
                                                    John married Carole in 1959 and they
                                                    have three children: John Jr.,a Ridgefield
I retired as Vice President of Manufacturing
                                                    Firefighter-EMT; Deborah of Rockfall CT; and
and Engineering in 1993, and spent the next
                                                    Jill of Danbury. They have five grandchildren
five years as Director of Technical Activities
                                                    and one soon to be great-grandchild.
for the American Institute of Chemical Engi-
                                                    He enjoys many varied activities. In 1974 he
neers (AIChE) in New York. I continue an as-
                                                    was one of the founders of the Farmingville
sociation with AIChE as a consultant for the
                                                    Girls Softball League, the first organized sports
Center for Chemical Process Safety. In an un-
                                                    program in Ridgefield for girls in the elemen-
usual twist of fate, I got a second chance to
                                                    tary and middle school age group. He also
wear a cap and gown at the University of Texas
                                                    started the Current Events class at Founders
in 1996, when I was named a Distinguished
                                                    Hall and served as moderator for the first four
Graduate of the College of Engineering.
                                                    years. Besides being an active member of St.
Gayle and I have three children, David in San
                                                    Elizabeth Seton Church, he enjoys all sports (es-
Francisco, Debbie in Danbury, and Bruce in
                                                    pecially baseball and the NY Yankees). Work-
                                                    ing outdoors, walking, the lighthouses and the
My hobby is Morgan cars. I have owned a 1934
                                                    Maine coastline also intrigue him. In addition
three-wheeler, a 1967 Plus 4, a 1976 Plus 8,
                                                    to spending a lot of time with his family and
and currently a 2003 Plus 8. The Morgan Mo-
                                                    grandchildren he also has automobiles as a
tor Company in Malvern, England is the old-
                                                    hobby (currently owns four including a classic
est privately held automobile company in the
                                                    1980 Buick.)
Ridgefield Men’s Club      November,2009

              In Vino Veritas
 by Col. Jack Daniels             growing the grapes and bot-        ing for. Most of them are less
                 Malbec has       tling the wine still worth-        than $20 with some even less
                 been the         while… and profitable?             than $10. Penaflor, the larg-
                 grape we         Robinson admits that ” . . .it     est producer of Malbec has a
                 have been        can taste like a rather rustic     full line under the Trapiche,
                 studying         Merlot” and also “. . .when        Medalla, and Fond de Cave
                 during the       grown in the high rugged           labels. Then we have Chile
                 RMC Wine         limestone vineyards of             with its Concha y Toro brand
                 Wizards Oc-      Cahors it may recall to us why     which produces excellent
tober meetings.                   the English used to refer to       Malbecs as do Santa Rita and
Not a popular grape world-        Cahors as ‘the black wine’ “. In   Santa Carolina. Again, I re-
wide, it is not even grown in     North America a bottle of          peat the old adage, experi-
many countries such as            100% Malbec is a rarity. How-      ment and go to several wine
South Africa and Germany.         ever, we do see Malbec in          stores to check for 100%
Australia has been systemati-     small quantities being duti-       Malbec wines. Uruguay or
cally pulling up its Malbec       fully added to California’s        Brazil are possibilities to ex-
vines and Italy now has less      “Meritage” blends so that          plore as well. There are at
than       200    acres.     In   they can be properly certified     least three examples coming
Schoonmakers Encyclopedia         as containing the five grapes      from California. Some few
it is described as, “A red-wine   authorized for Bordeaux reds.      months ago I did institute a
grape cultivated in Bordeaux                                         similar quest for Grenache/
where it plays a relatively                                          Garnacha and was rewarded
small role compared to that of                                       with seven different bottles
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,                                          from four countries. Looking
and Cabernet Franc. Jancis                                           for rarities is an exciting pas-
Robinson’s Oxford Book of                                            time, often rewarding. It is
Wine is dismissive saying it      It is only in South America        much better than drinking the
is a “. . .black grape variety    and in particular in Argentina     same       Cabernets        and
once popular in Bordeaux but      and Chile that Malbec has          Chardonnays that have be-
now more readily associated       taken hold. Here it yields         come repetitious if not actually
with Argentina and Cahors”.       wines that Robinson describes      boring over time. Your ABCs
Later, in the same entry she      as, “ripe and lush and capable     are the ticket ! “Anything But
states, “Malbec has been de-      of extended ageing”. Malbec is     Cabernet” and “Anything But
clining in popularity in          the second most cultivated red     Chardonnay”.
France for it has many of the     grape in Argentina and the         Malbecs with their slight rus-
disadvantages of Merot (sen-      third in Chile. The Mendoza        ticity and deep color are per-
sitivity to Coulure, frost,       area of Argentina produces a       fect matches for Thanksgiv-
downy mildew, and rot) with-      Malbec that is fruity, deep col-   ing Turkey fare. Surprise
out as much obvious fruit         ored, and robust with enough       guests this year with a unique
quality.”                         alcohol, weight and structure      matching of turkey and
Talk about “bad press” ! What     to benefit from oak ageing.        Malbec. Happy Hunting !
does Malbec have that makes       These wines are worth search-
                                                                 Ridgefield Men’s Club   November,2009

