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									        Nec Pluribus Impar
 “We are second to none”                                                                         Ribét Academy
                               The Ribét Reporter
                                                              April 2010

IMPORTANT DATES                                        S pring B reak a pril 2 nd -a pril 9 th
           FUN!                                                        Come One, Come All!
      Thur., April 1st
Sign up to egg-joy this fun event spon-
                                                        The Powder Puff Football Game
          sored by the NHS                            (Girls’ Football that is coached by Boys’ Football)
                                                                 Ribét Athletic Field
       SPring break
        no school                                            Friday, April 30th at 3:30pm
 Fri., April 2nd - April 9th                           Come for the excitement! Come for the Thrills!
           Enjoy the break!                                        Come for the Laughs!
                                                                     Come for the Fun!
   Visitation days
Wed., April 14th and 28th
9am in the Ribét Library
 Prospective families' tour begins at
 9am in the Library. Please call 323-                WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEAK AT OUR CAREER DAY?
344-4330 ext 123 for reservations and                            YOU MAY INSPIRE A STUDENT!
         further information.                                    CAREER DAY WILL TAKE PLACE
                                                                   ON THURSDAY, APRIL 29th
    SENIOR PROM 2010                                     Professionals from a wide variety of fields will be on
   A Night to Remember                                        campus to introduce and inform students
          Friday, April 23rd                                           to career opportunities.
Buy tickets from a Senior Class Officer

    SUMMER CAMPS                            Educational Records Bureau (ERB) Testing to Take Place!
Be sure to register early.                 During the week of May 3rd, all 1st through 8th grade students will be
  Check out class that are offered on
page 2 of the Reporter or pick up a bro-   taking the ERB tests in class. And during the week of May 10th, all 9th
       chure in the Front Office.          and 10th grade students will be taking the ERB tests in class. Please do
                                           not make outside appointments, vacation plans, etc. for students on these
 RegistRation is going                     dates to ensure that your child is present. These exams are invaluable to
       on now!                             track your child's individual growth as well as the progress of our school
   Classes are filling up for
                                           overall. It is very important that every student participate in each portion
 Please get your registration              of the exam process. There will be no make-ups.
    forms and fees in fast!
   Contact the Admissions
  Office with any questions.

                                                          2010-2011 Re-registration Time Is Here!!
              Spirit Day!
                                                 Watch the mail for your re-registration packet this month. In
      60's-70's Style Dress                      our effort to always improve, the process is a little different this
           Fri., April 16th                      year. There will be a Checklist that will explain the process,
   Get out your love beads, tie-dyed             please read it carefully. If you have any questions please
      clothing and go-go boots!                  contact Veronica Puente-Smith in Admissions, Room 204.

            For your convenience, Ms. Angie Wright in Finance has a drop-off box for payments next to her office.
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                          Host a will enjoy this
                              International experience!

We are always receiving applications from foreign students who want to attend Ribét. Host
families are being sought! If you would like to try the hosting experience, call Vicky at Ext. 108.
This is a fine way to share your American family with an exchange visitor, and help the school
and yourself at the same time. Each family that hosts a student receives a stipend for the room and
board. Call if you would like to know more about this exciting program!

            We are currently seeking host families for this year, our summer
                    session and for next year’s exchange students!

  IT’S ALL HAPPENING AT THE...Pre-K and Kindergarten

PRE-K Spring is in the air! The flowers are                            KINDERGARTEN Spring has sprung in
blooming and the birds are singing. During the                         kindergarten! Come see our rotation of crops from
month of April, the Pre-K class will be practicing                     cool weather to more warm weather goodies. April
very hard for their Spring Sing performance that                       is the month for our trip to the zoo. We will enjoy
will take place May 4th. With the guidance of Ms.                      learning about the habits and habitats of many
Monico the children will sing and sign songs.                          animals as we prepare for our trip to the Los Angeles
Mark your calendars because this event will make                       zoo. The kinders are also polishing many new skills
you sit up straight with pride. Immediately after                      this month from monkey bar agility to reading with
the performance we will congregate in the Pre-K                        ever increasing confidence. We will finish off the
classroom to honor all the mothers and enjoy light                     month with a visit from Mad Science to conduct a
refreshments. For drama time and science the                           workshop on polymers entitled "slime"!
children will paint flower pots and plant seeds.
They will water and care for their seeds to watch
them grow. In math and language, we will focus on
small, medium, large, sequencing and beginning
letter sounds.

