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Powder Puff Power


									  The Examiner
Central Valley High School                                                                                                                                        November 2010
Spokane Valley, Washington                                                                                                                                              Issue 2

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fall sports
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                             The man leaders inspire the crowd at Powder Puff -- and look good doing it. With such great encouragement, the senior/freshman team was motivated to win the game.

      Pg. 4                  Powder Puff Power
                             Alisha Allen

Food                            On the Thursday of homecoming week, the girls of CV suited up
                             for another great season of Powder Puff.
                                                                                                                    For the freshmen, this was definitely a good introduction to the
                                                                                                                  school and what activities are available. Hopefully there will be
                                Like last year, the teams were freshmen and seniors vs. sopho-                    more freshmen next year, though.
drive                        mores and juniors. Fortunately for the newcomers, they won 21 to
                             7. The next time someone says that football is a boys sport; they
                                                                                                                    “Powder Puff involves them. It gives them a chance to meet new
                                                                                                                  upperclassmen,” said Jordan Stocker, another sophomore player, on
                             might want to think again.                                                           why all freshmen should participate in the only girls football game.
Finale!                         The girls all had very good sportsmanship when it came to
                             winning and losing. There definitely wasn’t a lack of competition.
                                                                                                                    All-girls flag football is unique; even the plays were named differ-
                                                                                                                  ently than you would expect.
                             “Everyone was very competitive,” said sophomore Taysha Lopez.                          “My favorite play was Dirty Girl. It was when we would pretend to
       Pg. 5                    Even though most played aggressively, it didn’t go too far.
                             Instead, it created a very enjoyable night for everyone. For most of
                                                                                                                  hand the ball off to another player,” said Stocker.
                                                                                                                    Another play, Ghetto Blaster, was favored by Martin. “I like it be-
                             the players, the most memorable moment was the very first touch-                     cause it sounds cool,” she said.
                             down for the sophomore and juniors.                                                    All in all, the Powder Puff game this season was definitely one to
                                “The first touchdown was the most memorable moment because                        remember. Next year, be ready to watch yet another exciting game
                             it brought our spirits up,” said sophomore Sydney Martin.                            of girls taking on a guy’s sport.

Join Green Club!
                             “Is the band ready?”
                             Wittney Sadler
This looks good             The typical stereotype for a                  “When you get out there it’s            would start and end first,” said              Just imagine trying to man-
                         member in the band, is a “band                dark, everyone is watching, you            Mr. Parker, Band Director, relat-         age all your time on top of this
 on college apps         geek”, but the truth is they are              get the shivers, and then it’s             ing to the idea of the show.              excessive amount of practice:
  and improves           competitive, hard-working, and
                         spend most of their time per-
                                                                       over and everyone is cheering
                                                                       and you feel so accomplished,”
                                                                                                                     The band has invested over
                                                                                                                  200 time-consuming hours into
                                                                                                                                                            if you had a job and had tons
                                                                                                                                                            of homework it would makes
the environment          fecting their shows which get                 said Randy Paul, Head Drum                 their show. Percussion is the             things difficult, but then again
                         them very high rankings.                      Major.                                     only part of the marching band            they are the best.
   at the same              The band has competed at                      The process of creating the             that has a class during school;              “Band is like a family,” said
       time.             Joe Albi Stadium, Pasco, and the
                         South Ridge Festival of Bands.
                                                                       show consists of using com-
                                                                       puter software to design the
                                                                                                                  the rest is all done outside of
                                                                                                                  school. Compare this to the
                                                                                                                                                            Adam Blyckert, a trumpet player
                                                                                                                                                            in the marching band. This
                         At all of these competitions the              drill. They also worked with a             average sports team; it’s not any         homey feeling creates the en-
                         band has managed to come out                  composer to find the best music            different. If anything the band           vironment that gets them their
                         on top, which is a very impres-               to go with the escaping from               practices more, if you consider           high rankings.
                         sive accomplishment, and has                  jail idea, which makes the show            all the time they have to spend              The band definitely leaves a
                         taken a lot of dedication; so one             very cohesive.                             on their own to memorize                  lasting impression. They are a
                         can see that band is not for the                 “I just thought it would be             music for the show or to just             force to be reckoned with.
                         faint of heart.                               a simple idea; I knew how it               practice the music.
Page 2
                                                                             Editorials                                                        Central Valley High School Examiner

                                                                                    November 2010
Fashion: a state of the union
Ryan Danly
    As your new self-proclaimed
Fashion Chief of Police at CV, I’m
                                       want to see you jiggle.
                                          Understand, just because
                                                                             be a melting face. Yuck. What in
                                                                             the name of the Fashion Gods
not here just to “tear you down,”      we’re judging your choice in          would possess you to wear             Shannen Kuest
but more to help you by point-         clothing, doesn’t mean we’re          something like that? Regardless,
                                                                                                                       From the moment you enter high school, you are instructed to focus on
ing out all your flaws and then        judging you as a person; we’re        there are plenty of attractive        life out in the big wide world and are soon inundated with college pro-
telling you how to fix them.           only judging some of the              clothing styles with which you        paganda. However, for those of you that would rather not think too hard
    As my first order of business,     choices you’re making. The first      can fully express your indi-          about the day when you leave this place, here are a few amusing sugges-
I’m going to address the uncom-        taste of you anyone gets is how       viduality without looking like a      tions on how to avoid the ordeal entirely.
fortable subjects. Starting with       you look; you’re not going to         disaster. Try throwing on a cute
your figure. I believe you need        get a job if you look like a serial   accessory, like a hat, unique or        How NOT to get into college
to be comfortable with yourself        killer. Sorry that’s just a fact of   vintage jewelry, a scarf, etc.          •	   On the “name” line, write “Barack Obama.”
no matter what your shape or           life. You should always look your        Just look at some of our             •	   Discuss how you do your best work, not under pressure, but under
                                                                                                                          hallucinogenic substances.
size. If you’re not and want to fix    best when trying to get a job,        fashion-savvy classmates: those
                                                                                                                     •	   Declare your love of Jersey Shore.
it, do it the healthy way. But in      you want to make the best pos-        few shining beacons of hope to          •	   Include pictures of your Spring Break Trip to Cabo.
the meantime, do us all a favor        sible impression you can.             all the poor lost souls who have        •	   Cite Kling-on as your foreign language.
and refrain from wearing tight            Individuality doesn’t neces-       wandered off the path of style.         •	   Fill in the bubbles of your SAT to look like a butterfly.
jeans with holes that allow your       sarily mean that people need          They are your Metro Guys, your          •	   Write your essay about the day you met Elvis.
skin to bulge out, or just tight       to be afraid of you and that the      Trendsetters, Indie Girls, and          •	   Tell your guidance counselor that you’re far more interested in
clothes in general, none of us         image on your shirt needs to          Fashionistas.                                enrolling at Starbucks than at university, and that’s why you were