Darla Shaw
Humanitarian                        Humanitarian Traveler and           about; the Dump People, the
Traveler                            this is the niche in her excit-     Train People, the Street
reported by Jim Connelly            ing life that she has come to       People. These are not deroga-
                                    share with the RMC.                 tory terms but terms that de-
                                    OK, so what is a Humanitar-         scribe where these people
                                    ian Traveler? That’s a traveler     spend their miserable lives: in
                                    that doesn’t travel for fun. In     a dump, on the street, on the
                                    Darla’s case she goes to these      train tracks. This is where
                                    mostly out of the way places,       they have to carve out their
                                    places where most folk don’t        existence. Dr. Shaw is there to
                                    go because she’s interested in      see if she can help them with
                                    the way 70% of the world’s          education, teaching them
                                    population live, in poverty,        skills they do not have and
                                    without not just the luxuries       have no way of obtaining per-
                                    of life but in many instances       haps giving them hope, that
What if someone told you            without the necessities of life,    there is another way. This is
Darla Shaw was an exciting,         poor living spaces, lack of edu-    Humanitarian Travel and
talented, inspiring woman?          cational facilities, and unsani-    there are folks such as Darla
After listening to Dr. Shaw at      tary places. She wants to           Shaw that travel not for their
our RMCmeeting on October           makes changes in their lives        pleasure but for the pleasure
7, I would have to say you are      for the better. She is not just a   of the human beings they
underestimating her. She is         do gooder walking around            come in contact with all over
all of that and more. She pre-      with stars in her eyes, going       the world. A challenging way
sented herself dressed in the       to these places in the world.       to spend your life, yes but oh
clothes of a native Peruvian        She is most of the time aware       how rewarding. A quotation
woman. She probably wore the        of what she will be facing she      from G.B. Shaw seems an apt
same native dress on her trip       follows a specific program of       way to sum up this woman’s
to Peru, one of the 100 coun-       rules that allows for her safety    life.
tries she has visited in the last   and still makes it possible for
several years. Darla Shaw has       her to get the job done. As said
been in Academia for many           before she is not there to have     “Some men see things as
years. She has been a teacher       fun, stay in the best hotels or
for 54 years, 38 of them spent      eat in the best restaurants.
                                                                        they are and say ‘why’?
in the Ridgefield school sys-       She is there to help people         Others dream things that
tem, she is now on the faculty      change their lives using the        never were and say ‘why
at WestConn and has been            skills she has honed in her         not’?”
there for the last 16 years. She    multifaceted life. Of all the
can not be defined however in       trips she has taken she re-
that limited fashion. She is        marked the place that touched
also an athlete, an author, a       her most was India. She talked
musician, writer of musical         about people there that prob-
theatre but wait she is also a      ably most of us never heard
Ridgefield Men’s Club       November,2009