                            Join Us for Summer Enrichment Camp This Year!
                          June 14th-July 16th. - Hours: 8:30am - 3:00pm (Daycare until 6pm)
   Camp with Ms. Sylvia (ASK) 5-Week Program- $1,500 per child. Entering grades Pre K thru 1st. Register now- Day care
   available $10 per hour. Enrollment forms in the Front Office. Any questions, email
     Summer Enrichment Camp for Elementary & Middle School - June 14th-June 25th (Singing, Dancing , Music)
   Instructors Elaine Balden & Jackie Walters Hours are from 9 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Cost is $220.00 per wk. Day care until
   6pm available- at additional cost- $10 per hour. Enrollment forms in the Front Office. Any questions, email jwalters@
                  Fitness Camp PreK - 12th with Coach Aga (Girl's P.E. Instructor) June 14th-July 2nd
   Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Football! Hours are from 9am-4pm. Fee is $200.00 per wk. Day care available 8am-
   9am and 4pm-6pm - extra charge of $10 per hour. Enrollment forms in the Front Office. Any questions, email aholda@
              Art Enrichment Camps-Middle & High School Students with Mr. Dailey June 21st-July 23rd
   Drawing 8am- 12pm Oil Painting 1pm - 3pm Semester A and/or B credit is available for fulfilling the requirements.
   Fee: $450 (2hour class) $900 (4hour class) Enrollment forms in the Front Office. Any questions, email cstewart@
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                                                                                                    MR. ERIK MILLER -
              Counselor’s Corner                                                                       COUNSELOR
                                                                                                        at ext 105
      2010 Spring National College Fair                                                        Office hours are 8:00 - 4:30
          at Pasadena Conference Center                                                            or by appointment.
                 Exhibit Hall A & B

           Tuesday, April 27th 6pm-9pm                                                 Attention Parents
          Wednesday., April 28th 9am-12pm                                                and Students!
Colleges, institutions, and Universities will be available for        In order to play it safe when applying to college, please
     questions about admission, financial aid, testing                encourage your child to take at least 3 SAT Subject Tests.
                     and college majors!                              Most schools require 2 Subject Tests, but there are a few
   Visit for more information.                       that require 3. Please play it safe and take 3.

                     ACT Tests                                           SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests
                 Test Date: April 10                                             Test Date: May 1
                                                                          Late Registration by March 25
                Test Date: June 11
                Register by May 8                                                 Test Date: June 5
           Late Registration by May 21                                           Register by May 5
                                                                            Late Registration by April 29
       Register online at
                 For all Tests Use                                    Register online at
       High School code number: 051058                           For all Tests Use High School code number: 051058

     Middle & High School News
                                                                                  SAT 1 Math Awards (Scored 800)
                                                                                          Dong Jun Min
                                                                                          Kyungsoo Lee
                 Medieval Week at Ribét                                                  Yeon Sang Rhee
                                                                                            Susie Woo
 The 7th grade students will be participating in Ribét Academy's                    SAT 2 Awards (Scored 800)
 annual Medieval Week, which will take place April 19th through                        Dong Jun Min - Math
                                                                                       Ahn Nguyen - Physics
 April 23rd. Students will enjoy a Medieval Feast on April
 23rd and come to school dressed in medieval costumes. Students
 will also participate in our annual field trip to Medieval Times                            Senior Prom is
 Dinner and Tournament restaurant on April 22nd. Students                               Friday, April 23rd at 7pm
                                                                                 and will be held in the Beautiful
 will be doing a medieval project in each of their classes....                    Romanesque Room in Pasadena.
 In English, the 7th graders will be writing sonnets in iambic                     Tickets are $60 per person or
                                                                                          $110 per Couple
 pentameter. We will also be studying and scanning several                                 The theme is
 sonnets by Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. In Math class,                               “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”
 they will be creating an abacus and in Science, a catapult. In                                 (Formal Attire Only)

 History, they will be researching their medieval role and write a
 weekly journal as that character in history.
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                           9TH ANNUAL RIBET ACADEMY SCIENCE FAIR
                                       Congratulations to the following award winners!