Public transportation, yes or no?
                                                                                                                          never in first period.
                                                                                                                     Some of you may also be subject to the dreaded college interview. This
                                                                                                                     route is for those of you who a) would like to go out with a bang, or b)
Daymin Marrs                                                                                                         enjoy making people uncomfortable.
   You get on the bus, and you         don’t have to pay for gas,” said      cheaper, though, than driving           •	   Take out a glue stick and eat it.
end up having to stand because         Breanna Ward, a daily bus rider       yourself because you don’t have         •	   Wear a chicken hat and clown shoes.
                                                                                                                     •	   Mention that your brother has tuberculosis. Emphatically express
all the seats are taken except for     due to Running Start.                 to pay for gas or parking. Plus
                                                                                                                          your relief that the disease is not contagious.
one next to the “smelly guy.” You         Public transportation while        it’s good for the environment to        •	   Stand up in your chair and shout, “It was you!” while brandishing a
feel like everyone is staring at       may not be the quickest way           have around 40 people on one                 finger. Do this as many times as it takes for them to call security.
you when you have a conversa-          to get from point A to point B        bus.
tion with your friend…. Wel-           but is still a great way to move         The bus drips with bad               Quote of the issue:
come to public transportation.         about; it’s so helpful to Run-        experiences. “One of the first          “People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of
   It’s a daily ritual. Scan your      ning Start students, especially       times I rode the bus there was        thought which they avoid.”
card; sit in the same seat if          Eastern students that get a bus       a woman talking on her phone            - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
you’re fortunate enough to get         pass for free and don’t have to       that would have made a sailor
there early. Sit and talk with
your friends making it seem like
                                       pay $5-10 everyday just to get
                                       to and from school.
                                                                             blush,” said Addison Tucker
                                                                             another daily bus rider.              Mormon myths
you are occupied so that creepy           It is rather slow though, to          So if you need to get from         Shayna Elliot
person next to you won’t talk to       get from the Valley to Eastern        one place to another the bus is
                                                                                                                      We have a large Mormon               underwear is acutely called
you, arrive at your destination.       it takes around 45 minutes,           a good idea, but be ready for
                                                                                                                   population here at CV, but              garments. The garments are
   Even with the total redun-          whereas if you drove it takes         the experience particularly if
                                                                                                                   many myths surround members             for young adults (21) and older
dancy it does have its upside. “I      only about 30 minutes. It’s still     you’re riding late at night.

CV’s hostile hallways
                                                                                                                   of the LDS church.What does             to wear and they help ensure
                                                                                                                   LDS stand for? It is an abbrevia-       modesty.
                                                                                                                   tion for Latter-Day-Saints. Today,         Mormons baptizes the
Courtney Choate
                                                                                                                   the LDS members are known as            dead? Like corpses? No,
   We all have to do it. Walking       going to push through the halls          If everyone just walked through
                                                                                                                   Mormons.                                Mormons do not baptize the
through the halls at Central Valley    like a wild banshee, at least push    the halls like normal human be-
                                                                                                                      How many Mormons go to               corpses of once living people.
I have began to realize how rude       through the people who are            ings, things would be a lot better.
people really are. How hard is it to   standing around in the middle         There would not be any pushing
                                                                                                                   CVHS? There are at least 157            Baptisms for the dead are where
walk on the right side of the hall-    just causing a traffic jam, not the   or shoving. Another thing that        students that are Mormon at             those who could not be bap-
way and try to be a little courte-     people who are innocently trying      drives me absolutely crazy is         Central Valley, though not all          tized when they were alive are
ous and not run in to people? It’s     to get to their next class.           the fact that people stop in the      attend seminary. “There are 123         baptized using another person’s
not that hard at all really.              I can’t say that there have not    middle of the halls, pull out their   students that attend release            body (that is living).
   I’m a senior now and the halls      been times where I have pushed        phones, and start texting away.       time seminary and thirty-four              Mormons practice polyga-
have never been so violent. I          through other people because I        Come on, let’s not abuse the fact     that go to 0-hour seminary that         my. Today the LDS members
know that most people are just         have done it a few times. Every-      that we are allowed to use our        attend CVHS,” said Michel Toth          do not practice polygamy,
in a hurry to get to their next        one does it. But seriously, for you   phones during passing periods         the seminary teacher for CV             there was a point in time when
class so they are not late, but they   people who are shoving through        and lunch. Just a little word of      students.                               Joseph Smith did try, but at the
don’t need to be rude and push         others in the hall, you should        advice: if you are planning on           Do Mormons believe in                end the LDS church decided not
other people around.                   probably be careful because           pulling your cell out, step to the    Christ? Yes, LDS members be-            to practice polygamy. “Plural
   On top of the pushing, there        sometimes people are not so           side of the hall, or maybe even       lieve in God the Eternal Father,        marriage has not been a ap-
are always the groups of people        calm. One of these times you’re       into a classroom, so you are not      Jesus Christ his son, and the           proved by The Church of Jesus
that stand around in the middle        going to run in to the wrong per-     clogging up the halls that people     Holy Ghost.                             Christ of Latter Day Saints,” said
of the hallway when people are         son, and they are going to freak      are already having difficulty get-       Do Mormons have “Magic     
trying to get though. If you’re        out on you.                           ting through.                         Underwear”? No, Mormons                    These are just a few myths

TOMS: shoes for tomorrow
Mackynzie Watts
                                                                                                                   do not wear ‘magic underwear’.
                                                                                                                   What some people call magic
                                                                                                                                                           about the LDS church. You can’t
                                                                                                                                                           believe everything you hear.

   You may or may not           diseases.                       Personally, I love my                                               The
have seen people wear-             “When I had the idea         TOMS. I have three pairs:                                       Central
ing TOMS shoes around           for TOMS four and a half        red canvas, ash canvas,                                          Valley
school. They are a simple
little shoe with a big
purpose: for every pair of
                                years ago, my goal was
                                simply to help the 250
                                kids that I met while trav-
                                                                and plum corduroy clas-
                                                                sics. They’re the comfiest
                                                                shoes I’ve ever put on;
shoes purchased, another        eling on vacation. That         they’re so light I feel like
pair goes to a child in         simple One for One model        I’m barefoot. Plus, they       Editor-in-Chief            Staff Writers                    The Examiner accepts
need. The name TOMS             that I founded TOMS on          come with a cute flag and      Shannen Kuest              Alisha Allen                     letters to the editor. Let-
came from their original        was nothing more than           the One for One move-                                     Ryan Danly                       ters must not contain any
                                                                                               Editorials Editor          Shayna Elliot                    obscene content and should
motto: shoes for tomorrow.      an idea, a project, a what      ment makes you feel
                                                                                               Facebook Co-Editor         Kristi Kennedy                   be a reasonable length.
   TOMS started in 2006         if? I didn’t know anything      good about the purchase.                                  Daymin Marrs
                                                                                               Sydnee Scofield                                             Anonymous letters will not
when chief giver Blake          about shoes, or fashion or         They’re moderately                                     Cheyenne Oien
Mycoskie went to Argen-         philanthropic giving. All I     priced as far as shoes go;                                                                 be printed. The Examiner
                                                                                                                          Wittney Sadler
                                                                                               Features Editor                                             reserves the right to correct
tina and saw that many of       had was a feeling that this     canvas classics are about                                 Mackynzie Watts
                                                                                               Kaitlin Clark                                               grammatical or mechanical
the kids didn’t have shoes.     is something I must do,”        the same price as a pair of
                                                                                                                          Advisor                          errors. The Examiner may
This is a major health con-     Mycoskie wrote on the           Vans. With a ton of differ-    Arts & Entertainment       Mrs. Teske
cern considering there are      TOMS blog.                      ent styles to choose from,                                                                 decide not to print all letters
many diseases that can             TOMS has recently            there’s a shoe for every-                                 Opinions expressed in            to the editor.
                                                                                               Facebook Co-Editor
be transmitted through          passed a major milestone,       one and every outfit. They                                editorials or columns are not
                                                                                               Mitch Rasmussen
soil, and cuts and sores        with the one millionth          even have vegan styles,                                   those of the entire paper, its   Letters should be deliv-
                                                                                                                          advisor or                       ered to D108 or put in Mrs.
on feet can get infected        pair of shoes given on a        so you can be animal           Sports Editor
                                                                                                                          Central Valley High School.      Teske’s box in the office.
and cause life threatening      trip back to Argentina.         friendly!                      Courtney Choate
Central Valley High School Examiner
                                                                                   Sports                                                                                               Page 3

