Honda Accord RECOVERED by huanghengdong


									                                                         _NEWS                             Issue : July 2006

Honda Accord RECOVERED
Statement from
Phang Kwang Chee
CEO Tokio Marine Insurance
“It is the view of Tokio
Marine Insurance that most
car owners are under the
false impression that immo-
bilizer systems are sufficient
to prevent car theft.
Let me assure you that many
cars stolen today have                                        RECOVERED
immobilizer systems stan-        Vehicle model: Honda Accord
dard.                            Insured by: Tokio Marine Insurance
The recent theft in July 2006
of our policyholder’s Honda
                                 Man robbed by three men
Accord is a case in point.          armed with parangs !
Our     policyholder was
                                 In July 2006 at 7.45 AM, Mr. N was getting out of his
hijacked and his vehicle
                                 Honda Accord at his factory when a Nissan X-Trail
taken even though it was         pulled up behind him. 3 men armed with parangs
fitted with an alarm and         rushed out of the Nissan and robbed Mr. N of his
immobilizer system.              keys and made away with his Accord.
Luckily, for our policyholder,
he agreed to join Tokio          CAPTOR tracked the vehicle travelling through Johor
                                                                                         “ WE SUPPORT
Marine’s vehicle protection      Bahru and dispatched recovery teams immediately.          CAPTOR ! ”
program and was protected        They intercepted the Accord and immobilized it. The
by a CAPTOR tracking and         Accord was recovered safely.
recovery system.
After just a few hours, the      “I had full confidence that CAPTOR would recover my
Honda Accord was recov-          vehicle throughout the whole ordeal. I only bought my
ered and returned to him.”       vehicle 6 months ago and am so releived that it was
                                 recovered,” Mr. N. -END

Join the Tokio Marine            Statement from Tokio Marine Insurance:
Vehicle Protection Pro-
gramme. Please contact           The successful recovery of this Honda Accord is
your    Tokio    Marine          testament of CAPTOR’s tracking and recovery ability.
agent or call
                                 Tokio Marine believes that only CAPTOR tracking
                                 and recovery systems deliver the highest level of
                                 protection by our standards. We urge all vehicle
 (03) 4257-8000                  owners to buy this system.

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