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					                                                                                         April 2011

                            South Suburban Chapter
                            Illinois Pilots Association
                        A Chapter of Pilots from Illinois and Northwest Indiana

                            iPads and More…
                          Come to our April 20th Meeting!!

Flying has evolved over the last few years into the electronic digital age. Paper items such as
charts and approach plates have been augmented with various electronic devices. Our
upcoming April meeting will feature Mike Miley who will discuss the use of ipads and mobile
devices in aviation. This will include a review of available “apps”, training tools, accessories,
and limitations.

                                                   Mike Miley, is a representative from
                                          , a social media site for
                                                   pilots. He is also a flight instructor, and heavy
                                                   user of the iPad. Come learn about the iPad and
                                                   also dialogue with fellow pilots.

                                                   If you have a iPad (or another type of aviation
                                                   related electronic device)… bring it with you!

                   OUR MEETING WILL BE ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20th, 2011
If you know other pilots, please encourage them to attend. They do not have to be IPA Chapter
members to participate in our meetings. The meeting will be at Popolano’s Restaurant, 17940
Torrence Avenue, Lansing, IL. Phone: 708.474.0425. Dinner orders taken starting at 6:30 PM. Program
starts at 7:30 PM. Order from the menu at your expense from a sandwich to a full dinner.

Please come hungry and order something. Popolano’s extends us the use of their facilities for our group.
Patronization of their establishment is appreciated.
   Page 2                                                       South Suburban Chapter, Illinois Pilots Assoc.

                Highlights of the March 2011 Safety Seminar
Our Annual Aviation Safety Seminar was held on
Wednesday, March 16th at the Village Hangar at the Lansing
Municipal Airport (KIGQ). Attendance
was well over 100 persons. We had some very informative
speakers, exhibitor displays, and a “long spread” of break-                                        Colors are being
time snacks to munch on. For a summary of the speaker                                              presented by the
presentations, see page 3 of this newsletter.                                                      Civil Air Patrol

As always, the success of this seminar is based upon many
individuals and groups pitching in with their time and
talents to help “pull it off”.
These include:
Illinois FAASTeam and Program Managers-Sam Heiter and
Tim Sokol
John DeLaurentiis-Lansing Municipal Airport Manager and
his crew, Bonnie and Mike                                                              Attendees stand for
The breaktime “long snack table”-Windy City Aero, Kurt &                               presentation of the Colors
Janine Harmon
The posting of the colors, Col. Jerry Ross Composite
Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

The exhibitors who set up informational displays:
Col. Jerry Ross Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol based
out of Griffith (05C), U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Division 1
Illinois-Indiana, G & N Aircraft, Inc. Our “out of town”
newsletter advertiser, Powder Puff Pilot also sent us some
                                                                         A capacity crowd listens to Sean
catalogs that were put on display.
                                                                         O’Keefe’s presentation

Door prizes the following prize donations were provided by:
Sun Aero Helicopters-Ken Janik, a helicopter ride
Charlie’s Restaurant at Clow Airport-gift certificate,
Powder Puff Pilot-women’s aviator sunglasses and
calendars. Also further door prizes from G & N Aircraft,
Windy City Aero, Jim Fuentes, Steve Sikorski of the
Commemorative Air Force, Kate Magon, John Markey.
                                                                                 A well stocked snack table
And last but not least, thanks to SSIPA’s own Dr. John                           awaits attendees at break time
Magon for coordinating this event with the FAASTeam to
publicize it and recording the Wings Program credit; to Bill
Berkley for the sound set-up; Tom Johnson for taking
seminar photos, and to Chapter Vice-President John Markey
and the rest of the SSIPA Board and other Chapter
members who helped in this endeavor.

We are looking forward to it again next year!!

Wayne E. Babiak, SSIPA Chapter President                              Registration table staffed by Ralph and
                                                                      Cynthia Madsen and Kathy Rubin
 April 2011                                                                                                            Page 3

          More Highlights of the March 2011 Safety Seminar


Sean O’Keefe of Aircraft Propeller Service, Inc. located in        Kevin Hawley of CAV Aerospace, Inc, located in Salina, KS
Wheeling, IL presented information about propeller care            discussed TKS™ ice protection systems. Kevin indicated
and maintenance. Some items brought up:                            that there are two basic types of ice protection systems.
                                                                   1) Deicing - Physically breaks bond of ice with airframe
1. Read the manual. 2. Inspect your propeller before every         2) Anti-icing – Keeps ice from forming
flight. 3. Don't do the run-up over dirt and rocks.                Examples of ice forming on aircraft surfaces were shown.
4. Propellers are not handles. 5. Clean your blade with            An explanation of how the TKS systems work in these
light oil [WD-40 is fine]. 6. Paste waxing is fine to resist       cases was also explained.
insects. 7. Major inspection every 5-7 years [see item 1.].
8. Blade track < 1/16" variation. 9. Annual inspection,            A historical perspective was also presented. TKS systems
especially for corrosion on hub, bolt holes, and dings.            were initially developed during World War II. The
10. Variable pitch should be overhauled per schedule or            systems evolved over the years from a porous channel
with leaks. NO EXCEPTIONS.                                         system. In the late 50’s, stainless steel panels were
                                                                   developed. In the early 80’s TKS developed its laser
Check out the following booklet for more information:              drilling techniques for manufacturing porous skins for TKS               panels. It is the standard fabrication used today. Beyond
andments_of_prop_care.pdf                                          the typical G.A. ice protection, CAV developed systems for
Contact Sean at 800.323.4130                                       unusual applications.
e-mail:                                 For further information, contact Kevin at
                                                                   888.865.5511 e-mail:

                                            “Photos from around the hangar”

                                                                                              Sean O’Keefe-Aircraft Propeller Service
Bob Colby talks to a fellow pilot                                                             and Jim Yearsich - G&N Aircraft

                                                                   Lauren Brown and Nina Spehar
                                                                   won Powder Puff Pilot door prizes
                                    Kurt Harmon and Doc Magon      (calendar and sunglasses)

     Ted Sanders buys
     50-50 raffle tickets               Tom Ryan, Terry Chenore,                                            Bill Berkley, SSIPA
     from Karen Ness                         Theresa Ryan               Tim Brown takes a break                “Sound Man”
Page 4                                                               South Suburban Chapter, Illinois Pilots Assoc.

                                                                        2011 ILLINOIS PILOTS ASSOCIATION
                                                                        MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT
                                                                David Klemmer of Carpentersville, Illinois has been
                                                                selected as the recipient of the 2011 Illinois Pilots
                                                                Association memorial scholarship. David was also the
                                                                2009 recipient when he was a freshman at Lewis
                                        (Left) Karen Basham     University, Romeoville, Illinois. As a junior this year
                                        addresses the group.    David writes that he expects to have his commercial
                                        (Right) SSIPA Vice      certificate and multiengine rating this spring of 2011.
                                        President John Markey
                                                                David’s two majors are aviation flight management and
                                                                air traffic control. By taking a few extra classes, he
At the March 16th Safety Seminar, Karen Basham,                 aspires to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in each
American Red Cross Merrillville officer, asked for a            major. For further information about the recipient, go
moment of silence with respect to the recent disaster in        to:
Japan. Afterwards, a “pass the hat” donation was
taken up. A total of $242.00 was collected for American
Red Cross relief efforts.                                              Upcoming SSIPA Meeting
Karen sent this “Thank You” note:                               Our last dinner meeting before the Summer season
“On behalf of the American Red Cross of Northwest               will be Wednesday, May 18th. Program details to
Indiana, we want to thank the members of the South              follow in the May newsletter. The annual elections will
Suburban Chapter of the Illinois Pilots Association for         also be held at this meeting. We are looking for some
their generous donation to the American Red Cross for           new prospects to join the current Board. Now is your
the relief efforts to Japan”.                                   chance!! Contact Wayne Babiak at
                                                       if you are interested.

                                                                             Dedicated to the memory
                                                                                   of my wife and
      JIM FUENTES                                                            my life’s greatest co-pilot,
                                                                              Patricia Chase Magon
         Office: (708) 532-3045 Fax: (708) 532-3075
         17236 Oak Park Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477
April 2011                                                                                                                         Page 5

                                                                                             Complete Airframe & Powerplant Repairs
                                                                                             100HR & Annual Inspections
                                                                                             Pre-purchase Insp.
                                                                                             Custom Engine Installation
                                                                                             Competitive rates. Fast, Professional Service
                     Wi l l i am S. Wil son
                        Attor ney a t Law
 1023 W. 55 St. Suite 110           Phone: 708.482.7090
  LaGrange, IL 60525                   Fax: 708.472.7093

                                                                                           DENNIS WYMAN
                                                                      (219) 924-7110                              1701 E. Main Street
                                                                      Fax (219) 924-1059                             Griffith, In 46319
                                                                      (800) 348-6504                               C.R.S. MW2R020L
                                                                                      Web site:

                                                                     Tony DeCillo, one of our longtime Chapter members,
                                                                     past away last month. Condolences to his wife
                                                                     Charlotte and the rest of his family.

 134 North LaSalle Street                        By appointment
 Suite 1515                               18525 Torrence Avenue      Chapter member Bob Colby sent this website link,
 Chicago, Illinois 60602                   Lansing, Illinois 60438   regarding viewing information on every airplane built.
 (312) 377-1584                                   (708) 474-5413
                                                                     Very informative!!

      Rental $99, Demo Ride $59
South Suburban Chapter
Illinois Pilots Association
C/O Wayne Babiak, Newsletter Editor
23853 Plum Valley Drive
Crete, IL 60417
State website:

 Wednesday, April 20, 2011
 17940 Torrence Ave. Lansing, IL
 6:30 PM Dinner 7:30 PM Meeting
 Further information in this newsletter

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Secretary                                                     battery pack $150.00.
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