                                                                                      November 2010

Is NFL surprising you? Anthony Brines
Courtney Choate
   The National Football League games are widely watched and many people enjoy them. Maybe
it’s the adrenaline rush you get from a close game or maybe you’re a fantasy football person and
                                                                                                                 runs like the wind!
you get really excited when your quarterback does well. Whatever it is that makes people so ad-                   Kristi Kennedy
dicted to watching NFL football, it never fails.                                                                    Here at Central Valley we have           championship, and varsity is still
   But as most football fans have noticed, this year has been kind of scattered around. Every game               many athletes. One great athlete            a work in progress.”
is a surprise. A team that is expected to win will either win or they will lose a tough and unexpected           that shines is sophomore An-                   One of the many team players
loss.                                                                                                            thony Brines.                               that is responsible for all the hard
   My family and I always participate in a football pool each and every week but this year it has                   “Anthony is doing excellent for          work is definitely Brines.
been very hard to win because you never know which team is going to get an upset or which team                   his first cross country season. I              “I think I have done an okay
is going to pull through and win like they are expected to.                                                      think that if he tried harder dur-          job this season. By the end of
   On Sunday October 24, 2010 the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos faced off. Not to                       ing practice, he would see how              the season, I improved greatly
offend any of you “die hard” Raider fans but they were not expected to pull though and win this                  really talented he is. Otherwise,           from where I started at. My best
game. Surprisingly, the Raiders played strongly the whole game and ended up shocking many                        he is a great runner. His fastest           place was 11th at a home meet.
NFL fans when they completely shut down the home team. During that one game the Raiders tied                     time for a three mile race was              I’m definitely going to be doing
the record for the most points scored against the Broncos in Denver. They beat the record for the                eighteen minutes and twenty                 cross country next year because
most points the Raiders have scored. They have never scored more than 40 points or won a game                    seconds,” said Coach Mahoney.               it helps me stay in shape and pre-
by more than 21 points in the past eight seasons. Also, the 59 points they scored is the most in                    Central Valley boys cross coun-          pare for track. My goal is to letter
franchise history. Before this new remarkable record it was 52 points. All and all this game was just            try team has ranked 7th in the GSL          in track and be on varsity, and by
as shocking as being struck by lightning.                                                                        this year.                                  doing cross country, I have a bet-
   The Raiders and the Broncos game is not the only game that has been extremely astonishing. All                   When asked how the teams                 ter chance,” Brines said.
throughout the season there are have been games that shocked me beyond belief. Since when do                     are doing this year, Mahoney                   John Weiser, Kaden Woolf,
the Buffalo Bills beat the Seattle Seahawks or the New Orlean Saints lose to the Cleveland Browns?               answered graciously, “This year’s           and Corey Hunter all made it to
These rare occurrences happen every once in a while, but seem to be more frequent this year.                     freshman team won the GSL                   regional’s this year. Go Bears!
   The NFL season has been mixed up and stranger than ever. The losses that have occurred and the                championship, the JV placed
wins that have taken place have never been so unexpected. I am extremely anxious to see what the                 fourth in the junior varsity
next games have in store for the fans of football.

Peyton Rockwood: defensive specialist                                                                                                              Hard work pays off
                                                                   Daymin Marrs                                                                    Kaitlin Clark
                                                                      Volleyball is often an over looked sport, but is a very fun sport               Most people look at soccer like girls
                                                                   to play and great to watch due to the fact you’re never just sitting            running back and forth on a field with
                                                                   there waiting like in other sports, especially with our talented                lines, kicking a ball back and forth, trying
                                                                   Central Valley team, which includes players like senior Peyton                  to kick it into the white box. However it’s
                                                                   Rockwood on the roster.                                                         so much more.
                                                                      The amount of experience in the team is amazing; Rockwood                        Junior Brianna Dobson has been play-
                                                                   has over 7 years in the sport alone. She’s played with teams outside            ing soccer for about 6 years and this year
                                                                   of school and now currently plays with the CV varsity team.                     started the season with the girls JV soccer
                                                                      She plays defensive specialist, so she’s the person that passes              team and ended the season practicing
                                                                   the ball to the person to spike it over the net. She’s one of the most          with the varsity team.
                                                                   important players on the team,” this position makes her kind of like               Most players are motivated by music,
                                                                   the backbone.                                                                   or by their coaches. Dobson is motivated
                                                                      This year’s team is doing pretty well; they’re 3rd in the GSL and            by working hard enough to be on varsity
                                                                   second in 4a. I guess the long practices everyday after school until            and letter in soccer. Dobson gets most
                                                                   5 or 5:30 really pay off in the long run. The team played in the                of her support from her coaches and her
                                                                   regional tournament on November 6th.                                            parents.
                                                                      “We mesh well as a team because we all have a background in                     “I would have to say the best game was
                                                                   the sport and with each other,” said Rockwood. This explains their              against Mead,” said Dobson.
                                                                   record.                                                                            “The season was pretty good, varsity
                                                                      They average at least two games a week. They have to work                    made it to playoffs,” said Dobson.
                                                                   extra hard to be in shape and to be able to handle the strain that                 The team played in the regional game
                                                                   this sport puts on them, while still balancing homework and a job               on November 6th. With rain moving out
                                                                   if they have one. They all manage to do this though.                            and snow moving in, the girls soccer
                                                                      Next time you have nothing to do one night, you should go                    team is not out practicing on the fields
                                                                   watch a volleyball game and see all the work that these girls put               any longer. Lets hope next year’s season
Senior Peyton Rockwood bumps the ball to her opponent at the Dig   into the sport that they love.                                                  is as great as this one!
for the cure Volleyball game.