A Visit to Highstead at their peak.                                  about 12 partnerships, along
with The Director Bill An important part of their                    with land trusts all together
                       mission is also to inspire cu-                looking at major conservation
                                   riosity and build knowledge       projects.
 reported by Jim Connelly
                                   of wooded landscapes, so for-     It would appear we have an
                                   est conservation, protecting      Eden in our midst, serving our
There are things that are hap-     what’s left of our wonder New     community, keeping our beau-
pening in our own backyard         England forest is an impor-       tiful forest lands and the liv-
that sometimes we are not          tant aspect of what the Foun-     ing things that abide in these
aware of until somebody comes      dation does. This kind of con-    lands alive and well.
along and says, “Didn’t you        servation activity protects
know that was there”? Then         and encourages wildlife to
along comes Bill Twoomey           populate these forest areas.
Executive Director of The          Bill said that this has
Highstead Foundation, “A           brought back the Moose into
fund raiser?” you say “NO”         our woodlands. Some have
The Highstead Foundation is        been sighted as close as
a non-profit science and con-      Redding.
servative organization dedi-       Bill also told our group how
cated to research, regional        his staff has been working
conservation and ecologically      with other groups in New
sensitive land management.         England to enhance the fu-
The Foundations centerpiece        ture of Connecticut forests, to
is the Highstead Arboretum,        this end a Wildlands and
150 acres of several habitats      Woodlands Vision has been
such as diverse woodlands,         established for our state. Un-
meadows ponds and swamp            der the leadership of The
habitat. We are fortunate to       Highstead Foundation Con-
have them. They not only pro-      necticut is becoming stewards
vide hiking trails but plants      of their forest areas.
cultures, nature programs,         The long term objective of the
falconry exhibits and many         Woodlands and Woodlands             A walk in the woods at
other outdoor activities for the   Vision is to have 60% of our               Highstead
local citizenry.                   forest land protected, 8%
For example Biil described the     farmland, 20% developed and
Kalmia collection, mountain        5% water and wetlands. Bill
laurel to the uninitiated, and     feels confident there is plenty
the largest collection of this     of room for conservation
beautiful plant in the state.      without bothering our
Walks are scheduled during         economy.
June when they are flowering       Highstead is working with

                                                            Ridgefield Men’s Club        November,,2009

  What’s Up!!!
  What’s                          Wine Wizards:                          Thanksgiving Day
                                                                                        by Mike Powers

                                  Here is the menu for the Wine               It’s Thanksgiving Day,
                                  Dinner beginning at 5:30 p.m. on              We’re ready to dine,
Speakers:                         Tuesday, November 10th at Bar        The thermometer just popped
                                  & Grille on 7.                         Time to pour the white wine.
11/04/09 Rev. Dr. Charles         The cost is $75 per person (tax           The food looks delicious
Hambrick-Stowe                    and tip included) with a 20% cou-                 I can hardly wait
“Inside Abraham Lincoln”          pon for each person (good at any           To sit down at the table
                                  time for another visit).                    And load up my plate.
11/18/09 NOAA Com-                 Send a check made out to Bar                  I’ll grab a drumstick
mander E.J. Van Den               & Grille on 7 to Ted as soon as             And a glob of dressing
Ameele                            possible. The check will be held          Then take a short break
Charting and Surveying            until the night of the dinner.       While Dad says the blessing.
Our Nation’s Waters               The space is not unlimited so        I’ll make a mound of potatoes
                                  please respond ASAP to be            Pass the rolls to Uncle Davey
12/02/09 No Speaker               sure of a place.                        Take some peas to please
Ladies Luncheon                   If you have any questions, call                         Mom ,
                                  Ted       at     438-4524      or         Then pour on the gravy.
                                  tedmacjr@snet.net                       I’ll gobble up the cranberry
Gourmets:                         Lots of things to do and                Before somebody steals it
See Gourmets News on Page 6       plenty of places to go.                               from me .
                                  Great time to get into the            It’s one of my favorite dishes
                                  Holiday Spirit and enjoy the
Ladies Holiday                                                            Made from grandmother’s
                                  Fellowship of your fellow
Luncheon:                         members and guests.
                                                                         I’ll have seconds and thirds
The Holiday Luncheon will be                                            And a piece of pumpkin pie.
held on December 2 at the         Trivia Question:                         When the indigestion hits
Amber Room Colonnade. Fes-        What is the most unusual                  I’ll think I’m going to die ,
tivities will begin at 11:30 am   aspect of Antarctica?                     But I’ll be okay tomorrow
and you can sign up at our                                              And I know the day will fly by
regular RMC meetings Novem-                                               Until it’s time to get stuffed
                                  Last Month’s Question:
ber 4 and 18. Dar and John will                                                            again
                                  What is the relationship between
be there to take your donation                                         On Mom’s tasty turkey pot pie.
                                  the Green Hornet and the Lone
$45.50/person; $91? couple.
The choice for your menu will
be either Prime Rib of Beef,
                                  Answer: The Green Hornet’s
Salmon with Dill Sauce, Stuffed
                                  real name is Britt Reid who is the
Breast of Chicken Sunburst.
                                  grand-nephew of the Lone
Get your choices and your
                                  Ranger, whose real name is John
money in as soon as possible.
                                  Reid, who survived an ambush
It will be a gala afternoon.                                           Happy Thanksgiving
                                  by Butch Cavendish, the leader
                                  of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang.
Ridgefield Men’s Club      November,2009