5th Grade - Physical Sciences                                          Senior Biology - Projects
Gold Jax Rounds - Supercooling & Snap Freezing                         Gold Rose Drew - Did You Hear That?
Silver Alex Mendoza - Lemon Powered Electricity                        Silver Anh Nguyen & Rebecca Kim - Investigation Cellulolytic
HM       Bandagi Kaur - Building Spinning Coil Motor                             Activity in Bacteria
HM       Perci McHugh - Electric Car                                   Silver Eva Garrett - Animal Behavior
5th Grade - Life Sciences                                              Silver Ann Valdez - Testing the Efficiency of the Lactase Enzyme
Gold Carmell Otto - Effect of Liquids on Plant Growth                  Bronze Sarah-Seowoo Choi - Disinfectant Concentration on Bacteria
Silver Gabriel Espana - What is "Home Sweet Home" to Bugs?             Bronze Nathalie Hering - Does an Iron Pan Provide More Iron
HM       Jordyn Aamot - Are Fingerprints Genetic?                      Bronze Ethyn Conners - How Clean Are Your Hands
Junior Biology - Projects                                              Bronze Lydia Zhao & Fengchun Gu - Language Learning & Age
Gold Madison DiDomenicantonio - Are You Smarter Than A Guppy?          HM     Hari Kang - Glowing Transformed Bacteria - With pGLO
Silver Jeremy Stewart - Extracting DNA                                           Plasmid DNA
Bronze Taylor Aamot - Does Eye Color Affect Peripheral Vision?         HM     Cedric Ranaivo - Acid Rain
Bronze Daryan Tabibzadeh - Taste Sensation                             HM     Lindsey Livacich - Cellular Respiration
HM       Jacob DeLa Hoya - Fungi                                       HM     Cristalle Kiladjian - Enzyme Catalysis
HM       Tyler Dorsey - Dog Brains                                     Senior Chemistry - Projects
HM       Shyan Chachi - The Best Cleaner                               Gold Rochelle Glazman - Thermo Chemistry and Hess' Law
HM       Christine Dauzat - Radiation Poisoning                        Silver Mariah Mendez - The Cat Caloris
Junior Biology - Demonstrations                                        Bronze Susie Woo - An Activity Series
Gold Delilah Strauss - Are You Cleaner Than the Things You Touch?      HM     Jeremy Kim & David Agdashian - Radioactivity
Silver Asiah Dorsey - Dirty Hands                                      HM     Jung In Yun - Vapor Pressure and Enthalpy of Vaporization
Bronze Matthew Aldana - Potato Growth Hormone                                    of Water
Junior Chemistry - Projects                                            Senior Chemistry - Demonstrations
Gold Noah Deats - Calorimetry                                          Gold Missak Hovhannessian - Thermite Reaction
HM       Mireya De Los Santos - Orange Juice vs. Gatorade              Silver Jordan Dauzat - Testing Faraday's 2nd Law of Electrolysis
Junior Chemistry - Demonstrations                                      Bronze Eddy Cai - Oxidation & Reduction
Gold Najah Bey - NDB Nail Lacquer vs. Tommy Nail Polish                Bronze Amber Martinez - Stoichiometric Synthesis
Silver Grace Kim - Bones                                               HM     Ipek Cinar - Formation of Rust
Bronze John Sullivan - The Mystery of Fire                             HM     Lili Peper - Magnificent Magnesium
Junior Physics - Projects                                              HM     Ying Li - Mystery Unknown Halide
Gold Linus Kaiser - Effect of Viscosity on Lubrication                 HM     Alexandria Santos - Le'Chatelier's Principle
                     Quality of Liquids                                Senior Physics - Demonstrations
Silver Madeleine Impert - Fade in the Shade? Or Bright in the Light?   Gold Ara Shirinian - Optics
Bronze Sierra Joseph - Speed Trains: Maglev & Linear Stepper Motors    Silver Lori Shirajian - n & v of a Wave
Junior Physics - Demonstrations                                        Bronze Ivan Soriano - Energy Transfer by an Electric Motor
Gold Kalei Aricayos - Thermoelectric Generators                        HM     Andrea Lee - Hook's Law
Silver David Dosch - Do Rocks Conduct Electricity?                     HM     Carla Cai & Silvia Zhang & Linda Xie - Coefficient of Friction
Bronze Paulina Darett - Hotdog!                                        HM     Sam Lee & Heidi Lee - Sound of a Laser
Junior Engineering - Robotics                                          Senior Physics - Projects
Gold David Mariscal - How to Use the Sun to Heat and                   Gold Ben Kaiser - Thermoelectric Converter
           Cool a House                                                Silver Rosalie Sun & Shayla Tran - Wheatstone Bridge
Silver Laura-Ann Fierro - Project Pick UP                              Bronze Jonathan Lee - Superconductivity & Levitation on
Bronze Ben Hunter - The Face of Robotics                                         a Magnetic Track
HM       Brandon Hagen - Mindstorms Robot                              HM     Dong Jun Min - Chladni Plates
Junior Psychology                                                      Senior Engineering
Gold Sharon Kim - Poker Face                                           Gold Robert Hollar - Maximizing Solar Energy
Gold Makenna Sievertson - I See You!                                   Silver Christopher Park & Sam Sulam - Aqua Track
Bronze Jordan Johnson - Can Your Heart Tell When                       Bronze Gheemel Bautista & Bohang Yin - Static Thrust
    You're Sad, Mad, or Glad?                                          HM     Keoni Aricayos - Laser Communications
                                                                       Senior Environmental Science
                                                                       Gold Damian Gatto - Eco-Friendly Trash Bags
                                                                       Silver Gary Kim - Solar Powered Generation
                                                                       HM     Miwan Park & Junyoung Lee - Powerhouse
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                                            All School Events and News