Brandon Garcia is standing out!
Shayna Elliot
  Central Valley senior football player Bran-         don’t really know about Garcia is that he
don Garcia is in his last year of high school         likes to read a lot. Some people find it weird
football ; will he keep playing or does he            for a football player to like to read books.
have different plans?                                    Garcia has been playing football for
  Last year Garcia was injured. Garcia and            seven years, every since seventh grade.
his friends were playing in the park when             Last year he played linebacker and wide
Garcia stepped in a ‘puddle’. The injury              receiver. This year he plays running back
consisted of a broken ankle and torn liga-            and line backer.
ments. The bone pieced through his skin                  “The good times at practice, being with
and “blood was everywhere”. Though the                your buds, achieving something while
damage was great, the coaches and Garcia              hanging out” said Garcia about why he likes
knew he was going to push through and                 football.
keep playing.                                            Garcia plans on playing after high school.
  “Brandon acts like he is a tough kid, but           Even though Garcia doesn’t know what
actually he is polite and very respectful,”           collage he wants to go to, he will go to a
said Coach Freemen.                                   college to keep playing the sport.
  Garcia likes to do his homework and                    “It is fun to be a part of the team,” said
makes sure he is successful in school. When           Garcia.
he was a T.A. for Mr. Freemen, Garcia would
do his homework. Something students
                                                                                                             Senior Brandon Garcia runs the ball toward the touchdown
Page 4
                                                                                         Features                                                                   Central Valley High School Examiner

                                                                                                 November 2010

Wait Until Dark
Shannen Kuest
   I’ve never been so terrified          ever-talented tech crew, an
of my fellow students in my              incredibly realistic set elevated
life.                                    the actors’ performances to
   In an interesting departure           new heights. Granted, viewers
from more recent produc-                 had to play close attention to
tions, the CV Drama Depart-              the show’s plot, lest they fall
ment chose to perform Wait               behind and become com-
Until Dark, a suspense thriller          pletely confused, but tedious
involving con men, murder,               was definitely an adjective
and – of course – a doll full of         that crossed anyone’s mind.
heroin.                                     The final scene, featuring
   Starring David Malinak as             Malinak and Call, brought
Henry Roat, Jr. and Lani Call as         the play to a dramatic climax,
Susy Hendrix, the show was               eliciting gasps from several
easily one of the best present-          audience members and leav-
ed in the last four years. In his        ing all with a lingering sense
brilliant turn as Roat, Malinak          of unease.
lent a fresh face to the often              I have attended virtually
monotonous drama roster;                 every CV show in the last four
Call was completely believable           years, and there is no question
as a reliant, yet feisty blind           that this most recent produc-
housewife.                               tion can compete with the
   The show was buoyed by                best of them. It was creepy,
a fantastic supporting cast              unexpected and expertly
including Dexter Calkins (Sgt.           executed.
Carlino), Ashton Toth (Mike                 (And did I look over my
Talman) and Katelyn Graham               shoulder as I left the dark the-
(Gloria). Also, thanks to the            atre? Yes. Yes, I did.)                      Senior Lani Call and Junior Ashton Toth putting on a performance during Wait Until Dark.

Bludgers, Beaters and Brooms, oh my!                                                       Mackynzie Watts

                                                                                              Quidditch, a popular sport in the wizarding                   Gandalf swings his arm wildly,” Calkins said of his
                                                                                           world of Harry Potter, came into a very Muggle                   favorite Harry Potter movie. (Yes, we know that
                                                                                           reality on October 2nd,2010                                      Gandalf isn’t in Harry Potter).
                                                                                              The brainchild of senior Dexter Calkins, Quid-                  Sophomore Rachel Langford says that her
                                                                                           ditch Club started as a positive experience at                   favorite character in the series is Dumbledore,
                                                                                           Lewis and Clark High School and turned into a                    because “he is so wise and that beard is so lus-
                                                                                           club that Calkins wants to stay at CV even after                 cious”.
                                                                                           he graduates.                                                      Quidditch, when played by Muggles, looks
                                                                                              He estimates that 33                                                          almost like Quidditch played by
                                                                                           people showed up at                 “Quidditch is                                actual wizards. The bludgers still
                                                                                           the first game, and a few                                                        knock people off of their brooms
                                                                                           (including myself ) were         quite possibly the                              and the snitch still escapes the
                                                                                           dressed in Harry Potter                                                          grasp of almost everyone. The only
                                                                                           attire.                          coolest thng ever.“                             real difference is that the bludgers
                                                                                              Right now, Calkins is                                                         can’t actually kill you and nobody is
                                                                                           planning a Quidditch              - Dexter Calkins                               really flying.
                                                                                           World Cup between CV                                                               After playing a game of Quid-
                                                                                           and LC, but he wants to                                                          ditch, or three, or four, you should
                                                                                           make it into an open tournament so anyone can                    be quite tired, if you were trying hard enough.
                                                                                           come. His goal is to have about ten teams play-                  Langford says that she was “parched” after the
                                                                                           ing in a huge park.                                              game. Many people also feel a sense of longing
                                                                                              “I can’t decide between The Deathly Hallows                   for a real-life Hogwarts.
                                                                                           and The Goblet of Fire,” said Calkins about which                  The game was a blast, and hopefully we’ll see
                                                                                           of the books is his favorite.                                    even more people at the next one, which should
                                                                                              “The Order of the Phoenix movie did the best                  be happening sometime this month. Keep an
                                                                                           job of capturing the change of tone in J.K.                      eye out for flyers in the hall!
Senior Dexter Calkins looking rather victorious during a meeting of quidditch club.        Rowling’s writing, and the best part was when

CV Superstars: Got talent?
Alisha Allen
   When it comes to talent, Central Valley High School is probably the number one                              students and even professionals. Talk about nerve-wracking! However, according to
keeper of talented students. Whether it’s choir singers or actors, football all-stars, or                      Ross, “it’s the coolest band ever.”
even musicians, CV never fails to find one or more who shine bright. For David Ross, a                            Throughout his years at CV, Ross has obtained many close friends. A quick inter-
junior at CV, has found his place as the best pianist in the school.                                           view with Mr. Muzatko proved that Ross’s relationship with the students and teachers
   Ross has contributed his work with the school’s choir concerts, dancing perfor-                             is fun, yet professional.
mances, and even retirement homes. Mr. Elliot, CV’s choir teacher, has spent time                                 “David is very responsible, positive and mature for his age,” said Mr. Muzatko. But,
with David, who is also an accompanist for the choir.                                                          is too concerned about his fashion sense such as shoes and glasses,”.
   Despite his musical talent, “I haven’t gotten him excited about singing yet,” said                             We all know that Ross has the talent but the question is if he will pursue his career
Elliot.                                                                                                        in music when he graduates from CV. “It’s a super competitive career,” said Ross.
   If you think that being a professional pianist is difficult, what do you say to being a                        It doesn’t seem like anyone has any doubts for Ross succeeding in music. “He can
professional pianist/trombone player? Ross has not only played piano for the school,                           go as far as he wants to go,” said Mr. Muzatko.
but he also plays trombone for MCJO, MasterClass Jazz Orchestra program located
downtown. He has had the privilege of working alongside other musically talented
Central Valley High School Examiner
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                                                                                     November 2010

Nuit de crêpe
Wittney Sadler
   Ever wondered what a crepe was? If               speaker because he his one of the foreign
you’d gone to Crepe Night you’d have                exchange student’s parents. Mrs. Heacock
found out; it was something you didn’t              wanted to be able to have Crepe Night
want to miss out on!                                because it gives the students a chance to
   This open-to-all crepe night “has been           do something that’s very French.
going on easily for 4 years,” said Mrs. Hea-           Some of you might be wondering what
cock, the French teacher.                           a crepe might be, so here’s Grace Ander-
   The turn-out was exceptional, Crepe              son’s description: “It’s a thin pancake that
Night brought in a total of $290; this mon-         you fill-up and devour as fast as you can!”
ey goes towards their operating money                  Another student who went to Crepe
for the year. Some of the money generally           Night who isn’t in French was senior Dex-
goes towards some kind of charity; this             ter Calkins. He was a little worried about
year the French club was thinking about             going because it would be his first time
giving their money to a fellow student.             attending.
   Making the crepes was very time con-                “Everybody was very gentle and under-
suming. Several of the officers along with          standing about my lack of understanding
Mrs. Heacock spent several hours prepar-            about how to form a crepe… but it was
ing for this special event. The batter itself       absolutely delicious,” Calkins said.
is pretty easy to make, but each batch had             Crepe Night was once again a success,
to sit for an hour. Both the officers and Mrs.      and I’m sure will be one again next year.
Heacock put a lot of work into this event to        It gives the students a little taste of the
make it a great success.                            French life, which is the whole point, so
   At Crepe Night they were able to bring a         the mission is accomplished.
speaker who came from Montreal, Canada
to talk to them about the French aspects                                                                Karissa Elliott and Cody Bafus were two of many who participated during crepe night.
of Canada. They were able to get this