     Reflections on               As I recall the parade was stir-     erans Day; Armistice Day was
     Veterans Day                 ring, military bands, rows of        to honor WWI Veterans. In
                                  marching soldiers, sailors and       1954 President Eisenhower
 by Jim Connelly                  marines, veterans from that          signed a bill proclaiming No-
Ninety one years ago on No- war, that in my young mind                 vember 11 as Veterans Day, the
vember 11 at 11:11 AM cannons ended so long ago, twenty years          day to honor Veterans of all
stopped, soldiers climbed out had gone by, a lifetime to a             wars. World War II was over 63
of their trenches, the battle- twelve year old. They were still        years ago, since then we have
fields were quiet and the war able to step out to the lively           had, it seems, one war after
that was to end all wars came marching tunes played by the             another.
to an end; an armistice was de- drum and bugle corps that they         Tom Brokaw in his book char-
clared. This day came to be were following. “When Johnny               acterized these World War II
known as Armistice day, a day Comes Marching Home,” “Over              veterans as the “The Greatest
set aside to reflect and remem- There, Over There,” “It’s A            Generation”.Hundreds of mil-
ber the sacrifices made by the Grand Old Flag,” “It’s A Long           lions worldwide were mobi-
men and women of that time, Way To Tipperary.” These were              lized and took part in that war;
to ensure a peace and to end a the tunes of 1918.                      out of the 12 + million Ameri-
conflict that caused nearly Then came the Gold Star Moth-              cans in uniform there are less
117,000 casualties.               ers riding in an open car with       than 2,000,000 left and those of
The next year, 1919, veterans their blue arm bands, waving to          us still standing are getting
who had survived that war be- the crowd that lined the parade          older and greyer every day.
gan marching in parades route.                                         The average age of these vets
throughout our land. They Patriotism and love of country               is 84+. An estimated 900 are
were heroes, ceremonies and stirred in my twelve year old              dying each day. You do the
speeches were given in every breast.                                   math. It won’t take to long be-
city, village and town to honor As we continued to watch the           fore,
these heroes. This was the war survivors of another war, the
to end all wars, they thought Civil War, that pitted brother               There Will Be None
naively, ------ never again, they against brother, rolled by in
said!!!!                          their big open car. They just sat,   We have come to appreciate
My memory takes me back to turning occasionally from side              more than ever the veterans of
pre- World War II, the mid to to side acknowledging the                Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm,
late thirties; my family, as did cheers of the crowd. I can re-        Iraq and now Afghanistan and
most, celebrated that day, now call thinking how old they must         Pakistan. These veterans who
in 1938, known officially as Ar- be, —— they are still alive! We       have endured the worst of
mistice Day. We attended the were seventy plus years from              what war can bring, massive
parades and Armistice Day cer- the end of that horrific war, the       casualties, merciless enemies
emonies. It was not yet known North against the South. There           and in many cases long and in-
as Veterans Day.                  were maybe four old soldiers         humane captivities. We still
We joined my grandparents, with their blue uniforms and                have thousands of our military
whose house was on the parade broad brimmed hats in that car;          unaccounted for, from these
route across the street from a in a few years that car would           wars.
large town cemetery, where drive by empty. They would be               So today on Veterans Day, No-
small American flags left at gone! Then there would be                 vember 11, stand proud of our
each fallen veteran’s headstone none!!                                 Veterans and support them as
on Memorial Day, waved in the Today on November 11, 2009 we            fully as possible now and long
brisk November breeze.            will assemble to celebrate Vet-      after their military service has

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