                                                           S AV E T H E DAT E
           Open Elections
       Middle School and High School
       students can run for next year's
               Class Officers.
        See Mrs. Maher for an Application
     Elections week begins April 12th.
            Let's start next year
     Ca                                  s
        llin with a bang!!            er
            g A ll
                    Student L     ead

                     The American
                Mathematics Competitions
        AMC 8
        1st Place:       Youn Jun Choi
                         Soo Bin Park
        2nd Place:       Sung Ho Hwang
        3rd Place:       Madison DiDomenicantonio

        AMC 10
        1st Place:       Sarah Choi

        AMC 12
        1st Place:       Dong Jun Min
        2nd Place:       Owen You
        3rd Place:       Ara Shirinian
                         Susie Woo

                             RIBET ACADEMY FOOTBALL
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                               Purchase The Super Value Card
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                                 and so much more!

                                         “Great values! Well worth it.
       For more information Contact: Coach Huff at 818.919.6587 or
                      You can purchase a card in the Library from Ms. Hagen
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     Parents! easy Ways to suPPort your school

                                           PARENTS, TEACHERS, FRIENDS!
                        Just clip the Box Tops symbol from products you have already purchased!
1) Earn cash through the original Box Tops program by clipping 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of General
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               Encourage your neighbors, relatives, and friends to save Box Tops for you. It’s SO EASY!
                Look for collection boxes in classrooms or the front office!

              RenWeb ParentsWeb is a private and secure website that has been set up for our school to allow you to
              see complete information specific to your child. You can view your child’s grades, attendance, homework
              and conduct, as well as other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other
school staff online whenever necessary. Here’s how to access our easy-to-use RenWeb ParentsWeb:
Visit the Front Office and request to be added to our RenWeb server. Then go to Click on
“ParentsWeb Login” in the red box. Type in “RA-CA” in the school I.D. If this is your first time, click on “New Parent
Login” A new password will be emailed to you and you can use that password to access your child’s information. Check
it out. There is lots of information to be viewed: homework, gradebooks, contact teachers, etc.
   Remember, this is a parent information site. Do not give your password to your child. There is a “Student LogIn”
 which is available to your child in which they can obtain homework assignments, etc. Parents need to visit the Front
               Office and give your child’s email address; they can follow the Student LogIn instructions.
         Together, we can continue to improve our child’s academic development as well as communication at school and at home.

                                                                                                   For all Athletic Information
                            Ribét Swim Team 2010                                                 (scores, schedules, physical &
              Coach Aga is preparing the Ribét Swim Team for the                                          consent forms,
             upcoming season. Girls and boys at the Middle School                               directions to opposing schools)
   and High School levels began competing in late March...but new                                 visit
                                                                                               (note: all athletic gear purchased
                  swimmers are always welcome.                                                on this site should be worn to Ribét
             Swim Meet #1 March 27th at Owens Pool                                                   Athletic Events ONLY).
             Swim Meet #2 April 17th at Downey Pool                                             PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!
               Swim Meet #3 May 8th at Owens Pool

R béti

   Academy                                                 Phone: 323.344.4330         Fax: 323.344.4339
2911 San Fernando Rd.                                               Website:
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