                                                                                                    Food drive success
                                                                                                      40 percent of all the food produced in the US is thrown out, while 15 million
                                                                                                    children die everyday from starvation – about 3.6 per second. Fortunately, CV
                                                                                                    students are working to improve this situation. We managed to exceed our food
                                                                                                    drive goal; in 9 days, our school raised $10,381.97 and donated 20, 138 items feed
                                                                                                    the hungry.
                                                                                                      However, all of that food will only last a month at the Northwest Food Bank, so if
                                                                                                    you are able to donate time or money to the Food Bank, they could really use your
                                                                                                    support! Great job, CV!

Jessica Boynton and Mariah Crosby cooking up some crepes.

How to not
embarass yourself
Cheyenne Oien
  How to: Not embarrass your-              Don’t dance to any music you                            This year Mr. Arte’s class gathered a grand total of of 3,434 items for the food drive.
self while dancing                      aren’t comfortable with this

                                                                                Act Now, join WDFY
                                        can only make dancing all that
   Now we all know that there           much more embarrassing for
are several dances coming up            you.
this year, so here are some vital          Pick music that goes with
tips that will help you to not          your natural rhythm; this saves      Mitch Rasmussen
embarrass yourself while you            the embarrassment of looking           While listening to the announcements and                       opportunity to show their talents through video,
dance the night away.                   like a spaz on the dance floor.      walking through the halls, you will have seen                    art, poetry, script writing, and other media with
   Don’t intentionally try to em-          Don’t try to look like you can    or heard of WDFY or Act Now. I was confused                      the message “It only takes once.”
barrass yourself by doing such          dance when you really can’t.         because I know what WDFY is, Washington Drug                       M: Why did you get involved with WDFY?
dances as the sprinkler.                This doesn’t really help your        Free Youth, but the Act Now contest confused                       R: I have seen the negative effects of drug
   Go with the beat of the music        situation.                           me. So I decided to sit down with the WDFY                       addiction on the user, the family, and the com-
and remember that there isn’t              Try to always have fun and try    leader, Mrs. Ristau, a teacher at CV.                            munity. My hope is no other kid or family has to
just one way of dancing.                not to embarrass yourself.             Following is my interview with Ristau, she will                endure the pain of drug addiction.
   Get lost in the crowd of                With this fool proof advice       be abbreviated with R, and I will be M.                            M: What makes the Act Now competition so
people, but don’t somehow               you will be on your way to not         M: What is WDFY?                                               special?
end up in the center. Remem-            embarrassing yourself while            R: A state sponsored substance free group for                    R: Winners will receive generous prizes worth
ber to smile.                           dancing in no time. Enjoyment        high school students who choose to live sub-                     $400 to $1000 as well as their work published and
   Practice if you’re really wor-       ensues. Dance responsibly            stance free.                                                     produced in a film format. It will be shown live for
ried. Put on some sweat pants                                                  M: What is the purpose for WDFY?                               various Spokane audiences.
and turn up the music.                                                         R: To promote and provide activities that are
   You could always take a                                                   fun and teach students you don’t need to use                       WDFY is still taking applications, and if you
dance class if you’re really para-                                           drugs to have fun; also to provide information                   want to get involved, I recommend it. I am now
noid about your dancing.                                                     about the negative consequences of substance                     going to go because I signed up and I need to
   Don’t be a klutz, and if you                                              abuse.                                                           pee in a cup. Don’t worry, I’ll wash my hands.
are, try to dance to a song that                                               M: What is Act Now?
you know won’t make you trip                                                   R: Act Now is a media contest offered by a
over your own feet on a flat                                                 video company and sponsored by generous busi-
surface.                                                                     nesses in Spokane. They are giving students an
Page 6
                                                    Arts & Entertainment                                                                                 Central Valley High School Examiner

                                                                                        November 2010

To Belieb or not Belieb,                                                       Halo: Reach Double Feature
that is the question
Sydnee Scofield
   Justin Bieber hit the music       is making these girls so crazy
                                                                               The Campaign: from the
scene in 2008 and has been
impossible to ignore ever since.
Though not everyone may
                                     over him?
                                         All of his “beliebers” will deny
                                     it, but the only reason his music
                                                                               beginning you know the end
be a fan, everyone has heard         goes platinum is because of his           Ryan Danly
of him. People all across the        looks, the beat, and the facts               You’d never guess it but yours      John-117, that isn’t as ADHD as           warthog was instrumental in
world have been infected with        that the lyrics have enough in-           truly, Captain Fabulous, Chief of      ODST.                                     proceeding through a lot of the
“Bieber Fever”.                      fluence to make pre-teen girls            the Fashion Police, is secretly a          Back to Reach though. The             Covenant aerial-heavy levels but
   He may only be 5 foot 3, but      believe that they actually have           Halo Nerd, and not just Halo but       game begins, after a foreboding           the AI drivers drive like drunken,
girls around the globe are com-      a chance with him.                        Zelda, Battlestar Galactica, Eure-     intro clip, with your character           blindfolded monkeys.
pletely obsessed with him.               “He probably doesn’t really           ka, Ratchet and Clank, and Dark        Noble-Six joining Noble Team to              I do, however, hate that you
   “It’s pathetic,” said a female    feel that way, he’s just singing          Cloud. Need I continue? That’s         fill a recently vacated position,         can only carry two of each gre-
junior who would like to             about what girls want to hear,”           right, I love mowing Jackals           and quickly you are thrown into           nade type, and it’s just the UNSC
remain anonymous, “if you’re         the anonymous junior said.                down with the Spiker, engulfing        the flames as what is suspected           Standard Frag Grenade and the
going to idolize someone it              Bieber’s songs are insanely           some Elites in a massive plasma        to be an Innie Attack (Innies are         Covenant Plasma Grenade. I’m a
should be because of what            popular. It’s not because                 blast from an adhered plasma           Human Insurgents of the Insur-            bad shot with the frag grenade,
they say, do, or what they           whoever writes his music is a             grenade, and pulverizing a trio        rection Terrorist Group) on a             so usually I’ve really only got two
believe in, not what they look       melodic genius, or because                of brutes with the Grav Hammer.        UNSC observation outpost that             grenades. This is really unfor-
like.”                               his lyrics are unique, deep, or              So of course, I’ve known about      turns out to be the first attack of       tunate if say, you come across
   Bieber was only 13 years old      powerful, it’s because young              the Halo: Reach release since          the Covenant invasion force on            a hunter pair and you’re in the
when he was first signed; the        girls think he’s cute. And that is        last August. Per usual, Bungie         the planet Reach.                         worst possible spot to take them
kid isn’t talentless.                a shame.                                  doesn’t disappoint. Recently,              Bungie introduced a few               from behind with only six shots
   “They’re horrible songs,” she         “I feel like it gives girls a false   I got my hands on a copy and           new elements to the franchise             and two reloads left in your
said, “but they’re so catchy.”       hope of what guys are really              proceeded to complete the cam-         in Reach; one of them was                 spiker and 6 shots in the clip of
Many have said, however, that        like,” she said.                          paign within two days, a little        the amazing new Sabre, an                 your sidearm *cough.*
he sings like a girl.                    Bieber may only be 16, but            over 6 hours total; a guys’ still      “experimental” new upper-                    I absolutely loved the ele-
   Being a Bieber fan is one         the Bieber Fever epidemic con-            got to have a life you know. It        atmospheric/space fighter jet,            ment of Noble Team; nearly all
thing, being Bieber obsessed         tinues to run rampant through-            was so good I played it a second       which you actually get to fly and         of the game, you have at least
is quite another. Several of         out the globe. Watch out, you             time and beat it in less time than     fight in. The game creators also          one fellow Spartan Noble Team
his performances have raised         may be next.                              before.                                gave us a few new toys in the             member fighting alongside you,
crowd safety concerns. What                                                       If you’ve read The Fall of Reach    weapons department; I found               with other soldiers too usually.
                                                                               you essentially know how this          the UNSC Grenade Launcher                    Overall I give Halo: Reach five

Portugal goes Ghetto                                                           game ends; this game, however,
                                                                               introduces a new viewpoint, one
                                                                               that’s different than the normal
                                                                                                                      difficult to use against Covenant
                                                                                                                      infantry but useful when you
                                                                                                                      find yourself in need of a rocket
                                                                                                                                                                stars out of five. It’s an amazing
                                                                                                                                                                game with awesome weapons, a
                                                                                                                                                                great storyline and eye-popping
Mackynzie Watts                                                                plot as Master Chief Petty Officer     launcher or EMP. The new rocket           graphics.
   In the sprawling, all-encompassing genre of music that is indie,
one band in the smallish experimental subgenre stands out. That
band is Portugal. The Man, and their release of American Ghetto
last March has helped them gain even more notoriety.
   In the opening track, “The Dead Dog,” lyrics like “they know it all,
so they got nothing else to know/Forget it all when they fly back
                                                                               Multiplayer: Several
to Mexico”, combined with frontman John Gourley’s dreamy voice
really help the album flow together.
   While it was hard to choose a favorite song of mine is “Fantas-
                                                                               options, one outcome
tic Pace.” It’s catchy and memorable, employing their signature
                                                                               Mitch Rasmussen
imagery-rich lyrics and distorted guitars, which add to the experi-                This article is strictly about the multiplayer           for community maps from Forge to be added,
mental feel of this album and everything else that Portugal has                aspect of the game so if you want to learn about             there are only 8 core maps, but the maps that are
already done.                                                                  the campaign and story, please refer to the story            on there are not horrible so it makes up for it.
   Compared with their previous release, The Satanic Satanist,                 above.                                                         Forge in Halo 3 was horrible; it was in its early
American Ghetto sounds just a bit more polished, with Gourley’s                    I feel that what I am about to say may upset a           stages and was difficult to set your object exactly
voice reaching a slightly deeper range than the almost falsetto                few readers, but I think that Reach has a better             where you want it, and you could only add to
sound that listeners are used to.                                              multiplayer experience than Modern Warfare 2.                existing maps and you were not given as much
   If you like MGMT, Vampire Weekend, or Passion Pit, you’d prob-              MW2 may have a great multiplayer platform, but               creativity as I would have liked, but no more!
ably like Portugal. The Man. These bands all employ voice, key-                it is unequal to all players. If you are a higher level,     Forge has been redone and has greatly improved.
board and guitar techniques that will leave you feeling hopelessly             you have better guns. Some of you may think that             You now have more control over the objects. You
nostalgic one minute and calmly blissful the next.                             I am not good at MW2 but with Reach everyone                 can move them slowly, add small additions to
   Overall, this is a great album and I highly recommend it to any-            starts out with the same weapons and the power               the position of the object using coordinates, and
one with ears.                                                                 weapons (snipers, rockets, shotguns, etc.) are scat-         snap objects up to 90 degrees. Another addition
                                                                               tered around the maps.                                       to Forge is Forge World where all of your favorite

Apple Store opens                                                                  If you are a fan of the series, then you will be
                                                                               happy to know that all your old playlists are back,
                                                                               Slayer, Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, Odd Ball,
                                                                                                                                            Halo 2 and Halo 3 maps are broken up into natural
                                                                                                                                              Reach is one of the best Xbox Live multiplayer
Daymin Marrs                                                                   Capture the Flag, well you get the point. Also there         games you can pick up. If you don’t have it yet go
    The first step in: angels sing   iPod touch and wanting to buy             are some new playlists: Head Hunter, SWAT (a new             get it. If you do have it, I look forward to destroy-
from above. The second: the          it, I was told that they were sold        update), and Invasion.                                       ing you in Team SWAT.
whiteness of everything blinds       out and they had no idea when                 Invasion is a new objective game. It is either at-
you. The third: you are in total     they were getting in more.                tack or defense, depending on what
awe and the fourth you finally           Then there were the acces-            team you are on. Invasion is a Spar-
begin to soak everything in.         sories… a solid wall of them.             tan vs. Elite and you are supposed to
    The new Apple store down-        From the floor to the ceiling,            take down generators and capture
town is filled with tables upon      completely covered, every-                either a hard drive or another bulky
tables of Apple technology,          thing you need to completely              object and extract the object to
two tables of iPads, a table         customize your MacBook, iPod              your Pelican or Phantom.
of iPod touches, and another         or iPhone, even things to com-                My new favorite game mode is
table stacked with iPhones.          pletely wire your house with              SWAT, which is Spartan vs. Spartan,
There’s more of the same all         the brand new iTV.                        no shields and only Designated
throughout the store with                With the lack of service and          Marksmen Rifles (DMRs) and pistols.
almost every single Apple            lack of products actually in              This playlist is nothing but head
product.                             stock, the Apple store is a good          shots. While playing, do not be
    The customer service was         place to go and find out what             surprised if you hear one of your
rather lacking though unfortu-       product you want by trying                teammates yell a string of curse
nately. I was in there for around    them out. Just don’t expect to            words as someone kills him and
an hour and never got asked          buy anything there other than             ends his streak.
if I needed help or if I wanted      accessories; the prices are the               The only thing that I dislike about
to actually buy anything. Then       same elsewhere and you can                Reach is the lack of maps that
when I went up to the front          get them at the time you want.            launched. Although there is room
desk and asked about the new                                                                                            Noble Six is headed for battle
Central Valley High School Examiner
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                                                                                    November 2010

A week in someone                                                                        Despicable                                                    Are
else’s life                                                                              Me: Not so                                                    you
Mitch Rasmussen
Walking a mile in someone’s shoes           show because lately it has been Jersey
sounds intimidating right? How              Shore and The Real World type shows.
                                                                                         Shayna Elliott

about living with a complete stranger          But what is The World of Jenks?
for a week and learning what makes             “It’s just honestly capturing unique         The lights go out, the screen lights up and you pre-
them a unique individual? How’s that        personalities of our generation,             pare yourself for the movie; with popcorn in your lap
for intimidating?                           people from all walks of life that are       and pop in your hand, you are ready.

   Andrew Jenks is a 24 year old film       putting their stamp on society. It’s            Despicable Me directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris
maker                                                     us being able to live with     Renaud, and stars Steve Carell as Gru and Julie An-
who has                                                   them, and sleep where          drews as Gru’s mom in this PG Disney Pixar movie. This
released a     “A piece of each                           they sleep, eat what they      cartoon character, Gru, pursues to steal the moon with
new and                                                   eat, and just experience       a little help from three little girls.
intelligent     one of them is                            things right alongside            The story is about the super villains, instead of the      Alisha Allen
show on                                                   them the way they do for       superheroes that we all grew up to admire. As with               There are two types of grand-
MTV. Jenks   inspirational in one                         however long it may be, 7      every story there is a hero, but will this hero follow his    parents: there are the sweet,
spends a                                                  to 10 days. You really get     villainous ways or follow his heart?                          cookie baking grandparents,
week with      way or another.”                           a chance to see, through          New super villains are conquering the older genera-        and then there are the wild and
a complete                                                this program, just what’s      tion; Gru tries hard to overrule the new change, and          extreme grandparents.
stranger,      - Andrew Jenks                             at stake for these different   produces the plan of stealing the moon, but a super              RED, Retired and Extremely
learning                                                  young people,” Jenks said      villain with talent named Vector destroys his plan            Dangerous, came out in the-
unique things about that person,            during an interview with popeater.           by stealing his device. Gru adopts three orphan girls         aters last Friday. RED is an action
while also showing viewers that these       com.                                         named Margo, Edith and Agnes to help him steal back           packed comedy starring the
people do not fit into the stereotype          If you are looking for an intelligent     the device, but they are more trouble than he had ex-         one and only Bruce Willis. Willis
of that group.                              show, this show will definitely give         pected children would be. The best part of the movie          plays a retired CIA top agent
   Jenks has followed, since the start      you that little uplift from watching         is when he is just enjoying life for the first time with      named Frank who is trying to
of the season, several types of people.     the latest episode of Jersey Shore.          the three girls.                                              fit into a normal life. However,
Jenks has lived with a 20 year old          Jenks drives home the that these                Gru’s minions are hilarious and keep you laughing          because of the secrets he knows,
man with autism who lives with his          aren’t just people who fit into the          throughout the movie. But there is another matter to          the Agency is on a mission to
parents, an MMA fighter who is not          stereotype of an Autistic person, a rap      think about. Gru has a dog, but the real question is; is      destroy all of the ex-agents. His
as violent as one would think, and a        star, a homeless woman, and a poker          it really a dog or a messed up experiment of his?             over-the-phone crush, played by
homeless girl who lives in the streets      player addicted to gambling, but they           The movie lacks mindless pondering and it didn’t           Mary-Louise Parker, is caught up
of San Francisco, and these are only        are their own individuals and they are       wrap around the potential for the movie’s storyboard.         in the life changing adventure
three of the many people he has met.        not stupid, or a thug, a bum.                Mindless plotting helps brings many ideas to the              as well.
   Jenks started his documentary ca-           So be sure to catch The World of          table and Pixar could have done better on the twisted            Other actors that are well
reer with a film about living in an as-     Jenks, on Mondays at 10 pm on MTV.           world they made.                                              known play in RED: Morgan
sisted living home called “Room 335.”       It will be worth it. Maybe you will find        The Despicable Me movie will be out on DVD on De-          Freeman as Joe, John Malkovich
Since then he has had a few projects,       that not everyone fits into a stereo-        cember 14th, just in time for you to get it for a younger     as Marvin, and Helen Mirren as
but now he has his very own show on         type.                                        sibling or cousin for Christmas. This is not a movie just     Victoria who all play as other
MTV. It is nice to have an intelligent                                                   for children; it is guaranteed for anyone who loves to        ex-agents.
                                                                                         laugh.                                                           The retired agents are under-

Moon Dollar- As                                                                                                                                        estimated in power and clever-

                                                                             A+ for Easy A                                                             ness as the Agency continues to
                                                                                                                                                       attempt to kill them. However,

stellar as it sounds
                                                                                                                                                       even though this movie was one
                                                                             Kristi Kennedy                                                            of the best, it could have been
                                                                                 There are many new movies coming out and one of the best is           longer. The director created
                                                                             Easy A!                                                                   a great movie plot; I just wish
Wittney Sadler                                                                                                                                         that the movie could have been
   When I first stepped out of my     was delicious. Overall the big            Easy A is definitely what I would call a “chick flick.” It’s crammed
                                                                             and packed with girl drama, girl talk, gossip, and high school ro-        dragged out more.
car, I wasn’t quite sure what to      dipper burger was very filling
                                                                             mance. If I had to categorize Easy A, it would be comedy, romance,           With this movie’s very flew
think; it was labeled as a coffee     and had a nice charcoal taste to
                                                                             chick flick, and drama all in one!                                        flaws, there come many great
house which made me instantly         it but was slightly overdone, so
                                                                                Easy A is about a clean-cut high school student, Olive (Emma           Hollywood scenes. One of my
skeptical, but don’t let that         if you don’t like your hamburger
                                                                             Stone) who relies on the school’s rumors to make her social and           favorite involved Bruce Willis, as
fool you. This little place called    cooked well done, I would rec-
                                                                             financial life better than what it already is. After a lie spreads        shown in the trailers, when you
Moon Dollars is much more             ommend saying something.
                                                                             around school about Olive losing her virginity, Olive takes a turn        would think for sure he was go-
than just a simple little coffee         I was also able to try some of
                                                                             down the wrong path that will soon dig her a deeper hole than             ing to be side swiped by a stolen
house.                                their pizza. This was also made
                                                                             ever.                                                                     police car. Luckily, he moved
   As I took my first few steps in-   on their handcrafted Rathdrum
                                                                                If you watch this movie be prepared to laugh your guts out and         out of the bumpers path right in
side I was pleasantly surprised; I    Prairie wheat bread. It was
                                                                             have your jaw drop! Easy A is sort of an inappropriate movie and          time, creating yet another Kodak
was greeted with warm smiling         called the asteroid storm pizza.
                                                                             is not recommended for the little ones for they would not under-          moment for Bruce Willis.
faces pretty instantaneously          It also had a very good flavor;
                                                                             stand one bit of the movie! That’s right guys, this is the time to           This movie is one to remember
despite the seat your-self sign.      the crust was great along with
                                                                             kick the little annoying siblings out and relax!                          and definitely one to go see this
Also it had a very modernly           all the vegetables and the types
                                                                                 Like all movies, Easy A has its weaknesses. The movie is funny,       weekend. With its action-filled
done atmosphere, with really          of meat.
                                                                             don’t get me wrong, but you can only have so many jokes about             plot for the boys, some romance
cool electric fireplaces that you        What’s so great about this
                                                                             one thing. Easy A has too many jokes and lines that are practi-           for the girls, and enough com-
can’t help but be impressed           place is that there is a variety of
                                                                             cally the same thing! Also, I think there needed to be more main          edy to keep you laughing, it’s
with.                                 food, and it’s all at an affordable
                                                                             characters in the film other than just two or three. But overall, Easy    one that the entire family will en-
   Now let’s get to the important     price. We paid approximately
                                                                             A was a great movie!                                                      joy, including your grandparents.
part: the food. We started with       $20 for two meals and an ap-
                                                                                What I like most about Easy A is that the moral of the story is        As you watch it, it tends to make
an appetizer of beer battered         petizer; that’s hard to beat. Not
                                                                             that if you just say something to make others proud and you               you wonder if your grandparents
onion rings, which were rather        to mention that the proportions
tasty. They were too browned          are ginormous, so by the time          aren’t being true to yourself because you want to fit in, or even if      are really secret CIA agents.
for my personal taste, but far        you leave you are going to be          it’s just a favor for a friend, then most likely it will come back and       After watching this movie, you
from burnt. These were offered        stuffed, and the food is actu-         bite you in the butt. It’s best to just be who you are and live true to   will never see your grandparents
with a few different choices          ally pretty good. It’s definitely a    yourself and that is what this movie shows.                               the same again.
of sauces. My favorite was the        place I’d go to again.                    Easy A is a movie that I think all of us teenage ladies needs to
thousand island mixed with               The restaurant is called Moon       watch. It can teach us valuable lessons when dealing with love.
mayonnaise. I then went on to         Dollars. It’s located at 609 N         Even you young men out there could get a few pointers from this
order the big dipper burger, and      Syringa St. Post Falls, ID 83854.      amazing “chick flick.”
when they say big this is by no       If you need directions all you
means an exaggeration: don’t          have to do is Map Quest it. They
underestimate it!                     even have a drive- thru. So give
   This was served on their fresh     it a try. You might be pleasantly
baked Rathdrum Prairie wheat          surprised.
bun, with a side of fries that
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                                                                        The Back Page                                                           Central Valley High School Examiner

                                                                                                         CV Spill
                                                                                        November 2010

  Hall Talk
     Kaitlin Clark
   Walking through the halls you          “In the hallways, I talked              Dear Spill,
can hear just about anything.           about how in elementary                   I love two of my classes and I do very well in them, but I can’t concentrate in my other classes. They
Shopping? MySpace? Or maybe             school, if I couldn’t open a            seem so boring and they drag on. I have tried everything I can think of to keep me interested. What do I
even music. Everyday there is           banana that I would have the            do?
something new said. Most of             janitor do it for me,” said senior                Sincerely,
the time it’s drama or current          Dexter Calkins.                                   Lost in School
events such as football games             “I hear who people are taking
or dances. The most talked              to homecoming and a lot about             Dear Lost in School,
about topic I have heard is             Scarywood,” said sophomore                Unfortunately, some classes are just going to be that way. You are just going to have to stick it out this
homecoming or clothes.                  Ashley Stenson.                         semester. You might try switching into classes that you are more interested in for next semester. You
   “I have heard guys talking             “It was really weird how I            are going to have to learn to deal with this however, especially in college. There will always be classes
about girls, and school ac-             heard my friend talking about           that you hate, but there isn’t much you can do if they are required. In the words of Captain Witwicky, “no
tivities,” said freshman Kaitlyn        how she watched a video of a            sacrifice, no victory!” Suck it up and good luck next semester!
Schoenberg.                             lady giving birth,” said Stenson.                 Good luck,
   “The weirdest thing I have             Almost anything can come up                     Spill Team
heard was hearing that my               when you are walking through

                                                                                  He Said, She Said
mom (Mrs. Schoenberg) burnt             the hallway in between classes,
mac and cheese and got really           sometimes you may even hear
upset about it,” said Schoen-           things you don’t want to hear.
berg.                                                                                              Courtney Choate
                                                                                   What is the best invention?           “The teachers, because they

Current Events                                                                      “Clothing…awkward…”
                                                                                    -Senior Jessica Brooks
                                                                                                                       are very helpful and they’re all
                                                                                                                       really nice.”
                                                                                                                         -Sophomore Missy Hoffman
      Sydnee Scofield                                                                “Toilet paper, because life
 33 Chilean miners are res-             even be over. If the lava dome             would be highly inconvenient
 cued after a two month stay            collapses, deadly gasses and               without it.”                          What is the best sport and
 underground.                           debris could seize more lives                -Senior David Malinak             why?
      The miners endured 17             yet.                                                                             “Football is the best sport be-
 days of 700,000 tons of rock                                                        “Skinny jeans are the best in-    cause there is a lot of tackling.”
 collapsing and sealing them in                                                    vention because you can wear          -Senior Kayla Peterson             Austin Rasmussen a freshman.

                                                                                                                                                             Check us
 the mine and then another 50                                                      cute boots with them.”
 days or so stuck and waiting for                                                    -Senior Jordan Jalbert              “Tennis is the best sport
 help. Each and every miner was                                                                                        because of the noises you make
 rescued and returned safely to                                                      What makes Central Valley         when you hit the ball.”

                                                                                                                                                               out on
 the surface after taking a 39                                                     awesome?                              -Junior Charlie Kienbaum
 minute trip through an escape                                                       “The chicken fried steak.”
 shaft.                                                                              -Freshman Austin Rasmussen          “Football is the best sport

                                                                                                                       because there is a lot of contact
                                                                                     “Our girls soccer team is hot!”   and it’s fun to play.”
                                        Residents flee in any way they can as        -Senior Kaleigh Fox                 -Sophomore Devin Van Allen
                                        Mount Merapi releases pyroclastic
                                        flow as seen from Klaten, Central

                                                                                                                                                                   The CVHS
                                        Java, Indonesia. The volcano spewed
                                        a searing cloud of ash on Sunday
                                        creating panic in the surrounding

                                        New study reveals a link                                                                                                   Examiner
 Friends, Family and Rescuers crowd     between heavy smoking and
 around the elevator tube as one        dementia.
 miner emerges from the mine shaft.
                                              A 23-year long study
                                        exposed the truth that those
                                        who smoke two packs a day
 It’s barely November and yet           or more have an increased risk
 many North Idaho ski resorts           of developing Alzheimer’s and
 are already filling up with            other forms of vascular demen-
 snow.                                  tia. This further proves that
       Schweitzer has accumu-           “smoking kills.”
 lated 18 inches at the top of
 the mountain, the most snow            Toyota is recalling over 1.53
 they’ve seen this early in a long      million vehicles in the United
 time. Hopefully this is a precur-      States and Japan; this is
 sor to the winter ahead.               only the latest in a string of
                                        problems associated with the
                                        world’s number one auto-
                                             An issue involving break
                                        fluid and fuel pumps has
                                        caused this massive, humiliat-
                                        ing recall. Hopefully Toyota can
                                        pick themselves up from this
                                        latest embarrassment.

The North Idaho ski resort Schweitzer
Ski Resort on Schweitzer Mountain.

 An Indonesian volcano has
 erupted, claiming the lives of
 at least 25 villagers.
      Mount Merapi has killed
 before: an eruption in 1930 left
 1,300 people dead and another          Two Toyota Camrys on the lot of a
 took the lives of 60 more in           Toyota dealership. They are just one
 1994. This recent explosion,           of the Toyota and Lexus Models that
 according to experts, may not          is being recalled.

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